This story is completely fictional, feel free to comment so I can make the next one better, thanks
For the past year my cousin Mary has been living at our house; as her parents had moved to Ireland, but had to leave her with us in the US because of having trouble getting her a visa. However I didn't mind, as being only having a older brother, who was 16, I did not have anyone of my own age that I could interact with, so I got quite lonely at times. But before I continue let me introduce myself, my name is Tim and I'm 13 years old. My cousin Mary is also 13 years old and has long brown hair that goes down past her shoulders, hazel eyes and some very nice if a bit small breasts.
It was a Monday evening when I was in my room playing my Xbox, when I heard a creaking coming from my parents room; which I found weird as my parents had gone out for a romantic meal together and had left my brother in charge, as they thought that they might get a hotel for the night. So with this anoying creaking noise putting me off my game, I decided to go and find out what it was. I opened my door and poked my head out into the corridor and saw Mary on her knees and looking through the rather large key hole in my parents closed door.
I decided to walk over to Mary and ask her what she was looking at. As I tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention, she jumped back and just about muffled a shriek. I apologised and asked what she was doing, she just put a finger to my lips and with her other hand, pointed to the key hole. I then bent down in front of the key hole, as Mary removed her finger from my lips and squinted as I looked into my parents room. It took a second to realise what I was looking at but as soon as I ralised that it was my brothers girlfriend Suzy, bouncing up and down on my brothers willy, my jaw dropped and I looked around to Mary, who was in her room gesturing for me to come in.
I slowly tip toed into her room and gently closed the door behind me. Before I could say anything Mary asked what is she doing to your brother. I said that i didn't know for sure, but I think she's having sex with him, to which Mary said what's that. I said that I was not sure but there is one way to find out, to which I walked over to her computer and sat down in her chair. Whilst I waited for her Internet to load up, I noticed that Mary had moved behind me and leaned over my right shoulder so she could see the screen better and allowing me the oppertunity to see her boobs a bit better. However before I got a chance to look at them too much I noticed that google had loaded up, so I reached for the keyboard and typed in sex, to which the search came back with hundreds of results. Unsure of what to do I clicked on the first result which opened up a screen for a porn site, with a disclaimer in the middle asking if I was 18 and if I wished to proceed. I glanced at Mary and asked her If I should click yes, to which she silently nodded her head. I turned back to the screen and clicked the proceed button. Which took us onto a page full of different porn videos, it was a sensory overload for me, as having never come across anything sexual in my life, I was now presented with a load of pictures of breasts, vaginas and cocks. Instantly my cock stood to attention clearly poking against my boxers. I did not know what to do so I quickly clicked on a random box which took me to a video of this really hot girl licking and sucking a guys cock. It was only as I heard Mary's voice over my shoulder that I remembered that she was here with me. She said hey look, that guys willy is doing the same thing as yours, to which I replied yea I guess it is. After a few seconds of scilence, Mary grabbed the top of the chair and turned it around so that I was facing her. She quietly said let me try something and before I was quite aware of what had happened, she slid my boxers down, took my hard cock and enveloped it with her mouth taking it in bit by bit, licking every inch of it as she did this. At this point I could not quite believe what was happening, but did not want it to stop either. It was after a minuet or two that i saw Mary remove her top to reveal her perfect breasts, which i only just restrained myself from from reaching out to touch with my hands. As time went along I began to get this weird feeling building up in my cock; it was subtle at first, but as time went on, it got greater and greater, until I started to feel like I had to pee, I then said to Mary that I needed to pee, but she did not move and just kept moving her head up and down my cock, absorbed in what she was doing. Then without warning it started, my cock jerked, I felt this weird fluid shoot out of it and into Mary's mouth. But at this point I had compleetly forgotten about everything as I was consumed by this amazing ecstasy. It was after a few seconds that I looked down at my cousin and saw her on her knees; with this weird white fluid hanging from her lip and covering her stomach and boobs. I decided it was my turn to be spontaneous and put my arms on her shoulders, pushing her to the floor. I then lowered my head to the fluid lying on her stomach. I then stuck out my tounge and licked up this white fluid, which I have to say, did taste rather nice. As I slowly moped it up, I moved further up her body, from her stomach, to her breasts and finally to her lip, finishing with a passionate kiss.

To be continued...

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2013-04-27 07:03:03
You stupid shit, you can't instantly get a visa, once you get denied you have to wait 6 months to apply for another, and plus you PAY to get interviewed to get a visa.

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2013-04-10 20:55:02
You mean I don't have to pay for exerpt advice like this anymore?!

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2013-02-21 22:12:34
What a crock of shit!
And why would her parents get visas and the child couldn't, you dumb fuck?
Did they think she was a teeny terrorist?
Trying to enter a country already controlled by terrorists.


2013-02-20 21:43:30
Watch out for the wall of text break up your work a bit more 8 think

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2012-12-20 22:25:06
I knew about sex since I was 10 wow 13 jebus that's a little late

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