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“But Daddy, why did you have to put my computer in the attic?” my daughter asked with a most concerned look on her cute little ten year old face. It was both beguiling and bewildering that she can bring so much raw expression to such a young face.

“I should think the answer was obvious” I fired back, sitting as I had been on the leather couch, facing the TV with my little Kimmy nestled in my lap. Both of us saw no point in wearing any clothing around the house since lunch, and in the hours that passed, we stayed relatively well behaved. We had just been watching TV and talking idly about nothing specific until the subject of her computer and the extent of her punishment came up. She’d been sitting across both of my legs, with me holding and caressing her stomach for support. At her age, she was becoming a bit large to sit in my lap comfortably, but given our relationship’s recent progression, I suppose we both felt that Kimmy acting more like a little girl was fitting. “You engaged in a rather extended abuse of the trust I placed in you when I got you that machine, and until you prove you can handle the responsibility and consequences of owning one again, in the attic it will stay.” As I was saying all this, just to give her a bit of a rise, and to make the point stick, I had begun rubbing my hands over her small but budding chest, allowing my fingers to gently graze both of her hardening nipples with each pass. By the time I got the word ‘extended’ out of my mouth, her little nubs seemed to take that as a cue to become extended as well.

After a soft moan that seemed to be a mix of contempt and a small amount of pleasure at my touch, she crossed her arms across her chest, causing my hands to be pressed against it as well. This elicited a sharp but brief gasp from her as I’m sure her already sensitive chest wasn’t ready for such a sudden hard contact. “I understand, Daddy. But when I go back to school when the storm blows over, how will I do some of my schoolwork?”

“Well, considering this isn’t likely to blow over until just before your Winter Break starts anyway, I don’t think homework will be on the menu for a while yet. But when the time comes, you will use mine, under restricted access and with my supervision.” With my hands being held where they were, I simply pulled her back against my chest and spoke more lowly and huskily in her ear. “We can’t have you getting into that kind of trouble again.” I felt her shudder as my hot breath scraped against her ear lobe. I went with the tension I was creating and nibbled at her ear for a few moments before leaning her forward, back into her original position.

She lifts her shoulders, unfurls her arms and then re-crosses them in an exaggerated huff. Her movement allowed me to take my hands off her chest. “Fine, but you know you’re going to be looking at my porn later. You might as well admit it.” She was hunched forward, but still in my lap. At any moment, with very little body movement, I could shove my fat cock inside either of her holes with such ease; she wouldn’t notice it was happening until it was too late to save her lithe little body. I found myself envisioning more and more all the tawdry and disrespectful things I’ve been wanting to do to this girl for years, and now it was open season! Such thoughts were making me hard, of course, and my body betrayed the surprise my mind was contemplating creating. She in turn felt my little man awakening and with a smirk, she leaned back into her previous upright position and wiggled her as. “Well, at least he’s willing to admit it.”

“What can I say?” I murmured, “I love little girls.” I lightly scratched at her back for a moment before she contorted sideways, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. Surprised for a moment, I began to wrap my arms around her, moaning into her, but she pulled away – stopping me before I’d even gotten started.

In that girlish tone I was beginning to both adore and despise rather than simply adore, she says “loves you too, Daddy” and plopped back down in my lap. Because of her shift in position when she leaned in for the kiss, she plopped back down on my cock…sideways. I winced in pain as her nearly 100-pound-self slammed my meat hard into my own thigh. Reacting quickly, she leapt to her feet and yelled “oh my God, Daddy! I’m so sorry!” She went to reach for it as if to comfort it, with both hands. As she leaned forward, a wild thought entered my mind that I couldn’t help but act on.

Just as her slender fingers made it down to my member, I thrust my hips forward and grabbed for the back of her head. In one smooth motion, I shoved my cock right into her surprised mouth. Wincing and gasping with wide eyes, she used the forward momentum to slam her hands into my knees to keep from being choked. My hands held my cock firmly in her hot mouth as I said down to her “there, that feels a lot better.” This caused an interesting reaction – she smiled at me with a full mouth and wrapped her tiny hands around the base. “Let’s see if you absorbed what I taught you earlier.” I was referring, of course, to the verbal lesson about blowjobs we’d shared in my room a few hours prior. I was certain she was eager to try what she’d been taught and I was literally telling her that now was the time.

I let go of the back of her head and she immediately went to work. She used her left hand to fondle my balls, rolling them softly like a pair of Chinese meridian balls, and she used her other hand to softly twist at the base of my cock. This by itself was enough for me to roll my eyes into the back of my head and relax into her touch, but once she got a good rhythm going with her hands, her head began to move up and down. I hadn’t realized it, but she actually had removed me from her fiery mouth for a moment so as to reposition her tongue; a tongue she was now using to caress the underside of my aching cock. She had learned a lot indeed!

She started to moan and gyrate along with her own rhythm and not soon after, my hips began to join in the tempo. On its own, my hand went to the back of her head. It wasn’t meant as a guide, more of an appreciative gesture, running my fingers gently through her soft blonde hair. She looked up at me and smiled again, a sight I quickly fell in love with – my daughter’s mouth, filled with my cock, smiling at me. She continued her newfound talent for a while before I began to moan softly. “Oh, baby girl. You’re so much better at this now. You were really paying attention.” She giggled slightly, sending a vibration down my cock and into my groin, eliciting a sharp “ohhh” from me. What had mostly changed about how good her cocksucking felt compared to her previous attempts wasn’t just her technique, but her passion was more sincere now. She wasn’t just after my cum in her mouth, she genuinely wanted to make me feel good.

However, after realizing that her giggling gave me a jolt, she began laughing with a mouth full of cock and she didn’t stop. Her hands got faster, and with a smiling face, she kept on laughing and then simply moaning to keep up the vibraions. The pleasure was instantly more intense; it sent jolt after electric jolt through me so fast, I felt like I was going to explode. “Baby, stop!” I heaved, “it’s too much!” I took the fingers that I’d been running through her hair and tried to pull her away. Whether she’d let me, or I used enough force to yank her back, I didn’t know, but my cock popped out of her mouth loudly. She simply used the opportunity to switch hands – her right hand at my balls and her left on my rod – but they didn’t stop.

“You should have thought of that before you taught me how to be a better cocksucker,” she smiled and tried to lean forward again. I used any shred of strength I had, but what she was doing to me left me with little and after only a few seconds of my resistance, she latched onto my cock again. This time though, she did something I didn’t teach her. She wrapped her lips around the head of my circumcised cock, leaned back so that it was parallel to the floor and began to suck on it like a vacuum. I’d never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life! Her cheeks were sucked in, making her look like a fish, but whatever she was hoping to accomplish was working. Within moments, I began to feel my balls churning within her small hand. She kept twisting and sucking, fondling and sucking, twisting and fondling. Surely I was in heaven, or if not, was soon to go there.

“Oh God, Kimmy!” I rolled my head back again, falling back into the couch with both of my hands at the back of her blonde mane. “That’s… that’s amazing! Don’t stop for the love of God!” I felt as though my entire body had melted away and there was only my cock and balls, being handled by the soft fingers of the most beautiful woman of my life, and that life was slowly being sucked out of me – but I didn’t care! So lost was I that I felt sure I’d pass out; I was heaving quickly into hyperventilation and at the rate she was going, I might not even feel my eruption when it came. Within a little more than 24 hours, my cock had experienced my little Kimmy’s pussy twice, her asshole in a very vivid dream and her hot mouth several times. But none of those thus far experiences compared in any small part to what she was doing to me now. If I had ever thought that fucking a little girl was or ever could be pure bliss, I completely overlooked how loving, passionate and genuine a blowjob could be from one so young. But all my moaning and groaning only made her go faster, and with the increase in speed and earnestness with her hands, came a head bobbing at the tip of my cock.

For but a brief moment, she pulled her lips away to mutter “you gonna cum, Daddy?” Oh God… What man doesn’t love to hear that from their lover? The difference here being, I was her Daddy, and at hearing that, a million things rushed through my head. Not least of which was the fact that I was, without question, getting the single-greatest fellatio I’d ever gotten, it was coming from a true amateur, and that woman was none other than my 10 year old, toe-headed little girl. My mind exploded at the concept…and so did my cock.

The second she wrapped her lips back around me, I thrust my hips forward, jamming my fat prick into the back of her throat. Her wide-eyed surprise and instant gag reflex did not stop me from empting rope after thick gooey rope right down her neck. She tried to swallow, but it slid down where it belonged, her throat instead flexing around my cockhead, making me flinch every time. Another rope of cum, another jerk of my hips, another swallow, another wonderful sensation. Eight times this happened – the most I’d ever cum in my life. I held my cock deep down her neck until I finally came down from the high cloud she’d brought me to. As I looked down at my daughter’s face, wrapped so tightly around my fuckpole, I saw so many emotions in her blue eyes: love, appreciation, subservience, elation, acceptance…but most of all, fear. Tears ran down her cheeks as her eyes began to roll to the back of her head and I slowly realized it wasn’t from pleasure – she was losing air.

I pulled myself away and she leaned back, catching herself on the ground she coughed and hacked some of my cum onto the carpet. I leaned in, patting her back and gently shushing her “it’s okay, breathe” I kept repeating. I realized later I didn’t apologize to her for nearly asphyxiating her into passing out. I rubbed her back until her coughing subsided. She looked up at me with glassy eyes, tears gently rolling down her cheeks. Had she been wearing any mascara, it would have made her 10 times sexier after what she’d just done, but sadly, she was au naturel. My newfound confidence in being her Daddy, in the way she wanted me to be anyway, caused me to look her deep in the eyes and say “now clean up your mess.”

She smiled at me weakly, blinking a few more tears out of her eyes before leaning down and licking my cum off the carpet. It was clear even from my angle as I sat back down on the couch that she didn’t enjoy the taste when mixed with the carpet fibers, but she did giggle briefly, commenting “now I guess I’m a lesbian.” I blinked for a moment and laughed myself, catching her little joke.

“Yeah, lick that carpet, baby.” I chuckled again and she joined in my little laugh, still on all fours with her ass straight up in the air. This elicited a number of images in my head; how hot it would be to watch her eat out her friend Olivia, or Carol, or Claudia at my work. God, if I could cultivate her into being bi-sexual… Wait… “Baby… have you ever been with another girl?”

She had just gotten up the last of the mess and leaned up to sit on her feet. Her face screwed up a moment as she reached to her outstretched tongue to retrieve a long looking carpet hair. “Bleh…” She looked up at me with a candid smile and proclaimed “no, Daddy. You’re the first person I’ve done anything with other than kiss.” Her cheeks flushed a moment as if realizing she should have phrased that differently.

Catching this, I reached out to poke at her belly. “Oh? And just who have you been kissing? Anyone I know?”

She giggled a moment at my groping before answering, “Olivia.” Hot damn, she’s such a good little girl. “Is that ok, Daddy?”

I leaned back, thinking I could use this as an opportunity to probe at her sexuality a little bit. “Well, that depends.” I patted the couch next to me. As she came to her feet to join me, I could smell her musk. When she sat down, I wrapped my one arm around over her shoulders and reached my other hand between her thighs, drawing my middle finger to the bottom of her slit to dip it in a bit. I found her little cunny to be just as wet and soft as I was expecting. Drawing a small circle just barely inside of her, she moaned into my chest a moment before I withdrew my finger from her and brought it to my lips. Licking it lightly, I moaned softly. “Mmm… you’re so tasty, angel.” I pointed the finger at her and she leaned forward, taking just the tip into her mouth slowly, as she had my cock not minutes before. “Don’t you agree?”

She sucked it for several seconds before letting it go. “Mm, I do, Daddy.” She settled into my arm, pulling that hand down into her belly, which I used to caress her midsection, taking the hint. “But what does it depend on?”

“Well, what kind of kissing are we talking about? Like the way you and I used to kiss each other?” I smirked at her slightly before adding “or the way we kiss now?” She sneered back at me, giggling lightly as she batted at my chest.

“The way we kiss now.” She said this so matter-of-factly that I almost had to laugh. It was the answer I was expecting, but it still took me off-guard slightly. Images of she and Olivia kissing with any amount of passion was both arousing and puzzling. “What? Is that bad?” Her gaze fell to my limp dick and she just stared at it while the conversation continued.

“Not bad, no. And not unexpected, really. Whose idea was it?” I was watching her staring at my member and, not knowing why it was suddenly so intriguing, I reached down and grabbed the base with my leading fingers, standing it up straight for her.

She giggled slightly at my playing, and she quickly joined in, reaching out to take it from me, which I allowed. As she began to simply flop it against my thighs in turn, she looked up at me and said simply “Daddy, I’m going to answer your question, but can I ask one first?” I nodded with a soft smile. “Why are you so curious about her and me?”

“Well… While it is healthy to explore your sexuality with kids your own age – and I certainly trust Olivia enough to not violate you as it were – I just want to know if you, in fact… like… girls.” I’m not sure why it was so difficult for me to justify my asking my daughter if she could possibly have Sapphic tendencies, but it was. It’s not really something I was prepared for necessarily, but given the simple fact that she’d been going to an all-girls school for the past 3 years, it was to be anticipated. It seemed that some of her shyness transferred to me in a way.

She giggled again, though whether it was from the question alone or the awkwardness with which it were delivered, I couldn’t be sure. “Of course I do, Daddy.” She seemed to feel the need to stop flopping my dick around which, even with her playing, wasn’t getting hard, and look up at me. “Why do you think I never hang out with boys?”

“You mean apart from the fact that Gwynn Delaney is attended and staffed by nothing but women and little girls? Hmm… I wonder…” I reached both of my hands into her sides and tickled her slightly as a tease.

After her giggle fit subsided she leaned back into me and sighed “oh Daddy. You know about the community center after school.” I did indeed, and I hadn’t forgotten. After school, every day since she started attending, she and about five dozen or so other kids would convene at a community center not too far from her school. It was a nice place to socialize, wait for their parents to retrieve them and just generally hang out. There was a commuter bus that ran from there that she, Olivia and a few other girls who lived in our ‘area’ would take to get home, and it ran like clockwork. “I could hang out with boys there, but you know I don’t.” There were indeed a few times I stopped by the center to pick her up myself, and I never saw her with any boys. Usually she was with one of her friends or by herself with a book.

Her inference that she was just a straight up lesbian for anyone but me made my dick twitch in her hand. She didn’t react to this other than to smile slightly wider at me before I answered. “It’s normal for girls your age to consider boys at your age ‘gross’ and have only girlfriends. I remember being your age and how all that was.”

“Well, boys are gross, Daddy, you know that.” Almost on cue, I felt a bubble in my gut and, thinking it would be funny, I forced it out. The following fart, as muffled by the leather couch, made her giggle so hard she fell over to her side and let go of my junk. I apologized as I laughed with her for a minute or so and once we’d calmed down, she settled back against my torso but left my crotch alone. Cuddling into me, she said very plainly, “you’re the only man I ever want to be with.” She stroked my chest softly as she looked up at me, all sincerity in her next words. “I will never be with another man. Not ever.” She shook her head slightly as she said those last two words.

I smiled warmly down at my little girl, taking the hand on my chest into my hand, caressing her softly. With the sexual encounters, all the naughty language with the sensual undertones, and the pure unabridged love that my dear sweet little girl had been showing me since this whole thing started, more and more I was beginning to feel like my own daughter was going to quickly become the best and most passionate lover I would ever have. And more than that, I felt that was exactly the way she wanted it. All of this came to me at once, causing an emotional response that was becoming plain on my face. She looked at me with concern before, behind choked-back tears, I raspingly replied “I suppose that’s fair.” I looked deeply into her eyes, as she had mine, “I won’t ever be with another woman either, as per my promise all those years ago.”

A sudden wave of elation rushed through my blonde cherub as she leaned back slightly to throw her arms around my neck. Suddenly, she broke into tears, confirming that the emotional exchange was not only affecting me. Through her sobs after a moment or so, she murmured “you remembered…”

I reached down for her chin, my own tears freely flowing from my eyes and said “of course I did, Kimmy. Carol was your mommy, and I’m not allowed to find another one.” I took a deep breath, and so did she, both of us calming down before I continued. “So if I won’t be with any other woman, and you don’t want any other man, I guess that means we’re only for each other now, huh?”

She sniffled, laughing and smiling as she nodded with an “uh huh!” Never having released her arms from around my neck, she worked her way into my lap, facing me with her legs straddling my thighs. As she lowered her face to be level with mine, I leaned up to meet her lips. She clutched my face and moaned into me, causing me to moan back and wrap my hands softly around her sides. We shared what was the most passionate kiss either of us had ever experienced, and I knew it. She and I both kept trying to change the position of our lip-lock, trying desperately to get our tongue deeper into the other’s mouth. At each point when our lips separated, one or the both of us groaned a low ‘I love you’ or some other utterance of emotion.

What followed was an impassioned scene that I will always vividly remember, because it was the point at which we both consummated our love for each other. It was a love that transcended father and daughter, our age, or anything else. We loved each other so deeply and so completely, and we still do to this day, but this is where it all began, and I was beginning to feel much like I did on mine and Carol’s honeymoon; newly-wed, about to consummate a marriage with a passionate night of physical love.

I reached down and grabbed her ass, taking her with me as I adjusted against the leather of the couch. My skin peeled from it briefly only to adhere to it a moment later. This new position allowed Kimmy to spread her legs a little wider as, given that our embrace was making us both crave the other in a most visceral sense, when the moment was right, I could more easily penetrate her. My hands shifted from her face and neck to an eager probing of her entire body. Every time I would brush over a sensitive spot – be it her budding breasts, her round little bottom or her sopping little slit – I would evoke a soft moan from her. And as her hands began to explore my chest and back in a similar manner, she was setting small fires of sensation all over me.

It had all gone out the window: Kimmy’s punishment, the storm, the last five years of secretly pining over my own daughter, everything. There was only my body and hers and the carnal needs we both had that only the other could sate. As she writhed against me in a slow grind, her bare slit kept brushing against my twitching member, pinning it against my stomach and eliciting a soft moan from me. Before too long, the heavy petting, kissing and grinding wasn’t enough for either of us anymore. I broke the embrace, taking hold of her thighs to move her off of me saying “I need to eat you.” It sounded so tawdry coming out of me; I never even spoke that way to Carol. But it was no less true – I had a deep desire to taste the sweet nectar of my own little girl more than I wanted to draw breath right at that moment.

My desires would be stifled, however, as my blonde minx grabbed my face as I started my descent between her legs, saying “no, Daddy.” As she pulled me up to look at her, she continued, in a most sultry voice, “I need you inside me more. Please, make love to me. Take me now in a way I’ll never forget.” I was struck by her sudden demeanor, an almost poetic request that made my heart stop a moment. As I looked back into her deep blue eyes, I knew she needed it in the worst way, but I was going to give her my best. Having placed her on her back on the couch as I shifted her off of me, I felt that if she really wanted me inside of her, that our previous position would be better. So I grabbed her and sat back down, allowing her to climb on top of me. “Mmm. You want me to do all the work, then?” she purred.

As she was grabbing my cock and pointing it at her hot snatch, I stopped her saying “not entirely, but I can get inside you deeply this way.” I took her face in my hand and added “and I can watch the looks of pure rapture on your face as I show you just how much I love you, my dear, sweet little Kimberly.” Where ordinarily, at least anymore, the use of her proper name was reserved for only the most negative of connotations, I could visibly see my daughter’s heart melt as she heard it this time. She took her hand from my cock and used it to softly caress my cheek as she leaned forward to lock lips with me once again.

Breaking the kiss – which lasted a blissful eternity – with only each other’s faces in our hands, she whispered “guide me, Daddy.”

I grabbed the base of my cock and touched it to her hot little cunny, which was now literally dripping onto both me and the leather of the couch. After she opened her eyes from a sharp moan, I looked at her deeply and breathed “take this. You’ll know what to do.” Leaving my tip at the gates of her netherfolds, I allowed her to lower herself onto me at her own pace, which was agonizingly slow. With each new inch buried within her, the muscles in her pussy clenched, taking it all into her with one slow, smooth motion. When she bottomed out, she just sat there a moment, her breathing ragged, and became accustomed to being so filled. I was breathing hard with her, each contraction of the walls of her lips sending electricity through my entire body.

Neither of us moved our hips for a long time, content instead to allow her to coat my balls with her near constant flow, our lips and tongues doing all the talking. In my nearly thirty years having sex with women, I have never met a woman that so perfectly fit me inside of them. There were those that I could get all the way into, but there was always some manner of discomfort, because my cock would have to contort one way or another. Even with Carol, I would always bottom out slightly to the left inside of her. But with my own daughter – my ten year old, blonde little Kimmy, flesh of my flesh – she was literally a perfect fit for me. No discomfort, only pure pleasure. And my cock fit her so perfectly; I could literally feel myself filling every nook and cranny of her silky interior. I knew she felt it too, because in the midst of her moaning into my mouth while we locked lips, she was the first to begin moving her hips.

As soon as I felt her shift, my hands went immediately to her hips and my head slammed into the couch. “Oh, God, baby!” She smiled back at me with squinted eyes, in a very impish little slant. I noticed tears running down her cheeks and the father in me wiped them away with my thumbs, worried about their origins. But the lover in me knew that they were tears of unadulterated ecstasy she was experiencing. She tried to move herself up my shaft, but my grip kept her firmly planted. Truth be told, one of my all-time favorite positions was this one, and with how her pussy was clutching me so snugly, I didn’t want her to be separate from me for even a second. “Just grind me, baby. That feels so good.”

“Yeah, Daddy?” she purred, “that feels good? You like it when I stir my hips on your cock like that, Daddy?” Any uncomfortable feelings I had about her dirty talk, most especially where she learned it from, were forgotten from this moment on. As she said those words, I actually felt my cock deposit a glob of precum deep inside her and I groaned. She took that as her answer and her smile widened, her hips falling into a slow circular rhythm. Immediately, we both began moaning to her beat; she was rubbing her clit against my groin, heightening her own pleasure, and her ample rump was grinding my balls, sending my head in all sorts of directions.

“Oh God, baby, your pussy feels so good.” I started muttering things I would later regret looking up at the ceiling, my head gently thrashing back and forth. “I love that you know how to do this. I don’t even care that you learned how to from illegal porn. I love you for sharing this with me.” I straighten my neck and look her dead in the eye. “I love you so much, Kimmy. My hot, sexy little girl.” This made her bite her lip, grind into me harder and thrust her open mouth into mine.

For what seemed like an hour, and likely could have been with as slow and sensual as her rhythm remained, we stayed locked to each other’s faces. We were moaning, grinding and caressing each other with closed eyes, our bodies sweating so much I was beginning to feel dehydrated, but I didn’t care. Finally, she broke her hold on my tongue to say “this is what I’ve always wanted, Daddy.” She grinded her sweet pussy hard into my pelvis for emphasis as she added between pants, “making love to you slow and nice. Not fucking you in the shower, or hard and rough at all. For years, I’ve wanted to make love to you, like a good wife should to her husband.” Her eyes were filled with all number of emotions as these words dripped slowly from her lips while her other lips dripped all over me.

I read the sensuality and longing in her words, making me realize beyond any doubt that I had been right in my thinking – Kimmy did want to replace her mother, in every aspect. Thinking on this almost killed the mood, but the slow building climax we’d both been working on was about to come to a head. I felt the need to comment, my throat dry from emotion and a bad need for water. “Baby, you know that no one can replace your mother, you told me as much.” She smiled and leaned her forehead into mine, staring deep into me with her arresting blue eyes as I continued. “But are you saying that you have wanted me to be your lover since she passed?” It was a genuine curiosity, since, when she lost her mother, Kimmy was only 5 years old. Had she seen herself filling the role of loving wife since such a tender age.

The topic of discussion seemed to somehow fuel her passion and she began to rev up her pace finally, even slightly raising off of me an inch or so on the backswing. “Daddy, I’ve taken care of you these past five years, just as you’ve taken care of me. But I just didn’t think… mmph…” She took a moment to adjust to her new pace, causing sensations in her that seemed to be bringing her just as close as I was. “I didn’t think you would ever let me take care of you in the one way I knew you needed the most.” She kept her gaze locked on my eyes, a mere centimeter or two from me. “You kept your promise to not be with another woman, but I knew you needed to take someone into your bed. You needed me in yet another way, but I’m your daughter, and I’m only ten. The mere thought of us doing this… anh!” She grinded hard once into me; she was close, but she seemed determined to finish her speech before coming to her peak and I was likely to be right behind her. “Doing this is so very wrong and I knew you wouldn’t ever want to let me do this for you. But now, here we are; you’re inside me and it feels so good… mmph… so very good. And I know now what I was born for – I was born to be yours, completely and totally.” I knew she couldn’t see it, but tears were welling in my eyes; I felt the exact same way, apparently, as she did. “I was made for you, by you, to care for you in every way a woman should… Anh!” Her head threw back, nearly uppercutting me with her chin.

It seemed her speech was done, and she was done with the slow pace. As I braced her hips, she grabbed my shoulders and with clenched eyes, she used her hips to slam herself into my crotch over and over, taking my full length in long hard strokes. She must have been close and she wanted to bring herself off RIGHT now, so I began to move my hips in tandem to her increasingly violent grind. “Oh, God, baby. You’re right, you are mine, and I want you to be mine in every way! You are my lover, my little girl, my darling everything, my-Y!” I clenched her hips and her thighs stopped bucking as we both cried out in intense joy beyond anything either of us had ever experienced. I felt a veritable flood unleash on my groin and inner thighs with such force and quantity that it even splashed into my lower abdomen. At the same time I shot the thickest, longest stream of searing hot cum in my life – twice in one day, my own daughter evoked the greatest orgasms I’d ever experienced. There was so much, her tiny pussy couldn’t nearly hold it all and it began to pour from between her thighs onto the leather of the couch.

She stayed rapt in her cloud of pure white bliss for several minutes, so long that I thought she’d never come up for air. When her eyes finally adjusted and my own breathing had calmed, she leaned into me, literally gasping for air. She whispered repeatedly “I love you, Daddy” into my sweaty chest. I rubbed her back until she settled and as she finally returned to earth with normal breathing, she leaned away and looked back into my eyes, smiling the purest smile. “I love you so much, Daddy. I’m yours, completely and totally, from this day forward. You can do whatever you want to my body, my heart and my mind; everything I am is all for you now.” Her eyes remained locked as her voice took a more serious tone. “Use any part of me for whatever means you wish, and I will never forsake you for another, never bear you ill will, and never question the nature of our relationship. You’re my father, my caretaker, my lover, my heart, my only, my… my…” The nature of her own words was beginning to weigh heavily on her heart – she was verbally swearing her life to me and it brought her to tears.

I pulled her in close to me, forgetting for the moment that my thick cock was still buried deep inside her tight little pussy and that even after cumming so hard and so long, my hard-on never subsided. I soothed her by running my fingers through her hair and repeating “shh, it’s okay” a few times while she finally let her tears of joy flow freely. Another of her profoundly emotional speeches having concluded, I responded “in the last few years, it’s been just you and me. We’ve been there for each other through everything that’s come up and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s perfectly natural for you to become infatuated with me as you have…” When I said that, she leaned away from me, looking up at me with stained cheeks and glassy eyes. “It’s a natural response to me being the only stable male influence in your life, plus the fact that I’m a single father. Freud would have a field day with the nature of your feelings for me.”

She pushed hard against my chest and began to raise her hips off of me, making me fully aware of the fact that she was still verily impaled on my unrelenting member. “Oh, Daddy!” She seemed about to cry again, but for an entirely different reason. I reached behind her back and pulled her toward me, keeping her planted on my lap.

“But,” I continued, “what you don’t know, is that for the longest time, I’ve felt the same way.” Her face contorted slowly from a wincing frown to a soft smile and I had her full attention then. I couldn’t bring myself to look at her as I finished my thought. “I didn’t want to admit it to myself because, as you said before, to give in to such feelings would be fifty shades of wrong. But I knew that, if I wanted to, I could make you mine, and I never realized until recently just how much I wanted that.” Still buried to the hilt inside my daughter, I felt my cock twitch, and I knew she did too, as I looked up into her cherubic face. “I’ve been in love with you for a long time, Kimberly. I just didn’t want to admit it to myself because of the social implications, but I realized that I don’t care. You’re my little girl, and you’ll always be my little girl. But now, I think it’s time that you become more than that. More than my cumslut, more than just my daughter… I want you to be my everything. No one will ever question my own daughter being by my side for the rest of our lives, and I know you’re going to grow into such a hot little vixen. Perhaps eventually, those we’re not close to will think you’re my wife.”

At saying that last word, she instantly beamed and threw her arms around me, slamming me back into the couch and stealing the wind from my lungs. Apparently I hit a nerve with that one, as she practically moaned into my ear “oh, Daddy! I would love to be your wife one day!” Ah, so there it is, a true Oedipus complex has this one…

I chuckled lightly as I caught the breath in my throat, wrapping my arms around her loosely and stroking her hair gently. “Well, that won’t happen officially unless we move to the deep south,” I joked. “But you will always be with me, if that is what you want. Because I know that’s what I want.” This only served to make her retreat further into my shoulder, feeling as if she wanted to somehow be inside me as I had been in her for the better part of the last two hours. That is, until she sat bolt upright, making me wince because she basically slammed her pelvis into mine when she shifted.

“Ooo, Daddy!” she exclaimed, “what if you got me pregnant?!” My brow furrowed and my face screwed up at the thought, but before I could answer, her lips pouted and she took on that little girl voice of hers. “You don’t wanna put a baby in me, Daddy?” For several reasons, this question made my cock twitch and she took that as her answer rather quickly, throwing her arms around me again. “Oh, Daddy!”

I grabbed her shoulders quickly and forced her away, looking at her sternly. “Hold on a minute!” I practically yelled. This stopped her in her tracks, making her silent and complacent instantly. “Now, while the prospect of putting a baby in that small little cunny of yours is the hottest thing I can possibly think of right now…” This was when my cock twitched again and her face brightened slightly as her pussy clenched around me. I continued “I don’t think that would be responsible at all, at least not right now. The only feasible explanation for you being impregnated at such a young age would be if you were raped, and that’s a lie I don’t think either of us would be prepared to fabricate.”

I went to say more, but she interjected with “well, technically, you did rape me last night after you found my stash…” Her nonchalant reference to her grievous indiscretion was slightly unnerving, but I let it pass.

“Regardless, such a pregnancy would be far more trouble than it’s worth.” I sighed deeply, rubbing my face of the last few hours, forcing some clarity into my head. I looked back into her eyes, smiled, and reached for her hips, lifting her off of my cock a few inches before releasing her to slide back down my shaft. She gasped at the sudden movement, wiggling her ass to adjust when she landed and winking at me, waiting for me to finish my thought. “Maybe one day, when you’re older and a pregnancy would make more sense to our friends and family. But that will give us plenty of time to potentially prepare and mull over the consequences of having a child born of incest…” As I spoke the words, I couldn’t believe I was even considering the thought. Not three days ago, I was living a relatively normal life for a single father, and now I was openly contemplating impregnating my daughter some time down the road.

My hand came to my head as I shook it of several thoughts, none of them fitting of a normal loving father. But, as I’d told my little girl not so long before, I knew I was no longer a normal father. These were thoughts with implications I wasn’t prepared to deal with right now, especially since I have yet to separate my pelvis from that of my progeny. I looked down at our joining, the sight of her bare slit, still glistening from our mixture of sexual fluids, and I felt my cock twitch again. Being buried inside her this entire time had kept my hard-on from deflating, but I was growing a little sore at this point. When I looked up from such a beautiful sight, I was greeted with another one – my daughter’s lovely smiling face. I mumbled with a slight smile “I think it’s time you get off—“

With that same impish smile, she raised her hips off of me and started slamming them back down onto me in a hastened rhythm, sighing “I couldn’t agree more, Daddy!”

Before I could finish “that’s not what I meant” my dick was aflame with another dose of adrenaline-driven romping, but this time, with more earnest. I’d already cum inside her, and inside her I remained while we poured our hearts out to each other, and now she was ready for more… but sadly, I wasn’t. I caught her rhythm with my own hips and on her upswing, I thrust my hips hard, freeing me (albeit reluctantly, because it’s just so nice in there…) from my fleshy prison, she landed on the couch across my knees. She pouted at me as she realized what had happened and with her legs spread as they were, some of my cum was beginning to seep from her insides.

I lifted her back into my lap, placing her pelvis on my cock rather than around it and she immediately began grinding me again. I allowed this, but smiling, I asked “you’re just not going to stop, are you?” She simply shook her head ‘no’ in response. “Well, if I recall correctly from yesterday, you like my cum firmly kept between your legs, inside that delectable little pussy of yours.”

She nodded with that same impish grin as she agreed “uh huh. And with any luck, I can get this little guy to give me some more.”

I visibly winced, the sensations she was causing with her fat little pussy lips wrapping so neatly around my hard cock making me not want to stop her. “Well, you’re smearing most of my last ‘deposit’ all over the both of us.” I pointed down to my crotch and she followed down, staring at the target of her ministrations, stopping her gyrations on the downswing. She gasped and leapt from my lap with an agility that I didn’t know she had.

She repeated a soft ‘no’ several times as she knelt down, reached out for my cock and shoved it in her mouth. It took every ounce of willpower not to jizz all over her as she worked to clean me all over; she licked my cock, my inner thighs, my lower abs, my balls, all over… She looked up at me, cock still in hand, saying “if I can’t get it in my pussy, then it will go in my stomach.” My cock twitched, precum dripping from my tip, being worked back into my skin as her hand continued to rub me off.

I couldn’t take it anymore. “Mmph. Baby, do you really want me to cum for you again?” She smiles and silently nodded, continuing her corkscrew along my entire shaft. “Mmm. You are getting good at this fast.” I shifted back into the couch slightly, and she followed me, cock still in hand. “Then stop that, baby. I have something special in mind.” Her eyes lit up and she came to her feet, releasing me as she rose. “We’re going to try something new, if you’re up for it.” Ever the little girl, she claps her hands together and jumps up and down, her small, budding breasts bouncing slightly. “Good, now c’mere. I have to prepare your asshole.” Her eyes lit up again and a huge, shit-eating grin came across her face before she crawled onto the couch on her hands and knees pointing her soft, slightly browned little pucker at me.

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