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When she put the ad in the paper, " Teenage boy wanted for odd-jobs," she didn't know if anybody would answer it or not. It wasn't until the second day of the ad, that the knock came on her door.

It was 8:30 in the morning and she hadn't really gotten dressed yet so when she answered the door with her little robe on, her little halfway down the thigh blue robe, the boy standing at the door was at a loss for words. As he stood there looking at her and her little 27 year old, hour-glass figure. Even though she was 27, she still had the body of a 19 year old and she knew it.

Melody pulled the top of her robe together because her 36b breasts were trying to come out and she caught the young boy looking at her cleavage. Not that having someone look at her breasts bothered her, in fact, at any other time she would have appreciated it but this wasn't the right time for that because she wasn't fully awake yet.

" Can I help you?"

" Um, Um, Um I came about your ad lady."

" I'm not a lady, wait a minute that didn't sound right." " My name is Melody, just call me Melody,Ok?"

" Ok."

" And what's your name?"

" Tommy."

" Tommy, that's a nice name, my brother's name is Tommy." " How old are you Tommy, do you think that your old enough to do the little jobs that I have for you?"

" Well, I'm only 14 but I'm almost 15 though and yes I can do it, whatever it is,ok?"

" Only 14, Oh no, I don't know if your big enough to do it or not."

She couldn't believe that he was only 14 because he was the size that the 16 year olds were, when she was in school. She wondered if the parts of him that she couldn't see, mainly his dick, looked like a 16 year olds dick would too.

The next thought that went through her mind was, I wonder if he even has pubic hair yet or if he still has peach-fuzz. Her mind was racing and she could already feel the warmth starting up inbetween her legs and she knew, that she was in trouble.

" I can do anything an older boy can do lady, I mean Melody." " Just give me a chance and let me prove it,ok?"

Before she could even answer, he stood up, took his jacket off and then pulled his T-shirt up over his head.

" See lady, I'm big for my age."

She felt her pussy quiver when he said that and without even knowing it, she let out a little moan. When he heard it, he gave her the strangest look, which embarrassed her even more.

Looking down at his levis as he stood there didn't give her any clue as to the size of his dick either. But she was sure wondering and the longer he stood there with his shirt off, the more she wanted to just go over, drop down in front of him and see if he'd let her. She knew that that was crazy thinking but she still wanted to do it and couldn't deny it.

" Ok, ok, I'll give you a try Tommy, how much do you expect to make an hour?"

He didn't want to mess-up his chances of getting the job, so he whispered, " $ 5.00, is that ok?"

" $ 5.00, is that all?"

" Well, I'd really like more but why don't we just try that and if you like me and how I work, then you can pay me more later,ok?"

" Sure Tommy, that sounds fair, when can you start?"

" Um Um, now, I can start right now, if you want me too."

" Wait, I haven't even decided what I need to have done yet, why don't you come back around noon and I should have something set-up for you by then."

" Ok lady, I mean Melody, I'll be back around noon."

And with that he pulled his T-shirt back on, grabbed his jacket and said, " See ya," as he went out the door.

" Ok Tommy, see you then."

She couldn't believe the thoughts that were going through her mind, as she watched him walking back down her sidewalk and then across the street.

She wanted to call her friend Carol and thank her for suggesting that she put an ad in the paper but thought better of it. Because if she told Carol that she had just hired a 14 year old boy, what would Carol think of her?

What's the matter with me? He's 14 Melody, 14. Not 27 years old, like you are.

When noon came and he hadn't shown up yet, she felt like a little girl, a little girl that was supposed to go to a birthday party and then found out at the last minute, that the party had been cancelled.

She showered, washed her pretty redhair and was sitting out in the sun brushing it, waiting for him as it dried. She had even put on her tiny white short shorts, the ones that barely covered her pretty little ass. Hoping to get him to notice it to, just like he had noticed her cleavage, while she was standing there talking to him.

Finally at 12:25 the knock came on her door and once again she felt her pretty redhaired pussy quiver and knew that it was already starting to get moist, just from all of the thinking that she had been doing about him and how she was going to prick tease him and wondering if he was to young to even notice.

This time when she opened the door, his eyes got wider and his mouth dropped open, as he looked at her and said, " Wow." Melody felt herself starting to blush and had to turn away from him and tell him to follow her out into the backyard.

Following her, he was watching her pretty ass, as her hips swung back and forth from side to side, when all at once she looked back over her shoulder and caught him looking at it and smiled. Now it was his turn to be embarrassed and to start blushing. That's when she did something that shocked him, as she let out a little laugh and said, " Pretty isn't it,You like it ?" He was to embarrassed to answer her and that made her laugh even more.

As they went outside, she pointed all around and said, " Why don't you start by pulling some of those weeds up, while I go inside and figure out what I want you to do next."

" Sure but do you have a trash can that I can put them in?"

" I'll get you one out of the garage."

He watched her pretty ass again as she walked by him and once again she looked over her shoulder and caught him. Neither of them were embarrassed this time because now [ the game ] was on and both of them knew it. Even though he was only 14 years old, Tommy had been sexually active with girls, since he was 12. Believe it or not. And Melody had been sexually active with boys, since she was only 11. When the 16 year old boy nextdoor, that she had a crush on, took her little girl cherry on the bathroom floor one night when he was babysitting her and her little brother. Her little brother was only 2 and asleep when it happened, so Johnny, that was the boys name, didn't have to worry about him seeing or telling on them.

When she came back out of the garage with the trash can, she made sure that he was watching her, as she set it down and bent down next to it to pick something up and throw it inside. Giving him another view, of her sweet little heart shaped ass. Teasing him, like she thought a little highschool girl would do.

As she went back into the house, she saw him pulling his T- shirt off again and caught herself brushing her hand along her sweet little pussy, as she went through the doorway. Once inside the house, where he couldn't see her, she slipped her tight shorts down and caressed her soft warm lips and little clit, with her fingertips. Playing with them as she watched him. Whimpering and moaning but not loud enough for him to hear her through the open kitchen window. The shame she felt, as she stood at the kitchen window, slipping one and then 2 fingers into her moist warm pussy was unreal. She couldn't believe that she was standing there fingering herself and wanting a 14 year old boy but she did.

All at once he stood-up and started heading back towards the house and she almost fainted as she jerked her fingers out of her now pulsating pussy and jerked her little shorts back up, just as he opened the backdoor and said, " It's really hot out here Lady, do you have any soda?"

Her heart was throbbing so hard from playing with herself, that it felt like it was all the way up inside of her throat. So, when she tried to answer him, nothing came out and once again he gave her a funny look. Embarrassing her even more than she already was after she almost got caught.

As she handed him the cold can of coke, she saw that he was really staring hard at her breasts and when she looked down to see what he was staring at, she saw that her nipples were still hard from playing with herself and wanted run and hide somewhere but she couldn't. Now he was giving her that, I know what you've been doing look and getting a funny little grin on his face, as he turned and went back outside. Leaving her standing there blushing and feeling like a little girl, a little girl that had just been caught playing with herself. The only thing missing this time was the spanking.

He worked out in the backyard for another 2 hours before coming back inside and saying, " It's to hot out there, I can't do it anymore today, is it ok if I come over and finish tomorrow?"

Looking at him standing there with dirt and sweat all over him, gave her the answer to her problem and she said, " Sure Tommy, that's ok but why don't you go in now and wash up before you go home or better yet, why don't you go ahead and just take a shower, while your still here?"

" Really?"

" Sure, I don't mind " and laughing she said, " Or are you afraid that I might come in and bite you?"

He didn't answer her, so she didn't know how he had taken what she said but he did go into the bathroom and she knew that she was halfway there. Halfway to having a boy in her her house, a naked boy in her house and just thinking about it, made her little nipples start to harden.

She waited until she knew that he would be in the shower and soaping himself down before opening the door and saying, " I'm sorry, I had to get you a fresh towel, out of the dryer.

Since it was a hot day, he wasn't taking a really hot shower and she could see him soaping his young body, through the clear glass shower door. Even she couldn't restrain herself and moaned, when she saw that he had a boner and she wondered if it was because he had been thinking about her.

When he heard her moan he said, " Hey, are you alright lady"and pulled the door open. Standing there naked, with his huge soapy boner pointing straight out at her.

" Ohhh, Ohhh Yesss, you have a nice one."

" Looking right at her and taking ahold of it he said, " You like it?"

Whimpering she moaned, " Oh baby, you know I do."

" Well?"

" Well?"

" Are you going to do something with it or not?"

" You mean like play with it?"

" Uh huh, if that's what you like to do, you can."

" Oh, I like to play with them alright but there are other things you can do with them or don't you know anything about that yet?"

" You mean like Fuck?"

Him using that word shocked her but she recovered fast and said, " Well, yes and...

But before she could finish he said, " Or do you want to suck on it?" " Is that your thing, your a cocksucker and like to suck dick?" " I like it when a girl sucks on it, especially if it's her idea and not mine."

She couldn't believe that a young boy was talking like that, a 14 year old boy at that but he was and he was serious, she could see that.

" Does it bother you, that I may want to suck your dick?"

" No, not really, should it?"

" Well, I don't know, I'm much older than you."

" So?"

" That really doesn't bother you?"

" Nooo, I've had it sucked by older women before."

" Really?"

" Uh huh, 3 of them."

He watched her as she got the strangest look in her eyes and moved over to him, reached out and took ahold of his soapy boner and started jacking on it, as he stood there in the shower, with the door open.

She was just standing there watching him as she worked it back and forth faster and faster. Remembering all of the times with Johnny and how he'd get her to suck on his dick, while her little brother would be watching Tv, in the other room.

She couldn't believe that a 14 year old had such a big boner on him. It was at least 7 1/2 or maybe even 8 inches long and since it still had its foreskin on it, it looked even bigger.

Holding it with her right hand and pulling it towards her, she slipped the index finger of her left hand up into the opening of his foreskin, caressing the swollen head with her fingertip. Looking right at him she whispered, " I wanna caress it with my tongue, can I?"

" Oh wow lady, you can do whatever you want to me, I don't care, just do it."

" As she stepped back from him she whispered, " Rinse the soap off and I will, ok?"

She watched as he washed the soap off of his swollen boner as fast as he could, pulling the foreskin back to show her that the soap was all gone. All at once he let go of the foreskin and she watched as it slowly slid back down over the wet head. Covering it like it was trying to hide it up inside and wait for her warm soft tongue to come in and get it.

The urge to suck it took over as she kneltdown in front of him, at the open shower door. She didn't care what he thought about her, she had to have it and both of them knew it.

" Can I?"

" Can you what?"

" Can I?"

" Say it."

" Please don't make me do that, I'm already embarrassed about wanting to suck on a young boys dick."

" Just say it then, tell me that you want to suck my dick and maybe I'll let you do it."

" Nooo."

" You don't want to anymore?"

" That's not what I meant and you know it."

" Then say it."

" Ohhh please, please let me suck it."

" You can't say dick, can you?"

" Yes I can."

" Then say it like this, " Please let me suck your dick."

Just as he was going to tell her again, she whispered, " Please let me suck it, Please let me suck your dick."

Just hearing her saying the word dick, made the precum start to ooze out of the end of his dick. Filling his foreskin as he waited for her tongue to come and lick on it.

He watched as the pretty redhead reached out and took ahold of it again, pulling the foreskin forward and slowly working her little tongue up into it.

As soon as her little tongue felt the softness of his foreskin wrapped around it, she let out a little moan and felt her sweet pussy juices starting to flow and run down the inside of her pretty, well tanned, thighs.

All of a sudden he lost it and his teenage boner erupted, squirting its white cum at and on her soft warm tongue, even though the swollen head was still up inside and hadn't even come out yet.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhh shit lady, what are you doingggggggg?" " Ohhhh Fuck, your the best, your the best, shit yesss, your the best." " Fuckkkkk, Fuckkkkk, Oh Fuckkkkk Yesss."


But it was to late, he had already started squirting and couldn't stop now, even though she was begging him too.

Tommy couldn't believe it as he grabbed ahold of her head and watched as she kept licking the white cum, out of the end of his warm soft foreskin. Putting her mouth to it, chewing and sucking on it gently, as he moaned even louder.

Even though she was licking and swallowing as fast as she could, he was a teenager and it just kept coming and coming and coming, until finally it was to much for her and started running out of the corners of her mouth and dropping down onto her pretty titties, her pretty titties that were still covered. She wished that she had taken her top off before getting down in front of him, so she could have felt the little droplets as they hit and splashed on her pretty titties again and again and again. If she had taken her top off she could have rubbed his sweet white cum into her little brown nipples, not wasting any of them, like they were being wasted now.

Even though he was cuming for her, she still felt cheated, cheated because she had wanted to suck on it and remember what a young boys cock felt like in her mouth, a really young boy. Oh it had been so long, since she had been able to suck on one this young.

When it was all over, she just got up and left him standing there naked in the shower. Not saying a word as she left because she really wanted to scream at him, scream at him for cuming so soon.

Tommy didn't understand that he had done anything wrong. After all he had squirted his cum into her mouth, wasn't that what she wanted.

When he finally came out of the bathroom and was fully dressed, she gave him a twenty dollar bill and thanked him.

" Thanks lady, do you want me to come back again tomorrow?"

She was so upset, that she wanted to scream " No " but then her mind started working again and thinking [ maybe tomorrow ] maybe tomorrow he'll let me do it again and she said, " Ok but you'll have to come over earlier, around 7am in the morning ok because I have to go somewhere tomorrow afternoon."

" Ok lady, I think I can get up early enough for that, see ya." And once again she watched his little butt as he walked back out the door.

The whole night she layed there thinking about his boner. How hard and stiff it felt [ like a bone ] , while she was jacking it, while he was standing in the open shower doorway and it still had all of the soap on it. If only he hadn't cum so fast, she could have really shown him what a blowjob, a real blowjob felt like. After all, she had been doing them since she was 11 and had had plenty of practice at it and was even known around her own highschool, as the school's best cocksucker. At first the name cocksucker had bothered her but then she found out that the boys payed more attention to her, after they learned that she would do that. So, being called a cocksucker became a love term to her or something like that. Whenever one of them would pull her aside and ask her if she really did that, she would say, " Uh Huh,yes Billy or yes Bobby or whoever it was this time, " I'm a COCKSUCKER, a short redheaded COCKSUCKER, I've been a cocksucker since I was little." And her honesty would always freak them out and it would be them blushing and not her because she was proud of it and didn't care who knew it. All of the other girls at school hated her because she was so open about it but she didn't care because it was the boys that she wanted to like her and not the girls.

The next morning when 7:00 am came and then went and then 7:30 came and went and he still hadn't shown-up yet, Melody didn't understand and wondered what she had done wrong.

Just as she was giving up on ever seeing him again, the knock came on her door. It was 8:30.

This time she was ready for him, as she opened the door with nothing on but a babydoll nightgown. One with a see thru black top and a pair of purple and black thong panties on underneath it. And that's when the boy standing at the door said, " Oh shit, excuse me lady, I must have the wrong house, I was looking for the lady with the ad in the paper."

Melody was standing there with her mouth open and couldn't move, she couldn't move because the boy standing there wasn't Tommy, it was someone else, it was another boy.

He was standing there with his mouth hanging open and mumbling, " Shit lady, if it's you with the odd-jobs to do, I'll do them for nothing, just to look at you."

Melody was trying to cover herself with her little hands but she wasn't doing a very good job of it and when she heard him say that, she thought what the heck and let him in.

No sooner had she closed the door behind them, than she kneltdown in front of him, ripping the buttons on his Levis open and slowly pulling his young cock out. And just as he was saying, " Oh fuck lady," she slipped her open mouth over the end of it and started sucking. Once again being amazed at the stiffness of a young boys cock, just like she had been of Tommy's.

Her mind was screaming, " What are you doing Melody, what are you doing?" But her need to suck it, especially after Tommy hadn't shown up, couldn't be denied and she knew it, as she sucked on it harder and harder, until he started telling her, " Not so hard lady, not so hard, your hurting me." What he had said startled her and she pulled back away from it. Being amazed at how big it had gotten, as it slid slowly back out of her warm mouth.

She reached up and undid the top button of his levis and watched as they slid all the way down to his ankles. Then took ahold of his white underwear and slowly pulled them down too, squealing like a little girl, as his cock and now little ball sac came into view.

Billy couldn't believe what was happening, as once again the pretty lady slipped her warm mouth back down over the end of his hard boner and started sucking on it again. Making little noises on it like a baby does, when it's sucking on a nipple.

Just as he started to really enjoy it and rock his hips back and forth, fucking her in her mouth, like he would have been fucking her in her pussy, he lost it and let out a long low moan. And Melody being the Cocksucker she was, understood the moan and [Deep Throated it ], letting his whole swollen member slide all the way down into her warm soft throat, milking on it with her tight warm throat muscles as she kept swallowing again and again and again, the whole time he was cuming.

" Agghhh...squirt, Agghhh...squirt, squirt squirt squirt, Agghhh shit lady, squirt."

When it was finally over, she pulled back away from him, letting his now soft member slide back out of her soft warm mouth, her guilt started to set in and she told the boy that he would have to leave now and he was shocked.

" But But what about the job lady, didn't I get it?"

" I don't know baby, I can't think right now, you'll have to come back tomorrow,ok?"

" Sure lady sure, I'd be glad too."

And with that he pulled his underwear up and then his levis and went out the door. Leaving her there kneeling down her livingroom floor, where the whole thing had just happened.

Melody didn't know how long she had been kneeling there, when once again another knock came at her door, snapping her back out of the daze that the young boy had more or less just left her in.

Thinking that it was the little boy again, Melody opened the door and almost fell over. Because standing there wasn't the little boy, now it was Tommy.

" Oh nooo."

" What's the matter lady, did I scare you?"

" No Tommy no, it's just, oh never mind, just come in so I can close the door, ok?"

" Tommy couldn't believe how good she looked in what she was wearing and he could feel his boner swelling up, as it strained against his underwear.

Oh shit lady, you sure look good in that."

Hearing him say that made her feel good and the next thing she knew, she was standing over beside him again, rubbing on his young boner and feeling it getting bigger and bigger through his Levis.

" Oh Yeah, you like that dick, don't ya lady?" " You wanna suck it again, don't ya."

" Please, please."

" Say it, you know what to say, just say it and I might let ya."

" Please."

" Say it."

" Ohhh shit, Please let me, please let me suck your dick."

As soon as he heard her say the word dick, he reached down and undid his Levis, letting them slide down to the floor as he watched as she kneltdown in front of him, reached out and slowly pulling his underwear down. Once again squealing like a little school girl, when she saw his swollen boner and little ball sac come into view.

" Oh fuck lady, your something else."

He reached down and took ahold of it and whispered, " Open up, Open up Bitch and let me put it in your mouth."

She was to far gone now to be hurt by what he just said, so she did what he told her to, opening her mouth and feeling the warmth of it as he laid it on her tongue. As soon as she felt it on her tongue, she closed her soft warm lips around it and sucked on it gently, as she felt him starting to slide it in.

Her need to eat it again was making her not care when he heard the little sucking sounds that she was making on it, as she sucked on it harder and harder. Sliding her hand under his little warm ball sac, milking and pulling on them, trying to coax the warm sweet white cum out of them.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Nooo, don't do that, you'll make me cum and it will be over, Stoppppppppppppp, Stoppppppppp."

But Melody's fingers had a mind of their own and kept massaging and pulling on them more and more until all at once he let go and screamed, " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, shittttttttttttttttttttt, Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As his young hard boner, jerked and jerked, spewing it's warm sticky cum into the pretty lady's warm sucking mouth. Holding her by the head and listening to the little moans and whimpers coming out of her, as he watched her eating it, like it was candy.

He didn't even say anything to her when it was over. He was mad at her for making him cum so fast and he just pulled his underwear and levis up and walked back out the front door.

Melody felt the tears as they started to roll down her cheeks and knew that she was crying because she didn't understand what she had done wrong.

And that's when she heard it, the knock at the door. Jumping up and wiping her tears away, she ran to the door, pulled it open and was just saying, " Oh tommy, I knew you'ld come back," when she saw another boy standing there and it wasn't him.

Looking at the pretty lady standing in the doorway. The boy said, " Oh gosh lady I'm sorry, I thought that you would be up already, I came about your ad."

" Oh."

" Gee lady, the position's still open isn't it or has it already been filled?"

Melody looked him over completely, especially down at the bulge in his Levis and whispered, " No baby, it hasn't been filled yet, come on in."

And he went inside.

When the paid ad ran out 2 weeks later Melody kept renewing it again and again. I wonder why?
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