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The father of 13 year old Stephanie discusses the program with Miss Bates, president of the PUSSEE University. She introduced him to the curriculum which includes classes on kissing, solo sex, hetero-sex, multiple partner sex, fetishes, pornography production and marketing, etc. The student body is composed entirely of young girls who are admitted free of charge, provided they meet the school's standards of beauty and sensuality.

The school recruits a large cadre of teachers' assistants, males from 14 years of age to very much older. The assistants pay astronomical fees to attend. In return, they enjoy endless opportunities to service and help educate young girls in the sexual arts. There are at least 10 assistants for each girl, so as to assure a continuous supply of erectable dicks to perform as needed. When Miss Bates first laid eyes on beautiful Stephanie, she immediately ordered the admission of 20 additional males from the waiting list, expecting that the extra workload and rapid-onset orgasms they will undoubtedly get from servicing Stephanie could jeopardize the overall fuck-readiness ratio of the assistants pool.

For entertainment, every Friday evening is no-holds-barred wrestling evening where six male opponents together face each other and one girl. The object is to pin the girl, naked on her back for ten seconds. The winner may then fuck her, then and there, on the wrestling mat while the entire school cheers them on. The last weekend each month is Family Weekend where the girls' families are invited to watch the wrestling matches and sleep in the student quarters. Of course, sleeping is not all they do and nothing, not even incest, is forbidden.

The semester begins on Monday. The action presently picks up on the prior Friday. Stephanie, having just been handed over by her father into the care of Miss Bates, waves good-bye to him. She and Miss Bates walk hand-in-hand down the hallway. A few members of the faculty are organizing their offices. Arriving students and their families excitedly explore the campus.


Miss Bates felt her own wetness coming on just from holding hands with Stephanie. They walked down the hallway as her dad proudly watched her recede into the next phase of her young life. They sauntered to the faculty lounge. "Please have a seat" she invited. Then she sat on the sofa right up next to Stephanie, their bare thighs touching.

"How much do you know about what we do here, Stephanie?" she asked, as her hand slightly stroked Stephanie's thigh.

"I know everything you told my Dad. He was wearing a microphone and I listened in when you showed him around."

"Very good. Glad to see that kind of creativity. Which electives might interest you?"

"I don't know yet, maybe I'll sample some of them to see what appeals to me."

"Tell me, Steph, about your sexual experiences so far. After all, at 13, most girls have no experience, or perhaps have just begun to experiment with masturbation, maybe a little making out with boys."

"I'm embarrassed to talk about that stuff, it's too personal."

"Here, we don't know what embarrassment is. Just accept and take pride in your sexuality. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Give me a quick summary so I can gauge where you might best fit in."

"OK, I'll try. But don't laugh."

"Stephy," she said, looking deeply and seriously into the girl's eyes, her hand stopped stroking her thigh, just below Stephanie's pussy, "I never laugh at anyone's sexuality."

With complete surrender, Stephanie said "I masturbate and look at internet porn and my dad's DVDs. And I have sex chats with older men on"

"I go on there often myself", said Miss Bates. "We cover that website extensively in our cybersex workshop. Does your dad know you watch his DVDs and have sex chats with strangers online?"

"Not until now. He's listening just as I listened to you earlier." Stephanie showed her the microphone on the chain around her neck, disguised as a locket.

"That's good. H-e-l-l-o M-i-s-t-e-r P-e-t-e-r-s" she said with exaggerated pronunciation". They both giggled. "I h-o-p-e y-o-u a-r-e e-j-o-y-i-n-g y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f. Seriously though, Stephy, I'm glad to include your dad in your adventure here. What kinds of things have you chatted about online?"

"Well, the chats usually run the same general pattern, men asking me what I look like, what I'm wearing, how old I am and so on."

"Do you tell them you're only 13?"

"Yes. Some men just stop chatting with me. Others tell me I'm too young and should leave. The best ones are thrilled to be chatting with a young girl. They always ask if I'm virgin, if I masturbate, do I swallow, that kind of stuff. Some men want me to send pics. I send some and they always tell me how pretty I am and that they are getting hard and stroking off looking at my pictures. Often times, they tell me how much they like my legs and small tits. Oops! Can I say that?"

"You can use any words you like."

Stephanie was getting more comfortable talking about her sexuality and became increasingly animated. "Good. They also tell me how much they would like to eat me out and get a blow-job from me. I get so turned on from chatting that I usually masturbate when no one else is home."

"After your stay here, it won't bother you to masturbate when others are at home with you, even if you choose to do it out in the open. Has anyone ever seen you masturbate?"

"Yes, my brother. He came into my room without knocking one morning. I was naked on my bed with my dildo buried deep inside me. I was so startled I let go of it, clamped my legs together and covered my tits with my arms. The dildo oozed out and laid there in the crack between my thighs, the tip not quite fully out of my pussy. He just stared at me for a couple of seconds. Then he said he was sorry. I hissed 'Get out'. He closed the door with him inside the room and kept looking at me."

"He apologized again and said not to worry, he won't tell on me. He came close and picked up the dildo. I was so embarrassed I could have died right there. I didn't dare to move a muscle. He sniffed it and closed his eyes and just smiled. He told me I smell real sexy. I started to cry and pleaded with him to please leave. He said he came in to borrow my calculator, so I sheepishly pointed towards it without uncovering my tits. He took it, and left my room... with my dildo and a hard-on!"

"I'll bet you now look back on it and laugh."

"Yes, I do. That night he brought it back and told me to enjoy myself, he wishes he could watch me use it. I thanked him then asked if he masturbates too. He said 'Are you kidding? Of course! And now I don't have to imagine what you look like naked. Except I wish you let me see your titties and watch you use that thing. Thanks to you and your smell, I came three times today.'"

"He really told you that?"

"Word for word. It made me feel so proud. I asked him if he really imagines me naked and he said yes, that was how he achieved his first orgasm two years before. I thanked him because it made me feel wonderful and I said maybe someday we can do it together and he said 'hell yeah! How about right now?' So I said 'Well big brother, here's your chance to see all of me' and I took off all my clothes. He stripped too and we masturbated looking at each other. We have been doing that a lot since then."

"Stephy, you probably realize by now that nobody in their right mind can look at you without lusting. I'm feeling that way myself right now. But that's for later. I'm sure you and your brother will love our Family Weekends. He won't have to imagine what it's like to fuck you either, if you are both willing to find out. So tell me Steph, how did you obtain the dildo? It's not as if you can walk into just any store and buy one."

"My friend, Gloria. We call her Glory-Hole, but I didn't know what that means until I started looking at porn. Do you know what a glory hole is?"

"Yes, of course, we have a row of glory-hole booths for demos and live practice."

"Anyway, Gloria's family is really into sex and very open about it. They let her boyfriends sleep over whenever they want, in her bedroom, with her! Her mother bought her a dildo. When Gloria showed it to me, I said I wished I had one. She told her mom, and she bought one for me."

"It sounds like you have a good head start on your studies here. By the way, did I hear you refer to Gloria's boyfriend-S, as in plural?"

"Yes, she has twelve boyfriends at least, the number keeps growing so I'm not sure the exact number."

"Wow! Amazing." Miss Bates said. "Well, let's go meet some of the faculty. Remember, anything goes. People can do what ever they want to do, so long as nobody objects and nobody gets hurt, unless of course they want to be hurt, you know... spanking, whipping, that sort of stuff. So be prepared, OK?"



The first office they came to was Mr. Roberts', where he was un-boxing some sex books and porno magazines, putting them up on the shelf. Stephanie was struck at how tall and muscular he is.

"Mr. Roberts, I'd like you to meet our newest student Stephanie."

"Hi Steph!" he said cheerily, ogling her from head to foot. "Very nice to meet you. I love your outfit. It really shows off your sexy charms. Those tiny shorts really show off your beautiful legs and ass and I love that halter. Your tits are so inviting. If you don't mind, would you show them to me?"

Stephanie looked at Miss Bates, who nodded encouragement, but conveyed to Stephanie that it was her choice.

"Mr. Roberts, I think I'm going to blush, but here goes."

With that, she pulled up her halter to reveal her tiny budding tits and excited erect nipples pointing out at him. He reached out and gave each one a soft caress, then bent down to give a quick lick and suck on each nipple.

"Thank you Steph, that was very pleasant indeed. You will be a great asset here at the school. Everyone is going to love you. And I mean LOVE you, if you know what I mean. I can't wait to have you in my class. You will be my designated demo model for every technique I teach."

"What subject do you teach Mr. Roberts?"

"Please, call me Dick. Masturbation, and I'll teach you things you have never imagined yet. I'll have you naked, screaming out your orgasms every day in class and you'll beg to learn more."

"I can't wait. You're so tall, may I call you Long Dick?"

They all had a laugh. Miss Bates said "Let's move on Steph, thank you, Long Dick." Another laugh as they stepped into the hallway. An office a few doors down was lighted and they headed for it. Inside they found Mr. Cosgrove. Immediately he sprang up from behind his desk and enthusiastically greeted Stephanie with a warm handshake. But then without letting go her hand, he pulled her up into a warm embrace, pressing the side of her face to his chest and stroking her hair and back. He backed up to sit on the edge of his desk and pulled her to stand between his legs. Without warning he planted a sensual kiss smack on her lips. Her eyes opened wide in astonishment but she did not object, instead melting into the kiss, hugging him warmly.

He finally broke away and looked deeply into her eyes. She staggered back a step, waved her hands to cool her flushed face, and said "Wow!"

She said to Miss Bates "You weren't kidding, were you?" to which Miss Bates responded "You have no idea, Steph."

Mr. Cosgrove pulled her in again for another kiss, to which she consented with delight. His hand cradled the side of her face then slowly slid down the length of her neck, down her upper arm, over her elbow to her bare side below the halter, going ever lower to her hip, and finding her ass and thigh, both of which he fondly caressed and massaged. He turned her around part way allowing his hand to move up under her impossibly short skirt and straight to her panties.

"Spread your legs for me honey" he said. She obliged. He started exploring her body with his hands, commenting to himself, almost under his breath, as if making mental notes. "Pussy: Silky smooth, can feel its form through panties. Thighs: smooth, warm, a pleasure to behold and to feel." He pulled down the top of her panties, to explore her bare pussy. "Pussy hair: None. Bald. Smooth. Delightful!" He spread her outer lips and stroked her slit. "Entrance: Warm. Wet. Slippery." He found her clitoris and gently manipulated it between his finger and thumb. "Clit: Hard. Prominent."

The clit stimulation did it for her. She came. Her legs nearly buckled. Her breathing was heavy. She smooched another wet kiss with him. He continued masturbating her clit until she same down from her climax.

He pushed a finger inside, then withdrew it to smell her fragrance. He offered it to her and she too drew in a sniff of that all-too-familiar smell.

He turned her further around to face away from him. "Raise your hands high up in the air, please" he said. She did as he asked. His hands, now on her lower abdomen softly slid their way up under her halter, to massage her tits. "Tits: No Bra. Delightful, creamy, soft, so tiny, so sexy. Nipples: Hard, a pleasure to feel, and feel, and feel some more."

"Stephy, would you please lay back on my desk, I should like to eat you out now."

Miss Bates interjected. "Now Henry, the term doesn't even start until Monday. Please hold yourself back until then, if you don't mind."

"Well, actually I do mind..." he started to say but Miss Bates hurriedly whisked her out of the office. Looking back, Stephanie noticed the huge tent bulging out from his slacks as he closed the office door. His silhouette projected onto the frosted glass betrayed him releasing his dick for a quick wank. Who could blame him?

Poor Stephanie would have liked to do as he asked. Miss Bates said "Come Stephy, you will receive plenty of cunnilingus here, but I want to show you my bed. I will be the first to eat you out here. I held back as long as possible but now I can wait no longer."

Practically running, she led Stephanie by the hand to the residential wing. Down a long hallway, they burst through large double doors into her quarters.

The huge bed was positioned at the center of the room. In one corner was a very large shower area with three shower heads, and clear glass doors. No privacy there. In the opposite corner was a marble fireplace. But the most striking feature was the picture window. It made up an entire wall. It had no drapes or curtains. The view overlooking the valley was spectacular. It is common tradition at the school for students and guests to camp outside Miss Bates' bedroom hoping to catch her in a compromising position.

She said "Steph, please disrobe, I'll return shortly" and she hurried out of the room.

Stephanie kicked off her sandals, unzipped the skirt and let it fall around her slender ankles. She stepped out of it. Up over her head went the halter and down came her damp panties. She jumped up naked on the bed and bounced as if it were a trampoline. Two girls, fellow classmates she presumed, stopped outside the window to watch. Stephanie saw them both tapping text messages on their cell phones. She flopped onto her back, moving her legs and arms as if making a snow angel. She felt so liberated. She rolled up onto her side facing the window and waved, smiling to the girls outside as they snapped pictures of her.

Miss Bates returned, not alone, but with nine of the male teachers' assistants who were naked but for their skimpy loincloths. They ranged in age from 40 to 60. All of them exceptionally well built. (The acceptance office for male assistants sees to it that only the best physical specimens are accepted.) Miss Bates quickly removed her clothing to reveal a slender, tall body, perky, barely B-cup tits, long well toned legs, flat stomach, neatly trimmed bush. She let down her long flowing hair.

She laid on her back in the center of the bed and invited Stephanie to straddle her face. Her tongue darted out to lick slowly along the length of her slit. Her thumbs came together over Stephanie's clit and started manupulating it. The assistants then surrounded them on the bed. Each one stimulated a part of Stephanie's body: Her tits, her legs, even the soles of her feet. No more than 60 seconds elapsed before Stephanie was writhing and bucking in rapturous orgasm. The two passers-by, still watching and snapping pictures, were now accompanied by perhaps a dozen others, including Mr. Roberts and Mr. Cosgrove. The instructors each cradled two of the girls in their arms as they watched the action inside.

"Steph, please turn around and eat me out" Miss Bates asked. She spread her legs giving Stephanie easy access as they settled into a 69 position, Stephanie on top. Together, they each ate out the other while the assistants carresed both of them anywhere they could find open real estate to play with.

A noisy mutual orgasm ensued as they moaned and grunted against the other's face. Coming down, Stephanie just rolled off Miss Bates and turned around to lie beside her, thoroughly exhausted.

Looking into Stephanie's eyes, Miss Bates purred "Steph, would you like to live here with me or stay with with your classmates and the males. It's up to you."

The men all started shouting at once, asking Stephanie to sleep with them. Miss Bates motioned them to be silent.

"I had a fantastic time with you but don't want special treatment. The others might be jealous. How about if I stay with you until classes begin. I want to experience the full students' life. OK?"


With that, Miss bates directed the assistants into two teams, four lined up at her own feet, five at Stephanie's. It was to be a double gang-bang, and a race to see who could first stimulate all the men on their side to cum inside their respective pussy.

"Don't worry, she whispered to Stephanie, I know you will win. No man can last long inside a young girl as beautiful as you.

Stephanie's first partner climbed on top of her, and easily slipped his ample member inside her tight pussy. He knew it was going to be difficult to last any significant length of time. He settled into an intimate missionary position, and kissed her while beginning his thrusting. Big mistake. The intimacy of kissing her nubile body underneath him, brought him almost to the brink immediately. Knowing he was in danger of premature ejaculation, he thrusted as slowly as he could manage. But his cock overrode his brain and drove itself balls-deep with each slow, slippery penetration. Stephanie held his head between her hands and deepened the kiss. At the same time she contracted her pussy muscles. That did it. The poor fellow, though in his 50's, went straight into orgasmic spasms, as if he were a teenager masturbating to his first picture of a naked girl. He exploded inside her with the best orgasm of his seasoned life.

Miss Bates, being pounded rapid fire by her first man, looked over and thought to herself 'Remarkable, I don't stand a chance against her.'

Partner number two knelt between Stephanie's legs, with his own legs underneath him. He pulled her hips up to meet his pocket rocket. He tried to minimize any body contact with her, so as to avoid the mistake made by Number One. Stephanie, on the other hand, had her own ideas. After helping guide his pecker to slip inside her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself into a sitting position on his thighs. She nuzzled her torso directly against his, with his member insider her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist. He looked down between them, and seeing her tiny tits pressed against his chest, surrendered in sweet ecstasy, her second conquest in barely two minutes time.

Three more hearty, rapid-thrusting fucks later, Stephanie indeed had taken into her pussy the semen of her five men while Miss Bates was still busily milking her second. He was able to last a long time.

"God, Stephanie, you are gorgeous. You already won the contest, why don't you have fun with my last men, they're all yours" she said, while still being fucked. Her voice pulsated with the impact of each pounding thrust.

Like the five before him, Stephanie made short work of Numbers Six and Seven, Six in her pussy, Seven in her mouth. It was her first blowjob, certainly while another dick was inside her pussy at the same time. But being the natural sex demon that she is, was able to bring out his best, using only her hands, tongue and lips. He gave up without much of a fight, taking his member into his own hand and blasting her in the face with his hot load while she was also getting filled at the other end. She captured what she could in her mouth and swallowed it eagerly.

Stephanie sidled over to Miss Bates and her Number Two, who were still banging away. She kissed his face with her beautiful cum-covered mouth and massaged his chest with one of her delicate hands. Right away he fell to defeat, blowing his load deep into Miss Bates.

After he rolled off, Stephanie just laid up beside Miss Bates, toying with her cum-oozing pussy. Miss bates rolled over and climbed on top of Stephanie, straddling her hips. She planted a lingering, loving kiss. Stephanie said "I love you Miss Bates".

“I love you too.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie's father, his earpiece firmly in place, was in his car still in the school parking lot, masturbating furiously and blowing his third load since leaving his little Stephanie behind. It's the first time he was able to cum three times in a row since he was a teenager. He looks forward to Family Weekends, and knows Stephanie's brothers and sister will enjoy it immensely as well.

To be continued...
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