My name is Mark and I’m sixteen. I was injured in the car accident when my mother died and have spent the last six years learning to walk all over again. My sister Megan is nineteen and starting her first year in college. She was the one to take over and nurse me as if she were my mother. She had only been thirteen at the time and had seen me naked many times since then.

My father was a lawyer and when the electric company tried to settle after the accident I was still in a coma with a broken back and mom wasn’t even buried yet. To say they pissed him off was a serious understatement. Not only had their big utility truck been unregistered but the driver was both high and very drunk. The state police had found a pipe full of pot and then they found the pound under the seat.

When I began puberty I had been interested in graphic designs. I was thirteen and finally able to stand and walk on my own slightly for very short periods of time. Megan started bringing me naked pictures of girls from school. I saved them on my computer and turned each into a three dimensional model.

By the time she graduated I had thousands of pictures and an online degree. During the summer dad started seeing a woman and Megan had a job so I bought a lap pool. That really helped me and by the time school started up I was walking smoothly... some of the time. I still had bad days but I thought they were behind me.

My sister started college and before I knew it she was bringing home a lot more pictures than before. Dad had a contractor build a thick walled room off the kitchen so the lap pool was indoor and nice and warm. It was the start of December and a Friday, I had a bad day with a lot of walking and was feeling a little sore.

I sat in the lap pool with the heat up and let my body float as I tried to relax. I heard the splash and felt the hand on my chest, “bad day?”

I nodded slightly, “a lot of walking and I had to try to run during gym.”

I opened my eyes at another splash and looked at Megan and she grinned and turned, “this is Ivy. She is trying to learn about graphic designs and I told her you might be able to help her.”

Ivy was a stunning golden haired goddess with pale skin and beautiful pink nipples that stood up. I looked at Megan and slowly reached out to cup a breast, “you’re naked.”

She grinned and bent to kiss me before helping me sit, “so are you.”

I smiled, “it is easier than struggling with a suit when I hurt.”

I smiled at Ivy and stared into her green eyes, “what do you need help with?”

She smiled and cupped her breasts, “designing models.”

I looked up from her pink nipples before grinning. Megan sat beside me and leaned against me, “dad left a note saying he wouldn’t be home for the weekend.”

I smiled, “the weekend and the new woman.”

She grinned back at me and we shared a private joke, “getting his balls drained.”

Ivy laughed and we looked at her as she sat on my other side, “Megan said you are a little disabled.”

I glanced at Megan to see her blush, “I am but she has been helping me get past it.”

Ivy reached down into the water and stroked my hard cock, “this isn’t disabled.”

I groaned as my sister’s mouth dropped open. Ivy leaned against me and kissed my cheek, “how about you help me and I’ll help you drain your balls.”

Megan grinned and then laughed, “he cums a lot, I know I have cleaned up a few messes.”

Ivy smiled, “Since I plan to help him make them inside me it shouldn’t be a problem.”

I looked at my sister and she looked at me before grinning, “sixteen and already doing a college woman.”

I grinned and then sighed, “I should get out.”

I struggled to climb out and Megan knew not to help. I used my towel and dried off before turning as my sister and Ivy climbed out. I smiled as I saw their naked bodies and reached out to dry my sister and then Ivy. I turned to walk into the house slowly. I was tempted to use my wheelchair like always but kept walking.

I went to my room and sat at my desk before turning to look at Ivy following me, “Pull the other chair over here.”

She grinned and pulled it close and sat beside me. I glanced at Megan, “did you bring me any pictures?”

Megan grinned and turned to walk towards her room. She was back a minute later and crossed to hand me a USB drive. I plugged it in and opened the pictures before looking at Ivy, “There are two ways to make a model, convert it from a picture or design it from scratch.”

I started talking as I started my program and selected a picture. After I was done Ivy grinned, “that wasn’t hard.”

I smiled, “I have over three thousand models to pick from. After you have converted a few of one type creating one isn’t that hard, you just have to remember to map the form.”

Ivy stood and stepped closer before pulling me up. I don’t think she was trying to help, she just wanted me out of the chair and pulled me to my bed. I glanced at the door to see Megan gone as Ivy pushed me onto the bed and followed me to straddle me and rub my chest. She lifted up and positioned my cock.

I took a breath as she pushed down and wiggled and my thick cock pushed up into her. I groaned and Ivy grinned before laying on me and giving me a kiss, “If you want it you have to fuck it.”

I looked into her eyes and she smiled before rolling and pulling me with her. I ended up between her legs and she wrapped them around my butt and pulled. She pulled my face down, “slowly.”

I began to thrust into her and gasped at the wonderful, amazing feeling of her pussy. She lifted her hips to meet my thrust and her pussy squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her and tried to push my cock even deeper into her. A couple of minutes later she was jerking and shuddering as her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock.

She stiffened before starting to thrash and buck, “fuck!”

I fucked her a little harder and lasted a few minutes before thrusting into her and grunting as my cock erupted and I peed cum against her cervix and into her womb. Ivy wailed as warm sperm flooded her quickly and clung to me as her pussy squeezed and milked the last of the cum into her.

When I was done I felt the dull ache in my back and groaned before pulling out and slowly rolling off her and onto my back. Megan was suddenly there rubbing my chest, “roll over.”

I moved slowly and she helped me and sat beside me and began to massage my back. Ivy sighed and turned to sit up, “I’ll do that Meg.”

My sister giggled, “do it with your pussy.”

Ivy giggled and then laughed, “he pumped me full so I would leak all over him.”

I grinned and turned my head, “If I could, I would do it again.”

They laughed and Meg gave my butt a swat, “your muscles just need exercise.”

I turned my head the other way, “you volunteering?”

She blushed as she looked at Ivy, “yeah.”

Ivy rubbed my butt, “me too stud, but you have to work for the first one.”

I grinned and turned to reach for Megan, “in that case you can do the work after I do Megan.”

She laughed as Megan twisted and pulled on me to get between her legs as she laid back. I settled between her legs and kissed her before shifting and lifting up to push into her. She groaned and pulled me down as my cock pushed deeper, “Mark?”

I stopped moving and settled on her, “you okay?”

She hugged me tight, “you are larger than I thought. Jacob wasn’t this big and we only did it once.”

I smiled, “want me to pull out?”

Megan clutched me, “NO!”

I waited as her pussy spasmed and rippled before she shuddered. She smiled and lifted her hips, “go slow.”

I began fucking her slowly with long deliberate thrusts. There was still twinges and pain but I continue to move as her warm, velvety pussy squeezed and milked my cock. Ivy shifted beside us and began massaging my back as I fucked my sister. It was a couple of minutes before Megan stiffened.

A moment later she screamed and began thrashing around as her pussy tightened. I slowed but Ivy pushed on my back, “hard and deep now.”

I groaned as I did as she said and fucked my sister with deep thrusts and began pressing and grinding. Megan wailed as she lifted her legs and kicked while slowly spreading them, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was only a few minutes before I buried my cock and pressed into her as I grunted and gushed a stream of sperm. She tightened her hold as her pussy spasmed and I kept pumping spurts of cum into her. When I stopped she shuddered and her legs dropped to the bed, “damn you fuck good.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and slowly rolling onto my back as Ivy moved. She straddled me and rubbed my chest, “okay?”

Megan giggled, “well his cock is still hard.”

On my back I wasn’t hurting and Ivy giggled as she lifted and positioned my cock before slowly pushing down. When I was all the way in her she sighed and then looked at me, “you okay?”

I reached up to cup and then knead her beautiful breasts, “in heaven.”

She laughed as Megan rolled over and rubbed my chest. They fucked me once more each before Megan helped me out of bed and put her arm around my waist as she walked me to the kitchen, “I have a paper so after dinner you are on your own.”

Ivy sighed, “me too, I wish you could fuck me a couple more times though.”

Megan snickered as she went to start dinner. Ivy grinned and winked at me as she went to help. After dinner my sister kissed me softly before heading towards her room. Ivy sighed and went to bring her laptop from the front room. I smiled before standing, “want the table or my desk?”

She kissed me and glanced at the table before wrinkling her nose, “your desk.”

I gestured and she waved as she headed towards the hall. I slowly walked out to the pool and climbed in and set the jets before slowly starting to swim. When the timer went off I let the current push me back and sat to relax. I finally got out and went to shower before peeking in at Megan. She was into what she was doing but I slipping into her room and laid down on her bed.

I guess I was tired because the next thing I knew I felt hands rolling me onto my back. I opened my eyes to see Ivy straddling me and Megan sucking on one of her nipples. I smiled, “this is a nice dream.”

Megan grinned as Ivy laid on me and put her head on my shoulder, “I normally sleep on a body pillow but you’ll do.”

Megan laughed as she laid beside me and caressed my face, “you went back out to swim didn’t you?”

I blushed and she sighed, “don’t hurt yourself.”

I nodded and reached for her hand, “one day.”

She nodded and moved to put her head on my shoulder. I woke to Ivy rubbing and pressing against me, “Lift up if you are horny.”

Megan giggled and I turned my head to see her sitting beside the bed. It was morning and Ivy grinned as she did what I told her. I lifted my cock and she pushed back and down to get me into her. She started rocking and my cock sank into her deeper. Her warm pussy began to squeeze and tighten around my cock as it went deeper.

I reached up to feel her breasts before pulling her down and slowly rolling, “I have to work for it the first time.”

My sister laughed as Ivy grinned and spread her legs. I fucked her slowly at first until she shuddered and then I began to pull back and fuck her with long strokes. I planted my cock and pressed into her and it wasn’t long before she spasmed and started to wail. She lifted her legs into the air as I fucked her hard and deep and kissed her as I pushed against her cervix.

She howled and thrashed around as I continued to ride her and plant my cock. It was a long time before I shoved into her and kissed her as my cock began peeing a geyser into her belly. Ivy clung to me as her pussy milked the cum out, “oooohhhh!”

She shuddered and jerked as I pumped sperm into her. I held her when I was done and she dropped her legs to the bed, “mmmmm!”

I grinned as I pulled out and Megan snickered, “get your tank filled?”

Ivy laughed, “yeah.”

I laid back and realized my back wasn’t hurting. Megan reached out to rub my chest, “breakfast?”

I looked at her and carefully moved off the bed, “what do you want me to make?”

She laughed, “I was going to make it.”

I shook my head, “to late.”

Ivy grinned, “how about pancakes?”

I nodded and went to find my robe in my room and put it on before going to the kitchen. Pancakes were easy and by the time Megan and Ivy showered and dressed they were waiting. I smiled, “dressed already?”

Megan grinned, “we are going shopping.”

I nodded, “I need to mow the yard.”

My sister opened her mouth but Ivy reached for my hand, “don’t over do it. You need to fuck Megan hard later.”

I grinned, “Hard?”

Megan grinned, “from behind while I am bent over.”

I reached for her hand, “are you sure you want to do this?”

She leaned over to kiss my cheek, “yes.”

I was carefully not to over do it when I cut the grass. I also checked the pool before stripping and climbing in. I swam for thirty minutes before stopping and going to shower. I went to my room slowly with some pain in my back and sat at my computer to start converting pictures from the ones Megan had brought me.

I glanced at the doorway when Ivy walked in with a dozen women behind her. I blushed since I hadn’t bothered to dress but she smiled as she bent to kiss me on the lips, “Mark, these are the other girls in my class. Could you go over what you showed me yesterday?”

I looked from her to the others before nodding. I moved a little as they crowded around and opened a picture before starting to explain. It wasn’t long before I forgot I didn’t have clothes on. An hour later I sat back and looked around and one of the women kissed my cheek, “you can be our tutor.”

The others grinned and nodded as I blushed. My sister cleared her throat from the door, “enough for today. Tomorrow he can do something else.”

Ivy giggled, “and you can undress for the class so he can take your picture.”

One of the women touched my shoulder, “can you show us the steps to create a model from scratch?”

I smiled and nodded, “sure.”

They left with Ivy walking them out and Megan walked in and pulled me up, “I saw the way you were sitting.”

I shrugged, “it only hurts a little.”

She sighed before taking my hand and walking out. In the kitchen she lifted her skirt to show her panties missing, “over the sink.”

I grinned and turned her and pushed her in front of me as I walked her across to the sink. I bent her forward and lifted the back of her skirt to feel and then finger her warm pussy. She pushed back and shivered as I slipped a finger into her. I grinned when it squeezed my finger and pulled it out before moving and pushing my cock into her slowly.

Megan shuddered as her tight pussy grasped my cock and I began to fuck her with long thrusts. I was just enjoying the way her pussy felt when Ivy put her arms around me, “hard.”

I looked at her and Megan turned her head, “therapy.”

I growled as I pulled back and started to fuck her hard and deep, “not fair.”

Ivy laughed as I continued to fuck my sister. It wasn’t long before she howled and spasmed and leaned into the sink, “MARK!”

I could feel the pain in my back as I kept fucking her and finally buried my cock and held her, “Megan!”

She pushed back as my cock erupted and I peed cum through her cervix while she continued to jerk and her pussy milked it deeper. She shuddered as her pussy kept grasping and squeezing long after I was finished. I caressed her hips when she sighed, “you keep doing that and I’ll start all over again.”

She laughed and stood as I pulled out and let her turn. She hugged me and kissed me softly before pulling me towards my room, “you need a massage.”

I didn’t protest or complain as she pulled me to the bed and I laid down on my stomach. Ivy followed us and laid beside me as Megan straddled my legs and started massaging. I groaned and tried to relax as she worked the tightness out of my muscles. She took her time, “you need to go slower.”

I groaned and nodded but I think we both knew I wouldn’t. She finally laid on me and put her head on my shoulder. Ivy laughed, “what if I move in? My classes end early so I’ll be here when he gets home from school. He can exercise in me and give a class and exercise in you when you get home.”

Megan giggled and squirmed on me, “and we use him at night and in the morning.”

I laughed and turned to dump my sister off me, “you two are getting so fucked later.”

Ivy cupped my face, “if you want our pussy you go slower.”

I smiled and pulled her close for a kiss, “okay.”

I actually did go slower and was walking normally within a year. Dad ended up marrying the woman he was seeing, she turned out to have a wicked sense of humor and flashed me when dad was looking just to make him laugh. My sister became a nurse and Ivy a graphic designer. I married Ivy a year later but Megan spends almost all her time with us.

As for me, I became a teacher.
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