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Emily and her Mom

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Chapter 6. Carmen earns College money.

Background: My near neighbor, Suzy’s pre-teen daughter Emily had a birthday party. I met her very best friend, Carmen.

Emily had her twelfth birthday party last week; but she got her very extra special birthday wish fulfilled just a few days earlier. Both mom and daughter received loads of my cum in their mouths; which they swapped. Suzy was shocked that Em wanted to be a cum sharing slut. “Emily, what the hell,” Suzy said several times. It’s her new mantra. Em confessed she had watched her mom greedily suck her dad’s cock and swallow his loads. Emily is such a good girl; takes after her mom.

Now, I may be partially at fault for awakening Em’s sexual urges. You see, Suzy, the mom, got divorced about a year ago and I had wanted to look at and suck her big tits for all that time. I have been helping around her house some; but Suzy never let me get close. She drove me nuts wearing tight T-shirts and jeans.

So, it was nearly accidental when I finally got to fuck Suzy and her daughter, too. In preparation for Em’s birthday party, I cleaned their backyard pool and Em came out to grab some sun. I put lotion on her back and legs and did not stop when my hands got near her pussy. Em’s moaning and grinding her petite butt let me know we were having fun. We took the fun inside and I ate her pussy. Em’s first climax was glorious and she passed out.

Later we made plans to do the same for her mom. It turns out that Suzy likes Long Island Tea and a few glasses after she came home from work put her in the mood. She got the same treatment as Em; got a glorious climax, but went to sleep before I could fuck her. Bummer.

Fortunately for me, Emily saved me, pulled me to her bed and I popped her cherry. The next morning we surprised her mom because I was still in her house. It turned into a great morning because Suzy fucked me senseless. I got to play with her great tits. And best of all, the girls swapped cum like crazy. My own porn fantasy come true just a few houses from my home.

The next weekend, Em’s birthday party was a lot of fun for a small group of pre-teen girls. They splashed in the pool, ate cake and listened to boy band music. I had fun because I met thirteen year old Carmen, Em’s best friend. She is an exotic looking girl; shorter than Em and part Mexican. Her skin is a very light tan color which looks silky smooth. Long black hair and dark eyes highlight her pretty face. Like many Mexican girls, however, her boobs look very large on her small frame.

After the party was over and only Emily and Carmen were here, Suzy had to go back to her office. As she was leaving, she shocked me as she says, “Oh, almost forgot; little Carmen needs her cherry popped. You all take care of that.” Can you hear that southern draw as she says “You ‘awl?”

In Suzy’s large bed I did exactly what she directed me to do.

Em giggled and got on her hands and knees, wiggling her butt at me. Carmen, got on her hands and knees next to Em, and also wiggled her perfect butt. “All the way; for both of you. No stopping tonight,” I said as I moved in behind Em. Fucking Em for a few minutes first, and then Carmen, I rotated between the girls. Carmen gave a yelp when I hit bottom; but keeps on shaking her ass. I kept fucking her with deep strokes and she yelps every time I bottom out. Her cherry was already busted from sports; but I was the first cock in her life. I loved it.

My cock went as deep as it could; she yelped again and I shot my first rope of jizz into her. Carmen’s head came off the pillow and she cried, “Holy shit, he just shot cum into me.” Mission accomplished, a ‘two-fer’, I think to myself. I hope they are both pregnant; what a hoot. That will be the ultimate very extra special birthday gift for Em. And foxy Carmen made a great ‘two-fer’.

Later, Suzy came back home. Now a new idea was in my head. Make it a triple play; a hat trick. Let’s see if I can get her pregnant tonight, too. Three swollen bellies; her friends will shit. What a great memory this will make.


Today, is three weeks after Em’s birthday party and tonight I will stay the night at her house and do my homework. Hi, I am Carmen. Ms. Suzy has been letting me stay at her house several times each week. She treats me like a second daughter and Emily is my best friend. After we get off the school bus we splash in her pool for a little bit and then we do our homework, Si.

Most of the time, doing homework means we are naked in Em’s bed licking each other’s pussy, Si. Excuse me, my Spanish comes out when I am nervous, Si. I have learned so many new positions, they are all fun. When Em has her tongue in me, I help by spreading my pussy really wide and pinching my clit. Its red head pops up when I push the skin down and I have to laugh. Well, I laugh till Em bites it; it hurts and makes me shoot juice into her mouth. She plays ‘kitty cat’ and licks me clean. Homework can really hurt, Si.

When Em had her birthday party, I met her ‘Uncle Ted’. He is such a handsome guy. I think he is about forty years old, about one hundred and seventy-five pounds at five feet ten. He is in great shape and jogs in the morning. I have run with him, but more about that later. The night of Em’s party he fucked Em and me at the same time. Wow, that was hot. It was my first cock in my pussy, Si.

Because Ms. Suzy was not home, I thought it was a ‘girls only’ secret. But, when she and Uncle Ted were walking up the steps I heard her ask him, “So Ted, was it a ‘two-fer’?” He answered back that it will be a “triple play” in a few minutes. Sometimes English can be so confusing, I had to ask Em what’s a triple play? Oh, she explained it well, Si.

The week after Em’s party, Uncle Ted took us shopping in a specialty dress store, Si. It has mostly dresses for little girls who are on those TV beauty queen shows. We had a lot of fun trying all this stuff on. Emily got to go first. Because Em is tall for her age, a lot of dresses were really short on her, barely covering her pussy. The lady told Uncle Ted she could let them out, but he just clapped and said they were OK. Em is basically a skinny girl, but her butt is now already shapely. It pulls the dresses up in the back also. Em likes the very tight dresses, all of them short with ‘peek-a-boo’ fronts showing cleavage. With high heels she looked like a TV model, Si.

Uncle Ted had the lady show me dresses which were totally different from Em’s. She looks like a grown up; but he wants me to look like a little princess. All my dresses are really frilly. And the lady had me strip down naked so she could measure me. “I can guess her cup size with my hands,” she tells Uncle Ted, after she found out that we were not his daughters. It took her several minutes to get it worked out. She had me try on different styles of push-up bras, like I didn’t already have giant tits. When she measured me for the right size panties, her fingers were all over my butt and ended up in my pussy. Instead of kicking her I said, “Oh, you measure so well,” rocked my hips and gave her a quick lip lock. “Will you give my Uncle a discount?” “Of course Carmen, if you promise to come back,” she laughs. At first I was so nervous, I could not speak English; but I got much better quickly when she played with my pussy, Si.

After we picked all the outfits, shoes, jewelry and a bunch of makeup; Linda, the sales lady told Ted that she had some specialty items in the back. She took him behind the door and we heard electric razors running. We heard some laughing and Ted came back out with a small shoe box. As we said good bye, Linda kissed Em and me on the cheeks, but I noticed she lip locked Uncle Ted and rubbed herself on him. The bitch, Punta. Oh, by the way, I found out later, those were not razors we heard.

“Daddy, I really love all these dresses,” I say to Uncle Ted, as we drive back to his house. He likes it when I call him Daddy instead of Uncle Ted. He has set up a bedroom for Em and me in his house. “When can I wear them?” I ask. He tells me that he will have a special party for a few friends and I can model my new dresses for them after I finish my exercise training. Oh yea, I started exercising with him. Daddy reminds Em and me that we have a photo session the next week.

A few days later, Daddy picks Em and me up from the school bus stop to go to the photo shoot. I notice some of our new outfits in the backseat, and he says the rest are in the truck’s covered bed. Em and I are excited to go to a special photo shoot. At the studio a young assistant takes us into a dressing room. Wow, it looks like Hollywood; lots of mirrors and lights. The assistant has us undress and sit at the makeup table. While she starts to work on our faces, she teaches us about makeup. We are going to do four shoots, she tells us, and each requires a special makeup. We will go from school girl to grown up; full body makeup. What is that, I ask her and she laughs and says, “From head to toes.”

And she means it too. Our finger and toe nails get a different color for each shoot. She takes us into a large bathroom and tells us to shave each other’s pussies. Em giggles and instead of using the shaving cream, she gets her face into my pussy and plays ‘kitty cat’; I nearly cum. Then the assistant came in with lotion and works it into our pussies; this time I cum hard. But Em helps by doing ‘kitty cat’ again and cleaning me up. The assistant puts more lotion on me and tells me to save cuming for later. All I could say is, “Si.”

The photo shoot was actually hard work. Each session was the same routine. First Em was shot by herself, then with me, and then me alone. Em’s hair is up high and shiny. With makeup and in her short tight dresses she is oh, so glamorous. One shoot has us in bikinis; it was the most fun because Em and I played grab ass and flashed the photographer.

After the last of the four shoots, the photographer has me dress in my shortest, frilliest outfit. My makeup is put on with stronger colors – darker eyes and hot red lipstick. The assistant puts glittery powder over my whole body and spent lots of time rubbing my pussy. I love photo shoots, Si. She takes me into another studio which has a little girl’s bedroom setup. Daddy sits on the bed waiting and he whistles when he sees me, “Oh Carmen, you are going to be great in this movie.”

The photographer says we are going to shoot a short movie and to think about coming home from school and my daddy is waiting in my bedroom. There will be no sound, so I can talk normally. We do a little rehearsal of me skipping into the room and then go for ‘action’. Daddy gives me a big hug and kisses me with butterfly kisses on my face. I jump back and twirl around and my little frilly dress comes up and shows my clean shaved pussy to the camera. Daddy’s eyes open wide and I see his cock jumping in his pants. Of course, I go for his pants and rub his cock, then unzip him and pull his cock out. The camera is on my face and I make a big ‘O’ with my mouth.

I do this just like the girls in the porn movies. Daddy has me watching special movies whenever I spend the night at his house. It’s part of my training program.

I help him undress quickly and he undresses me, except for my socks and shoes. We get on the bed and I ‘tornado’ suck him like he taught me, Si. My juices are running already and he gets hard quickly. The assistant uses a second camera and shoots close ups of my face and bald pussy. My tits feel like they are huge and ache. I tell daddy my tits hurt. He rolls on his back, lifts me up and impales me on his hard cock. He massages my tits and pinches my nipples. Oh, goody, it makes them feel so much better. As my climax gets near, the photographer tells daddy to lift me up so that he can see my wet pussy. The assistant does a close up and I cum hard, shaking and twitching like crazy. “Big finish,” the photographer yells and has me get on my hands and knees. I notice he is now naked. Daddy starts fucking me ‘doggy style’ and the photographer puts his very large cock to my lips. The assistant shoots a close up as he pushes the big rod into my throat.

Oh, help, I am going to die with this cock in my throat. The assistant slaps her boss on the butt and he pulls back out. As I open my mouth wide for air, he shoots ropes of cum into my mouth. I know what I am supposed to do. I smile at the camera, stick my cum covered tongue out first and then swallow like a good girl. Daddy has now moved up to my face and I open wide a second time. I accept his ropes of cum and swallow again. This time my smile is the real thing, because I love my daddy so much. His cum tastes so very good, I just want gallons more, Si.

As I put my regular jeans on, I hear the photographer say to daddy, “Ted, she is so hot. At a $100 per copy, I will sell five hundred movies in a month.” Daddy told me that he started a college fund for us girls. Is he not the best?

Back at daddy’s house we put our dresses away carefully. Next we spend an hour in his basement gym doing exercises. Em and I have noticed our muscles getting tighter just in these few weeks. Ted has a trapeze machine where you can hang upside down with ‘space boots’. The hard part is doing crunches and lifting yourself up. Uncle Ted has Em help me do this exercise and I help her. After we finish, Em and I get into the shower and wash each other. Now I get to play ‘kitty cat’ and spread Em’s pink pussy lips. When I bite her clit she cums in my mouth; but best of all we lip lock and swap cum. I love it when we ‘share’.

Two days later is one of the nights I spend at daddy’s house. My parents think I am at Em’s and Suzy thinks I am at home. Works perfectly. Daddy is helping me with some special training before Saturday’s party. First we do a few light exercises in the basement gym; but when we are alone we exercise nude. Daddy has me hang upside down with the ‘space boots’; he spreads my legs apart as wide as they go on the bar. I look like the letter ‘Y’, with my long black hair hanging to the floor. Then he cranks the bar up higher so that my head is right at his crotch. His cock is in front of my face and I reach for it and peel the skin back. It jumps in my hand and I can’t help but giggle. I pull him to me and he comes willingly.

His cock moves into my mouth and I suck him gently to start. Daddy groans as I move him deeper into my mouth. In a few minutes he is totally hard and fucking my throat. He grabs my body and buries his face in my spread pussy. His tongue is on my clit and my body shakes. We are both in a frenzy; fucking hard. When he explodes in my mouth, I can’t swallow upside down and let his cum run down my face. As he carries me to his bed, I gasp for air and think of a repeat. Daddy is the best.

Saturday and the party finally gets here. The first guests arrive about 4:00 p.m. Four cars; four guys. Emily greets them at the door and takes them into the living room. A small bar is set up and she makes each guest a drink. As they come up to the bar she collects their ‘donation’; a thousand dollars each. She puts souvenir wristbands on them; “Carmen” is on the band in gold letters. All four guys are willing to share the girl whom they saw in the ads. It’s me, Carmen, of course. This is a gang-bang group.

The group moves into the large bedroom and the guys gape. On the wall is a large screen TV with my sex tape playing. The photographer has edited it into a pedophile’s dream. The best photo shoot pictures are interspersed with the movie. My close ups are superb and when I swallow the photographer and daddy’s cum the four new guys nearly explode.

Sitting on the middle of the bed, I am their dream come true. I wear the same short dress as in the movie. I stand up before them and strip slowly as the movie loops and plays again. “Come on guys, let me see what you got,” I say in a little girl voice, in my Spanish accent. When their cocks pop out, already hard, I add: “Uh, senior, you are sooo big.” At least one guy looks like he will last only two minutes.

They crowd around my bed and I take each one in my mouth and give him a ‘mini-tornado’. It was clear they had never experienced something like it. The guy who looks like he would not last, I save for last. He is in his mid-fifties and in fairly good shape. His cock is average. I figure he is probably thinking of his favorite grand-daughter. I ask him what does his grand-daughter call him and his eyes get wide. “Poppy,” he says. “Well Poppy, here comes your baby.” I take him deep into my throat and suck him hard; in a minute he grabs my head, bucks and shoots a good load of jizz down my throat. Not bad; he tastes OK. As I pop him out of my mouth, I tell him to relax, there is more, later.

The other guys are stroking their cocks, but I have a plan for them. I have one get on the bed on his back and I lay on him; he gets my pussy. The second guy gets my ass from behind and the third one the pleasure of my mouth. He says, “Oh baby, deep throat me.” “Lube my ass, please,” I tell Mr. 2. He is rough and it hurts when he smears gobs of lube on my pucker. His fingers rip my hole open and I want to scream. I force a smile on my face and shake my long hair making them think I am having fun. I visualize his cock head pounding into me and I can feel my anal ring squeezing his cock.

Poppy sits in a chair and watches grand-daughter getting violated by three guys.

They fuck me like that for about ten minutes and one guy calls for a switch. Number thee wants to stay in my mouth, so only the first two guys switch. We go at it like this for a little while more and I decide it is tornado time. I grab Number three around his ass, pull him in tight, deep throat and tornado suck him. He shoots ropes of jizz down my throat and staggers back. I think it gets the other two guys going and I feel jizz shooting up my ass. The guy under me yells for me to get on my knees. He jumps up and sticks his cock in front of my face. Wow, he is huge. It is a shock that he had been in my teen pussy. I stretch my mouth around him and he spurts a little cum. Shit, that big of a cock and no performance. I cover it by swallowing a couple of times to make it look good. He looks down at me and says, “Thanks babe.” We both know what he means. Wow, I am like totally not nervous anymore.

Em comes into the room with a round of drinks and asks, “So how are you guys,… satisfied?” They all laugh and say they are well satisfied. I remind Poppy he gets a second round. “Do you want to eat grand-baby’s pussy?” I notice his cock has recovered. I lean back and spread my pussy and let him dive in. It was a great choice, Poppy is a great pussy eater. He nibbles my clit without biting. Spreading my pink lips he goes deep and sucks my juices and the other guy’s cum. In a few minutes he has me rocking as I climax. Wow, old guy made me cum and I felt it ripple through my belly up to my tits. “Thank you Poppy,” I whisper to him; pull him up and put his cock into my pussy. He fucks me like he probably would his grand-daughter; gently till he explodes deep inside me. A tear runs down his cheek. I hug him, “It’s Ok, Poppy. You can fuck your little baby anytime you want.”

Em and Ted clean the place up while I shower, put on fresh make-up and relax. However, the main event is our 8:00 p.m. guest list. The photographer and his assistant come first. Surprisingly, Linda from the store is next. Three more guys come last. Emily serves drinks, gives out wrist bands and collects money; but from the guys only.

This time the party moves to the basement. They gym room has been transformed. Ted has repainted the walls into a night club scene with a stage. Couches are against two walls and the trapeze machine is centered on the fourth wall. Mini-spots light the stage and the trapeze. Ted tends a mini-bar and Em walks around freshening everyone’s drinks. Em wears her best dress which fits like a second skin. Her teen boobs show cleavage which she displays when she bends over. Her high heels make her look even taller and push her ass up. She is so hot.

Ted has me wait upstairs and when he starts the music it’s my cue to make my entrance. This time I am in what I call my ‘Snow White’ dress. It is a white dress with a very short tutu, like a ballerina. The top is cropped and my push up half-bra lets the nipples pop out. My long hair hangs over the front and hides the nipples. So I am slutty on top and baby ballerina on the bottom. Except, the tutu barely hides my nude, shaven pussy.

I get on the stage and dance to Latin salsa music; Em joins me and we do a few cheer moves, too. Linda, the store clerk, kicks off her shoes and joins us. The music changes to a slow bump and grind. Jennifer, the photographer’s assistant yells, “Shit, that’s stripper music,” and jumps up on the stage. All the girls are on the stage and we bump and grind.

Linda and Jennifer start to kiss and strip down to bras and panties. Their hands are all over each other and their lips are locked tight together. Two of the visitors have their cocks out and are stroking. Looks like it’s going to be a fun night.

As the music stops, Linda and Jennifer see the two guys stroking and run to them, get down in front of them and suck their cocks. The guys throw their heads back and enjoy. Both Linda and Jennifer are in their late twenties, have bleached blond hair and slender bodies. Linda’s tits look like she has visited a plastic surgeon, just too big for her slender frame and tiny hips.

I jump off the stage and approach Jimmy, the third guy. By the time I get to him, his cock is out waiting for me. So I kneel down and play with his cock, pulling the skin back and rubbing his sensitive spot with my fingers. I put his cock head in my mouth and clamp down. Jimmy jumps and then pumps into me. Not so fast Jimmy or you won’t last. So I slow him down and he falls back and goes with the flow. That’s a good boy.

After a few minutes, Uncle Ted says loudly, “Carmen, show us some gymnastics!” He starts a softer, sexier CD and I go to the gym side of the room. The lights come up on the trapeze and dim on the stage. I get under the lights and do a slow strip out of my ‘Snow White’ dress. The body makeup sparkles in the spotlight; silvery glimmer against my tan skin. I do a few gymnastic moves and slip on my ‘space boots’. While everyone watches, Em helps me end the routine by locking my feet on the bar. I am back upside down, spread naked in a ‘Y”.

The three guys have figured out what to do. With Jennifer and Linda’s help they are naked in a minute and surround me. One guy’s cock is in front of my face, hard and ready. Uncle Ted says, “Jennifer, you girls get on your knees.” So, they are side by side with me in the middle, upside down. All three girls have cocks in front of us, so we do what the guys want; open our mouths. They fuck our faces. And they switch around and fuck some more.

Uncle Ted and the photographer place a large mattress in the middle of the floor and tells the guys to come on over. I am lifted off the bar and put on the mattress on my hands and knees. The guys go for my three holes, but Linda grabs one of them and pulls him to the couch. So one guy has me in the ass and the other one has my mouth. We are fucking in a good rhythm, the guys working together. Suddenly, there is a tongue on my pussy. Glancing down, I see Jennifer. She works her tongue over my clit and laps the juices out of my pussy. I am going to cum in a minute.

Uncle Ted switches the music off and turns on the large screen TV with my porn movie. When I smile with my mouth full of cum, both guys shoot their loads. They grunt with their eyes locked to the screen. A great finish. They sit on the couch and Linda brings the third guy back to me. He inserts his hard cock into my pussy and Jennifer licks his cock as he strokes me from behind. Her tongue is on his cock and on my clit. My first climax hits me hard, my pussy squeezes his cock and Jennifer gets a mouthful of pussy juice. She swallows and we hear her choke. He strokes a few more times and shoots jizz into my pussy. When he pulls out, Jennifer licks me from below and Linda comes in from behind. The girls tongue my pussy clean and get all the cum. The guys watch and can’t believe the great show.

Em serves another round of drinks and makes sure the guys are totally happy. Their crazy smiles and limp cock say they are really happy. She encourages the three guys to get dressed. Their night is over and they ask Ted to be sure to invite them to the next party.

The photographer, Linda and Jennifer are left. He has just been watching, but seems to have a good time. He tells me to run upstairs and take a shower. “Do not put on make-up, I want you fresh,” he says. I notice Em still has her dress on. She is behind the bar sipping a drink. Uncle Ted is texting someone. As I run up the steps, I hear the photographer say, “I’m going to the car to get the stuff.”

After the shower, I put on my favorite little red top, but not my thong. When I get back, everyone is sitting on the couches. Linda and Jennifer are in a lip lock again and the guys are watching. The door bell rings and Uncle Ted tells Emily to get the door and bring out guest down. Emily comes back down the stairs, eyes wide as saucers, trailed by her mom, Suzy. Emily is in shock.

Uncle Ted gives Suzy a big kiss and tells her welcome to Carmen’s college fund party. He introduces the photographer and the girls. “Let me show you Emily’s photo shoot,” he says and hands her a tall drink. They sit on the couch and watch the large screen TV. Emily’s pictures come on and they are fabulous. The professional editing makes her eyes sparkle and pop off the screen. Soft filters and other photo magic make her look like a Hollywood starlet. Suzy is obviously impressed and she gives the photographer a big thank you kiss. I notice he likes her big tits. Em says, “Remember none of my pictures go on the internet.”

“Here is something to get the party started,” Uncle Ted says as he puts a mirror down with several lines of powder on it. “Suzy, you are the guest of honor; go first.” Suzy looks around surprised and everyone nods. Except me, I have no clue.

Suzy picks up a straw, puts it to her nose and snorts a line. The girls follow her and do the same. “OK, Carmen, you are next,” the photographer says and he points to a line for me. I mimic the girls and snort a short line. “None for Em, she has to stay a virgin,” Uncle Ted laughs at his own joke and Suzy nods her head in agreement.

Wow, the stuff hits me fast. It really makes me feel good. I want to fly.

The photographer takes his clothes off and the girls strip back down again. They pick me up and put me back on the trapeze, legs spread wide apart. I am upside down again so I just open my mouth, waiting. His big cock approaches and he fucks my face hard. Jennifer gets behind me and holds my head so his big cock can go down my throat without stopping. When I gag, he backs off a little and lets the drool run down my face. He does not stop. It feels like he face-fucks me for hours.

I had seen the little shoe box sitting on the bar; now Linda opens it and pulls out two big dildos. She turns them on and cranks them to full speed. Spreading my pussy lips, she forces the first one into my cunt as deep as it will go. Not too bad; the vibration makes my whole body hum. The second one goes up my ass. Oh shit, the pain is bad. The dildo is hard, not like the guy’s cocks. When it vibrates it hurts my whole ass. Linda clamps two nipple clips on me and locks them down. I scream in pain and it opens my throat even wider. The photographer takes advantage of it.

His fucking becomes faster and harder. My throat feels like it’s being torn open. When he cums; he locks his cock into my throat. Mercifully, I pass out. When I open my eyes, I am on the mattress. I feel nothing – no dildos, no nipple clips, no cocks, no tongues, no love.

I hear daddy say to Suzy, “I kept Emily a virgin from all this because I love you Suzy. But Carmen is a money machine. Next party, we go for the very rich pedophiles and charge them triple.” He tells her one of the guys will bring his big Rottweiler dog.

I close my eyes. “Carmen has become a thirteen year old whore”, is my thought. Si.

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