When I came back from another tour of combat I was more then ready to get out of the Army. I had a friend that got me a job making wood cabinets. For six months I worked in the shop before I was sent out to a huge estate. They wanted a new gun case on one of the walls of a very large room. I brought in all my equipment and started working.

It was a couple of days before Mr Sinclare and another well dressed man walked in. All the cutting and sanding was done and I was staining and putting polyurethane on everything. I glanced at them but kept working as Mr Sinclare walked to a large window, “I told you he wouldn’t work out. As soon as he got any money he started using drugs.”

“We needed someone without college and he was your choice too.”

Mr Sinclare turned, “We only have three days to find someone to replace him.”

His eyes glanced at me and he stopped to stare as the other man shifted, “What about one of your employees?”

Mr Sinclare continued to look at me, “You know the rules, no employees.”

The other man turned to see what he was looking at before walking towards me. I glanced at him as I moved to the next board, “Careful, some of these are still wet.”

He smiled, “Tell us, do you have any college?”

I looked at him and then at Mr Sinclare who had followed him, “No, I joined the military instead.”

I poured polyurethane onto the board and used a rag to smooth it out. Mr. Sinclare cleared his throat, “How would you like to make ten thousand dollars?”

I looked at him before returning to the board I was working on, “Doing what?”

The other man grinned, “letting us teach you about buying and selling stocks.”

I carefully wiped the board and moved to the next one, “That’s all?”

Mr Sinclare cleared his throat, “No, you have to invest your money for a month.”

I looked at them before pouring more polyurethane on the new board, “Let me get this straight, you want to pay me ten thousand to teach me about the stock market but I have to spend the ten thousand.”

I smiled and shook my head, “I don’t think so.”

They looked at each other and Mr Sinclare moved closer, “I’ll pay you another ten thousand if you loose the money.”

I straightened and looked at both of them as I thought. I finally shrugged, “I get to keep any money I make?”

They grinned and Mr Sinclare nodded, “will you do it?”

I started working on the board, “Put it in writing and in plain English.”

Thirty minutes later I was reading the agreement before I signed it. I insisted on finishing my work so they both started explaining how the market worked as I put together the new gun cabinet. They video taped everything as they took turns talking. When I finished and began cleaning up, our class moved to a large fancy study.

That was when Mr Edwards asked if I did drugs. I remember smiling as I scanned a stock report, “I’m only addicted to girls.”

I glanced at the two men, “most straight men are.”

Monday bright and early I arrived at the estate in time to be driven into the city in a big limo. They had both gone over several companies with me during the three days but at home I had started looking at commodities. They stopped to deposit the ten thousand in my account before we went to a huge office building.

Men and women fell over themselves to help them as they led me to a clean almost empty office. Two other men were waiting and accepted a file Mr. Sinclare handed them. I looked around before he nodded to the desk, “let us know if you need anything.”

By the end of the day my buys and sells from the commodities market had drawn attention. I also found out what this was about. Mr Sinclare and Edwards had a bet with two other men. When we got back to the estate I was going to drive home but they weren’t taking any chances. They set me up in a room in the huge manor house.

When I walked into the room I was surprised to find two girls that were only sixteen. Cynthia and Joan were both blondes, Cynthia was golden blonde and Joan was a pale blonde. They both had firm breasts with pink nipples, I know because they were naked. I stopped and they grinned as they walked towards me and introduced themselves.

Cynthia caressed my chest, “Peter is my older brother, (that was Mr Sinclare).”

Joan pressed against me, “Howard is my brother, (that was Mr Edwards).”

I smiled and cupped one of Cynthia’s breasts, “I’m William.”

She shivered and Joan giggled, “They said we could fuck you as much as you want while you are here.”

I grinned and reached down to finger her hard clit as it peeked out, “I don’t have condoms.”

They grinned, “Have you done it without before?”

I shook my head and closed the door before starting to undress, “Not with out protection.”

Cynthia grinned as she pulled Joan towards the bed, “We haven’t either so it should be okay.”

They pulled me to bed and I turned to push Cynthia onto the bed. I leaned down to smell her pussy before I licked through it. She shivered as Joan giggled and sat to kiss her. I started using my tongue to tease her clit and pushed it into her tight hole. She shuddered as her hips rose off the bed.

I went back to wiggling my tongue on her clit and a moment later she shuddered hard as she moaned and twisted away. I looked up as she pushed Joan back and pushed her face into her pussy. I hesitated before moving onto the bed and behind Cynthia. I rubbed my drooling cock through her slit before slowly forcing it into her.

I started fucking her, gradually pushing deeper. It was a minute before I buried my cock and she was wailing. Joan was bucking and twisting as she moaned and shuddered. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and Cynthia was pushing back. Her tight pussy kept grasping my cock as she shuddered and started spasming.

It had been awhile since I was with a woman. I fucked her hard and deep and a couple of minutes later I shoved into her and pushed. She wailed and jerked as I held her and gushed cum into her. I shuddered as I kept pumping jets of cum into her and when I stopped I let her go. Cynthia sighed as she slumped onto Joan who had wiggled down under her.

Joan turned to dump her onto the bed before rolling back and holding out her arms. I grinned and moved up between her spread legs and pushed into her tight pussy. I kissed her as I started to fuck her with long thrusts. Her hips lifted with my first thrust and her pussy grabbed my cock as she sighed and shuddered.

A minute later she was shaking and then bucking as she wailed and howled. I kept fucking her as she clung to me and her pussy spasmed around my cock. She kept kissing me and hugging me as her hips humped and thrust up to meet mine. She squirted a few times as she continued to wail and convulse.

Cynthia giggled as Joan kept thrashing around under me and my cock was constantly pushing into her cervix. I fucked her hard for almost ten minutes before groaning as I buried my cock. I held her bucking, squirming body as I began to gush another huge load of cum. She shuddered and stilled as she lifted her hips, “oohhh... yeah!”

It was a minute before I stopped cumming and sighed as I slowly pulled out of her. Cynthia laughed as she moved over her friend, “Well?”

Joan shivered and then grinned, “we are going to really enjoy this.”

I grinned and rubbed Cynthia’s bare butt, “Any chance we can find dinner around here?”

They grinned and pulled me off the bed and started dressing. I followed their example and dressed before they pulled me out and down the hall. We used a back stairway and they led me into a kitchen. The large woman that met us must have known them because she smiled. She nodded to a kitchen table as she moved to the refrigerator and called her helper.

Cynthia grinned, “Marge lets us eat in here.”

Dinner was very good, probably the best meal I had ever had. After dinner I thanked the cook and the two girls pulled me through the back halls. They crossed a darkly paneled hall and went into a small theater. I looked around as they crossed to look at movie titles. They started a movie and came to pull me to a seat between them.

They grinned as they lifted their hips and pulled their panties off. I grinned and opened my pants and working them down onto my thighs. I glanced at the movie and reached down to put my hands under their skirts and on their pussies. I started fingering them and they sighed and shivered. It wasn’t long before they were both shuddering and moaning as they panted.

I kept it up until Cynthia shuddered and her pussy squeezed my finger and Joan turned to straddle me. She positioned my cock and sat slowly with a sigh. She leaned against me as she began to rock and thrust back and forth. Her slimy pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as she moaned and shuddered.

I was pushing into her deep as she kept rocking and a couple of minutes later she wailed and started convulsing. Cynthia laughed as she rubbed Joan’s butt and slipped a finger into her pussy with my cock. Joan jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed and tightened. It wasn’t long before she was erratic.

She rocked on and off my cock and her girlfriend finger fucked her. She finally wailed and began spasming as she wet me. I groaned as I pulled her down and close. She jerked when she felt the fountain of cum pumping into her. She clung to me and kissed me as I kept pumping spurts into her.

When I stopped she groaned and shuddered before turning and falling into the chair beside us. Cynthia laughed and took her place as she guided my slimy cock to her pussy. She wiggled and pushed to get my thick cock into her. I caressed her hips as she began to thrust back and forth.

My cock slipped in and out easily because she was still cummy. Her warm pussy rippled as it began trying to milk my cock. I rubbed her nipples as she leaned back and then started rolling them between my fingers and tugging. Cynthia jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy clenched around my cock and Joan laughed, “Horny bitch.”

Cynthia giggled and began twisting and rolling her hips. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock constantly as she started lifting and bouncing. It was several minutes before she began to convulse as she wailed. Her slippery pussy spasmed and started milking my cock as she sat and wiggled and squirmed.

I held her hips as my cock pushed all the way into her and pulled her back and forth. She wailed and thrashed around for a couple of minutes until I pulled her down onto my cock. She stiffened and looked at me as my cock throbbed and erupted in a gushing torrent. She jerked as warm sperm once more flooded her belly.

I pumped and spurted until I was done and slowly relaxed as Cynthia sighed and leaned against me. Her tight pussy continued to squeeze my cock as she caught her breath and Joan finally pulled her off me. I glanced at them as they sat together and giggled. It was a few minutes before they pulled me up and led me back through the maze and to my room.

I fucked the two girls twice more each before they were satisfied and hugged me as they fell asleep. I woke to a phone beside the bed and struggled out from under the two girls to answer. After showering with the girls and watching them get dressed in a school uniform I almost wanted to fuck them again.

This time I had a couple of men watching me all day as I traded commodities and a few companies stocks. I only made a couple of hundred percent on the stocks but they were what the bet was about. Cynthia and Joan were waiting in my room naked and grinning when I came in.

I undressed and walked to the bed where they were laying, “you know I was thinking about the two of you all day. I was tempted to fuck you in your school outfits this morning.”

They laughed and Cynthia pulled me into bed, “you can do that tomorrow. Peter told me you were amazing but I think we are talking about different things.”

Joan snickered, “we were talking about you fucking us.”

I grinned and lifted up to fit my drooling cock to Cynthia’s tight pussy. I pushed and forced it into her before starting to fuck her deeper. Her warm pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as I buried it. She jerked and continued to thrash as I fucked her firmly for a couple of minute.

I started to hump, jab, press and grind with my cock pushed into her as far as I could get it. Cynthia howled as she bucked and struggled while her warm pussy tried to milk my cock. I pulled back to start fucking her again with long strokes, planting my cock with each thrust. It wasn’t long before she was wailing and jerking around as she wet me.

I finally pushed into her and held her as my cock erupted and I peed cum. She clutched me and screamed as warm sperm gushed into her, “YES!”

She thrust her hips up as I pumped the rest of my spurts after the first. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and she sighed as her body dropped to the bed. I pulled out and reached for Joan and rolled her onto her stomach before moving over her. I humped and pushed into her tight pussy and she shuddered as she lifted and pushed her butt back, “mmmm!”

I kissed the back of her neck as I began to fuck into her deeper. I did it slowly as her tight pussy began to squeeze my cock. It was a minute before she shuddered and started jerking, “oooohhhhh!”

Joan spasmed and thrashed as she kicked the bed and I began to fuck her with long, deep, hard thrusts. She was wailing and howling a minute later as she struggled and shook under me. I slowed down and buried my cock before shivering and pulling out. I rolled her over as Cynthia laughed, “breeding time.”

Joan laughed as she lifted and spread her leg, “yeah.”

I pushed into her and kissed her as I started to fuck her hard and deep. She clutched me and screamed as her tight pussy grasped and milked my cock. I continued to fuck her and started to grind each time I pushed in. It was a few minutes before she was spasming again and wailing as she jerked.

I fucked her for another minute before pushing into her and kissing her as my cock throbbed and jerked. Joan stiffened and lifted her hips before I began to gush and spew. She shuddered hard as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I spurted and pumped cum as she clung to me. When I was done she sighed and let her legs drop to the bed. I pulled out and rolled onto my back, “and what are we doing tonight?”

They snuggled against me and Cynthia spoke first, “Marge is making us a special candle lit dinner.”

Joan rubbed my chest, “after dinner we are going to watch a romance movie.”

Cynthia turned to lay on my chest, “after the movie you are going to watch us together.”

Joan kissed her bare shoulder, “if you behave we are going to fuck you dry after that.”

I laughed and kissed Cynthia before turning to kiss Joan. I moved off the bed, “in that case we should get dressed for dinner.”

Dinner was still in the kitchen but the lights were turned down and there were candles on the kitchen table. I grinned and pulled out a chair for Cynthia and then Joan before I sat. Marge smiled as she set the first course on the table. After the dinner was over I thanked her and took the girls hands as they led me to the theater room.

When I closed the door to my room I pushed the girls towards the bed and undressed. I watched as they kissed and undressed each other before moving onto the bed. Cynthia laid back as Joan laid between her legs and kissed her before moving down her body. I sat on the edge of the bed as Cynthia began moaning while her friend started licking through her pussy.

It was a fun night and I waited until they were done to fuck both of them again before holding them as we slept. It was a long month but spending each night with Cynthia and Joan made it worth while. The day after the bet ended I bought an estate not to far from the Sinclare’s. I also hired Marge away from them as well as a maid. Of course I had two girls as my lovers.
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