This is a modernized version of the true story of how my first real girlfriend and I gave each other our virginity back in the 1960’s. The boat, marina and circumstances are all true. The technology is an invention of today that replaces the actual peering through ports and partially opened doors of the time. Enjoy.
Maritime Law – Chapter 1 – The Marina

David was new in town. In his Junior year of High School he was new in school also. His parents were prominent attorneys from the East Coast who had been recruited to Southern California by a firm they had worked with in a large national case. The West Coast firm enticed them away with the promise of a partnership and much higher wages than they had made in New York.

David’s dad had sold their thirty two foot Bavaria on Long Island and had bought a brand new Morris fifty two foot RS series ocean cruiser. It was a beautiful sailboat with luxurious appointments and David’s father had taken it out several times with the family and with his new partners. They had christened it “Maritime Law”, not particularly original, but they appreciated the profession that had amply provided for this luxury.

David was an accomplished sailor, having learned on the old thirty two, and he was getting proficient at handling “Maritime Law” with his mom and dad as crew. They kept it berthed in Newport Beach and on days they didn’t take it out, they would just hang out on the boat, sunbathe, or watch football on the HD entertainment center.

In many ways, life was good and David had everything a high school boy could want… except a lot of friends. Especially a girlfriend. He was a good looking boy, well muscled from being on the wrestling team and he was starting to get familiar with some of the other team members. But he was also fairly shy, especially with girls and it was awkward for him when his few friends had dates and he had none.

There was one girl however that he had noticed right away on his first day in school. In first period Calculus he saw her in the doorway, surveying the room for a place to sit. Just a fraction over five feet tall, perfect figure, beautiful features with large dark eyes and long silky brunet hair to her waist, she couldn’t have weighed an ounce over eighty five pounds. Tiny but perfectly proportioned, she also had a glowing, happy countenance about her that attracted him immediately.

She spotted the empty desk next to him, checked him out, making eye contact for a split second then strode over and sat down next to him purposefully. He learned her name by the roll call. Krystal Leone. The moment he saw her he was stricken. When she sat next to him his knees went weak and his heart started pounding.

But he was too shy to even speak to her, so day after day, all he could do was admire her from across the aisle, and catch a whiff of the fresh vanilla scent of her shampoo, when he passed close to her while sitting down in calculus each morning. She smiled at him when he came in, and even looked him in the eyes, but she was so beautiful that he was sure she was just being nice to him. She couldn’t possibly mean anything by it.

He confided his dilemma to Daniel, one of his teammates who went white in the face and said, “David, that’s a death wish. Krystal’s dad is Colonel in the Marine Corps. NOBODY dates his daughter! Stay away from her like the plague!”

Of course the two things a young boy fears more than death itself are rejection by a young girl, and dealing with her father. So he heeded the warning, after all he couldn’t even get up the nerve to talk to her, but the more he tried to ignore her, the more he was attracted to her fresh beauty and joyful countenance.

When his parents announced that they would be travelling to New York for the weekend to wrap up some left over cases and close on the sale of their Long Island house, David hit upon a plan to at least get to know Krystal a little bit better. He asked his dad for permission to have a day party on the boat with some friends from school.

When David dropped his parents off at John Wayne airport Friday morning, his dad wished him luck with his party and reminded him that under no circumstances was he to take the boat out. That was fine with David because all he wanted to do was impress a group of friends, especially Krystal. David had invited several friends from the wrestling squad and their girlfriends, and he invited the group of girls that Krystal usually hung around with. (It took him three days to get up the nerve). About a dozen people in all.

He got up early Saturday morning and drove down to the marina. He opened the boat and aired out the luxurious cabin. He loaded sodas, ice and chips onto the dock cart and wheeled them all down to the boat. He set the cooler in the cockpit with the sodas and poured in the ice. He put out bags of chips and pretzels, cans of nuts and bowls if dip. He put cold cuts, cheese and condiments in the refrigerator and a couple of fresh loaves of bread on the galley counter. When he was satisfied that everything looked just right, he stripped off his tee-shirt and went out to lie on the deck and wait for his guests.

Daniel and Josh, with their girlfriends Pam and Linda, and Adam and Reese without dates arrived first, shouting at him through the marina fence. He jumped up, jogged up to the gate and unlocked it from inside. There were some high fives and hellos, horseplay and threats of pushing each other into the bay. A general youthful, party joyousness as they jostled their way down to the boat.

Then came ooohs and aaas as they took in the beautiful “Maritime Law” and some looks and questions of who really owned this yacht. He had to show Adam and Reese the Coast Guard and California registration papers to prove that it did indeed belong to his family. Everyone was suitably impressed. Not five minutes later the rest of the girls arrived, you-whoing and giggling, overloaded with large beach bags and towels and filing through the gate as David held it open for them. Suzie, Jennifer, and Mindy, from the cheer leading squad followed by Krystal and her friend Samantha, whispering to each other conspiratorially. Krystal looked up at him and smiled with a little toss of her had as they passed. His heart skipped a beat, but he thought he must be imagining things.

The oohs and aaaws were repeated as the girls huddled and pointed at the boat. David took each by the hand and helped them step down into the boat. When Krystal put out her hand David touched her for the first time. Her hand was small and soft. The skin smooth and warm. He felt a shudder travel up his arm to his heart and when she smiled up at him again and said “Thank you” he almost collapsed overboard. All he could do is stammer, “Y-You’re welcome.”

Samantha took his hand, smiled and then giggled as he helped her aboard. He flushed red and was certain it showed to everyone on board. He stepped down into the boat and said, “Well. Hi everyone. Welcome aboard. There’re sodas in the cooler, chips and dip in the galley and there’s sandwich stuff in the fridge for later on. There’s two heads, but please use the one in the stern. Make sure you read the instructions on the toilet when you use it and if you need help let me know. Make yourselves at home and well, ok. Here we are. Um, have fun!” he finished.

One of the guys opened the cooler and took out a Coke, somebody asked for a Dr. Pepper and once the first can was opened, everyone pretty much loosened up. Samantha asked if there was somewhere she could plug in her iPod for some music and David showed her the docking slot on the sound system. She soon had her favorite playlist blasting in the cabin and David opened the skylights and ports to let the music spill outside.

Soon shirts and cover-ups came off, towels were spread on the decks and the girls started taking turns spreading on suntan lotions and oils. The cheerleaders all wore the tiniest of bikinis, pretty much as small as you can get without being thongs. They were all tall and gorgeous and cliquish, sticking together and pretty much ignoring everyone else. Samantha was a tall thin red-head with slender arms and legs, a well formed bottom and perfectly sized breasts. She wore a modest bikini that covered all the important parts well, but displayed her tanned body nicely.

Krystal walked up to the bow and threw her towel down. She turned and looked over her shoulder at David with a smile, then crossed her arms in front of herself and pulled her bright cover-up over her head and off. Although she was tiny, a good head shorter than Samantha, her legs were long in proportion to her body, her waist was narrow and flared just enough into hips with perfect round cheeks covered by a low-riding boy-short bikini bottom and topped with a string tied across her back and one over her neck. She stretched up on her tiptoes with her arms up high over her head, bent at the waist, legs straight and straightened her towel, then knelt, leaned forward and lowered herself to the towel, face down without looking back again.

Was she flirting with him? Teasing him? David stood in the cockpit staring until Daniel reached up and pushed his chin closed, smiling broadly. “Like the plague Davey boy, like the plague.” He repeated. But David didn’t hear or care. He would suffer death at the hands of the colonel if need be. He just needed to get up the courage to talk to her and maybe ask her for a date, anything but he was just too damn afraid she would reject him!

Throughout the day, the teens moved about the boat, changing positions on the deck, eating, drinking, and jostling for control over the music, laughing talking and sunning. At lunch time David got out the sandwich stuff and everyone made sandwiches and got another soda from the chest. They all sat around the benches in the cockpit and ate. Krystal squeezed in next to David and with the whole group of them she was pressed up against him, hip to thigh, skin to skin. It caused a stirring in his shorts and he laid his towel over his lap, ostensibly to catch the crumbs from his sandwich. Sam looked over at Krystal from across the cockpit and they giggled at each other. David flushed a bit red and put his head down, concentrating on his sandwich.

After lunch they cleaned up and resumed their places around the yacht and Krystal went down to the cabin. After a moment she called out from below, “David, can you come show me how to use the head?” It was the most she had spoken to him since he first met her. He fumbled down the ladder and back to the head. The door was just ajar and he knocked on it. “Yeah, come in, how does this thing work? Krystal asked very matter-of-fatly. He opened the door and stopped short, averting his eyes and stammering an apology. Krystal was sitting on the toilet, her bottoms around her ankles, legs spread apart and looking down between them into the toilet bowl while fiddling with the controls.

David tried to avert his eyes but Krystal was not in the least worried that her perfectly smooth mound and clean waxed slit were completely exposed. She brought her knees together and smiled up at David, “Well don’t just stand there, show me how to work this thing!” she pleaded coyly.

He reached down and turned the switch for the pump, never taking his eyes off the confluence of her legs, waited until the bowl filled then pressed the flush button and stood staring down at her, a familiar tightening sensation growing in his trunks. Her eyes dropped from his face to his trunks for a held second and he backed out slowly and closed the door, stunned.

He had to stay down in the galley for a few minutes pretending to clean and wipe the counter to get his mind cleared and his trunks rearranged to a more comfortable fit but it was no good. He was putting things away and throwing things in the trash when Krystal came out of the head, brushed by him in the enclosed space, drawing her hand across his bare back above his swim trunks, and disappeared up the ladder.

By now, David was completely confused, unsure if she was sending him overt signals or if he was just reading her intentions falsely out of wishful thinking. He moved up to the forward stateroom, locked the door behind him, went into the head there, locked that door as well and relived his tension standing in front of the mirror while he recalled and fantasized about what he had just witnessed.

When he came back on deck, she was lying face up this time on her towel with her feet towards him and her legs just slightly apart so that he could see the center part of her bikini bottom stretched tight.

As the sun got very low on the horizon and the Southern California air began to cool as it does, everyone began to gather up their things and pack up to go. The boys and their girlfriends left first, followed by the cheer leaders. Everyone thanked David for the great day, hoped they could do it again sometime and David promised that next time when his parents were home, maybe they could all take her out for a cruise.

Krystal and Samantha were the last to leave, they’d driven down in Samantha’s car. David was kicking himself for not getting up the nerve all day to actually have a conversation with Krystal and as he opened the dock gate for them, Krystal suddenly turned and asked, “Who’s going to clean up all that mess on the boat?”

“Oh, I will, it’s no big deal. Besides it was my party, I, I’m just glad you came.” David stammered.

“Well, that’s not fair, somebody should help you clean up. Samantha, let’s help him clean up, come on.” She replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry Krys, I have to finish my history paper, maybe you could stay and David could drive you home!” Sam offered, sounding almost rehearsed.

“Um, well, sure.” David said, if that’s ok with you Krystal.” He replied almost too quickly, his head spinning with the ramifications this new welcome situation presented. He was both excited and exceedingly afraid at the same time.

“Sure, bye Sam!” she waved cheerily. Both girls giggled, gave each other a knowing look and Samantha turned towards the parking lot as Krystal headed back down the dock before David could figure out what had just happened.

He caught up to Krystal as she jumped back aboard “Maritime Law” and disappeared down the ladder with that toss of her head and over the shoulder smile that drove him crazy. He leapt on board and followed her down finding her already picking up soda cans and empty wrappings and stuffing them in a garbage bag.

Earlier, she had changed into a white cotton blouse, buttoned up the front with the top two buttons undone showing just a tantalizing hint of curved breast beneath. She wore the smallest pair of black shorts he could barely imagine anyone getting into and her tanned legs dropped to her bare feet upon which she was standing on tip-toe to reach the back of the counter and which accentuated the length of her legs in an amazing fashion. She stopped in mid motion and looked up at him. “David, give me the whole tour of the boat. I spent all day up on deck and haven’t seen everything there is to see.”

“Uh, sure, ok, so you’ve seen everything here right? Ok, well um, you know the entertainment system, and here’s storage and did you see the bow stateroom? Up here.” She took his hand as he led her forward and he almost jumped from the touch of it. The bow stateroom was fairly spacious for the confines of a yacht, with its own head complete with large shower, a good sized double bed, maybe even queen sized, plenty of storage, beautifully polished wood everywhere and tasteful muted colors on the seat cushions and bed covers.

“Wow, really nice!” Krystal said as she went from holding hands to wrapping her arm around his and standing close. He felt the warmth of her body against his, the softness of her skin and the smell of coconut oil still permeating the air around her. She turned towards him, stood on tip-toe, reached up and kissed him on the lips.

After only a moments surprise and hesitation he moved his arms around her, pulled her close and fully returned the kiss. He was instantly in heaven but still in disbelief that this beautiful girl could have any desire for him.

As if answering his thoughts, she broke off the kiss but wrapped her arms around him and held him close. She put her head on his chest and sighed softly. “My dad is over protective. He says a sixteen year old shouldn’t have a boyfriend. You’re the first guy I’ve ever even kissed.” She laughed, “Funny when you think about it, sweet sixteen and never been kissed. I knew I wanted to be your girlfriend the moment I saw you in Calculus class. I kept sending you signals but you never did anything about it. I thought you didn’t think I was pretty or something. I’m sorry, I’m being too forward. When you asked me to come today Samantha and I cooked up this staying after thing just to see if we could make friends or something. I’m sorry, I’ll help you clean up then you can take me home.” She released him and tried to back away.

David didn’t let go. He held her around the waist and looked down at her astonished at what she had just said. She wants to be my girlfriend? “You’re kidding right? You didn’t think I liked you? Oh my gosh Krystal, I fell in love with you the minute I saw you in calculus. I thought you were so amazingly beautiful that you could never like a guy like me. You want to be my girlfriend? I’ve never had a real girlfriend I would just…”

She cut him off by reaching up and kissing him again. She pulled him towards the bed and sat down on it pulling him down with her. They sat on the edge, turned towards each other, kissing passionately. He was amazed at this turn of events and could barely contain myself. He was now fully erect and his trunks were feeling uncomfortably tight. He had made out with a couple of dates, but never more than kissing, and the girls were sometimes hesitant to do even that. He still couldn’t believe that this was happening but since Krystal had been so forthcoming about her feelings for him, he got up the nerve to be a little bolder.

He slid his left hand around to her side and slowly inched it up until he felt the edge of her bra under his thumb. He stopped there and waited. She didn’t resist and she let him slide up a little further until he could feel the full curve of her breast and the slight texture of lace under his thumb. His heart pounded in his ears but this time she responded. She turned a little into his hand so that now he was gently cupping her entire breast and he could feel her nipple, hard through the fabric. Taking her movement as approval he moved further up until he felt the smooth skin of her breast above her bra through the thin white cotton blouse. She breathed heavily and pressed into his hand.

He gently held her breast and smoothed his hand over it, squeezing slightly and feeling as if his swim trunks would burst from the pressure building up in them. She began to probe his mouth with her tongue. He slid his hand over and pulled back the collar of her blouse. He slid his hand inside, across her bare unbelievably soft skin and tucked his fingers under the edge, then down inside her bra, feeling her bare nipple for the first time. Actually, the first time he had felt any bare nipple, or breast for that matter and it stunned him how good it felt. She moved her body into him again, forcing his hand deeper around her breast and he squeezed the nipple between the second knuckles of his first and middle fingers. She blew out softly into his mouth and moaned, urging him to squeeze it and manipulate it more.

The angle was a little odd so he pulled his hand free and began to unbutton her blouse. He unfastened three buttons and pulled at the blouse but the bottom button was stuck in the waist band of her shorts into which the blouse was neatly tucked. As he tugged at it unsuccessfully, Krystal reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts releasing the blouse. He unfastened the last button then pulled the blouse back and down over her shoulder. He returned his hand to her breast and felt the bare skin and the silky material of the bra covering it. He put his thumb under the shoulder strap and gently slid it over her shoulder and down, pulling the top of the bra with it and exposing her nickel sized areola and the hard erect nipple in the center, pinkish brown and perfect. He couldn’t resist and bent to kiss it, then suck it gently between his lips. She gasped and leaned her head back with open mouth and closed eyes.

He slid the blouse and the bra strap with it over her other shoulder. She shrugged out of the blouse but the bra was still fastened in the back and covering one breast. She reached behind her and with a snap of her fingers the bra fell to her lap. She quickly snatched it up and threw it aside, reached down to the bottom of David’s tee shirt and lifted it over his head. Then she turned towards him embracing him in both arms, lifted her head to continue kissing him and pulled him close.

A fierce, but soft, warm wave of pleasure washed over David that he had never imagined as her breasts pressed against his chest that caused him to moan softly and shudder. He lay back on the bead, pulling Krystal with him and they embraced, kissing deeply with her arms around his neck and his left hand cupping and feeling her bare breasts and lightly pinching her nipples which seemed to send waves of pleasure through her young body each time he did so. He bent and kissed them and sucked the nipples. She writhed under him and her hips began to thrust back and forth against his leg. They caressed, kissed, held and rolled against each other. At one point he rolled up on top of her and she urged him on by opening her legs as he settled between them. She was thrusting up at him and he found just the right spot where he rubbed his hardness against her undulating body and when she came hard from the friction of the cloth between them, clamping her legs around him and twitching in uncontrolled spasms it was as much as he could stand and he came also, squirting repeatedly, releasing his tension into his swim trunks.

They lay there panting for a while, David a bit embarrassed that he had spilt into his shorts but when he tried to say something, Krystal put two fingers to his lips, pulled his hand up to her breast and started kissing him again. Soon they were thrusting against each other once more and fully involved in unbridled passion. After a few minutes of this, Krystal reached down between them and slid her hand down the front of David’s shorts and took hold of him, letting him thrust in and out of her hand. The liquid from his previous release, and the fluid he was now freely excreting was plenty enough to lubricate him and though he had relieved himself many times in his young life, he could not begin to describe this feeling in order of magnitude greater than he had ever felt, of someone else, especially a very sexy young girl doing it for him.

Within seconds, he felt the buildup climb to unbearable, and then suddenly release once again, this time into Krystal’s hand as she continued to slide it back and forth as he came down from his third release of the day. But at only sixteen, overwhelmed by his first sexual encounter with a real, not imaginary girl, he was in no danger of becoming too soft to perform. They lay there and continued kissing, fondling and rubbing each other. Neither had spoken since they started and neither could complain about the feelings they were giving each other.

Your first sexual encounter is generally so intense that it really doesn’t matter if you are touched in just the right place or in just the right way, anything that happens this side of uncomfortable is erotic, electric, wonderful and amazing. After a few more minutes, David slid down the bed. Krystal’s legs were still hanging over the edge and he pulled on the waist band of her shorts. She lifted her hips to accommodate him then raised her knees to allow him to slide them off over her feet as he sank to his knees on the deck.

She was left in her small white lace panties. He reached up and touched them in the middle. They were virtually soaked and he could see her skin beneath, pressing through the wet fabric. He moved his thumb up and pressed it into the slit beneath the fabric. She gasped and started, then sighed as he slid his thumb up and down her panties. After a few moments he slid her panties aside, slipping his fingers under the fabric and touching the bare skin he had seen for the first time this afternoon.

She was very wet and his fingers moved easily up and down, over the soft but firm bump that made her gasp every time he touched it. As he slide his fingers down, he felt them penetrate a little deeper and he moved them further down until they found the soft opening that seemed to naturally pull his fingers inside. He pressed one finger into that welcoming warm place all the way in as far as it would go. The wet, hot, slippery feel inside was almost more than he could take. He had never felt anything like it before, nor had he ever imagined in all his fantasies, how erotic it could actually be.

He was wiggling his finger around inside and she was breathing heavily and undulating her hips against his hand. She reached down and slipped her own hand under her panty and started swirling her finger around her clit as he penetrated her with his finger. He saw quickly what she was doing and moved his other hand up to take her place, one finger inside and the other hand swirling over her clit. In moments she clenched her teeth, turned bright read from her face, down to her chest, let out a low groan and spasmed against his hand, clamping her legs together nearly choking him in her grip.

When she relaxed he gently pulled the sides of her panties down and she weakly lifted her hips once again to allow him to remove them. She was now completely naked, and as she lay there recovering from her orgasm, he sat and stared at her, taking in the complete beauty of her petite, but perfect body from head to toe. Her hair was splayed out in a silken dark halo around her head. Her cheeks were flushed but returning to normal color. Her nipples stood erect on her small but perfectly formed breasts, and her flat stomach rose and fell as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

Between her legs, the smooth cleanly waxed skin was glistening with her moisture and the lips there were pink and swollen, pulsing now and then as tiny aftershocks of her orgasm shot through her calming body. David couldn’t help himself, he leaned forward and kissed her smooth wet skin, then licked it, tasting her juices and smelling the heady intoxicating odor of female sex. He pressed his tongue between her lips and licked her clit lightly. She moaned again and he pressed harder, now licking up and down. He moved down and pressed his tongue into her warm moist entrance, licked the back of it and then forward again back to her clit.

After a few minutes Krystal reached down and pulled on his head, bringing him up over her and pulling his mouth to hers. She kissed him deeply, tasting her own fluids on his lips, then reached down and pushed the waist band of his trunks down over his hips. She pulled the front down over his hardness and used her feet to push them down and off. She squirmed backwards up onto the bed pulling him with her. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him all the more passionately.

By now, David certainly no longer wondered at her intentions, any reservations he once had about her were long gone. When she pulled him tighter towards him, wrapping her legs around his hips and pulling him forward with her heels on his cheeks there was no doubt in his mind what she wanted from him. He pulled back a bit and said “Are you sure?”

“Positive!” she almost begged and he dropped forward, feeling the slickness between her legs, fumbling from inexperience but finding the warmth of her opening and sliding into her just an inch or so until he felt a slight resistance. She had said she never even kissed a boy before. This was pretty far beyond a first kiss. He himself had never gone this far with any girl and if it hadn’t been for the fact that he had already come multiple times today, he certainly would have lost it right there.

He leaned back and looked at her once more, raising an eyebrow in one last questioning look. In response, she closed her eyes, dug her nails into his back and pulled him violently forward with her heels in one swift motion. He was immediately pulled completely inside her as far as their pubic bones would allow. She grunted, gritted her tenth, squeezed her eyes in pain and held him there for a few moments.

He was in heaven. All the warm, wet, softness he had felt there with his finger was magnified tenfold as the full length of him was held still in an almost vice like grip. As she recovered from the initial pain of his penetration, she held him tight against her body with her heels and when he rocked his hips a little, she made a tiny whimpering sound jabbing her heels into him harder in an obvious signal to keep still. Soon her grip loosened and she began to rock slowly beneath him. He picked up the rhythm and was soon moving in concert with her, in and out as she alternately squeezed and relaxed her muscles around him.

They kissed, they caressed, they touched each other on the face, on her breasts, on his back and all the while kept up a rhythm in harmony with each other. He pulled his head back and looked at her face. It was joyous, smiling, her deep brown eyes sparkled, her smile consumed her entire face and she pulled him to her to kiss once again. He looked at her and realized that she was no longer a virgin, that he was no longer a virgin, that they had done this together, that she had chosen him to do it with her. They smiled, they kissed, she giggled, he laughed, they laughed together continuing to press in and out, grinding together hugging, pressing, feeling skin upon skin, a million sensations at once, of smell, sight, touch and sounds. He saw her face, happy and loving. He saw her perfect breasts and felt their warmth and softness. He felt the press of her legs around his hips, she felt the fullness of him inside her, filling, releasing and filling her again.

When all of the sensations once again became too much for her she clenched into a tight package of hard muscle, flushed red, stifled a scream that came out like a low moaning grunt and twitched in his arms squeezing his hardness in rapid spasms that sent shock waves through his body and triggered his own release once more. He tightened, pressed hard into her, not realizing or caring about the consequences. He released inside her, grunting and thrusting, over and over again until they were both completely satisfied and too worn out to even move.

They lay like that for thirty minutes or so and finally got up together without speaking, went into the head and took a long hot shower together, soaping each other all over, too tired, even when David started to get hard again to even try anything else. They dried, got dressed and without a word, but with happy smiles on their faces, cleaned up the boat, took the garbage up to the dumpster, locked up “Maritime Law” and drove home in silence, content to simply hold hands.

It was after 1:00 am when they reached Krystal’s house, the windows were dark and David asked if she was going to get into trouble for coming home so late. “Oh no.” she said, “Mom is a teacher at the elementary school and she’s away at a teachers convention in San Francisco and daddy is on maneuvers with his regiment at Camp Pendleton.” She reached over, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and jumped out of the car. She did that infernal head twist, over the shoulder smile thing and skipped on tip-toes to the front door, unlocked it, stepped inside closing it behind her and flipped on the porch light.

David sat in the car for about sixty seconds, satisfied, but slightly disappointed at the peck on the cheek goodnight kiss after all they had done tonight. He sighed, and was about to start the motor and go home when he saw the front door open a crack and Krystal’s head popped out looking up and down the street. When she was satisfied the street was empty, she pulled the door open about half way and stepped into the beam of the porch light nicely illuminating her perfect, naked body for two seconds, then she turned, showing him her perfect bottom, did her little head flip thing again and disappeared leaving the door standing open.

It didn’t take David long to leap out of the car, beeping it locked with his key fob halfway to the house, and peer inside. Krystal was nowhere to be seen. But her little black shorts were on the floor in the foyer, her blouse was on the stairs about half way up. He closed the door behind him and locked it. At the top of the stairs, her bra was on the floor to the right and her panties were in front of an open door half way down the hall.

In the semi darkness he peered into Krystal’s room. It was spacious and perfectly decorated, feminine but sophisticated, everything in its place except for the bed covers thrown haphazardly over the footboard and half onto the floor and Krystal, smiling, naked on the sheets, legs apart and arms outstretched to him. He pulled off his shirt and trunks and crawled up on the bed with her. She reached down stroked the last bit of hardness into him that they needed. He leaned down and kissed her deeply, fondled her breasts, ran his hand up her thigh and cupped her between the legs, one finger finding her and pressing inside its full length.

Once again they kissed, cuddled fondled and touched, lost completely in their young lust for each other. He pressed into her easily, she was still wet from earlier and growing wetter from this new lust. They found their rhythm again and kissed and fondled deeply while they thrust at each other wildly. Krystal pushed on his shoulder and he rolled onto his back, never leaving her as she sat up, fully impaled and began rocking back and forth, filling and emptying herself repeatedly, falling as far down as she could go taking the length of him as deep as she could.

They were panting and grunting in fully involved lust and when at last her orgasm overcame her she squeezed his sides with her knees, rippled along his length in ecstatic spasms causing him to suddenly release one more time, by now just some small but very satisfying releases inside her, both completely lost in the moment so deaf to the world that neither of them heard the key in the front door lock.

“Hey Krystal, I’m home! We secured maneuvers early. Whose car is that out in the street?” cried the colonel as he turned on the foyer light and saw Krystal’s clothes leading up the stairs.

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