Continue plays with hot couple and submissive work friend
Louise in the Breeze 2

I thought about my two sexual experiences on that one night lots over the next week. I saw my friend at work (who we will call peaches) every day and was professional and friendly. She never mentioned the incident in the pub or outside once.

Louise's husband was bombarding me with texts to meet with them but I wasn't answering much due to work. I told him I was really busy and was working late at night and weekends. He wanted to setup another meet. When he heard I cycled to work near where they lived he got excited and wanted me to fuck Louise outside again.

The next day I saw them as I rode at 6am. They waved me down, Louise instantly hugging me and kissing me slipping her sexy tongue into my mouth. "Will you fuck me Pleeeeaaassseee" she begged

She was in skin tight black Lycra, fully covered. "Not here" I said leading them closer to the river. Around the bend was a little park with a big stone like an alter. Louise had already unclipped the gusset of her Lycra leotard so she just had black Lycra stockings covering her ass.

I leaned my bike against a tree and Louise was on me, kissing me and shoving her hand into my black Lycra tight padded bike shorts. I slid a hand down her Lycra stocking finding her cunt soaked and leaking. I span her around pushing her face down on the alter, ass sticking out. I pulled her stockings down, and ripped her top up exposing her lush D cup tits to the cold rock. I slipped my hard cock out of my bike shorts and rubbed its head in her slit to get wet. Louise said" fuck my ass, please"

I brutally smacked her firm hard ass cheek and commanded, " I'll have what I want" then shafted her tight shaven cunt in one smooth stroke. I slid her around the rock a little till the hard edge was between her legs and pushed her forward so the rock rubbed her pussy lips. She adjusted and moaned obviously getting her clit. I fucked her hard and each brutal in stroke forced her clit hard into the rock. After a few minutes she was cumming then spraying backwards over my balls legs and bike shorts. I grabbed my cock and aimed it a little higher into her ass and fucked her in one deep stroke, all the way to the base in her ass. Louise went crazy shaking and squirting and cuming. I lost it and pumped my big load of cum in her ass. It was then I saw her husband was filming the fucking and I was glad for the helmet and bike glasses.

As I pulled out of her tight ass he put the camera down, dropped to his knees and sucked my cock clean. I was a bit grossed but allowed it. Louise soon span around and was sucking me too, then as she deep throated me, he licked her ass clean of my cum.

We soon cleaned up and straightened our exercise Lycra.

No one was watching and I soon continued riding to work. I was exhausted when I got to work and had just cycled into the executive secure parking when my friend "Peaches" arrived in her hot little sports car. She waved at me and I waved back.. I locked my bike up and she joined me walking into the building. "What's that lovely aftershave you're wearing, very musky" she asked

Choking back the panic I said " must be sweat" she was going to argue then suddenly blushed bright red and was quiet. We said goodbye as I walked into the male change rooms. I was still soaked in female squirt, not pee , it was ejaculate... And my friend had smelt it and recognized it.

After my shower I put on Versace aftershave and my suit, then stopped by her office on the way to mine. She made a point of saying"that's the nice smell what is it" I got the Versace bottle out of my bag and showed her. We chatted and she said she would love to have another drink when I am free. We set it up for that Friday after work.

By this stage Louise was texting me 3 or 4 graphic rude pictures of her in lingerie a day, well it was her phone?? I booked a table at the same riverside pub and let them know when I would be there, but warned them I was there with a work colleague and to behave or I would have the shits.

The afternoon finally came and we took separate cars to the pub. I got there first and had the waitress move our reserved table to one that could see into the storage alcove I had fucked Louise in last visit. I had also checked and knew it was a full moon.

Peaches arrived and so did the wine. She was very distracted. Two wines in she started talking about sex again and soon asked me outright if I was seeing someone, I lied and said "yes" even tho I wasn't. That seemed to relieve her somewhat and she said " oh just my luck , I always seem to be fucking the married guys or my boss, or both" I ordered more wine and soon we were on bottle 3. Peaches was talking openly about sexual movies like eyes wide shut, discussing the sexuality about sex with strangers and forced sex. She then told me that when we left the pub last time she saw two people fucking against a sports car and she heard the woman saying ass. I almost got confused thinking maybe I fucked the wrong woman, but she was just covering up her participation. But then she went way beyond that saying how she had been beside herself all week thinking about that lucky woman being taken hard by a stranger. There was the unmissable smell of wet cunt and I could see her nipples were hard and pointing out through her shirt.

At that point Louise walked in with a totally backless sheer black evening gown and high heels, accompanied by her husband. Peaches recognized them instantly and nudged me. "That's them" she said, " who" I said acting dumb

"The couple, no the lady who was fucking in that little room there last week", I said "really? Are you sure you're not working too hard" I was enjoying this. A lot of explaining from peaches ensued where she said she was sure the lady was fucked there last week and was fairly sure it wasn't him that did it. I tried to order a fourth bottle of wine. The waiters were now all behind the bar so I excused myself and went up to the bar. Louise was next to me instantly, " follow me" she said. I walked around the bar where we could not be seen but was acutely aware Peaches had seen us close enough to be interested. Louise lifted her dress, grabbed my hand and stroked my hand up her inside thigh, she was dripping pussy juice. "Yours" I enquired "only mine, god you have to fuck me" she replied. My cock was instantly hard, her body looked so hot in the dress, tits and legs on display. I pushed her through a staff only door and was balls deep in her wet pussy in seconds, cuming in under 30 seconds. She said" you owe me a night of ass for that". I replied, " make your husband fuck you in that alcove near our table". She was sucking my cock clean by then but nodded understanding.

I was back at the table in seconds with a fresh bottle of wine from the deserted bar service area . Peaches made no secret of sniffing at me then asking " what aftershave today" I told her it was my "Armani"

Louise led her husband past our table into the little alcove and they started pashing, Peaches was beside herself, "look she's doing it again, the slut must fuck there every date, there's more light tonight, you can see everything, gosh this is hot" I casually topped up her wine, glass number 8 or 9

We watched them fuck and could hear little gaspes coming from them. Then it was obvious that Louise had suddenly had her ass penetrated, she stiffened, her face went dark red, then she started cuming hard and there was the slightest smell of squirt in the air. Peaches was gripping my arm and my leg so tight it was hurting. She lent forward to kiss me and I turned away saying " hey we work together". She started talking trashy talk, saying she needed a good hard fucking and wanted cum in her mouth all the trash stuff. I ignored her and watched Louise and her husband straighten up, zip up and exit the alcove. She gave us a beaming smile as she walked past. Peaches said "does she know you" I shook my head. It was sort of true.

Louise and her husband left soon, we flowed soon after. My offer of coffee was rejected, even when I pointed out we had drank 4 bottles of wine. I walked Peaches to her car, and even though I wanted to fuck her I was having to much fun with the game. At the car she turned and again went for a kiss but I did not let her. We shook hands goodbye and I walked off as she got into her car.

I stopped 30 paces away and waited for her to start the motor. I was under a tree in shade. The engine did not start. I could see the light of her mobile in the car. She was texting. Suddenly I thought to check my phone , lots of messages none from her. I could hear her phone beeping she was getting replies. Then my phone went off, a message from her. It read " hey sexy what's happening". She was texting for a booty call and had mistakenly sent me a copy.

After a couple more minutes her car door opened and I saw her walk into the moonlight 20 meters from me , then she stopped looked around, then she turned her back on me, hitched up her skirt and squatted down. I could hear the sound of her peeing. There had been a lot of wine..

I waited till she finished then walked up silently behind her, pushing her forward onto her knees on the grass, grabbed her short blonde hair and dragged her forward a meter away from the pee, I had my hand on her mouth to stop her shouting. My other hand lifted her tight knee length business skirt, and there I saw stay up stockings and a g-string. Very sexy

Her pussy was soaked, I slipped my rock hard 9" clock out of my Armani suit pants and was down behind her in seconds, pushing in hard. She gasped and pushed back taking my whole cock in one go. I fucked her hard and deep and soon she was panting and pulsing and then cumming. I kept my hand on her mouth the whole time. I kept fucking her, no where near my own cum thanks to Louise earlier. Peaches went on to another cum and another. I got bored so stopped fucking her, pulled my soaked cock out of her pussy and moved it to her ass, she struggled a lot but I forced my cock into her ass. I kept my hand on her mouth to keep her from calling out. I started to really fuck her ass hard. She was tight and smooth with a nice fit womanly butt. I could feel her ass pulsing in the run up to a massive orgasm. Soon she was cumming, her whole body wracked in pleasure and pulsing with her ass orgasm. She clenched down so hard on my cock I had to get two hands on her hips to pull out and fuck her, and this felt so fantastic I started cumming. She was loving it, she started screaming "oh, oh, yes, yes fuck me" too loud, so I grabbed for her mouth again, and the bitch bit my finger, almost to the bone. I kept fucking her to finish my cum. She must have tasted my blood. I pulled out of her and she fell forward onto her face. I stepped back, put my cock back in my suit pants and stepped back into the line of palms. She got up a minute later and went back into her car. I made sure she didn't see me as the cars headlights went by.

My finger was badly cut and I had to have it stitched. Told the Doctor I got in a fight. Monday at work I booked myself with clients for two days. I had the stitches out in my bath room on the Wednesday before work and just a band aid on it. When I finally saw peaches she was friendly and professional. At some point in the meeting she noticed my band aid on my bitten finger. She immediately blushed dark red and excused herself and left. Did she suspect me, or did she know?

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