My name is William and in a strange twist of fate I lost my wife to an accident at the same time as the neighbor on each side of me. Tom is a auditor for a bank, Allen was a broker and I am a computer programer. School just got out for the summer and it was Saturday. My daughter Melody, her two girlfriends Amy and Honey had come over with their fathers in swim suits.

Tom, Allen and I were sitting in the large indoor pool area we had built together in my backyard. It was late morning and the sun was up and already warming up. Our talk turned to women and sex and that was when our daughters walked out wearing very tiny string bikinis. The girls were fourteen with a woman’s body and our talk stopped as we stared.

They waved and walked in front of us to three loungers that were laid down flat. Tom groaned, “after four years without a woman I’m almost ready to fuck one of those girls.”

I looked at him with Allen who grinned, “my Honey uses tampons.”

I looked at the girls, “Melody does too.”

Tom chuckled, “same with Amy.”

The girls laid on their stomach with their feet towards us and spread slightly. I stared straight between my daughter’s legs to see her asshole and her pussy. I shifted and straightened my hard cock before looking at the others as they did the same thing. They looked back at me and something seemed to happen.

I grinned, “we could trade daughters around.”

They grinned and then laughed and I stood and picked up the lotion. I walked to my daughter who was in the middle and knelt beside the lounger, “you’re going to get burned. Do you want me to put lotion on?”

She turned her head and smiled, “sure.”

I turned and reached out to untie the string behind her neck and then the other one before pulling her top out from under her. She laid down and flattened herself, “Dad!”

I rubbed her butt, “you’ll ruin your tan.”

I reached out and untied both strings and pulled her bottoms off as she looked at me with wide eyes. Amy and Honey had turned to watch as I tossed both halves away behind me. I squirted lotion into one hand and moved over Melody and began putting it on the sides and back of her neck and her ears.

I pulled one arm out and added more lotion to rub it into her arm before moving around the lounger to do the other one. I started on her shoulders and slowly massaged and applied lotion down her back until I reached her butt. Melody had brought her legs together and I moved down to pull one leg open.

I poured lotion on and began applying it to her foot and worked my way up her leg until my hand kept brushing her pussy. She moaned and shivered and I smiled before stopping and moving around to her other leg and starting at the foot. Like before I pulled her legs open more until they were spread wide enough that I knew Tom and Allen could see her pussy clearly.

I worked my way up her leg until my hand was brushing her pussy again and she began to breath harder and shudder. I even saw a little moisture in her cute slit. I put more lotion on my hand and moved to her butt and hips as I massaged it in. Slowly my hands slipped around and down between her legs.

Melody had spread her legs more and tilted and lifted her hips as her breathing changed to panting. I was rubbing the sides of her pussy as she shuddered and finally slipped a finger through her slit to rub her clit. I also began to rub against her hole and a couple of minutes later slipped it in.

She was shuddering and lifting her hips as I kept fingering her, “want more baby?”

She moaned and turned her head, “deeper.”

I moved and shifted before pushing my suit down and moving up between her legs. I positioned my cock and pushed into her as she shuddered and lifted and pushed back. My cock pushed into her tight pussy and I slowly began to fuck her. The other girls were watching but Melody was only thinking about my thick cock as it fucked into her deeper.

It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock, “oh daddy!”

I buried my cock to hump and press into her and Melody started convulsing as her pussy milked my cock. It was another five minutes before I pushed into her and buried my cock as it jerked and throbbed and then I was gushing a stream of warm sperm. She pushed back as she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and shuddered as it flooding her belly.

When I stopped cumming I kissed the back of her neck before pulling out. I rubbed her butt, “you should be good until you are ready to turn over.”

She looked back and grinned as her girlfriends giggled and Amy looked back at her father, “I need some lotion put on like Mel dad.”

Honey laughed as she looked back, “Me too dad.”

I turned to walk back to the table while Tom and Allen quickly moved to their daughters. I watched as they took their time and repeated what I had done to Melody. When they sat back down cum was leaking out of all three girls. I looked at them as they blushed and grinned, “want to trade daughters tonight?”

They looked at each other before grinning. I stood and walked to Melody and rolled her over until she was on her back and blushing. I started putting lotion on her, “how would you like to trade places with Amy and Honey?”

She turned her head back and forth, “Trade?”

I fingered her pussy as she spread her legs, “at night.”

She shuddered as she lifted her hips and held out her arms, “fuck me again.”

I smiled and moved over between her legs. I pushed and she grunted as my thick cock pushed into her. I kissed her and she sighed before looking at Amy, “want to switch dads?”

She grinned and looked at her father as she rolled over and wiggled a finger at him, “Sure.”

Melody turned her head as her pussy spasmed around my cock and I buried it into her deep. She looked at Honey, “want to switch?”

Honey had already rolled over and grinned before nodding as she waved to her dad, “sounds fun.”

I started fucking my daughter with deep thrusts and began to hump, press and grind. It was a couple of minutes before she started shuddering and convulsing. She wailed and bucked as she lifted her legs into the air. I continued to fuck her with hard, deep thrusts and a minute later buried my cock and pushed.

Melody was jerking erratically and hugging me as I began pumping and spewing cum into her. She shuddered as her tight pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped cumming she sighed and lowered her legs. Amy and Honey were still wailing and grunting as their fathers fucked them.

I kissed her, “thanks baby, it has been a long time since I did that.”

She smiled and hugged me and her pussy squeezed my cock, “I loved it dad.”

Melody pushed on me, “Honey’s dad gets me for the rest of the day and night.”

I smiled and pulled out before moving off her. After the other dads finished, the girls went to clean up while we went to make lunch. Amy slipped up behind me several minutes later and put her arms around me, “chicken salad for lunch dad?”

I turned and held her naked body against me, “you get me for the day and night?”

She grinned and her hand stroked my cock, “yeah.”

I caressed her hips, “do you know how to douche?”

She frowned, “yeah.”

I pressed her against me, “after you douche I want to lick your pussy.”

Amy grinned and went to her toes to kiss me, “okay.”

I turned to bring the salad to the table, “Melody and Honey already go to Allen’s and your father’s?”

She nodded as she separated the salad into two bowls, “yeah, Mel went to Honey’s dad and Honey went to my dad and I stayed here.”

I reached out to pull her chair closer and caressed her hip, “they coming back?”

She grinned and nodded, “after lunch.”

It was a long day as the girls sat in the spa or went to listen to music in Melody’s room. Dinner was steak we grilled by the pool with baked potatoes and a small salad. As soon as everyone finished eating and we cleaned up Melody came to hug me and give me a kiss, “have fun dad.”

She turned and walked to Allen with a tempting woman’s sway to her hips. I looked at Amy as she walked to me with almost the same walk. She took my hand and led me to my bedroom and stopped at the bed, “I douched.”

I smiled as I caressed her hips and pulled her against me. No one had bothered to get dressed since this morning and my hard cock pressed against her tummy. I kissed her and helped her onto the bed and followed to caress her body for a minute before moving down and between her legs.

She spread them as I opened her pussy and licked and nibbled and pushed my tongue into her. I covered her clit and started teasing it with my tongue before sucking. I went back and forth as she shuddered and moaned and squirmed. I kept licking her until she finally twisted away and covered her pussy.

I moved up and kissed her before slowly pushing into her tight pussy. She was as tight, warm and velvety as my daughter. I pushed into her until my cock was buried completely. I began to fuck her slowly with long, deep thrusts and she lifted her hips and thrust up to meet mine.

Her tight pussy was squeezing my cock and she began to shudder and shake. I buried my cock and pressed against her cervix as I humped and jabbed while kissing her. Amy clutched me tight and wailed as she convulsed a couple of minutes later and I started fucking her with deep thrusts again.

It was several minutes before I pushed into her completely and kissed her as I began to spew cum against her cervix. Amy lifted her hips and wailed when she felt warm sperm pumping and spurting into her. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and rolled before helping her sit up, “your turn.”

She grinned and thrust back and forth, “yeah.”

We fucked each other six times before she fell asleep and I lay holding her and thinking of my daughter. Amy woke me when she moved off the bed and walked into the bathroom. I grinned and went after her and ignored her blush as I filled the douche on the counter. I gave her two before I pulled her into the shower and washed her as she grinned.

We had eaten breakfast and were laying out by the pool when Melody and Allen came in followed by Honey and Tom. My daughter walked to me with a new experienced sway to her walk and straddled me and laid down, “have fun dad?”

I hugged and caressed her, “we enjoyed each other baby. How was it for you?”

She laughed throatily, “Allen fucked me half the night.”

Allen laughed, “I wasn’t the one riding me like a cowgirl and howling at the moon.”

I grinned as Melody blushed and then giggled, “well I like fucking.”

Amy laughed, “we all do and for the record your dad and I fucked half the night too.”

Honey laughed, “us too and I hope Mel’s dad does it again tonight.”

Melody kissed me, “I get Tom.”

Allen chuckled as he sat beside me, “that means Amy gets me.”

I caressed my daughter’s hips, “laying out today?”

She grinned and kissed me and whispered, “you can fuck me tomorrow.”

I hugged her and she moved off me before walking towards the spa. Amy and Honey jumped up to run after her and they sat whispering and giggling. I sat up and looked at Tom and Allen, “how about hamburgers for lunch and large prawns for dinner?”

They grinned and I stood to go get dressed. I waited for Tom and Allen and we rode in my jeep. It didn’t take long to shop but we did add large sea scallops and three bottles of supplements. Lunch was good as we watched a game while the girls danced and listened to music.

As it got close to dinner the girls returned. Honey pressed her naked body against mine as I finished grilling the seafood. When we sat down to eat the girls stripped us and then straddled us. Honey wiggled and pushed to impale her pussy before starting to rock as I fed her and myself. Tom was doing the same for my daughter and Allen was doing it for Amy.

It was several minutes before Honey shuddered as her pussy tightened. She jerked and spasmed as I kissed her and she wailed in my mouth. She thrust and rubbed her pussy back and forth as she kept jerking and her slippery pussy tightened. It was a few minutes before she began to shake almost violently and screamed, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I groaned and grunted as I pulled her down and against me with my cock throbbing. She clung to me as her pussy kept squeezing my cock and it erupted and I pumped a huge geyser of cum into her. Honey jerked and kissed me passionately when she felt the warm sperm. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and sighed before grinning and slowly lifting off my cock.

Melody and Amy were already standing and laughed as they grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the hall, Tom and Allen grinned and we finished eating. When the girls returned I pulled Honey onto my lap and started feeding her until she was done. Tom and Allen left with the other girls and I pulled Honey up and started cleaning up.

She waited before pulling me towards my bedroom and my waiting bed. She laid back and held out her arms, “nice and deep Will.”

I fucked her five more times before she snuggled against me. I woke to Honey moaning and turned my head to see my daughter licking her cummy slit. I turned to watch and it was a couple of minutes before Honey arched her back and twisted away with a scream, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I moved off the bed, “your up early Melody.”

She pulled Honey out of bed, “Tom had to go to work and fucked me first so I was up.”

They went to the bathroom and joined me in the shower to wash me. I grinned, “you should have called Amy.”

After we finished I put a pair of loose shorts on and went to my office as they called Amy and went to the pool to listen to music. I worked straight through lunch and finally finished at two. I went to start a slow cooker meal and Melody slipped in, “everyone is eating here again.”

I grinned as I started to add extra ingredients, “did you douche?”

She grinned as she pressed her naked body against me, “yes. Amy said you would want me too.”

I covered the pot and turned to pull her after me and back to the bedroom. She was grinning as I sat her down and knelt between her legs. I leaned in and licked through her pussy before capturing her clit. I sucked and nibbled, wiggled my tongue and shoved it into her. It was several minutes before my daughter shuddered and thrashed around while wailing, “daddy!”

I stood and pushed my shorts down and off as Melody wiggled back onto the bed. I crawled after her as she giggled and rolled over onto her stomach before spreading her legs. I pushed and she sighed as my thick cock pushed into her and I began to fuck deeper. I started with long slow thrusts but they didn’t last.

Soon I was fucking her hard and deep while she wailed and kicked the bed. I was hitting and shoving against her cervix as she struggled under me. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and squeezing while she jerked and thrust back. She screamed and howled as she writhed around with my cock stretching her pussy.

It was awhile before I shoved all the way into her and grunted before pumping cum straight into her cervix. Melody jerked as she lifted her hips and screamed, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and laid beside her to feel and caress her body while she caught her breath. She turned to look at me before pushing me back and straddling me. She laid down and put her head on my shoulder, “when you started feeling me the other day I was hoping you would fuck me.”

She giggled, “I didn’t expect you to do it right there.”

I caressed her hips, “Is it okay with Tom and Allen?”

She laughed, “they really wanted to fuck me and I loved it.”

She lifted her head to kiss me, “the three men we love are loving us so it is more than okay.”

I patted her butt, “your friends are waiting. Tonight we can talk and I’ll love you a lot.”

She grinned when she sat up, “it is a early bedtime tonight. We all agreed.”

I laughed as she rolled away and followed her off the bed. I pulled a pair of shorts on and went to make a large pitcher of juice. Instead of sitting outside we started a new movie after dinner and each of us held our own daughter on our lap. Melody cuddled on me and I held and caressed her naked body.

I glanced at Amy when she moaned and Honey laughed. Tom stood and headed for the door, “night.”

A few moments later Honey giggled as Allen stood and started to follow Tom, “night Will.”

I grinned as Melody moved to shut the movie off and pull me up, “bedtime.”

She pulled me around shutting everything off before taking me to her bed. She climbed on and laid back as she held out her arms, “daddy?”

We shared and switched daughters for a year before Allen met a woman. After that it was just Tom and I with the three girls and then it was just me a year later as Tom unexpectedly married a woman from work. Amy and Honey moved in with Melody who was already living in my bed. They were sixteen and already planning to get pregnant.
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