My name is Simon and I’m sixteen. Ever since I was ten I have been working, this summer it was on a neighbor’s ranch as a caretaker for the summer. He was an older man that wanted to spend time seeing the country. I knew all the kids from the ranches around where I lived.

It was the Friday after school got out and I was invited to what the girls called a curtain party. When I got there it was already busy with four guys from neighboring ranches as well as a twice as many girls. The party was in the barn so we wouldn’t bother their parents. The guys were sixteen, (me) to thirteen. The girls were sixteen, (Pepper) to thirteen, (Ivy).

When I walked in, it was to see the girls wearing long dress shirts and the guys wearing just pants. I stopped and turned as Pepper slipped her arm around mine, “Hey Simon.”

I smiled, “Hey sexy, have you found something to do this summer?”

She grinned, “I’ll tell you later.”

Pepper pulled me over to a long table piled with clothes, “You have to strip to pants.”

I looked at her before lifting the edge of her dress shirt. I stared at her trimmed pussy before she laughed and pushed my hand down. I glanced at her face as I started taking off my shirt, “that was very tempting.”

She pressed against me, “you only get it once tonight.”

I stopped to look at her, “Are you serious?”

She rubbed my hard cock through my pants, “the five of you get to fuck each of us once tonight.”

I folded my shirt as I thought, “do I get to lick you?”

She giggled and sat on the table, “Ivy, Sasha, Amanda, Lori and Dixie are first and get each guys first load of sperm.”

I pulled my boots off and then my socks, “But...”

She laughed, “I’ll ask if you can lick us before we get all cummy next time.”

I grinned and turned to kneel as I pushed her legs open. She ran her fingers through my hair as I lifted the shirt and leaned forward. I licked through her slightly musky pussy and captured her clit. I sucked and teased it before licking her again and pushing my tongue into her. She shuddered and pulled my face into her pussy as I went back to wiggling my tongue against her clit.

It was five or six minutes before she jerked and spasmed and pushed me away. I grinned as I stood and moved between her legs, “Which one gets me first?”

She grinned and glanced across the room, “We aren’t supposed to tell but Amanda and Paige both want you really bad.”

Amanda was thirteen and Paige was fourteen. I glanced at the bed sheet curtains blocking part of the barn, “And how does this work?”

She pushed me back and slipped off the table, “FIRST SET!”

She grinned as she pulled me across the barn, “We are all virgins and this summer you five guys are going to fuck us each weekend.”

The other guys grinned at that as the girls moved behind the curtain. I noticed legs slipping out under the curtain and Pepper grinned at the guys and she pointed each of them to a set of legs, “After our first time we will take turns behind the curtain and you can use us if you want.”

She pushed me towards a set of legs and moved behind the curtain. I knelt and the other guys grinned as they followed my example. I started rubbing and caressing the legs, slipping my hands higher up her legs and behind the curtain. When I reached her pussy she had opened her legs wide for me, her pussy was slightly fuzzy and I rubbed it and slipped a finger into the slit.

I started rubbing it and heard her sigh and felt her shiver. I slipped my finger into her to feel if she had her cherry before starting to rub her clit. She shuddered and moaned louder as I kept rubbing her and slipping my finger into her. I finally couldn’t wait and moved forward as I lifted the curtain and moved it to above her waist.

I rubbed the drooling head of my cock through her wet slit before slowly pushing. I wiggled and pushed and it finally went in, I pushed a little deeper as I heard her gasp. I held still and rubbed her pelvis and hips as her extremely tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. Her hips lifted a few moments later and I heard her whisper, “okay.”

I smiled and pulled back to start fucking her. I went slow as I started rubbing her clit with my thumb. It wasn’t long before she started jerking and shuddering. Her tight pussy became wetter and slipperier as I fucked into her deeper. My cock was stretching her pussy almost obscenely.

When I hit her cervix she arched her back and squirted as she wailed, “fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkk!”

I held her bucking body as I fucked her a little harder and a moment later my cock opened her cervix. She spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock, “oooooohhhhhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she twisted and jerked and squirted and finally buried my cock. I shuddered as it throbbed almost painfully and then I was peeing a huge gush of cum. She jerked and thrust her hips up as she tilted them, “yyyyyyeeeeeeessssssssss!”

I pumped a gushing torrent into her until I stopped cumming and groaned. I rubbed her slightly bulging pelvis and whispered, “you are my first, thank you.”

I pulled out reluctantly and let the curtain fall back down her legs as she groaned. I glanced around to see I was the last one done and blushed before standing and pulling my pants up. A few moments later the girls came out, well, Ivy, Sasha, Amanda, Lori and Dixie. Pepper, Holly and Paige stayed behind the curtain.

The girls walked to us and I notice cum on each of their inner thighs. Amanda caressed my chest as Dixie did the same thing to Pete. The other girls pulled the guys around the stack of hay. Two sets of legs were behind the curtain and Amanda pulled me to one. She went to her toes to kiss me before walking away.

I grinned at Pete when he glanced at me and knelt again. I caressed the legs and thought this might be Paige. I lifted the curtain and moved it onto her tummy before leaning forward and licking her pussy. She shuddered and spread her legs as I sucked on her clit and started wiggling my tongue. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Pete doing the same thing.

I kept teasing her clit until she shuddered and pushed my face away. I straightened and moved forward between her legs. I rubbed my cummy, drooling cock through her pussy and slowly pushed into her. She groaned as her pussy was stretched and I pushed deeper before stopping. I caressed her hips and pelvis as I waited and she finally pushed up.

I started rubbing her clit as I slowly fucked into her. It was barely a minute before she spasmed as her pussy tightened. She thrashed around and bucked as I pushed into her. I could heard her muffled wails and howls as I continued to fuck her slow and deep. She squirted a couple of times and kept convulsing so I started fucking her harder.

Her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock like it was a milking machine. I finally had to hold her hips as she thrashed around. I fucked her hard and deep, planting my cock in her each time and grinding into her. It took a couple of minutes and then I thrust in and held her struggling body as my balls tightened.

When my cock erupted in a gushing spurt of cum she lifted her hips and cried out, “YES! Pump it in!”

I held her as I did just that, spurting and spewing and finally I relaxed and rubbed her clit, “Thanks.”

She giggled and whispered, “your welcome.”

I pulled out and stood up before pulling my pants up and looking at Pete. He grinned, “this is great, I just wish I was sure who it was.”

I laughed, “She’ll tell you if she wants you to know.”

I looked at Paige and Holly as they came out. Holly walked to Pete and kissed him before whispering. She pulled him after her as Paige pressed against me, “That was awesome.”

I caressed her hips, “In a bed would be better.”

She kissed me and glanced at the curtain, “one more before you take a break.”

I smiled and pushed her towards Holly and Pete before moving towards Pepper’s legs. I knelt and caressed her legs before lifting the curtain up onto her stomach. I pulled my pants down before starting to finger her. I rubbed a finger through her slit and used the wetness to rubbed her clit. It wasn’t long before she was lifting her hips as she moaned and shuddered.

She whispered only loud enough for me to hear, “Fuck me Simon.”

I caressed her inner thighs, “for a long time Pepper.”

I moved forward as she spread her legs more and slowly pushed my cock into her tight pussy. I started fucking her slowly and her pussy began squeezing my cock as she shuddered. It was a minute before I pushed all the way in and she jerked. I started fingering her clit as I kept fucking her with long thrusts.

A few minutes later she bucked and thrashed as her pussy tightened. She squirted a little as a low wail escaped and I fucked her a little harder. I slowed and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She kept twisting and bucking as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock continuously.

My cock slipped deeper and she stiffened before shuddering violently, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I buried my cock as far into her as I could and enjoyed her slippery pussy squeezing and milking me. I caressed her pelvis and hips as she continued to shake. I finally pulled back and went back to fucking her with firm thrusts. I didn’t stop or hesitate and after a couple of minutes I thrust into her. I held her hips to keep her struggling body on my cock as I came.

Pepper tilted her hips and sighed as I spewed streams of cum into her. When I stopped cumming I kept caressing her and slipped my hands under the curtain and up her body. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “That was great Pepper.”

She shuddered as her pussy clenched my cock, “Yeah.”

I finally pulled out of her and lowered the curtain before standing and pulling my pants up. A minute later Pepper was coming around the curtain and into my arms. She kissed me passionately before looking into my eyes, “Remember I said only once tonight.”

I frowned and she caressed my face, “the girls talked and decided you guys were the ones to give all of us experience. During the rest of the week we can stick with one of you but every Friday we are having a curtain party so we can feel what other guys feel like.”

I nodded, “I guess that makes sense.”

She pulled me towards the hay and we found the others snacking around another table. Paige and Amanda came to pull us to the table as Holly started walking back towards the curtain. Amanda leaned against me and whispered, “Pete has to wait but the rest of you get to do her.”

I caressed her hip, “careful or I’ll put you on the table.”

She grinned, “You have to wait until tomorrow to fuck me.”

I smiled and pulled her against me for a kiss. I watched a couple of the guys follow Holly and kept talking to the girls as Henry and Mike came back. Amanda pushed me towards the curtain, “Go do Holly.”

I nodded and walked around the stack of hay to see Dave fucking her. She was half under the curtain like before but kept moaning. I waited until he grunted and jabbed before sighing and a moment later he pulled out, “Thanks Holly.”

He stood and pulled up his pants as I moved and knelt between her legs. Her pussy was slimy and cum was leaking out of her. I rubbed her pelvis, “You okay?”

She giggled, “Yeah.”

I started using my thumb to rub some of the leaking cum onto her clit before starting to rub it. She shuddered a minute later and her hips lifted. I pushed my pants down and slowly pushed into her tight, slimy pussy. She groaned as it slipped in all the way. I continued to rub and play with her clit as I began to slowly fuck her.

It was barely a minute before she started convulsing as she wailed. I kept fucking her but my cock started pushing into her deeper. Her legs lifted and she was kicking and jerking as I used long, slow, deep thrusts. Pepper and Dixie appeared to rub my back as I kept fucking a howling Holly. They giggled as she jerked and kicked and I fucked her hard for a minute.

By the time I was ready to cum she was incoherent and spasming as her slimy pussy milked my cock. I held her waist and shuddered as I started pumping and spewing cum. Holly jerked and shuddered before sighing and slowly relaxing. When I stopped cumming I rubbed her pelvis, “Thanks Holly.”

She laughed and wiggled back pulling my cock out. Pepper helped me up and Dixie pulled up my pants. Holly came around the curtain and took Pepper’s hand as we started back to the table and the others. We listened to music and danced and a half hour later Ivy slipped away. I was dancing with Amanda and she grinned as she watched Pete follow Ivy.

After Ivy it was Pepper and then Amanda, Dixie, Sasha, Paige and then Lori. It was an hour after Lori before we called it a night. We all went to the other table to get dressed. I headed out to my truck and was surprised when Pepper, Paige and Amanda ran to catch up. They were carrying large duffle bags and Pepper grinned as she tossed hers in the bed of the truck, “We’re coming to stay with you for the summer.”

I looked at her and then at the other two girls as they put their bags in the truck, “What are your parents going to say?”

She grinned, “I have four brothers Simon. I told mom and she said to have fun.”

I looked at Paige and she smiled as she opened the cab door, “Mom said to have a nice summer.”

Amanda grinned as she followed Pepper onto the seat and sat on her lap, “Dad said to make sure I know who the daddy is.”

I shook my head and closed the door before walking around to my side and climbing in, “You girls are getting so fucked.”

They laughed and Paige leaned against me, “After eight times tonight you’ll have to wait until morning.”

I grinned as I started the truck, “I can cum more than that everyday.”

When we got to the ranch I was taking care of I pulled around to the old bunkhouse. We went in and I headed to the bathroom and turned on the hot water for a shower. The shower was something I had put in for the rancher. It was made of plastic inserts that filled half the bathroom and had four showerheads.

I stripped and tossed my clothes in the wicker basket before walking into the shower. Barely a minute later Pepper, Paige and Amanda walked in with me. They grinned and held up douches and I watched fascinated as they cleaned their pussies. When they were done they started washing each other.

I finished and slipped out and looked around before opening the cabinet and pulling out towels. I went into the bedroom and looked at the two bunks pushed together with a large air mattress on top. I grinned and started the small air pump to fill the mattress and glanced back when the girls came in, “I hope one of you brought sheets.”

Pepper grinned and pulled a set out of her bag. They helped me make the bed after I finished filling the mattress. I was pushed into the bed and Amanda and Paige snuggled against me as Pepper turned the light out. She snuggled against Amanda as they caressed my chest and relaxed.

I woke to the morning sunlight and glanced at the two girls on me and then at Pepper hugging Amanda. I shifted out from under Amanda and carefully moved Paige onto her back. My cock was painfully hard as I moved over her and kissed her while I pushed my cock against her pussy.

She opened her eyes and blinked before putting her arms around me and whispering, “go ahead.”

I pushed into her pussy as I kissed her and she shivered. I started to fuck her as her hips lifted to meet mine. It wasn’t long before her tight pussy grasped my cock and started squeezing. She was moaning and shuddered as I continued to fuck her. I was using deep thrusts and pushing all the way into her each time.

It was awhile before she yelled and thrashed around as I fucked her hard and deep. I thrust into her and held her struggling body and kissed her as I peed a gushing stream of cum. Paige clutched me as she tilted her hips and gasped, “OH!”

I pumped and spewed until she was completely full and leaking. I kissed her as she continued to shudder and pulled out. I smiled at Pepper holding Amanda, “time to get up.”

She grinned, “who gets that wake up call tomorrow?”

I nodded to Amanda before slipping out of bed, “Amanda and then you.”

They laughed as they followed me out of bed. I made coffee and oatmeal before going to get dressed. I had cattle to feed and fences and cattle to check and started for the door. They caught up before I reached the big truck I was going to use. They had string bikinis they tied on but left the tops off.

As I headed out into one of the pastures they closed the gate and climbed onto the truck. I had a few repairs to make to the far fence line but everything went fine. When I pulled into the ranch yard at lunch Pepper grinned, “time to fuck us again.”

I grinned as I stopped beside the bunkhouse and climbed out of the truck. I was pulled into the house and straight back to the bed. They had pulled their bottoms off and turned me to undress me before pushing me onto the bed. I grinned as I laid back and Amanda straddled me, she wiggled and pushed and forced my cock into her tight pussy.

Pepper and Paige snuggled against me and started kissing as Amanda began to rock and thrust back and forth. She put her hands on my chest to keep her balance but within minutes she was spasming and jerking as she became erratic. She wet me as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock.

Pepper laughed and pulled her down on me, “roll over and pump cum in her.”

Paige grinned and rubbed her butt, “breed her Simon.”

Amanda groaned as I shifted and rolled before beginning to fuck her with deep strokes, pressing into her with each thrust. She lifted and spread her legs as I kept fucking her and enjoyed the way her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. By the time I was ready she was bucking and shuddering hard while wailing.

I thrust into her hard and held her tight as I peed a stream of warm sperm. She jerked and thrust up as I continued to spew and spurt. When I stopped she dropped to the bed panting, “I should be pregnant before next weekend if he keeps cumming like that.”

The girls laughed and I kissed her before pulling out, “lunch and then I have to check the water and fill the troughs.”

The girls rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom as I got dressed. I should have worn shorts or a swim suit. As soon as I pulled up beside the first large metal trough the girls were whispering and giggling and the next thing I knew I was pushed. They laughed as I fell into the water and stood up to reach for Paige since she was closest and pulled her in.

It was a fun afternoon and then I fed the cattle again and headed towards the bunkhouse. The girls were naked already and grinned as they stripped me before letting me go inside. We took a shower before they pulled me to the kitchen and sat me at the table. After Pepper got it started Paige and Amanda pushed her towards me.

She grinned as she strutted towards me and then straddled me and reached down to position my cock. I waited and then slowly pulled her down as my cock pushed up into her warm pussy. She shivered before starting to rock, “after dinner we are going to the creek.”

I kept caressing her bare hips as her pussy grasped and tightened around my cock, “I already placed the planks in the damn to keep the water deep.”

Pepper began to roll her hips and twist as she moaned. It wasn’t long before she jerked and shook as her pussy tightened. I cupped her breasts to rub and play with her nipples as she rubbed her pussy back and forth. Every time she came she would scream, howl or wail while squirting. I finally held her waist and pulled her back and forth as I thrust up.

A few minutes later I was holding her as she twisted and convulsed while yelling. My cock erupted in a thick geyser and she jerked as she shoved down, “YES!”

It was a long summer with each Friday spent in different barns having sex with eight girls and doing my three for the rest of the week. At the end of summer the rancher returned and ask me to stay on. I thought Pepper, Paige and Amanda would go home but they only went to collect the rest of their things.

When the rancher died he left the ranch to me and the girls since he didn’t have any family.
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