A family looking for a woman to be a sex slave for the perverted desires
Estelle the pedo fucking beast Queen whore

Author Williamburns

Story is fiction; incest, beast, zoo, pedo, piss, F/f. M/F This is a story not to be confused with reality mature adults 21 or older.

Story is very sick and perverted dealing with young preteen kids.

My wife Judy and I are into incest sex along with bestiality and every other kind of perverted sex we can indulge in for our pleasure. Our family was expanding. More sex with my brother and his family were all include.
We wanted nothing more than to have a female sex slave for our family. We wanted her to be able to handle all our perverted fucking sex we could imagine. We went on a search and after awhile we found a woman had placed a ad in an underground newspaper. Her as was very perverted and so I contacted her. She replied with the following letter.

I am a sensible, single woman seeks to live out long term fantasy of being the 'victim' of a pedo ring. Ideal situation would be to meet on a regular basis with a small group (3-6) of mature males who would use me to indulge themselves in their own fantasies regarding having a slave and sex toy. Mature females would also be welcomed to indulge themselves with me as long as I could feast upon them also.

My only personal stipulation is that I am frequently used in the making of child porn and at all times the conversation and actions will be crude, explicit and unrestricted in style or content. Oral, anal and vaginal full penetration as well as double, triple etc. is a must. Open to toys, objects and any other sexual perversions, including dogs, ponies, and snakes providing they are not the poison kind.

My only restrictions being would be vomit and eating shit. Cleaning assholes would be welcomed. Although mature I can still appear young and have done this before with husband when he was worth something. Along with dog fucking I enjoyed it more than any other form of sex play or activity. During role or age play I would enjoy being treated as a sex toy, and as an object specifically for the pleasure of the men, my own needs or feelings not being a consideration.

I can make up, dress, speak and act from very young to teenage, 4-14, and enjoy doing so. I am fully waxed and can with proper apparel and cosmetics look 'young.' Although I have large breasts they can be covered in constricting tops to enhance the overall effect if desired. I will speak only when asked to and perform whatever act is demanded of me without question or complaint and I would like to be filmed during this with the men making frequent verbal references to child porn and what a hot little slut I am.

During sex I would like to be verbally abused and degraded. I also enjoy the more willing and eager role, that of preteen slut, where though feigning the role of a child I would dress in slut attire to our mutual preferences, apply makeup accordingly, and behave or act in a preplanned and agreed style which we feel would resemble that of a genuine little girl who believes she is performing as a mature slut would.

Should you be able to acquire a real child to be with me, preferably female, it would be most welcomed and I will do all that I can with her, and to her, to make your cocks hard and delighted so you may jack them with pleasure spewing your cum all over our faces and mouths.

When not in the role or age play scenario I would like to be treated as an equal by all the men without exception, shown appreciation and respect, understanding and acceptance for the "who and what" I am. During these periods I envision us enjoying open and frank conversations, where again detailed and explicitly crude language would we welcomed about our respective fantasies and thoughts, experiences and desires, while all naked and openly masturbating when the mood took us.

I would relish the chance to chat openly and without restriction or judgment on topics like child porn and its production, sex slavery, abduction, child prostitution, bestiality, Golden Showers, fisting, and all related topics. In conversation and thought I know no restrictions and would neither expect nor demand any.

I would also enjoy the mutual viewing and commenting on porn of all types during these non-role play sessions. Other favorites of mine are performing and being used (appreciatively) as a total slut, dressing, talking and acting the part to my own and your requirements. With the right group I would also be prepared to indulge in the planning of abductions, regardless of their age or sex for the purpose of using their bodies for the pleasure of the group.

In addition to the above, and as part of the degradation of me and a child, or children, it would be more than welcomed to have as a side pleasure the treatment of us as dirty little Piss Sluts as I love the extreme and bizarre, especially pissing, fisting and spunk. I seek others who are into this, be they single men, couples or even other women. I enjoy nice filthy evenings at home or in a hotel with a lovely tiled bathroom where we can really splash out! I Love to be pissed on while I masturbate and watch the stream, in face, mouth, all over my body or even into my held open cunt or ass.

I also love to piss my panties for the pleasure of men and women and on erect cocks and can cum off while doing it. I have a fully waxed and very large gash which I love to have fisted hard and fast while drinking piss streaming from a hard cock. Other objects welcome, the more unusual or obscene the better.

Let's see what you can get up me! Will piss on, or be pissed on by men, women or both together. Would also like to be pissed on by animals if it can be arranged? Prior to any of this taking place I would anticipate an email exchange where we can begin to get to know one another and understand exactly what each of us hopes to enjoy in such a relationship.

When trust is established and limits accepted then phone calls and casual social meetings would be welcomed at neutral venues. I would expect this process to happen soon as I am desperately in need of a fuck. If you share the same thoughts and desires as myself, are mature, clean, healthy, articulate and definitely filthy in speech and thought then do please get in touch. I will be delighted to hear from you.
Love you, Mr. Filthy man, E.

I answered her letter with the following response.

Dear E.
I`m assuming that stands for Estelle so that’s your name for now. You are just the right person I have been searching for. I have two daughter's one is 7 years old and the other is 10. Both of the girls already have been sexually active in our home I have personally deflowered there young cunts with the help of my wife. Now we want to film porn movies with the kids and need another fucking whore like you to be involved with my sloppy cunt wife.

My wife likes to suck cunt and drink piss from our daughter's cunt when every the mood arises. Estelle you would play the slave part as my kids love to piss on their mother and you of course would also be pissed on by the kids and my wife. Estelle some of your duties would be to fuck our family dog he is a big black lab with a 10 inch cock and loads of sperm cunt fucking him and taking him in your asshole also, while you eat either one of our young daughter's cunts while finger fucking my wife’s cunt.

We have many requests for bondage which would consist of being tied up and being fucked by a goat, horse and my bothers donkey. You will have your own room and all the necessary items to carry out the sex that would have to perform. In the movies you will be addressed as a fucking whore, pig fucker, dog bitch and whatever the is needed to make the films as filthy as possible.

We are serious about the movies and want you to be part of the family. Estelle you will have our 7 year old daughter as your bed partner to fuck and suck whenever you want and to use her however you want. The two girls are really fucking whores and are just like their mother.

We have a young son Ken who would enjoy your body as his whore. Estelle, if you’re still interested in this job. Just reply to William at the address provided. Make certain you refer to yourself as the.


Thank you, William.

I had to send her another e-mail informing her of the changes in the family plans. We didn`t want any confusion or misunderstandings. I wrote back to Estelle with the following letter.

Dear Estelle,

My brother’s donkey with a 20 inch cock hasn't been relived in months so his balls are full of cum and you would be the first to suck his cock dry. Not sure if it will be a facial or you taking his cock up your asshole.

My seven year old will be involved with you holding his cock for you to suck or helping by lubing his cock for you. I enclosed some pictures so you can see what we are going to do in our beast films.

I know you love dog cock. What I really need is a person who will fuck and suck dogs with my children play with your tits ass and cunt while you have sex with the dog. Estelle I want to be up front with you so you can decide if you still want the job. I do believe you’re the best suited fucking whore I have interview for this job.

I have not seen any pictures of you but, I still think your the right fucking whore for the job. My seven and ten year old daughter's can't wait to suck your cunt and play with your tits. They already call you Auntie Estelle as you can tell they took your answer very close to their cunts, I mean hearts.

My wife wants nothing more than to make movie with you and her in the pig sty with the pigs we have. She sucks pig cocks and will teach you how to do the same. My wife makes some good champagne piss cocktails, also a taco dip made with a lot of horse cum on top for added flavor I know you will enjoy the treat.

Estelle we need to know if you still want to be a fucking whore with us and make movies. My 10 year old wants to jack off the big 10 inch dog cock and wants you to deep throat that big dick, Think you would like to try Estelle maybe at first just half till you acquire the taste for his sperm. I do hope you reconsider now that you have more information.

Remember my daughters want your wet cunt to play with. They do stuff the taco dip up their cunts and have mom eat from their cunt holes we expect you to do the same.

I kept the application separate waiting for your confirmation as the, Donkey cock loving whore, cunt, incest fucking lady. I know it`s a long title but, I do have many cunts looking for work, again reply A.S.A.P.

William, Judy, Karen and Cindy XOXOOOX sending cunt kisses they do hope you take the Job.

A few days later Estelle replied.

You’re Donkey, pig, fucking whore, cock loving Estelle 2.

Dear William, Judy, Karen and Cindy I will now get to suck and fuck in my ass and cunt a 20 inch donkey cock makes me thrilled in anticipation. I can`t wait until Judy (your wife) inserts it in my ass and has the whole family watch as he fucks me. Please, my only request is let me clean his cock off and take his cum in my face and mouth.

I need to know what cum tastes better donkey cum or horse cum. Your young son is in need of my mouth and I will gladly suck his cock. I do want this job and will suck his cock after he has fucked his mother when she has her period. I love the idea of making a movie with Judy and her pigs.

I want to suck and fuck the pigs in a mud pool. I love playing in the mud. I love piss and girls pissing on me. I would love to use a speculum in my cunt and ass so they can piss directly into my ass, cunt and mouth. I enclose some filthy fucking pictures for you to help in your decision. You’re Donkey, pig, fucking whore, cock loving Estelle 2.

I was very pleased with her replied so I sent her a letter to encourage her more and make certain how perverted and serious we were about or sex.

Dear Estelle:

We do find that you Estelle are a bigger fucking whore then the kids and my wife expected. Estelle just so you know the pig fucks and sucking well be done with some 5 and 6 year old piglets. Boys and girls and my pregnant brother's wife well be the sow in the pig sty ready to deliver a litter of pigs. Estelle if we can get the pig to mount you and fuck your cunt or asshole that will be a plus.

If not you will suck its cock while the little ones slash around in the mud and play with your cum filled body from the previous donkey fucking you will do. My wife will show you how to suck a pig’s cock. Sometimes Judy uses the pig cum in her coffee as cream

The donkey we use likes to have his balls sucked to get him hard. My 10 year old will help you just before his cock is inserted in your gapping fucking cunt. Estelle your wish of the pissing drinking have been under consideration also sucking Ken's bloody cock after he fucks his Mother's menstruating cunt is acceptable by the family.

We reviewed your pictures and film. The speculum would defiantly be used not only on your cunt and asshole. Stuffing it your fucking mouth and having Ken piss directly into would be on the film. Estelle your very observant as to the way you answer the application. This of course means so much in making a decision.

Yes, I would be involved in all and even fucking you while we played with young little cunts and watching you suck Ken's little hard cock would be so exciting. My wife loves sucking his cock. By the way for a little fucker he is already about 4 inches long I guess you know why. Estelle your cock sucking would add another inch we hope. We moved you right to the top of the list.

You have the job but the other applicants Will be used at some point in our films. I think you won't mine being fuck by a he/she, this one has a 9 inch cock and loves fucking women's assholes. We are very happy that you decided to accept the job offer and become part of our perverted fucking family. After I informed the family that you were coming my son Ken immediately began to stoke his small cock and forcing himself on his sister making her suck his cock saying Estelle the fucking whore is coming and she will suck my cock.

He is so emotional I think, LOL. Estelle, we can't wait for you to arrive and began film porn movies. My brother's pregnant wife can't wait to make the pig fucking movie with you out in the pig sty. Our friends have a girl that's five years old. Her mom wants you to teach her how to suck and lick cunt. We will film you sucking Tina's cunt while I fuck your asshole then shooting my sperm in her face.

You will then lick her face clean. I know this will be a big hit with her mom. I would love nothing more then shoving my cock in Tina's cunt while you squat over her little face teaching her to lick and suck your cunt. Tina would thank you by pissing in your mouth and you accepting her warm juice, this would show that you really love her. My daughter Cindy wants you to have her room so she can have sex with you every night or when you want.

I know she seems to be making you her personal fuck whore but, that's okay its better than her sucking the dog cock every night before going to sleep. Now she will have you to cunt suck and you will have to suck Jake's dog cock it's a big one about nine inches long and always wet.

I know you love cock and will be more than happy to relive his loads of cum. Estelle; we will introduce to all the family members who are very perverted some more then others. Well, Uncle Jim likes fucking the donkey's asshole shooting a load of his cum in there then watching it run out. Jim is my wife's brother, a little slow if you know what I mean but, he does love to fuck. Sometimes he even goes after the pigs.

I wish you were here right now because it just rained and the pig pen is all wet and sloppy the kids are naked and rolling around in the slop with the pigs. My pregnant sister in law is out there also making snorting sounds like a pig stuffing mud in her cunt. She very excited about doing the pig fucking movie with you I know you two will really hit off very well.

The kids are making a banner to put over the drive way to welcome you, I have no idea what it is going to read but, knowing these little fuckers it will be nasty. I enclosed a few pictures of the family members as you can see they love being fucking whores.

My wife wanted to show you her cunt and is offering it to you spreading wanting you to suck her until she climaxes. She is and always will be a fucking whore. When she goes shopping the dress she wears just barely covers her ass and cunt when she bends over her ass and cunt are exposed.

You will wear a dress like that when you go shopping with her. Last night Jim and I redone the platform where you will be fucking the donkey making more easy for you to take his cock in your fucking cunt. Estelle I know you will really enjoy being fuck buy Clyde that's what we call him. Cindy has sucked his cock and we took a measurement and his cock is just over 22 inches long.

The seven year old had about three inches in her cunt playing around making him horny, she hadn't paid attention to the fact he was about to cum. My wife was checking to see how much cum this donkey had well, he was loaded just over a pint of nice white hot cum.

Cindy drank some and put the rest in the taco dip she made. Very tasty. We have a new piss recipe made with Ken and Cindy's piss mixed with orange and apple juice also very good tasting. My wife really likes it.

George and Henry want me to tell you they want to face fuck each other Cuming in each other’s faces and then you licking them clean. Being gay they have this thing about making women watch them fuck knowing the women are getting cheated out of some nice hard cock.

Well Estelle I can't wait till you get here and we start fucking like the fucking whore we know you are and we love. Making you into a bigger pig fucking whore then you already are will make me very happy and I know you and the family will have a great career in porn movies. LOL.

The Kids finished the banner. It reads WELCOME ESTELLE PIG FUCKING CUNT WHORE TO OUR FAMILY. I have a very pretty necklace for you. There are only two like this. Judy has one and you will have the second one. Made of gold it reads "Estelle cunt cock tit ass fucking whore.

When you wear this shopping it will get you all types of discounts at the shopping center from all the stores. There so thoughtful.
You’re filthy fucking cunt lover ass licking family of William.

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