From the age of five my father taught me. He was a soldier and the son of a soldier. By the time I became a teenager I was a master with a long sword. I was also an expert with the longbow. I was sixteen before war came, this time it was the orcs. I was in the king’s scouts and carried a long bow and a long sword.

It took the army forever to leave the huge gathering spot at King’s Point. Behind them was the supply trains and behind them was more wagons with camp followers. The man that was my partner was Henry O’Brian and one of the camp followers was his wife and daughter. We scouted ahead of the main columns and swept the sides for spies or assassins.

As the army made camp two weeks later Henry and I fed our horses and he led me through the camp to the wagon where his wife was. She had a small fire going and smiled as she accepted the rabbits we had killed. I was watching his daughter, she was a pretty girl with a woman’s figure and a tempting sway to her hips.

Henry laughed and touched my shoulder, “Josie? This is Simon.”

She smiled and he grinned, “I think he wants to bed you.”

I reddened as I looked at him but couldn’t deny it. She looked at me carefully, “later, after dinner.”

I blinked and looked at Henry who looked surprised. His wife laughed, “I told you she was ready.”

He grinned as he returned my look, “I guess you just got your own whore.”

I returned his grin and we sat beside the fire as his wife made a stew. Josie took time to keep my camp cup filled with water. Henry’s wife had already rolled a bed out under the wagon. After I was done eating Josie pulled me to my feet, “where is your bed?”

I blushed as I took her hand and pulled her after me. I had left my things by the picket line for my horse. A tarp was stretched out to make a half shelter with my bedroll under it. She looked around and stripped before kneeling and beginning to open and spread the bedroll. I looked at her bare butt in the moonlight and slowly undressed.

She moved under the tarp and laid back waiting for me and I crawled after her. I laid beside her and caressed her body as she sighed and shivered. She watched me and pulled my hand down to her pussy, “gently.”

I nodded as she lifted her hips and spread her legs a little. I slipped a finger through her warm slit and she moaned. She looked at me, “momma broke my maidenhead so our first time won’t hurt.”

I smiled as I continued to feel and finger her pussy. At first she started shivering and moaned but after a few minutes she started shuddering and thrusting up. She was wiggling and jerking as she moaned louder and I finally moved up and positioned my cock before forcing it into her. She groaned and spread her legs more as I began to fuck her deeper.

Her hips were lifting to meet mine as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I continued to fuck her slowly with long strokes. It was several minutes before she started to wail and I covered her mouth with mine. She clutched me as I fucked her with deep thrusts and began to press and grind.

I knew I wouldn’t last another minute and buried my cock to hump, jab and press. I grunted as she howled in my mouth while kissing me and began to spew a gushing torrent of cum. Josie jerked and convulsed as her tight pussy spasmed and milked my seed into her. When I stopped she groaned and relaxed.

I kissed her and pulled out before rolling her onto her stomach. I lifted her hips as I straddled her legs and pushed back into her slimy pussy. Josie shuddered and pushed back as I began to fuck her. She dropped to the bed and I followed to lay on her as I continued to fuck her nice and deep.

She jerked and thrashed around a few minutes later as her pussy clenched around my cock. She was kicking the bedroll as I kept fucking her and pushing all the way into her. She bit the blankets to keep from screaming as her body shook. Her warm, slimy pussy felt wonderful as I fucked her with long, firm thrusts.

Every few minutes she would spasm and convulse while her pussy tightened. I finally shoved into her and pressed hard as my cock erupted once more. Josie stiffened and tilted her hips when she felt the warm stream of sperm pumping into her. I fucked her six times before we fell asleep.

I woke to false dawn and caressed the naked girl in my arms. She sighed, “I better get dressed and head back to momma.”

I rubbed her butt, “see you tonight?”

She lifted up and looked at me before grinning, “yes.”

I watched her slip out before rolling out and packing. I saddled our horses and led them to the supply wagons to put my large pack in one. I didn’t have to wait long before Henry walked up. He grinned as he swung up into the saddle and I followed before heading out. He glanced at me a minute later, “Josie told her mother you fucked her half the night.”

I grinned, “she was very agreeable.”

He laughed before kicking his horse into a trot. Two scouts from the Elven company joined us an hour later. I had only worked with elves a few times but these didn’t seem as arrogant or rude. I hissed at a sound and Henry and the two elves stopped to look at me. What happen was more reflex than planned.

A couple of dozen orcs rushed from some bushes and I lifted the bow I always carry. I took the one in the lead and pulled another arrow to kill the next one. It was automatic as I used my knees to back my horse and fire arrows into the rushing orcs. They were almost to us when I dropped off the horse and dropped the bow to pull my sword.

I brushed aside a crude sword and lunged to stab the orc in the throat before shifting. I blocked a swinging sword and took a hand before gutting another orc and cutting a third’s throat. It was a few moments before it was over. The last orc had a fancy silver sword it had tried to stab me with and I still held it in my off hand as I looked around at the carnage, “everyone alright?”

Henry chuckled as he started cleaning his blade, “fine here.”

The two elves had moved back with the horses and continued to use bows and sat looking at me strangely. I raised an eyebrow, “cat got your tongue?”

They grinned and looked at each other before one laughed, “for a human you are very good. You took six before you stopped using the bow.”

I grinned as I knelt and began wiping my sword and the other one. I held it up, “they don’t normally carry weapons this fine.”

I used my foot to turn the orc over and knelt to cut the rotting sword belt off. The sheath was dirty and the outer leather flaked off when I wiped it. I accepted my horse when Spruce brought it and he smiled as I checked my bow before swinging up. I turned to tuck the sword away and he hissed. I glanced at him and he pointed, “that looks like Prince Alex’s sword.”

I frowned as I straightened, “who is prince Alex?”

Henry rode closer and gestured, “he was the king’s heir a few decades ago. He was rumored to have found an ancient treasure from the forgotten kings.”

Willow nodded as we rode, “he left it but was going to return and was never found when he did.”

I glanced back at the old scabbard before turning back to the front, “we should spread out and see if that was just a scouting or hunting party.”

Henry nodded and we spread out and started moving again. I heard something faint and held up a hand. I was the first but the elves had heard too. I slipped off my horse and led it to Henry to meet with the him and the elves. We tied the horses to a tree and silently slipped into the brush to follow the sound.

A few minutes later we were looking through a bush and into an encampment of orcs. I quickly counted those I could see before we pulled back. The elves stayed to watch as Henry and I rode for the army. Thirty minutes later we were describing the encampment and giving count of the orc numbers.

The army shifted and moved ahead on foot with Henry and I leading. We tied our horses when we reached the elves. The army spread out and a little later began to move forward. We joined the elves behind the bush and they grinned, “ready to teach them a lesson?”

I pulled an arrow and nocked it. It was almost ten minutes before anything happened and I was worried the orcs would see or hear the army by then. There was a huge roar and I stood and pulled my bow and fired into the middle of the camp. My target had been an orc wearing ragged human clothes with something sparkling in its belt.

The arrow flew true and slammed into its chest. I already had another flying towards another target and then another. I fired eight arrows before the army broke out of the forest and attacked the camp. By the time it was over my quiver was empty. I walked into the camp with Henry and the elves and headed to my first target.

I looked down at the dead orc to see the shirt had been one with gold embroidery. I knelt to see what the crest was and froze when I saw the king’s crest. I moved the shirt to see a jeweled dagger and cut the belt to pull it off and tucked it behind mine. I carefully removed the shirt and stood as scout commander Melech approached.

He frowned, “what are you doing?”

I grinned because I knew him well and held up the shirt, “I think you better take this. This orc had it on.”

He bent to take the shirt and opened it before he hissed. He looked at me and then around, “check everything around him.”

I pulled the dagger, “he had this too.”

The commander looked at it before accepting it, “keep looking.”

I turned as Henry walked up with our horses and pulled the sword off. I tossed it to Melech and we started searched for whatever we could find. We stopped less than an hour later when word was passed that camp was being set up to the north. I slid off my horse at the supply wagon and pulled out my pack. I had already refilled my quiver and really wanted a bath.

I headed to the side of the picket line as Henry headed towards his wife. There was a side stream men were using to wash the stink of battle off. I glanced at the darkening sky before adding a second tarp to my shelter and pulling clean clothing out. I stripped and was walking towards the stream when Josie found me.

She laughed as she stripped and ran to catch up. I had washed and was playfully washing her when the two elves laughed from the bank. Josie smiled as she turned and I held her. Between Willow and Spruce was three girls. From the way they looked I knew they were maybe half elven.

They stripped and wadded in as I turned Josie to finish washing her. She pressed against me, “those girls are really pretty.”

I glanced at her, “and the elves aren’t?”

She blushed, “well, yeah but look at the pretty pink nipples.”

I turned her and held her from behind as I reached around to rub her own pretty pink nipples, “yes they have lovely nipples.”

Spruce laughed as Willow grinned and turned to push one of the girls towards us, “This is Bell, she needs a sponsor.”

Josie looked at me as I shifted and whispered, “sponsor?”

She giggled and wiggled her butt against me, “like me.”

I grinned, “want her?”

Josie turned to look at me before nodding. I kissed her and let her go to reach for the shy half breed. We washed her and Willow and Spruce talked before leaving. I lead them ashore and Bell draped her dress over her arm before taking my other arm. I had just reached my shelter when Melech and the king rode up.

Josie and Bell tried to cover their naked bodies and I just pushed them towards the shelter. The king grinned, “very nice.”

He turned to glance back at the main camp before sighing and looking at me, “the shirt was my son’s, so was the sword. At least I know now.”

I waited and he pulled the jewel dagger and tossed it, “the blade is good star silver and it should be used.”

I bowed, “thank you your majesty.”

He looked at Melech, “give him one of the empty supply wagons and the horses.”

He rode off and I looked at Melech, “is he okay?”

Melech shrugged, “he took it okay.”

He gestured to the area where the supply wagons were, “pick an empty one and a team of horses.”

I watched him ride off before looking at Josie and Bell as they came out dressed. I dressed from my pack and led the two girls to the wagons to pick out one. Henry caught me as I was leading the team back. He grinned, “the king gave you a wagon and team?”

I nodded and he gestured, “bring Josie and the wagon and come eat.”

He blinked when he realized there was another girl with her and looked at me. I shrugged, “Josie said she wanted her.”

He grinned and hit my shoulder before leaving. I was only at the picket long enough to pack and then we left. I parked beside Henry’s wagon but Josie and Bell went straight to his wife to whisper, giggle and look at me as if I was dinner. As we were eating Henry told me we had earned a bonus.

He grinned, “I thought we could take it in trade from the elven supply train.”

I looked at Bell and she smiled and nodded. After dinner Josie and Bell slipped into the wagon and the next thing I knew I was asked to fix up a roof. I glanced at the dark clouds before pulling out a camp hatchet and walking towards the edge of the camp and the stream. I was cutting slim willow tree saplings when I heard something.

I shifted and looked around before seeing them in the brush moving closer, “ORCS!”

I had two choices, run or fight. I ran towards them through the stream as the camp broke out in panic. I slashed out and struck the first orc I reached in the head with the axe as I pulled the dagger. I cut across and ripped open another’s gut as I yanked my axe free. I spun and blocked a wild swing from a sword and lunged against the creature as I stabbed and gutted it.

I shoved the body away and slashed back and out to strike another orc in the chest. The axe tore away and I turned and grabbed the dead orcs hand. I slipped my hand down to take his sword as I turned and cut another orc’s throat with the dagger as it crashed into me. A minute later arrows tore into the orcs as I turned and almost took the head of another orc.

The heavy bladed sword cleaved through and I slipped and fell. I rolled and started to come to my feet as three orcs ran straight into me. The sword in my hand went into one’s belly, the dagger into another’s and I rolled back and flipped with the orc before striking down into a throat.

I barely realized it was a nasty smelling something and not an orc before I twisted and yanked the sword from its limp hand. I lunged to my feet and looked around to see orcs running. It was several moments before a company of soldiers charged past me and I knelt. I looked around and found my dagger and then my axe.

I checked myself as I walked back to the edge of the willow grove and commander Melech rode up, “what happened?”

I nodded towards the carnage, “they slipped through and were going to attack the camp.”

He frowned, “where did you get that sword?”

I glanced at the grimy weapon I still held, it was like my own long sword but lighter. I lifted it, “something with the orcs had it.”

He hissed, “a rogue elf.”

He spun his horse and rode away as I pulled and bundled all the willow trees and carried them back to the wagon. Henry was with his wife and the girls and shook his head when he saw me, “you need another bath.”

I handed the willows to Josie and Bell and slipped the sword into the wagon before heading back to wash. I thought about it as I washed and before heading back I went to find the dead elf. It was dark but men were checking every orc with torches so I found him. I pulled his belt off and found a nice dagger and the sword sheath.

When I got back to the wagons I gave the dagger to Henry. I looked at the wagon and blinked as I realized they had made bowed ribs and covered them with my tarps. I smiled as I crawled over the end of the wagon to grumbles of thunder. Josie and Bell were waiting naked and stripped me before pulling me to a wide hammock type of bed.

Josie kissed me and rubbed my chest before pushing me towards Bell, “Love her Simon.”

I smiled and caressed Bell’s pale hip before sliding down her body and between her legs. I licked through her pussy and she lifted her hips and moaned. I liked how her pussy tasted and kept teasing her clit and pushing my tongue into her. It was several minutes before I captured her clit and sucked as I kept using my tongue.

She shuddered hard and howled as she tried to push my face away. I lift up and slid up her body as she panted. Josie giggled and I lifted and forced my cock into Bell. She put her arms around me and groaned as her extremely tight pussy spasmed and tightened. I fucked her slowly with long, deep thrusts that pushed my cock all the way into her.

She stiffened and began to thrash around as she wailed, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I continued to fuck her slowly with long strokes and she kept convulsing. Every couple of minutes she would scream, howl or wail as she struggled and squirmed. I finally buried my cock and pushed as it erupted and I spewed a gushing torrent of cum into her. She clutched me and screamed as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock and into her pussy.

When I was done she shuddered and groaned before dropping to the bed panting. I kissed her and pulled out before reaching for Josie as she rubbed her pussy beside us. I fucked them both for several hours and then just held them as they fell asleep on me. I watched the tarp over the wagon as the rain beat down and woke to the hint of dawn light.

I shook both girls before climbing off the bed. Breakfast was nice and I smiled and kept caressing either Josie or Bell if they came close. I harnessed the horses for the wagon before going to get our riding horses. Willow and Spruce joined us as we rode out and I glanced around before showing them the elven sword I was going to use.

They grinned and began telling me how the star silver was mined and the swords made by elven swordsmiths. We were resting at noon when I pulled out the prince’s dagger. I started unraveling the sheath, thinking I would have to find new leather to wrap it in. I hesitated when I felt something between layers of old cracked leather, I glanced at the others but they were busy.

I worked out a small piece of old parchment and carefully unfolded it. I looked at the tiny, well drawn map before putting it away inside my shirt. It was afternoon when we found the tracks of more orcs. We followed them to a narrow dead end ravine with a company of orcs camped in it.

This time Henry and I stayed as Willow and Spruce went back for the army, it was almost an hour before they returned. The army followed and spread out to fill the ravine. We moved to the edge and waited until the king had the horn blow the charge. I lifted my bow and we began firing arrows into the encampment.

I shifted as a man like shape stood to look towards us and suddenly pulled his bow. I fired and he fired and I moved to push Willow out of the way. He staggered and the arrow missed him and me. I turned and lifted my bow and Spruce staggered as an arrow slammed into his chest. I stiffened and began killing anything that seemed like it was that dark man shape.

I finally saw the shape climbing the side of the ravine and fired and pulled another arrow and fired. It must have expected it because it shifted and swung away and my first arrow shattered as it struck rock. The dark elf tried to move again but my second arrow slamming into its side.

I watched it jerk and twist before falling and turned to see Willow beside Spruce. I set my bow aside and pulled my sword and dagger before walking into the melee. No one and nothing came near me as I moved towards where the man shape had fallen. The elf lunged at me as I drew close and I brushed his sword away with my dagger while my sword slid into his chest.

I looked at him coldly and cut his throat with the dagger before yanking the sword out. I turned to see Willow and Henry. I glanced at the elf’s bow in a thick bush and bent to pick it up and slip it over my shoulder. We went back to Spruce and brought the horses up and wrapped him in his cloak.

The area just outside the ravine beside a fast moving stream was where the king was making camp. Willow hesitated before leading Spruce’s horse, “His girl will need someone now. Spruce swore to keep and provide for her.”

I looked down as I thought that if I had been better or faster... “send her to me.”

He smiled sadly, “it was his time Simon. You are not at fault, if you had not acted as you did both of us would have died.”

I glanced at him, “perhaps but... send her anyway.”

Henry and I watched him lead the other horse with Spruce’s body away. Henry sighed and turned to ride towards the camp as it was set up, “you will need more money to support three.”

I glanced at him and smiled as I remembered the map, “if we get a chance how would you like to go find the prince’s treasure and bring it back?”

He snorted, “A fools errand.”

I turned towards our two wagons, “what if I told you that I found his map in his dagger sheath?”

He grinned, “that’s different.”

I swung down and started unsaddling the horse, “Josie? Bell?”

They turned from helping make a fire. I gestured and waited until they joined me, “Spruce was killed. I told Willow to bring his woman here.”

I looked away, “I tried to kill the dark elf that was shooting at us and saved Willow and Spruce paid for my mistake.”

Bell moved to hug me with Josie and I sighed as I turned to hold them. Josie looked up into my face and smiled, “war kills men Simon. We can hope and pray to the gods that it is another that pays but it happens.”

She looked at Bell, “we will accept his woman and make her feel like our sister.”

Bell nodded, “Holly is nice, she wasn’t in love with Spruce but she did like him.”

I nodded and took a breath before turning back to the horse. I pulled down the four rabbits I had killed before we had seen the orcs and handed them to the girls. I went to the horses hitched to the wagon and removed the harnesses. I moved all the horses to the side where there was tall grass and used long leads before going back to the wagon.

Willow was there with his girl and Bell and Josie were with the other girl I had seen with Spruce. I smiled and walked away towards the edge of the camp with Henry and Willow as more of the king’s soldiers returned. I collected a large arm full of wood before returning. I put the wood down beside the fire pit Josie’s mother had started to make and went back for more.

While the girls cooked I sat with Henry and Willow and pulled out the map. Willow grinned and traced the markers the prince had chosen. We talked about how far away it was, which it wasn’t. The women made another large hunter stew with flat bread and dinner was quiet. I watched the small fire as I cleaned the sword and dagger before going to get the elven bow.

Willow took one look and grinned, “it looks like a good one.”

I nodded as I checked it carefully before changing the string and rubbing a special oil into the wood. After Willow left I glanced around to see Henry and his wife gone. Josie, Bell and the other girl Holly were in the wagon and I sighed as I pulled the fire apart. I glanced at the clear night sky before washing in a bucket and climbing into the wagon.

It was like night and day from last night. A small mage light, (a silver lantern with chemicals to make it glow) lit the inside of the bow ribbed tarp. There was a wide hammock bed that actually looked thicker and I could see a couple of chests under the edge. I stripped and moved onto the bed with the girls.

Josie caressed my chest, “we know you feel responsible but you aren’t. Tonight we want you to show Holly how gentle a lover you are.”

I smiled and cupped one of her breasts and bent to suck on the nipple, “and after I finish I will fuck you and Bell until you wail and scream.”

She grinned, “of course.”

Holly grinned, “That sounds good too.”

Bell laughed, “he did us half the night last night.”

I kissed Josie and moved to Bell to give her a kiss before turning to Holly. I moved over her as she calmly spread her legs and reached for my cock. I smiled and kissed her before wiggling away and down. I sucked on each of her nipples before sliding down as she shivered and moaned.

I opened her pretty pussy before licking through it and capturing her clit and sucking. I kept licking and teasing her clit as she shuddered and panted. Her hips lifted and she moaned as her hands held my head while I kept licking her. It was several minutes before she screamed and started to shake before pushing my face away.

I moved up her body and positioned my cock before kissing her and pushing into her in one slow thrust. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her slowly and push my cock deeper. She grunted and groaned as her tight pussy rippled and tightened around my cock. I continued to fuck her and finally started pressing and pushing into her deeper.

Holly lifted and wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy grasped my cock. I humped and used short jabbing thrusts as I kept fucking her. She howled and jerked around so I went back to fucking her with long, deep thrusts. It was several minutes before I quickly thrust into her and began pumping spurts of cum.

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed and milked the cum out of my cock and into her. I groaned at the feel and kissed her until I stopped cumming. I waited a minute until she caught her breath before pulling out and reaching for Josie. She was grinning and scooted closer to Holly and pulled me between her legs, “No licking, just fuck me.”

I grinned as Bell and Holly giggled and kissed her before shifting and pushing into her tight pussy. I fucked into her deeper as she wrapped her legs around me. I kept doing it slowly with long thrusts and Josie moaned and kept hugging me as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. Every couple of minutes she shuddered and jerked as her pussy tightened.

That was when she wailed or howled until I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her. It was awhile before I thrust into her suddenly and pressed deeper as my balls churned and my cock jerked. Josie tilted her hips and kissed me passionately as I began to gush cum into her. She jerked and shuddered with each warm eruption as it pumped into her.

When I was done she groaned and slowly relaxed. I kissed her before pulling out and looked at Bell, she grinned as she rolled and lifted her butt before wiggling it. I grinned and moved over her and pushed into her tight pussy and pushed her down to the bed. I kissed her bare shoulder before I began to fuck down into her.

Her pussy rippled and clenched when I shoved into her completely. It wasn’t long before she was spasming as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. She kept wailing as I fucked her with long strokes that ended with me humping and pressing to get deeper. A few minutes and Bell was kicking and thrashing around as she howled.

I fucked her with long, slow thrusts and her pussy continued to grasp my cock as she shuddered almost violently. I finally thrust into her and pressed and pushed before I began to spew and spurt cum. Bell tilted her hips as she yelled, “aaaahhhhh!”

I pumped thick spurts into her before kissing her bare shoulder and pulling out. I laid back, “now it is your turn with each other.”

Josie giggled and turned to kiss Holly and then turned at Bell’s pull and got kissed. I watched as they took turns licking each other’s leaking pussies. Finally Josie pushed Holly toward me, “your turn.”

I grinned as I pulled her onto me and spread her legs so she was straddling me. I fucked them once more before we slept. I woke to Bell and Josie with their heads on my shoulders and Holly on me. I shifted and started waking them before dressing and slipping out. I saddled and harnessed the horses before grabbing a thick bread roll filled with hot cheese.

I kissed the three girls before swinging up into the saddle. After a briefing with commander Melech, Henry and I headed northeast along the mountain range, nothing was expected this way. We saw a lot of sign as we rode until Henry held up his hand. It was faint but we could hear chants and guttrel voices in the distance.

I slid out of my saddle and began to move forward. Four orcs walked around a bush in front and to one side and Henry killed one with an arrow in the chest. I killed another with an arrow before tossing my bow aside and pulling sword and dagger. I shifted and turned to brush a dirty sword aside with my dagger and Henry shot the other orc.

The one facing me turned to run and I lunged to stab it through the back of the neck. I looked at the bodies and turned to Henry before retrieving my bow and slipping into the brush. I found not a camp with a few hundred orcs but an army with thousands. To one side was a wide shallow stream with a cliff on the other side.

I carefully watched before silently moving back to Henry and telling him what we had found. I looked around before nodding back the way we had come, “go get the king and I’ll stay and watch.”

He opened his mouth but I shook my head. He finally swung up into his saddle and spun the horse before riding away quickly. First I moved the dead bodies and covered them with leaves and debris. After that I returned to watch the army and realized this was on the prince’s map. The cliff across the stream had a wide strip of crystal shaped like a lightning bolt which was marked on the map.

It was hours before I turned to see Henry slipping through the brush with Melech. I shifted and moved my hand with a bright rag. Henry froze before turning and moving towards me. The commander almost cursed when he saw the size of the army. He left but returned after a bit with the king and elven prince.

They were silent as they looked through the bush we were behind. They nodded and slowly moved back. It was over an hour before I saw elves slipping through the woods. Henry grinned, “they carry extra quivers.”

I nodded as I turned to watch the orc army, “they will need it.”

It was a little later that word was silently passed to wait until the battle horn sounded. It felt like forever before the horn shattered the day and hundreds of arrows were fired. I aimed for a group that was barely in range, they weren’t orcs and Henry and the elf with us thought they were more rogues.

It was a dozen volleys before the king had the battle horn sounded again and our army charged. When my quiver was empty I shouldered the bow and pulled sword and dagger before charging towards the melee. I went by two orcs fighting a large soldier and lashed out to stab one in the spine with my dagger and slashed with my sword to almost take the head from the other.

I continued to move and kill orcs as they fought with soldiers. The few times they were free to attack me, I used the dagger or sword to block and then moved into them to stab and rip their guts out. It was a long time before I reached the group of rogues we had killed. They had bows and bright silver swords and one look told me they had been what we had thought.

I knelt to collect quivers before removing my bow and began to kill orcs with arrows. It seemed like forever before things slowed and then stopped. I collected elven bows, swords and daggers from the rogues before heading towards Henry as he walked through the dead. He knelt beside a fallen elf and when I reached him I saw why.

I dropped everything and knelt beside Willow’s body, “I didn’t even see him.”

Henry shook his head, “there was nothing you could have done.”

I moved to straighten him before placing his weapons on his chest, “I’ll miss him.”

I looked around at the carnage, “this is making me sick.”

Henry sighed, “the life of a soldier Simon.”

I nodded and stood with Willow’s body in my arms before looking towards the cliff, “ready for some good news?”

He stood and looked at me, “what news?”

I started walking towards the stream and the cliff, “we might have found the prince’s treasure.”

Henry bent to pick up everything I had dropped and followed after me, “where?”

I glanced back when I reached the stream, “here.”

I waded across and knelt to set Willow down after climbing the other bank, “this is a nice spot.”

Henry joined me and dumped everything on the green grass as he looked around, “lonely but with a view.”

I knelt to grab a dagger and began cutting and digging. Commander Melech found us hours later as we were placing Willow in the grave. He waited until we began to bury him, “sorry about your friend.”

We nodded as we kept working and he sighed, “the king is bringing the supply train up.”

I glanced at Henry, “would you go bring ours here?”

I hesitated, “send Holly or Bell to bring Willow’s woman.”

He looked at me before nodding and standing. Commander Melech cleared his throat, “the king has given you two a large bonus. We are heading back to King’s Point and he is going to release the army. The elves say this is the army the orcs were gathering.”

We looked at him and then at each other. Melech turned to walk away and I gestured, “bring the wagons, if we find the treasure I’m quitting to become a farmer.”

He grinned as he turned and headed for the distant trees where we had left our horses. I finished burying Willow before stripping and walking into the stream. I washed the blood, gore and dirt off before reluctantly dressing. I moved to the wide strip of crystal, the bottom six feet looked like it had been broken loose before carefully piled and stacked.

I started moving crystal rocks and setting them aside. Slowly a hole appeared that went into the cliff. I stopped when it was clear and sat to wait for the wagons. Soldiers were moving through the silent battlefield searching for those lost. I smiled when I saw Henry leading our wagons towards the stream where the banks on both side were a gentle slope.

We backed the wagons up against the cliff a dozen feet apart. Josie came to hold me and then Bell and Holly. I looked at the other girl and sighed as I held out a hand, “I’m sorry about Willow.”

Ivy smiled as she took my hand, “he said to come to you if anything happened.”

I looked at Josie and the others, “the king is taking us back to King’s Point and disbanding the army.”

They looked at each other as I glanced around, “get the lanterns.”

I grinned at Henry and nodded to the hole in the crystal. He grinned as he let his wife go and went to look in, “it looks deep.”

Josie brought the lantern and I took it before ducking and walking into the hole. The crack turned a dozen feet in before opening out into a huge sparkling cavern. I grinned as I looked around and Henry put his hand on my shoulder as he pointed to a pile of old chests. I looked around at the beautiful room before crossing to the chests.

I lifted the lid of the first carefully and stared at the gold and sparkling gems. I glanced at Henry and he grinned, “grab one side.”

We moved a dozen chests out before we were done. The trip back was a lot slower and easier with no encounters. I bought a large farm in rolling hills and Henry settled beside us.
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