When I was a little girl I had my tonsils taken out at the hospital. When I woke up from the operation mommy and daddy were there and they gave me a giant teddy bear. It was almost as big as I was.

I loved my stuffed teddy bear very much and I named it “Papa Bear”, after the name of the bear in the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. I’ve slept with it almost every night since then. I like to cuddle up with my Papa Bear and wrap my arms around him at night. It makes me feel safe and protected.

One night last summer I was snuggling up to Papa Bear. I held him in my arms and wrapped my legs around Papa Bear’s leg. His leg was wedged very tightly between my legs and it felt super nice.

When I began rocking my hips back and forth, it felt even better. It felt so good that I’ve almost worn out his legs by humping him every night.

Now recently, just last week, daddy and I were watching a movie after dinner. Mommy was gone on a business trip again and she would be gone for a whole week. It was one of my favorite movies but I’ve seen it a hundred times and I kept dozing off. Daddy was dozing off too.

He was sitting on the sofa wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I was sitting in his lap. We like to watch movies this way. It feels good when daddy holds me and if anything scary happens on the TV then daddy’s already holding me. He likes it too and tells me how nice it feels to hold his baby girl. He likes to call me that even though I’m not a baby anymore. I try not to get mad over it, but sometimes it irritates me a little bit.

I kept dozing off that night. Daddy was laying on his side and somehow I got my legs wrapped around him. In my sleepy state I must have gotten a little confused. I thought I was in bed with my stuffed teddy bear and I started humping daddy like he was my Papa Bear.

I got the warm feeling between my legs just like when I grind myself against Papa Bear’s leg. For a long time I slowly humped daddy, thinking it was Papa Bear. The feeling between my legs grew and spread all over me as I hugged daddy tight and quietly moaned and cooed.

Since I’d already taken my shower, I was only wearing my panties and my extra long night shirt. Even though my night shirt comes almost all the way down to my knees, it was bunched up around my waist.

I didn’t really do it on purpose that way. It’s just that in my sleepy state I thought I was in bed with my Papa Bear.

So the more I rubbed, the better I felt. Soon I began to moan more and more and I realized that the special feeling was going to overtake me soon. I remember opening one eye a little bit and boy was I surprised! I suddenly realized I wasn’t in my bed! I was on the sofa! My legs weren’t wrapped around Papa Bear! They were wrapped around my Daddy!

I couldn’t believe it. My private parts were pressed against my daddy’s hip and I was rubbing him and boy, let me tell you. My private parts were just a tingling like crazy.

Now daddy seemed to be asleep. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want daddy to wake up and get mad at me. But I didn’t want to stop the special feeling either. It felt so good!

So I pretended to be asleep and I kept grinding myself against daddy. What else could I do? Since daddy was asleep he probably wouldn’t ever know what I was doing as long as I was quiet and didn’t rub him too hard.

I figured that if daddy woke up, I would act sleepy and tell him I was having a dream. That way he wouldn’t get mad.

The special feeling in me grew more and more. I was close to the peak and it felt so intense. I labored to take every breath. I did my best to keep as quiet as possible but it was hard not to make any noise at all. I was pretty sure that daddy was still asleep too because I think he was having a dream.

His arms were around me and one of his hands was on my butt. He was holding me real tight, the way he sometimes holds mommy when they get all mushy. So he must have been dreaming about mommy.

I stiffened my legs as the feeling reached its highest level. Daddy gripped my butt even harder and the special feeling rushed throughout my whole body. When it was over I realized I had done it! Daddy was still asleep and he didn’t even know what I’d just done! I guess he was still in the middle of his dream. He even had a little smile on his face.

I didn’t dare move. Of course I didn’t want to move either. I must have fallen asleep again. The next thing I remembered was daddy laying me down into my bed. He put Papa Bear right next to me, covered me with my blanket, and kissed my forehead.

I thanked daddy and secretly giggled to myself because he didn’t know the real reason I was thanking him. It wasn’t just because he was tucking me in. It was a lot more than that!

The next morning when I woke up I went straight into daddy’s room. I wanted to give him a big hug. He was still in bed so I jumped up and crawled on top of him and gave him the super big hug he earned last night. I felt something hard underneath the covers. I knew what it was. It was his penis.

Daddy told me once that sometimes boys wake up with a big stiff penis when they have happy dreams.

“Daddy, did you have a happy dream last night?”

“I sure did. You were in it too.”

I gave him an extra big hug and then headed to the kitchen for breakfast. I was happy that daddy was dreaming of me. After I got ready for school I gave daddy another big hug and got on the bus.

That night we watched another movie. He didn’t look to be all that tired before the movie started, but he fell asleep right away. But this time he wasn’t laying on his side like last night. He was lying on his back. This made it harder at first because I couldn’t rub my cuntie against his hip like I did the night before. I just straddled his waist and humped him as best as I could.

But luckily, soon after I began rubbing him, he began to have a happy dream. His penis started to swell up all big and hard. So I positioned my cuntie to rub right against it. It felt so good!

I almost wished daddy was awake so he could see it. I’ll bet he would have been shocked to see how big it had gotten! The end of his penis even came out of the top of his shorts. I just kept humping and humping until the special feeling overtook me again. But this time something different happened. Some sticky white juice came out of daddy’s penis. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it wasn’t pee. It scared me a little because I wasn’t sure if I’d done something wrong or if I’d hurt him or not.
I quietly got some paper towels from the kitchen and cleaned up the goo. I was relieved when daddy woke up later and seemed to be just fine. He had a big smile on his face and said he had another happy dream about me.

The next night, daddy had some bad news for me. He said the lamp next to my bed was broken. He said that since I’m scared of the dark, that I would have to sleep in his bed. I acted like it was a sad thing that my lamp was broken, but secretly, I really didn’t mind. As a matter of fact, I’m not really scared of the dark anymore. I was just happy to be able to sleep in daddy’s bed so I didn’t tell him I’m not scared of the dark.

Daddy must have been working extra hard that whole week that mommy was gone, because we started going to bed earlier and earlier. It was almost like daddy couldn’t wait to get into bed and he would fall asleep so fast. I didn’t really mind though, in fact, as long as he slept so soundly I didn’t mind at all.

Although I did kind of miss sleeping with my stuffed Papa Bear, I made up for it by humping daddy every night, sometimes twice.

On the day mommy’s plane brought her back home, daddy fixed my lamp. It turned out that the light bulb somehow got unscrewed. I actually knew that because I saw daddy unscrew it. But daddy always told me not to play with electrical stuff so I didn’t touch it…because I’m a good girl.

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