I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
When I was 9 years old, an older black boy named LeRoy took me into the boys bathroom with him after school. It was late in the afternoon and everybody had already left and we were the only one's left, on the school yard or so we thought.

As we were starting to leave the school yard Leroy looked at me and said, " I gots ta pee, wanna come with me?" Without even thinking I said, " Sure " and just followed him into the boys bathroom. I don't know why I didn't just wait for him outside.

I watched as he stepped up to one of the urinals and pulled his little black dick out. Holding it out in front of him, pointing it at the urinal and waiting for it to pee. When he caught me looking at it he said, " Don't you have to pee too " and before I could even think about it, I had stepped up to one of the other urinals next to him and was pulling my little dick out, my little white dick.

I felt so embarrassed, when I saw how much bigger his was than mine, not even thinking about the fact that he was 12 and that I was only 9. Plus he still had the foreskin on the end of his, which made his seem even bigger. I watched as he slowly pulled his foreskin back exposing the little head and couldn't figure out why it was already wet, especially since he hadn't even peed yet.

Both of us were just standing there, neither of us peeing, when all at once a pale yellow stream of pee shot out of the end of his little dick. Watching as he aimed the pale yellow stream from one side of the urinal to the other and then back again, pausing to laugh alittle bit, before going on to the other side and then back again. I couldn't believe how much pee was coming out of it and when he caught me looking at it he stopped his pee and said, " What's the matter?"

I was so embarrassed that I had been looking at it and that he had seen me doing it, that I couldn't answer him.

All at once he whispered, " You like that, don't you?"

And I almost peed all over myself when I heard myself whisper, " Uh huh," without even knowing why I'd said it.

" Wanna taste it?"

" What, are you crazy?"

" Come on, I won't tell, you can taste it, if you want too."

Without waiting for my answer, he just reached over and put his hand behind my head and gently pulled me down to it.

I couldn't believe it, as I watched the wet head of it getting closer and closer.

" Come on, you know you want too." " Just lick it off, I won't tell, I promise."

" Nooo, I don't."

" Yes you do and you know it."

Before I could say no again, he was smearing the wet end of it against my mouth and I could taste how salty it was and the next thing I knew, he was saying, " That's it, that's it Billy, lick it."

All at once another stream of pee squirted out of the end of it, wetting my entire mouth, with his warm salty pee. Even though he was holding me down on it, I could have really gotten away from him but he didn't know that and the next thing I knew, I had opened my mouth and was letting him pee in it, right there at the urinals.

" Oh shit, you like that pee, don't ya Billy?"

" Uh huh, uh huh."

" Who in the fuck taught you to do that?"

Just then the bathroom door opened and standing in the doorway was the old black guard from the school and he was saying, " What's going on in here?"

I felt nothing but shame as LeRoy finally let me up off of it and he saw how wet my mouth was and knew that LeRoy had been getting me to suck on him, right there in front of the urinals.

'Oh shit, he was sucking you, wasn't he LeRoy?"

" No, Mr. Washington, he weren't suckin me, he was trying to drink my pee."

" What, drink your pee?"

" Uh huh, drink my pee."

And with that Mr. Washington said, " Oh fuck " and came into the bathroom with us, locking the door behind him.

He grabbed ahold of my arm and started dragging me into the first stall, while LeRoy just stood there and watched him.

He didn't even close the door behind us, he just reached down, undid his pants and slid his pants and underwear down. Watching me, when he saw me looking at his black dick and how big it was and it wasn't even hard yet.

I wanted to run, as he reached down and took ahold of it, looking right at me and said, " Come mere boy, do your thing to it."

I didn't understand what was going on and that's when LeRoy said, " Suck it Billy, he wants you to suck it and drink his pee too."

I couldn't believe what was happening as I watched him sitting back on the white toilet, holding his long skinny black boner in his hand and tried to coax the little white boy into coming down and sucking on it.

Before I could even say " No," LeRoy had come up behind me and was gently pushing me down onto my knees in front of him.

As LeRoy bent me down to it, the old black man whispered, " Open yo mouth boy " and as soon as he saw me opening it, a pale yellow stream of his warm salty pee shot straight up out of the end of it.

I can't even describe how I felt as I watched it coming up at me and felt it splashing against the top of my mouth, only to run back out again and go back down onto his boner, his long skinny black boner.

He moaned, " Oh yeah " and another stream of it shot into my mouth, covering my little tongue again, with his warm salty pee.

LeRoy started yelling, " Suck it Billy, suck it " and the next thing I knew, he was pushing my head down onto it and I could feel the end of it stretching my lips as the swollen head of it went into my mouth and the old black guard moaned and said, " Suck it baby, you knows you wants too."

As soon as he felt me sucking on the end of it, he released his pee and I felt the warmth of it as it started flowing across my tongue, gagging me as it went down my throat and then down into my belly.



" I told you Mr. Washington, he likes the pee, listen to him swallowing it."

I felt so embarrassed as they listened to me drinking it, drinking it but not knowing why.

When he finally stopped peeing, I tried to raise up off of it and that's when he grabbed ahold of my head again and said, " You ain't through yet baby, now you's gonna suck it."

" Nooo, please don't make me do that."

" Why not, you drank my pee didn't you?"

When I couldn't answer him he said, " Well, didn't you?"

" Please don't tell."

" Oh we ain'ts gonna tell on you boy but your going to suck us, both of us, before you gets out of here, so you might as well just gets started.

I can't even describe the shame that I felt as the old black man sat there on the white toilet, watching me sucking on his old black dick.

I couldn't get more than the big head on it into my mouth, so while he made me suck on it, he was working it up and down slowly, with his big black hand.

All at once he let go of it, grabbed the top of my head with his other hand, held me down on it and let out the strangest moan, as his warm black dick started jerking and sending his white sticky cum up into my mouth again and again and again.

" Eat it, Eat it."

When he was through with me, LeRoy pulled me out of the stall and took me back over to the urinals. Made me kneeldown and beg for his boner.


"Please what?"

" Please, I wanna."

" You wanna what boy?"

" I wanna suck it, I wanna suck your black dick."

" Oh fuck, come mere boy."

I don't even know what I felt, as once again I let him put it into my mouth and sucked him to, until he came, right there in front of the urinals.

Before I could get back up, Mr. Washington came over to the urinals and told me that from now on, that I was going to be their's, " Aren't you boy?" And I heard myself whispering, " Uh huh."
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