I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
It was almost dark, as the man across the street's car pulled into his driveway. There was something about how quiet and slowly he had driven it in, that made me keep watching out the window. Watching as he got out of the car and nervously looked around. I didn't understand what was going on until all at once the passenger door opened and a boy, a very young boy that looked to be no more than 11 or 12 years old, quietly got out and followed the older man inside.

For the next 15 or 20 minutes I tried to figure out what was going on. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and slipped on my dark jacket and went out my backdoor. Hoping that nobody would see me, as I snuck across the street and peeked in his window.

I couldn't see anybody in the first room, the livingroom, so I snuck around back and peeked into another window and it turned out to be his bedroom window.

The older man was laying on the king sized bed naked, had his hand down inbetween his legs and was working his swollen boner up and down faster and faster. The little boy was nowhere to be seen.

I had been wathing the man stroking his cock for about 3 or 4 minutes, when all at once the naked little boy came through the door and crawled up onto the bed. I couldn't believe it as he crawled over and watched the older man, as he worked his boner.

All at once the older man let go of it and without saying a word the little boy just reached over, took ahold of it and started working it up and down, just like the older man had been doing. Watching the little boy jacking him off made the older man let out a moan and I'm embarrassed to admit, that at the same time he was moaning and watching the little boy doing it, a little moan came out of me too.

And then something happened that even I never expected to happen, the little boy started getting a boner. Even though it wasn't even 3 inches long it was still a boner and there was no doubt about that because it was sticking straight up.

All at once the older man was saying, " Kiss it, Kiss it, Kiss it like you did before."

Without saying a word,the little boy just stopped jacking it and while holding it still, bent down and kissed it, like he had done it a thousand times before. As soon as he raised back up, he started working it again, working it again just like nothing had happened.

I watched as he worked the man's cock faster and faster, until finally the older man's precum was oozing out of the end of it and running down across the little boys hand.

What happened next shocked even me because without even being told to do it, the little boy bent down and started licking at the man's precum until it was all gone.

" Oh shit, that's it, that's it baby, lick it." " Oh fuck yeah..."

Watching the little boys tongue and how it was moving all around, told me that he had done this many times before, many times.

As the older man laid there watching him licking on it, he reached over and took ahold of the little boys boner and started working it up and down, trying to get the little boy as excited as he was.

" Come mere baby, turn around, I want to 69 with you again, ok?"

The little boy didn't even hesitate as he let go of the older man's swollen cock and climbed up ontop of him, facing his feet while pointing his little butt back towards the older man's head.

I watched as the older man reached under the little boy and grabbed ahold of his little boner, pulling it back towards his mouth and starting to lick on it, just as the little boy was starting to lick on his again.

If I said that watching them 69ing like that didn't do anything to me, I'd be lying because my boner was hard as a rock and that was just from watching them.

After they'ed 69ed for at least 3 or 4 minutes, the older man went after the little boys asshole with his warm wet tongue. As soon as the little boy felt the older man licking on his little asshole, he started whimpering because he knew what was coming next.

All at once the man pushed the boy up off of him and whispered, " Vaseline, go get the vaseline " and I watched as the little boy crawled off the bed and I guess went into the bathroom.

The man was laying there, working his cock up and down, when the little boy came back into room, holding the little vaseline jar in his hand as the older man said, " Put it on, like you did that last time."

Watching the little boy and how he was applying the vaseline to the older man's cock, reaffirmed my belief that the little boy had been had before. If not by this old man then another because he was to good at putting vaseline on a dick to be new at it.

" Come on, don't make me cum, get up here."

Without saying a word, the little boy climbed back up onto the older man, this time straddling the man's cock. When it wouldn't go in, the older man yelled, " Spread your cheeks " and even I was shocked as I watched the little boy reaching back and under and slowly pulling his cheeks apart, so the older man could get at him better.

As soon as the older man saw that the little boy had his cheeks apart, he put the head of his swollen boner to the little boys asshole and the little boy started wiggling his little butt on it.

All at once the older man reached out, took ahold of the little boys hips and pulled him down on it, shoving his warm boner up into the little boy and holding it there, as the little boy screamed and tried to get away from him.

Just as I was about to rush in there and save the little boy [ whatever that means ] I watched the little boy as he reached back and once again pulled his cheeks apart and settled back down on the older mans boner.

As soon as the older man saw that the little boy wanted it, he reached out and took ahold of his little hips, working him up and down on it, until the little boys ass, started doing it on its own.

Even though the little boys mouth was still hanging open from having a dick up inside of his ass, his little butt was riding up and down on it faster and faster. Like he had been fucked before, many times before.

" That's it, that's it fuck me baby, fuck me with that little butt of yours."

Funny noises started coming out of the little boy and the older man knew that he had to hurry or he was going to miss it.

About 30 seconds later, the little boys whole body started quivering and just as his boys cum started spurting out of the end of his little boner, the old man busted his nut, filling the little boys asshole and warm soft rectum, with his nasty white cum. Squirting it up into him again and again and again, as he held still and watched the boys little ass, riding up and down on his hard boner, the whole time it was squirting.

When it was finally over, the older man raised the little boy back up off of him, watching as his boner slid back out of his little ass. His boner had more than afew streaks of brown and streaks of red on it and the older man knew that he had made the boy bleed. And as he asked him if he was ok, he saw that the boy was crying, the boy reached back, covered his now swollen asshole with his little hand and ran into the bathroom.

When he finally came back into the bedroom, the older man was still laying on the bed, on his back and he had another hard-on.

As soon as the little boy saw that he had another boner, he started whimpering and saying, " No more, no more, you hurt me this time."

" I'm sorry, you know I wouldn't hurt you on purpose." " Come on, I need to do it again."

" No, No, I told you, You hurt me and I'm still bleeding, you gotta take me home."

As the young boy turned and left the room to go and get dressed, the older man got up and followed him. And even though I couldn't see them anymore, I could still hear the little boy screaming and begging him to stop, as the older man raped him, in the other room.

Even though I wanted to break down the door and save the little boy, I stopped and remembered how much the little boy looked like he was enjoying having the older man's cock up inside of him, when he was riding it up and down, in the bedroom.

Not long after I snuck back over to my house, I saw the man and the little boy come back out, get in the car and drive away.

I couldn't understand it, he had just been raped or had he? Maybe that was all a part of it, the older man got off on pretending to rape a little boy or the little boy got off by pretending to be raped by a full grown man.

Needless to say that after that, I would find myself sitting next to my window, with my lights off, watching the man's driveway across the street. Hoping to see it all over again.

It was almost 3 weeks later I was sitting there in the dark and once again his car slowly pulled into his driveway and the older man and a little boy got out..

As soon as I saw that he had the little boy with him, I'm embarrassed to admit, that my dick twitched, remembering what happened the last time he had been over there.

I waited until I knew that they'ed be doing it before I snuck over and peeked in the window. They were doing it alright but it was another boy and he didn't look any older.

The old man hadn't wasted any time with this one, he was already fucking him dogstyle, on his huge kingsized bed.

He had ahold of the little boys hips and was working his little ass back and forth on his long skinny boner. Working it up into him deeper and deeper, trying to get him to [ Take it all ] and eventually he did.

This little boy had the same look on his face, as the older man moved his warm hard cock back and forth in him. It was a look of pain, it was a look of pleasure, it was a look of disbelief over what was happening to him.

All at once the older man started yelling, " Here it comes, here it comes " and I watched as his ass started jerking and his hips jammed forward and I knew, that his swollen boner was spewing its nasty white cum all the way up into the little boys warm soft rectum.

This time when it was over, it wasn't the boy that ran into the bathroom, it was the man. I never could figure that one out. He left the little boy laying on his bed, with his little asshole swollen and throbbing and his nasty cum running out of it. The boy was whimpering and moaning and sounding like he was in pain. And as soon as the man came back into the room, the little boy crawled off of the bed and ran towards the bathroom.

This one wasn't crying, like the other one had been, so the need to save him didn't enter my mind and I snuck back over to my house and watched as they got back into the car and drove away.

About a week later, he drove up and had another little boy with him. And when I snuck up to the window to watch, I saw that it was the first little boy again and I felt my dick starting to harden.
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