Gaby has her one month anniversary - preteen sex story

Gaby (Chap 2) Gaby has a one-month anniversary. (Part I)

My first weekend with Gaby was a totally unexpected blast when the nearly six year old French kissed me to no end. She really loves working her soft lips against mine and slipping her tongue deep into my mouth. Before the weekend was over she kissed and licked my cock and sampled my cum. Her sexual awakening was a glorious thing and I gave her a real treat by bringing her to an earth shattering orgasm; more than once by the time Monday morning came. Life is good.

The three following weekends were near copies of the first with a few adjustments; and today is weekend number four. Our one-month anniversary. During the past weeks, by the time I picked her up after school on Fridays, I could tell her sexual frustration was climbing like a monkey going up a tree. She wanted to kiss me when I picked her up and I nearly had to restrain her because she would never give me a chaste “Uncle” kiss. I imagined she would lip lock to me like an extra horny girlfriend right in front of the school.

A promise to fix her little problem when we got to my apartment made her calm her jets until the door closed behind us. Then it was almost a race to see who could get naked and into my bed first. Afterwards we would laugh and giggle about it and promise not to be so crazy; except it never worked. Gaby would kiss me like crazy and I let her do most anything she wanted. Her latest thing was to pull the sheet over us and make the bed our very own ‘love cocoon’. With the light from the lamp giving us a rosy hue under the sheet, she explored nearly every inch of me with her lips and tongue.

The other thing we changed was our Sunday afternoon routine. My sister Birgitte complained that Gaby was not doing so well in her math class, so Sunday afternoon became study period. When I talked to her teacher about it, she recommended private tutoring and gave me a list of names. After speaking with them on the phone, we chose a smart high school girl. I had looked at all the tutor’s FaceGirl pages and three things stood out about Miko. She was of Japanese background and probably had a serious work ethic handed down by a stern grandmother. Second, she had won a whole lot of scholarship awards and lastly, her picture showed a skinny, waif of a girl with big glasses on her tiny nose. I figured having her in my apartment would not be a temptation for me.

Miko was interested in the job, but Sunday afternoon was a bit of a problem for her since it cut into her own study time. We negotiated a bit and she agreed she would try it for a weekend or two. Since I doubled her usual fee, I figured she had an incentive to spend three hours with us. Miko talked with Gaby’s teacher and found out what her weak areas and her homework assignments were. She told me she would be here promptly at 2:00 p.m.

Before Miko arrived the first time, I was concerned some evidence of Gaby’s sexual adventures would be visible, so we went through my apartment inch by inch to hide any evidence. I had to laugh at Gaby and me acting like two CSI detectives crawling around the floor, and scrubbing the bathroom and the kitchen. While Miko should not be in my bedroom, I had to admit we found two pink panties under my bed. One was child size, one adult size. I guess I had not vacuumed under there in several months and the ex-girlfriend had left a surprise.

Gaby inspected the adult panties, which were frilly pink, and said in a bit of a snit, “Wow, she had a big ass.” I answered with a chuckle, “Uuh, my little kitty has her nasty claws showing.” Gaby grinned and gave me a “Meow”, making claws with her hands. Oh shit, it immediately made me think of her meowing whenever I lick her pussy and make her little body explode. Plus, my ex loved having my cock in that perfect ass.

Miko arrived as scheduled and we set up at the kitchen table. She asked Gaby what she was working on in her first grade class and it seemed to match what the teacher had told her. So they did a bunch of math drills and Miko explained how the number system worked and gave Gaby an oversized sheet with multiplication and addition tables. She had Gaby say the tables out loud in a sing-song way. I stood back and watched and listened and caught myself singing the multiplication tables with the girls.

About forty minutes into the session, I called for a ten minute break. Miko was focused on the lessons and probably would have never stopped. I told them to go into the living room where I had set up snacks and drinks. Watching Miko walk into my living room was a mistake. She has a tight little ass under her tight jeans and her hips had a sexy wiggle. She was prettier than her FaceGirl picture with a clear complexion. Large almond eyes were hidden behind the big glasses. Her black hair was cut in a short bob.

As she bent over to pick up her drink I got a clear glimpse of a pair of small perky breasts with nipples showing under a thin bra. Ok, I’m a pig and will look at tits no matter what age. When they were back at the kitchen table I moved around to see if Miko’s top would gap some more; but nothing was visible. I made them take another break an hour later and got a second glimpse down Miko’s cleavage. I laughed to myself wondering if the teen had a clue she could get mature guys interested in her tits.

When they wrapped up the study session Miko thanked me for the job and told Gaby to practice the multiplication tables all the time. She gave Gaby a small printout to carry with her. At the door Gaby gave Miko a big hug and I saw that she was only a few inches taller than Gaby. When I handed her an envelope with cash, she took a quick peek, smiled and hugged me. It was just an innocent hug, but it put a grin on my face as I felt her baby tits push against me. I told her we were looking forward to seeing her next Sunday.

Gaby was very excited to have her own tutor, thinking of it as a special privilege. I may have created a math monster, because she practiced the multiplication tables all evening long. I was tempted to tell her I would put my cock into her mouth to shut her up; but that would be a “Bad Uncle”. She finally quit chanting when we got into the bathtub for our evening fun session.

The other thing we changed is we now have sex nearly all night long on Friday and then rest on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoons we visited various malls which showed whatever movies Gaby wanted to see. Mainly, she has to behave herself in public or no movies. I thought Gaby may put her beauty to work as a fashion model; but she may turn into a movie director. She knows a lot about kid’s movies and the new animation technology. Her mom Birgitte cannot afford a high-end computer, so I may buy Gaby one for her sixth birthday next month. She wants animation software and thinks she can produce her own little film snippets.

Since this weekend is our one-month anniversary, I have been thinking about doing something special for my little kitty cat girl and maybe take her sexual adventures to the next level. So far I have tried to keep myself under control and mostly let Gaby do three things. First she can French kiss me as much as she wants because she really still gets off on it. She mauls my mouth, face and ears for maybe twenty minutes before she hits a level of satisfaction and wants me to do her.

Second, I kiss and suck her boobs and nips and then get her to full orgasm by eating her baby pussy. She screams and creams when I bite her clit to make her explode. God, it is so much fun when she nearly jerks off the bed like an electric cattle prod hit her right in the crotch. And lastly is my own fun time, Gaby plays with my cock and I have taught her to keep the sensation going for nearly an hour. She slowly stokes my cock and balls and finally has me cum. She still giggles when cum spurts through the air. Last week I had her catch it all on her face; her first facial. She licked it all into her mouth and meowed for me in her kitty cat way. Did I say life is great?

Another thing we added during the past two weeks is we now share the bathtub during bath time. I still shampoo and wash Gaby’s hair and ass. However, my fingers are doing a much more thorough job of washing her little anal star and pussy. Gaby returns the favor by washing my cock and balls. We are talking about shaving that area this weekend as a test to see if she would like me better clean shaved. Of course, her pretty pussy does not need a razor, yet.

Let me jump back and bring you up to date on our tutor, Miko. Last Sunday was the second tutor session in our kitchen. Miko called me Thursday evening and told me she had already talked to Gaby’s teacher about what she recommended for tutoring. She mentioned the teacher was impressed that Gaby was paying more attention in class and had parts of the multiplication and addition tables memorized. When I talked to the teacher on Friday she verified what her recommendations were.

Before noon on Sunday Gaby and I did our CSI inspection. We even code named it Gaby-CSI. All the stuff belonging to Gaby lying around in the bathroom is now in a special basket in the closet with her pink towels. Her airbed is made in a tidy fashion with toys sitting on it. As we used to say in the Army, “Ready for Inspection, Drill Sergeant.”

Promptly at 2:00 pm the doorbell rang and Gaby ran to welcome Miko. I stayed in the kitchen and set out colas. Miko came into the kitchen and gave me a big smile and said, “Hello Birgh.” Whoa there, little pony. Our little tutor had made a few changes. Her short black hair had a new improved cut which gave Miko a nice pixy look. I noticed some light pale blue eye shadow and lip gloss. All the make-up was very subtle and looked like it was done professionally, not something a sixteen year old would normally know. She looked innocent and glamorous all at the same time if you can visualize it.

What she wore could be considered unprofessional for a tutor; but if you consider her audience, mainly me, she was dressed absolutely just right. She wore a nice pair of very short khakis. The shorts had sharp creases in the front giving them a business look; but are very tight on her tight Japanese ass. So business in front, pure sex in back. On top she wore a pale pink, short-sleeved blouse unbuttoned to between her small tits. The blouse looked like it was starched extra heavy duty; but I could clearly see two dark buttons hiding. Her shoes were a summer style with a medium heel; not enough to be considered high.

Miko saw my smile and my eyebrow go up in an unspoken question, so she said, “Thanks for your kind payment; I got a new haircut with it.” I answered, “It looks very nice. And your outfit makes you look all grown up.” I really wanted to say her outfit made her look like a teenage sex machine; but I guess that would be another “Bad Uncle” moment. When Miko sat at the table she put one leg under her butt the way girls often do. It made her lean forward to work with Gaby’s papers and it became very clear to me in a minute she left her bra at home. I looked over her shoulders and saw the tops of naked boobs with perky dark nipples. Oh Miko, Miko. If you are trying to impress me, you are winning the contest. I could not wait for their break and seeing what Miko would do in the living room.

I was not disappointed. Either on purpose or just teen innocence Miko bent over the coffee table and stayed bent over deciding on which snack to pick up. Her blouse gapped wide open and her perky tits were on full display. Dark button nipples are at the end of her little cones against her pure white skin. Obviously her chest has never been exposed to the summer sun or a tanning booth. She looked at me with a vixen smile and said, “I really love these little snack cakes.” I swallowed and agreed; except it was a different snack I was looking at.

While Miko was in the bathroom, I asked Gaby if she liked her tutor. Gaby whispered she made learning really easy and she thought Miko was cute. I agreed and told her to give Miko a little kiss before she left. It worked just great. As Miko wrapped up the tutor session, Gaby gushed how much fun she was having and gave Miko a big hug with a kiss on the cheek. Miko hugged her back and gave her a kiss back, telling us she was looking forward to our next weekend.

I handed her the payment envelope and she hugged me also. She got on her tip-toes and kissed my cheek. Bad Uncle let one hand slide down her back pushing her tits against me and caressing her ass for just a moment. Miko’s eyes went a bit wide and she giggled as she wiggled her butt out the door. Oh my, Gaby had fun learning; Bad Uncle had fun getting a grope of teen butt. We are looking forward to seeing Miko this weekend.

On the way from school to my apartment today, Gaby was her usual sexually high strung and I knew right away I needed to do some ‘tension relief’ for her before she could think clearly about our anniversary weekend. My plan was to get her all dressed up and go to a nice dinner on Saturday evening. We would swing by her apartment tomorrow and pick up her new dress and her ankle bracelet. Mom and Gaby agreed she would not wear the bracelet to school. In addition to a fancy dinner, I may even let her sip a glass of wine; something we had not done yet. And of course, Sunday afternoon was study time with Miko.

Gaby dropped her book bag in the living room and left a trail of clothing rushing to my bed. It was a funny trail; first the sneakers, then the jeans, then a yellow top and just inside the bedroom door her little training bra. She turned the lamp on and stripped out of her pink panda panties and threw them at me. I caught them in one hand and brought them to my nose. Oh yes, her sweet aroma was in the panties’ crotch and Gaby watched me take a sniff. From what I’ve read some females think its gross others feel it’s a compliment to them. Gaby had not decided. I stuck my tongue out and mimicked taking a long lick off the crotch and Gaby paid me back by leaning back on the pillows and spreading her legs wide apart. She reached between her legs and pulled her sweet pussy wide open and batted her eyes, “Birgh, come get the real thing.”

Looks like no French kissing foreplay this afternoon; right to her main event. Jeez, she must really be wound up. I stripped quickly and knelt between her legs and she pulled the sheet over us to put us in our ‘love cocoon’. My lips went to her thighs, kissing each leg and her mons for a few minutes while she groaned in sweet anticipation. When I kissed the middle of her wide open pussy, Gaby gave a huge sigh like all her tension had just flowed away. She meowed twice and one hand stoked my hair like she was petting me. It is what I do to her often.

My lips stayed locked to the middle of her pussy and my tongue moved lovingly up and down. Absolutely in no hurry. Today I was going to build her up slowly letting her rise up and up. When she hits the clouds she will explode and fall back to earth like pretty white snowflakes. Actually, she was urging me to go deeper and faster by pulling my hair when my tongue moved into her tunnel. I moved my tongue aside a bit and brought my middle finger in to help me.

Today is the first time I am going to seriously finger her baby cunt. So far, my fingers have not invaded her, staying mainly around her lips and pressing her little clit. It stays hidden under her skin and she has to pull herself apart quite a bit to get it to pop out. So first one finger, and then a second slid as deep between her lips as they could. Gaby is very tight; but her little pussy was already moist and pink. When the second finger reached its full depth, Gaby groaned. “Tell me if it hurts,” I reminded her. She gave me the same reply as weeks before.

“I don’t know if it’s too much yet. Stop if I scream.”

Using my little pinkie, I moisten it in her pussy juices and slide it lower to her anal star. Running my finger around her anal opening I take a quick look at Gaby’s face for signs of discomfort. “New adventure, sweetie,” I remind her and she rocks her ass over my little finger. Then I push hard; her hole pops open and my pinkie is in her up to the first knuckle. Gaby moans hard and does not complain.

I rub her gently but deeper with each stroke into her pussy and ass. Gaby rocks back against my fingers and I move my tongue up to her hidden clit. Gaby sighs and moans and every few minutes she gives me a meow. It makes me chuckle into her pussy which makes her giggle and pull my hair. She meows twice and signals me she is probably getting closer to a satisfying climax. I can tell her tummy ripples more and she pants with short breaths. We have been at it for at least twenty minutes and I know I have been cruel bringing her so high without sending her over the edge.

My little pinkie in Gaby’s ass makes her groan and moan. She rocks her butt against it as if she were getting ass fucked. Interesting. Next time she will get two fingers then maybe more. Maybe she is not too young.

My mouth is on her clit and Gaby anticipates what will happen in seconds. The hand in my hair pulls tight and so I bite her clit; not too hard; just enough to make her explode like a fire cracker. She gives a controlled scream, not as loud as the first time I did it to her. Like the first time and every time since, her whole body shakes from head to toes. It seemed not to want to stop. Her belly muscles quiver and she beat a tattoo on my back with her heels. As always, I keep my tongue in her pussy for a few minutes more before I cuddle her to me and let her relax.

Gaby’s mouth is on mine and she French kisses me hard. “Thank you, thank you, Birgh,” she cries and cuddles against me tightly. Her baby nipples are hard and press into my chest and I relax and enjoy. We stay together under the sheet and fall asleep.

When I wake it’s about an hour later and Gaby is still asleep in my arms. When I move she wakes up and snuggles back into me. “Don’t move, please,” she asks as she rubs her hands over my body. One hand caresses my cock and she smiles at me, “Can I play with your cock?” She asked it the first time we were in bed naked after I brought her to a climax and since then it has been our little code that she was ready to stroke me to a climax also. I tell her of course she can, but first I’m going to give her our first month anniversary present. I reach into the nightstand and pull out a small pink box and hand it to her.

Gaby opens the box and pulls out a round pink tube about four inches long with one end rounded like a cigar. She turns it around and looks at it from both ends until she discovers the ‘On’ button and her face lights up in recognition. She pushes the button and her new present hums and vibrates in her hand. Her mouth makes a big ‘O’ and she says, “A vibrator?” I chuckle and tell her it is for use in my apartment only. “Do you want to put it in my pussy?” she asks and I accept. Watching her do it herself would probably be fun, but it is even more fun to do it for her. After lubing the vibrator, she watches me closely. I have her lift her legs high into the air and slowly push the vibrator into her pussy until it nearly disappears. When I put my hand on her mons I can feel the gentle vibration and Gaby has a big smile on her face.

I think her present is a total hit.

Gaby does the usual; she rearranges herself next to my waist after I put several pillows against the headboard and lean back to watch her play with my cock. She has her legs drawn under her and sits facing me. Her blonde hair curls down her face and she runs her finger through her hair and gets the ‘bedroom’ tangles out. She smiles at me and strokes my cock to wake the sleeping guy up. She pulls the skin down and giggles when my cock head stands up with her help. She does it slowly making the agony last and last. She plays with my balls and she reminds me she wants to shave me. It’s a dangerous sport letting a six year old lose with a razor on your balls. Maybe just a good trim with scissors first.

She knows she has me close and wants to move her hand faster, but I have taught her to keep a steady slower pace and I will shoot cum at her for several strong loads. “Baby, next step in your education; suck my cock head into your mouth and hold it tight while I cum,” I tell her. She says, “Ok” and lays her head on by belly. My cock is in her mouth and I can feel her teeth holding me tight as I explode. She jerks as I blast her with the first two ropes of white cream and one hand claws into my leg. She swallows hard and drinks the follow-up shots of Jizz. We lay quiet as I try to relax and she holds my cock in her mouth and runs her tongue over it. It was wonderfully intense and when we lay quietly I can hear the vibrator buzzing in her pussy. After a few minutes I pull her next to me and tell her she was wonderful.

The little compliment sets Gaby off into another round of French kissing for at least five or ten minutes. “Next time, I am going to suck your cock and give you a good BJ,” she says firmly. Who am I to argue and we kiss some more. Gaby grabs my cock and says, “A little preview.” She holds my cock at the base and slides her mouth over it taking me as deep as she can. She sucks and hums and smacks her lips when she pulls me out. We finally break it up and I tell her it’s time to get into the tub and clean ourselves before supper. It was nearly ten p.m. before we got to an all-night restaurant.

Saturday morning we stayed in bed almost till noon and then made a trip to her apartment so she could get ready for her dinner date. Gaby let me watch as she raided mom’s make-up and put some soft eye liner and lip gloss on. I think she stole Miko’s make-up ideas. With her new dress, a bit of make-up and little earrings she looked like a princess. She thought it was ever so funny when I told the waiters she was my dinner date. Of course, they all assumed she is my daughter. When we got back home we celebrated with a glass of wine and actually fell asleep exhausted.

Gaby was all excited on Sunday morning waiting for her tutor, Miko. Yes, we did our Gaby-CSI routine and I made her hide her vibrator in my night stand. Again, promptly at 2:00 p.m. the doorbell rang and Miko came through the door. Gaby kissed and hugged and Miko kissed and hugged back. I was ready for my hug, too, as if I had not touched a girl in weeks. Jeez, I think I’m a horny old goat. Miko gave me a big smile and when she pressed against me I ran my hand down her back. Immediate verdict – no bra today either. I let my hand slide down to her butt and gave her a tiny, tiny squeeze. It was just enough to let her know I cared and she gave me a buzz to the cheek, “Hello Birgh.”

Miko was dressed similarly to last week and she had the same make-up and hair style. Instead of khaki shorts, they were blue and her blouse was pale blue, still unbuttoned down the middle.

I already knew today’s lesson was about measures, especially the metric system. Miko told me all that when she called Thursday and asked if she could spend a few dollars purchasing rulers and tape measures. Of course I agreed. Miko unloaded a shopping bag with several rulers, two metal tape measures and two cloth tapes. A calculator, notebook and pencils and erasers also were put on the table. I watched and listened for a few minutes as Miko explained the technical stuff about inches, feet and yards. She had a big chart with all the names like square feet and hectares.

I kept away from Miko trying not to be so obvious about looking at her teen tits until they took the first break. I had different snacks, bought from a fancy bakery, laid out on the coffee table. Miko bent over and let me enjoy the view down her blouse. Like last time, her white breasts were beautifully interesting and I stared until she sat down. The girls spent a second hour studying and I could hear Miko explaining how to ‘naturally’ guess certain measures. For example, everyone knows what one gallon of milk looks like. Knowing that is nearly equivalent to four liters; you should be able to reason out that a quart of milk is like a liter of milk.

Sounds easy until she started with lengths of objects and heights of people. I interjected, “Why don’t you stand against the door and mark your heights and measure them.” The girls took several minutes standing next to the door and one standing on a chair to mark the other’s height. Then they measured it using inches and centimeters. Of course Miko had to put it all on a chart. From there they took a cloth tape like a seamstress and measured each other’s waist. Gaby wrapped the tape around her chest and had Miko measure her bust size. Then they did it with the other tape and giggled as the numbers were written down. Next were Gaby’s hips.

Gaby is no dummy; she turned the tables on Miko and took all her measures and put them on the chart. “Gaby, those numbers are all wrong. With your jeans on it makes you bigger than you are. Supermodels always get measured nude,” I helped while standing in the kitchen. Gaby smiled at me and Miko’s eyes got serious and big. Gaby was almost nude by the time Miko started to protest. She closed her mouth as Gaby pulled her panties off and raised her hands to be measured.

Gaby waited on Miko and told me, “We have to measure you, too.” I smiled and said, “Of course, but Miko goes next.” Miko took her time slowly and carefully measuring Gaby’s chest and waist. She was a bit shy at measuring her hips; but Gaby pulled the tape around her hips and made Miko say the numbers out loud. When Miko measured her with the second tape she laughed and earned a kiss from Gaby. “This is fun Miko; you have to do it too.”

Miko took a nervous look at me and then turned around and unbuttoned her blouse. Most likely in her Japanese DNA was the rule to follow an elder’s instructions. She left the blouse on while slipping out of her shoes and blue shorts. She wore a pink bikini bottom and I could see her butt through the thin material. I wondered if she was shaved or had black hairs like you see on Japanese girls on the porn pages. Gaby spoke up, “Oh and your height is all wrong too because you had shoes on.” She pulled Miko to the door and had her stand against it; but pulled her blouse of with a quick move. Miko blushed and covered her perky tits with one hand.

“Birgh, can you help measure her height,” Gaby asked like a dutiful daughter. So I stood in front of Miko with a ruler over her head marking her height on the door. “You have to put your arms down, Miko, so I can mark it straight,” I said, seriously and wondered if anyone would believe it. Miko dropped her arms and I had my first view of her sweet tits from inches away. “You are very beautiful,” I whispered into her ear and kissed her cheek. Gaby handed me a tape and said, “Do you want to measure her?”

Does a cat scratch in a litter box?

“Raise your arms,” I told Miko and slipped the tape around her body and across her boobs. I made sure I rubbed her breasts gently as we kept eye contact. Her black almond eyes never moved until I read the number out loud to Gaby; Miko closed her eyes. Her waist was next and only took a few seconds. Her flat belly is flawless, but I did not kiss it; not yet.

The hips were next and I think Miko figured I would measure what I saw; over her pink panties. Instead I knelt down in front of her, put the tape around her hips and told her to hold the tape. Miko complied without question and I drank in her slender teen body. Reaching forward, I pulled her panties down past her knees in a quick move. She started to grab for them with a loud, “Oohh,” but my body was in her way when she bent forward. Miko is clean shaven with her long slit clearly visible.

Her beautiful bald slit was in front of my eyes and I said again, “Oh, you are so very pretty.” I gave her a quick kiss on her belly and moved back. Gaby jumped right in and chirped, “That was fun! Miko you have to measure, Birgh.” Well, Miko did not look horrified as I pulled my golf shirt off and pulled a chair up to the door. Then I stood by the door and waited to see if Miko would climb up on the chair to hold the ruler over my head.

Miko got a bit of a determined look on her face, gripped a ruler and pencil and hopped up on the chair. Maybe, she did not realize until it was too late, it again put her boobs right into my face. I let her mark the door and while she had both hands over my head I pulled her to me and kissed one of her breasts. She smacked me with the ruler; but it was hardly more than a tap. Gaby laughed out loud and I grinned. Miko turned red and I told her, “Sorry; you are so pretty, I just could not help it.”

Gaby said, “Miko, measure his chest while you are on the chair.” I’m not sure if Gaby realizes how much she is helping; but I really love Miko’s tits right in front of my face. I raised my arms, but then had to help her get the tape around my chest. Miko’s pretty teen breast swayed with all her movements and I was tempted to kiss her again. She read off the numbers and jumped off the chair.

Gaby measured my waist. I noticed Miko stepped back and watched my pants, waiting to see if I would drop them. Please, never disappoint the ladies. My pants and underwear came off in one move. Yes, my cock was already starting to get hard and I could hear Miko gasp. Gaby just chuckled.

Gaby took Miko by the hand and whispered, “You have to measure his hips. Not afraid are you?” Miko’s eyes got even wider and finally she stood next to me to try and get the tape around my hips. I helped her and suggested she should kneel down. When she knelt my cock was near her face and I could tell her heat was rising quickly. She measured my waist and then retreated to the kitchen table.

I took a ruler and said, “Girls there is only one more thing to measure; but I have to sit on my bed.” Both girls looked at my cock. Gaby with a big grin and Miko with a stunned expression. I took Miko’s hand and took her to the bedroom. She followed without complaint. I sat on the bed and handed her the ruler, “You do want to measure it, don’t you?”

She seemed to blush again as her mouth fell open.


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