I caressed her and opened my eyes to see Morgan smiling back at me. I grinned and looked at the clock, “We have time…”

She laughed, “And I thought I was bad.”

I grinned and followed her out of bed before taking her hand and pulling her into the bathroom. I washed her tempting body before going out to the living room for her clothes. Mom and Beth were both in the kitchen smiling as they sipped coffee. I kissed mom’s cheek, “I need to go mom.”

She smiled, “See you after work baby.”

School was boring but Gwen passed me a note in between classes that read, “tonight.”

After school I took another load of coins to the reserve bank and then went home. I used the spell for the reader and then sat to read another book on transmutation. When I finished I sighed and thought of Morgan. I glanced at the reader and left after replacing the book. I knocked on her door and she answered wearing just a robe. She grinned when she saw me, “Hey stud.”

I opened the robe and rubbed an erect nipple, “Hey, I just came to see how you were feeling.”

Morgan shivered and grinned, “Sore but good.”

I smiled and moved closer just to feel her body against mine, “can we talk?”

She grinned and looked up into my face, “Is that what you want?”

I grinned, “Well, for now.”

She held the door and I walked into what looked like a harem. She grinned at my look, “Mom entertains and her clients seem to like the look.”

I nodded and looked at her, “About us.”

Morgan sighed, “Not buying the act.”

I grinned, “If you want sex I will be happy to help you but…”

I took a breath, “There is another girl and…”

Morgan seemed to perk up, “Really?”

I nodded and she rubbed my chest, “Mom was just trying to hook me up.”

I smiled and caressed her naked body under the robe, “I don’t mind hooking up.”

She laughed and looked up into my eyes, “I like girls too.”

I grinned, “Maybe we can share.”

Morgan grinned, “Now that sounds good.”

I thought about it, “Can you spend the night again?”

She laughed, “I’m still sore but if you have a girl you want to share.”

I rubbed her clit and she shuddered, “mmmmm!”

She pushed me back, “If I let you start you won’t want the girl tonight.”

I grinned, “See you before nine?”

Morgan nodded and I left. I went back to the library and grinned before opening the other door and then the workshop door. I made another reader, well more a thick touch screen laptop. I used the idea of holographs to create a larger faster processor, memory, as well as a graphic interface and hard drive.

I made a dozen tiny mage cameras that would film something and record it to the laptop as a three dimensional holographic movie; well, twelve dimensional. I had a girl in mind at school, she was a stuck up cheerleader that was always putting people down. I cleaned up and left, closing the doors before stopping the library reader and bringing it with me.

Mom was singing as she made dinner and smiled as I hugged her, “Is it okay if Morgan spends the night again?”

She grinned, “You didn’t wear her out?”

I laughed as I headed towards my room, “We’re going to take turns with another harlot.”

Mom laughed, “You should use protection.”

I put everything away and went back to help her. She caressed my chest after putting dinner on the table, “Beth was nice.”

I grinned, “Morgan was too.”

She smiled, “Maybe you can sleep with this harlot tomorrow.”

I laughed, “If I’m in bed with you, we won’t get a lot of sleep.”

She looked down at her plate, “I know.”

I grinned again and we finished dinner. I cleaned up and mom kissed my cheek, “mind if I go down to visit Beth?”

I shook my head and she left. She was only gone a few minutes before Morgan knocked and came in. She was grinning, “Our moms are locked together in a passionate kiss.”

I laughed and walked to her before undressing her. She smiled as I cupped her firm breasts and rubbed her nipples before she reached out to remove my clothes. I led her back to my bedroom and she moved to the bed. I laid next to her and felt her body, “I’m sorry you became sore.”

Morgan laughed, “at least it didn’t hurt.”

I smiled and let my hand wander lower and she laughed, “When is your girlfriend getting here?”

I looked into her eyes and moved off the bed, pulling her with me. I whispered the spell I had used before and gestured to the bed. Gwen just appeared and I grinned as I saw her fingering her pussy. She gasped and smiled as she looked around. She froze when she saw Morgan and I looked at Morgan to see her staring.

I pushed her towards the bed, “You get first taste.”

I moved to kiss Gwen, “Hi, I brought someone that said she desires you and wanted to taste you personally.”

Gwen had started to cover her pussy and Morgan had paused. At my words she laughed, “He means I want to fuck you crazy and take turns making you wiggle and scream.”

Gwen grinned and moved her hands, “In that case I hope you like cum because he better be planning to give me a lot.”

I laughed and kissed her again as Morgan moved down between her legs. I started caressing and feeling her breasts as Morgan licked her pussy and it wasn’t long before Gwen started shaking and spasming. Finally she pushed Morgan back and pulled on me, “Fuck me!”

I grinned and moved over her as Morgan moved up beside us. I slowly pushed into her wet slippery pussy and Gwen groaned until Morgan covered her mouth in a passionate kiss. I started fucking her with long firm strokes and she began to shudder as her pussy squeezed my cock. When I started fucking her harder she stiffened and screamed, “YES!”

As she bucked and jerked I started spewing and spurting. Her pussy spasmed around my cock as she tossed her head and twisted around until Morgan cupped her face and kissed her. She shoved her tongue into Gwen’s mouth and she shuddered harder. When I stopped cumming and sighed, Morgan pulled back with a grin, “Ready to give this pussy some cream?”

Gwen laughed and reached out to pull her back for another kiss. I pulled out and moved over as Morgan moved down her body and began to lick her leaking pussy. I caressed Gwen’s breast and leaned over to suck on a nipple as she shuddered and groaned. Her hips fucked up against Morgan’s face.

She went from licking her cummy pussy to sucking and playing with her clit. Morgan finally stopped and grinned at me, “Your turn.”

I kissed Gwen and moved back over her before pushing into her slippery pussy. I slowly buried my cock and then started to fuck her with short grinding thrusts. Morgan moved up beside us again and kissed Gwen as she turned her head. It wasn’t long before she was back to shuddering and jerking as her warm pussy spasmed around my cock.

I fucked her hard and she screamed as her pussy got even tighter. She jerked and thrashed around until I suddenly thrust into her and pressed against her before cumming. She froze suddenly with her mouth open as I started pumping even more sperm into her and then she just shuddered and held me tight.

When I pulled out of her, she grinned and grabbed Morgan before she could go down on her, “Let me try you?”

Morgan grinned and kissed her before rolling onto her back. Gwen turned and caressed my chest before sliding down the bed. I watched as she tentatively started licking Morgan’s pussy. She shuddered and Gwen looked up her body with a grin. She went back to sucking on her clit and teasing it with her tongue as Morgan started humping up.

I grinned and leaned over to suck on one of Morgan’s nipples and she screamed as her body spasmed and jerked. Gwen moved up and kissed her, “How was that?”

Morgan laughed and hugged her, “Great.”

She looked at me as Gwen sighed and moved to straddled me. I held her and just caressed her for a minute before looking at her and then Morgan, “Do you two mind me doing both of you?”

Gwen grinned as she looked at Morgan, “Guys are always horny. If Morgan doesn’t mind then neither do I.”

Morgan smiled, “Can we get together to?”

Gwen laughed, “Oh yeah.”

Morgan laughed and leaned into us, “Can Merlin fuck me?”

Gwen grinned and moved to my other side. I smiled as Morgan took her place, “I thought you were still sore?”

She grinned as she lifted up for Gwen to position my cock, “Now I’m horny.”

Gwen laughed as Morgan pushed down. She shuddered and groaned as my slimy cock pushed into her and her warm pussy tightened to squeeze it. She started rocking as Gwen reached between her legs to rub her clit. Morgan jerked and thrust back and forth harder, “Oh my god!”

Gwen laughed and I reached up to squeeze her nipple. Morgan stiffened and arched her back as her tight pussy spasmed on my cock. She tossed her head and howled, “Merlin!”

She jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. Gwen pinched her clit and Morgan stiffened and screamed, “yyyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I groaned and held her as I pumped another load of cum. Morgan jerked and shook, she was tossing her head and incoherent as I pumped cum into her. Gwen waited until I stopped cumming and then laughed and pulled her off me and onto the bed. She moved down her body and pushed her legs open, “My turn to taste him.”

Morgan laughed and then shuddered and gasped as Gwen licked through her leaking pussy. It was a long time before I sent Gwen home and when I did she was completely satisfied. Morgan was happily snuggled against my side with a second load of warm sperm in her belly, I caressed her and we fell asleep together.

I woke her with a kiss in the morning. She smiled and kissed me again, “I have to go. I have a girlfriend coming to sleep over.”

It was another morning shower with her before she went home to get dressed. I had plans for the weekend and dressed before going downstairs. I managed to take the rest of the coins to the bank and deposit them as well as restore the front basement room but kept the illusion covering the door.

I began another summoning but this time I was specific that only lost bills should come to the room. A simple records check showed the vacant lot was bank owned. I paid them a visit and after paying almost everything I had and using a charm, they started the paperwork to transfer ownership to me.

I went down to the library to read a couple of books and let the reader copy some more. I left the reader to keep working when I left to go back up to the apartment. When I walked into the apartment mom was in the kitchen making dinner. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck as I reached around to cup her breasts, “Hello my lovely wench.”

She grinned and pushed her butt back against me, “I’m your harlot tonight.”

I laughed and turned her before undoing her blouse and reaching behind her to unhook her bra. She laughed as I stripped her and gave her another kiss before taking her clothes away. In my room I undressed and put my things away before going back to the kitchen, dinner was fun as mom and I teased each other.

After dinner I washed up while she watched. When I finished, I turned to her and grinned, “Time for desert.”

She grinned as I stood her up and sat her on the table before sitting between her legs. I began licking, nibbling and sucking and she started shaking and jerking. When I fastened my mouth over her clit and bit gently before humming, she screamed and spasmed. I stood and pulled her off the table and down the hall and into her room.

She crawled onto the bed and wiggled her butt. I grinned and moved behind her before rubbing her wet pussy and then pushing into her. I held her hips as I fucked her nice and deep. A simple whispered spell made mom stiffen and scream as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “fuck your harlot baby!”

She jerked and spasmed hard as I continued to fuck her and few minutes later she was still spasming and arched her back and squirted, “fuck your strumpet! Fuck me!”

It was like that every couple of minutes. I finally shuddered and pulled her back and held her as I started pumping a torrent of cum through her cervix, “YES! Spew in your whore baby!”

I pumped and spurted until her womb was full. I pulled out and let her slump to the bed before turning her over. I moved between her legs and pushed into her slimy cunt and she stiffened as her pussy locked down on my cock, “bbbbaaaaaddddddyyyyyyy!”

I shuddered and waited until she relaxed before fucking her hard and deep. Her strong orgasms were continuous as I buried my cock and held on. I pumped another huge load into her belly and by that time she was incoherent. I came twice more before she passed out and I stopped. I lay beside her and snuggled against her as she slept.

When she moved off the bed in the morning I went with her and washed her gently in the shower. I spent the day reading and watching the reader copy books. Morgan was over at her girlfriends and Gwen had left a message that her dad was taking her to a movie. Even mom only wanted to cuddle when she came home.

I had placed my reader on the window to recharge and made dinner for her. We slept together but mom only snuggled against me. I was up early the next morning and kissed mom before I headed to school. During the first couple of classes there were four nerds that looked the part. I used a spell to enlarge their cocks and balls.

When the lunch bell sounded I was more than ready and was the first in the lunch room. I released the mage cameras I had made and waited for Sandra. The four nerds were at a nearby table when she came in with her girlfriends. I whispered the charm and placed it on Sandra before she could move into the room.

She looked around slowly ignoring her friends before smiling, “excuse me.”

She walked straight to the table with the nerds, “You four come with me.”

I sent the invisible mage cameras after her as she led them out of the room. I was startled when Gwen put her arm through mine as I was following them out and smiled at her, “Hi.”

She smiled, “What are you doing?”

I grinned, “Spying.”

Gwen laughed, “Sounds like fun.”

I stopped outside the empty classroom Sandra had led the four guys into and quietly opened my touch screen laptop. I glanced around and whispered an avoidance spell as Gwen leaned against me to look at the screen. She gasped, “That’s Sandra Edwards!”

I grinned, “I know.”

We watched in silence as the four guys fucked her repeatedly, even doing her two or three at a time. Gwen shuddered and I looked at her, “Need something?”

She grinned, “Dad fucked me this morning and I’m still leaking.”

I grinned and kissed her before looking at Sandra getting fucked once more. Gwen touched my shoulder, “You wouldn’t do that to me would you?”

I smiled and pulled her close to kiss her, “Last week she was teasing them and giving them hell so I am just letting her pay them for what she did.”

Gwen grinned, “If she pays them any more she’ll end up pregnant.”

I grinned, “I think she will be much nicer to them tomorrow.”

I glanced at the time as the warning bell rang and turned to watch as they started getting dressed. Gwen kissed my cheek, “Maybe I’ll take her into a bathroom to sluice her down.”

I laughed and waited until the door opened to summon my cameras and then I headed to my next class. Gwen was waiting after school and I walked her home while we talked. I told her a lot about me and where I lived. She caressed me in front of her building, “I know you are probably horny so I left a message for Morgan.”

She kissed me before walking into the building and I sighed before heading home. I returned a few calls from the bank when I got home and then went down to collect the money in the basement. When I returned from the bank, I turned my reader loose in the library and relaxed to read a couple of books before heading upstairs.

When I walked into the apartment it was to see Beth and Morgan helping mom in the kitchen. Mom smiled at me as Morgan ran to hug me and whisper, “Sorry about last weekend, I’ll make it up tonight.”

While we were eating it hit me what seemed different about mom. It wasn’t that she seemed more alive and flirted more, it was the way she looked. She almost seemed to have a glow about her. I looked from Morgan to Beth before reaching down to touch mom’s pubic mound. She looked at me sharply as I whispered a seeing spell under my breath.

I looked into her face quickly when the spell answered my question, “You’re pregnant!”

She looked shocked, “I couldn’t be!”

I smiled, “Wench, I put more than enough seed in your womb.”

I stood and pulled her up against me, “You are pregnant my lovely mother.”

She looked at Beth and Morgan and then laughed and shook me, “You can’t know.”

I smiled, “You named me mom so you know I’m a wizard. You are carrying my baby.”

She looked at Beth as she stood and Beth was grinning, “We could find out.”

Mom grinned back at her, “You just want to watch me pee.”

I laughed and kissed her before turning to pull a surprised Morgan up, “I’ll let you two wenches deal with that and take my harlot to bed to knock her up too.”

Beth laughed as Morgan grinned, “I’m on the pill.”

I pulled her after me as I headed towards my room, “So was mom.”

Morgan laughed and pushed me into my room, “In that case I get to do it my way.”

I turned as she began stripping and started to undress, “What is your way?”

She grinned, “From behind like a proper bitch.”

I reached out to pull her against my body just to feel her naked breasts. She laughed and pushed me back before strutting to the bed and moving onto it on her knees. I followed her and held her on the very edge. I rubbed her pussy to find her already wet. She spread her knees as I pushed into her and started to fuck her with long strokes.

She dropped her head to the bed with a groan and began thrusting back onto my cock. I loved the way her warm tight pussy was grabbing my cock each time I fucked into her. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering out of control as her pussy spasmed. She stiffened and moaned into the bed a couple of minutes later before jerking and shaking violently.

I fucked her hard, shoving against her cervix with every thrust into her. She screamed as I pushed into her cervix and began spewing cum. She jerked and thrashed around but I held her hips as I pumped sperm into her and bred her like she wanted. When I stopped cumming, I started fucking her with long deep thrusts.

Her pussy was slippery and slimy but I didn’t care. She was jerking and thrusting back hard and her cunt grabbed my cock repeatedly. It was only a few minutes before I was holding her shaking body up. She was incoherent and spasmed uncontrollably. I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back before thrusting into her slimy pussy.

She stiffened and wailed as I fucked her with long deep thrusts. I didn’t slow down as her pussy got tighter. She was more than slippery or I guess slimy enough. Six or seven minutes later I pressed against her cervix before pumping more cum. Morgan stiffened and lifted her legs to pull me deeper, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I grunted and kept spewing and pumping cum into her before finally pulling out and lying next to her. She was panting as I caressed her body, “You don’t have to get pregnant Morgan.”

She grinned, “Yeah, but practicing is fun.”

I laughed and turned to kiss her. I fucked her six times before we finally fell asleep. We peeked in mom’s room in the morning to see mom and Beth snuggled up talking. I showered with Morgan before dressing and leaving. When I walked out of the building Gwen was waiting, I smiled as she slipped under my arm.

She looked into my face, “You recorded Sandra yesterday.”

I nodded, “In twelve dimensions.”

She grinned, “I was thinking we could do it to all the girls.”

I looked at her as she blushed, “Cum poured out of Sandra like you wouldn’t believe. I wanted to watch the other girls getting it like that. She said it was amazing by the way.”

I smiled, “All the girls, including you?”

I glanced at her to see her blushing and then she laughed, “Yeah, including me.”

I nodded, “Today you can pick four guys before school starts.”

She reddened more but nodded, “Okay and I take them to the room and tell…”

I laughed, “No Gwen, You will take them to the room because you will be extremely horny for them. Once you get into the room, the four guys will do whatever they want with you.”

She grinned, “And you record it.”

I nodded, “yes.”

She laughed and squeezed my arm, “Can I watch later?”

I smiled, “Maybe you can come over on the weekend.”

She squeezed my arm and we walked the rest of the way. As everyone began arriving Gwen stood beside me and pointed four guys out. I sent her into the school as I tracked each one. I used a spell to cure disease before using the other spells to… enhance them. This time I thought of the wrestling teams practice room.

When the lunch bell rang I saw Gwen ahead of me in the hall. She headed for the lunch room and looked nervous. I moved closer and whispered the charm and she shuddered and almost seemed to moan before moving faster. I followed as she just grabbed each guy and whispered in their ear before turning to leave.

I had to grin as they followed her like she was in heat which she was. She turned towards the locker rooms and then looked around before pushing one open and walking in. I released the mage cameras to follow her and then moved after the guys. It was like yesterday, Gwen was naked before the last guy was even in the room.

She bent over and fumbled a cock out as the other guys stripped. As she started sucking the guy’s cock another went behind her and shoved into her. I was a little jealous but horny too. She didn’t seem to care if they did her one at a time or all together. When the warning bell rang she shuddered and pulled off the two cocks inside her and stood up with cum pouring out of her.

I hesitated and then moved to the door. I opened it as the guys got to it and they hesitated before leaving. I summoned the mage cameras and then gestured to Gwen. She blushed and looked down as she came to me to whisper, “I loved it Merlin but don’t let me do it again.”

I pulled her out and into the shower room setting her clothes and my stuff on a bench before quickly striping. I pulled her under a shower and turned the water on. I washed her quickly and then pulled her out to dry her off before handing her clothes to her. The next bell rang and she hurriedly dressed before running out.

I dressed slower and collected my things before heading to class. I thought she might be regretting what she had done. During the last part of the school I learned that Sandra had spent her entire lunch with her four nerds. It seems she thought she belonged to them now. I didn’t see Gwen after school and walked home alone.

I changed and took the lost cash to the bank before coming home, I went to the library and sat reading about levitation spells. I was thinking that as soon as the title was in my name I would raise the library, I was also thinking of adding a tower. I went upstairs and found mom humming and singing as she made dinner.

When she saw me she turned and smiled, “You were right baby.”

I crossed to hug her and give her a soft kiss, “You’re not mad?”

She shook her head and caressed my face. I began undressing her and she watched until I was done. I kissed her and felt her wonderful body, “You look better this way.”

Mom grinned, “But good sir, this is most unseemly.”

I rubbed her hard nipples, “Harlot, you belong to me now.”

She laughed and kissed me before turning back to what she was doing. I smiled as I watched her and went to my room before undressing and putting everything away. I came back and sat at the table to watch my naked mother. She moved gracefully and just looking made me want her more.

I finally gestured and pulled and mom lifted and floated to me with her eyes wide. I smiled and pulled her down onto my lap. I cupped her breast, “You are a beautiful wench mom.”

She smiled and leaned against me before kissing me. I reached down to feel her wet pussy and she groaned and shuddered. I grinned and she laughed before standing and then straddling my lap, “Are you happy baby?”

I lifted her absently before positioning my cock. She slowly lowered onto my cock and I gasped and pulled her against me, “God you feel good.”

Mom shuddered and then lifted her feet off the floor and looked at me as she held them straight out and spread. I groaned as my cock fully impaled her and I rubbed her before using the levitation spell. She was raised and lowered repeatedly and spasmed as her pussy tightened. She laughed and kissed me as her warm slippery pussy fucked my cock.

It wasn’t long before she was grunting and spasming hard. Her warm pussy kept squeezing me as she shook and cried out. After almost ten minutes I needed to cum and let her settled on my cock. Mom jerked hard as I grunted and released the fountain of cum that erupted deep inside her.

She howled as more pumped out and filled her before beginning to leak around my cock. I held her against me as my hand absently caressed and rubbed her body and she finally sighed as I stopped cumming. She looked into my face and smiled, “You really needed it my lord wizard.”

I kissed her, “Yes my lovely harlot.”

Mom laughed as she stood up and wiped some of the leaking cum from her pussy. I relaxed and watched her finish making dinner before pulling her back to my lap to feed her. When someone knocked on the door mom suddenly looked around as if to hide and I squeezed her, “I’ll get it.”

I answered the door to see Gwen. She smiled when I opened the door and she saw I was naked. I let her in and she took a breath, “Merlin? I need to see the video.”

I turned to walk towards the kitchen, “Mom and I were eating dinner.”

She followed and smiled at my blushing mom. I started to say something and Gwen laughed, “It looks like I’m the one overdressed.”

As she started undressing I sat and held out my hand to mom. She shook her head and I gestured to bring her to me. I pulled her onto my lap, “I told you wench, you belong to me now.”

She turned pink as Gwen sat and looked at us. I held up the spoon for mom and she took a bite. Gwen grinned and looked at her, “Don’t worry, he owns me too.”

She swallowed and looked at me, “your other harlot?”

I took a bite and nodded before looking at the food and whispered a replication spell. I pushed my empty plate towards Gwen and she hesitated before putting some dinner on her plate. Mom relaxed and let me feed her and Gwen moved closer until she was next to me and started helping.

Mom laughed and leaned against me as we ate. When dinner was over I cupped her breast before turning to move the dirty dishes to the sink and started them washing themselves. I looked at Gwen as mom blushed again, “Why do you have to see it now?”

She looked from mom’s breast to my face as she blushed, “I… still tingle and want…”

I frowned and murmured a spell that made Gwen jerk. She shuddered and groaned before looking at me, “What did you do?”

I bent to suck on one of mom’s nipples, “You’re just horny. I guess you could say they revved you up.”

She frowned and absently bent to suck on mom’s other nipple before looking at me, “will it stop?”

I opened mom’s legs and rubbed through her leaking pussy, “Yes. I could force it to stop but that wouldn’t be healthy.”

Gwen laughed as she slipped out of her chair and spread mom’s legs wider, “my cunt is throbbing and aching.”

I smiled and kissed mom as Gwen licked through her slit. She grinned at me and looked at mom as she groaned and spasmed before going back to licking her. I went back to sucking on mom’s nipples as she shuddered and moaned. It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed and reached down to cover her pussy.

I glanced at the sink to see everything clean. I stood, lifting mom in my arms, “Do you want to stay?”

Gwen stood and nodded, “Will you fuck me?”

Mom laughed, “Yes and me to harlot.”

I grinned and headed towards the hall as Gwen laughed and followed us. I set mom on her bed and moved around to the other side. Gwen crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees and grinned before wiggling her butt, “Please?”

Mom pushed me towards her, “Help her baby.”

I smiled and moved down behind her before running my fingers through her wet pussy. I pushed into her and she groaned and shuddered as her pussy spasmed and tightened. I fucked her with long thrusts and Mom turned to put her head under Gwen’s and kiss her. I saw mom’s hand slip down between Gwen’s legs and she shuddered as mom rubbed her clit.

I rubbed her asshole as it gaped and Gwen started thrusting back hard, “YES! Fuck your whore!”

She spasmed and jerked as her pussy tightened. I felt mom’s finger as she slipped it into Gwen’s pussy with my cock. Gwen stiffened and howled as she began convulsing. Her pussy was milking my cock as I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes with mom’s fingers. I buried it to spurt and pump another load of cum as she stiffened and her pussy squeezed my jerking cock.

She kept shuddering as my sperm pumped into her and then she sighed and slowly lay forward. I shuddered as my cock came out of her and then reached down to touch her before whispering a spell that slipped her into sleep. Mom looked at me as I moved to lie beside her and cup one of her breasts, “She needs to let her body relax and recover.”

Mom smiled as she turned to caress my chest, “We are going to have a baby.”

I grinned as I bent to suck on one of her nipples before kissing her, “It is only the first my lovely harlot.”

She grinned and rolled on top of me, “Are you going to keep me pregnant my good wizard?”

I caressed her hips and sides as she reached between us, “Yes my wench, bare foot and pregnant in my tower.”

Mom laughed as she thrust back to push my cock into her slimy pussy. I cupped a breast with one hand and dropped the other to rub her clit. She shuddered as she began fucking my cock. I loved feeling her body and kept caressing her as my cock fuck in and out. She started breathing harder and became more erratic.

She was having tiny erratic spasms as she tried to wait for me. I finally let go and began spurting cum up into her. Mom screamed as she stiffened, “BABY!”

I spewed and pumped until I was done and pulled her down against me, “I love you mom.”

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and then she kissed me softly, “I love you to my wizard.”
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