This is a complete work of fiction
My name is Thor and I just turned twenty two. I have lived with my adopted parents until they died. I was left with a large estate, a large fishing boat, small house in northern Japan and several million dollars in stocks. I should start at the beginning, as a baby and a child I was molested.

By the time I was six I was squirting cum. I didn’t know what I was doing or that she was using me to get her pregnant. For the next three years she had a baby each year, my daughters. After that she would still let me fuck her but used my younger brother to breed her. I was twelve when Social Services took me away.

That was when I found out that my three sisters were also my daughters. I kept in contact with my brothers and sisters as we grew older but it wasn’t until I was twenty two and my daughters were fifteen, fourteen and thirteen that I could do anything. It took a court order but I got custody of Dawn, Pepper and Star.

When I brought them home they were shy and almost afraid. The first thing I did was start getting them passports. I wanted to go back to Japan and fish like I had with my stepparents. It was a week later, I was making dinner when Dawn my oldest daughter walked out naked and came up behind me. I turned when I heard her and stared for a moment, “Nice body Dawn.”

She smiled, “Thanks.”

I smiled as I turned back to the stove. She sat at the kitchen table and sighed, “Why did you want us?”

I looked back and smiled, “Because you are my sisters.”

She looked down, “They told us you were our father.”

I had thought about how to tell them and nodded, “I am.”

I shut the stove off and glanced at Pepper and Star standing in the hallway naked. I gestured for them to come in and sat beside Dawn, “our mother was a pedophile. Our brothers James, Robert, Henry and Peter are with adopted families and didn’t want to come live with me. It started when I was little, I can barely remember mom... fucking me. I started producing sperm when I was barely six.”

I looked at them, “You know what that is?”

They nodded with faint smiles and I smiled back, “Anyway, I didn’t know what I was doing. She had a schedule for me and James and set it so I was the one to get her pregnant as soon as I started producing sperm. Three years in a row she used me to get pregnant before she thought I was to old...”

I shook my head, “James is Robert’s, Henry’s and Peter’s father.”

I looked down and then at each of my daughters, “Why are you naked?”

They grinned and Star murmured, “We’ve always like to be naked.”

I smiled and stood, “Well, you look nice.”

Pepper stood and came to help me with dinner and Dawn and Star cleaned up after. I went to my room and thought about it before undressing, I didn’t want the girls to feel uncomfortable. I went out and into the large living room. I turned on the TV, more just to hear the noise than watch it. I sat on the couch and pulled out my book reader.

I glanced up when the girls came in and went back to my book. I looked up a little later to see them staring at my cock and glanced down. I sighed and turned to reach for a Kleenex to clean the drooling precum off. Dawn giggled and they whispered before coming to sit on the arm of the couch and beside me.

Star reached out to touch my cock and I looked at the girls, “you’ve seen it before.”

They grinned and Pepper wiped some of the precum off my cock, “We really don’t remember that.”

I shivered when her fingers touched my cock and shut the reader off, “Are you girls taking birth control pills?”

Dawn and Pepper nodded but Star shook her head, she was the youngest. I smiled and rubbed one of her nipples, “Tomorrow we go get you started. Have you started having periods?”

She grinned, “yeah.”

I smiled, “good, boyfriends won’t get you pregnant if you use birth control.”

They grinned and Dawn shifted before straddling me. She put her pussy on my cock carefully before sitting and giving a sigh. I smiled as I held her hips, “careful.”

Pepper grinned, “At the home they always said we were whores.”

I looked at her and then at Star and Dawn, “I don’t remember doing anything with you.”

Dawn thrust back and forth slowly, “We don’t either, they just made it up.”

I caressed her hips as she fucked her slit back and forth on my cock, “Have you had sex?”

They each shook their head and Star leaned closer to look at the head of my cock, “The dicks I have seen were smaller.”

Pepper and Dawn nodded and I grinned as I rubbed Dawn’s nipples, “I’m a little large.”

She shuddered and jerked and I sighed, “Unless you want it in you...”

She looked into my face and then grinned and lifted up, “Okay.”

I hesitated before lifting my slimy cock, “I haven’t done this since mom...”

They grinned and Dawn wiggled and pushed before my cock slowly began pushing into her. She groaned, “your cock feels really good.”

I caressed her hips as she started rocking slowly, “Don’t forget your birth control.”

She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and thrust back and forth before jerking, “ooohhhh!”

Pepper and Star giggled and Dawn grinned, “his cock is really stretching my pussy.”

I reached down between us to rub her clit, “I come a lot too.”

She spasmed and jerked as her pussy clenched and then she laughed and started fucking my cock hard. She added twists and wiggles as well as rolling her hips, all while her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. I groaned as she became erratic and started grinding while my cock slipped deeper. She wailed and convulsed and her tight pussy spasmed and milked my cock.

It had been a long time for me and I groaned and grunted before pulling my daughter against me as I began to pee cum through her cervix. She jerked when she felt the warm sperm erupting in her belly and howled and shuddered and jerked. When I stopped cumming she was still panting and shaking.

I slowly relaxed and she rubbed her breasts on me, “That was the most amazing thing.”

She grinned at Pepper and Star before slowly lifting up so my still hard cock would come out of her. She sat beside me as Pepper moved around her and straddled me. She bit her lip, “can I try?”

I sighed and caressed her hips and then her breasts, “Do you have your hymen?”

She shook her head and I caressed her again, “Slowly.”

She grinned and hugged me before leaning back and lifting up. I lifted my cock and rubbed it back and forth through her slit before she pushed and wiggled to get it into her. She shuddered when it pushed in and then kissed me as she pushed down to get it deeper. My thick cock stretched her tight pussy as it sank into her deeper and she groaned before pulling back and then starting to slowly rock and push down.

Before long her pussy was slippery and my cock was sliding in and out easily. She was panting as she shuddered and her pussy kept grasping my cock. I caressed her hips and sides as she became erratic and started thrusting back and forth. She wailed and howled as her pussy spasmed around my cock and pushed into her deeper as she squirted, “aaaahhhhh!”

She was incoherent as she rubbed her pussy back and forth on me and jerking and convulsing. I held her as she twisted and turned while humping and thrusting and rocking. It was awhile before I shuddered as I felt myself getting ready to cum. I pulled her hips down and held her as my cock peed cum through her cervix.

Pepper spasmed and jerked when she felt the warm sperm flooding her and clutched me, “Dad!”

I was surprised but kept holding her as I pumped her belly full of cum. When I stopped cumming she was still breathing hard as I continued to hold her. She finally took a deep breath and looked at Dawn and Star with a grin, “I want to do that everyday.”

Dawn grinned and Star pulled on Pepper, “Let me try.”

I frowned as Pepper lifted up and my slimy cock came out of her tight pussy, “You aren’t on birth control Star.”

She bit her lip and looked at Dawn pleadingly. Dawn sighed and then hugged her, “When did your period end?”

Star blushed, “I should have another one in a day or two.”

Dawn grinned and looked at me, “she isn’t fertile.”

I opened my mouth and then closed it, “This is a choice women have to make. You could get pregnant Star. You decide if you still want to have sex. We can get a morning after pill at the pharmacy tomorrow if you want to risk it.”

She bit her lip before smiling and moving to straddle me, “I want to try. Tomorrow we can try to get me birth control pills or the morning after pill.”

I smiled and caressed her hips and then cupped her budding breasts, “Do you have your hymen?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know what happened but it was broken.”

I rubbed her clit, “Take it slow.”

Star lifted and carefully rubbed the head of my cummy cock back and forth through her slit. She shivered and a moaned escaped before she positioned my cock and wiggled and pushed. I pushed into her extremely tight pussy and she sighed before starting to thrust back and forth. Each time she thrust back she would wiggle and push down to slid my cock into her deeper.

I began caressing her hip with one hand and rubbed and tugged on her nipples with the other. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and jerked as her pussy spasmed. She squirted and my cock pushed into her deeper as she clutched me, “aaaahhhhh!”

Dawn and Pepper were smiling and whispering together as their sister convulsed and shuddered hard. I continued to caress her sides and hips as she began to rock hard and her pussy started grabbing my cock. She jerked erratically and her pussy continued to grasp and milk my cock while I rubbed her budding breasts and the nipples as she wailed and howled.

It was awhile before I grunted and pulled her against me as my cock began to throb. She groaned as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. She jerked as I began to spew gushing spurts of cum through her cervix, “oooohhhhh!”

She shivered and shuddered and jerked as her tight pussy clenched and milked the cum into her virgin pussy. I sighed when I stopped cumming and she leaned against me panting and then grinned at her sisters, “I really liked that.”

Dawn and Pepper laughed and stood to pull her off me, “time to douche and clean up.”

I watched them walk out before shaking myself. I stood and went to wash and then stayed naked like them and went back to reading my book. I heard them giggling to each other and finally shut everything off and went to bed. I woke to hands on me and opened my eyes to see the three girls beside me. When they saw my eyes open Dawn nudged Star.

She straddled me and Pepper held my hard cock up as she positioned it in Star’s slit. Star wiggled and pushed down and my cock slipped into her easily. I reached up to hold her hips as her extremely tight pussy squeezed my cock, “You used lube.”

She grinned as Dawn laughed, “We wanted to make sure she got you in easier.”

I pulled her back and forth as the head of my cock pushed her cervix open, “Make sure you douche after I cum in you.”

She grinned and nodded before starting to rock. She was almost pulling my cock out of her before sitting back to push it into her nice and deep as she wiggled and squirmed. She turned and rolled her hips as her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. It was a few minutes before she became erratic and started shuddering and jerking.

Her pussy rippled and spasmed as it milked my cock and Star wailed as she squirted and fell onto me. I rubbed her back and hips as she panted and kept shuddering. I shifted and rolled before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. I went slow and enjoyed the way her tight pussy felt as my cock pushed in and out. She started bucking and thrashing around as she cried out and kicked in the air.

I kept fucking her and it was several minutes before I thrust in as I gushed warm cum. Star tilted her hips and hugged me as she sighed and shivered. Her pussy tightened around my cock as she jerked with each spurt I pumped into her. When I stopped cumming I gave her a soft kiss before pulling out and rolling over with her.

She grinned and sat up before rubbing my chest and moving off me. She rolled out of bed and walked towards the bathroom as Dawn and Pepper laughed. Dawn straddled me and Pepper lifted my cummy cock. Dawn wiggled and pushed down as she sat and my cock slipped into her easily. She shivered before starting to rock and then roll and wiggle as she thrust back and forth.

Her tight pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock as she began to pant. A few minutes and she started shuddering and shaking as she moaned. I rubbed her pretty pink nipples before squeezing and tugging on them. Dawn jerked and started convulsing as she wailed, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkkk!”

She squirted and her pussy spasmed around my cock as she became erratic. My cock was pushing her cervix open as she thrashed around on me and I shivered at the feel of her warm, slippery pussy. I pulled her down before rolling and fucking her with long thrusts that almost had me coming out of her. She was bucking and struggling as her pussy grasped my cock.

I kept fucking her as she screamed and howled and yelled. She continued to buck and writhe around as I kept fucking her. It was awhile before I started fucking her harder. She lifted her legs in the air as I planted my cock in her. She clutched me tight as I grunted and began pumping strong, gushing spurts deep inside her.

She jerked and shook with each spurt and kept moaning. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. I kissed her before pulling out and laying beside her. She shuddered and grinned before giggling as she turned to crawl off the bed. I looked at Pepper fingering her pussy and moved towards her.

She grinned as she laid back and spread her legs, “do me hard.”

I moved between her legs and pushed into her tight pussy before I started to fuck her. I kissed her passionately and buried my cock and humped and she jerked and shuddered as her pussy clenched around my cock. She put her arms around me and then wrapped her legs around my waist too. I grinned and kissed her again as I fucked into her with deep thrusts.

It took her a couple of minutes before she jerked and then started bucking and writhing around as she wailed. She squirted and her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as she lifted and spread them. I kept fucking her slippery pussy and Pepper clutched me and shuddered constantly.

I slowed and used long thrusts as my daughter panted and jerked and a couple of minutes later fucked her hard again. I kept doing that as she came repeatedly and finally pushed into her as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. She jerked as her pussy clenched around my cock and tilted her hips, “ooohhhh!”

I spewed a half dozen times before I was done and kissed her and pulled out. I rubbed her pelvis, “Go wash and get dressed.”

I slipped out of bed and went to wash myself before dressing and making sure I had packed everything. I met the girls in the kitchen and rubbed Dawn’s butt, “we need to go get Star a prescription and her birth control pills before we have to be at the airport for our flight.”

Dawn looked at me and grinned, “where are we going?”

I sat to sip a cup of coffee, “Japan. I wanted to show you girls the fishing boat and the place we used to stay at while we were there.”

The day almost flew by as we went to a free clinic and got a prescription for Star. After that I had all three girls fill their prescriptions as well as get a morning after pill for Star. We finished packing before we ate and took a taxi to the airport. The girls were excited but it didn’t last since it took almost thirty hours to get to the small city we were going to.

It was afternoon when I led the girls into the small house. They were tired and so was I, I made my adopted parents wide bed before stripping. I undressed the girls and pulled them into the bathing room. I started the water for the bath before pulling them under the shower. I washed them as they grinned and then I let them feel me.

I finally shut the water off and pulled them to the hot water in the tub. It was an hour before I pulled them out and had them dress. I led them to a restaurant that had been my adopted mother’s favorite. By the time they finished eating they were already nodding off. When we got home I stripped them and put them into bed before laying down myself.

Before I knew it they were asleep as they snuggled up together. I woke to someone stroking my cock and turned my head to see Star. She grinned and moved over me and straddled my waist before pushing back and pressing down. My cock bent as it pressed against her pussy and she wiggled and pushed harder.

I caressed her hips as my thick cock finally popped into her and she started rocking back and forth. Her pussy was warm and a little slippery as she fucked me. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and pushed my cock deeper as she moaned. Her tight pussy grasped my cock as it pushed into her deeper.

She jerked and moved up to kiss me before shoving my cock back into her. It wasn’t long before she was breathing raggedly and spasming as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I pulled her close and held her as I shifted and rolled. I kissed her as she wrapped her legs around my waist and began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts.

Her warm pussy grasped and squeezed my cock each time I thrust into her. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and then howled as she bucked and thrashed around. I kept fucking her as she thrust up harder and her pussy gripped my cock each time I planted it. She started bucking and thrashing around as she clutched me.

I buried my cock before humping and jabbing in and out. Star howled and jerked as she wiggled and squirmed and it was a couple of minutes before I pulled back and began to fuck her again. This time I was using long strokes and planting my cock each time I thrust into her. It was a couple of minutes before I was ready to cum.

Star was spasming and convulsing as her eyes rolled up. I held her and kissed her as I peed a stream of sperm through her open cervix. She lifted her hips and continued to shudder as her pussy milked my cock for more cum. When I stopped Dawn kissed my shoulder, “pull out so we can have our morning cream.”

Pepper giggled and Star smiled as she relaxed. I laughed and pulled out and moved aside as my daughters moved down between Star’s legs. I watched before getting up and going to wash. The girls came in giggling and I pulled them into the large shower. I washed them and douched Star before turning off the water.

We dressed and I took them out to shop for food stuff and after putting that away I took them to the docks. They had bright eyes as I checked and started getting the boat ready. We ate at a small place just off the docks for lunch and went back to work on the boat. When we came home I started making dinner as the girls stripped and came to sit and watch.

We lived in the states and spent the summer in Japan for five years before the girls had me move there. Dawn had already had a daughter and was pregnant again. Pepper had just had our son and Star was planning her first pregnancy. I provided the money while Dawn, Pepper and Star went to a trade school and then began a restoration company.

That left me to watch the children, this time I was going to make sure it was done right.
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