My father left when I was younger so it has just been mom, my little sister and I. My name is Kyle and I’m sixteen. My sister Tabitha or Tabby as I call her is fifteen. She looks a lot like mom and sometimes people think they are sisters. She is a strawberry blonde with long hair and firm breasts. Mom had me when she was young so she is still a hot MILF.

Summer was starting when I got a letter from a lawyer. It was more of a notice then anything and the only thing I understood was my dad had died. That didn’t even bother me but the next day I received a package in the mail. I opened it to see stock certificates and a DVD. It seemed that right before he died my father had won a huge lottery.

He took the payout because he knew he was dying and bought all the stocks in my name. I was in my room when I played the DVD. It was of my father and he explain in detail why he had left. I didn’t believe him though and decided to find out for myself. For as long as I could remember my mother would go to my uncle’s every Friday afternoon, she always came home late that night.

I tucked the stocks away before going to find Tabby. She was on the back deck wearing a string bikini and laying on her stomach with the top untied. I sat on the lounger beside her and absently rubbed her lovely butt, “hey.”

She turned her head to see me, “yeah?”

I took a breath, “I got a couple of things from dad.”

She started to sit up and remembered about her top, “what did he want?”

I shrugged, “the first was a letter from some lawyer that said he was dead.”

She turned to look at me and I stared at her pink nipples, “don’t ever tan those.”

Tabby grinned and took my hand, “what else?”

I looked into her green eyes, “a DVD. He said he left because of something mom did. He said you aren’t his daughter and that mom... that she is addicted to sperm and has an orgy every week with uncle Pete and wouldn’t stop.”

She sighed and squeezed my hand, “yeah.”

I was surprised and just looked at her and she shrugged, “mom told me a couple of years ago. She doesn’t know who my father is because it was one of a dozen guys.”

She looked down, “mom is addicted to sperm. She lets uncle Pete and his friends fuck her so she can rub it all over her body.”

Tabby let my hand go, “sometimes I think I would like to try that.”

She stood and walked into the house as I stared after her. I had never told mom or anyone about a problem I had since I went through puberty. I have really large balls and produce a lot of sperm. I glanced at the bikini top still on the lounger and grinned as I picked it up and went looking for Tabby.

She was in her bedroom and turned when I walked in with her bikini top on my finger. She blushed as I stepped in and closed the door, “did you mean what you said Tabby?”

She glanced at the door, “Mean what?”

I walked closer and set the top on her dresser, “that you would like to try what mom is doing.”

Tabby smiled and looked me up and down, “why? You thinking of asking uncle Pete if you could join them?”

I smiled and walked to the window, “do you know why I don’t have a girl or go out?”

She walked up behind me, “no, you are cute and look cool.”

I took a breath, “I have really big balls.”

I turned to look at my sister, “I cum a lot and if I had a girl...”

Tabby nodded, “it would get out and everyone would make fun of you.”

I nodded and rubbed one of her pink nipples, “yeah.”

She shuddered as her nipples hardened and then grinned, “Give me a minute?”

I looked at her before nodding and she walked out. I heard her down in the kitchen and a minute later looked at the door as mom followed her in. She smiled and closed the door, “undress Kyle.”

Tabby was already undoing the strings on the sides of her bottoms. I swallowed as I looked at mom, “is what dad said true? Are you addicted to sperm and can’t stop?”

She sighed as she crossed to me and started taking my shirt off, “yes honey I am.”

She rubbed my chest before glancing at my sister on her bed, “it wasn’t about the sex, it was the feel of the warm cum...”

Mom shuddered as she pushed my pants down and off. She cupped my large balls and smiled almost to herself. She looked up into my face before turning me and pushing me towards Tabby, “fuck your sister.”

I grinned as I crawled onto the bed, “can I lick it first?”

Tabby grinned and spread her legs, “Sure.”

Mom laughed as I leaned down and licked through Tabby’s slit. I started nibbling on her small inner lips before pushing my tongue into her. I knew she was using tampons so I wasn’t afraid of hurting her by hitting or breaking her hymen. I captured her clit and went to town, licking, sucking, nibbling and teasing it.

Tabby howled and began squirming, “Kkyyylllleeeee!”

Mom was giggling as I looked up and moved up onto my sister. I lifted and felt mom’s hand as she positioned my drooling cock. I pushed and wiggled to get my thick cock into her and Tabby clutched me when it suddenly sank in. I kissed her and pushed into her deeper until my cock was pushing against the back of her pussy.

I pulled back and started fucking her and tried to go slow. I wanted it to be good for Tabby and I really wanted it to last. Her warm velvety pussy was squeezing and milking my cock as I fucked her. I started pushing a little harder and humping each time I buried my cock. Tabby wailed as she began to buck and struggle, “aaaahhhhhh!”

She wet me as she twisted and squirmed while her slippery pussy spasmed around my cock. I felt something give and my cock popped into someplace tighter. My sister screamed as she wrapped her legs around me. I fucked her hard and deep for another couple of minutes. I shoved into her as I felt my balls churning and my cock throbbing.

She looked at me with big eyes as I grunted and held her before peeing cum into her. Tabby gasped and jerked her hips up, “HOLY FUCK!”

I pulled out after that huge first spurt and spewed another huge stream up her body as I lifted up above her. Mom gasped as that spewing spurt went all the way up to her chin and slimed her body. I shuddered as I pumped another stream of warm cum up between her breasts and after that one, a fourth went up onto her tummy.

The fifth and sixth spurted weakly onto her pubic mound and Tabby grinned, “damn that feels hot.”

I rolled off her and onto my back and watched as mom was suddenly beside her rubbing the slimy mess all over. That had my cock throbbing and I moved to kiss Tabby, “thanks Tabby.”

She grinned as she rubbed cum into her breasts, “sure.”

I moved over her and pushed mom down before stripping her on the bed. When she was naked I didn’t wait and moved between her legs as she held out her arms. I kissed her as I thrust and she grunted as my thick cock pushed into her. I started fucking her with deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix.

She clutched me as her warm slippery pussy grasped and spasmed around my cock. I kept kissing her as I buried my cock and jabbed and humped into her. It was a couple of minutes before she began to shudder and squirm while suddenly wailing, “KYLE!”

She bucked as she threw her legs up and spread them. Her warm pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock as she clutched me. I kissed her passionately and started to fuck her hard and deep while grinding each time I buried my cock. It was like riding a half wide horse, every other minute mom bucked and thrashed around while clinging to me.

In between she lifted and thrust her hips up as I pushed into her slippery pussy. She wailed and howled and screamed and moaned. Tabby moved over against us to caress me and watch mom’s face. I knew that when I came I wasn’t going to pull out like I had for my sister. I fucked her hard for several minutes as I felt my balls churning and my cock throbbing.

I kissed her hard as I thrust into her and forced my cock against her cervix. She was jerking and convulsing as I held her and peed a huge thick stream of cum. She clung to me with wide eyes as I kept pouring and pumping more cum. She whimpered as I took a breath and shuddered before spewing and spurting again.

When I stopped cumming mom was shaking as her now slimy pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I kissed her and pulled out before moving over Tabby and laying beside her. Mom groaned and started wiping her leaking pussy and rubbing the cum all over. My sister kissed her before shoving her fingers into her and starting to help her.

Mom shuddered as she covered her body with warm cum. I rubbed Tabby’s hip, “again?”

She turned her head to see me before grinning and turned around and straddling me, “sure.”

I took turns fucking her and mom until we fell asleep together. I woke to mom moving off the bed and Tabby following her. I rolled off and headed into the bathroom we share where Tabby had gone. She blushed as she looked up from peeing and I grinned, “need help with a shower?”

She grinned, “I’m covered with dried cum so yeah.”

I washed her and she grinned as I kept cupping her breasts. She pressed against me when we finished and looked into my face, “how come you only did it a little inside me and wouldn’t pull out for mom?”

I grinned, “you wanted to feel what it was like and I wanted to get mom pregnant.”

She laughed and shook me before grinning, “I didn’t think about it because mom uses a morning after pill the morning after she goes to uncle Pete.”

She stroked my cock, “its Sunday so fuck her everyday and tell her Friday morning.”

I shuddered and tugged on a nipple, “let go or you are getting fucked right here.”

Tabby giggled and kissed me before turning to get out. I thought about what she had said as I dried off. I went looking for mom and found her in her room dressing after her own shower. I walked to her and she smiled as I cupped a breast through her bra. I pulled her to her bed and sat her before pushing her back and pulling the tiny crotch of her panties aside.

I bent my cock and rubbed it through her slit before pushing into her and starting to fuck her. I caressed her pelvis, “I want to get you pregnant mom.”

She looked surprised as I buried my cock and bent to kiss her. She hugged me and her pussy tightened before she caressed my face and lay back. I smiled and stood before starting to fuck her with long strokes. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and shuddering as her pussy rippled around my cock. I kept fucking her as her hips lifted and she started wailing.

It took several minutes before she became incoherent and squirted. I fucked her hard and deep, planting my cock and humping into her. I finally shoved into her to bury my cock and pressed against her as I peed cum. Mom lifted her hips and screamed as the warm stream of sperm gushed through her cervix, “YES!”

I spewed and spurted until I was finished and then just held her hips. Tabby giggled beside us, “nice big load mom?”

Mom grinned as she looked at me, “yes.”

She looked at my sister, “in my night stand is an anal plug.”

Tabby turned and pulled it out and mom took it. She wiggled back on the bed and my cock came out but she quickly pushed it into her pussy. She smiled, “until you fuck me again.”

I fucked her three times during the day and Tabby pulled me to bed that night, “this time I want to feel what it is like so don’t pull out.”

I smiled as I kissed her and I kept feeling her. She let me and kissed me back as her breathing changed. She finally groaned and pulled on me and I moved over her and between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and jerk.

A couple more and she was howling before suddenly starting to thrash around as I shoved into her and humped. I jabbed and pressed and Tabby wailed as she held her legs up and spread them wide. I pulled back to fuck her hard and deep and she continued to yell as she thrust and humped up onto my cock.

It took another five minutes before I thrust into her and buried my cock. I kissed her as she spasmed and began gushing and spewing cum. Tabby clutched me as she held her pussy up and screamed, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted against and through her cervix as she shuddered. When I was done she groaned and dropped to the bed, “don’t ever pull out again Kyle.”

I kissed her and pulled out to lay beside her, “don’t want to feel cum on you?”

She grinned as she turned to put her head on my shoulder, “it feels better inside me.”

Mom laughed as she crawled onto the bed and laid against my other side, “it did feel good that way too.”

Tabby grinned, “Kyle can fuck you during the night mom and me in the morning.”

She kissed my shoulder, “sounds good honey.”

I held them and relaxed before watching them fall asleep. It was a little while before I followed and woke to my sister stroking my cock. I caught her hand, “want something?”

She grinned, “I want you to fuck me.”

I looked at mom smiling as she opened her eyes and shifted as Tabby turned to lay on her stomach and spread her legs. Mom giggled as I moved over and between my sister’s legs and pushed into her cummy pussy, “sure you want me to cum inside you again?”

She nodded and I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before her pussy clenched as she shuddered hard, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I kissed her bare shoulder before fucking her with long, hard strokes. She started kicking the bed and jerking as I kept it up and soon she was howling and wailing. When I buried my cock and pushed as it peed a huge gushing stream through her cervix she stiffened and tilted her hip, “breed me!”

I groaned when I heard it but continued to pump and spew until I was done and she was full. I pulled out slowly and laid beside her and saw mom staring with her mouth open. I rubbed Tabby’s butt, “breed me?”

She turned and pressed against me, “yes.”

Mom moved up behind her, “that’s what you were doing to me.”

I grinned, “I hope it is twins too.”

Tabby laughed and turned to kiss mom, “Kyle has breeding rights now so plan on a few more after this one.”

Mom caressed her hip, “and you?”

My sister grinned back at me, “as many times as he wants.”

There were a few to keep up with mom’s, of course mom still visits my uncle for her weekly sperm bath. Tabby insists the ones I fill her pussy with are better.
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