I woke to my alarm and glanced at mom snuggled against Gwen cupping one of her breasts. I grinned and rubbed her bare butt before reaching out to finger Gwen’s messy pussy. She shuddered and moaned before opening her eyes. She grinned and reached down to push my finger deeper into her pussy.

Mom laughed as I moved over her and between Gwen’s legs. I pushed my hard drooling cock into her pussy and started fucking her hard with long firm strokes. She shuddered as her slimy pussy squeezed my cock. I shoved into her and humped against her, she jerked as the head pressed against her cervix and then she was bucking and thrashing around.

I rode her bucking body and fucked her hard as she began to wail and howl. When I planted my cock a few minutes later and started spewing cum into her she froze and gasped, “Fuck!”

She trembled as I pumped jet after jet and finally sighed, “Thanks Gwen.”

Mom laughed as she moved off the bed, “You two better go shower before you’re late.”

I watched her leave and then pulled out of Gwen before helping her off the bed. She was strangely quiet as I washed her and cleaned her pussy. I cupped her face, “You okay?”

She sighed, “I guess I thought I was going to stay a horny whore and…”

I grinned and turned her to cup her breast as I pulled her back against me, “It was just an experiment. You tried it and now you know. Now your mind has the memories and can decide what you want.”

She leaned back, “You always make it feel good.”

I turned her before shutting the water off, “Did you want to keep doing that?”

Gwen smiled and shook her head, “Sometime I might try doing two men again but I think you and dad will do for now.”

I nodded and pulled her out and dried her off. I stepped back and whispered the spell that sent her to her bed so she could get dressed. I dressed and kissed mom before heading to school. Gwen met me halfway there and linked arms, “Who are we going to do today?”

I grinned and put my arm around her waist, “I was thinking about Kimberly Abercomb.”

Gwen snorted, “She’s a nerd.”

I laughed, “Believe me, the four football players will think she is a goddess.”

She laughed and hugged me, “I bet they do.”

We talked on the way there and then she turned to kiss me in front of everyone before walking towards her first class. I had a chance to whisper spells for the four football players during the first half of the day. At the lunch bell I found Kimberly walking with Gwen and murmured the spells for her.

She smiled at Gwen and turned to walk to the table where the jocks ate. Gwen had glanced around and crossed to me as Kimberly whispered something at the table and the four guys stood. Gwen put her arm around me, “Where to?”

I glanced at her and grinned as I began to walk with her beside me, “The girls locker room. Well, the showers.”

She grinned as I released the mage cameras and sent them after Kimberly. We slipped in after them and waited as they undressed and began kissing and feeling each other. Gwen whispered, “I don’t think those guys have done this before.”

I grinned as I whispered a levitation spell to hold my laptop. I opened my pants and pulled them down before sitting on the end on a bench. Gwen grinned and turned to face the showers and the now fucking girl. She pulled her panties down and sat slowly as I held my cock. She began rocking back and forth as Kimberly screamed and howled.

One guy started pumping cum into her as she spasmed and shook. Gwen shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock as another guy pushed his cock into Kimberly’s slimy pussy. She was sucking the first guy after another had cum in her mouth. Soon she was doing two guys together, in her pussy or one in each hole.

She kept spasming and shuddering and howling to fuck her. Gwen shuddered hard ten minutes after we started and I held her as my cock throbbed and jerked. My cock released a huge fountain of cum and she bucked and jerked as she spasmed. Cum was leaking around my cock as we sighed and I held her.

Kimberly fucked the four guys until the warning bell, she shuddered and stood with cum running out of her in thick streams. The four didn’t leave, they carefully washed her while Gwen and I straightened our clothes and I brought the mage cameras back. She was smiling as we followed the five out and kissed me before heading to our next class.

She was grinning as she ran to me after school, “guess what?”

I shrugged and she laughed, “One of the jocks ask Kimberly to be his girlfriend.”

I kissed Gwen in front of her building and she sighed, “Dad… I need to let him fuck me and then I’ll come over.”

I hugged her, “He isn’t forcing you.”

She smiled, “I know. It’s… well, since we are together…”

I rubbed her butt, “Do you like fucking him?”

She hesitated and I kissed her, “Then don’t worry about it.”

I watched her go into the building before heading home. After taking more lost money to the bank I went to the library and did some reading while the reader copied more books. I went into the workshop and carefully planned the mage projectors for the twelve dimensional movies. When I walked into the apartment mom was humming as she made dinner.

She gestured to a note on the table, “someone left that.”

It was a note telling me tomorrow I would close escrow on the lot. I hugged mom and slowly undressed her. I could tell she was only tolerating it and grinned as I held her after I was done. I caressed her soft skin and lovely hips and she smiled before pushing me back. I sat at the table and watched her, “I want to build a tower mom.”

She grinned at me, “We already live in a tower.”

I grinned, “But it isn’t a wizard’s tower.”

She laughed as she started putting dinner on the table, “And where are you going to build your wizard’s tower?”

She started to sit in another chair and I lifted her and brought her to my lap, “I was thinking of the lot next door.”

Mom was looking at me strangely, “I have been seeing strange things I thought were just my imagination but you can really do magic, can’t you.”

I cupped her breasts and gestured to bring her plate closer, “I told you I have been reading in a wizard’s library. Yes, I have been doing magic and you are my wanton harlot.”

She smiled and then grinned, “Are we going to live in your tower?”

I started feeding her, “Yes, at the very top.”

Mom leaned against me, “You really are a wizard.”

I laughed and hugged her before going back to feeding her and myself. After dinner I sent all the dirty dishes to the sink to wash themselves and pulled mom into the other room. She caressed my chest, “I asked Beth if she wanted to see a movie.”

I caressed her tummy and sucked on a nipple, “is this your way of asking me not to molest you?”

Mom grinned, “Please.”

I sighed, “I guess I could ask Morgan to come up.”

She laughed, “That young harlot loves to feel you fucking her.”

I smiled and let her go, “Tomorrow night?”

She smiled as she stood, “Tomorrow night you can fuck me as much as you want.”

She headed towards her room to dress. I went to get the reader and laid back on my bed to read about transmutation spells again. I was thinking about how to build the tower or what to build it from. It was a little later that Morgan poked her head into my room. She grinned, “Your mom sent me. She said you need a harlot to fuck.”

I grinned as I shut the reader off and set it aside, “I always love fucking you so, yeah.”

She laughed as she walked to the bed with a sway to her hips as she stripped. She laid beside me as I turned on my side and caressed her hip, “Gwen was supposed to come over but she hasn’t called or shown up.”

Morgan caressed my chest, “Lick my pussy?”

I grinned and pushed her onto her back before sliding down the bed. I moved between her legs as she spread them and leaning down to lick through her pussy. I looked up into her face, “Cherry yummy.”

She laughed and I began teasing her clit and sucking on it. I pushed my tongue inside her tight pussy before going back to sucking and playing with her clit. Morgan finally started jerking and thrashing around before pushing my face away. I moved up her body and slowly pushed into her, I kissed her as I started to fuck deeper.

She put her arms around me as I pressed and humped into her until my cock began to hit her cervix. She grunted and thrust up to get my cock deeper as it started pressing harder. I kept kissing her and fucked her hard for a minute. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking as her pussy started squeezing my cock.

I slowed and buried my cock to just press and hump and she began to relax. I kissed her and fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she howled and started bucking and jerking. I buried my cock and pushed as I started spewing huge ropes of sperm. Morgan clung to me and wailed as I flooded her womb.

She jerked and spasmed as her pussy rippled and tightened to squeeze my cock. When I stopped cumming she was panting and shuddering as I lay beside her and caressed her body. I felt something pulling at me and slipped off the bed before closing my eyes, “Morgan? Would you stand up for a minute?”

It felt like Gwen but something was wrong. I pulled her as I whispered the spell and she was suddenly on the bed. She was curled up and crying and both Morgan and I moved to her. She reached for me and pulled me against her and clung to me, “dad sold me to some men and they...”

I touched her lips, “Hush. It is over and he won’t do it again.”

Morgan was rubbing and caressing her and Gwen sobbed, “He said I was his whore now and...”

I pulled her against me, “Listen to me, I will not let him. You are my paramour, I promise only those you wish will touch you. Your father just gave that right up.”

I caressed her and laid her back before stroking her body as I murmured a spell that washed any cum out of her. She jerked as I continued and made sure the men hadn’t given her anything. She looked at me with wide eyes, “What did you do?”

I smiled and looked at Morgan, “I cleaned their stuff out of you and made sure they didn’t give you anything.”

She smiled and pulled me down. I looked at Morgan, “Would you stay with her?”

Gwen opened her mouth but I touched her lips, “I’ll be back and you can watch or help me molest Morgan.”

She smiled and looked at Morgan as she lay beside her. I thought about the spell I had used to bring Gwen to me as I absently slipped a pair of pants on. I murmured another spell and everything faded around me and then I was standing in a girl’s room. I looked around before walking towards the door.

When I walked into the living room three men were laughing as they drank bottles of beer. I gestured and the bottles shattered as I stopped, “If you ever try to touch Gwen again or even try to contact her, I will make sure you never get out of the prison I put you in.”

They turned red and one that was only wearing pants snarled, “MY DAUGHTER...”

I whispered and gestured and he choked. I nodded, “Gwen will be living with me now. The three of you are marked and will be watched. If you interfere in her life it will be the last thing you ever do as free men.”

One of the men reached into his jacket and pulled a gun and I gestured as I whispered again. The man screamed as the huge viper in his hand twisted and sank fangs into his arm. I turned and walked back to Gwen’s room before whispering a spell that caused everything in the room to whirl around.

I murmured another spell and her dresser shimmered before shifting and changing into a large chest. Everything dropped into it and folded itself before the lid closed. I used the spell that brought me and carried the chest along. I set the chest down as I looked down at Morgan and Gwen holding each other.

I stripped and lay beside Morgan and bent to suck on one of her nipples before looking at Gwen, “I didn’t tell you. Mom is pregnant.”

Gwen gasped and then grinned as I caressed Morgan’s pelvis, “that made me so happy and mom is happy too.”

She reached over to cup one of Morgan’s breasts, “What are you going to do?”

I smiled, “you know the lot next door?”

She nodded and I bent to suck on Morgan’s nipple again, “I will use my magic to build a tower for us to live in.”

Morgan was groaning and Gwen grinned and kissed her, “Want him inside you?”

I laughed and moved between Morgan’s legs and kissed her, “Do you want it my harlot?”

She pulled on me and growled, “Yes!”

I lifted up and Gwen reached between us to position my cock. I pushed into Morgan’s tight cummy pussy and she shuddered, “God I love his cock.”

Gwen giggled and kissed her and then me, “me too harlot.”

Morgan lifted and thrust her hips up as I started to fuck her. Her tight pussy was constantly squeezing and rippling around my cock. I fucked her slowly and kissed her before turning to kiss Gwen. She smiled and kissed Morgan as one hand started rubbing my shoulder. Morgan shuddered and hugged me as her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

She spasmed and jerked as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. I continued to fuck her slowly and she kept shaking as she became slipperier. Gwen was kissing her passionately as I began to fuck her with long thrusts that pushed against her cervix. She started wailing and thrashing around as she came almost constantly.

It was several minutes before I was ready and by then she was kicking in the air and completely incoherent. I thrust into her and held her spasming body as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. Morgan lifted her hips and howled before Gwen covered her mouth and kissed her hard. When I stopped cumming she groaned as I pulled out of her.

I lay between them and gestured to dim the lights. I held them both against me and whispered a spell to put them to sleep. I thought about what Gwen’s father had done and touched her temple. I remembered a spell I had read and whispered it to soften the recent memories she had of her father and what was done.

I relaxed when I was done and before I knew it the alarm woke us. I slipped off the bed and moved Gwen’s chest against the wall before murmuring a spell. It grew taller and wider before two doors appeared. I stopped and looked at Gwen, “All your things.”

She slipped off the bed with Morgan and opened the tall cabinet. She gasped at what she saw and I caressed her hip, “Showers first and then Morgan needs to go get dressed.”

She turned and grinned as she grabbed Morgan’s hand. I was already headed towards the door and they chased after me. Beth and mom both came into the kitchen as we were making breakfast. Mom bent to kiss me before following Beth to the coffee maker. I gave Morgan a kiss with Gwen before she went to get dressed and then walked Gwen to school.

She was smiling and seemed happy as I gave her a kiss before she went to her first class. We had picked another girl and several guys and met after the lunch bell. Like before I used the girls locker room and showers again. Gwen was grinning as we watched Paige MacCartney fucking four guys, two jocks and two nerds.

At first she did them one at a time and then she was trying everything. I sat on a bench with Gwen in my lap. My cock was deep in her warm pussy as it squeezed and milked it. She was rocking and thrusting back and forth as she stared at the guys fucking Paige. She was howling and wailing as she took load after load of cum in her pussy and ass.

She would suck them but demanded they cum in her pussy or ass. By the time the warning bell rang the guys were almost tired. They pulled out reluctantly and held Paige between them as they washed her. I had fucked against Gwen’s womb the whole time but didn’t cum. She sighed and slowly stood before pulling me up, “As soon as we get home fuck me and cum.”

I grinned and cleaned us and put the mage cameras away. Morgan met us halfway home and grinned as she slipped up on my other side and took my hand. She looked around me as we walked, “I talked to mom while I was dressing this morning. She said I could move some of my things in with you if you want.”

Gwen grinned, “Deal. We are going to have so much fun.”

I laughed and squeezed both hands I held. As soon as we came in the building Gwen went with Morgan to help her move some of her things. I went to change and then left the door unlocked before I murmured a spell on the front door. I went down and gathered up the lost money before going to the bank again.

I left the bank and went to the place where I closed the escrow on the lot. I went down and into the library before letting the reader begin to copy more books and scrolls. I checked on the projectors and made a small wooden case for them. When I came into the apartment mom and Beth were both naked in the kitchen.

I grinned as I stopped to caress mom’s naked body, “You are tempting me harlot.”

Mom grinned as Beth laughed and kissed my cheek, “Go check your two strumpets.”

I grinned and stopped to give Beth a light kiss before heading for my room. Morgan and Gwen were naked as they listened to music together. I smiled and walked up behind Gwen. I reached around her to hold her and she jerked and started. I sighed as she turned in my arms, “Sorry.”

She pulled her ear pieces out, “You startled me.”

I looked at Morgan and hugged her, “I should have let you know I was there.”

Morgan grinned, “She said you need to cum in her.”

I smiled, “Actually it is mom’s night to be fucked.”

Gwen smiled and caressed my cheek, “it doesn’t mean you can’t touch me.”

I pulled her against me, “I just didn’t want you to feel like... like you had to or like you were being forced.”

She grinned, “I fucked you all during lunch and got off a dozen times. I’m a little jumpy until I see you.”

I glanced at Morgan, “After I do mom I want to fuck you and then our harlot Morgan.”

Gwen laughed as she looked at a grinning Morgan, “I’ll warm her up.”

Morgan grinned, “And I’ll warm her up.”

I kissed Gwen before turning to walk out. I rubbed Beth’s butt as she kissed mom, “Want to live with us strumpet?”

She grinned back at me, “I might even let you knock me up too.”

Mom laughed as she moved out of Beth’s arms and into mine. I caressed her hips, “I need to release my seed wench.”

She grinned and started undressing me, “yes my wizard.”

I smiled and rubbed her nipples before looking at Beth, “I asked Gwen to live with me. Her father... sold her to a few men and they raped her.”

Mom stopped what she was doing as Beth took her hand. I smiled and finished undressing, “I punished her father and the men. I also softened the memory of what happened to her.”

I backed to a chair and pulled mom onto my lap, “She remembers and is a little skittish. I checked her and made sure they didn’t hurt her or give her something.”

Mom lifted up and positioned my cock before sitting. She wiggled and sighed, “it might be awhile before you and she can... make love.”

I smiled and hugged her as I looked at Beth when she sat beside us, “The softened memories helped and we have had sex. I thought you should know why she may be skittish. Morgan seems to be helping her too so don’t be surprised if they stay together.”

Beth grinned, “That might be interesting.”

I reached out to cup one of her breasts as mom’s pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I rubbed the nipple before giving it a tug, “Careful or I will ask my harlots to ravish you all night.”

She shivered and laughed as mom grinned. Mom started thrusting back and forth, “Have you purchased the land for your tower my lord?”

I grinned and reached around her to cup her breasts, “Yes wanton wench. I will begin building my tower on the marrow.”

She grinned back at me and I sighed before standing and turning her as I bent her forward over the table. I began to thrust into her warm, slick pussy with long strokes. She started shuddering and shaking as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. When she turned her head Beth kissed her passionately.

I laughed and buried my cock, “Just wait, I am tying the two of you together this weekend.”

They laughed as I started fucking mom with deep thrusts. I wanted to cum and a couple of minutes later I grunted as I pushed into her and held her as I spewed a huge, gushing torrent. I looked up to see Gwen and Morgan grinning in the doorway as I continued to pump cum into my mother. She jerked and shuddered as she kept moaning and I finally stopped.

Beth grinned and reached out to rub her butt, “We better make sure he ties you on top.”

Mom laughed and I pulled out and bent over her to give her a kiss. I stood and walked towards Gwen and Morgan, “It is your turn harlots.”

They grinned and Gwen grabbed my hand, “Can I be on top?”

I grinned, “I was hoping you would.”

I reached for Morgan, “I was going to ask our strumpet to let me lick her while you went for a ride.”

Gwen laughed and looked at Morgan as she grinned, “The wench likes that.”

I laid back on the bed and let Gwen straddle me as I cupped her breasts. I turned as Morgan climbed on the bed and straddled my head. Gwen slowly impaled her tight pussy as I pulled Morgan down and started licking and teasing her clit. She thrust back and forth and rubbed her pussy on my face. It wasn’t long before she was erratic and spasmed as she fell off.

I reached up to caress Gwen’s sides as she started bouncing up and down and her pussy rippled around my cock. I pulled her down held her as I gave her a kiss, “All you ever have to do if you want me to stop is tell me.”

She looked into my eyes and smiled, “fuck me my lord wizard.”

I grinned before rolling, I kissed her softly as I started fucking her with slow thrusts. My thick cock hit her cervix but I didn’t push. Gwen wrapped her legs around me as I kept fucking and kissing her. Morgan laughed and rolled close to rub my butt, “put it in nice and deep and grind against her clit.”

Gwen laughed and hugged me before rolling so she was on top. She pushed back and sat up before rubbing her pussy on me as she thrust back and forth. Morgan grinned as she reached up to tug on a nipple. Gwen jerked as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She laughed and started fucking me harder as she leaned on my chest.

Morgan put her head on my shoulder as Gwen started panting and jerking. I continued to caress her hips, sides and breasts as she became erratic. She wet me several times as she suddenly started convulsing. Her tight pussy squeezed and milked my cock as it slipped into her cervix and I grunted. I held her waist as I began to spew a large gushing stream of cum.

She jerked and shook as warm sperm pumped through her cervix and wailed as she dropped onto me. I rubbed her back as I continued pumping spurts of cum. When I was done she shuddered and groaned before lifting her hips. I gave her a soft kiss, “Next time I am fucking you from behind as you straddle our strumpet.”

She grinned as Morgan laughed and rubbed her butt. She slipped off me, “Dinner?”

I nodded as I caught Morgan and gave her a kiss too. They stayed naked as I slipped a pair of pants on. Mom and Beth smiled when we came in and started putting dinner on the table. I grinned and pulled Morgan onto my lap, “Want to sleep with your mom tonight? You and Gwen can see if you can wear her out.”

She grinned as she looked at Gwen, “Do you want too?”

Gwen looked at Beth as she looked back and forth in surprise. I started feeding Morgan, “You can use my bed to molest her and I’ll sleep with mom.”

Mom laughed, “you just want to see how slimy you can get me.”

They all laughed and Gwen grinned as she grabbed Morgan’s hand, “Sounds like fun.”

Beth chuckled throatily, “I am going to...”

Morgan grinned, “Get molested all night.”

I smiled and went back to feeding Morgan. We all sat in the front room later to watch a new movie. I held mom as Morgan and Gwen held Beth, teasing her. I shut the light off before slipping into mom’s bed. I caressed her and cupped a breast. I grinned and she giggled when we heard Beth wailing.

Mom turned and straddled me, “Your harlot is horny my lord.”

I caressed her hips before lifting her and fitting my cock to her warm pussy. She sat up and pushed back to sink it into her before starting to rock and thrust back and forth. Her pussy began grasping my cock as she shuddered and then jerked. It wasn’t long before she howled and spasmed erratically. Her pussy clenched my cock as she convulsed and kept shaking.

I pulled her down and rolled before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. She clutched me as she continued to spasmed, “FUCK ME!”

I started fucking her harder and it was a minute before she was bucking and thrashing around. I buried my cock and kissed her passionately as I began pumping and spewing cum. Mom grunted and then lifted her legs as I spurted warm sperm through her cervix. When I was done I kissed her softly before beginning to fuck her again.

I fucked mom four more times before pulling her against me to sleep.
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