Experimental friends meet again
Pete's TV 2

This is part 2, you may like to read part 1 first as it will help with the setting.

It was several months since we had caught up. I popped over at the appointed time. I was a little uneasy ringing the doorbell as I did not know what to expect. Obviously I'd thought a lot about our previous indulgence and by myself in my bed had some fabulous wank sessions thinking about and replaying what we had done... But this was different, this was the first time in my life I was knowingly going to a guys house with the hope that some sort of sexual contact would occur.

Pete answered right away and was dressed in casual shorts and a t-shirt, we shook hands and his smile was warm and friendly. We had a few wines and talked politics and the economy. Then we got onto talking gym and work outs and had a few laughs. Somehow we just could not get the conversation around to what happened last visit or why we had got together. After a couple of hours Pete asked if I wanted to watch some porn but somehow the mood was broken and I didn't feel right watching porn that night. Soon I went home having done nothing. We texted a little and discussed it. Neither of us knew how to get things started. We got together another 2 or 3 times but still couldn't get it happening. We were both disappointed and wanted to have another try.

One weekend Pete texted me "Whats happening" I replied "I'm heading out for a ride on my bike" , he replied "Im going for a jog at the lake, why not ride this way" "I agreed and some time later was doing a cycling circuit of the lake and saw him running. We were both nearly done as it was hot and he suggested we head back to his place for a cold drink. I agreed.

When we got into his place we were both very sweaty, he said "would you like a shower", I said "yes" and he showed me upstairs to the bathroom. We were both getting undressed for the shower when we realised that each was looking at the other. Pete said "can we shower together", I replied "why not" This was new, we were sober and considering being naked in the shower together.

The water was hot and the shower recess large so we were able to shower without getting to close. I noticed Pete was already half hard, I was tiny, not even 2 inches long. He got the soap and started to wash himself, then thought better of it and started to wash me. It felt nice and I started to relax a little. Pete washed my chest then turned me around and put soap all over my back, rubbing and pushing his hands all over me. He put his arms around me from behind pulling me in close and I could feel his cock now quite hard pushing in between my legs. I put my hand down near my balls and put soap on the head of both our cocks. I was starting to lose my shyness. I got soap all over our hard cocks and Pete kept sliding his cock in between my legs rubbing my balls and cock. He reached around my front and was stroking my cock and biting my neck. Soon we were getting quite passionate and Pete turned me around and dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock down his throat while he stroked his soapy cock hard and fast. Pete was deep throating me in minutes taking the full 9 inches deep down his throat and the feeling was fabulous. He cupped my balls in his hand and ran a finger across my anus sending shivers of pleasure through me and reminding me of the difference this lover had over all the girls...

Pete was getting quite worked up sucking my cock and stroking off, that he started to run up to a cum. He was squatting down in front of me and I wanted to see him shoot so I asked him not to waste the cum on the ground. Pete stood and for a while we were rubbing our cocks together covered in soap. He went to kiss me but I said "No, Don't" could not stand the thought of kissing a guy. After a few minutes Pete turned me around and was rubbing his cock between my legs, getting it all nice and soapy. He moved his hand and I knew he was going to try and force his cock in my ass. I moved to accommodate him and the searing pain of ass penetration by a big 9" cock began. He kept pushing and soon the head of his big cock penetrated the hard muscle ring of my ass and his big cock was inside. He was pushing with such force he had my face pushed into the tile wall and was pulling back on my hips to keep my ass at the right angle for fucking, and I was helping him, wanting to be fucked. Soon I felt his hips on my ass and knew he was balls deep in my ass again. He commenced to fuck my ass in long slow pulls out and hard fast shoves back in. It felt fabulous. I was pushing back and stroking my cock, squeezing the last bit of pleasure out of the experience. Pete was grunting and fucking me hard and I started to want to fuck him. On an out stroke he popped out of me and I took the opportunity to turn him around and start to push my cock into his ass.. He was also pushing back and wanting it like I had. My own ass was on fire and throbbing and it gave so much extra pleasure to my cock as I forced it up his impossibly tight ass. Soon I was balls deep in him and started to fuck him slowly the way he had fucked me. The water kept washing the soap off us and soon he said, lets go to the bed. We rinsed off and didn't even take the time to dry hitting the bed soaking wet. Pete grabbed some lube and started to get our cocks all slicked up. He also shoved two lube covered fingers up my ass and said "God your ass is all soft and welcoming for my fingers and cock, feels fabulous"

I did the same to him and sure enough, gone was the rigid hard texture his ass was normally and now it was all soft and sexy like a woman's pussy. My cock was covered in lube so I shafted him in one smooth go and was balls deep on top of him, he was on his back stroking his cock. I lifted his legs over my shoulders and I fucked him slowly with force as he stroked his cock. Soon he was stroking very fast and panting and then suddenly his cock started erupting cum. Big shots went right up his chest and even on mine. I bent down with my mouth open and was rewarded with a nice shot of cum right in my mouth. Pete pulled his ass off my hard cock, leaving me free to bend down and take his softening cock in my mouth. He was still pulsing and cum was still dribbling out of his cock. I realized I liked the taste and I felt so dirty sucking cock with cum that my own cock started spasming .

Pete was quick to notice my panting and cock pulsing and had his lips around my cock quickly sucking me down to the base so when I came all of my cum shot down his throat in great deep pulses. He swallowed every drop.

We were a bit awkward about cuddling, as neither of us wanted to admit any gay tendencies, both of us big muscular tough sporting guys. Pete cuddled into me a bit then tried to kiss me again, I turned my head and said I didn't want to kiss. We kind of spooned and moved a little at a time until we were pressed into one another, cocks starting to harden and rubbing on each other. There was plenty of lube every where and the feeling was intense. My ass actually throbbed from the recent hard fucking. I noticed Pete was running his hands over my shoulder and arm muscles checking out my muscle definition and size, I started to do the same to him and realised I liked his skin and hard muscular body. Soon we had our hands on each others cocks and my ass was on fire throbbing with desire for his cock. He was leaking pre cum and soon I swapped around and had my mouth down on his cock, pushing his head hard at the back of my throat. The cock head soon popped into my throat and I forced it all the way down my throat until I had him impaled in my throat.

I pushed 2 fingers then 3 into his well lubed ass and after a few strokes of fingers up his ass his cock started spasming wildly. I knew he was cuming but could not taste his cum as his cock was so far deep down in my throat. I just kept sucking and deep throating him, gloating in my success at making him cum in my throat. I was so turned on by all of this that my own cock started spasming and soon I was pumping jets of hot cum into his mouth and throat as well. We both continued sucking each others cocks and I was so intent on sucking I didn't mind him having my cock to suck after I came. We barely went soft and soon the sucking had us both hard again. Soon I felt a few of Pete's fingers at my ass again, so I did the same to him and we went into another spiral of fingering each others ass, deep throating and then we were both cuming again. This time I pulled up to taste Pete's cum. it was nice but there wasn't lots like the first time. I started cuming as well and Pete sucked me dry, continuing to finger my ass. I kept fingering his ass as well and sucking him. Once again we didn't get too soft and the continuing sucking and ass fingering was making me feel on fire, with everything down there pulsing and sending electric feelings of pleasure to my brain. I lost track of time and don't know to this day how long we laid there sucking each others big 9" cocks and fingering each others ass. We both came about 6 time each, a personal best I am sure. My ass kept bringing my cock to orgasm and even though there was no cum left to push out I kept spasming and cuming. So did Pete, and we both kept sucking and touching.

After something like an hour or more of constant cuming Pete pulled his throat off my cock and spun me over in doggy and slid his rigid hard cock up my ass in one push. It felt even better than 3 fingers and was deep oh so deep in me. He fucked me brutally using the full 9" on every in and out stroke. I was loving it and pushing back and swearing and moaning. Soon I built to an orgasm and although my cock pulsed and pulsed nothing came out. I was dry of cum, but my ass was super well lubed. The pulsing of my anal ring was too much for Pete and he started to cum as well, pulling out at the last minute and shoving his cock straight out of my ass into my face. I stroked his cock with both hands and he pulsed and screamed out a massive cum but like me his balls were dry and no cum came out at all.

We never repeated that session. We sometimes text each other about it but somehow we can never both be free, horny and experimental at the same time again. I've been dating a really hot blonde with huge E cup tits. She talks about MMF 3 somes when we fuck. I've been asking her to live it out and my birthday is coming soon

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