My name is Adam and I am sixteen. My parent’s were friends with two other couples with kids. Our dads wanted to take a canoe trip since they had become fascinated from watching me build my own sixteen footer. Ma and Gloria, their fourteen year old daughters wanted to go to.

Gloria had reddish gold hair with firm looking breasts. Ma was a lot like her mother, she was Japanese with short black hair and a slim body. I watched my dad and mom plan what to pack and was told Gloria and Ma would ride with me. I bought canned and dried food and put it in two large coalman coolers.

I added a plastic container for the camp supplies, like the stove, water purifier and tent. The sleeping bags went into waterproof bags. We each had one pack but mine was mostly just towels and camp stuff. We stopped to park the other cars and they climbed in with us. I pulled Gloria onto my lap and Ma against my side.

I knew the trip was going to take a long time and was hard almost the whole time as Gloria kept wiggling and dancing to the music, she never said anything though. Each time we stopped the girls switched place and Ma was almost as bad with her wiggling. When we finally reached the spot we were leaving from we unloaded the trailer.

It wasn’t until I put up the tent that night that I realized we had only packed two regular sleeping bags and that thought really had me fantasizing. The girls wore their clothes to bed after zipping the bags together which toned things down. I was up early and packed the canoe while the girls giggled and whispered with their mothers.

I sat in back, Gloria in front and Ma in the middle facing me. It was warm enough that I wore a swim suit, the two girls wore string bikinis. Not even an hour later our parents were in front of us and Ma smiled as she reached up to remove her top and lay back on the cooler.

I grinned when Gloria looked back, “she will get a good tan that way but should take the bottoms off too.”

Ma lifted her head to grin as Gloria giggled. She reached to her hips to untie the bikini and then she spread her legs and tossed the piece covering her pussy. I stared at her bald pussy and finally looked at Gloria who was looking back, “Like it?”

I swallowed and nodded and she smiled as she reached up to take her top off and then her bottoms. I hesitated and looked ahead before wiggling out of my swim suit. I stared at Ma’s pussy as I paddled slow and several minutes later she reached between her legs to open her slit and start fingering herself.

I looked at Gloria as she glanced back occasionally and kept smiling. We were going around a bend in the river when I looked ahead to see mom, Gloria’s and Ma’s mothers topless and somehow knew they were bottomless too. I bit my lip as Ma shuddered and her hips kept lifting.

I groaned and set the paddle inside the canoe before sliding forward until I was between her legs. She shuddered and reached for my cock to guide it to her pussy. I pushed and wiggled and shoved and suddenly my cock slid into her hot and extremely tight pussy. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and she grunted and started thrusting up to meet me.

Her pussy was slippery and began to grasp and tighten around my cock as I hit and pushed against her cervix. I lasted all of five minutes before she kissed me while she screamed and I buried my cock as it erupted. I gushed and spewed strong jets of cum into her as she continued to shake and her tight pussy milked the cum out of my cock.

When I stopped cumming I kissed her softly, “you were great Ma.”

Gloria laughed, “wait until I stop and she takes my place. I want you to fuck me from behind on shore.”

I pulled out and moved back before picking up my paddle and turning the canoe towards shore. Ma laughed as she sat up and a minute later she jumped out and held the canoe as Gloria climbed out. I pushed the canoe ashore more and got out and turned to see Gloria already on her hands and knees.

I moved to her and knelt behind her to feel her warm pussy before shifting and slowly forcing my cock into her. I started fucking her slowly and it was a couple of minutes before she shuddered hard as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I was fucking her with long strokes that pushed my cock all the way in her and started to go faster and do it harder.

She dropped her head to the ground and wailed as I kept fucking her. A few minutes more and I shoved into her and buried my cock as I held her and pumped strong spurts of cum. When I was done I pulled out and rubbed her pussy, “wait until tonight.”

Gloria and Ma laughed as I stood and helped Gloria up. When we got back in the canoe and started off our parents were waiting just around the bend. I blushed but the girls waved and I saw our mothers grinning. Ma laid back again and spread her legs to show me the trickle of cum leaking out of her. It was noon before she switched with Gloria who laid back like she had.

We stopped for the night in a small grassy area with lots of trees. The girls didn’t bother getting dressed as we unloaded what we needed from the canoe and set up the tent. I built a flat area with rock in front of the tent as our parents put up their tents. I had been right, our moms were nude. I grinned when I saw them put their bags in a tent with one of the other husbands.

I reconstituted the freeze dried hamburger patties and made dinner. I think our parents expected us to need stuff but we only grinned and stayed together. After dinner we cleaned up and packed everything away before I held their hands and we took a walk. By the time we got back to the tents our parents were in their tents and we heard moans and the sounds of sex.

Ma and Gloria grinned and pulled me to our tent. While I zipped it closed the girls crawled into the double sleeping bag and waited. I slipped in and Ma kissed me, “Fuck Gloria.”

I grinned and moved over her and to Gloria who laid back and spread her legs. I settled between them and kissed her before lifting and slowly pushing into her. I fucked her slowly with long strokes and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and hugging me as her pussy kept grasping my cock. Ma was against us rubbing me and kissing Gloria when I wasn’t.

Gloria’s pussy was a little slimy from my cum but felt really good as she kept thrusting up. I buried my cock in her and began to hump, press and jab until she stiffened and wailed as her pussy clenched around my cock, “ADAM!”

I pulled back to fuck her hard for a few minutes while she kept jerking and shuddering. I finally thrust into her and kissed her as I began to spew another batch of cum. She tilted her hips when she felt the warm eruption of sperm and hugged me, “mmmmm!”

I spurted and pumped jets of cum until I was finished. She sighed and I kissed her before pulling out. Ma kissed me and pushed me away before sliding down between her legs. I laid beside them and cupped one of Gloria’s breasts as she shuddered and Ma licked the cum leaking out of her.

It was ten minutes before she covered her pussy and Ma grinned at me with a wet face. She moved and pushed me onto my back before straddling me. She lifted and slowly pushed and wiggled her extremely tight pussy down on my cock. She was slimy like Gloria but felt wonderful as my cock slipped in and out of her.

She groaned and shuddered as I cupped a breast and pulled her back and forth with my other hand. She twisted and jerked as her pussy spasmed around my cock. It was awhile before she fell on me shaking and I held her and looked at Gloria who grinned, “roll her over.”

I shifted and kissed Ma before I started fucking her with deep thrusts as she lifted her legs into the air. She wailed and howled as I kept fucking her until I buried my cock to pump sperm into her belly. She tilted her hips and hugged me tight, “ADAM!”

When I stopped cumming I kissed her and pulled out and moved as Gloria moved down between her legs to lick her cummy pussy. It was another hour before I laid back exhausted as they snuggled against me. I woke to the hint of dawn and looked at the two naked girls against me. I wiggled and shifted until I could slip out of the tent.

I began to pack the canoe and pulled out the breakfast bars for the girls before waking them. As they went to the bathroom I packed up the tent. We watched our parents tents as they came out and our mothers blushed as they saw us before smiling. I put the girls in the canoe as our parents slowly began to get ready.

Once it was warm I pulled over to a sand bar, “okay you two, go wash your pussies.”

They grinned and Gloria rubbed hers as she faced me, “want to help?”

I grinned, “I would just put more in.”

They laughed as they climbed out and I pulled the canoe up and got out and slipped into the water with them. We were still splashing and playing when our parents finally showed up. They waved as they went by and the girls stood in the shallow water to wave back. I grinned and pulled the girls back to the canoe before we left.

Ma laid on the middle seat on her stomach and spread her legs. I was looking straight at her bald pussy as she slipped a hand down to finger her clit. I looked at Gloria and she grinned before turning back, “fuck her.”

Ma giggled and lifted her hips and I put the paddle away and before moving forward and pushing into her tight pussy. I fucked her firmly with deep thrusts and she began thrusting back. Several minutes later she began to wail and howl. I continued to fuck down into her as she shuddered and convulsed. Her wails and howls turned to screams as she jerked and shook.

Her pussy kept grasping at my cock as I finally planted it to gush cum against and into her belly. She stiffened and shuddered as her pussy tightened and I pumped the rest of the sperm into her. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and moved back. I blushed when I heard clapping and looked around to see our parents.

Ma turned her head to look at me with her legs still spread and cum leaking out of her. I grinned, “you keep leaking cum at me and I will fuck you again.”

She laughed as Gloria giggled, “you have to take her place and lay on your back.”

Ma closed her legs and shifted and turned to sit up. She moved back to me carefully, “Gloria wants to ride you.”

I looked towards Gloria, “as long as she doesn’t turn the boat over.”

I moved around to let Ma take my seat and moved up feet first and laid back as she began to paddle. Gloria put her paddle away and moved back over me until she was straddling me. She lifted to position my cock before slowly impaling herself. I helped her sit up and cupped her breasts as her warm, tight pussy squeezed my cock.

She grinned at Ma and began to thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me with my cock buried against her cervix. I kneaded her breasts and started to rub and tug on her nipples. It was a minute before she shuddered as her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I turned my head as mom and her dad drifted closer in his canoe. Mom was grinning, “feel good Gloria?”

I tugged on her nipples and she shook as her pussy grasped my cock and it pushed her cervix open, “YES!”

She twisted and jerked as her pussy tightened and clenched and milked my cock. I was thrusting up and kneading her breasts as my balls churned and my cock throbbed. Gloria wailed when my cock gushed a geyser of cum through her cervix. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy milked the cum into her. I pulled her down to hold her against me as I finished cumming.

It was a couple of minutes before Gloria sighed and kissed me as she lifted her hips and carefully moving back to her seat. I grinned as mom giggled and her dad laughed. I moved back and between Ma’s spread legs as she sat on the seat. I rubbed her slimy slit, “move or I will fuck you again.”

She grinned and opened her legs wider, “okay.”

I looked up from her pussy and smiled before moving closer, “don’t drop the paddle.”

I slowly pushed into her tight pussy and she sighed. I rubbed her nipples before holding her waist as I began to fuck her. During the day I took turns fucking both girls until we finally reached our evening camping spot. Our parents watched as we worked together to spread a tarp since it was nice and then our sleeping bags, that made them follow our example.

We fished for dinner and cooked it with rice and a can of green beans. After we cleaned up and washed everything and ourselves we laid down to snuggle. We smiled and whispered as our moms switched partners again and a little later they were moaning and wailing as they got fucked. We held each other and watched the stars until we fell asleep.

I started the fire in the morning and heated water for instant oatmeal. We packed up after eating and our parents were just getting up. We left as they started making breakfast and headed downstream. Gloria laid in the middle of the canoe until we reached a slow spot in the river and the sides opened out into a large meadow.

She sat up and grinned as she looked around, “this would be perfect to lay out.”

Ma giggled, “so is the canoe, especially if your pussy is towards Adam.”

I grinned as Gloria laughed and opened her legs to finger her pussy. I shook my head as I turned the canoe towards shore, “just for that I’m going to fuck you.”

They grinned as they looked at each other. We pulled the canoe up and laid down beside each other. I started kissing and feeling Gloria. Ma sucked on a nipple before moving down, “we need to borrow a douche and let Adam do this.”

Gloria shuddered as Ma licked through her pussy. I grinned, “you do and I would love to lick you both.”

I kept kissing Gloria as her breathing changed and she started shuddering as she moaned. Her hips were lifting and a few minutes later she kissed me hard as she spasmed. She put a hand down to cover her pussy and Ma laughed as she moved up, “on second thought I like tasting his cum mixed with yours.”

Gloria grinned and pulled on me to get me between her legs. I pushed into her and kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out. It didn’t take her long to start howling as her tight pussy grasped and clenched. Ma rubbed my back as I fucked her friend, “do me from behind.”

Gloria was clutching me as I buried my cock to hump, press and jab into her and I looked at Ma, “on your stomach?”

She grinned as Gloria spasmed and jerked under me, “yes.”

I went back to fucking Gloria with deep thrust as I tried to cum. It took several minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her while pumping spurts of sperm. She jerked and hugged me as she screamed and her pussy squeezed, “Adam!”

She continued to shudder as I filled her and then kissed her before slowly pulling out. Ma laughed as she turned to lay on her stomach and spread her legs. I moved over her and kissed her bare shoulder before slowly forcing my cock into her tight pussy. I didn’t hesitate and began to fuck her with long thrusts.

It was a minute before she shuddered and moaned and Gloria rolled onto her side, “feel good?”

Ma tried to push back but I buried my cock to hump into her, “you both feel very good.”

Gloria laughed and rubbed my butt as Ma screamed, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I started fucking her again and enjoyed the way her pussy kept grabbing my cock. She convulsed and shook the whole time I fucked her until I shoved into her and held her as I spurted cum. She sighed and shuddered as I kept pumping cum into her until I was done. I pulled out and Gloria pushed me aside before moving down to lick Ma’s pussy.

We were just getting back in the canoe when our parents appeared, of course they had traded partners again. Today we watched as our mothers were fucked several times and switched until the men had each had a turn with all three. We stopped early when we saw the clouds moving in and I put up the tent before going fishing.

We had fish for dinner and then put everything away before going into the tent. I fucked Gloria and Ma until it was late and our mothers had stopped wailing. They were grinning when they put their heads on my shoulder and closed their eyes. I woke a few times to the rain and storm outside but by morning it had passed.

We packed up and ate cereal with powdered milk which didn’t taste very good. I smiled when Gloria and Ma pulled out a douche as our parents got up. They didn’t hide and did it in the open as our fathers watched. I grinned as I turned the canoe over and packed up while our mothers got pulled back into a tent and began wailing again.

The week went slowly with Gloria and Ma taking turns with me while our parents switched back and forth. We camped while they went to get the other vehicles and when we got home the two girls moved in with me. Our parents continue to switch but I stayed with Gloria and Ma and they seem satisfied.
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