When you have and live in a community that allows any type of sexual behavior
A Very Sick and Perverted community.
Author: williamburns
Codes: beast F/f pedophile piss/
transsexuals/ T/m, pregnancy, M/f, F/m, beast, drugs.

Story is all fiction; Heavy sexual content. Filthy
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When you have and live in a community that allows any type of sexual behavior
with no objects and makes it the normal life style for people. This is what you may fined behind the walls of a gated perverted community.

Erica and Bill along with their children lived in this gated community that condoned every type of sex you could imagine.

Walls around the community and locked gates to keep normal people at bay. To normal people on the outside it looked like a prison compound. No one bother with the place and so it grew. The walls was to protect their life style for nasty perverted sexual desires. The community grew and became a filthy perverted sex haven for all walks of life.

Sleazy medical aids and midwifes lived there also, they took care of the people in the community. They cared for all the people in the community donating their skills for free to enjoy the corrupt perverted community. Mostly to care of the women and their pregnancy's. Young girls became pregnant as young as 12 years old by their father's or someone in the community. All types of sexual life styles,gays and lesbians along with pedophiles lived in this community.

This community was self efficient by making porn films. Incest and animal beast acts were the money making tools for the community. Most men worked outside the community at jobs of their professions to bring in needed family money

Pregnancy was another way to fund the community. Women that became pregnant could sell their babies to the less fortunate people out side the community. They called themselves surrogates to avoid any questions that may arise. Some women would keep their child raising them to fulfill the perverted desires of the community.

By doing this the women could maintain their sexual attitude in the community. These women just loved fucking all the men and boys in there perverted community. Most women didn't have children all they wanted was to fuck and be sluts and whores for their community.

The sleazy doctor's and board member's that worked in the community helped in finding homes for those families that chose to give up the babies.

Erica and Bill lived in this community and loved everything about this perverted life style.

Erica's father and mother were incest parents and brought Erica and Bill into the community. Erica was a whore at 8 years old. Trained by her mother and father as a sex object. Erica had problem. She could never get enough sex, she was a nymphomaniac.

Erica met Bill at a sex orgy that her parents hosted at the community center. Erica was 18 at the time and wanted to move on with her life. Bill was introduce to Erica and within a few months they married and started their own family.

Many things began to happen in the next twelve years. Erica and Bill had three children Jill,Joy and Kenny. Jill was 11 and pregnant with Bill`s child. Jill, right after she had her first period became pregnant by Bill. This was to be expected because Bill had been fucking her since she was 8 years old. This was common in the community with young parents.
Erica, was very happy about the Jill's pregnancy because Jill would give up the baby for the money as a surrogate and some would be use to support the community. Morals were never a part of this community.

Joy their other 8 year old daughter by only for months was no longer a virgin. Bill along with Erica`s help on the night of her 8 birthday popped her cherry while the grandparents filmed the deflowering of their Granddaughter. Bill fucked Joy three times that night just so she could experience the feeling of a hard cock in her tiny cunt letting her enjoy and feel the massive loads of cum.

After each fuck Erica would suck Bill's cum from her tiny cunt and cum swap it with her daughter making her swallow his cum. Telling Joy this is what the girls do for their father's and all men.
Parents and other members would film their perverted sex acts and show them in the community center under the term.
"New Happenings in the Community."

Joy of course was very happy about losing her cherry, saying she was a whore like her mom and sister. Erica was well known for her very perverted life style in the neighborhood. She loved playing with her children sexually and teaching them sex letting them play with her cunt while they watch porn movies together. This was for her own sexual pleasure.

Erica of course loved fucking. Cock was always on her mine any type of cock including Peter their neighbors dogs. Erica enjoyed his big black Lab's 10 inch cock.

Erica fucked his dog and suck its cock so many times she was also known as the the dog whore by the neighbors.

Nudity was common on there street were they lived. To see a week go by with out some type of sex being performed on the street or in some ones yard or porch would be unreal. This created a problem for Erica with Joy. Since Jill`s pregnancy Jill was receiving most of the attention from the neighbor's and this upset Joy because she was being left out of the neighborhood sex. Bill and Erica were also guilty of neglecting her and her sexual desires.

A few times a week in the afternoon Erica and her girls would put on their makeup and oil there naked bodies then stroll through the neighborhood naked. Walking the streets naked was a big turn on for Erica, being shapely and with ample size tits a nice round firm ass, enhanced with long legs that made men's cock's stand erect. Men loved Erica especially her cunt.

After giving birth to her three kids her inner cunt lips protruded and hung. When she spread her legs her cunt opened as if it was inviting cock. she referred to it her as her love hole. Bill said it was from all the dog cock and double penetration's she done.

It was true. Erica love being double team or gang bang and welcomed all cock's. Taking on three men and their hard cock's at one time was no challenge to her. That's what made her the fucking whore she was. Well, thanks to her own whorish mother and perverted father who taught her to be the whore she was. They were very proud of Erica and their family. Jill now was eight and a half months pregnant was always in demand. The pedophiles wanted Jill sucking their cock's or just wanting to fondle her lactating tits. Jill loved the attention and when Mr. Jackson there neighbor would show his big long cock Jill was more then ready to bend over and let him fuck her asshole even at her near term of pregnancy. Erica always reminded her children this was why they lived in this community. Little Joy was looking out the front window.

"Mom, Gina and Toni are out side in the front yard." Joy called out from the front room.

Gina and Toni were Erica's neighbor's. Gina a transsexual loved men as much as a women. Gina also loved Erica and wanted to fuck her every chance she could. Toni didn't care what Gina did as long as she could be involved for sex. Erica always ready for hard cock any time of the day and today was no different. Gina out in front stoking her 9 inch cock anticipating Erica's afternoon walk with her daughter's. Joy knew that mom would be fucking Gina out in front and refused to go on there afternoon walk.

Joy telling her mom she was going to protest her by not going. This upset Erica but figured she could take care of Joy later. Erica and Jill left the house leaving Joy home. Jill went across the street to Mr. Jackson's house. He was lubed up and stroking his cock when she approached his porch. Jill bend over and Mr.Jackson horny and hard did his deed fucking and cumming in Jill's asshole. Mrs.Jackson just as perverted as her husband couldn't leave little Jill with all that cum in her asshole. Mrs Jackson just had to lick Jill's asshole clean, making sure Jill was very clean. Thanking Jill for her services they let her move on to the next neighbor.

Erica now greeting Gina arms out extended holding each other kissing and hugging like long lost pals. Toni a Bi sexual girl joined in the hugging and kissing. The three walk down the street about a half a block holding hands and talking.

Erica was horny and her cunt was wet from there passionate kissing and wanted Gina's cock. She dropped to her knees on the sidewalk began sucking Gina's cock. Then movimg over to the grass Erica laid down spread her legs and let Gina into her cunt . Gina fucked Erica on the grass as some neighbors watch. Actually cheering the performance. Gina filled Erica with her hot load of cum as Toni watched rubbing her cunt in anticipation of having Erica. Toni now gave Erica that special look. Erica smiled knowing what Toni wanted as she laid on the grass. Toni took a position on her back as Erica move in a position over Toni's mouth squatting down and relieved her bladder in Toni's mouth. This was the time for Toni to move in on Erica's cum filled cunt. Just like animals in heat they fucked and sucked each other satisfying there lust.

Erica pissed in Toni's mouth as she drank the warm liquid loving and savoring every drop. Erica finished her pissing and wipe her cunt with her hand stood up and licked her finger's and shared her piss soaked finger's with Gina.

Erica now looked up the street towards her home. Erica could see Joy walking back and forth in front of the house. Erica walk back towards the house to see what Joy was doing, as she got closer she heard Joy.

"Fuck,Fuck,mom won't let me fuck. I can't have cock. Mom's a whore,
Jill's a whore. Fuck,Fuck,Fuck. I wish mom would let me fuck. I WANT TO BE A WHORE."

Very loud Joy screamed. Erica heard all of Joy's comments and realized she had been
ignoring Joy. Listening to Joy and her remarks remembering when she was 8 years old she already was fucking family members and her mom was showing her how to do a threesome with dad, brother and uncle.

Erica decided that the time was right. Joy needed the family love and she would take charge. Erica took Joy in the house and promised Joy she would be allowed to have sex and become a whore just like her mother and sister. Joy was more then thrilled to hear this good news. Erica made plans and invited all the neighbors over to their home the next night. Erica knew the neighbors would be more then willing to have some hot sexual fun, an orgy was never refused. The next night all the neighbors came over for the party. Erica wanted Joy to be the center of attention that night and decided that Bill should fuck Joy first and let him be the one to fill her cunt with his cum first.

Erica would follow by eating Joy's cum filled cunt showing her guests her sexual talents. Jill would lick Joy's asshole and lube her asshole for anal fucking then turn her over to the neighbor's for their fun. That night when everyone was there Erica had Joy on the kitchen table with pillows and blankets for support making it nice and soft for Joy. After Bill and Erica along with Jill did their nasty sex in front of all the guest it was time for Joy's solo letting all the pedophiles have their way with Joy.

One after another men would enter Joy's cunt and fuck her for several minutes shooting there cum not only in her cunt but on her body. Some of the pedophiles couldn't wait to fuck Joy they just jack off in her face. While Joy was being treated to all the men's cock Erica and Jill turn their attention to the young boy's that came along. Joy of course was the girl of the night. Erica left the room with a statement for the men.

"Guys she wants to be fucked don't disappoint her. Make her a little slut whore like her mom."

Knowing this comment would make Joy very pleased with her mom. Erica loved cock and seeing several boys ages 8, 10 and 12 years old made Erica's cunt wet. Erica's cunt was dripping juices and wanting to fuck these young cock's. She took three boy's to her bedroom. Jill did the same taking several young boys to her room for her own sexual pleasure.

Erica knew what she wanted to do with the boy's. She began sucking the 8 year's old cock while he laid on his back on the bed with two other boy's one on each side of her. Erica stroked there cock`s making them hard. One at time when they were hard she allowed them to fuck any hole they wanted. To her surprise the 8 year old wanted to piss on Erica something his dad said he should do. Of course she wanted to please him and his dad.

Erica sat back against the head board of her bed with his small cock in her mouth she told
him to piss in her mouth. He did smiling as she swallowed his piss. The 10 year old wanted to try fucking Erica`s asshole. The 12 year old wanted her cunt and the way he asked made Erica smile when he said.

"Erica we love you. Will you be a fucking whore for us tonight? I want my dad to know I fucked your ass. Will you tell him?"

"Yes, I'll tell later him later."

Erica smiled gave him a sweet kiss on his cock then laid on her back and allowed him into her cunt helping him find her cunt hole. With his thin hard cock he began fucking her just as if he was a pro. When the 12 year old finished fucking her cunt.
She turn over telling the 10 year old it was his turn. Raising her asshole in the air the boy mounted her from behind.
Erica found the boy was very hard and penetrated her asshole easy. Erica was pleased with the boy's fucking just wishing he could have cum in her filling
her hole with hot sperm. When the boy was done she laughed when he said.

"Erica that was a good fuck. Thank You."

Erica fucked about 12 guys and many young boy's that night. Bill fucked his daughter Jill's ass because she was pregnant.

Jill gave several men blow jobs and allowed them to shoot there man seed in her face or any placed they wanted to.

Gina and Toni did their part helping out serving drinks and let all the guys play with bodies even giving blow jobs to who ever wanted them.
When the party was over and the guests left. Joy was still laying on her table that was prepared for her. Laying on her back full of sperm, gobs dripping from her bright red cunt hole, sperm crusting on her face and in her hair. Her small tits red from being malled by the pedophiles and smiling like she just seen Santa Clause.

"Mom that was great. I think I fucked 13 men and sucked as many cocks, All the others just came all over me. That was great. I'm a whore now, right mom."

"Oh yes Joy your a whore, a very young one at that." Erica smiling as she confirmed her daughter's desire.

Erica was wondering what she would tell her son Kenny when he came
home from his visit with his Grandparents. The girls would tell him about the party.

The next day William's parents brought Kenny home from his visitation with the grandparents. Joy anxious to tell Kenny all about last night's party and how mom made her the star in the sex party.
She told him how all the men had sex with her and she was now a whore just like mom.

Kenny was upset that there was a sex party and he wasn't there to enjoy the activities. William notice what was going on and suggested he take Jill and Joy for some ice cream at the mall. Knowing very well Erica would handle the problem with Kenny. After William and the kids left for the mall Kenny showed he was very unhappy asked his mom if she still loved him. Erica
very frustrated about the question took Kenny by the arm she sat down along side of him on the sofa.

Erica always had a way to over come any problems that would arise, She would offer herself in away that Kenny would accept, also satisfy herself sexually.

"Kenny I do love you very much. Why would you even wonder about my love for you?" she asked.

"Mom, You let my friends over here last night and Jill said you let them fuck you. I wasn't here to have fun with all the people. You know I want to fuck you mom."

Surprised but not shocked by his answer Erica stood up and disrobed telling Kenny to do the same. She took Kenny into his bedroom laying naked on the bed exposing her naked body to her son.

"Kenny come here. You want to fuck mommy? Come lets fuck."

Erica had Ken sit on her chest pulling him close so she could insert his cock in her mouth and began sucking his 4 inch cock very slowly. She wanted him to feel every hot motion of her tongue sucking his balls and cock letting him watch her head bob back and forth on his erect cock. She went from his cock moving his body over her face till she had her tongue in his asshole licking and sucking him from his ass to his cock slowly. When Kenny was very aroused she smiled and told him.

"Kenny mommy wants her precious man's cock in her cunt. Mommy wants to be fucked by her special man."

Kenny smiled and moved himself between her legs. Erica's cunt was wet and ready she loved being fucked by her son and she wanted him to feel very special.

"Honey you know mommy loves you so I'll let you do whatever you want with me just tell me what you want."

Kenny smiled and told Erica as he was fucking her.

"Mommy you know I jacked off at grandma's last night and I now have cum. I shot cum from my cock. I want to give it to you mom.I want to make you pregnant."

Just as he told Erica about his sperm he shot a load of cum into her cunt forcing himself
deep into her as possible.

"Oh fuck Kenny, cum deep in my cunt. Yes, fuck me, make me pregnant I'll have your baby."

Erica was always careful she knew she couldn't get pregnant. Kenny stop fucking for a moment to catch his breathe. Erica laid him on his back and started sucking his cock again.

"Kenny I`m making you hard again I want you to fuck mommy again, maybe you can make me pregnant sweetheart." Erica stopped sucking his cock for a moment.

"Kenny maybe it would be better to fuck your sister Joy and get her pregnant. Then mom can be a Grandmother. I know Joy would love to get pregnant by you."

Smiling and very happy Kenny replied "Okay mom, when can I knock her up? Erica smiled.

"Honey as soon as she is able to get pregnant." Thinking that Joy would give up the child for some well deserved money for themselves.

"Mom, Can I still fuck you?" Erica replied. "Yes honey you an fuck me anytime." dropping back down sucking his cock once more. As Erica sucked that stiff shaft of Kenny's he asked.


"Yes honey. I want to fuck your asshole this time mom. Grandpa said you liked getting fucked in your ass."

"Yes. Kenny Grandpa is right, I love being fucked in my ass." Kenny would have to wait to fuck moms asshole. Just then the phone rang.

The call was from Bill. While they were at the mall Jill went into labor. The paramedics of the community responded. Jill was taken to the medical center.

Erica and Kenny rushed to the center wanting to make sure that Joy's needs were met. Jill delivered a very nice health boy.

Soon after-wards the news went out through the community telling all about the the young girl's contribution to the community and by giving up the baby to a well desiring family outside the community. This also meant Erica's family would receive a generous amount of money as well as the community.


Four months later when Erica was leaving the center after she pick up her baby check. She read the notices that were posted. One in particle caught her eye.

There was an opening in the center coming up for an entertainment person to run events for the community. The job didn't pay much. The person would coordinate shows mostly perverted sex shows related to the community. All the person had to do was sign up and turn in a movie in the next ten months.

The movie had to be made for the community with family and friends. This movie would be sold to the outside and the money would help the community. The person making the most perverted disgusting movie would win the job that was posted. The mayor as they called him of the community and board would view and pick the winner.

Erica went home smiling thinking about an idea she had. Knowing she had ten months to make the movie. Erica wasted no time starting a filthy movie with her family and friends.

Erica would have her son Kenny get her pregnant and film all the sex scenes she could.

Jill would get pregnant by her father and filming those pervert sex scene's. Joy of course not able to get pregnant yet would fuck and suck the neighbors big Labrador dog.

She would invite Toni and Gina to get involved. Filming Transsexual Gina fucking her husband Bill's asshole would be a great scene. Gina always wanted to fuck Bill.

Erica's dad would have sex with Joy fucking her filling her asshole, cunt, and face with his cum and along with grandma watching and helping.

Erica asked Gina to help make the movie knowing she always wanted to be with Erica as much as she could thinking she would be able to have more sex with her.

Gina was just as sick and perverted as Erica. Gina came up with an idea that was wild and so filthy even Erica was surprised.

Gina suggested to rent the slut hole bar in town and invite all the community to join in for sex and have it all filmed.

Erica agreed and made plans with Joe the bar owner making certain that he didn't tell people about her plans. She would invite the people at the last minute so no one could compete with her idea.

To get ready Erica went off the pill. Now fucking her son Kenny every day letting him sperm her filling her cunt with his hot seed.Kenny really enjoyed fucking his mother and never missed a time reminding her she was his fucking whore.

Bill knew his daughter would be ready soon for her second pregnancy. Jill was looking forward to get fucked and pregnant again just to show the community and her Grandparents she was just like her mother a fucking whore.

Erica along with Gina's help made her plan work very well. Jill was pregnant with Bill's child. Little Kenny got Erica pregnant. The two girls would have just enough time to make their movie before given birth. The girls would have their kids in nine months just before the dead line to turn in there filthy movie for the competition.

Nothing change much in the next several months. The girls did there afternoon walks and the fucking and sucking and perverted sex still went on in there neighborhood.

Joy now was nine years old and very active sexually fucking her father and all the men in
the neighborhood including Peter's dog.

Erica worked with Joy showing her how to take on Peter's big black Labrador. Sucking his big cock taking mouth fulls of cum even letting him fuck her asshole and being knotted. The first few times Joy was scared but, with Gina and Erica's help she soon became comfortable doing the dog's big cock. Gina from time to time with her big cock fucked Joy's asshole pleasuring herself and stretching Joy's asshole.

Gina of course loved fucking a nine year old asshole and with Erica's approval made it just that more exciting. Erica wanted nothing more then to make her daughter's proud of her while making her daughters the community biggest sluts. Bill was always happy to see Erica his daughter's doing there perverted sex and would help in any he could. Nine months had passed and now it was time for her big perverted show at the bar.

Erica invited the whole community to her show telling everyone she and her kids were all available for sex and there would be plenty of filthy sex to enjoy.

The night of the show Erica gave all the kids a pill similar to Viagra that she got from the sleazy doctor in the center. She took a pill also then broke one in half and took that with a shot of vodka. She wanted to stay horny at least three to four hours. She gave the kids a pill not realizing that milligram was very strong.

Bill got everyone in car and drove to the slut hole bar. Entering through the back door were Gina,Toni were waiting for them. The girls already were beginning to be aroused sexually from the pills. Erica peered from behind the curtain that covered the small stage. She could see the bar was filled with all the pedophiles and perverted men and women that came to watch and participate in the show.

It was now eight o'clock and time for her show. Checking to make sure her prearrange camera men were ready. They gave Erica the nod that they were.

Erica disrobed and and step onto the stage. Her big pregnant belly and swollen tits bounced as she walk out stage in high heels and big slut smile. Naked with microphone in hand she yelled out.
"Are you fuckers ready for some cunt? Do you want to fuck?"

A cheer went up and then the audience yelled. "We want cunt.We want whores."

Erica took control asking the audience to quite down and that she wanted to introduce her family.
Looking out at some of the men taking their clothes off some even stroking their cocks.

"I'm Erica and 9 months pregnant by my 12 year old son, I love fucking him and I love to be fucked by all you horny men out there. I'm a fucking whore so fuck me tonight like the whore I am."

Now motioning to Kenny to come forward. Standing naked next to his mother smiling like he
just won a big prize of some sort. His cock was standing straight out and hard from the little blue pill Erica gave him. Kenny knew he was there for sex. Erica was so pleased with him when he agreed he would suck cock if he was asked to and let some Gays fuck him it they wanted.

Again Erica quited the crowd to introduce her daughter Jill. Jill walked out on stage naked wearing only high heels. Her big belly well oiled and shinning in the bright lights stood next to her mom.

"This is my oldest daughter Jill 9 months pregnant fucked by her father. Pregnant with her second child in within a year. I'm so fucking proud of my sweet whorish daughter, and I want you to enjoy her body tonight guys. Jill do have anything to say to our guest?" Erica asked.

Jill took the mic from her mom. "I'm so fucking horny, I want to fuck all you guys." She said. The crowd went wild knowing they were going to get a lot of pleasure tonight having sex with her.

Erica quited the crowd again. " I would like to introduce you to my youngest daughter Joy."

Joy now came walking out on stage, she to was naked dressed in her little red high heel shoes.

"This is Joy my youngest, she has a very tight asshole and cunt. Joy loves fucking and sucking cock. I want you guys to make her very happy and fuck her like the little whore she is. Mostly because she wants to be like me."

The crowd cheered more and applauded loudly. Toni the Bi sexual and Gina the transsexual walk out on stage. Gina stroking her hard big cock, walking to the edge of the stage and began pissing on some guys sitting near the stage. A huge laughter went up and another round of

All the girls were now very sexually excited from the Viagra they had taken and step down on to the floor were all the men and women were waiting to fulfill there perverted sexually desires.

Erica extremely horny laid on a table and began sucking any mans cock that was given to her while others played and fucked her cunt. Erica didn't care about being pregnant she just wanted to fuck. Men turned her over on her fat belly fucking her asshole while men were pissing on her body. Others shoved cock after cock in her mouth and came filling her mouth full of cum. Erica swallowed every man's hot seed.

The hot perverted sex continued for hours with all the patrons of the bar performing some type of perverted sex. Either with Erica or her kids or just anyone that was in the bar. Erica had gotten off the table awhile later still very horny and wanted more sex. The pill was still making her very sexual.

She stopped long enough to see Jill her pregnant daughter crawling on her hands and knees on top of the bar with a bottle of beer protruding from her asshole dragging her belly crossed the wet sloppy bar as several men pissed in her face and on her body. Jill was laughing and trying to catch their hot piss as she crawled along the bar.

Kenny was in the corner bent over being fucked in his tight little ass by an old man while sucking on his Grandmother's cunt. Grandma's face was cover in cum and she still was sucking cock.
Erica just smiled in delight loving every perverted minute. Looking around the bar for Joy and seeing her on a table being abused by several men.

Erica watched as a man slid his cock down Joy's throat fucking her face. Two men spread the young girls legs as another stuff her cunt with a beer bottle while four others stood along side her
pissing their fluids on Joy's face and body. Erica yelled out to Joy just as the man finished shooting his load of cum down her throat.

"How you doing honey? Having fun my sweetheart." Erica waiting for an answer.Joy looked over at mom giving her the thumbs up sign. Then turned over to take another cock up her tight gaped red asshole.

Erica wanted to finish the show with a big sexual bang she had planned. She was still on a sex high from her pills and wanted to do her final act. Calling for Gina to make the announcement about ending the show.

While Gina called for attention to quite the crowd. Erica took the stage along with Joy,Kenny,Jill and Bill. The final perverted act that was to planned was about to take place on stage. Erica was on hands and knees, next to her was Jill their pregnant belly's hanging on the piss soak stage.

The to girls would be fucked in there asses by Peter's big black Labradors. While the girls would suck some men's cocks as the dogs unloaded their cum in the girls assholes. Bill would be next to Erica having Toni suck his asshole while he suck Gina's cock. Joy would wait until the dogs were done fucking her mom and sister then move in and suck the cum from the girls assholes swallowing the warm fluid. When this was over they would thank all the guest for having participating in the filming.

As the perverted act was going on Jill and Erica's water broke sending them into labor. The two girls had their babies right their on stage. All of this was on film to every ones delight. The guest were even more thrill at the site of two naked whores given birth at the same time.

The girls were taken to the community medical center for evaluation and to turn over the babies
so their community could be rewarded. Joy had over did her cock sucking and swallowed massive loads of cum. Making her sick for a few days.
Later when she was asked how she felt. Her reply was. "When can we do this again."

Jill and Erica received their money for the babies as surrogates. The community received their part of money. Erica not only won the job but, also was put on the board of directors for the community.

Erica at a later time wrote a letter to the community saying how much she loved her community. Thanking them for their support and loyalty. Many of the pictures from that night are hanging on the walls at Joe's Slut Hole Bar. She autograph everyone of the pictures.

"Erica the community Whore."

The end.


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