Terri and I had been married five years. Our sex life wasn’t the best at least not until I caught her cheating. My name is Kevin and I’m twenty three. I’m almost six feet tall and swim everyday to stay in shape. My cock is long and very thick. Terri is five six with firm breasts and a slim waist.

I work as a programmer for a large corporation. A few years ago my great grandparents died and left me with almost three hundred thousand in stocks. Terri worked from home doing medical billing. I had just got to work when I found out I was being promoted to an out source programming slot.

I had expected it but not today, it meant a raise and working from home four out of five days. I thought I would surprise Terri and take her to lunch. I walked into the house and heard grunting from the living room around the corner. I walked to the corner and looked into the living room and was shocked.

Terri was on her hands and knees and Justin, our two year old lab golden retriever mix was fucking the hell out of her. She was panting and grunting as he pounded her and I watched as her body shuddered and shook. My cock was rock hard so I stripped and stood watching. I was in the perfect place and saw him shoving his cock in and out.

His knot was forming and pounding her clit and she was jerking and shaking until he forced it into her. He tightened his hold and held still and Terri moaned, “Good boy, breed momma.”

I knew he was pumping his dog cum into her and realized why Terri had insisted we not get him fixed. She shuddered hard and put one hand back to keep him in place while she moaned and whimpered. I slipped into the room behind her and a few minutes later Justin pulled back and she grunted and cried out as her head dropped to the floor.

His cock popped out of her and his dog cum ran out in a river. He moved away and I moved forward. I grabbed her hips and just shoved my hard cock in deep. Terri jerked and screamed as I slapped her bare ass, “Quiet!”

I fucked her hard and deep and after a moment she started thrusting back. I wasn’t trying to please her, she was my bitch and I was breeding her. I felt her cervix open every time I fucked into her and right then didn’t care if I got her pregnant. When I felt myself getting close Terri was grunting and whimpering like she had for Justin.

I shoved my cock into her and held her tight as I began pumping thick spurts of cum. She jerked and looked back wide eyed as I held her and spewed jet after jet into what I knew was her fertile womb. I pulled out after she was full and leaking and caressed her butt before standing and walking out of the room.

I went to get my pants and finished stripping as I headed to the bedroom. She came in a minute later with a red face, “Kevin?”

I glanced at her to see she was still naked and cum was running down her legs. My cock was still hard as I turned and walked to her and pushed her back onto the bed. Her eyes were wide as I shoved into her while holding her legs up. She started grunting as I fucked her hard, fast and deep.

I paused and leaned over her, “If you’re going to be a dog bitch for Justin, you can keep them spread and be my bitch too.”

Terri groaned and shuddered as she wrapped her legs around my waist, “Breed your bitch Kevin! Pound me like Justin and fill me as much as you can.”

She was jerking and shaking as I fucked her slimy cunt. Every time I shoved into her it was with a long straight jab, straight into her and against her cervix. I grunted a few minutes later and held her hips tight as I began pumping sperm into her and she grunted and cried out, “Yes!”

I spurted and spewed six thick clumps of cum into her womb, filling it. When I finished I slowly pulled out. I stayed between her legs and reached out to cup both of her breasts, “finish your billing for the morning. I got that promotion I was expecting so I was going to take you to lunch.”

Terri grinned, “So you are going to work from home.”

I nodded and bent to suck on a nipple. I moved up to kiss her and caressed her face, “you are going to be one used lady when Justin and I finish with you.”

She grinned searching my eyes, “You don’t mind about Justin?”

I smiled and kissed her, “He can fuck you, but I breed you. Together we will keep you happy.”

She laughed and pushed me back, “Let me get back to work.”

I backed up and helped her stand. She grinned as she looked down at the cum running down her legs. I went to clean up and headed into the office. Terri was working at her desk as I turned my computer on and began setting it up. When she stood up later I glanced up and she smiled, “Let me wash up and we can go out.”

We ended up walking through the mall for awhile and then having a nice lunch before going home. When I closed the door at home she was already stripping as she walked to the back door to let Justin in. I grinned as I watched him dance around her while pushing his nose into her crotch. Terri was watching me as I began to get undressed, “He wants his bitch.”

She grinned and walked into the living room and went to her hands and knees. Justin moved behind her and started licking her pussy and ass. A couple of minutes later he was dancing around while she was shuddering and moaning. He suddenly jumped up and mounted her like a bitch dog. He humped and moved closer before stopping.

Suddenly he lunged forward and Terri grunted as he shifted his grip and then started fucking her. I sat on the couch and watched as he fucked her hard and she just kept shaking and dropped her head to the floor. I thought he wouldn’t last long but he didn’t even slow down as he kept fucking her. Terri jerked and shuddered through one orgasm after another.

When Justin started jabbing into her, Terri started thrusting her butt back. It was a couple of minutes before he stopped moving, she had dropped her head to the floor as she whimpered and shuddered. I moved behind Justin and held him as he pumped his dog cum into her. I continued to hold him after he was finished.

Finally after almost ten minutes he pulled back and his knot came out. Dog cum ran out of her and onto the floor and she shuddered violently. I pushed Justin out of the way and shoved my hard cock into Terri in one long, hard shove. I started fucking her while she grunted and started shaking. I was pounding her hard and deep trying to cum.

I felt her slimy cunt squeezing my cock as she spasmed and thrust her butt back to meet mine. Watching my bitch take the dog was more than enough to excite me. I rubbed her warm asshole as I continued to fuck her hard and a few minutes later I grunted and shoved against her open cervix.

It was still full of dog cum but I didn’t care as I began pumping thick strong gushes of sperm. Terri jerked and spasmed erratically as she felt my cum expanding her already full belly. She shuddered and looked back at me as I finished spewing cum in her, “God that felt good.”

I grinned as I pulled out and stood up. I reached down and helped her up, “Go to work lady. I’m making dinner tonight.”

She grinned and headed toward our home office. I watched her bare butt and finally headed towards the kitchen to see what I needed from the store. When I got home I heard Terri in the office as Justin fucked her. I set the bag of groceries on the table and walked to the doorway to look in. She was lying back in her chair with Justin between her legs.

I grinned as she shuddered and Justin whined and jabbed into her before holding still. Terri reached down to hold his butt and pull him closer as he sprayed her nasty cunt with dog cum. I undressed as she raised her eyes and saw me. She blushed but didn’t push Justin away as he kept squirting dog cum into her. I crossed to stand behind him and he finally pulled out of her.

She kept her legs open as I pushed Justin away and knelt between her legs. Her pussy was open and dog cum ran out and down over her ass. I pushed into her slimy cunt and started fucking her with hard deep thrusts. Terri grunted and shuddered as her cummy pussy squeezed my cock. She caressed my chest and shoulders as I slowed to long, deep strokes.

I was almost pulling out of her before fucking back into her and it wasn’t long before Terri jerked and thrashed around as she screamed, “KEVIN!”

She lifted her legs straight up into the air as I continued to fuck her slimy cunt. She was spasming like she was having a seizure, her warm pussy kept squeezing and releasing my cock. After several minutes I grunted and held her hips as I buried my cock to breed my bitch. I pumped and spewed large ropes of sperm into her still full womb.

Terri froze and gasped, “OH!”

She shuddered and twitched as I spurted large jets of cum and then slowly lowered her legs and sat up with my cock still inside her. She hugged me and kissed me softly, “Good?”

I laughed as I pulled out and stood up, “Yes.”

I headed to the kitchen and started dinner. It was an hour before Terri came out to feed Justin and put him out. Dinner was filled with looks as she wiggled in her seat. She finally laughed, “Between you and Justin I am still slimy.”

I grinned, “Good, I’m going to let you take my cock in your ass as Justin fucks you missionary.”

Her eyes went wide and then she grinned, “I’ve never tried that.”

After dinner she disappeared while I cleaned up and brought Justin in. When Terri walked in, it was with a strut. She kissed me and then pulled me towards the living room. She pushed me down and knelt to lick my cock before turning and straddling me. She carefully positioned my cock and pushed down and my cock was forced into her ass.

We had only tried anal a couple of time so I knew to go slow. Terri lay back on me and I reached around to hold her breasts as she called Justin. She patted her tummy and shuddered when he stopped to lick her and I felt her ass squeeze my cock. He mounted her clumsily and she pulled him closer as he humped.

I grunted with her as suddenly his cock found its mark and he buried it. I held her as the dog started fucking her hard and she began spasming as her ass tightened. I started thrusting up into her and Terri jerked and started convulsing. It was about five minutes before Justin whined as he jabbed into her.

I had been feeling his knot as it formed and now I felt the warm cum explode inside her. I kept fucking as cum began leaking down onto her ass making my cock fuck in and out easier. I was using long full thrusts and finally pushed into her all the way and held her hips as I began to cum. Terri jerked and screamed as she felt both of us spewing warm cum into her body.

She was shaking and spasming even after Justin managed to yank his cock out of her and move away. It was a couple of minutes before she lifted up and I pulled out. She turned and slipped half off me and lay against me, “God that was incredible.”

I caressed her and smiled before getting up and helping her. We watched a movie with her on my lap and then it was time for bed. She put Justin out before climbing in bed with me and snuggling against me, “you haven’t used condoms.”

I looked at her and grinned, “Justin fucks you but I breed you.”

She smiled and then grinned and pulled on me to get me between her legs, “Breed me honey.”

I pushed into her slimy cunt and kissed her before fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Terri lifted and spread her legs as my cock fucked in and out of her cummy pussy. It wasn’t long before she was wailing and howling. Her cunt tightened and she squirted on me as she started convulsing. I continued to fuck her hard and deep and she kept spasming and howling.

It was a long time before I buried my cock and held her shaking body as I started to pump thick spurts of cum. She jerked and lifted her hips, “YES! Breed me!”

I spurted and spewed a half dozen times before my cock was just throbbing inside her. I sighed and kissed her before rolling and pulling her with me. Terri put her head on my shoulder and I caressed her hips before relaxing. She lifted her hips and I pulled my cock out before she just laid back on me. This was new but it felt good.

I woke to Terri moving off me and out of bed. I glanced at the clock before following her. She looked up as she sat on the toilet and blushed. I smiled and used my knees to spread her legs before I bent my cock and peed between them. She grinned and then laughed until I was done. I pulled her up and into the shower and we washed each other.

I wrapped her warm robe around her before grabbing mine. We went to the kitchen and I let Justin in after she filled his bowl with food. After breakfast I stretched and grinned at Terri before heading into the office. I started my computer and pulled up my first scheduled program to start working. I had left the door open and heard Terri moaning and a minute later, wailing.

When she came in ten minutes later she grinned and went to her computer. It was an hour before I looked at her when she stretched and stood up. She grinned, “a scheduled coffee break.”

I grinned and turned back to what I was doing. A minute later Terri was back with Justin following her. She slipped her robe off and sat on the edge of her chair. I turned to watch the dog move between her legs and start licking her pussy. She shuddered and jerked as she moaned and finally she pushed Justin back.

She grinned at me and leaned back as she patted her pelvis, “Up boy!”

Justin mounted her and she pulled him closer as he started to hump. She grunted and then jerked as he started to fuck her steadily. She jerked and spasmed and convulsed as he kept pounding into her. It was maybe ten minutes before he slowed and jabbed into her before finally just holding her hips as he whined. Terri was wailing and shuddering, “pump it in me Justin!”

I grinned and waited until Terri sighed and just held the dog, “After he comes out go douche so I can breed you.”

She laughed and then grinned as she wrapped her legs around Justin and kissed his face. It was several minutes before she worked his knot out and he dropped to the floor. She stood with dog cum pouring out of her and walked out. I turned to finish what I was doing and a few minutes later Terri stuck her head around the corner.

I grinned as I stood and chased her back to the bedroom. She went straight to the bed and fell forward as she spread her legs and looked back. I grinned and walked between her legs as I dropped my robe. I bent and pushed my cock into her and started fucking her with long thrusts. I continued to fuck her hard and deep as she shuddered and jerked.

Her warm pussy grasp and squeezed my cock and it was several minutes before Terri howled and began struggling. She twisted and thrashed as I buried my cock in her and tried to hold her. She wet me as she convulsed and I grunted as I pulled her tight and began to gush a huge torrent of cum into her belly.

She jerked and tilted her hips as she moaned while I continued to breed her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed and I pulled out. I pushed her onto the bed and turned her. I sat beside her and tugged on a nipple, “I should get a few of you and just keep breeding you every couple of years.”

She grinned, “And a couple of dogs?”

I fingered her slit, “sure, just to keep my bitches used.”

She laughed and then shuddered, “I could have Lisa and Ann come over and you could breed them to see if they would work.”

Lisa and Ann were two of Terri’s friends. I slipped a finger into her cummy pussy, “They know about Justin?”

She shuddered and lifted her hips, “YES!”

I smiled and pulled my finger out to rub her clit as she continued to pant, “do they have dogs that fuck them?”

She groaned and reached for me and I bent to kiss her. She held me and sighed, “Lisa has a Shepard and Ann has a Dalmatian.”

I sucked on a nipple, “Call them while my sperm is soaking in.”

She shuddered and grinned before nodding and rolled onto her side and pulled the cordless to her before laying back. I continued to caress her body as she called first Lisa and then Ann. She shuddered when I went back to fingering her cummy pussy and grinned at me and spread her legs.

She shuddered and kept lifting her hips as I fingered her and finally jerked and closed her legs as she moaned and rolled onto her side. I rubbed her butt, “your break is over and I need to get back to work too.”

She laughed back at me as I slipped off the bed. I walked out as she climbed off and followed me. While she worked she kept wiping cum from her leaking pussy and licking her fingers. When I finished at one I was surprised to see I had actually gotten more work done then normal. I went into the kitchen and started a slow cooker meal before letting Justin in.

I smiled as he went looking for my wife. I heard her wailing a few minutes later and looked in to see her on her knees bent over and laying on her chair. Justin was mounted on her and fucking her steadily as she jerked and shuddered. When he came into the kitchen a little later he lay under the table and started cleaning himself.

I slipped my robe on when I heard the door bell and went to see who it was. Lisa and Ann were both there with a suitcase and another bag and holding their dogs on leashes. I opened the door wider as Terri came out naked. Of course Justin had to smell the dogs and then I put them out as Terri, Ann and Lisa disappeared into the back.

I was doing laundry when they returned and Lisa and Ann were naked like Terri. She kissed me and looked at her nervous friends, “you can breed them whenever you want.”

I pulled her against me, “and they can let the dogs do them when they want too?”

She grinned and wiped her cummy pussy, “yeah.”

Lisa laughed, “this should be fun.”

Ann nodded and stepped close to open my robe. They both stared at my cock as Terri wrapped her hand around it, “see, nice and big.”

I kissed her and reached for Lisa and turned her and bent her over the folding table before kneeling. I licked through her pussy as she shuddered and started teasing her clit. Terri laughed as she went to let the dogs in and took them into the living room. When Lisa started jerking and twisting as she shuddered, I stood and pushed into her in one long thrust.

I began to fuck her steadily with long thrusts that pushed against her cervix. A minute later she was shuddering and convulsing as her pussy ripple and kept squeezing my cock. She wailed and howled as I continued to fuck her and it was several minutes before I buried my cock and held her as I began to spew strong spurts of cum through her cervix.

She pushed back hard and screamed when she felt the warm eruption of sperm, “BREED ME!”

I humped and jabbed but stayed in her as deep as I could while spurting the last of my cum. When I was done I rubbed her butt, “I’m sure one of the dogs wants a turn now.”

I pulled out and she stood and turned to kiss me before walking into the other room. I finished the laundry with the three women wailing. I carried the clean folded clothes back to our bedroom before returning to see Lisa getting fucked by Justin. I caught Ann when she walked out of the kitchen and kissed her as I fingered her cummy slit.

She shivered and grinned before turning and bending over to grab her ankles. I opened my robe and looked at Terri in the kitchen doorway as I pushed into Ann’s tight pussy. I held her as I started fucking into her with deep thrusts. I was trying to cum and used long strokes as her tight hole grasped and tightened. She was shaking and pushing back as I continued to fuck her.

I turned us and lifted her and let her lay over the back of a chair before I went back to fucking her. It wasn’t long before her pussy was clenching around my cock as she howled. I kept fucking her and started planting my cock and pushing into her hard. Ann began to convulse as her pussy contracted and squeezed, “breed me!”

I fucked her hard, deep and fast, slamming and shoving into her as she writhed around. It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and shoved as it erupted. Ann screamed as warm sperm gushed against and through her cervix, “aaaaahhhhh!”

When I was done and pulled out she slipped off the chair and onto the floor. The dalmatian didn’t wait and mounted her before starting to fuck. I walked to Terri as Ann began wailing and kissed her as she pressed against me.

My wife and her two friends are still with me. Yes they got pregnant, several times. If any of the dogs wants they fuck Terri, Lisa or Ann and so do I.
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