I have always built things, it was something I enjoyed doing. When my wife left me and took everything I had, it was like my life ended. It had even cost me my job so I was homeless. A week later I was snooping in an old abandoned boat factory. A lot of the equipment was still here and that was when I got the idea.

I fished during the day and spent most of the nights working on my project. People think a submarine has to submerge deep but it depends on what and where you are. The system I used was completely electric, based on a huge hydrogen battery. I could only submerge fifty or sixty meters safely but that would be deep enough.

I had twin oxygen, hydrogen separators in back with a single three hundred pound electric motor using a caterpillar turbine set of props. My first trip south was a trial run and it went smoothly. I slipped into a city on the coast and talked to several people. Before morning I had twice as many people as seats.

I waited for night before loading them aboard and setting out. At first they seemed worried we would sink but after awhile they calmed. A couple of hours before dawn I surfaced in a river and beached the sub. I collected the second half of my payment and they slipped away. I started the air pumps as I moved the sub out into the river and then shut them off and sank.

I moved around a lot over the next year but made a trip several times a week. The money I made, I invested and still managed to live comfortably. There were some things I wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t smuggle drugs or guns and I wouldn’t smuggle terrorists. I slipped into the keys silently and let the sub surface.

When we touched the beach I put everything on standby and moved back to open the hatches. The small groups of families climbed out and slipped away. I started to close the hatches when I saw the teenage girl in back, she was sleeping against the bulkhead. I moved back and shook her, “We’re here.”

She looked around and then looked at me with wide eyes. I backed up and pointed to the open hatch. She stood and moved forward before climbing out. She stopped and I sighed before going up, “What’s wrong?”

She looked at me and whispered, “What do I do now?”

I looked at her and then glanced around, “do you have family here?”

She shook her head and looked like she was going to cry. I sighed and turned her to the hatch, “You come with me.”

I sat her in the second seat after closing the outer hatch. I flipped a switch and the inner hatch closed as I sat, “What’s your name?”

She smiled as she looked through the thick window, “Maria Lopez.”

I flooded the ballast tanks as I started backing away from the beach. I stayed shallow as I turned and headed back out to sea. Maria was quiet but seemed interested in watching through the window. I had managed to move everything I needed from the boat factory into a large abandoned boathouse off a deep channel.

Along one wall was a line of hydrogen separators where I got most of the hydrogen for the sub’s batteries. I surfaced in the boathouse and brought the boat to a stop. I opened the hatches and moved back to the hatch ladder. I glanced at Maria still in her seat, “Well, come on.”

She nodded and followed me up and out. I tied the sub to the narrow dock and helped her off. I pointed to the far corner, “There is a living area over there.”

She nodded and walked towards the corner. I turned to pull the hydrogen line to the sub and down into the hatch. I plugged into the hydrogen tanks and started filling up. When I finished I went to check on Maria and found her naked in my glass shower. She seemed to be enjoying the water so I kept watching. She turned and saw me and held still for several moments.

She smiled and reached out to me and I hesitated before undressing and joining her. She caressed my chest before turning away. I held her lovely hips before turning to pick up my shower mitt. I took my time shampooing her long black hair and then her slim body and her firm breasts. I added body wash and started washing her again.

She sighed and almost cooed while she let me feel and wash her. When I finished she turned to wash me. When she was done I shut the water off and stepped out. I dried her and then myself before she pulled me towards my big bed. She turned and caressed my chest before sitting. I smiled and knelt as I opened her legs.

She looked at me strangely and I leaned in to kiss her inner thighs before opening her trimmed pussy. I licked through it and nibbled on her labia as I kept licking. This was something my ex wife had refused to let me do. Maria’s pussy tasted nice as I pushed my tongue into her and then started wiggling it against her clit.

I started sucking on her clit as I kept using my tongue and it wasn’t long before she was jerking and shuddering. She finally cried out and twisted as she covered her pussy. I stood and turned her so she was completely on the bed before moving over her. She guided my hard cock to her pussy as she trembled and I slowly forced it into her.

I pushed in until I was against the back of her pussy and then just held her and started kissing her softly. It was a couple of minutes before she shivered and hugged me as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I pulled back and started fucking her slowly as I kept kissing her. Maria moaned and shuddered a minute later as her hips lifted and pushed against me. When she started shaking and jerking erratically her cervix opened and my cock pushed in. She was panting as I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and humped into her.

We were both going faster and harder and it was only a couple more minutes before I thrust into her. I held her as my cock jerked and then started gushing cum into her. Maria jerked and kept shuddering as she tilted and lifted her hips, “oooohhhhhhh!”

It had been a long time for me so I kept pumping large spurts. When I did stop cumming her womb was completely full and cum was leaking around my cock. We sighed at the same time and Maria grinned. I pulled out of her even though I wanted to start all over again. I lay next to her and cupped a breast as she smiled.

She finally turned her head to look at me, “Can we do that again?”

I grinned and then laughed, “Only if you are on top this time.”

She grinned as she turned and threw a leg over me. She sat up and I reached down to position my cock. She pushed back and down and I slipped into her easily. We fucked each other four times before we fell asleep. I woke to the beep of my alarm and glanced at the naked girl half on me. I caressed her bare shoulder before slipping out from under her.

I made a few checks before starting to fix breakfast. Maria slipped out of bed and walked to me with a sexy sway to her hips that tempted me. I smiled and turned to fix her a bowl of cereal. I was planning to head across the gulf again and return tomorrow night. I packed something to eat for lunch and cleaned the breakfast bowls.

As I submerged and backed the sub out of the boathouse Maria was sitting beside me watching through the window. I had been to the city I went to many times and moored the sub out of the way in a little used area. I took her with me into the city and to one of the banks I used. I deposited the money from my last run and we went shopping.

Maria was wide eyed as I bought things for her. When we finished I stopped and made a few inquiries. Two hours later I had a full load heading back home. When they arrived though it wasn’t people, it was a truck with three armed men and a load of drugs. I sent Maria into the sub and was going to refuse to load the drugs but when they held me at gunpoint I did as they asked.

As we started back to the keys I slipped my hand under my seat. I had met a lot of people over the last year. I had a burn phone and the number to a DEA agent. I quietly plugged the phone into the headset I used to listen to the sonar. Maria looked at me but kept quiet as I dialed. I spoke in a whisper when it was answered and gave the landing site I was going to.

It wasn’t one of the normal ones I used, when I was done I hung up. It was a long trip with three men with guns sitting behind us. The small dock we stopped at already had a dozen men waiting. As the drugs were unloaded, black plastic bales were brought aboard. I made Maria stay in her seat as I tossed bundles of drugs out and started loading the other bales.

When the loud bull horn on the shore sounded and police rushed the dock I hit the switch to close the outer hatch and then the inner before moving quickly to the pilot seat and hitting the switches to submerge. The sonar told me there were two boats in the wide channel behind us and I dropped down to the bottom before turning the boat.

I used the cell to call the agent as I headed out to sea and he answered on the first ring, “yeah?”

I glanced at Maria, “I don’t smuggle drugs, they held us at gunpoint. Tell your boats to let us go.”

There was silence, “I need to speak with you.”

I thought about it, “Meet me at the Lopez dress shop in San Juan.”


I looked at Maria again and smiled, “Tomorrow morning, eight o’clock.”

I hung up and watched the boats as they continued to follow and I went deeper until I was at my safe limit. They veered to one side as if still following and I slipped away. It was a long time before I relaxed, we went south out to sea. I knew better than to head home, they probably had a plane or satellite up watching us.

I knew of a quiet dock in the San Juan harbor and several hours later I rose out of the water and docked. I left the onboard separators running to fill the battery and woke Maria. I locked the sub as we walked away and I rented a nice room in a hotel. I pulled a tired Maria into the restaurant and we had breakfast.

I grinned and pulled her into the small gift shop and bought her a hat and bikini bottoms and me a suit before we went up to our room. As soon as I closed the door she was yawning. I smiled and stripped her before folding the covers back and pushing her into bed. I undressed and slipped in next to her.

It had been a long day and I snuggled up behind her. I woke to the early afternoon sun and looked at Maria in my arms. My cock was hard and pushing between her legs I shifted down and started to hump and push gently. It was a minute before she groaned and pushed back and my cock slipped into her tight pussy.

She shivered as her pussy squeezed the head of my cock. I pushed deeper and then began to fuck her slowly. It was a minute before she looked back and grinned. She moved away, pulling my cock out before turning to push me onto my back. She straddled me and positioned my cock before pushing down.

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she sighed and began to rock. My cock pushed all the way into her and her warm pussy squeezed it before she shuddered and started twisting and wiggling. She rocked and thrust back and forth while turning and twisted. I continued to feel her breasts and rub her nipples.

She finally stiffened and began to jerk and spasm. Her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as she became slipperier. I was thrusting up and finally grunted as I held her and gushed a fountain of cum. Maria jerked and shuddered as her pussy clenched around my cock and I kept pumping cum into her.

When I stopped she laid on me and gave me a kiss, “I’m hungry.”

I rubbed her butt, “Then we should shower and go eat.”

She lifted her hips and rolled out of bed before walking towards the bathroom. I smiled and followed her and after peeing pulled her into the shower. I watched her put her bikini bottoms on and grinned when she started looking for the top. I put my suit on and grabbed her hand, “They don’t wear tops here.”

I helped her with her blouse and pulled her out and gradually she relaxed. We ate a nice dinner and went for a walk on the beach before returning to our room. Maria smiled as she undid the ties on her bottoms and removed her blouse as she walked to the bed to bend over it. I grinned as I slipped the swim suit off and followed after her.

I rubbed her pussy before slowly pushing into her. I caressed her hips and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She sighed and began to push back each time I pushed in. It was a minute before her warm pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered and moaned. I buried my cock and began to hump and press as she pushed and wiggled and moaned.

I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts and it was a couple of minutes before she was wailing into the bed. Her pussy spasmed and tightened as I finally thrust into her and pushed deeper to start pumping cum. Maria jerked and shuddered hard as she twisted and wiggled while I kept putting more cum in her belly.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and glanced back with a grin. I pushed her into bed and followed her before moving between her legs when she laid back. I fucked her four more times before holding her as she slept. I was up early and made a few arrangements before dressing in my swim suit and putting Maria’s bikini bottoms and blouse on her.

When I walked into the dress shop I knew the two men in suits were DEA. I smiled at the nervous shop owner, “she needs several different dresses with all the undergarments.”

I pulled out cash and counted out a thousand dollars, “let me know if you need more.”

I turned as she grinned and pulled Maria towards a rack of dresses. Both the men crossed to me and I looked them over, “did you get all of them?”

They nodded and I smiled, “good, they hijacked me and made me take them and their drugs across at gunpoint.”

They looked at each other and one cleared his throat, “They put cash in your sub.”

I blinked, “The black bales?”

They nodded and I shrugged, “I haven’t touched it. Its still in the sub.”

They grinned at each other and then looked at me, “How would you like to work for us?”

I turned to look at Maria, “I don’t smuggle drugs, weapons or terrorists.”

I looked at them again, “I could let you know if I hear about anyone doing it though.”

I glanced at the card one held out and smiled, “I have your number.”

He nodded and they glanced out the front window, “how often do you make runs?”

I looked at them carefully, “I use a custom electronic sniffer to detect drugs or explosives.”

They looked at me for a full minute before nodding. I glanced at Maria, “I usually make a few trips each week.”

They nodded and the one that had offered his card grinned, “keep the cash.”

They headed for the back door of the shop and I went to sit and wait. When we left Maria had six new dresses including the one she wore. This time I led her back to the hotel and then back to the sub. The batteries were charged and I checked a couple of bales before we left. Maria almost bounced in her seat as I submerged and headed out to sea.

She kept smiling at me and finally leaned close to kiss me, “Thank you.”

I cupped a breast through her dress, “It’s a shame to cover these but you still look nice.”

She laughed and opened the top more before leaning back. She glanced at me a little while later, “I know another girl that would love to be with us.”

I glanced at her before looking at the gauges, “what girl?”

She smiled, “Sarah Ramirez. She is sixteen like me and lives with her mother and five brothers.”

I looked at her as she blushed, “and?”

Maria smiled, “I had to leave or my father would have sold me. Sarah would come if I asked her.”

I waited before turning back to my displays, “you would share your man with another woman?”

She blushed again, “well, I was hoping you would share me with her too.”

I laughed as I looked at her, “deal.”

She grinned and wiggled in her seat. When we docked Maria helped me bring up the bales of money. I found a ride into the city and took the money to my bank. I put out a few feelers before taking her to dinner after she made a call. I talked to a couple of men before leaving to return to my boat. I had learned a lesson and bought a black market 45 from one.

When we got back to the sub it was to see her friend waiting with a large bag clutched in her arms. There were other people waiting too and I pushed Maria, “put her up front.”

She grinned and ran to her friend before I went to talk to the people waiting. I was almost loaded when the cartel showed up. The boss looked pissed as he stomped towards me with a couple of men following. The asshole stopped and started to jab a finger in my chest when I pulled the pistol and placed the barrel between his eyes.

I looked at the other men as they grabbed guns in their waist band, “pull them and he dies.”

I looked at the asshole and pushed with the pistol to make him step back, “you and your people almost cost me my boat. I had to dump everything aboard incase they boarded me, including several thousand dollars. I never had a problem until your people forced me to carry your drugs. Now why would the law suddenly not only know about me but know where I was landing?”

His eyes widened and then narrowed, “you dumped...”

I tapped him with the barrel of the pistol, “don’t change the subject. Why would the law know about me and know where I was landing?”

He licked his lips and I cocked the pistol. His eyes widened, “wait! My men...”

I tapped him again, “will fight to be the one to replace you.”

He swallowed, “I don’t know who told the assholes.”

I stepped back and gestured, “go away, I don’t want you or your people snitching on me.”

He looked at me before turning to walk back up the dock with his men. I continued to hold the pistol until he got in his car and left. I turned and put the pistol away before untying the mooring ropes and climbing aboard the sub. I closed the hatches and moved forward to sit in my seat.

I smiled at Maria as I turned everything on and moved away from the dock before sinking into the water. It was a awhile before we were far enough out to sea for me to go faster and deeper. I looked at Maria and glanced back at her friend, “did you get a chance to catch up?”

She smiled and looked back, “yes, she said she is wet thinking about fucking you.”

I grinned and turned back to watching what I was doing. I reached under the seat for the cell and plugged it into my headset. It was answered on the second ring, “yes?”

I glanced at Maria, “that cartel that hijacked me is transporting another shipment tonight. It is going by plane and dropping the load thirty kilometers west of the last landing site in a grove of Cyprus.”

I hung up and replaced the phone before looking at Maria, “now... how about you bringing Sarah up to sit on your lap so she can look out?”

She grinned and turned, “Sarah?”

They took turns sitting on each others lap the whole way. When I unloaded my passengers in the morning, the small dock I used was quiet. We slipped away after and I moved around and into the boathouse a couple of hours later. I docked and began shutting everything off and then helped Maria and Sarah onto the dock.

I patted Maria on her cute butt, “give me a few minutes to hook up the hoses. You two can go shower.”

She grinned and took her friend’s hand as she carried her bag of clothes. I watched before turning to plug in the tanks. It didn’t take long to finish and I headed to the shower where the two naked girls were caressing each other. I slipped in and kissed Maria before she turned me and Sarah pressed against me.

I felt her body before Maria laughed, “wash so we can fuck you.”

I grinned and turned to reach for the soap, “that sounds good to me.”

They giggled and I began to wash quickly. After we got out and dried off I followed the girls to my bed. I crawled on after Sarah and pushed her legs open before leaning down to lick through her pussy. She shivered and Maria laughed, “I told you.”

I looked at her before moving, “would you like to do it?”

She grinned and moved to take my place, a minute later Sarah was shuddering as she lifted her hips. I moved up and caressed her tummy before kissing her and bending to suck on a nipple. She jerked and grabbed my head, “oooohhhh!”

Maria continued to lick her and it wasn’t long before Sarah was wailing and shaking hard. She finally pushed Maria’s face away and I turned and moved over between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy before kissing her as I began to fuck her with long strokes. She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, I kept kissing her as I fucked her nice and slow.

A few minutes later she wailed and began to spasm and jerk as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. I fucked her harder and started planting my cock and grinding. She bucked and thrashed around as I kept fucking her. Her tight pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock as she wailed and I finally shoved into her before I peed and torrent of cum.

Sarah wailed and thrashed around as warm sperm flooded her. When I was done I held her until she sighed and dropped to the bed panting. I pulled out and moved over Maria as she lay back and kissed her before sliding down her body. She giggled as I began to lick her pussy and nibble on her inner lips.

She jerked and shuddered when I moved to her clit and used my lips to nibble before teasing it with my tongue and sucking. It was a few minutes before she began to shudder and jerk before pushing my face away. I moved up and kissed her as I pushed into her tight pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her with long strokes.

She clung to me as her tight pussy began to grasp my cock. She jerked her hips up to meet my thrusts and several minutes later I fucked her hard as she wailed and thrashed around. Her warm pussy was rippling around my cock as it squeezed and she clutched me while I kept fucking her.

A few minutes and she was thrashing around and spasming as she howled and screamed. I fucked her with deep thrusts for another couple of minutes before thrusting into her and kissing her as my cock gushed cum. She shuddered hard and tilted her hips as cum spurted deep inside her and kissed me passionately.

I fucked the two several times each before pulling them out of bed. I made dinner and fended off both girls until it was ready. After dinner we went to bed and I held them while they slept. I continued to smuggle people for another two years before retiring. The girls are still with me on a nice island in the Caribbean.
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