I woke to her alarm and kissed her awake before slipping out of bed. I walked into my room and grinned at Gwen and Morgan sleeping on Beth. I leaned over to rub Morgan’s bare butt and she shivered before shifting and a moment later turning her head to look back.

I nodded to the door, “Wake my harlot and bring your paramour to the bathing room to wash.”

She grinned and nodded as I turned to head to the bathroom. I peed and turned to start the water as Morgan and Gwen came in. They climbed into the shower and I caressed Gwen before starting to wash her, “Well?”

They grinned and then laughed and Gwen stroked my cock, “We ravished the wench all night my lord wizard.”

Morgan giggled and turned Gwen to wash her pussy, “mom is fun to fuck.”

I grinned and pulled her between Gwen and I before starting to wash her, “I’m glad you had fun.”

Gwen laughed as she started washing Morgan. We walked to school and Morgan left us when we got close to her school. Gwen slipped her hand into mine, “Do one of the cheerleaders today.”

I grinned and then laughed before squeezing her hand, “With four of the guys from my chemistry class.”

She grinned and then giggled. During lunch Gwen had me fuck her from behind while she watched the four guys doing Teresa Henderson. By the time the bell rang I was pumping cum against her womb. Teresa had to be held up so the guys could wash her and cum ran out of her in thick clumps.

After school Gwen caught me at the front door and took my hand, “One of the guys that fucked me tried to ask me out.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I set him up with Paige.”

I smiled, “Does she know what they want?”

Gwen laughed and squeezed my hand, “Yeah, she wants it too.”

I grinned and pulled her after me to go meet Morgan by her school, “I have to go to the bank and then I’ll be in the lot next door.”

She looked at me, “More magic?”

I nodded, “I need to excavate the lot and move something before I start building my tower.”

She grinned, “You better put up a tall fence so no one will see.”

I smiled, “They won’t see.”

Morgan came running to us and grinned as she grabbed Gwen’s hand, “Want to go to the movies tonight?”

I smiled at Gwen, “That would be fun.”

She nodded and then grinned, “its dark in the theater.”

Morgan laughed, “I hope so.”

I looked at her and she leaned close to Gwen, “Want me to lick your pussy during the movie?”

Gwen grinned and then laughed, “Sure.”

I shook my head and we walked home holding hands. I let Gwen and Morgen head up to the apartment as I went down to collect the lost money. When I returned from the bank I stood looking at the empty lot and started murmuring spells. One was a spell that would keep people from looking at the lot. The other was for slicing dirt and moving it to the sides.

It wasn’t long before both the library and the large workroom were uncovered. I was careful with the next spells as I moved them forward to the very edge of the lot. After they settle to the ground I filled the hole and packed it before turning them and moving them to the very back. Next was a spell that brought thousands of tons of cements and iron rebar.

They swirled around and turned into huge stone blocks before making a huge stone foundation. The next spell brought stone blocks with groves and ridges that slid together to make inner and outer walls. When I stopped the first floor was done with a wide drive around one side for the garage.

I leveled or sent the excess dirt away and began spells that made more large stone blocks to shape the second floor. I moved the library and workroom around and onto the garage before continuing with the next floor and a base for the library. I carefully joined the steps to the third floor before starting on the fourth which was the living area, kitchen and dinning room.

I added a fifth with eight huge suites of bedrooms and a sixth floor which was just one huge living room. I murmured a long difficult spell that caused the cement to shimmer and change to white marble. I brought sand to make thick double panned windows and added a very thick mirrored glass dome.

Lumber appeared to create wooden floors, ceilings and richly paneled walls on each floor. I cleaned up the left over mess and brought grass and a few trees to landscape the front before finishing and turning to head home. Mom and Beth were in the kitchen naked and blushed when I walked in.

I smiled and rubbed mom’s butt before sitting at the table, “you look good harlots.”

They grinned and Gwen and Morgan walked in. I pulled Gwen onto my lap and caressed Morgan’s bare hip, “You two should be dressed for the movies.”

Gwen wiggled in my lap, “We have a couple of hours. Your mom and Beth are taking us so they can watch a movie too.”

I grinned as mom and Beth made a quick dinner and went to wash up. Gwen and Morgan came in as I was dressing and put on dresses without bras or panties. I rubbed both their butts and chased them out to wait for mom and Beth in the living room. The movies were fun and Morgan wasn’t the only one licking pussy in the dark theater.

By the time we got home I was really horny. Gwen and Morgan were wiggling and squirming on the ride since I was fingering both of them the whole way. Once the front door closed they pulled me towards the hall with a growl as mom and Beth laughed. I started undressing before we even walked into the bedroom and turned Morgan as she kept backing to the bed.

Gwen laughed as she jumped onto the bed and pulled Morgan back and down on the edge. I bent over her to kiss her before fitting my drooling cock and slowly pushing into her. She wiggled as her slippery pussy grasped at my cock and I glanced back when Beth was suddenly behind me, “want to knock up another wench my lord wizard?”

Morgan sat up to look at her with my cock throbbing deep inside her, “Momma?”

Beth smiled, “I wanted to have another baby after you honey but things didn’t work out.”

I slowly fucked into Morgan, “go bring my wench in here.”

Beth grinned as she turned to go get mom and I bent to kiss Morgan, “she isn’t saving you harlot. I planned to fuck you full.”

Gwen laughed as Morgan giggled. I straightened and held her waist as I began to fuck her tight pussy slowly. Mom slipped up behind me and hugged me and rubbed her naked body against me, “is this the full service room?”

I laughed and turned to kiss her as I buried my cock and Morgan moaned and shuddered. I turned back and whispered a spell that lifted Morgan into the air. I pulled her against me so that she was completely impaled, “my tower is finished wench. On the morrow we go shopping for furniture and baby things. Your paramour has asked me to impregnate her.”

Mom grinned, “I know.”

I looked at Beth, “and how many times will she allow me to get her with child?”

Morgan groaned as Gwen giggled and Beth grinned, “once every other year?”

I moved Morgan on and off my cock, “what do you think my harlot?”

She jerked and shuddered as her pussy rippled around my cock, “make her with child and give her a whole litter!”

Mom and Beth laughed and Gwen went to her knees to hug Morgan and cup her breasts, “Three in her first litter my lord wizard.”

She giggled as Morgan began convulsing and I turned and sat before rolling as I started to fuck Morgan, “when you ripen my harlot I will speak of breeding again.”

She bucked and thrashed as I rode her body and thrust into her at the last moment. My cock erupted and I spewed a stream of cum. She lifted her hips and clutched me as she shuddered, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted until I was done and kissed her, “when you ask me lovely harlot.”

She smiled and hugged me and I pulled out before reaching for Gwen. I pulled her against me, “well my lady? What is your voice?”

She grinned and caressed my face, “get her pregnant Merlin.”

I kissed her and slipped off the bed before walking to Beth, “It has been decided wench.”

Beth grinned and pulled me to the bed as mom laughed and followed, “hold your legs up and spread.”

Morgan giggled and turned to pull Gwen between her legs, “on your knees with your butt in the air.”

Gwen grinned and kissed Morgan, “ride him.”

Mom and Beth laughed again as they moved onto the bed. I murmured a fertility spell as I laid Beth back and felt her pelvis. I rubbed her clit until she was shaking and lifted her legs. I bent my cummy cock and slowly pushed into her and began to fuck. Her pussy was almost hot as it grasped at my cock and mom started to kiss her.

I used long, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was panting and shuddering. Her hips were lifting as her pussy squeezed my cock. A few minutes later I fucked her harder and she wailed and spasmed as she wet me, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept it up until she calmed and slowly pulled out. I moved onto the bed beside her and laid back, “fuck me wench.”

Gwen and Morgan laughed as mom giggled and Beth turned to straddled me. She sat slowly, impaling her pussy on my cock as I held it up. She groaned before starting to rock and I gestured as I murmured another spell. She gasped as her hips moved back and forth and then began to twist and roll.

She shuddered and spasmed a couple of minutes later as she wet me and wailed, “ooooohhhhh!”

She jerked back and forth, dragging her pussy on me as she kept shuddering hard. Her pussy was squeezing and milking my cock constantly as she finally fell forward onto me. I hugged her and caressed her hips, “one more position to go.”

She groaned as Mom, Gwen and Morgan laughed. I lifted her hips and moved out from under her before moving around. I held her hips up and pushed back into her slick pussy before beginning to fuck her with deep thrusts. Beth shuddered and pushed back as her pussy grasped at my cock. I held her hips and started to fuck her long, hard and deep as I tried to cum.

A couple of minutes and she was howling and jerking as her pussy tightened and I shoved into her and pressed against her cervix. I held her tight as my balls churned and my cock throbbed and then she was screaming as a huge gushing torrent erupted and spewed into her. I grunted as wave after wave of sperm pumped into her while she pushed back and shook.

When I was done I let her drop to the bed and laid beside her to wave mom away. I put my hand on her and whispered a spell that would keep my sperm in her womb until released. I finally kissed her bare shoulder before moving towards Gwen, “now my lady, time for you.”

She grinned as Morgan slipped off to one side and held out her arms, “I want it long, hard and deep Merlin.”

I grinned as I laid between her legs and kissed her while I slowly pushed into her and buried my cock. I kept kissing her as I pulled back and began to fuck her like she had asked, long, hard and deep. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and her pussy was grasping. She was thrusting up each time I shoved into her and started wailing, a few more minutes and her wails turned to howls and screams.

She jerked and thrashed around as her pussy gripped my cock and she wet me. I only lasted another few minutes before I thrust into her and held her tight as my churring balls released the warm sperm. Gwen shoved her pussy up as my cock erupted and cum gushed into her, “Merlin!”

I kissed her passionately as I continued to pump cum until I was done and she slowly sagged to the bed. She was panting as her pussy continued to milk my cock. I pulled out and laid back as Morgan laughed and rolled over between Gwen’s legs to kiss her before moving down. Mom and Beth were hugging and kissing and mom reached out to pull me against her.

When Gwen finally yelled and shuddered before pushing Morgan away I gestured and they moved closer before the lights dimmed. I was up early and smiling as I chased the girls, mom and Beth out of bed and into the shower. After that I dressed Gwen and Morgan before myself.

We didn’t have long to wait for mom or Beth and then we went next door and through the tower. After we left it was to several stores, a whispered spell to encourage them and everything would be delivered this afternoon. At first mom was nervous about parking in a garage until she pulled around and the thick gate opened and then closed right behind her car.

The girls teased me all day until the trucks full of furniture began arriving. I let the deliverymen leave everything on the first floor and sent it up in the magic elevator I had created. It was dinner time before everything was put away. Mom, Beth, Morgan and Gwen had gone back to the apartment to pack and when I came in it was to see all the boxes.

I went to move all my things including the items I had made. I murmured the spell I had used for Gwen and everything vanished. I grinned as I pulled mom, Beth, Gwen and Morgan together and then we were stepping into the tower living room. I pulled them to the kitchen and mom laughed when I pulled her to the table as I stripped her.

I gestured and her recipe book flipped open and then things began floating around as the kitchen began to make dinner. Morgan stripped her mother as Gwen helped and then I was undressing Gwen as mom and Beth stripped Morgan. Mom was smiling as she undressed me and pushed me down on a chair before straddling me, “My lord Wizard I am amorous.”

The others laughed as mom slowly lowered herself onto my cock. It has been many years since I found the library and I have all the books, texts and scrolls in my reader now. Gwen became my wife and Morgan is our lover as well as mom and Beth. So far all the children have shown the ability to do magic. Gwen and Morgan don’t and don’t seem to mind. Not many even see my tower and the ones that do don’t come near.
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