Based on a weekend with my niece
NOTE: This series contains preteen sex. If you do not agree, do not read.


Gaby (Chap 1) Gaby spends the first weekend.

Gaby is my little niece. She is my sister’s daughter and was nearly six years old when she started spending weekends with me. Her given name is Gabriella, but everyone calls her Gabby. You would think with a name like that she has a Latino background; but we come from a long line of Scandinavians living in the mid-west. My sister loved some salsa singer, so her daughter got a Latina name instead of the Viking names we older kids got stuck with.

Gabby is very cute in the long haired blonde, blue eyed way. Put a horned helmet on her with a sword in her hand and she could either be a miniature Viking warrior or a skinny opera singer. She has long trim and toned legs and will probably end up prancing down a runway as a fashion model. Or she may be an actress with her cute looks. Her eyes have long lashes and her mouth is what is now considered Lolita pouty and sexy.

Since our hair coloring and eyes are the similar, everyone assumes she is my daughter which makes life easy when we are out and about on the weekends. Gabby started spending the weekends with me because her mother found a new job as a highly paid specialty nurse who works a three day weekend shift. She makes more than if she was working the whole week. So I became the baby sitter at first and now it is our routine. I pick her up after school on Fridays and deliver her back to school on Mondays.

It was a bit problematic at first; but by the third weekend we had it going fairly well. The smartest thing I did was get a key to my sister’s apartment and we would go over there on Saturdays and exchange clothing and stuff. Then I bought several sets of clothing and just keep it at my place. Now, my bathroom looks like I have a girlfriend living here, except her bra size is 30A; LOL.

You probably have already figured out there is no husband on the scene. When my sister turned out to pregnant at age eighteen her so-called boyfriend enlisted in the Air Force and got out of town as fast as he could. My sister, Birgitte was not interested in chasing him down for child support. So she moved down here to the big city in the South and enrolled in nursing school. She had always wanted to be a veterinarian and this was a first step. Fortunately for her she could live off her trust fund for the first couple of years.

Her apartment is not too far from mine so I visited at least once a month while she was pregnant, going to school and then after she got her first job at a nearby hospital. The hospital job had the added benefit of having an on-site daycare center to care for the staff’s kids. However, she lost the daycare privileges when she changed jobs.

“Uncle Birgh, Uncle Birgh, I get to spend the whole weekend with you,” Gaby cried excitedly when her mom dropped her off on a Friday evening at my apartment for her first weekend visit last year. She jumped up into my arms and wrapped her legs around my middle and tried to squeeze me. It made me laugh because even at her young age she has a gymnast’s muscular belly and legs. Her mom Birgitte had enrolled her in gymnastics nearly as soon as she could walk. Birgitte admitted it was some type of Scandinavian throw back feeling that girls had to do gymnastics and in the winter time they all had to learn how to ski. Except down here in the South there is no snow.

Gaby planted a big kiss right on the middle of my mouth and her arms went around my neck as her body melded itself to me. Birgitte laughed, “Guess she is happy to be here.” Gaby squeezed me again and then dropped back to the floor grabbing my hand and holding it for dear life. That day she wore a cute yellow top with ponies on it and her very short matching yellow shorts. Birgitte had a habit of dressing her in cute outfits; but when we were at the park I always noticed the grand-daddies with an eye on Gaby. The brightly colored outfits made her a magnet for men’s eyes.

Birgitte and I had talked about my small apartment only having two bedrooms; but one was my office. We compromised by buying an airbed; which is really only an air mattress often found in swimming pools. The plan was to make a sleeping corner in the living room with some toys and a TV. That plan lasted only a few hours. Birgitte dropped Gaby’s suitcase, told her to behave and have fun and she would see her Monday after school. Mom kissed her daughter first and then me and disappeared off to work. When Birgitte pushed her tits against me it reminded me it had been a long time since I had a girlfriend.

I told Gaby we were going to build her a sleeping corner and I moved some of the furniture around a bit and inflated her airbed. The TV went near her bed and a few toys she brought were put around the bed. “Can we go out to eat,” Gabby wanted to know, thereby breaking her mom’s rule not to eat junk food. Only a well-balanced, home cooked meal was good enough for my sister, the nurse. “If we go out to eat, you cannot tell your mom,” I said and Gaby and she shook her head and crossed her fingers over her heart. I did not realize it would be the first of many secrets we would keep from mom.

That first night we went to a restaurant which featured the long serve-it-yourself tables. Gaby loaded up her first plate with healthy vegetables. Then she made three trips to the desert and ice cream bar. Her face beamed from ear to ear and her blonde curls shook as she stuffed ice cream and assorted cakes into her mouth. “Go easy there, kid,” I told her and warned her of having a stomach ache later. About that time she scrunched up her face and whined, “Brain-freeze,” as the cold ice cream hit the roof of her mouth. I handed her a glass of warm milk and laughed.

While I sipped my after dinner coffee we talked about what she may want to do on Saturday. Her choice was easy; movies, movies and more movies. “We go to the park and playground all the time,” she complained and recited the whole list of kid’s movies playing now. Looks like we will be at the mall all day Saturday. “Do you think we want to tell your mom we spent the whole day sitting in the theaters?” I asked. Gaby grinned and said, “We’ll only mention one movie.” Is this lie number two?

Back at my apartment, I let Gaby watch TV and play with her toys a bit and I straightened up the place. Since I had cleaned up my apartment before Birgitte saw it, I figured I may as well make an attempt to keep it that way with two of us here. I started to get the bath ready for Gaby and asked her, “Do you want a bath or shower?” She looked at me like I was a dummy and asked, “You haven’t read mom’s ‘nstructions’?” I had totally forgotten her mom told me the “baby sitting instructions” were in Gaby’s bag. So I slapped my forehead which made Gaby laugh and read the ‘nstructions’. The paper reminded me to make sure the water temp for her bath was of a certain temp and to make sure she brushed her teeth, and on and on. Did I mention my sister is a nurse and had a touch of overprotective disorders?

I threw the instructions back in the bag and said in a mock desperado voice, “We don’t need no stinking rules!” It set Gaby off laughing as we headed for the master bathroom. While I let warm water run into the tub, Gaby stripped naked and plopped herself on the commode and peed. Funny, during the other times she was always a bit modest and made sure the bathroom door was firmly closed; now it is bath time and she quickly got naked. Reminded me of the time I spent in Bulgaria, where many of the indoor pools were for nude swimming. Different situation; different reaction; all the women were naked. From ugly old ones down to beautiful teens. That was an interesting seven months in my Army career.

I watched her pull paper off the roll and wipe her petite pussy. She watched me watching her and then grinned. “Did the ‘nstructions’ say you have to wash my back?” she wanted to know. “Yes, I have to wash your back and your baby butt,” I told her and we both knew the ‘nstructions’ never covered it. I put two newly purchased pink bath towels on the sink next to her toothbrush and paste. As I unloaded her duffle, I wrote down exactly what she brought so I could purchase the same stuff and not have her haul it back and forth from her apartment.

A long squirt of bubble bath made the bathwater pink and Gaby watched as the bubbles rose up. She stood in the tub, shook her hair loose before she sat down. I had not seen her in a swimsuit in a long time. Goodness, she had really changed in the past few months. Her body was slender but athletic with tight abs. Her flat chest had two wonderful pink pokies with just a barely there set of tiny mounds. Plus her bald pussy had a nicely visible slit. Good grief, I think she is totally sexy and reminds me of some of the nude preteen models I had seen on the net.

I threw two plastic ducklings in with her and she laughed, “I’m not a baby anymore, Uncle Birgh.” My brain agreed immediately; but I laughed and told her for the weekend she was my baby. For a second she looked serious, then smiled widely and told me, “Ok.” I let her relax in the tub and finished getting myself ready for bed also. About fifteen minutes later, I came back in and Gaby was leaning back in the tub with her eyes closed. “How are you doing in there?” I asked and she smiled and told me she likes taking a bath here and relaxing. “Mom is always rushed and I have to get out too quick.”

“Alright, let’s wash your baby butt,” I kidded and pulled the stopper. After she stood up, I adjusted the temp on the sprayer and asked her, “Do you want to shampoo your hair or have me do it?” Well, that was a stupid question I realized way too late. Even a preteen likes to have someone else do the work. She grinned and handed me the shampoo bottle. While I rinsed her hair to get it wet, I managed to get my t-shirt wet also. Crap, off comes my t-shirt.

My experience shampooing girl’s hair comes from doing it to my former girlfriend once, without a whole lot of success. Now shaving her pussy, I was really, really good at that. She really loved for me to do it and she made it a ritual, spreading her legs wide and watching me run the pink razor around her pussy lips. It got her horny and she would fuck my brains out afterwards. Shit, I miss the slut.

Anyway, I ran my fingers gently through Gaby’s wet hair, spreading the shampoo and them massaging her scalp. She ‘Ooh’d’ a bunch of times and I figured I was doing better with her than my former girlfriend. By the time my fingers got tired, I rubbed down her back and said to myself, “What the hell, I already kidded her about washing her butt.” So I washed her bubble butt cheeks, gently rubbing my hands all over them and sliding one finger in between her crack. Gaby ‘Ooh’d’ again and it may be my imagination, this ‘Oh’ sounded a lot like the ex-girlfriend when I fingered her ass. Wow.

I pulled my hands off her ass and laughed trying to make it sound funny, “Baby’s butt is all clean.” Gaby turned and faced me and took my wet hands and pushed them against her flat chest. I could feel her little nipples poking me and she said, “You may as well finish me in front.” Good grief, just because I thought of the ex-girlfriend was no reason to mis-interpret the little girl’s comments. I am sure she meant to finish washing her; not what my brain and cock were thinking. Gaby squirted drops of shampoo on her chest and then pushed my hands to make little circles over her nipples. She raised her arms high, sticking her chest at me and said, “Don’t forget my belly.”

I did not. I rubbed her chest and ran my thumbs over her soft pink nipples while she had her eyes closed and a big smile on her face. Then I moved south and washed her belly and down to her little pussy. I was going to skip her ‘female’ area until Gaby lifted one leg up and put her foot on the edge of the tub. It opened her pussy in an obvious invitation. So one hand went to her pussy and gently washed it using a light touch. My middle finger slid between her little lips and played in her bald sweetness for only a half-minute. Gaby stood quietly and let me do it, while my cock was getting hard in my shorts. Shit.

I could hardly talk when I told Gaby, “Time to rinse.” She inhaled deeply turning her back to me and I rinsed her from top to bottom, spending a lot of time on her hair. By the time I had cooled down a good bit, I told her, “Ok, front side.” Gaby faced me and I did her front from her neck down. I handed her the sprayer and said, “Wash your face, please.”

She stood in front of me dripping wet and I used the big pink towel and wrapped her up in it. Lifting her out of the tub, I stood her on the commode and dried her from top to bottom. When she lifted a leg and put it on the sink next to the commode, her wet pussy was nearly in my face. I could just have knelt down and licked her clean. Instead I behaved myself and wiped her dry with the big towel. So, does her mom do this for her, or did the little vixen just train me to wash and dry her pussy? Well, either way, it was a new experience. And what was Mr. Cock doing, getting all horny and hard looking at five year old pussy?

“How is that?” I asked when I finished and Gaby grabbed me around the neck and gave me a hard kiss. She nearly bruised my poor lips. “Thanks, Birgh,” she chirped. I noticed the work ‘Uncle’ had gone away. As my hand touched my hurt lip, I answered, “Not so hard, Gaby. That hurts.” She got a concerned look on her face, leaned forward and gave me a fresh kiss. “Like this?” she asked and her lips were on mine, gently moving from side to side. Now this was much better than a girlfriend’s kiss. Her young lips were soft and sweet on mine. We held it for at least a minute when my ‘bad’ tongue did a bad thing. It slid out from my lips and caressed her lips and then gently pried hers’ apart. Gaby moaned and my tongue invaded her mouth for several seconds before my brain engaged and pulled it back.

Gaby hung on to my neck and her lips pressed against me a bit harder when I felt her tongue wanting the same privileges. How could I refuse her what I had just done to her? I let her into me and she explored my lips and mouth with her warm tongue for a long minute. When she finally broke away I did not want to stop; but controlled myself. “You mean like that?” she smiled. “Yes, much better,” is all I could say. I took a deep breath, lifted her off the commode and told her to fix her hair. I had to get out of there with Mr. Cock bulging in my pants. The little vixen probably knew exactly what she just did and it was my entire fault.

After turning the lights low and making sure a night light was on for Gaby, I waited for her to finish in the bathroom. Instead of her pj’s, I hung a football t-shirt out for her to wear during the night. I had heard the electric toothbrush and the hair dryer; so Gaby was making progress in the bathroom. It only took her ten minutes to finish up; fastest female I knew of, I laughed to myself. With the bathroom light behind her, Gaby did a little gymnastic dance routine coming toward me and jumped up at me. Luckily I was ready for her as she hit my chest and her legs went around me. My hands went to cradle her and ended up with two hands-full of naked baby-butt.

“Good night, sweetie,” I told her and gave her a hug. She had a different idea and gave me a fresh ‘girlfriend’ kiss. She was gently for half a minute and then her tongue was back in my mouth. Her arms came back around my head and my hands took turn rubbing her baby butt. My middle finger was tempted to glide between her cheeks and explore her anal opening; but I told him I would break him at the knuckle if he did not behave. Same for the cock who wanted me to push the little girl down on him.

I let her stay glued to me for about three or four minutes before I stopped playing with her butt and made her drop off me. “Ok Gaby, enough for tonight,” I told her and pointed her to her bed. A little swat on her behind sent her in the right direction with her long, blond hair swaying behind her. She disappeared behind the couch and I heard the air mattress make a sound as she laid on it.

Now the little vixen had me steamed up and the ex-girlfriend popped into my brain as I crawled into my own bed; naked as I usually do. I set the alarm and laid back thinking of the dangerous territory before me with Gaby definitely kissing me in a sexual way. Holy cow.

My body was in the transitional mode where one is asleep but still tuned into what is going on around one. You know the feeling when you doze off in front of the TV and you can still hear the sound; but it does not make much sense. I could feel the sheet lift up and I could not react to it. The body snuggling up next to me brought me back. Of course I knew it was Gaby, so I relaxed and muttered, “What?” She said quietly, “Nothing, go to sleep.” I reached out to touch her shoulder and she pulled my hand around her. My hand was touching naked skin and my fingers stopped on her nipple. When she snuggled her naked butt against me, she said quietly, “You forgot to put lotion on my back; we can do it in the morning.” “Lotion on her bubble butt?” I asked myself; it probably was in the ‘nstructions’.

Saturday morning was dark because I woke up before the alarm went off. As I went to roll over to turn it off, the heat from a body next to me made me realize I was not alone in my bed. As I reached over to run my hand over my girlfriend’s boobs, I got a shock and a wake up. The body was a lot more petite and had long hair. After I blinked, I realized my niece Gaby was in bed with me and the girlfriend was long gone. Another blink and I remembered Gaby crawling into my bed naked. My hand sliding down her body confirmed it. Well, it was nice waking up next to a warm, curvy naked female; but I had better get with the program. So I slid quietly out of the bed, grabbed some clothes and headed for the bathroom. Good grief, what animals had landed here and left the bathroom in such a mess?

Oh, it was me and Gaby. A clean-up took about ten minutes and I threw all the towels and laundry into the wash machine. Well, until I picked up Gaby’s tiny panties. Why in the world did the panties come up to my nose for a nice long sniff? Yes, guys in the porn movies do it all the time; but it’s so ‘High School’ stupid. Except her aroma was a pleasant, sweet scent and it will stay in my head. Like a bloodhound, I can follow the scent back to its source between those long gymnast’s legs. Oh, yes, I took another deep sniff and put her panties into the washer.

I laid out Gaby’s clothes for the day; jeans and a pink top so she would not have to root around for them; then I cooked breakfast and opened the bedroom door so the smell would drift into it. I was on my second cup of coffee when my baby appeared looking sleepy and hungry with bedroom hair. She headed toward the bathroom; but grabbed the football t-shirt on the way. Her naked very white ass looked sweet as she weaved across the room. I should not have watched so much porn on the internet because all kinds of kinky stuff popped into my head. Worst was the daddy who served cum to all the babies in the morning.

We actually made it through the morning without any disasters. Gaby ate her breakfast and sort of woke up after it. This is probably what every mother faces every school day. Gaby disappeared into the bathroom and came back out thirty minutes later looking all fresh and bubbly in her pink top and jeans. An amazing transformation. While she picked up her toys and stuff, I showered and also put on jeans with a golf shirt. We were early for the movies, so we decided to go to the mall and walk around.

I learned that Gaby had an interest in jewelry and fashions. Did you know there are at least four jewelry stores and even more dress stores in every mall? We visited them all. She picked out an outfit in every store and when we hit the last store I made her pick her choice of the top two dresses she had seen. I agreed with one of the choices and I bought it for her. It is very pale pink with a high waist and a big red belt. Because of the high waist, it makes the dress look long; but it really only comes a few inches below her pussy. It makes her legs look super long. Best of all it put a huge smile on her face.

To top of our shopping trip, we went back to a jewelry store and I bought her a nice, very slender silver ankle bracelet. “We will show it to your mom,” I told her, adding that if mom had a cow the bracelet would stay at my apartment for her to wear on weekends. She told me ‘Thanks’ about ten times and when she kissed me, I made sure it hit my cheek. I whispered to her, “Remember, we are in public and there are cameras everywhere.” She giggled, “At home then.” Oh, yes, I think I will.

Gaby had picked three movies to go and see and I hoped we would last that long. We sat fairly well back; but the early show had the theater nearly empty. We munched popcorn and drank soft drinks and I actually had a reasonable good time watching this new movie with all its latest technology. When the action dragged a little, Gaby looked up at me and lifted her leg so I could see the bracelet sparkling in the dark. She scooted up to me and whispered into my ear, “Thanks Birgh, it’s the nicest gift I have gotten.” The kiss was a more experienced version of the girlfriend kiss. She slid into my lap and locked her pouty lips to mine and opened my mouth with her tongue. She explored me as deep as she could go and stayed there till we nearly ran out of air. My hand slid under her blouse and I thumbed her nipples while we kissed again and again.

Her hand came over mine and she pressed it down encouraging me to pinch and pull the tiny nips as much as I could. Gaby’s mouth moved to my ear and her tongue slid around the outside before she nibbled me with her teeth. “Harder Birgh,” she moaned and I pinched her until she nearly screamed. Panting hard, Gaby pulled away and I told her we better stop before we get caught. “I’m ready to go home after this movie,” she said with a sexy grin as she got back into her seat but hung on to my hand.

Outside, we looked at each other as the bright sun burned our faces. We both turned a bit red and Gaby said, “I’m sorry, I should not have done that.” I picked her up and gave her a big hug, “Don’t worry; I loved every second of it. But we can’t do that anymore.” Gaby looked at me and added, “Only in the apartment.” Well, I guess that settled it. She definitely wanted more.

Back at the apartment, Gaby asked if she could try the dress on again and of course I said yes. She went into my bedroom and closed the door. A few minutes later she yelled, “Come and see.” When I opened the door, the first thing I noticed was the curtains were shut tight and the lamp on the nightstand was lit. Gaby stood on the bed in her new dress with the ankle bracelet sparkling from the lamp. “Wow, very nice,” I told her and said the bracelet does a great job of showing off her gorgeous legs. She smiled and rotated twice and hopped off the bed.

She grabbed a hanger, turned her back to me and asked me to unzip the dress. When it fell off her shoulders it was obvious she was totally naked underneath. Gaby slipped the dress onto the hanger, put it into the closet and came back and knelt on my bed. “Can I kiss you now?” she asked as she pulled on my belt to loosen my pants. God yes, I wanted to cry; but asked her, “Are you absolutely sure about it? There is no putting the Genie back in the bottle once we start kissing.” “Yes, Birgh. I know all about ‘Good touch, Bad touch’ from school. You are going to give me lots of ‘Good touch’.

It made me laugh because kids today know tons more about sex compared to when adults were at that age. I pulled my shirt over my head and my pants hit the floor. Gaby leaned forward and kissed one of my nipples, sucked on it and then took a quick hard bite at it. “Ouch, you are a rough little kitty,” I told her. “I may have to trim those nails and teeth,” I added and she giggled. She kissed and sucked my other nipple and looked up expectantly. “That’s a good kitty,” I added and patted her blonde head. Gaby played along, made claws with her fingers and said, “Meow.”

She pulled my boxers down to my knees and when my cock nearly slapped her face she jerked back, then looked up at me and said in a very sexy, little girl voice, “Meow, meow.” I’m sure she will meow even more as the afternoon progresses. Gaby lay back on the pillow and raised her arms inviting me into them. I started out by giving her my lips and letting her French kiss to her heart’s delight. She seems to be hooked on it and if it made her happy, I was not complaining. I tried not to crush her petite body; but also let her know a man was on top of her. After about ten minutes I moved my lips down to her little buds.

The first time my lips touched her little nips she jerked for a moment and then she pulled my head back to her. When my lips took one nipple between them and my tongue hit the sensitive spot, Gaby held on to me tightly and meowed twice. “Thought so,” I figured. You will meow a lot more if we go further. I spent an inordinate long time on her breasts and nipples. I could feel them harden and poke up when I sucked them, even harder than my girlfriend’s. I was mauling her fairly hard until she groaned. I told her, “Tell me when it’s too much. No need to hurt you if it is not fun.”

“I don’t know if it’s too much yet. Stop if I scream.”

Wow, her pain threshold was at a level I could not imagine. To give her a small break I kissed her lips again and it set off another round of French kissing. Gaby seemed to learn exponentially. She kissed my ears, face, nose and lips. Her tongue tried to go down my throat and I had to hold her to keep her from mashing our lips again.

She finally had enough and pushed me back to her nipples for more pain. I pulled them with my teeth for several minutes; harder each time until she finally said, “Stop.” I was about to stop the torture anyway, because I was afraid of ripping her whole nipple right off her chest. When I looked, her nipples stood up nearly an inch, all dark red almost bloody looking. Good grief.

Moving south, I tickled her belly button with my tongue and it made her scream. Oh, you scream for a tickle; but not when I almost rip your nips off. It made me laugh too. While she giggled, I got off the bed and pulled her closer to the edge. Getting between her legs I lifted them up and spread her wide open. She saw my hard cock between her legs and asked, “Are you going to kiss me or do a Bad Touch with your huge penis?” For a second I was speechless, but recovered quickly, “Just kisses for my pretty baby today.” If she listened carefully and could analyze the double meaning she would know there was more to come.

“Ok Birgh,” she smiled and reached between her legs and spread her pussy open with her fingers. I may be slow; but it hit me this five year old knew a lot more than I had given her credit for. My tongue went to her pussy. “Yea, baby. I think I can teach you a thing or two yet,” I thought as I dipped deep into her. Gaby did jerk; very hard.

Her little pussy was already a bit moist and pink. Blood had moved to her outer lips swelling them up. As she pulled them apart, her smaller inner lips were visible all nice and bright pink. In the middle was a tiny black tunnel glistening wet. My tongue slid between them and caressed her without mercy.

She moaned and groaned as if she were in pain as my tongue worked deeper into her preteen pussy. After about ten minutes of stimulating her tight pussy, I moved up to her baby clit hidden in its cover. My tongue ran across it several times and I could feel her pulsing harder and faster. So I bit her clit. It made her scream. Her ass rose off the bed and her back curved upward as an orgasm rippled through her. Her whole body shook from head to toes. It seemed not to want to stop. I watched her and then lay down and pulled her into an embrace while she recovered from her first orgasm. She clung to me tightly as we rested.

It took her almost five minutes to stop quivering like she was freezing. Then she snuggled up to my face with an even bigger cat grin on her face. She shook her hair around and mimicked licking her paw like a happy cat. “Meow, meow, meow,” she said happily. Oh yes, I interpret that as three stars.

As she rubbed her body against me one of her hands slid down to my cock. It is her first touch and she encircles me in her hand. Gaby looks into my eyes and tells me, “I know what a blow job is. Seen it on the school’s internet when the older girls watch porn; should I do you?”

“Gaby, that’s a really big step for you. Why don’t we wait and make sure you are ready?” I ask. She seems almost relieved; but asks, “Can I play with you cock anyway?” I laugh and tell her to play away. She grins and kisses me before moving down to my cock. “Are you big or average?” she asks and I tell her I am most likely average. “I saw you were really long and hard before,” she continued with a smile.

Gaby rearranged herself next to my waist after I put several pillows against the headboard and leaned back to watch her play with my cock. She has her legs drawn under her and sits facing me with one hand on my cock. Her blonde hair curls down her face and she looks innocently angelic. Her hand holds my cock head and gives it a little squeeze. She gives it a small stroke and asks, “You are not circum…?” “Circumcised,” I tell her the correct word and explain that I am not. She plays with my cock head watching it disappear and then appear from its foreskin.

Her other hand went down to my balls and curls them like two marbles. “You are hairy down here,” she notices and tells me about the guys on the net being shaved. “Yes, they are actors and shave to play their parts,” I tell her. Meanwhile, her first hand has tightened her grip on my cock and she strokes me with longer harder motions. It feels fantastic. She looks me in the eyes and leans in a bit and teases me, “Am I doing it right?” She is going to see how right she is doing it in a few minutes. She will get an up-close and personal experience. “Yes, baby, you are doing it just right,” I moan. She giggles and keeps pumping me harder.

Good grief, I have a five year old giving me the perfect hand-job and I’m about to cum. “Gaby, don’t turn loose when I cum,” I told her and her eyes go wide. She looks down at my cock when the first rope of Jizz shot straight up and arched back down hitting my belly. She chirps and wiggles my cock and the second and third steam hit her chest and nipples. She starts giggling and the rest of my white sticky stuff runs down her hand. She is an angel with cum on her chest hanging onto my cock.

I did not plan it; but reach for my cell phone and shot about ten pictures while she still has a stunned look on her face. The cum covers one nipple and a big gob is right in the middle of her chest. She looked at me with a questioning look and I ask her, “What do the girls do with it?” She opens her mouth wide in astonishment and then asked me, “Should I taste it?”

“Only if you want to,” I told her and waited. Her cum covered hand moved to her mouth and she sticks her tongue out to taste some. “Just do a tiny bit to see if you like it,” I remind her. I shoot pictures and she licks her hand and samples her first gob of Jizz. I can see her tongue moving inside her mouth and she smiles at me, “Well it’s not candy; a bit salty.” She licks another big gob of Jizz off her hand and then grins at me and meows.
“Meow, meow,” she laughed and licked her hand.

I pointed at her chest and watched her use her fingers to pick up my Jizz and transfer it to her mouth. Good grief, she is going to swallow my whole load. My cock twitches in appreciation and I watch mesmerized. Well, mesmerized enough to shoot a few more pictures. Gaby smiles at the camera and swallows just like the best porn actress would. She bats her eyes and looks at the big gob of Jizz on my belly. I wait and watch nearly holding my breath.

Gaby leaned over and her tongue snaked out of her mouth and she vacuumed my cum into her mouth. Her blonde hair is in the way so I move it aside and shoot a few more pictures. She swallows and I tell her, “Now that is a very good little kitty cat.” She makes claws with her hands and sinks them into my thighs and moves down to my cock. Her tongue slid up and down several times cleaning my cock and she lifts it up and kisses my cock head. Little kitty opens her mouth and meows and then sucks my whole cock head into her mouth. It stretches her lips and I can feel her tongue running all over it. She watches me closely as I jerk with pleasure.

“Oh my, oh my,” are my whines as she pleasured my cock head in her mouth. My cock twitched in her hand and her tongue is on my sensitive bottom. I want to just shoot a gallon of Jizz down her baby throat; but I’m dry and have to stop. “Enough, baby I have to recover for a while,” I told her and pulled her head off my cock. She grinned and curled against me asking, “Am I your good kitty?” I kiss the top of her head and tell her she is my very best pussy. I hope she gets the double meaning. “Meow, meow,” she replies.

A few minutes later, I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Before I could close the door Gaby came in right behind me. “Gaby, I have to pee,” I told her and tried to close the door. She shook her head and let me know she was going to watch. “You already saw me do it, Birgh. I need to learn what you do,” was her excuse so why should I argue. She stood right next to me and when I put my fingers on my cock she said, “I want to hold your cock.” Good grief, so I told her to stand right next to me and make sure she pointed at the bowl and not to turn loose. I’m glad I’m too old to remember my mother teaching me how to pee by doing it probably the same way. Gaby giggled as I filled the bowl.

She entertained my by telling me about seeing women getting peed on in the porn movies. “Have you ever done that?” she wanted to know. I told her I did not think it was a loving thing to do. “Good,” she decided. I got a washcloth warm under the hot water and sat Gaby up on the sink. “Let’s get my little baby clean and wash all this sticky cum off her,” I told her and wiped her chest, belly and pussy. She pulled her knees up and wide apart and watched me clean her slit with a big smile. I was extra gently with her and she sighed.

“I can clean you up,” she volunteered and I let her have more fun washing my chest and cock with the warm wash cloth. When she finished she kissed my cock and slipped me into her mouth for a second or two. “All clean,” she announced and asked, “Do you want me to do that some more?

“We are going to do that every minute next weekend,” I promised her as I carried her back to my bed.

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2013-11-10 07:26:53
That's what good uncle's are for, to teach their little neices the joys of sex. Do it right and they are yours forever. Likeemyoung!!!

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2013-07-19 09:06:22
The kids in porn stories have to act older than their years, this is the whole point, a hot child willing to do anything is a great turn-on. Real kids are scared and tell on you and you go to jail, but porno kids give you many happy wanks and nobody gets hurt or goes to prison.


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31yo dad like me @ up4nething82

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