I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
When they brought the blindfolded girl into the livingroom, everybody sitting there knew what was about to happen. Everybody but me that is. She couldn't have been over 14 or 15 years old, you could tell that because her little titties were just starting to puff out. They had stripped her in the bedroom, leaving her with only her panties on and nothing else. They just barely covered her little butt, even though they weren't a thong. Just as I was sitting there, wondering if she had her pubic hair yet, the one that was standing behind her slowly peeled her black panties down, exposing her little pussy to us and more than afew in the room gasped because she still had [ Peach-fuzz ] on it, she wasn't even old enough to have pubic hair yet.

I had never been to one of these parties before and I couldn't believe that she wasn't fighting it and trying to get away and that's when the couple sitting next to me told me that they always put something in the girls drinks to make them horny, before they'ed bring the dogs in.

" Dogs?"

" Uh huh, each week another one of the girls has to do them, while everybody watches."

" Oh shit."

" Don't worry, whatever it is that they put in their drink makes them like it, you'll see."

" Oh man, I don't know."

" Well, you can always leave if you want too."

When she said that I felt my dick twitch and started feeling guilty because I knew that I was getting a hard-on, just from thinking about a girl and a dog doing it.

I watched as a girl got up, went over behind her, reached around and started playing with her little titties. Then another girl got up, went over and kneeled down in front of her, spread her little peach-fuzz covered pussy with her tiny fingers and started licking softly on the inside of her outer lips. Kissing and sucking on them gently, as the blindfolded girl squirmed and moaned in front of her.

After about 5 minutes the one playing with her little titties moaned and whispered, " I want to suck her too, please." And the one that was kneeling in front of her moved out of the way and we all watched as the one that had been playing with her titties got down in front of her and she too ate the little girls pussy. Whimpering, " Come on baby, come on," as she licked on it faster and faster.

That's when one of the women in the back yelled, " Get the dogs " and one of the men went out to get them and brought them back into the livingroom.

As soon as the dogs were inside, they made the little girl get down on her hands and knees and crawl towards them. Even though she was still blindfolded she still found them and without having to be told, she stuck her head down under the first shepards belly and started searching for his red pointed boner, with her tiny pink tongue. The whole room was quiet, like everyone was holding their breath, as they all sat there watching her, as her little pink tongue searched for it until she finally found it and started licking softly on the wet pointed tip.

As soon as the little girl started licking on the dogs dick, the woman of the couple next to me dropped down in front of the man she was with and started sucking on him, not caring that I was still sitting there and watching her.

I kept looking from the young girl and back to the woman, watching as both of them worked their warm lips back and forth along the long skinny boners that were in their mouths. Coaxing them, coaxing them to squirt. I couldn't believe how good the young girl was at it. She must have been doing it for a long long time with someone because to be honest, she was sucking it better than the woman was and it didn't take long, before the dog started squirting her. Squirting his warm doggie cum, not caring that it was a girls mouth that he was squirting it into and not a dogs pussy.

When the dog was finally through squirting, she pulled away from it and you could see a little drop of his white cum oozing out of the corner of her mouth and slowly running down her little chin. There was no doubt that she had eaten him, not doubt whatsoever.

As soon as they saw that she had satisfied the first german shepard, one of the 2 girls that had eaten her earlier led the second german shepard up to her and whispered, " Try to relax baby " as the 2 of them coaxed the german shepard up onto her.

As soon as he was up ontop of her back he started humping, jabbing his red pointed boner at her, searching for her little pussy but finding her little asshole instead and she screamed and begged them to get him off of her and they did.

But now the dog was horny and not to be denied and seeing her pretty little butt sticking up in the air was to much for him, as he jumpped up on her again and drove his red pointed boner, straight into her little peach-fuzz covered pussy. Not caring that she was so young, just needing to fuck her and he did.

The scream that came out of her was unreal. Nobody in the room knew that she was a virgin until they heard the scream coming out of her and saw the little trickle of blood, running down along the inside of her little girl thighs. But by then it was to late, he was already up inside of her and wasn't about to let them pull him away again.

Even though she had been a virgin, it didn't take her long, for her little butt to start showing that she liked it. Liked how the dogs cock felt, up inside of her little girl pussy.

When they saw that she was finally liking it, one of the 2 girls went over and slipped the blindfold off, letting everyone see, how her eyes were starting to cross and her mouth dropped open, as her head started swinging back and forth. Not even knowing or not even caring that people were watching her, all she cared about was how good his huge dick felt, as it moved back and forth in her.

None of us could believe it, as we watched her starting to grind back on it, working it with her pretty pussy, like she was an old street pro.

All at once she raised her pretty ass, like she knew that he was ready and he drove it all the way up into her and held it there, yelping and yelping, as he drainned his fur covered balls into her peach-fuzz covered pussy..

She didn't understand how dogs fuck and when she thought that it was all over, he started jumpping around and ended up stepping over her. Ending up behind her, with his butt touching hers.

Everybody moaned, when they saw that he had [ Tied ] with her, keeping his now swollen cock locked up inside of her. Because her little pussy had closed back down around the base of his cock and he had gotten his [ Knot ] up inside of her. And now it was to swollen to slide back out.

As though having people watching you as you sucked a dog and let another one mount you wasn't bad enough, now's when the women at the party got to really humiliate her by calling the dog from first one and then to another, watching and laughing as he drug her butt to butt backwards across the livingroom floor. Claiming her, showing everybody that she was his, with his big red cock still locked up inside of her.

For the next 15 minutes, everybody in the livingroom had sex with each other. Before it was over, I had my dick sucked by 2 older men and one older woman, while a younger girl there, got me to eat her out.

I don't know what they did that night, with the young girl and the 2 german shepards. I guess it really doesn't matter because about 3 months later she was at the party again, only this time she was sitting there watching, while they made another girl do it all again, only this time it was with a Great Dane and he was really hurting her, as he claimed her and drug her backwards across the livingroom floor, as the different women called him, one after another.
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