Cyber-love.. The ultimate dream. Unlimited sex without commitment or responsabilty. Or is it?
Cyber Love Machine

We’ve all done it. You go onto a networking site and you see a beautiful woman. Now there are two things you can do: either you look at her picture until the cows come home (and in most cases it’s not even her photo) or you send her a message telling her all the dirty things you’d like to do to her. In both cases, she doesn’t know, or even care, that you exist and you will never get a reply from her but the second is a great way to get scammers off your back. At least, that was the reality of the situation until a new toy came on the market.

I’ve never been a great one for following trends so, when I read about it and found out the price, I decided that this was one accessory I could happily do without. A couple of months later, I was visiting a site that had games as well as just the possibility of trying to make new friends. One of these games involved buying and selling members as pets and one day I found that one of my female pets, Danielle, had changed her profile photo from the usual film or pop star to one of herself. It would never make her Miss World but the photo just oozed natural beauty without makeup. She was 20 year-old and I was 52, so I had no illusions about getting a reply and even began to feel bad about upsetting her, if she even read it, but I really wanted to let her know how desirable she was. I sent her a message telling her how gorgeous she was and how I’d really like to meet her and make love to her. Imagine my surprise when, a couple of days later, I received an answer. “Yes,” she said, “I’d like that. Do you have a CLM3?”

Now the Cyber Love Machine 3 is this famous gadget I mentioned earlier and I decided to check it out again. Since it had gone into mass production, millions had been sold all over the world and the price had dropped sharply, though it was still quite expensive. The reviews, however, were glowing: “Better than the real thing,” “Sex at the touch of a button,” “Sex tourism without leaving the comfort of your own home.”

I decided I could probably buy one though it would mean no summer holiday that year. The only thing which worried me was looking like a pervert when I went to buy it but, when I visited the local computer warehouse, there was a queue of people waiting to get one. I’d checked out the specs beforehand and found that I had the necessary ultra-high-speed connection so my card was handed over and the transaction went through.

Once home, I opened the box and checked out the contents, which included several small black boxes whose purpose was unclear. It appeared they had really thought of everything as there were accessories for vaginal, anal and oral sex. I plugged everything in as shown in the diagram and flicked through the quick-start manual. Now I’m just like every other geek out there, imagining that I know how things work. On the front page of the guide was written “Do not use this equipment without reading the full instruction manual!” When I found out that the full manual was 1000 pages long, I decided to give it a miss and get straight into the fun. I went through the basic profile page setting my cyber age as 25, my penile length at 8” but avoided the other menus which opened; I then sent a message to Danielle giving her my access code and she quickly replied with hers and the time she would be ready.

As the moment arrived I stripped off and lay on my bed, pulled the vaginal attachment over my limp penis and fitted the head-cap. The latter would send impulses to my brain to make me believe I was actually in bed with Danielle, or at least that’s what the manual said. At the designated time, the screen over my eyes lit up and I could see Danielle’s face; she told me to hit the button.

The effect was immediate. I sensed her soft skin against me and, when I moved my right hand up, I felt her nipple hardening against my fingers. I closed my eyes and gave myself over totally to the illusion. My penis erected and when I placed my hand round it I moved it up and down against her pussy lips and felt her wiry pubes rub against my cock head. God, I could even feel the wetness as her juices began to pour out of her and I pushed forward deep into her vagina. Her gentle moans emanated from the loudspeaker and shortly I was thrusting my pelvis forward, my stiff penis operating like a piston inside her love tunnel. Her grunts became louder and I knew she was approaching orgasm and, as she gave one last long moan, I stopped pumping. The attachment on my cock tightened and released in time with the orgasm she was experiencing hundreds of miles away. We carried on and soon I was climaxing, shooting my load; I hit the stop button and the experience ended. By the time I got my breath back and opened my eyes the screen was blank, so I went over to the computer and sent her a message telling her how good it was and asking if we could do it again sometime.

Her reply came about a week later; sorry, but she only did it once with each person as she had too many requests and didn’t want a relationship to start up. I supposed she was right; there were millions of women out there and there was no hassle of marriage, pregnancy or divorce. At least, that’s what I thought.

I discovered a number of sites with seemingly endless lists of candidates, though slowly, as on most porn sites, the number of men soon outweighed the women and so contacts became fewer and fewer. About 3 months in, I came across Helen who was a handful of years younger than me. Her husband had died a couple of years earlier and she didn’t feel up for a new physical relationship but her daughter had given her a machine for her birthday. We contacted each other regularly by e-mail before finally deciding to go ahead with it. She’d sent me photos of herself and she honestly looked at least 10 years younger than she was.

We took up our positions and once again the effect hit me, only this time it was nothing like the vigorous, almost animal-like rutting I had experienced with the younger women; this was tender, yet hesitant and I could almost feel the fear of disappointment which emanated from her. It was the most gentle love-making I had experienced in years We contacted one another immediately afterwards and she told me it had been the same for her and she readily agreed that we should try it again. We did and it was just as fulfilling and from then on we carried on our relationship.

A couple of weeks on, I had to explain to her that I would be absent for at least a week as I had to attend a symposium connected to my work. I work from home in the field of CGI and animation and there was an annual get-together to show off what we had done in the previous year and see new face and make new contacts; it was not something I could easily miss. She fully understood, “absence makes the heart..” and all of that, and said she was looking forward to my return. As luck would have it, I met a friend, Paul, whom I hadn’t seen for 3 or 4 years and he invited me to see some new stuff he was using. I knew all about “Massive”, the cinematographic AI software and had seen its use in many films and TV shows, as have we all, but it was way beyond my price range and had never had a chance to try it out. The result was that I spent 3 days at his place and it was after a 10 day absence that I made it home.

The next morning I booted up my computers only to find on one screen the message “Congratulations! You have a baby daughter.” After the initial shock I realised that this had something to do with the CLM and quickly contacted Helen. She had received the message a few days before and had been at as much of a loss as myself but then had entered the help menu and had found that the details were to be found on page 456 of the manual.

I looked it up in my, as yet unread, instruction book and found that it fell under the heading of “Cyber Family”. Further consultation drew me into a head-spinning mass of detail, though I could clearly see references to “default”, “contraception” and “gestation period”. It was early, but I nonetheless poured myself a glass of whisky and sat down to delve deeper into the specifics. I rapidly began to understand why the warning about reading the manual had been given.

Unless one set up all the parameters individually, the software ran in default mode, which meant that one was automatically involved in “Cyber Family”. As I mentioned before, I had set my age to 25 and Helen later told me that she had done the same. Neither of us had bothered to make any changes to “contraception”, “fertility” or “gestation period”, which could be set to ‘days’, ‘weeks’ or ‘months’, meaning that Helen’s pregnancy had lasted just 9 days. We now had our very own Tamagotchi and we would earn points by looking after it.

The baby was just wonderful and it is a pity that real human children can’t be as considerate. It never woke up during the night, changing its nappy was a clean and odourless affair and, when it cried, the sound which came from anonymous boxes, found to be loudspeakers, was never grating on the nerves. Our points total soon began to rise as we were totally perfect parents. Further research into the mega-tome revealed that the ideal size of a family was 2 children and, since this would increase our credit rating, we decided to try for another baby. To tell the truth, the game seemed a bit of a waste of time as it was just child’s play. There was nothing difficult to do and points were awarded for very little. Apart from buying basic essentials for the baby, there was little to spend the credits on and so they just built up and up.

It didn’t take long for Helen to get pregnant again and, as before, after 9 days she gave birth. The problem was that we did not get the baby brother we wanted for our daughter, or rather we did but there were three of them. As much as our lovely girl was a child of heaven so were the triplets the spawn from hell. Right from the start they would howl all night and their screeching woke me up at all hours. Every day, as I was settling down to work, one would start to cry and I would have to spend ages stroking his little head on the touch screen. As soon as I sat down, another would begin and it became a never-ending game of changing nappies, feeding and cradling. I had tried hiding the speakers in a cupboard to muffle the sound but the machine wouldn’t work then and Helen, whom I really liked now, and I couldn’t make love.

I let things carry on for a short time but it couldn’t go on like this. I wasn’t sleeping properly and my work was beginning to suffer so I sent a message to Helen telling her that it was over. I could now try to get back to a normal life. The silence from the speakers was almost deafening but it was beautiful and I now had a new joy for life. A couple of months after abandoning the machine I thought it might be interesting to meet some one-night stands and so, after spending some time setting up the parameters as I should have done in the first place, I set about making some new contacts. I was soon to find out that this was harder than I had anticipated. Every woman who was initially interested came back and told me to get lost and I soon found out why. I was now a marked man as I had walked out on my wife and kids. The only hope I now had was to go with prostitutes and this would come off my credit rating. I tried it out a few times but got no pleasure out of it. Besides, my points were melting away like ice in the sun and very soon the machine stopped functioning.

I dismantled the installation and put everything back in the original box. There was to be a jumble sale that Saturday in town, so I decided to take the machine along and sell it; though I would get nothing near the price I had paid for it, they were still popular and I ought to get something back. However, when I turned up at the sale, it was to find dozens of them up for sale. I eventually sold mine to a teenager who relentlessly drove down my price until I decided to cut my losses and run. I didn’t tell him that it wouldn’t work, as it was programmed for my system, but then, looking at him, he seemed the type of guy who could probably hack it.

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I am a married man in Florida. Text me at 850-629-8962. I like making new male friends who know how to get what they want.

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U fucking idiot that made no sense. Never write another story.

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1.kiss your left hand 2. Say the name of the person u like 3. Close your hand 4. Say the name of a weekday5. Say your name 6. Open your hand 7. Paste this in 15 comments and on the day you picked your love will tell you they like you and ask you out if you don't do it within an hour of reading this you will have 1 year bad luck

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Excellent story, would love to see you write more on this subject as it suits you quite well.

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Great story. Just goes to show how easy-sex isn't all it's claimed to be. No commitment, no responsability, no woman.

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