Just a short story about a cameraman filming an interracial couple having sex. It is written very casually. I hope you enjoy it!
My name is Jim and I am a professional camera man. I am here to describe to you about times when i was hired by a young couple to film all their sexual exploits. I never would have thought, coming from an accomplished background in photography, that I would eventually be making amateur porn, but the pay was good and this couple was hot. I always thought about how it would be to film other people having sex. It was always a turn on for me, so hopefully hearing these stories; it will be a turn on for you.

It all started at a photo shoot with a beautiful women named Nikki. She was about 5'3", 140 pounds, long blond hair, straightened so that it reached to her mid back, with perky breasts that seemed to defy gravity. She looked like something out of an adult film, but she was actually an accomplished accountant that ended up getting a photo shoot with a business magazine.

We ended up talking after the end of the shoot and it turned out she was married. She asked me how everything was going and if I ever did more work on the side. I had been known to do freelance work for the right price so I told her I did. She asked me whether I could help her with a problem. She had been looking for a camera man to do home movies with her husband. I thought it was a rather weird request but if the money was good, I did not mind. She invited me over to their house to talk about what we were going to do.

We arrived at her and her husband's house, it looked like a mansion. You could tell that they spent a lot of money on it and continued to, with all the landscaping that would have to be done. She took me inside and I met her husband, a tall medium build black guy, named Gram that looked like he trained frequently. He looked like he played football, but he was actually an artist. The house on the inside looked as gorgeous as the out. They gave me a tour of the place; showed me the huge living room, kitchen with an island, master bedroom with a full shower, a personal office, game room with a pool table and a bar, and the backyard with a small pool and spa. After the long tour they took me to the living room and we had a seat on the sofa. They both looked a little nervous like they were about to tell me something serious.

"So what are the home movies supposed to be about," I asked.

They both looked up at me.

"Well, we wanna be honest with you, Jim...We asked you to help us with our home movies and when we mean home movies...we mean we want you to film us having sex." Nikki said.

"We will pay you for the trouble," Gram said before I could answer.

I looked at both of them, puzzled. Why would they pick me and why don't they film themselves? I had tons of questions, but before I could ask, they told me they have been looking for someone to film them and they really liked my work. I was flattered, of course, but sex? I wasn't the type to do amateur porn, but I have to admit I was a little turned on. I started thinking about how great it would be to film such a hot couple so I agreed.

"Yeah...Sure! I will do it" I said.

They looked surprised and happy after my answer and told me to come back tomorrow for the first movie. They walked me out and thanked me for coming by. I went home and thought about what had just happened. I had a hard time sleeping that night, but I was excited about what was to come.

The next day, they invited me over for the first "home movie." Nikki was wearing a short black skirt with a light blue blouse, her hair wavy and bouncy. Gram was wearing an undershirt, a button down shirt, opened up and baggy jeans. They both sat me back down in the living room and we had some drinks and started to discuss the payment for the movies. They decided that they were gonna pay me per movie I filmed, and that they had no idea how many they were going to do. Admittedly, I really wanted to see them doing as many dirty things as possible and as often as possible. I was turned on by the thought of filming a naughty interracial couple. After about thirty minutes, I could tell they were getting ready to have some fun. The sexual tension was enormous and they couldn't stop staring at each other. Her eyes would roll down his body as if she was licking him with her gaze. From his eyes, to his chest, down to his crotch. He was no better, and could not stop staring at her entire body and all her curves.

"You better get the camera ready." Nikki said.

In my excitement I had left my camera in the car. I went outside and took out the case in the trunk. By the time I got back to the living room they were already passionately kissing. Gram was caressing her body as he kissed her lips down to her neck. Nikki was accepting every kiss and lick from him. She looked over at me, briefly ignoring her pleasure, smiled and looked down towards my case.

"You should start filming or you are gonna miss too much." Nikki exclaimed.

I was so amazed at what I saw before my eyes I had not put the case down and started the camera yet. I threw down the case and started to assemble the camera. The camera seemed much harder to put together this time even though I had done it hundreds of times. After I assembled it, I turned the camera on and pointed it towards the couch that held the heavily breathing couple. I walked over and started to film them as Gram started to unbutton her blouse. Her breasts barely being contained by her blouse. Gram started to kiss around her neck and to her ears, slowly licking. He began to lift up her skirt and ran his hand up and down her thighs.

"Oh my god...LETS GO!" Nikki yelled.

She grabbed his hand and pulled them up from the couch. They both walked into the bedroom and i followed behind camera filming along the way. When we arrived she grabbed Gram and pulled him on top of her as they both fell to the bed.

"I want you..." she whispered to him.

Gram smiled, got up from the bed, and took off his over shirt. She sat up on the edge of the bed in front of him and started to stroke his crotch. You could see his enormous size as she rubbed his bulge through his jeans.

"I think he needs to come out." She said as she undid his belt and unzipped his pants.

His huge cock fell through the hole in his boxers and into her hand, almost with a thud as it landed. She picked up his manhood and started to lightly stroke him. His dick started to pump full of blood, veins started to bulge through the skin. By the time he had reached his full size and was rock hard, he must have been nearly ten inches long and only slightly thinner than a can of soda with a slight curve to the right. I though to myself, she could not take that in any shape or form. She proved me wrong as she started to flick the tip of him with her tongue.

She started to lick up and down the shaft of his huge cock leaving a trail of saliva. Gram's eyes gazed upon her as she made love to his cock. She quickly licked the bead of pre-cum off the tip after it immediately showed itself.

“I love you...” Gram could barely utter the words through his groans.

She looked up at him and smiled. “I love you too...”

She gave the camera a smirk, then opened her mouth wide and dove down onto his dick, swallowing him whole. I couldn't believe how well she was able to deep throat such a large man, but she took it like a pro.

"HONEY!" Gram said as his head flew back.

She managed to muster a moaned response with her mouth full.

"God that feels AMAZING!" He exclaimed.

She started to suck his dick up and down, up and down, taking it deep almost every time while she looked up into his eyes. You could see the saliva running down past her mouth, onto his dick and down his balls. I zoomed in to watch the spit run down his balls and onto the floor. As she continued to slurp him up, he started to fuck her mouth slowly. Watching her mouth get deeply penetrated by his thick black cock was making me incredibly hard. She looked over at the camera and down towards what was now a small bulge in my pants. She smiled and started to suck him harder, moaning with pleasure.

"Oh...GOD...SUCK ME!" Gram yelled.

He reached over and grabbed a handful of her hair and started to rigorously fuck her mouth. You could see his dick disappear into her lips as he continued to pound her mouth. Her eyes began to water as she runs out of air, but he continued to fuck her face. Finally, he pulled his dick from her mouth and stared down into her eyes. She grabbed some air and coughed, creating a massive amount of saliva dripping from her mouth and onto her breasts, bra and finally the floor.

"You like that, baby?" As she looks up at him smiling.

"Oh...GOD...yes...," He answered.

"Why did you stop? Come fuck my mouth some more..."

She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Gram paused, but then grabbed her by the head and shoved his dick back into her mouth. He kept pulling her head towards him as he forced his dick down her throat.

"Take all of my dick!" He yelled!

He pushed her head off his dick and shoved it back down her throat with one last shove and held her head in place. Her tongue ran down the underside of his dick as she reached up and started massaging his balls. He forced her off his dick once again and grabbed her by her waist, pulling her up towards him. He began to kiss her passionately while holding the back of her neck. His hand moved from the back to the front of her neck and squeezed, slightly choking her.

“Down, bitch...” He pushed her down onto the bed and began to undress.

Nikki started to stroke her panties as she watched him strip off his undershirt revealing his muscular physique. Her panties were soaking wet and you could see the wet material form the shape of her fat pussy. I zoomed in to show the beauty of her wet velvet lips through her tight panties. I panned up towards her face passing her enormous tits which were now completely exposed. She was looking Gram up and down, hungrily. You could see his strength as his muscles bulged while pulling off his shirt and pants. Nikki sat up and pulled down his boxers and allowed him to step out of them.

"Get over here and fuck me." She whispered.

Gram kneeled down between her legs which were now completely spread. She reached down and spread her lips apart, preparing to take him. He smiled and started to stroke his dick in front of her.

"Oh...MY GOD! Stop teasing me!" She begged.

He leaned over and buried his face into her sweet pussy. I went around to the side so i could see his tongue first touch her clit. Nikki moaned with pleasure as his tongue swirled around her clit. He started to lick her pussy all the way up and down, stopping briefly only to give her clit more attention. It was like watching a cat lap up the sweetest bowl of milk.

I panned up to see her facial expressions as she enjoyed every moment of his mouth. She threw her head back and her eyes were closed shut as she enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her. Moaning louder and louder, you could tell she was about to cum. I panned back down to her crotch where you could see her hand pushing his head into her pussy. He had his tongue rolled around her clit, sucking her wildly, making her breathe quicken as he sucked her longer. Gram reached under her legs and raised them up towards the ceiling, raising her ass. He looked up towards her and smiled as he ran his tongue from her clit down to her ass. Lightly caressing her ass with his tongue drove her crazy. She started to buck his face hard as she moaned loudly.

I zoomed out to make sure I got a great view of her wonderful body twisting and moving uncontrollably. As i panned back down, you could see Gram's tongue going in and out of her ass ever so slightly. Nikki started to beg him to stop, but he continued on more quickly and harder. He started to take long, hard licks from her ass to her clit and back down. She started to buck his face while he continued this rhythm. Seconds later, she started to breathe heavily and pulled him towards her pussy.

"I'm gonna cum all over your face!" Nikki yelled.

Her moaning and screaming stopped as she pulled his head hard into her pussy. With her head flying back, she opened her mouth and gave one last, loud moan. For a few seconds, her toes stiffened with the rest of her body and then went limp. Gram dropped her legs and got back up on his knees as they fell to the bed. He watched her as she lied there breathing heavily, admiring her now relaxed state. Her head was to the side and her legs were still spread and shaking.

Before she could recover, he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Grabbing his dick, he started to run the tip up and down her pussy. As soon as he got the head as wet as he wanted, he shoved it all the way into her, hard. Nikki inhaled deeply as she woke up from her dazed state, eyes opened wide and she grabbed onto the bed.

"OH MY...GOD...FUCK ME!" She yelled.

You could see her tight pussy stretch to its fullest in order to take him. I panned up towards Nikki and filmed her breasts moving up and down with each of his powerful thrusts. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip as she surrendered to her pleasure. I watched her hands move up to squeeze her tits while she takes him fully. Gram leans forward, reaches up and replaces her hands with his, squeezing them harder.



Gram starts to fuck her harder as if her words turned into pure energy for him.




He continued pounding her into the mattress as she urged him on, talking dirty to him. He dropped one leg off his shoulder and twisted her on her side, holding one leg in place with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other. Nikki accepted everything, allowing him to control her. He started to kiss and suck her ankle from the remaining leg on his shoulder while continuing to thrust inside her. This sends her over the edge, making her orgasm over and over, her moans turning to silence with each contraction.

I pan down to get a closer look at Gram's cock that is now white with her juices. He drops Nikki's leg down and leans forward, reaching upward to put his hands around her neck.

“Spread 'em...” He commanded.

She complies, spreading her legs wide forming a V.

Gram started to fuck her vigorously while squeezing her neck, making Nikki moan louder and louder with each thrust. His balls slapped her ass as he gave her everything he had. Nikki's screams of pain and pleasure overtake the room as she takes him inch by inch, deeper and harder. Gram's rhythm quickens, now succumbing to his own pleasure.

“I can feel it...Let it go! GIMME YOUR CUM! She yells.

Gram grunts with pleasure as her words release him, allowing him to cum. He gives her one last thrust as deep and hard as he can. Their bodies tense up, and fall, exhausted. I continue to record, moving from the back to the side, admiring their perfectly contrasted bodies, limp from release.

A minute goes by and Gram gets up and dresses himself. Nikki still lays asleep with a smile on her face.

“She will be out for a while.” He explains.

I turn off the camera, and Gram guides me back to the living room. I told him that I would have the edit done for him and his wife soon. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a money clip.

“How much for your services?” He asked.

I told him there is no charge as long as I got to film them again.

With a mischievous smile he answers, “See you next week...”
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