The second part
Next day at school was odd; it was due to two things. One I had finally lost my virginity not to one guy but two and it was almost the end of school. I felt that I had achieved what I wanted but I didn’t know if it was the right way to do it. I feared they will talk and I would get in a lot of trouble.

I need good grades off school so I can get into college that has always been my dream. But if something went wrong now I would totally lose everything that I had set out to do. I walked in my class silently, scoped the room for anyone looking at me weirdly or not and I didn’t find anyone doing that, which is good that means they have kept it to themselves.

Class started and I forgot about the problems until it was recess and I went to the secret spot. I found Luke and Eric there two guys from my class who are not suppose to be here. They smiled at me as I got there. “Hey Tiff how are you feeling today?” asked Luke.

“I am feeling okay, but what are you guys doing here?” I asked them.

“Pete and Tony invited us here for something said something went down yesterday and we should come by for something here…you know what I mean” Luke winked at me as he said that and Eric laughed.

Those two-time lying idiots told them as well when I told them not to say to anyone and they said they won’t. Well what has been done has been done I just didn’t understand what are these guys doing here?

I didn’t see Pete came being me and too hold from me from behind and pressed on my breasts, I slipped from his hold and I turned towards him and said, “Pete why in the heck did you tell these guys?”

“Why what is wrong bitch, don’t want more people to join in on you? Tony and I have this plan. He is coming soon you will see” Pete told me and then came up to me and started to kiss me. I knew where this was going and I wanted it too like I had last time just couldn’t see why was there two more guys.

I let him kiss me as there wasn’t much protesting he already had done me before not much use now. As Pete kissed me Luke came behind me and started to feel me up…literally from the bottom. Eric pretty much stood there after stripping off his clothes; letting his six inch dick feel the cold air as it slowly got hard.

Pete broke off the kiss and stood back to take off his clothes in which Eric stepped in and took off my shirt and Luke opened the bra strap and took it off and also pulled down my pants and panties. So there I was standing naked among three guys. I was wondering where Tony was when I saw he was holding a camera walking towards us.

“What in the heck are you doing Tony? Why do you have a camera?” I asked as I was panicking.
“Nothing bitch just recording to keep memories…schools about to end soon” he answered as he set the camera up and check angles and all.

The other three were still busy with me; Luke had knelt down and went for my pussy and started to finger fuck me and to lick me there trying to get me an orgasm. Pete went for my breasts; softly feeling them and presses them and then pulls my nipples. Eric was busy at my asshole first he probed his finger in has much he could and then he put something on his finger and started to rub the inside me of…I think it was lubricant of some kind.

Pete slowly sucked on my nipples and licked them. Then he flicked the hard knobs and softly bit on it while Tony was standing there jerking to all of that. I had my first orgasm in about six minutes in from all the rubbing and licking from Luke down there.

Luke then moved from the place and Tony came over and stuck his seven inch dick in me and other’s stopped doing what they were doing. He lied down on the bench with me on top of him, “Guys you know what do to…line up we will change each position at a time okay?” he said it to them.

Change positions what the heck is he saying? I was confused but I was more filled with lust and sex that I could think straight I was wanted more cock and so I let them use me as what they wanted to.

Pete stood in front of me and put his cock in my mouth and Eric went inside my ass, as it was already lubricated he didn’t have trouble getting in me. Then they all started to hump me, which was quite not right because they were not in coordinate and it wasn’t feeling good.

I spat out Pete’s dick, “Guys it’s not working your all off rhythm and it is not making me feel good at all. I am getting uncomfortable can we do it one at a time?”

“No bitch we cannot, wait we will fix your problem. Pete pump first then Eric and them me and Luke you make her hand do it for now till we change okay? You all understand me?” asked Tony and they agreed to it.

So it began, Pete pumped first then Eric and then Tony. First it was slow and slowly they were gathering speed, now it was in time and going pretty good and I was feeling great that all of my holes were getting satisfied. I had hold on to Luke’s dick and was giving him a good hand job because after four minutes he spat his cum on my face, right after him Pete followed filling my mouth with is cum. So Pete moved and Luke took his spot, I took his semi hard dick in my mouth and started to suck it off.

Pete made me hold his dick and give him a hand job while Eric came in my ass filling it up with his cum which was a lot and started to leak out of me, Tony kept on bashing me in my pussy he could last a long time and so he started to shove it as much deep he could. I had two orgasms and I was building up for the third one when Pete went behind me and shoved his dick in my ass, fucking me as hard he could. I could feel my third orgasm coming, my vagina contracted on Tony’s cock also he was about to cum which he did filling me up.

He got up and moved from underneath me replaced by Eric and he went in deep and hard too which is six and half inches dick. I don’t know how many times I can do this but this felt too good to leave it half done. Luke after a while came in my mouth and this time I had to spat out the cum, not that I like it but too much will give me a bad stomach. Tony then came in front of me and shoved his seven inch cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth, reaching near my throat, “You spat out whatever you want but I will not let you throw out my cum” and he went in harder.

After a while Pete came in my ass and he took out his dick, not giving me a second’s rest Luke took his spot and started to hump my ass. I was getting assaulted to such a level and it was changing so fast that everything was now at a blur all I could feel were my orgasms flowing like a river.

Tony came in my mouth and it was so deep that I had no choice to gulp it all in or I could have suffocated, he took out his limp dick and went behind me and stood there rubbing his limp dick on my skin to get it hard again. Then Eric came in my pussy filling the insides of me and he slipped under me and started to clean himself I guess he had enough, so did Pete. They both cleaned up and wore their clothes and sat down only Pete sat near me kissing and feeling my boobs.

After Luke came in my ass he came up to me and told me to lick clean is dick and that is what I did and then he went on and started to wear his clothes but Tony wasn’t done, he slowly inserted his dick in my asshole and put it all the way in.

At first he started slow then he picked up speed and went in deep almost hitting the inside of my anus. It hurt but it hurt great and it was a great feeling, I came for the sixth time and I was done and I was tired. Tony kept on pumping my ass and Pete started to lick and bite on my nipples.

After a while Tony too came in my ass now filled with a lot of cum which leaked out like a stream from my asshole. I slumped down on the bench; I couldn’t even move my legs let alone stand up and wear my clothes.
Tony went to check the camera and saw everything was recorded, “You all will get a copy as soon I am done editing okay guys. See you now I have to go” He left after he wore his clothes. Luke and Eric followed him out thanking me for the great time, I wish I could thank them too but I was too tired.

Pete stayed back with me helped me to stand up and clean myself and then I wore my clothes and he took me to his car and dropped me off at my house.
That is how I ended school.
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