When I met Jenna it was love at first sight. I had just moved here and purchased an old run down ranch with the money my grandparents left me. Jenna was a secretary for a large advertising company. We were both twenty and I thought our sex life was okay. I mean we had sex several times a week even if it was only once or twice.

Anyway we married after only six months. I thought I would surprise her and take her to lunch. I walked into her office and found her gone to a meeting. I sat at her desk and looked around as I waited and saw her computer. I hesitated and shrugged before moving her mouse and doing a search for any pictures.

What I found shocked and surprised me, they were of Jenna with different men having sex. I pulled out a USB drive I always carry and copied the master folder while browsing through the pictures. There had to be over a hundred men and most of the pictures showed Jenna with cum leaking out of her.

The computer finished copying the folder and I glanced at the door as she walked in looking flushed and mussed. She stopped and looked at me, “Tye?”

I pulled the USB drive out and stood, “I was going to ask you to lunch but it looks like you just finished fucking.”

She opened her mouth as I walked around the desk and headed towards the door, “tell me when you get home.”

I walked out and the only thing I could think about was cum leaking out of Jenna from another man. Normally I was the one to make dinner unless I was stuck out on the ranch working. This time I just went home and turned on my desktop computer. I loaded the pictures of Jenna and started the slide show for the folder.

I watched as picture after picture appeared and my cock only got harder. It was only an hour before she came home and walked into my office. I glanced away from the computer screen, “it looks like you enjoy sex a lot more than you show me.”

She sighed and sat in the other desk chair, “listen to me Tye. Those men are my clients. To help sell the company I fuck them.”

I looked at her, “there are a lot of pictures of you with more than one man and you seem to really enjoy what they do.”

She smiled, “I do enjoy it.”

I looked at her and she smiled and blushed, “now that you know, we are going to fuck a lot more. I want after pictures so I can look at the mess you make, I like that.”

I stood and took her hand as she stood with me. I turned her and bent her over the desk and reached under her skirt and pulled down the cummy panties. I opened and pushed my pants down before pushing into her slimy pussy and started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Jenna groaned and dropped to the desk as she kept pushing back while her pussy grasped my cock.

This wasn’t gentle love making, I was fucking her hard and deep and she loved it. It was five minutes before she wailed and started twisting and jerking. I kept fucking her for another few minutes before thrusting into her and holding her hips as I began to pump a few days worth of cum. Jenna screamed and her pussy clenched around my cock, “TYE!”

I bent over her to kiss her neck before grabbing my small digital camera from the top of the desk. I pulled out and stepped back and knelt before pointing the camera and snapping a picture. I moved back and to the side a little before taking another showing cum leaking out and down one leg. I went to her and stood her up before pulling her out and to our bedroom.

I fucked her six times before I stopped. Her pussy was a cummy mess by then and she spread her legs as I took a couple of pictures. I pulled her up and led her into the kitchen and sat her down before I began to make dinner. I smiled as she kept wiping her leaking pussy and licking her fingers. She grinned, “I like the way it tastes if it has been inside me.”

After dinner we sat on the wide front porch and Jenna leaned against me and stroked my cock, “I’m glad you found out.”

I looked at her, “now you tell me if you fuck someone and I want to see and feel your cummy pussy before I fuck you.”

She grinned and bent to suck my cock before standing and pulling me up and after her as she went back to our bed. She crawled on and wiggled her butt and I moved behind her to push in and started fucking her. I managed to fuck her twice more before we went to sleep. I was up and out of bed early the next morning to do chores.

I came in as Jenna was getting ready to leave for work. She pressed against me and then handed me a couple of pills, “supplements.”

I had a slow day and all I could think about was Jenna. When her car pulled in I was just starting dinner. I glanced out the window and saw her younger sister get out of the car. I sighed because she had always pushed me away when her sister stayed with us. She kissed me passionately when she came in, “No extra business today.”

I looked past her at Kara and she smiled, “she is spending the summer.”

I almost groaned as Jenna turned and walked towards the hall. Several minutes later she was back and turned me away from the stove. She was naked and so was Kara, “fuck Kara.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “I’m taking pictures. We will take turns with you.”

I kept looking and she pushed me, “pump cum into her.”

Kara grinned, “think of me as your second wife. Today you get to fuck me. If Jenna has a client tomorrow you can fuck both of us, if not you just get her. We’ll switch each day.”

I looked at Jenna before reaching back to shut the stove off. I pulled Kara back to the bed, “have you had sex before?”

She nodded when I stopped and pushed her towards the bed and started stripping. I moved onto the bed after her and ignored Jenna with the camera. I pushed Kara’s legs open before licking through her pussy. She groaned and shuddered as I pushed my tongue into her and then started nibbling on her labia.

I covered her clit and used my tongue to tease it before sucking and bitting gently. Kara shuddered and lifted her hips and after awhile began to wiggle and squirm as she cried out. I moved up her body when she covered her pussy and kissed her before pushing into her. She grunted and spasmed as I began to fuck deeper.

I buried my cock all the way inside her before I began to hump, press, jab and grind. She started jerking and shuddering as her pussy grasped my cock constantly. I kissed her and pulled back before fucking her hard and deep. She arched her back as her body stiffened and her pussy clenched around my cock, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

She was bucking and thrashing around as I kept fucking her. She grabbed me and hung on as I shoved and buried my cock. I started gushing cum through her cervix and she screamed as her pussy milked my cock, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I pumped and spewed cum until her belly was full and I stopped. I pulled out and laid beside her as she panted with her legs spread. Cum was leaking from her pussy as Jenna took pictures. I turned and rolled Kara onto her stomach before spreading her legs and moving between them. I fucked her four times before stopping to go make dinner.

After dinner I bent her over the table and fucked her twice more. I sat with them on each side of me after that and we watched a movie before I pulled them to bed. I wouldn’t let Kara wash her pussy before bed time and she grinned and rubbed her slimy slit and shuddered before snuggling against me.

I had to do some riding and took Kara with me in the morning after watching her douche. The whole time she rode in just bikini bottoms and kept having me put lotion on her upper body and breasts so by the time we got back to the house I was really horny. Jenna pulled in as I was brushing the horses down.

She was wearing a short skirt and shifting back and forth from foot to foot. As soon as I put the horses into the corral Kara pushed me towards the house. Jenna grabbed my hand and pulled me in and back to the bedroom, “take the camera Kara.”

My wife stripped and I saw cum on her inner thighs. She stripped me and moved onto the bed, “fuck me Tye.”

After spending the day with Kara and seeing my wife’s cummy pussy I moved onto the bed and straight between her legs. I pushed into her slimy cunt and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering hard as her pussy squeezed my cock. She began to wail and screamed as her shudders became convulsions.

I was fucking her hard and deep and a few minutes later thrust into her and kissed her as my cock erupted and I gushed cum into her. When I was done she groaned and I pulled out to move aside as Kara took pictures. I finally reached out to roll Jenna onto her stomach and lifted her butt until she was on her wide spread knees.

I moved behind her as Kara moved around to take pictures and shoved back into Jenna’s slimy cunt. I went back to fucking her with long, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was pushing back as her cummy pussy grabbed and tried to squeeze my cock. I rubbed her slimy asshole before pushing a thumb into her and holding her with my thumb buried as I fucked her.

I started using slow, long thrusts as she screamed and shuddered while her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. She was slamming back onto my cock, pressing and pushing it against her cervix. I buried my cock and started to fuck her ass with my thumb. Jenna pushed and kept thrusting back as I fucked her.

Her pussy was squeezing and spasming around my cock as she wet me. I finally held her with my thumb buried and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She was twisting and jerking when I shoved into her and spewed large spurts of cum. She shuddered and pushed back as I pumped four or five times before pulling out.

She slumped to the bed with a groan as her pussy gapped and cum began leaking. I slid back off the bed and waited until Kara finished before reaching for one of Jenna’s ankles. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and helped her off before leading them to the kitchen. She sat with her legs spread while Kara took a few more pictures.

I made dinner and told her about Kara teasing me. She grinned, “you should fuck her.”

I kept cooking, “together.”

She sighed before standing and moving to put her arms around me, “that’s why you want to fuck me after, to put your cum in me.”

I hesitated before nodding, “you are supposed to be my wife Jenna.”

She turned me and cupped my face, “they fuck me, you love me too and you are the only one I sleep with.”

I fingered her slimy pussy, “this does not make me feel that way.”

She shivered and looked at Kara who was quiet. Jenna took my hand, “finish dinner would you Kara.”

She pulled me back to the bedroom and closed the door before turning and backing me to the bed, “now you need to talk to me.”

I sat and couldn’t look at her, “I don’t like thinking of other men cumming in you.”

She sat beside me, “it doesn’t...”

I shook my head, “I don’t really care if it doesn’t mean anything, you are letting another man cum in you.”

Jenna turned my head, “cum or fuck me?”

I took a breath as I thought, “mostly cum.”

She grinned, “you don’t like the idea that I could get pregnant.”

I looked at her as I thought about it and nodded, “some, but letting some other man...”

Jenna pulled me up and after her into the bathroom. She sat and douched several times before pulling me back to bed. She laid back on the edge of the bed and lifted and spread her legs, “cum in me baby.”

I rubbed her pussy, “this won’t fix the problem.”

She shuddered and I finally moved between her legs and pushed into her. I slowly buried my cock and she pulled me down and cupped my face, “for the next two months you are the only one that is allowed to cum in me.”

I opened my mouth and she put a finger on my lips, “if you can show me how we can live without me fucking other men I will quit.”

I stood and pulled out before reaching down to pull her up against me, “you want to make me decide if you can fuck other men? I can’t do that, it is your body and your choice. I just know I don’t like you letting other men fuck you.”

I turned to find my pants and a shirt while she watched and left. I saddled a horse and rode out as my mind whirled and fought with both the excitement and jealousy and the aching pain in my chest. Mostly I let the horse wander and crop grass and finally climbed down and sat to look at the stars. It was late morning when I returned to the house and Jenna was already gone.

I put the horse away after brushing her down and started chores. I came into the house and ignored Kara when she turned on the couch to look at me. I went back to shower and get dressed before going to the small bedroom I use as my office. I pulled up the ranch accounts and bills before paying the bills and looking at the money I had left.

I shook my head and shut the computer down before leaving. Kara caught me at my truck, “wait!”

I looked at her and she bit her lip, “Jenna cried all night.”

I looked away before climbing into my truck and driving to town for the couple of errands and a visit to a man that had been a friend to my grandfather. When I came back Jenna was home which was unusual. I carried the feed to the feed bin before heading towards the house. I walked in and went to my office as I heard Jenna and Kara in the bedroom.

I started my computer and waited before I went to the cattle auction site I needed and began to go to work. It was awhile before Jenna stood in the doorway looking at me, “can we talk?”

I finished what I was doing and sat back to look at her. She looked down, “I’m sorry Tye. We can’t afford for me to quit.”

I just looked at her and ignored the tears on her face. She looked at me, “My boss said if I stop I should just start looking for another job.”

I didn’t say anything and she took a step closer, “if I keep doing it you will leave.”

I looked at the computer screen and she moved closer, “please Tye.”

I shook my head, “I spent all night thinking about it, I love you so much it hurts. Seeing you all cummy is exciting but knowing it is from another man hurts.”

I looked at her with a pain in my chest, “if you want to keep fucking them you need to leave. I won’t let the pain tear me apart. Fucking other men is your decision, not an option to keep a job. You promised yourself to me when we were married, not every man your company you are told to fuck. Stay or go Jenna.”

She looked at me for a minute before turning to leave. I was hurting more than I could say when I went back to finish what I had been doing. I shut the computer off and went to the kitchen. Kara was almost frightened as she tried to make dinner and I pushed her towards the hall. I finished and took a plate out onto the porch to eat.

After dinner I cleaned up and pulled out an old sleeping bag and carried it to the barn. It was late when Jenna came to the barn and climbed into the loft. The moonlight from the open loft window let me see her as she dropped her robe and opened the sleeping bag to wiggling in on top of me. I held her against me as she put her head on my shoulder, “how are we going to live?”

I stared out at the million stars, “that depends on your choice.”

She rubbed my arm, “I will quit.”

I glanced at the top of her head, “are you sure?”

Jenna nodded, “I can find another job.”

I hugged her, “I know of one.”

She lifted her head to look into my face, “doing what?”

I smiled, “there is this extra horny rancher taking supplements that loves cumming in a tight pussy.”

Jenna grinned, “it doesn’t pay a lot.”

I slipped my hands down to spread her legs, “baby you were spreading your legs for nothing. You did the job and got fucked on the side, not the job and got paid extra on the side for fucking.”

She shifted and wiggled to get my cock into her, “but now I won’t get paid.”

I sighed as my cock pushed into her, “How about a meager salary to start off. Only forty or fifty thousand a year.”

Jenna lifted up to look into my face, “from where? Doing what?”

I rolled and began fucking into her, “well that is just the income I know about. I was thinking of a internet site where I fuck you and fill you with a lot of cum. That would be the extra income.”

She groaned and shuddered as she lifted her hips and her pussy squeezed my cock. She hugged me and moaned as she spasmed and I humped and pressed and jabbed. It was awhile before I thrust into her and as I began gushing cum. Jenna lifted her hips as I pushed and forced her cervix open and continued to pump spurts of cum.

She groaned and kept hugging me as her pussy worked to milk the cum into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed as I rolled so she was back on top. She looked into my eyes, “Where is the money coming from?”

I looked at the stars through the loft window, “the stray cows I branded this spring.”

Jenna looked at me, “But you were going to...”

I pulled her down, “I have fifty pure bred white face. I got a good price for the others and as soon as I round them up and get paid, the money goes into certain companies that are paying very well on their dividends.”

She looked at me and opened her mouth, “that is risky.”

I laughed, “do you know what percentage is being paid for most utility stocks?”

Jenna shook her head and I sighed, “around ten percent. The companies I am investing in have been paying forty percent or more but I was using ten percent as a conservative estimate.”

She grinned, “and you want me to be a porn star.”

I caressed her hips, “videos of me cumming in your slimy pussy and it leaking out.”

She shuddered and groaned before wiggling up and out of the sleeping bag. She bent to pull me out and after her, ignoring her robe or my clothes. After making me climb down the ladder she followed and grabbed my hand to start pulling me again. When she pulled me into the bedroom Kara sat up.

Jenna reached for her sister and pulled her to the edge of the bed, “we are going to be porn stars. You film me when Tye fucks me and I film you when he breeds you.”

I looked at Jenna as she pulled me between Kara’s legs, “wait for me to get the camera.”

She ran out and I heard her in the hall closet where the video camera we had gotten on our wedding day was. She ran back and checked it before moving around beside us, “okay, fuck her.”

I shook my head before kneeling and opening Kara’s pussy and licking. She giggled and spread her legs more as I nibbled on her labia and the captured her clit. I sucked and teased it with my tongue before using my lips to nibble. Kara shuddered and started lifting her hips as I continued to lick her pussy and play with her clit.

It was over five minutes before she jerked and spasmed. I grinned as I stood and held her legs up and spread. Jenna was looking down between her sister’s legs with the camera as I forced my cock into her. Kara shuddered as my cock stretched her pussy and I began to fuck her. I used long strokes and buried my thick cock with each thrust.

It was a couple of minutes before she began shaking and then spasming. She wailed and howled as I fucked her hard and deep while using one hand to rub her pussy and clit. It was several minutes before I pulled out and she groaned. I rolled her over and lifted her butt as I spread her legs.

I pushed back into her slick pussy and held her hips as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Kara started spasming as her tight pussy clench and tightened. She thrashed around and wailed as I shoved all the way into her and began to spew cum. She shuddered and jerked but pushed back, “YES!”

It was a minute before I was done and pulled out. While Jenna moved and filmed her sister’s leaking pussy I laid beside her and rubbed her as she panted, “breed you?”

Kara turned her head as she grinned, “yep.”

Jenna laughed as she stopped filming, “the horny bitch wants you to get her pregnant.”

I grinned and fingered her slimy pussy, “how many times?”

Kara shuddered and then laughed, “as many as you want.”

Jenna rubbed my chest, “give me a minute to download the video and you can fuck me while Kara films it.”

We still make videos and I did get a very good price for the cattle and the stock dividends made enough to support us and the ranch until it got started. Most of the videos are of Jenna getting paid before I fuck her.
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