Gaby has her one month anniversary - preteen sex story PART II

Gaby (Chap 3) Gaby has a one-month anniversary. (Part II)

Gaby’s Japanese tutor is here this afternoon teaching her about the metric system. We managed to get naked to measure each other standing against a door. I was the last to be measured and Miko got a close and personal look at my cock as she knelt before me and ran the cloth tape around my hips.

I took a ruler and said, “Girls there is only one more thing to measure; but I have to sit on my bed.” Both girls looked at my cock; Gaby with a big grin and Miko with a stunned expression.

I took Miko’s hand and led her to the bedroom. She followed without complaint. I sat on the bed and handed her the ruler, “You do want to measure it, don’t you?” She seemed to blush again, her mouth fell open and then she shook her head meekly, “Yes” as she took the ruler and looked at my cock. “Do you know how to get me hard first,” I asked and she slowly nodded again. “Show me,” was a command.

My beautiful Miko stood before me and looked at me as if she was going to refuse my command. Her elfin body is so very beautiful starting with her black hair in her newly acquired professionally styled bob, down to her oriental, almond eyes, made sparkling with light blue make-up. The lip gloss gives her sexy, pouty lips.

Her beautiful breasts are just as I hoped they would look after seeing them down her blouse before. They are small cones, standing up proudly with hard, small dark nipples. When she lost her blouse she rubbed them without thinking.

She has a flat belly leading to a sweet slit; totally hairless as if she were a preteen. At sixteen she should have already been sexually active; but Miko gave all the signals of having few, if any, encounters with boys. She sure seemed impressed when she saw my cock.

I leaned over to my nightstand and pushed a button on a remote and a soft female voice came out of several speakers. Miko looked at the ceiling and a half minute later asked, “Taylor?” She had told me a week ago she had a crush on the girl country singer. Now she was listening to her next album which would be released in about three months. “How?” she asked and I told her it was a secret; but she would have a copy of the new album when she left.

Miko’s foot tapped with the beat when she knelt before me and reached for my cock. It seemed big in her small hands and she studied it for a minute and pulled my skin down tentatively. She stroked it several times very slowly. Her face changed into bit of a smile and I could tell she had little or no experience handling a guys’ meat. “That’s nice, Miko. Tell me what you are doing,” I said.

She looked at me and shook her head ‘No’, but then said quietly, “I’m jerking you off.” When girls start talking dirty they often get themselves going also. Gaby lay on the bed next to us watching closely. She giggled and added, “He is not circumsticed,” mangling the word as she said it. Miko giggled and had forgotten her nudity as I watched her tits sway while her hand stroked my cock. “What else do guys love that gets them hard,” I asked Miko.

Her head shook ‘No’ again and then she added quietly, “They love BJ’s.” I said, “I bet if you like someone you could give them a great BJ. Can’t you?” Her head was still moving back and forth in a ‘No’ motion; but her eyes and tongue gave her away. She looked up at me and her tongue ran across her lips. Oh yes, she wants to do it; she just does not know it yet.

“And if someone likes a pretty girl like you; they would do anything you wanted. So what is Miko’s secret desire?” I asked and noted her hand had tightened on my cock and was moving quicker. Her other hand had slipped between her legs and she was touching herself. I waited nearly a minute and Miko was quietly pumping my cock. So I said, “I think a pretty girl like you wants a man’s cock between her legs and wants him to make her a real woman today.” Oh, her face was priceless. Bingo. I hit her weak point. She looked at me and just nodded, ‘Yes.”

I leaned forward and kissed her lips, “Baby, it will be my honor to do that just for you. Help me get a bit harder, first.” Miko gave me a big grin and her head moved to my cock with her lips open. Her tongue slid out and her first touch was right on my sensitive underside. When my cock twitched its appreciation, Miko laughed and covered my cock head with her glossy lips. Her tongue slid down the underside and made my nerves tingle. “Oh Miko, that feels so very good,” I commended her. Mostly, I thought she will be an excellent cock sucker. I am sure she can learn to deep throat like a champ. When she stopped to breathe, I smiled at her and said, “I know what you have been watching on the library computers.” She giggled and agreed.

I let Miko play and suck my cock for a few minutes; just enough to get me rock hard and get her in a better mood for her next step. Even in these few minutes she was already developing a nice technique of pulling me deep into her mouth and then slowly pulling me back out while her tongue tortured my cock. Oh, how very sexy. I had to stop her before she got her first load of Jizz down her throat.

I pulled her next to me on the bed and kissed her nipples and breasts and then laid her on her back. Gaby, the little kitty, crawled up next to Miko and kissed her lips. “Gently, Gaby, gently,” I reminded her. She was surprisingly gentle, kissing Miko’s lips and ears and neck. She worked down to her breasts while I stepped between Miko’s legs. Miko seemed a bit shocked to have a girl kiss her boobs and suck her nipples but she kissed Gaby back and even kissed her baby nips when Gaby leaned over her.

Although Miko is very petite, at age sixteen she was fully developed with pouty lower lips. Her skin is soft and felt delicious as I kissed my way around and around her pussy lips. I opened her with my finger tips and the aroma of perfume hit me. Ah, Miko had spritzed her pussy. Wonder if she was hoping for an encounter of the sexual kind? I am her to please you, baby. So I opened her and kissed her until she squirmed and I could detect her own moisture covering her inner lips. Her clit was tiny but hard under my fingers as I rubbed it for a few minutes.

“Please,” Miko whined and spread her knees apart. I looked at her face and pushed my hard cock against her. Gaby gasped as I slid into Miko’s pussy. Gaby’s face was inches away watching my cock disappear. I reminded myself, “Easy and gently.” I fucked her slowly and gently pushing deeper on every third or so stroke. I was only about half way inside her when I hit her obstruction. When I looked up at Miko’s face, she smiled and nodded, “I’m still a virgin. You are my first.”

“Do you want me to change that, Miko?” I asked.

“Please, fuck me hard,” was her answer. Works for me.

I grabbed her hands, one in each of mine, and lifted them over her head. It put my face near hers and I told her, “When I do it, you will be mine and mine only.” Miko looked at me and waited a beat before giving a little nod. “Say it,” was my next command.

“I will be yours only,” Miko said clearly and smiled. Gaby gasped in disbelief. She looked at me hard. Seems as if the little kitty cat has turned into a tigress protecting her turf, our love cocoon. I pulled Gaby to me and told her, “Gaby, you will always be my first; but you know you are still too young for this. I need her.”

Gaby looked at Miko under me with her legs splayed wide open and then at me, “Ok Birgh, I give you permission; but no other girls.”

Well thanks for that, I grinned to myself; my six year old babe gave me permission to fuck another girl. She doesn’t realize how funny that is.

I kissed Miko and covered her mouth with mine to muffle any screams and on the count of three I made her a woman. She moaned into my mouth and I held still, with my cock deep inside her. When I leaned back and looked at her face I saw a tear slide down her cheek. “Did it hurt? I am sorry, baby,” I muttered and Miko grinned. “No, I’m happy. I wanted you to do it for me,” she admitted. It made me laugh and I fucked her gently.

Gaby looked at me with wide eyes, seeing her tutor get her first cock from very close and personal. “Gaby, do you want to help?” I asked her and she said, “Sure.” “Come kiss her clit and play with her pussy,” I told her. Better for her to participate then feel left out.

I fucked Miko with a steady rhythm, not realizing I was in synch with Taylor’s music. Miko grinned and I could tell her female instinct was taking hold quickly. She rocked her ass and her pussy squeezed me on every down stroke. Miko exhaled hard and relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Gaby got a new education eating girl clit. My little kitty got her tongue on my cock every time a pulled out and she meowed several times. Life is wonderful.

It was obvious we were reaching our climax about the same time. Miko gasped again and grabbed Gaby’s head and held her against her mons. I pushed as deep as possible into Miko’s womb and shot several huge loads of Jizz into her steaming hot body. At least they felt like huge load. As I pulled my cock out of Miko, Gaby opened her mouth and got the last shot. I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth and let her taste Miko’s juices. Gaby’s eyes stared at me as the new taste sensation hit her and she swallowed with my cock still in her mouth.

Miko lifted her head and saw Gaby with my cock nearly down her throat. “Holy cow,” she choked, “Gaby, you are a very bad little girl. I may have to spank you.” She laughed; a new woman now and superior to Gaby in the pecking order.

Gaby kept her eyes on me and licked my cock. “Gaby, do you want to eat her pussy?” I asked. It was the first time I heard her say, “OMG”. Then she smiled at me and meowed twice again before crawling between Miko’s thighs and licking her pussy. Miko gave up and laid back and spread her knees wide to let Gaby pleasure her to another climax.

A minute later, I whispered to Gaby, “Happy anniversary.” Her new vibrator was in my hand and as I pushed it deep into her baby pussy I think I saw a smile light up her face from ear to ear. Gaby climbed back up on the bed and curled into Miko on one side. I did the same on the other.

“It was probably not the way you expected. Tell us what you thought,” I asked Miko. She giggled and told us her plan was to let me look at her young teen tits again. She had noticed I loved the view. Then she would come to the apartment during the week and we would make romantic love. I kissed her and said, “Sorry, I got your sweet plan nixed; but you are so pretty I could not wait. What do you think about your student now?”

Miko giggled and said, “I never had a girl kiss me ‘down there’; but it felt really good.” She turned to Gaby and gave her a huge French kiss and Gaby locked herself to Miko’s mouth for five minutes. I added with a laugh, “Looks like the two of you are now best friends.”

We cuddled and listened to Taylor, when Miko said, “We really should get the homework finished or Gaby will fall behind in class. I told the girls to go into the bathroom and take a shower.

Miko kissed me and said, “I love you.” She put her mouth next to my ear and whispered, “I can spend Wednesday night, dear husband.”

Now this is a terrific way to spend Sunday afternoons. I hope Miko and Gaby are ready for more tutoring next Sunday. I need all the help I can get.

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