I was orphaned when I was ten, Ben was the one to take me in. I knew he had family but they didn’t come to the ranch. The ranch was very large and he had one or two hands depending on the season, at least he did until I turned fourteen, after that he paid me to do one of the jobs. The other job was done by an ancient man that watched the herd of sheep.

The ranch was way out in the middle of nowhere so I really didn’t have a chance to do a lot of shopping. I did have a new desktop in my bedroom and I think that was what started things. I was sixteen and it was spring, I rode back to the ranch building soaking wet. I brushed the horse down and put it out in the corral before headed to the house.

I stripped and showered with hot water before getting out. I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist before going to my room. I was looking at the large bruise on my right hip when Ben stepped in, “Eric?”

I glanced up and he gestured, “what happened?”

I shook my head, “the horse spooked when I was trying to pull a cow out of a creek.”

He looked past me towards my desk and I turned before looking at him. On the desk was the large monitor and the screen saver was on showing one nude model after another. I grinned, “it must be breeding season.”

Ben laughed and shook his head before walking out. The next morning I was up early and stopped in the office doorway to hear him talking about sluts getting caught. He saw me and covered the mouth piece, “close the door please Eric.”

I nodded and closed the door before going to get breakfast. I had a lot of fence to ride and cows to check and didn’t get back until it was dark. I walked into the house and Ben turned from the stove, “I was just getting ready to throw it out.”

I grinned because he always said that if I came in late, “I had a few cows stuck in a bog.”

He turned to fill a plate, “sit down and eat, you can wash later.”

After dinner I showered before coming back out to talk to Ben. He was sitting on the porch watching the stars, “It is beautiful here.”

I sat and put my feet on the porch rail, “I think so.”

He smiled, “I wasn’t always here Eric. I didn’t come here until I was fifty.”

He looked at me, “I know you know I have a family.”

I shrugged, “Yeah, I thought you would tell me about them when you were ready.”

He nodded and turned back to watch a shooting star, “I was a big shot broker and made a lot of money. I let my wife raise our daughter and she spoiled the bitch beyond saving. That was when I started thinking and then my daughter married a man I thought was okay. It turned out he was as sick as she was in his own way. My wife refused to see and died before she learned the truth.”

He took a breath, “my wife would have left our daughter everything but forgot to leave a will. That was when I left and bought the ranch. My daughter had a daughter and she has had four out of wedlock. They are wild sluts that will spread their legs if the wind blows.”

He smiled, “My granddaughter wants money and I want to straighten my family out.”

He turned, “that’s where you come in. I told my granddaughter I would allow her access to some of my estate but it will cost her. She didn’t care and as of this morning I am the guardian of my great granddaughters.”

He chuckled, “it is breeding season Eric and you are the stud. I want you to breed the sluts.”

I looked at him as he stood, “But...”

He waved his hand, “perhaps the next generation will turn out better.”

I stood to follow him into the house, “but if they are young, you could teach them.”

Ben turned, “you will teach them Eric, the sluts belong to you. They will go with you wherever you go and you will breed them and raise the children to respect others.”

He sighed, “I’m almost eighty Eric and you know I don’t get around as well as I used to. Do this for me?”

I nodded and he patted my shoulder, “get some sleep, they will be here in the morning.”

I didn’t sleep well and kept waking. I was up early and went out to do the chores. A van pulled in while I was finishing the milking. I carried large containers of milk into the kitchen and glanced at the four sullen girls. Ben gestured, “put it in the cooler.”

The cooler was a huge room added onto the house. After I poured the five cans in the larger container I came out, “I’ll need to use the old saddles.”

He shook his head, “I had new ones brought out with the girls.”

I nodded and looked at them, “at least they have clothes on.”

The oldest girl Tracy stood, she was a long strawberry blonde. She began stripping, “If we have to get fucked I’m going to do it my way.”

The other girls stood and followed her example. The next oldest was Lori and she was a long tawny haired girl with a gap between her leg and her pussy hair trimmed. The next was Amy and she was a platinum haired with pink nipples, even her pussy hair was white. The youngest was Candy and she was as pretty as a doll with pink hair.

I shook my head, “that was silly, you are going to have a sore butt from riding and now you are going to be cold too.”

Ben waved his hand, “take them with you Eric.”

I gestured and led them out and to the big barn. I was a little surprised when they went towards the horses eagerly. I started pointing out horses for each of them and went back to the house and began bringing saddles and gear. After the horses were saddled I walked straight to Tracy.

I caressed down her sides to her hips before lifting her and turning to set her in the saddle, “swing your leg over.”

She wiggled and turned to do as I told her. I lifted each girl the same way before swinging up into my saddle and turning to take the lead rope for Tracy’s horse. I had tied the horses together and turned to ride out, “we have to check a far section and chase any cows out of the brush.”

I was right, they did end up sore. I didn’t fuck them during the day even though I was more than tempted. When I returned to the ranch house they had to stand while I brushed the horses down and did the chores. After I was done I led them into the house and my bedroom. I was looking for the first aid cream and stopped when I saw the huge bed in my room.

I turned and pulled Tracy in and down on the bed, “on your stomach.”

I laid Lori, Amy and Candy beside her before digging in my closet. I found the cream in the small first aid kit and came back to sit on the edge of the bed beside Tracy, “I didn’t ask to do this.”

I pushed her legs open slightly, “we can have sex but you don’t need to play the whore. I can help you or be an asshole and let you hurt.”

I was talking as I put the cream on the blisters and she sighed. I did each of the girls and ended beside Candy. I reached between her legs to finger her slit and then the nub of her clit, “are you girls really sluts?”

Candy shuddered and turned her head as the other girls looked at me. Tracy finally bit her lip, “I guess we are a little, we like to pretend and tease but every time it started to go to far we got caught.”

I slipped a finger into Candy’s tight hole, “But you have had sex right?”

The others nodded but Candy groaned, “I will when you fuck me.”

I smiled and pulled my finger out. I caressed her butt, “it will take a few days for the soreness to go away.”

She reached up to grab a pillow and pull it under her as she lifted up until she was straddling it, “you can do it now.”

Tracy, Lori and Amy giggled as I reached between her legs again. I went back to fingering and rubbing her clit while occasionally slipping a finger into her. She groaned and shuddered as I kept it up until she shuddered hard. Her tight pussy as very slick as I stood and stripped, “are you sure?”

Candy looked back and a moment later smiled shyly, “you are supposed to breed us, we can practice until I’m fertile.”

The other girls snickered as she giggled and I shook my head and moved to the bed and pulled her back to the edge. I rubbed the head of my cock through her pussy before slowly forcing it into her. It felt amazing and wonderful, warm and velvety and very tight. I started to fuck her slowly, “you feel so good.”

She pushed back, “you have a big cock.”

A minute later she shuddered as her pussy tightened more, “ooohhhh!”

Her sisters giggled and she shoved back hard. I fucked her with deep thrusts and felt my cock hit her cervix. She grunted and jerked and spasmed as I continued to fuck her. It was several minutes before I thrust into her and pushed as my cock erupted. Candy jerked and howled as warm sperm gushed into her belly, “aaaahhhhh!”

I pumped and spewed until I was done and slowly pulled out to look and see her pussy slit begin to leak cum. I grinned and reached down to rub through her slit, “that was so good.”

Candy shuddered as her sisters laughed and looked back to grin at me, “I liked it too.”

I stood and pulled her back to stand up and hugged her, “thank you so much.”

She grinned at me over her shoulder. I let her go and turned to help each of her sisters off the bed. I turned to pull out several older shirts and started putting them on the girls, “it is warm now but it will get colder when the sun goes down.”

I led them to the kitchen where Ben turned from the stove. He looked at the girls but didn’t say anything as he turned back to cooking. I had them sit and went into the cooler and brought out a container of milk and another of strawberry ice cream. I put the ice cream in the kitchen freezer and poured glasses of milk before handing them out.

The girls ate everything quietly and Ben smiled as he dished out the ice cream. They sat on the porch with us as we watched the sunset and then I led them to the bathroom. I washed each of them in the shower before doing myself. I pulled the blanket and sheet down and had the girls lay on their stomachs again.

I put more cream on and turned out the light before pulling the sheets and blanket up. I slipped into bed beside Tracy and put an arm over her bare back. I woke to the bed moving and looked at Tracy as she squirmed, “horny?”

She stopped moving and turned her head to look at me, “yes.”

She shifted and rolled onto her back. I moved over her as she spread her legs and settled before pushing. She put her arms around me as my cock pushed into her and I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy was warm and slippery as she lifted and thrust up. I buried my cock and humped and pressed and a couple of minutes later she spasmed and clutched me.

I kissed her as she wailed into my mouth and her pussy wet me and tightened around my cock. She was almost vibrating because she was shuddering so hard. I pulled back to fuck her with deep strokes that she met as her pussy tried to milk my cock. I kept kissing her or she was kissing me and it was a few minutes before I pushed into her and buried my cock.

I began gushing and spewing cum and she stiffened and lifted her hips as she looked at me with wide eyes, “oooohhhhh!”

When I stopped cumming I kissed her and pulled out to lay beside her. I rubbed her tummy and pelvis, “that was wonderful.”

She laughed and turned to look at me, “I have been fucked but never bare back and I have never let a guy cum in me.”

I rubbed a nipple, “want me to stop?”

She grinned, “no.”

I glanced at the other girls as they snickered and then at the hint of daylight in the window. I slipped off the bed, “come use the bathroom and then we need to do chores...”

The girls groaned and I smiled, “after chores we have to load the dairy stuff.”

I helped Tracy off the bed, “I would wear a shirt, the cooler will make your nipples hard.”

Amy laughed as she moved off the bed, “you already make them stand up.”

The girls laughed as they pushed me aside to run to the bathroom. After we went to the bathroom they put cowboy boots on and long tee shirts before following me out to do chores. Candy and Lori seemed to like the chickens and I took time to explain about checking to see if the eggs were fertile and showed them the racks of incubators.

All the girls liked feeding and holding the chicks. They watched as I milked the cows and explained that if it wasn’t done the cow would hurt and be in pain, (Ben sometimes did it in the afternoon). They helped carry the basket of eggs and the cans of milk and watched as I poured the milk.

I explained how it was separated and made into ice cream or cheese or butter or just flavored cream. What milk wasn’t used was put into jugs to be sold. Tracy and Amy were fascinated with how we made the cheese or ice cream. I pulled them out and they shivered as they sat and Ben pushed warm bowls of creamed wheat.

He watched the girls eat before looking at me, “I have more first aid cream coming out with the supplies.”

I nodded and took a sip of coffee, “still want me to take old Edger his supplies when we finish loading?”

He nodded and looked at the girls, “take the jeep.”

After breakfast I pulled the girls into the bathroom and the warm shower. I went through their clothes and found pajama bottoms and bathrobes. I dressed them and pulled them into the cooler and moved around to a thick block of cheese. I moved it to the corner block to be cut and Amy grinned, “this is pepper jack cheese.”

Ben snorted and then laughed, “one of seven types we make.”

Tracy and Lori pulled out the containers of ice cream and Tracy grinned at the hand written labels, “this would sell great back home.”

I moved half gallon jugs of flavored cream out and turned to point to a lone container of ice cream, “that is strawberry mint and it is mine so it doesn’t go.”

Tracy grinned as Lori giggled, “strawberry mint.”

I blushed as Ben laughed, “I told you it was strange.”

The girls laughed and I turned to finish what I was doing. Tracy touched one container, “what flavor is this? The writing is blurred.”

Ben chuckled, “another of Eric’s... watermelon.”

She grinned, “that we have to try.”

Amy touched Ben’s shoulder, “what is the tiny flacks of green in this cheese?”

He reddened, “that’s mint.”

I grinned, “one of his concoctions.”

He laughed, “but it sells good.”

I nodded and finally we were done and the refrigerated truck arrived to take it as well as the crates of eggs. After we loaded everything Tracy and Amy stayed with Ben to watch as he started several ice cream makers and checked and cut the cheese curds and started another batch. Lori and Candy came with me to help separate the supplies the truck had brought.

A couple of hours later I was loading the girls into the jeep. I had the hitch rack on with the long cooler supply box. Instead of driving I pulled Tracy around and pushed her into the driver’s seat. She grinned as I sent Candy and Lori into the back seat and sat in the passenger seat. I pulled Amy onto my lap as she grinned and nodded to Tracy, “Lets go.”

She grinned but Amy stood and pushed her bottoms down, “pull your pants down Eric.”

I looked at her butt for a second before lifting and pushing my pants down. Amy straddled my legs before slowly sitting and pushing down onto my cock. She groaned as her tight pussy was impaled and leaned back, “okay, now we can go.”

I laughed as Tracy started driving jerkily. Amy’s tight, warm pussy squeezed my cock as I started talking to Tracy and explaining how to use the clutch. It was a bumpy ride that had Amy wailing and howling as the other girls laughed and snickered. I reached around her to cup her breasts and it wasn’t long before she was spasming as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing.

Tracy didn’t take long to get the hang of driving a manual transmission and laughed when she said it was a lot more fun. My cock slipped in and out of Amy as we hit bumps and kept hitting and pushing against the back of her pussy. It was more then fifteen minutes when she began to scream, “oh my god!”

I pulled her tight and held her as my cock erupted and began pumping and spewing cum. She jerked and shook as warm cum spurted into her and sighed and leaned back when I stopped. Before we reached the sheep camp I had Amy move and pulled my pants up.

Old Edger was delighted to see the girls and showed them the lambs while I put his supplies away. I let Lori drive back with Candy on my lap and she was as excited to drive as her sister had been. When we pulled in by the barn and got out I took the girls into the barn. I was cleaning stalls while they looked around and explored.

Lori came to pull me down to the back door where her sisters were. One of the stallions was on a mare breeding her and Lori pushed her bottoms down, “fuck me like that.”

The other girls laughed as she turned and bent over while spreading her legs. I grinned as I opened my pants and moved behind her before spreading my legs and positioning my cock and pushing. I held her hips and started to fuck her with humps and jabs that drove my cock deeper until I was all the way inside her.

She was grunting and pushing back as I kept fucking her while her tight pussy grasp and squeezed. It was several minutes before I was fucking her hard and deep as she wailed and howled. I started shoving into her and planting my cock as I tried to cum and Lori began to spasm and shake.

She screamed and yelled until a few minutes later when I thrust into her and held her on my jerking cock. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then I was gushing cum into her. She spasmed and pushed back when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and pulled her up, “you girls get to rest in bed tonight.”

They laughed and Lori turned to kiss me. Doing chores with the girls watching or helping seemed to make the time pass faster. It didn’t take them long to change and even though they could have left when they turned eighteen, they didn’t. Yes, that summer they did get pregnant and then again two years later.

Each of the girls are different in their own way but they seem to like spending their time together. Ben lasted until he was ninety three and left the ranch to us as well as most of his estate. The girls mother showed up but they told her she wasn’t getting a dime so she left.
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