My name is Merlin Ambrosia Swift and I just turned sixteen. Mom had been into renaissance when she got pregnant. Dad left when he found out she was pregnant. I was more of a book worm than anything else. Mom had plans to fumigate the apartment so I grabbed a thick book and headed down to the building basement.

My usually spot was taken by stacks of garbage which pissed me off. It was in the front under the only window not blocked. I left and was going to go sit in the front entranceway. At the stairs leading up I noticed a light down the hall. It was coming from a storage room I had been in before.

Someone had finally replaced the old bulb I thought and grinned, “better a storage room than being stepped on in the entranceway.”

When I walked into the room there was only a small old crate against the wall. I headed for it and sat before leaning back against the wall as I opened my book. I felt the wall give and then I was tumbling backwards through the wall. I fell with large blocks of stone crashing down with me. When it was over I was bruised and battered and stared up at a strange ceiling.

There was dirt and debris around me and several large cut stone blocks. I slowly sat up and a light that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere sprang up. I looked around at the large old bookcases that surrounded me before looking up at the hole in the wall close to the ceiling. I slowly stood feeling myself but nothing appeared to be broken.

I started to climb up the debris and back through the hole before stopping. This was beyond the edge of my building and if I remembered correcting, under the vacant lot next to it. I looked around again and grinned at all the books. I read ten thousand words a minute so I went through a lot of books.

I also had an edict memory so all these book would be new and exciting to me. The hole in the wall was between two large bookcases. I hesitated and then used the fallen blocks of stone from the wall on this side to make steps up towards the hole. It did two things, helped me to get back through the hole and it cleared the isle.

I dusted my hands and picked up the book I had been holding when I fell through. I absently set it on a stone before walking down the isle to explore. There was an area on the other side of the large room with a tall desk, like an architect used. It was cluttered with a few books and odds and ends.

Beside it and beside the wall was a large comfortable looking leather chair with a small end table beside it. I absently lifted a book off the desk and opened it before frowning. It wasn’t that it was in a different language, it was like the letters in each word came from many different languages.

I shook my head, “to bad there isn’t a real Rosita stone.”

A small stone on the corner of the desk seemed to shine which drew my eye. I reached out to touch it and ended up picking it up. It was an ordinary stone as far as I could see but worn smooth. I glanced down at the open book in my other hand and gasped as I read the words clearly.

I shook my head at the tingling feeling in my head. I looked around and then looked at the stone and book. I took a deep breath and felt the back of my head. I shook my head when I found no bumps or bruises, “It doesn’t make sense but I would swear this was something from one of mom’s wizarding stories.”

I grinned and looked around, “Okay library. If I wanted to learn magic and become a wizard which books would I start with?”

A small bookcase to the side of the chair and table seemed to have light shining on it. I grinned and closed the book on the desk before walking to the small bookcase. This was the only waist high bookcase I had seen in the whole place. I squatted down, “Which one do I start with?”

A single book seemed to shift and slide out an inch. I nodded and pulled it out before looking around and then moving to the chair. I hesitated and then sat and carefully leaned back before opening the book. I forgot about the small stone in my hand as the words in the book pulled at me and drew me in.

It was always like this, as soon as I began reading a book it took on a life of its own. Fifteen minutes later I closed the book. I sighed as images of glowing words and ideas flashed behind my eyes and sank in. After that it seemed easier and I slowly made my way through the bookcase.

I read fifty books before I glanced at my watch and put the book I had just finished away. I hesitated and then placed the Rosita stone back on the desk, “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

I glanced back after climbing out and saw the light in the room dim. I looked in other rooms in the basement and brought in several empty boxes and crates to cover the hole. I unscrewed the light before leaving and went up to the apartment. Mom was home and frowned at me, “Why are you all dirty?”

I grinned as I headed to the bathroom, “I was in a dusty old wizard’s library.”

Mom snorted and then laughed. I thought about it and shook my head, I had ignored my body while in the library. I hadn’t been hungry or needed to go to the bathroom. As I slept that night glowing words drifted past my closed eyelids and whispered their meaning and I woke up early and felt refreshed.

Mom wasn’t up as I dressed, made a bowl of cereal and fixed sandwiches for lunch. It was like the day before, as soon as I entered the library the strange light returned. I read and read and read until finally I closed the last book in the small bookcase. I glanced at my watch and shook my head, “Mom is going to kill me.”

I put the book away and then set the Rosita stone back on the desk before leaving, knowing I didn’t really need it anymore. I covered the hole and made my way up the stairs. The whole building was quiet as I slipped into the apartment. Mom was asleep on the couch and I smiled until my eyes took in her body.

Her night gown was transparent and short, one leg was exposed all the way to her hip. I knew mom didn’t wear panties with her night gowns and groaned. The image of a simple charm seemed to flash behind my eyes and I grinned. I whispered the spell before walking to mom and kneeling to caress her thigh.

She shuddered and opened her eyes, “Baby?”

I smiled, “Sorry I’m late.”

She sat up and I glanced at her breasts through the top of her gown before standing. Mom came to her feet and caressed my chest, “As long as you’re okay.”

I blushed as her caress went lower and she stroked my hard cock through my pants. She looked up as I shuddered and then giggled before pulling me after her, “You have school tomorrow come take a shower.”

I groaned as I thought the charm had failed. Mom pulled me into the bathroom and started the shower before turning to undress me, now I was really blushing. I moved to the toilet and peed and when I turned around not only was mom still in the bathroom, she had also taken her night gown off.

I stared at the first real naked woman I had ever seen and she laughed throatily before caressing my chest and pulling me into the shower. She pulled my hands up to cup and hold her firm breasts before beginning to wash me. I was amazed and delighted to feel her breasts and kept rubbing her nipples.

The shower was finished before I thought to explore someplace else. Mom shut the water off and reached out for the towel before drying me. She handed me the towel with a tender smile and lifted her arms so I could dry her. After we were both dry she tossed the towel onto the counter and pulled me into her room and her bed.

She caressed my chest before backing onto the bed and lying back in the center as if inviting me. I watched and finally smiled and moved onto the bed and pushed her legs open. I leaned down until my face was inches from her pussy. The smell and look made me almost drool and I opened her pussy before licking through it.

Mom gasped and shuddered as I begin teasing her clit. I kept going back to lick through her pussy and finally she shuddered hard and covered her pussy. I grinned and moved up over her. I looked between our bodies as I felt her hand position my cock and then I was pushing into her warm, velvety pussy.

I wanted to fuck her hard, deep and fast but I just slowly buried my cock. She moaned and shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. I started fucking her with long slow thrusts and she began lifting her hips to meet me. It wasn’t long before she stiffened and wailed as her pussy spasmed, “fuck your wench baby!”

I fucked mom hard and kept pressing against her groin. She continued to shake and shudder as her wet pussy tried to milk my cock. I shuddered as I felt my balls pull up and then I was pumping and spewing huge spurts of cum deep inside her. She lifted her hips as her pussy squeezed my cock and then she was screaming, “YES! Spew in me!”

Mom jerked and shook as I seemed to keep pumping spurts of cum. I shuddered and slowly relaxed when I finished and she sighed in regret. I kissed her, “Thanks mom.”

She smiled and squeezed me with both her arms and her pussy and I shuddered before automatically thrusting into her again. She gasped and shuddered and I closed my eyes before beginning to fuck her again. She was slick and full of cum so my cock slipped in and out easily. She jerked and spasmed and I opened my eyes before fucking her harder.

She groaned and lifted her legs to put them over my thighs. I moved up slightly and began to fuck down into her at a different angle and she spasmed before starting to buck and thrash around. She arched her back as her pussy tightened again, “fuck your harlot!”

I kept fucking and a few minutes later jerked and shuddered before I jabbed into her and began spewing a second load of cum. Mom screamed as she felt the warm cum filling her and twisted around, “yyyyeeeessss!”

I pumped and spurted six or seven strong jets of cum before stopping and she dropped to the bed panting. My cock was still hard and I knew I wasn’t finished. I kissed her and began to slowly fuck her again and she groaned as her body relaxed, “God baby!”

I laughed and kissed her hard. I fucked mom for almost two hours before I finally pulled out and lay beside her. I snuggled against her and she caressed me with a sigh, “Welcome to manhood honey.”

I woke to mom moving off the bed and looked at the clock. I followed her out of bed and headed into the bathroom for a quick shower. I dressed in my school clothes and found mom sipping coffee in the kitchen. She looked a little pink in the face as I stopped to kiss her cheek, “I have to go mom.”

She smiled, “You leaving before you’re late?”

I grinned as I walked towards the door and looked back, “You gave me a reason to be good.”

School was easy, of course school was always easy. When I got home and changed, I grabbed my alarm clock and headed down into what I considered my library. I managed to get through ten books before the alarm went off. When I walked into the apartment mom blushed and seemed to walk around me on her tip toes.

I ignored her and ate dinner. I even had seconds before cleaning up without her telling me. As I lay in bed it came to me that the vacant lot would belong to somebody someday and they would start by bulldozing it. So I needed money and my second thought was the books themselves, some were already very old.

I was up and out of the apartment before mom was even up the next morning. My first problem seemed to solve itself when I saw the coin jar in the corner deli. At lunch I slipped into the metal shop and looked at the racks of metal. I grinned and thought of a wagon like a little kid might use only bigger with leaf springs.

I began a spell of shaping and slowly a thick sheet of metal cut itself and began to bend and fold, rods came out to roll into shapes. When everything stopped a large wagon stood before me, it was six feet long and four wide. I gestured and it followed me out and around to the side entrance to the school.

I thought of the large jar and looked in the dumpster. I grinned as I stepped back and began another spell. This time glass bottles, both broken and whole floated out of the dumpster. They blended together in a blast of heat and huge glass jars floated out to settle into the wagon. As soon as school ended I went to the wagon.

I looked around before whispering a spell I had modified. What it did was find money people had lost and bring it back to the wagon and the jars. I ignored everyone as I began pulling the wagon. I knew no one would see the money that fled across the ground and hopped up into a jar. I took the long way home and by the time I got there all the jars were full.

I moved everything into the basement and then I stopped as another idea came. I left the jars by the stairs and went to the front storage room. A gesture opened the window and sent the garbage out. I left the window open and began to repeat the spell for lost money, this time expanding it to include the whole city.

At the door I created the illusion that the doorway was actually a wall. I carried the jars up to the apartment and was tempted to go down to the library. Instead I changed and started dinner before beginning to count the money in the jars. I used an Abacus and let another spell do the counting as I paid attention to what I was cooking.

I put the jars in my room just before mom got home. She was smiling when she walked into the kitchen to hug me from behind, “You’re making dinner?”

I grinned, “The Wizard’s library is closed today.”

Mom laughed, “Let me go change.”

I watched her walk out and was tempted to charm her again but knew she was already feeling a little guilty. I was surprised when she walked back in wearing one of her sheer night gowns. I grinned and pulled a chair out at the table and she laughed as she sat with her legs open. I poured a glass of juice for her and turned to start putting dinner on plates.

I sat beside her as she sat sideways at the table. I kept glancing down and the edge of her gown slowly went higher until I was looking at her trimmed pussy. I blushed and mom laughed, “Like what you see good Wizard?”

I looked into her face and then grinned, “I love what I see wench. I am tempted to have it for dessert.”

Mom laughed as she blushed, “But that would be unseemly.”

I laughed, “For a young harlot like you, I would brave it.”

She laughed gaily and turned to finish her dinner. She let one hand slip down between her legs and began to caress and lightly rub her clit. I grinned but didn’t say anything until dinner was done. I took the dirty dishes to the sink and returned to turn her chair. I knelt and caressed her inner thighs before leaning in to lick and tease her clit.

Mom shuddered and put her hands behind my head, “I know this is wrong Merlin but…”

I gently bit her clit and she spasmed and quit talking. I stood and pulled her up against me, “perhaps it is my lovely wench, but this is what you were born to do.”

I kissed her and turned to pull her back to her room and the bed. This time I turned her at the edge of the bed and sat her down before pushing her back and kneeling back between her legs, “Now harlot, let me finish my dessert.”

Mom laughed and then shuddered as I went back to licking her pussy and teasing her clit. I sucked it in and squeezed it between my teeth before humming and she jerked and shuddered hard as she squirted a little. I licked her and laughed before standing and stripping. She wiggled all the way onto the bed but kept her legs spread.

When I saw my cock an idea came to me and I smiled as I moved forward. I carefully whispered a spell as I settled between her legs. I pressed forward and she groaned as my now longer and thicker cock spread her pussy open wide. I slowly pushed all the way to her cervix before kissing her, “Now harlot you will get what you deserve.”

Mom groaned as she shivered, “God you’re big good sir.”

I kissed her passionately as I began to fuck her with long firm thrusts knowing I would only last a couple of minutes. A minute later she became rigid as my cock started to swell and throb. She looking into my face and then began to shake and convulse. My cock erupted in huge gushing torrents that slammed through into her womb.

She froze and screamed as she felt the warm sperm erupt into her, “Breed me my wizard!”

Mom jerked and spasmed as her warm pussy contracted and held my spurting cock. She shook constantly as I shuddered and groaned while pumping more and more cum. I knew as soon as I stopped cumming that I didn’t have anymore. I also knew that every bit was still inside her expanded womb.

I pulled out of her and lay beside her and she sighed as she closed her eyes. Mom nudged me awake, “Time to get up baby.”

I opened my eyes and looked at her with a smile before giving her a kiss, “Morning mom.”

She caressed my face, “Good morning my good wizard.”

I grinned before climbing out of bed and heading to the bathroom for a shower and then went to get dressed. This was mom’s day off but she was humming and moving around in the kitchen when I left. During lunch, the answer to my second problem came. I saw a girl sitting across the cafeteria using one of those touch pads.

I knew they could hold a lot but probably not the whole library. If they were a little thicker like a regular book and… I shook myself and went to the school library. I normally didn’t read technical books but I sat down and began reading. Thirty minutes and three books later I had the answer. When I tried to walk into the front room in the basement, the door wouldn’t open.

I frowned and then it struck me that the coins must be piled up and blocking the door. I went upstairs and changed before reading mom’s note saying she was shopping and would bring dinner home. I had left the wagon I made in the vacant lot and brought it around front. I ran down to the corner store and bought two boxes of large garbage bags.

I knelt down beside the window and pulled out a garbage bag. I looked around before whispering a spell that changed the plastic bag into cloth. It would only last a few hours but I thought I had enough time. A gesture had quarters pouring out of the window and into the bag. I filled the wagon with bags until it groaned.

I struggled to pull it the three blocks to the local bank. I already had an account, not that there was a lot in it. I brought in the bags one at a time and the manager actually grinned and opened a separate window just for me. They poured each bag into the coin counter and it went crazy. I had them put the money in my account and left heading home.

I returned not even an hour later with a second load. This time the manager wasn’t grinning. When I got home I went down into the library and sat in the chair before opening a book. Just the thought that I might do what I planned kept me distracted and I finally closed the book, “If I had a place to work I wouldn’t need to stay away.”

It was just me thinking out loud but the wall on the other side of the desk grated and groaned as stones shifted. I stood to look and found myself looking at an anteroom. Half of the room was blocked with dirt and rubble but there was another door. The room beyond was dark like the library before I entered.

I stepped into the room and blinked as the light came on. There were work benches and cages and chemicals and tubes and… everything I could need. Surprisingly it wasn’t even dusty in the room. I crossed to a work bench that held colored sand and sat on a stool that happily waddled over to scoot under me.

I looked at a sheet of blank parchment and began describing to myself what I needed to do. I was surprised when the parchment began writing out what I needed to do. I grinned and continued until I was done. I looked around and started gestures that brought materials from other work benches.

When I finished I had a mat black case around a screen that was ten inches wide and twelve high, the whole thing was an inch thick and weighed as much as a regular book. I sighed and picked it up before leaving. In the anteroom I glanced at the open door and gestured to close it. In the library I headed towards the hole as the other door closed.

Mom was home and frowned as she looked at the time and I smiled and came to kiss her cheek, “Just the library mom.”

I put the new touch pad in the window before I sat and ate the dinner she warmed up. I began noticing something different about her but couldn’t put a finger on it. I collected the dishes and washed them before going into the living room to sit with her as she watched a movie. She smiled and held my hand before leaning against me.

I think I knew she didn’t feel like sex and just sat with her. I kissed her good night before going to bed. I lay there but couldn’t sleep and finally got up. I went downstairs to the basement and murmured a spell that had paper money slipping through the crack at the top of the door. It started stacking itself and I nodded.

I began another spell that actually changed the inner dimensions of the room and stopped the summoning spell. I gestured and the stacks of money lifted up and followed me as I climbed the stairs. I put the money in my closet and thought about mom. My cock was hard and I wanted to go to her but…

I shook my head and started to lie down before grinning to myself, “I’m a wizard dummy.”

I thought of a girl in school, she was hot, even the teachers always watched her when she walked by. I grinned and looked at my bed as I began a complicated spell. When I finished Gwen was on my bed naked with her legs already spread, I closed my door and walked to the bed. One look between her legs told me she had been fucked recently.

I whispered the other spell and striped before moving onto the bed. I pushed into her cumming pussy and Gwen shuddered as her arms went around me, “Who…”

I kissed her, “Who fucked you last?”

She blushed and shuddered as her pussy contracted, “My dad.”

I smiled and started to fuck her slowly, “Did he force you or did you consent?”

Gwen rubbed my bare back and lifted her legs to wrap them around me, “I let him fuck me a couple times a week.”

I loved the way her firm breasts felt and the way she kissed and the way her slippery pussy squeezed my cock. I groaned and pushed harder and started spurting a huge load of cum through her cervix. Gwen shuddered and caressed me as I pushed her cervix open and finished cumming. I shuddered one last time and began moving.

She gasped and shuddered almost violently, “Shit!”

I kept my cock deep inside her and used tiny grinding thrusts that had her spasming and convulsing as her tight pussy went crazy on my cock. When she finally started to relax I fucked her hard. I only did it for a minute but she was bucking and thrashing around and I had to slow down to keep riding her.

I shoved against her cervix and she lifted her legs straight into the air, “YES!”

This time she was out of control as her pussy locked down tight around my cock. I tried to hold her and groaned as my cock began pumping more cum into her already full belly. She jerked with the first warm explosion and then froze, I spurted, spewed and pumped before stopping. Gwen laughed and shook me, “you need to cum more often.”

I grinned and kissed her soft lips before starting to fuck her slimy pussy again. She jerked and wrapped her legs back around me, “More?”

I laughed, “Once more?”

Gwen shook again me, “Will that be enough?”

I kissed her, “No, but it will help me sleep.”

She laughed and spread her legs before planting her feet, “Then I better do a good job.”

I kissed her again and began to fuck her with deep firm strokes that she met. She was shuddering and shaking as she looked into my eyes. Her tight slimy pussy kept spasming and squeezing my cock. After a couple of minutes she seemed to groan deep in her throat as her body stiffened. I wasn’t trying to hold back and kept fucking her.

A couple minutes more and I was ready, Gwen was fighting something as I pressed against her and looked into her eyes. As my cock erupted with strong gushing spurts of cum, she screamed and her body twisted and thrashed around violently. I spewed and pumped thick ropes of sperm into her waiting womb.

It took awhile but I finally stopped cumming and a few moments later she shuddered and slowly relaxed. I kissed her, “This was a nice dream.”

She grinned as I slipped off the bed and began the spell that would send her back to her own bed. After she had disappeared I lay back down and relaxed. I woke to mom’s touch and smiled before pulling her down enough to kiss her softly. I slipped out of bed and went to shower before dressing and leaving.

I had a few books checked out during lunch and sat in one corner of the lunch room reading. I glanced up and around when I felt someone looking at me. Across the room was Gwen sitting with a couple of other girls. She was staring at me though and I smiled before going back to the book on how to create holographs.

A minute later I looked up and she was standing beside me. I smiled again, “Hi.”

She bit her lip, “I… last night… did…”

Gwen shook her head, “Sorry, I guess I thought you were someone else.”

I grinned, “Like your dad?”

She froze before looking around and sitting beside me and whispering. “How did…”

I touched her hand, “Need draws need. The next time we both need that, it may happen or it may not.”

Gwen frowned, “But how did I get to your bed and then…”

I shrugged, “Magic. Are you sorry?”

She hesitated and then grinned, “No. I slept like a baby.”

I grinned, “me too.”

She touched my hand, “If I… Can I come see you if…”

I smiled and nodded, “Sure, but don’t you have…”

Gwen laughed as she stood up, “Not anymore.”

I watched her walk back to her table with a sway to her hips that made me want to fuck her on a table. I shook my head and went back to reading. When I got home, I changed and grabbed the pad reader I had made before going downstairs. This time I filled the wagon with bags of dimes and nickels. I also carried a large bag full of the bills.

I didn’t go to my bank, I went a couple of miles away to the federal depository. They weren’t happy but took the coins and gave me a check which I deposited in a branch of my bank on the way home. I went down to the library and looked around. I walked to the small bookcase and gestured as I released the reader.

I concentrated and created a spell that pulled the first book out. A bar of light went down the cover and then the spine, the back and each side. Each time the bar of light went down the book it created a copy of the image in the reader. As it started on the front page I moved to a section and pulled out a book I wanted to read.

It dealt with transference spells which I thought I might need one day. It was a couple of hours and several books later when I stopped reading. I waited for the reader to finish the book it was copying and then banished the spell. In the room with the hole I created an illusion of the wall without the hole.

I went upstairs to see mom and found her humming as she made dinner. I grinned and slipped up behind her and gave her a hug, “Hey mom.”

She smiled as she looked back at me, “And how is my young wizard today?”

I kissed her cheek as I released her and went to the sink, “Studying hard.”

I set the reader in the window to recharge and washed my hands. Mom watched me with a smile, “I heard voices last night.”

I sighed, “I summoned a wench to help me sleep.”

She laughed and came to hug me, “And you forgot I was here?”

I grinned and kissed her softly, “I didn’t forget. You didn’t feel like you wanted sex and I won’t push.”

Mom kissed me back, “Thanks honey.”

I laughed and shook her, “Besides, you harlots deserve a night off every now and then.”

She grinned and shook me back before turning back to the dinner she was making, “You aren’t neglecting your school work are you?”

I sat at the table to watch her and tried to determine what was different about her, “No. school is easy.”

Mom sighed and glanced at me, “Do you have another wench lined up for tonight?”

I shrugged, “If I need one.”

She turned and looked at me carefully, “Did you meet the young girl down in 305?”

I shook my head and she grinned, “Her name is Morgan.”

I grinned, “As in Morgana?”

Mom laughed, “Yes. She is fourteen and has white hair. Her mom and I were talking today. Morgan is… sexually active she says. Beth said she is a bit of a nymphomaniac but I’m not sure.”

I smiled, “Sounds like a girl after my own heart.”

She grinned as she turned back to move dinner to the table. She sat and looked at me, “If you ask me, her mom is sexually active and doesn’t care who knows.”

I laughed as I started eating and mom kept smiling to herself. After dinner I did the dishes and came to sit with her. She put her arm through mine and leaned against me, “Want me to call down and inquire if Morgana is available?”

I grinned, “Are you brokering another harlot to be used?”

She laughed and shook me, “Here in front of me, on the coffee table.”

I laughed, “Very well my lovely wench, summon your young harlot.”

Mom turned and grinned as she picked the phone up from the end table. She whispered and murmured before laughing, “I’ll leave the door open.”

After she hung up she grinned at me, “Beth is bringing her daughter up but she wants to watch too.”

I looked around and went to shut the bright overhead light off before turning on one table lamp. Mom answered the door and as soon as I turned to see this new girl I was transfixed. She wasn’t Gwen but she was stunningly beautiful. I bowed to her mother and her, “welcome to our home fair damsels.”

Beth grinned and curtsied but Morgan frowned. Mom closed the door and Beth pushed Morgan towards me, “You always want sex. Go ahead, fuck him.”

Morgan looked back at her mother and I took a moment to whisper a spell that would tell me if she was diseased. Nothing happened and I smiled as I stepped forward to caress her face, “You belong to me lovely harlot.”

She looked at me and then down at the front of my pants. I smiled and slowly stripped as mom led Beth around to sit on the couch. Morgan licked her lips when my cock appeared and smiled as if to herself. I slowly undressed her and caressed her face before turning her, “First I must taste your womanly charms.”

I sat her on the end of the coffee table and she laid back with a huge grin on her face. I leaned down to open her wet pussy and licked through it before teasing her clit. As she shuddered and wiggled, I sucked it in and kept using my tongue. Morgan shuddered hard and spread her legs wider as her hips lifted up off the table.

I continued to lick and nibble and tease until she stiffened and screamed, “YES!”

One of the things I had found out was she might be willing but she wasn’t a nymphomaniac. She still had her hymen and I stood on my knees between her legs, “Now fair damsel would you allow me the privilege and honor to take that which has kept you but a lass?”

Morgan shuddered and then grinned, “Yes.”

I ignored mom and Beth as they kissed and felt each other and rubbed Morgan’s clit as I whispered a spell to block pain. I moved forward between her legs and lifted and spread them. I bent my drooling cock and fitted it to her tight hole. She shuddered and arched her back as I pushed forward and forced my cock through her virgin pussy and buried it all the way in her.

Morgan looked at me with wide eyes and then down between her legs at her obscenely spread pussy around my cock. I rubbed her clit almost absently and she jerked and then grinned as her pussy squeezed my cock. I kept rubbing her and started to fuck her slowly with long strokes. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and humping up as I thrust into her.

Her tight pussy spasmed around my cock as she started breathing hard and shaking. I pressed into her as far as I could a few minutes later and began to pump warm sperm against and into her womb. Morgan howled as she felt the flood of warm cum filling her and her pussy tightened. I was shuddering and shaking as I held myself inside her.

Finally it was over and she lay panting as I smiled and rubbed her tummy, “Ready for more?”

She grinned and nodded and I pulled her up and stood with her legs wrapped around me. She was fully impaled on my cock and groaned as she leaned against me. I laughed and turned to lay back on the table, “Now my lovely wench you may use my body to please yourself.”

Morgan laughed as she straddled me and put her hands on my chest, “You are going to get so fucked.”

Mom and Beth laughed as she started rocking and thrusting back and forth. Her tight cummy pussy felt good as she slipped on and off my cock. It wasn’t long before she became erratic and her pussy tightened to hold me inside her as she stiffened and cried out, “YES!”

I grinned and reached up to squeeze and tug on her nipples. She jerked and spasmed before screaming, “I’m cumming!”

I held her waist and thrust her back and forth as her body jerked and shook. Finally I held her still as I began spewing a second load of cum into her. Morgan looked at me with wide eyes as her body twitched and jerked, “Fuck!”

I shuddered as I pump cum up into her. When I stopped she sighed and I rubbed her hips before lifting her off me. I slid off the table and held her naked body against mine, “So far my harlot you have done well.”

I kissed her and Morgan grinned, “More?”

I laughed and turned her and put her on her knees on the table. Mom and Beth were both half dressed with hands in each other’s clothes. I moved behind Morgan and pushed into her leaking pussy. She shuddered and thrust back as I held her hips and started fucking her with long full strokes.

It was only moments before she dropped to the table with her butt raised. She shuddered hard as her tight messy pussy spasmed around my cock. I fucked her hard for a minute and slowed to bury my cock back in her slimy pussy. Morgan was jerking and twitching and was almost incoherent.

I rubbed her bare butt and started fucking her with long, deep, firm thrusts. I wasn’t trying to hold back and ignored her wails and howls as she jerked and convulsed. A few minutes later I shoved into her and held her back against me as I began breeding her like a bitch. She lifted her head and screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “fuck me!”

When I stopped she was only panting and had closed her eyes. I looked at mom to see her smiling with Beth and slowly pulled out of Morgan. I lifted and turned her to face me, “Now my young whore, you know what it means.”

She laughed and kissed me, “If I didn’t have school I would tie you to the bed for more.”

I laughed and shook her, “Just for that you brazen lass I will take you to bed and keep using you.”

She looked at her mother and I just turned to pulled her after me before calling back to mom, “Take her to bed mom, you’ll be more comfortable.”

I wanted the feel of a warm body in my arms and Morgan was more than willing even after fucking for another hour.
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