More about my adventures behind my futures husband's back.
End of Chapter Two

“Are you ready Barbie? It’s your last chance to back out.” Paul said taking a hold of my hand.

“Yes Paul I’m ready.” I answered but could feel myself shivering. It wasn’t cold out; in fact it was quite warm. I was shivering not knowing what to expect or what to do.

“My Life Behind Paul’s Back” Chapter Three.

“I think we should start by sitting down first Barbie.” Paul suggested.

Paul was still holding my hand as we both sat on the large blanket. He just looked into my eyes as we faced each other. I could tell this was as new to Paul as it was for me. It didn’t look like Paul was going to make the first move so I leaned forward and planted my lips against his. He pushed back as in surprise then leaned forward kissing me lightly on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his waist to bring him closer to me. I felt my pussy getting wet the closer I pulled Paul toward me. I wanted to see him nude. I had never done anything like this before so I started to unbutton his shirt. His muscular chest came into view and I pulled back from Paul and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt. He just watched me. He didn’t reach out to stop me or even to help me. I got to the last button and pushed his shirt open. I had to feel his muscular chest, I just had to. I reached into his shirt and ran my hands all over his chest and stomach. He was breathing was labored and so was mine. I tugged his shirt from his pants and pushed this shirt over his shoulders and down his muscular arms. He took his shirt and pulled his hands out. Paul was now completely bare chested.

Paul reached over to me and unbuttoned my blouse and my large breasts barley contained in my 38 D bra came into view. He pushed my blouse back over my shoulders and down my arms. I took a hold of my blouse and pulled my hands out. All I had on was my bra that barely contained my large breast. I moved in close to Paul and put my arms around him and we kissed gently again. I felt his large hands move around my back and he undid my clasps of my bra. My bra fell from my breasts and felt them squeezed between the two of us. My panties were sopping wet by then. I bit my bottom lips. I wanted to take this to the next step and fast. I wanted to see his penis in the worse way and find out how it would feel. I had never seen a penis before. Well actually I had. I suddenly realized what the black men had out of their jeans were their penis’. I thought for a moment I was kind of dumb not to think about the black teenage football players with their penis’ out of their jeans. It was kind of rude of them to come in our house like that. Oh well I didn’t want to think about them right now. I wanted to think about Paul.

I bit my lips again and reached over to Paul’s crotch and undid the top button of his dress pants. He sat back as if giving me an open invitation to continue. I pulled his zipper down after undoing the top of his dress pants. His white boxers came into view. Paul pushed his hips up and pushed his dress pants down under his muscular ass cheeks and sat back again. He looked at me and smiled. I decided he wanted me to pull his pants down the rest of the way. I tugged at the top of his dress pants and pulled them down his muscular legs until I had them down as far as his feet. I undid his dress shoes and took them off and also his black socks. I tugged at the end of his dress pants and pulled them off him completely. I took his dress pants and folded them laying them on the rug beside me. It didn’t look like Paul was going to do anything except lean on his elbows and look at me. I decided I’d have to undress myself. I undid the button on the side of my dress, pulled the zipper down stood up and let my skirt fall to the ground. I stepped out of my skirt. I tugged my panties down over my ass cheeks.

I put my hands behind my back and undid my large bra and leaned forward letting my big breasts bouncing as I pulled my panties down. I sat down and pulled my panties completely off and tossed them beside me on top of my skirt. Then I took off my shoes and slowly pulled my stockings down my legs and pulled my feet out of them. I tossed my best stockings on the rest of my clothes. I was now completely nude. I looked down at my wet pussy then over at Paul.

Paul was still looking at me. He looked me in the eyes and smiled lifting his ass from the ground and tugged his boxers over his ass cheeks and that’s when his soft cock came into view. I was disappointed what I saw, especially after seeing the black football player’s penis. I expected it to be hard for one thing and larger than an inch. He bent forward tugging his undershorts down his muscular legs and his feet. He then tossed his underwear where they landed on his dress pants. I put my hand on the end of his penis and it started to grow in my hand. Paul sat up and started to massage my large breasts and nipples as I moved my hand up and down his cock getting harder and harder by the second. I took my other hand and began to massage his ball sack that was also smaller than I expected. Paul’s cock grew to about four hard inches and his cock head glistened with clear fluid. I bent down intending on tasting the clear liquid leaking from the cock head. Paul pushed me back and for the first time since putting the blanket on the ground he said. “What are you doing Barbie?” Paul asked.

I was going to taste that stuff coming out of your penis Paul.” I answered.

“No you’re not. That’s just plain disgusting.” Paul said putting his hand under my chin and then looking me in the eyes. “I want to enjoy this not have you doing nasty things like that.” He leaned into me and put his lips against mine. “Only sluts do discusting things like sucking cock.”

I didn’t pull away but I didn’t feel as enthused as much as I had a moment before. My pussy however was getting itchy and dripping wet. I put my arms around Paul. Paul had his arms around me and he pulled me tight in his big strong arms. Paul lay back on the blanket pulling down with him until I was lying on top of him. “You’re so beautiful Barbie.” He said after pulling his lips away from me. I felt his hard penis pocking my stomach. He pushed his hand between the two of us and took his hard penis in his hand and guided it to my hot wet pussy. He pushed hard and his small penis entered my wet pussy. My clit was harder than it had been in my entire life. Paul grunted as he pushed his penis into me. “Oh yes you feel good Barbie.”

“You feel good inside me Paul.” I moaned. He did feel good inside me but not as exciting as I thought it would feel. He pushed his penis in again and I felt a shocking pain inside me. I bit my lip as the pain radiated through my body and the pain turned into pleasure. Paul pulled his penis out of me. I felt down with my fingers and felt wetness around my pussy lips and clit. Paul had totally withdrawn his penis from my hot wet pussy. He didn’t even touch my hard clit. Then to my surprise he pushed away from me and caused me to roll off him. I looked down and saw blood between my legs. I didn’t have a chance to say anything as I saw Paul taking his rather thin, four inch penis in his fist pull on it a couple of times and this thick white stuff popped out.

As the white stuff popped from his penis hole Paul moaned out load. “I’m Cumming my darling. OH yes, yes you were wonderful to make me cum so hard.”

I looked down at Paul and felt tears rolling down my face. I looked at Paul sprawled across the blanket his muscular legs spread, his stomach covered with the white stuff and his breath was labored. “Thank you so much Barbie. I knew you would be perfect and now I know you will be the perfect wife.”

I was disappointed Paul didn’t even notice the blood that was still between my legs and my hard clit. I didn’t feel fulfilled in the least. My pussy was itchier than before Paul had put his penis in me and my pussy felt even wetter. I looked down at Paul. “I’m bleeding Paul. Look what you’re done to me. I’m bleeding.”

“That is good. That proves to me you were a virgin and now you are truly a woman. Didn’t your mother teach you anything about sex?” Paul laughed.

“No she didn’t.” I answered feeling anger boiling up in me. Not just at Paul for laughing at me but at mom for not explaining to me about becoming a woman. The angrier I got the more my pussy itched, the wetter I got and the harder my nipples and clit got.

“I don’t feel fulfilled. Can we do it again Paul?” I asked.

“I told you no Barbie. If I can wait until we get married for our next sex, so can you.” Paul said sounding disgusted.

“Come on Paul just once more.” I pleaded I feel like my pussy is on fire. Please Paul, just once more.”

“Get dressed Barbie; I told you we haven’t got time for this. Only bitch dogs in heat need more and you’re not one of those nasty things.” Paul said.

Paul and I got dressed, folded the blanket and put it in the back seat of his car. He drove me home walking me to the front door he kissed me lightly on my lips. “Goodnight Barbie. I’ll be busy for the rest of the week so will only have time to call you.” Paul said. Then he leaned forward until his lips were close to my ear and whispered. “This was only between you and me. I wanted to find out if you would be as good as I thought you would be before we got married. You passed the test, your perfect. I’ll try to call you in a couple of days. Goodnight Barbie.”

I stood staring at Paul. I passed his test and he thought I was good enough to marry. I felt no one asked me if Paul passed my test and if I wanted to marry him. “Goodnight.” I said opening the front door and watched Paul walk to our lane way. He got in his car and drove away. I went in the house. My pussy was on fire, my body was on fire. I wanted to rip my clothes off and push my fingers in my wet pussy, rub my hands on my breasts and pinch my nipples.

I closed the front door, walked down the front hall and was walking in front of dad’s den when the door opened. “You’re home Barbie. How was the sermon, at Paul’s church?” Dad asked. “You’re home earlier than I expected. It must have been a short sermon.”

Yes dad, it was a short sermon, but it went okay.” I answered trying not to show how I felt. I was upset with myself for lying to dad where I was. I was also upset because my, pussy, breasts, nipples, hard clit and entire body on fire. “I hope I didn’t disturb you when I came home. Were you working on tomorrow’s sermon?” I asked.

“You didn’t disturb me Barbie. I heard the front door and I knew it had to be you because no one else uses the front door except some of the congregation. They always ring the doorbell so I knew it was you.” Dad said.

“I heard you so thought I’d ask how the sermon at Paul church was.” I answered. “Thanks for asking dad. I’m thinking about going out for a walk. I have some things to think about, dad.”

“Is there something bothering you Barbie?” Dad asked. “Maybe I can help you. I am working on tomorrow’s sermon but I can take a few minutes if you want to talk. I’ll always find time for you honey.”

“Thanks for offering dad, but I just need some time by myself to think in the fresh air. I’m going to take a walk to the park. Good luck working on tomorrow’s sermon I know the congregation always appreciates your Sunday sermons.” I said. “All I had on my mind was to run back to the park and breathe in some fresh air.”

“Okay Barbie I probably won’t see you until tomorrow before church. I hope you sort anything that is bothering you. Just be careful. It’s getting late and you’ll probably be the only one in the park. See you in the morning dear.” Dad said going back in the den and closing the door behind him.

I decided I’d go out the back door and walk down the alley behind our house. The park was a good block shorter going down the back alley.

I made my way to the same part of the park Paul and I had made out earlier. I went over to the big tree not far from where Paul had made love. My pussy was still on fire as well as my breast, nipples and my clit. I was positive my panties must have been soaking wet. I moved my hands up to my breasts and unbuttoned my blouse. It felt like my nipples were going to burst through my bra they were so hard. I took off my blouse and pulled my arms behind my back and unfastened my bra. My large breasts practically burst out pushing my bra down. I pulled the bra down my arms and took it off and tossed it on the ground. I then found myself pulling the bottom of my skirt up to my waist and pushing my fingers down my panties. I pushed first one finger in my pussy and then another. I had trouble with my panties in the way so pushed my panties over my ass, down my legs and kicked them off. I took off my good shoes and pulled each of my stockings off. I lie back against the tree and spread my legs and pushed a couple of fingers in my wet pussy making sure I squeezed my clit at the same time. With my other hand I pinched each of my hard nipples sending shivers throughout my body.

I was lost in my own pleasures with my eyes closed when suddenly I heard someone shout. “Fuck look at this.” I heard and opened my eyes.

Four muscular young men in their late teens were staring at me. Two had dark hair and around six feet tall and looked Italian. One had red hair and was maybe five ten and the other one was blond and around five ten. The blond man spoke first. “You look horny, do you need any help?” The blond man asked. My name is Ryan. This here is Tom.” Ryan said pointing to the redhead. That’s Anthony and his brother Jason.” Ryan pointed first to one dark haired teenager and then the other teenager.

“I bet she wants to get gang banged.” Anthony said and smiled.

“Gang Banged?” I asked. I had never heard of gang banged before. I had a funny feeling it had something to do with sex the way they were all rubbing their crotches.

“Yes we all have a go at you like the fucking slut you are.” Tom said and also smiled pulling his tight white T-shirt up and over his head and tossed it on the ground.

The rest of the teenagers were soon pulling their T-shirts off showing off their tanned muscular hairless chests.

I took a deep breath and found myself pushing my finger into my wet pussy.

“She wants to get gang banged alright. Look at the way she’s fingering her pussy guys.” Ryan said kicking off his sandals and unbuttoning the top of his jeans. I could see his cock pressed against his jeans. He didn’t even have it out and I could tell it was bigger than Paul’s penis.

Ryan pushed his jeans to the ground and his penis popped out. It had to be at least seven inches and big around. “Come over here and wrap those pretty lips around my cock.”

“Mmmmm. Yes Ryan.” I answered without thinking. This is what I wanted to do with Paul. I began to crawl over to Ryan opening my mouth at the same time. For some reason I thought about my mother. I wondered if mom was sucking the black men’s cocks in the basement. I bet she was. Right now all I could really thing about was the big cock in front of me.

“She’s already for one of us.” Anthony said already pulling his jeans down his eight inch thick cock popping out. “I get to your fucking pussy first guys.”

No one said anything as Anthony went behind me and slapped my ass cheek really hard. I felt my ass push up as if asking to be slapped again. “Fuck she has a great ass. If she’s got a boyfriend he’s a fool leaving her here alone.”

“Just fuck her Anthony so I get to fuck her next.” Jason said. “Remember brothers share everything.”

I felt Anthony’s big hands on each side of my hips. None of the guys wanted to kiss me or make love to me they just wanted to dominate and fuck me. This is what I wanted and needed. Maybe I was more like my mother than I thought. I guess dad wasn’t dominate or aggressive enough for her and she needed all those black men to satisfy her itch.

I felt Anthony’s big cock head at the entrance of my wet pussy as he pushed it into my pussy. It was so big around and wonderful. He forced more of his cock into me. It was so big it rubbed against my hard clit and I had my first orgasm. I felt the orgasm rip throughout my entire body. I heard myself moaning. “Yes, oh yes Anthony. Push your big cock in my hot pussy. Fuck me hard Anthony.”

I looked up and saw Tom and Ryan nude massaging their big hard cocks. Paul sure didn’t have a cock anywhere the size of any of these muscular teenage boys. They were a lot rougher, dominate and aggressive. I knew right then I would never be happy with Paul if I married him. I was beginning to have second thoughts about marrying Paul.

Jason started yelling while ramming is big cock all the way down my throat. “Take my cock you fucking slut. Take it all. I love that mouth.” I was surprised I was soon swallowing Jason’s entire cock without even chocking.

Behind me Anthony had a strong grip on my hips as he rammed his entire cock in and out of my hot pussy. “Take my cock up that hot tight pussy bitch. You’re nothing but a bitch in heat.”

I only thing I do was moan my appreciation because my mouth was full of Jason’s big cock. Ton and Ryan had moved closer and I was able to take each of their big cocks in my hands.

Jason had a hold of each side of my head with his hands as he rammed his cock down my throat. My throat was lusting the way Jason rammed his cock down my throat and then bringing it out until only his cock head was in my mouth.

I was enjoying Anthony holding my hips in his hands and ramming his big cock in and out of my hot pussy. He sure knew how to fuck. Each time he rammed his cock deep in my pussy he pushed against my hard clit.

My hands ran up and down Tom’s and Ryan’s throbbing hard cocks. I saw their balls bouncing as I masturbated them both.

“I’m Cumming.” I heard Anthony saying as he rammed his big cock into my pussy hard. He seemed to freeze and I felt his cock expend inside me. I was expecting him to pull his big cock out of me but he didn’t.

“I’m Cumming, too.” Jason moaned holding my head even harder between his hands. I felt his cock expand in my throat and begin to withdraw from my throat. I tasted his thick hot salty musky cum.

“Hurry up and get your cocks out of the slut’s mouth and pussy. We want to take our turn with the bitch.” Ryan yelled. “I get her pussy.”
“That’s fine with me because I want her hot mouth.” Tom said.

“I’m Cumming again.” Anthony groaned pulling his cock out of my pussy. I felt globs of his cum splatter on my back.

“I’m Cumming again too, Anthony.” Jason yelled and he pulled his cock out of my mouth spurting another load across my face.

Anthony pulled his cock out of my pussy, shot his second load across my back and walked in front of me. His brother Jason had pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood on the other side of me.

No sooner than both brothers had stepped on each side of me Ryan took Anthony’s place behind me and Tom stood where Jason in front of me. I felt Ryan’s thick cock pressing against my puffy, pussy lips and Jason’s thick cock was pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth wide to allow Tom to push his thick cock in my mouth. At the same time Ryan rammed the head of his cock in my pussy.

Ryan was soon pushing his entire cock into my wet pussy pressing it against my hard clit. I wanted to yell for him to fuck me hard but my mouth was full of Tom’s large cock head.

The only thing on my mind was feeling Ryan ramming his big cock in and out of my hot pussy and Tom holding my head ramming his cock down my throat. This was the best time of my life. I felt my spit at the corner of my mouth as I attempted to moan around Ryan’s big cock down my throat. “Take my cock down that slutty throat bitch.” He moaned

Behind me I heart Tom moaning. “Fuck your pussy’s hot and tight bitch. Shit it feels great.”

I was being fucked at the same time front and back at the same time. I looked up and saw Anthony and his brother Jason on each side of me their cocks getting hard again. I smiled inside my head knowing I was going to enjoy their cocks in me again once Tom and Ryan finished fucking me hard.

It felt like no time at all when Tom and Ryan announced they were shooting their loads. Tom rammed his cock into my pussy and shot his big load and pulled out and shot another load across my back. Tom pulled his cock out of my mouth after shooting his big load directly into my stomach and then unloaded another load across my face.

Tom and Ryan had no sooner removed their big cocks from my pussy and mouth when Jason was behind me ramming his big cock into my pussy and Tom pushing his cock down my throat.

They both fucked my pussy and ass a good half hour before they shot their loads. Jason shot his big load in my pussy and his brother Anthony down my throat. I couldn’t keep track how many orgasms I had. No sooner than Anthony and Jason pulled out of my pussy and throat when Tom and Ryan pushed their cocks into me. Tom rammed his cock into my hot pussy and Ryan down my throat. They fucked my body a good half hours as well.
In the meantime Anthony and Jason had gotten dressed and waiting for their friends Tom and Ryan to finish fucking me. Tom finally pulled his limp cock out of my pussy and Ryan pulled his limp cock out of my mouth. They both had shot big loads in my pussy and down my throat.

“Thanks for the fuck Barbie. Will you be going to the school dance Friday?” Ryan asked.

“Yes I will.” I answered. “Why are you asking?”

Tom said as he pulled his T-shirt down his muscular chest. “The four of us want to fuck you, after the school dance.”

“Meet us by the men’s locker room after the dance.” Anthony said sitting and pulling his sandals on.

“That’s right we want a good fuck after the school dance Friday.” Jason said, lets’ get going guys.”

All four studs walked away leaving me lying on the grass dripping cum from my face and over my back. I had to get home and have a shower. I’d have to go in the back door.

End of Chapter Three.

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