This is Part I of a new 2 part story.
Note: Part I has less of Gaby involved; but is necessary to see her exciting adventures in her new housecuming in Part II. In how many rooms can the six year old vixen make her Uncle cum?


Gaby (Chap 4) Gaby gets a new home (Part I)

Gaby’s long waited sixth birthday finally arrived last week and she had a small party on Saturday, one week ago, at a local kid’s restaurant. Her mom, Birgitte and her tutor, Miko were there along with another five girls from her class in school. Her math teacher had sent a small present because Gaby had made good progress toward earning an ‘A’ in math. The party was the usual noisy affair with the kids bouncing in the bounce tents and sliding on the indoor slides. They consumed pizza and colas until they dropped. They had the usual blowing out of the candles on the cake and little girls laughing and squealing as little presents were opened.

While we were at the restaurant, the computer geeks set up Gaby’s new computer with the animation software and internet in her room. It was a big surprise and it was my present to her. Gaby gave the computer geek a big hug when he finished showing her how to work the computer and the software. She got a bonus present of several hours of instructions at the computer store. Gaby was really excited and when she thanked me for the third time she climbed on the couch next to me and gave me a big French kiss, tongue and all. Her mom, Birgitte about had a cow as she watched the six year old maul her uncle’s mouth. Lucky for me the geeks had already left.

Birgitte pulled me into her bedroom and closed the door behind us. She gave me a hug and rubbed her nice 36C tits against me and said, “Ok Birgh, time to confess, what was that kiss all about?” I swallowed and grinned and said, “I think she just got carried away, because she really, really wanted a computer.”

Birgitte chuckled and said, “Yes, sure. But let’s have the rest of it. This was not the first time she kissed you like that. Are you playing games with my baby?” Her tits were still rubbing against me and I was confused by the mixed messages. Either she was pissed because I may have been doing inappropriate things with her daughter or she was getting turned on by it.

I said, “Don’t get pissed. You are right; she has kissed me like that before. She is working on discovering her sexuality and she knows she draws men’s eyes. She is so very pretty, just like her mom.” Birgitte does have the whole “Scandinavian” thing going for her. Like her daughter she has long blond hair and blue eyes. Nice tits and a firm ass gives her good curves and she has a very toned body. Birgitte spends a lot of time on the stair stepper in the fitness center.

Birgitte chuckled and said, “I remember when I was about eight, watching you take showers and playing with your cock.” That was a shock and the expression on my face showed it. “You don’t remember?” she asked. I shook my head ‘No’ and said, “I never knew.” Birgitte told me our mother kept a strict eye on her or she would have snuck into the shower with me and played with my cock. “You were big even back then,” she added seductively.

Now that she had me rattled, she asked. “So has Gaby seen your cock? Does she like it?” I could deny it, but thought better of it. “Ah, there is a small problem. You know I sleep nude and I never expected her to sneak into my bed. Until I woke in the morning and she was curled up against me.” Birgitte inhaled a breath and I think she was visualizing the scene. I hoped she did not visualize Gaby naked playing with my cock. She said, “I appreciate everything you can do because she does not have a father figure. Plus, I have not had the ‘birds and bees’ talk with her.”

That made me laugh out loud, “Birgitte where have you been? She has told me all about the girls in her class watching porn on the internet. She has seen stuff you probably would never do.” Birgitte shuddered against me, “Oh shoot. I am so totally naïve. What has she seen?” So I told her Gaby talked about girls watching the usual, like girls swallowing loads of Jizz, getting gang-banged and even seeing piss and dogs. Birgitte’s eyes got big and she admitted it was time for her to have a mother-daughter talk.

I added, “Make sure she understands she is too young to get fucked, no matter how hard she wants it.” Well, even naïve Birgitte should get the hidden message that Gaby wanted to get fucked. My arm was still around her waist and Birgitte rotated into me and said, “I remember your cock.” She French kissed me harder and better than Gaby. I grabbed her ass and held her tight against me and enjoyed the pressure of her tits against my chest. My little sister was doing a great job of getting me horny.

We finally broke up and Birgitte spoiled the fun by opening the door and saying, “We better get back.” I inhaled and adjusted my pants where my cock was straining in my undies. Good grief.

Birgitte had to work on Sunday, so Miko and Gaby held her study session in Gaby’s room so they could use the new computer. I used the time to drive out to the suburbs and look at houses. The apartment was not the best place to have a bunch of young girls show up every weekend and let some nosy neighbor get wind. My research led me to a particular area where several high end houses are for sale. I had already researched houses within a four mile circle which met my needs for seclusion and several bedrooms. I had three main candidates and two more on standby. I promised myself to at least look at the top three, maybe all five. Number three was the winner. I had seen the insides on the realtor’s web page; but the outside was even better. The lot was on a cul-de-sac and secluded. I didn’t think any of my girls needed neighbor kids to play with. I called the realtor and found out she was showing another home nearby and could be here in twenty minutes.

A nice new minivan rolled up and an attractive woman in a short dress got out. As she slid out the driver side her dress slid up and showed me lots of curvy leg which got even better as she rotated out of the van. A bright red thong covered what I think was a shaved pussy. I am so glad I wore sunglasses as I watched her from my truck. Well, the suburbs sure looked very inviting from here.

Susan shook my hand and gave me her card with a big smile. I explained what I needed, the houses I had identified and why this one rose to the top. She asked sensible question and finally asked, “And how many children do you have?” I explained I was not married and the house would be for my sister and her child. “But I may move in also, that is why I like the ‘mother-in-law’ wing. It would be perfect for my office and private bedroom,” I explained. So was the fresh smile on her face just a sales pitch or did she like what she saw?

She walked me through the house and I spent more time looking at her nice, swinging ass then the house. We pulled chairs up to the kitchen table and I told her, “Before I make an offer on this one, what better properties have you got near here in the same price range.” Susan, opened her laptop and hit several keys and told me, “Why don’t we go look at this one,” while she rotated the computer toward me. We rode to the other house in her minivan and I entertained myself by looking at her nicely shaped legs and thighs. Another inch higher, I could probably see her thong. It was fun for me; but probably a bitch of way to make a living in the down economy for her.

When we talked about it, she laughed and said, “The good news is, the crappy sales people all got out of the business. The ones who are left are most likely real good.” I grinned at her and said, “I’m sure you are the best at what you do.” She smiled, batted her eyes like a teen, letting me know she was flirting, “I am the very best.” Oh, God and she had those fantastic legs, too. I smiled back and shut my mouth.

The house she showed me was fully furnished, “The owners are on a business trip selling their factory. They went bust and just want to get out of here,” she informed me. The yard, the pool and the house were immaculate. “Do you have any idea what he spent on maintenance each month?” I asked. She consulted her laptop and showed me the utilities, maintenance, HOA and other costs. Can you say, “Knock my socks right off?”

“Holy shit, do I even want to know what he wants for the place?” Susan laughed at me and said, “You are not going to believe it,” and she named the price. I looked at my sheets of the houses I picked and this place was quite a bit lower. Susan said, “You can reduce your cost by offering just a bit lower and by stretching the mortgage to thirty years at the lowest rates ever.” In my head I had already computed that the cost of rent on Birgitte’s apartment and my apartment would cover almost all of the new costs. No need to let the sales lady think she made a sale, yet.

We toured the house and instead of having a separate wing, it had a huge basement built out as an apartment. There was even a side entrance to a second driveway. I could live down here in a heartbeat and be minutes away from my precious candy – Gaby. When we got to the master bedroom upstairs I got another education – so this is how the other half lives. The room had a huge bed, nice furnishings and was decorated in style. Susan sat down on the bed, kicked her shoes off and put her arms back, resting on them. It pushed her tits out and from several feet away I could almost see her thong. She waited a minute while I looked around and said, “So what do you think?”

I looked at her with a big grin and said, “Well, it really looks wonderfully pretty from here.” She answered, “I though you may be interested.” The double meaning was obvious as her legs spread two inches and I could see red. I knelt down in front of her and did not touch her. She added, “If you move here, I could visit often and answer any questions.” My hands went to her knees and gently spread them. “Don’t wrinkly my skirt,” Susan told me and stood up. With a quick move her skirt was off and she laid it on a chair. “Let me do it,” I said and reached for the buttons on her blouse. Her pale pink half-bra was next and let a nice set of boobs appear.

Susan must also be a workout nut; with tight abs and toned legs and arms. She was tanned all over as I found out when I pulled her red thong down. She knelt on the bed, smiled over her shoulder and said, “Doggy, Ok?” It was more than OK and my cock was getting hard. I knew I would probably regret a “quicky”; but we had already established men are pigs and Susan had a single guy available to service her. Much better than some old married guys at the country club.

We started easily, like two dogs getting to know each other; Susan was a “talker.” She told me what she wanted – slower, faster, lighter, harder. Until she was at her first climax and just yelled, “Cuming, baby.” Yes she was, because she also was a gusher. I could feel moisture running out of her and likely staining the beautiful bed cover. It made me hump her harder and finally I shot a hard load of Jizz into her wanton pussy. Susan sighed and looked back with a big smile, “Thank you baby, I really, really needed it.”

She rolled on her back and put her arms up inviting me into an embrace. We laid side-by-side and she grinned, kissed my lips and face. She pulled my face down to her nipples and pressed my head against her tit. I sucked fairly hard and she said, “Don’t stop, it will make me cum again.” Five minutes later she did and talked about it. “I’m cuming just for you,” was just one of the many things she said.

I had figured she had had enough for a quick sex romp; but she sat up and told me stand in front of her. She sucked my cock lovingly and I watched her tongue go around and around my cock head. “You are going to shoot some Jizz into my mouth?” she asked and told me I could not leave until I filled her mouth to the top with nasty, sticky Jizz. Her finger on my ass made me do just that. She got at least three ropes of fresh-from-the-balls hot Jizz.

I told her I would make an offer on the house but it needed to include her visiting once a week to “answer questions.” We cleaned up in the bathroom and wiped Jizz off the bedding. I did not think I was going to buy a house in one short afternoon; but as she said, she was the best. I agreed. We haggled over price in the kitchen and we drew up a draft contract. Susan poured some wine and we toasted to a successful contract. I told Susan that, of course, my sister had to approve.

Susan gave me a big kiss when I was getting into my car and asked, “Want to know a secret?” Of course I did. She said, “I let a lot of guys see my panties to get them interested. You are the first guy ever smart enough to get them off.” Well shit, that made my day.

Thursday evening I was watching a football game on the TiVo when the phone rang. It was my sister Birgitte and she informed me she had the mother-daughter talk with Gaby. I shut up and listened carefully. Birgitte told me Gaby was the most closed mouthed person she knew. “She readily talked about sex, porn and dorky boys in school; but barely admitted she French kisses you. And she admitted you washed her hair and butt in the tub. She does not want to be fucked, so nothing to get excited about, right?” I stammered, “Right.” Birgitte laughed and said, “You are in so much trouble and I am going to collect on Saturday.”

“Saturday,” I asked like a dummy. Birgitte informed me since she has not had a date in “like forever,” and since I had no girlfriend I was going to take her on a date to a quiet dance club on Saturday. “Make reservations and make sure you have a nice clean suit,” she told me. “Yes, mother,” I chided her. She informed me that Miko would spend the night with Gaby and they would do homework and study how to use the new computer.

By Saturday I actually had a bit of nervous stomach getting ready for my date. Good grief, it’s just my sister; but preparing and making reservation made it seem like a first date with a new girl. When I picked Birgitte up at her apartment, Gaby jumped into my arms and gave me another huge wet French kiss. The little vixen does love it and she gets better at it all the time. Miko watched and seemed shy, so I knelt down in front of her and kissed her also. It was a lot more tongue than Gaby got. My hands were on her ass and I whispered into her ear that I was looking forward to her next Wednesday evening visit. Miko grinned and let her hand slide across the front of my pants for a quick grope.

The big surprise was my sister coming out of her bedroom. Wow, Birgitte had glammed up like I had never seen. She had a fresh haircut and her long, blond hair framed her face in a sexy stylish cut. Her make-up was subtle, except the bright red lipstick. She wore a very short, clingy black dress which barely covered her tits. A thin strap around her neck crossed over in front and kept her boobs from falling out. And I immediately noticed what every guy will notice tonight; her nipples were hard. Her high heels made her nearly as tall as me which gave me a new feel when she hugged me. I couldn’t help giving her ass a quick squeeze and she slapped my hand, “Bad Uncle, behave.”

Our first stop was a fancy restaurant and we had a nice dinner. Birgitte confessed it was nice to eat out with a guy without any pressure. She told me of a surgeon who has called her a couple of times; but he was married. I laughed and told her to ask him to buy her a new car. Then I told her I had a surprise to show her on Sunday. She looked at a dozen pictures of the house on my i-phone and was impressed. “We can’t afford that,” she commented. I told her to think about sharing the house.

At the dance club, Birgitte had a good time. It was still early in the night and the music was easy. We danced a couple of times and she rubbed her wonderful tits against me. After a few drinks, she got a bit careless sitting down in her short dress and I saw she had forgotten her panties also. “An accidental oversight,” I laughed to myself. Birgitte rubbed one hand against my leg and said, “Birgh, you are going to tell me everything Gaby does at your place.” Maybe I will; maybe I will not.

I kissed her lips and told her it was time to go. At my apartment I grabbed her little suitcase from the car and took her inside. We stood in the kitchen and Birgitte came into my arms and we kissed harder. She giggled a bit drunk and said, “I bought a new toy.” She pulled a box from her suitcase along with what looked like a tube of medicine. She opened the box and showed me a large pink vibrator. “I need you to put it in for me,” she laughed and pulled her dress over her head. Yes, she was totally nude; standing in my kitchen.

She handed me the tube, which turned out to be anti-pain medicine from the hospital and then smiled. Birgitte leaned over the kitchen table and grabbed the edges. Her boobs are squashed against the table top and her high heels brought her naked ass up high and made a great target. I ran my hands over her ass and kissed her back and spine. “Wow, I don’t think I ever appreciated how sexy you keep yourself,” I told her and let one finger stray into her pussy.

“Put it in my ass,” she directed and I did. First I rubbed the medicine all over her tightly puckered hole and then inserted one finger at a time, slowly spreading her open. Her hole stayed open for a few seconds before closing back. Finally, I pushed the vibrator into her ass. Birgitte grimaced and moaned as she took it all the way in. She held onto the table tightly as the vibrator hummed in her butt.

A few minutes later she stood up, shook her blond curls and kissed me, “Let’s get you out of the suit. I want to see if your cock still looks the same.” I sat on the bed naked and Birgitte knelt in front of me. Jeez, mother doing just what daughter had been doing over the past weekends. Plus, Miko also. She looked at my cock as she held it between her fingers, “Uuhh, I don’t remember it being this huge,” was her verdict with a big smile stroking me slowly. “Do you like,” she asked giving me a squeeze. I noticed her ass rocking and I could hear the vibrator humming quietly.

“Yes, baby I love it,” I told her wanting her to deep throat me instead of just playing; but I figured she would get there at her own speed. She kissed my cock head and stroked some more and asked, “Does Gaby do this for you?” Aw, shit; now what do I do; so I gave a small nod, ‘Yes.’ Birgitte watched me closely and seemed not to be surprised; except that I admitted it. She chuckled and said, “You are going to tell me everything or you can’t have me.” Her hand never slowed down and I saw her mistake.

I may as well try for a home run, “How about you deep throat me and I will eat your pussy. Then we will fuck like bunnies and I will tell you everything afterwards?” Her blue eyes sparkled and with a girly giggle she swallowed my cock to the root. She kept her eyes on mine as I pushed deeper into her throat. Wow, my little sister was a primo cock sucker. She gripped my cock tight in her mouth and then gripped my balls with her hand. One finger moved up to my anus and she rubbed it hard. The little bitch had me shooting my load down her throat in less than five minutes. I wanted to call, “No fair.”

She knew exactly what she had done and laughed when she turned me lose. “My turn, big brother,” she laughed and got on the bed next to me, spreading her legs wide and pulling them up over her head. “But first you have to tell me one more thing about Gaby. Does she swallow or am I better?” little sis wanted to know. I laughed and said, “Dear God, you are not going to be jealous of a six year old. But to answer the question, you are the best deep throat queen I know. And no, Gaby does not deep throat me.” Well that part was true, I just omitted she swallows tons of cum. Oops, sorry. Birgitte laid her head back and let me have fun with her pussy.

Which was not only sweet; but also very pretty. Her outer lips were puffy and when I spread them apart, her inner lips were bright pink. Birgitte had recently shaved and it made me wonder what she would look like with her natural blonde hair. The vibrator was buzzing away happily in her butt and she rocked her ass in slow motion. I kissed her mons and got a thank-you moan. “Birgitte, Gaby likes to meow. Give me a kitty cat, meow,” I told her just to tease her. I think I figured out mother really wanted to know everything and maybe she would do it also.

Birgitte let out a baby meow and then I kissed her clit. Birgitte let out a loud meow and it made me laugh. Yes, mother like daughter works for me. I ate her pussy but took my time. I thought about having sex with my sister and what I missed as a teen when she was still a preteen. We could have been doing this for at least ten years and she would not have needed the jerk boyfriend. Well, too late now; but tonight was a good start if she was willing to do it again. It took me twenty minutes before she was jerking and rocking hard and she was totally frustrated.

“Enough Birgh, get me off or I’ll go home,” she whined. It was an effective threat and I bit her clit and just like little Gaby, mommy screamed her release. “Oh God, yes,” she added a minute later after her body stopped quivering. Her legs had dropped down around my head and my face stayed in her pussy for several more minutes. When she let her legs drop open I kissed her clit and slid up on the bed next to her. She kissed me and made a meow sound. “Only one meow,” I asked sounding hurt. She looked at me and kissed my lips, “So how many does Gaby give your?” “For a performance like that, at least four,” I said. Birgitte laughed and said, “Let me think about it?” Then she meowed five times.

“Oh, thank you very much,” I told her with a smile and cuddled her to me. “Are we going to bunny fuck now,” she wanted to know. I laughed and told her, “No, I think I’m going to fuck the kitty.” Birgitte got on her hands and knees and put her head down on the pillow. When she looked over her shoulder she asked, “Have you tried to fuck Gaby in any way?” I was glad to be able to answer that Gaby was too young. Then we bunny fucked for a long, long time. I had not realized incest could be this much fun. When Birgitte hit her second climax and I shot a hot load of Jizz into her pussy, she meowed and meowed for several minutes. Life is good.

Birgitte and I were breathing hard and snuggling. I guess she figured while she had me limp and worn out she would seek more secrets. “Is there anything you have not told me,” she whispered into my ear. So, what the hell; may as well go for broke. “I was thinking if you like the new house we would go break it in tomorrow,” I whispered back. “Ok, we can do that. What else have you not told me,” she asked and stroked my cock gently. “Did I mention I am fucking the tutor, Miko?” I looked at her and saw her mouth drop open. “Shit, you did manage to surprise me with that one,” she gasped, and asked, “how often; where?” A little white lie, “She came to visit last Wednesday.”

Birgitte laughed and said, “Shit, I have been without sex “like forever,” and you fuck everything that moves including your own niece. You are a very bad ‘Bad Uncle’. I laughed with her and said, “It sounds impressive when I tell the story; but don’t forget, I have been ‘without’ for a long time also.

While she was in a good mood from her afterglow, I asked, “So are we ready to move in together and ‘play house’. She French kissed me for a long time and then said, “Yes, if you sleep in my bed and no fucking Gaby until she is ten.” I thought about it for a minute and answered, “How about when she is eight? Plus you can watch her and show her some of your skills in the meantime.” Birgitte squeezed my cock hard and called me a ‘Bad Uncle’.

So I said, “We can take Gaby along when we look at the house and she may love the big bed in the master bedroom. It is big enough for two kitty cats.” Birgitte’s eyes went wide and she had to admit she wanted to see her baby suck Uncle’s big cock.

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Great story, love the incest brother and sister part.
I hope you grt your sister preg. Like to say hello to Carlotta Smith.

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