Hunter laid her eggs that night and everyone got a pleasant surprise when Duchess, the new female griffin started to croon. It was almost like a siren’s call that stilled the forest and made everyone smile. The male joined her and what was nice became great. Hunter even let Momma close and when she wasn’t laying would rub her face in Momma’s fur.

The morning storm came without lightning and I held Jade as she slept while watching the animals by the front grate. Alex reached over her sister to caress my face before sitting up, “time to feed the babies.”

It was like a signal, the three baby giant bird bats started to call out softly. Mom chuckled as she got up and I hugged Jade. She stretched and wiggled before kissing me and rolling away. I dressed and went to check Hunter, I had left her eggs on a warming pad and she was laying beside it with the pair of griffins beside their eggs.

Jade’s monkey was curled up with her two mini leopards as they purred. When we went to load up in the transport everyone came to see the griffins. That led to two dozen being caught in the next week as well as a dozen tiger monkeys. Of course we also found a lot of other animals, many we caught and sent back to the south.

One was a giant black monkey that was larger than an earth gorilla. There was also over two dozen new types of fruits or berries. Home was in a wide bay with trees six hundred meters tall. The jump in was almost anti climatic with no animals attacking as we built the platforms two hundred meters below the tree tops.

We left Hunter and the griffins with their eggs before going hunting. Almost from the first moments that we went exploring and hunting it felt like we were being watched. I got glimpses of something big and a golden color but it always slipped away. Momma stayed close to Alex and kept growling as she looked around.

We finally headed back with full game bags and capture pouches or packs. While we walked I picked fire and spice leaves and started rolling them together into a thick stick that was over two inches thick and two thirds of a meter long. I saw our stalker when we were almost back, its wing span was six or seven meters and it was maybe four meters long.

It vanished behind a tree as I turned and opened the local comm, “everyone keep your eyes open. We have a very large flyer...”

I saw it land on a branch and watched the color change to match the branch it was on. I turned to push Alex and Jade, “it looks like a real dragon with a wing span of six or seven meters.”

I touched Momma, “take us to the pod.”

She turned and started trotting and the others began to follow. I waited so I was last and followed with Princess and Junior flying ahead with Momma. Everyone was going into the pod when I felt the dragon and spun as I backed onto the ramp. I started to pull my pistol but hesitated at the last second to use my ever light in the leaf stick.

The dragon landed and reached out with a large clawed hand foot but I thrust the burning stick and it pulled back. It had been a light golden color but changed as I stepped forward. I made a circle with the burning stick and it lunged through the smoke as I slid back. The dragon shook its head as I moved after it waving the smoking leaf stick.

It backed up and crouched as it growled but the slight breeze blew past me and straight at the dragon. Smoke writhed around its head and it breathed in and swayed. I tossed the stick down in front of it before pulling my pistol, “Come on dragon, breath the smoke.”

It shifted back but the whole length of the leaf stick was burning now and smoke billowed up and around its head. It groaned as it moved back and dropped to its belly before putting its head down. I waited a few moments before pulling my game bag off, “Alex?”

“We are keeping everyone inside.”

I put my pistol away before moving to kick the burning leaves off the branch. I knelt and rubbed the large cheek before starting to skin a couple of smaller black monkeys Princess and Junior had killed. I fed the animal that was easily twice as large as Momma. After the third monkey I moved closer to scratch behind its ears and along the jaw, “you are gorgeous.”

It sighed and leaned into me for a minute before turning its head to look into my eyes. Its eyes were a little glazed but it looked past me before turning quickly and leaping into the air. I watched it fly up and away before disappearing. I shook my head as Alex and Jade came to stand with me.

Momma bumped me and I glanced at her before looking at Jade, “It was a lot more intelligent than an animal.”

She looked in the direction it had gone before turning to pull me after her, “maybe and maybe you took to many chances.”

I glanced back once more before letting Jade pull me towards the stairs. Mom and dad were just inside and mom hugged me as dad hit my shoulder. Dinner was quiet as I kept thinking of the large dragon. Of course Jade and Tara had managed to get a vid of it and everyone from the other pods came to look.

When it got dark and we slipped into the pod I moved Hunter close as Momma and all the other animals crowded against the front grate. Alex held me as I stared out into the night. She sighed, “you wanted it to stay.”

I looked at her and turned to hold her as I caressed Jade’s cheek, “I didn’t and don’t want to kill it.”

I heard something right outside the grate and turned my head. Momma and all the others were purring as a large pair of gleaming eyes looked in at us. I smiled as I sat up, “smart dragon slipped around the net.”

I heard dad and then everyone else as I moved to the door. The dragon was curled up against the door looking in and I grinned as I heard its echoing purr. I knelt, “I’m glad you came back.”

It sniffed and Alex put her arms around me before putting one hand on the door grate. The dragon smelled and chuffed like Momma and I grinned as she answered. Mom giggled and Tara slipped up beside me and he looked at her and smelled before looking past her towards her husband. I smiled and moved a couple of the smaller dragons out of the way before standing.

I slowly unlocked the door and pushed against the dragon to slip out. I knelt and caressed his shoulder and neck as he leaned against me. I looked around before sitting and letting the large dragon put his head in my lap. I kept caressing him as he purred and leaned against the door. Jade used a finger to rub my neck and I glanced back.

She pushed a long red silk ribbon through a hole, “wrap this around his neck.”

I pulled it out and held it for him to smell before wrapping it and tying it. It was thirty minutes before the forest around us went quiet. The dragon surged to his feet and spun and I stood. I grabbed a wing as the tiger climbed onto the other branch. I pulled the dragon back as I grinned, “come back George.”

The dragon crouched and kept growling which was echoed by all the animals in the pod. The only reason I could hold the dragon was because he let me. The net snapped up and the tiger screamed as it started fighting and struggling. I moved up to hug George as he stopped growling and turned his head to look at me.

I scratched behind his ear, “that is why I wanted you to stay back and wait.”

He nodded and chuffed and I glanced back as Tara slipped out, “Firehawk?”

I nodded, “slowly.”

She moved up beside me and held up a dart. George sniffed before nodding and Tara slowly moved past his head and waited for the right moment before stabbing the tiger. She moved back as it roared and struggled and a minute later relaxed into sleep. I smiled as George moved forward to smell the tiger before nodding and looking at Tara.

She grinned, “We have a nice male that will love her.”

He chuffed and I chuckled before going to pull Tara back to the door, “inside.”

George turned and came back to the door before laying curled up. I sat against him, “not coming in?”

He purred and I smiled and looked back, “go to sleep.”

I relaxed and let his purr sooth me and woke when he moved and stood. He stretched almost exactly like Griffin used to and I grinned before frowning at the raindrop that hit me. I turned to the door, “inside.”

I pulled the door open and he barely paused before walking in and turning. He crouched and a wing stretched out over Momma to join Junior’s and Princess’s. I closed the door and moved past him to Jade and Alex sitting up. Within moments every animal in the pod was around the large dragon. I heard dad chuckle before turning on a small light.

When the rain stopped George stood and glanced back at everyone watching. He looked at me before turning to walk through the pod, stopping to smell everyone. When he came back I was checking outside the pod and he walked out and glanced around. I rubbed the side of his head, “stay?”

He looked at me before crouching. I smiled as I went to change and come back out. I led him up onto the top with Momma the others following. I led them out the other door and up onto the platform and across to Leo’s pod. I went through and down before I shook the grate, “wake up.”

Leo grumble as he reached for the door and froze, “Firehawk?”

I glanced back, “that’s George. We captured a tiger last night.”

He slowly opened the door and stepped out. George was sitting with Momma leaning against him and with Junior between his front paws. Leo shook his head, “that is one big dragon.”

I grinned, “look at the red ribbon.”

He looked at me and then at George, “he has a red neck.”

I shook my head and hit his shoulder, “pay attention.”

I looked around before reaching up and back for a loose leaf on the stairs and put it on George’s shoulder. Terrie came out with Devil and Precious, two of Momma’s children, “all the animals want out.”

The two leopards pushed past her and went straight to their mother before smelling the large dragon. Leo was shaking his head when they started rubbing against George. I gestured to the leaf and his now green shoulder. Terrie walked forward and scratched under his chin before heading for the stairs, “the babies need food.”

Leo shook his head, “that is awesome.”

I waved at the others peeking out and turned to follow Terrie, “come on George. Momma find my brother Tiger.”

They knew what that meant and waited for me to open the other cage door before they took off for the next pod. I walked beside George and looked at him, “I want to show you to everyone so they won’t try to harm you.”

He chuffed and continued to walk as he looked around. I glanced across to see Tara loading the tiger into one of the transports, her husband climbed in after it. I took George to all the pods and let him meet everyone before returning to ours. When we went to start cutting branches for another platform and parking pads he leaped and flew up onto a branch above to watch.

We were almost done and working on the last parking pad, putting the grating on. A ten meter king lizard came up and onto the pad without warning. Dwarf dragons, leaf leopards and men started to react when George struck. He might have been smaller but he knew what he was doing.

He pounced on the huge lizard’s back and bit straight into the back of its neck to sever the spine. He twisted his head to rip out a huge chunk before leaping off the lizard as it began thrashing around in death throes. He calmly flipped his wings back as he walked towards me and I grinned as everyone chuckled.

Momma met him and rubbed faces before turning to walk with him. I shook my head, “who’s turn to clean the animal?”

Leo started towards the dead king lizard, “me.”

I nodded and turned to go back to work as Jade called George and Momma. The landing platform we were building was going to be a thousand meters long with forty parking pads. The southern colony had built two of the long range transports and we had ten days to get the platform finished. It was mid afternoon when we finished and split up.

We had another four pods in place and people started to move into them as Alex, Jade and I went hunting. George actually walked out in front of me and seemed to point to animals or birds for Hunter, Princess or Junior. What made him pause was the bird bats dropping blood fruit for him to eat.

He seemed to like them as much as Momma and started paying attention to the types of fruit we passed. I grinned when I saw mom and dad with Tara a little later. They were watching what looked like a huge green and brown sphere I almost recognized as a mini dragon flock nest. George growled and I looked at him and then around.

He was looking at the nest and I opened the comm, “something is wrong dad, back away.”

He glanced around and saw me before pulling mom and Tara back. I knelt and touched George, “what is it?”

He looked at me before turning and leaping. He flew around and through vines and landed on the sphere beside the opening. I started running as I heard his roar and another answered. I swung around a tree and leaped across a gap as I came closer. I stopped and knelt to look inside the nest and took a breath as I saw the other dragon.

Because George was above and at the opening I knew it wouldn’t come out. I shed my pack and yanked out leaves and started rolling them and hoping they would keep waiting. I finished with a large ball and lit it before I threw it across and into the nest, “get away George!”

A large ball of smoke bellowed up and blocked my view of the other dragon. George leaped and glided to the branch I was on and I was ready to go out when Jade and Alex caught up. Jade grabbed my shoulder, “wait.”

I looked at her as she dropped her pack and start pulling dead monkeys out. I nodded and looked at dad as he came closer, “what is it?”

I nodded to George who was crouching and watching the nest intently. Dad nodded and I moved to jump and grab a smaller branch. I swung and reached for another before grabbing the nest. I peered into the smoky nest to see the large dragon laying on its stomach. I crawled in and knocked the burning leaves out before starting to slap and put the leaves from the nest out.

I kept looking at the dragon and realized it was a little smaller and female. I looked out at Jade and she tossed a cord that I caught. I pulled the cord up with the meat tied to the other end. I set it aside and moved to pull the large dragon to the nest opening where it would have fresh air. It was several moments before it stirred and I started feeding it.

I frowned at her crooked wing and looked across at mom, “she has a broken wing.”

She nodded and when the dragon finished eating it looked at me as if weighting me. I rubbed her face, “we can fix your wing if you come with us.”

She looked out at everyone before chuffing. I smiled and scratched under her chin, “follow.”

I crawled out and up onto the nest, I looked at the branch before looking around. Another was above and to one side with a thick set of vines going up. I touched it and looked at her, “climb and don’t use your wing.”

She reached up and tested the vines before grasping and starting up. I waited until she climbed onto the branch before following. I touched her shoulder as I stood, “remember don’t use your wing.”

She nodded and her head moved to push me down the branch. I grinned as I heard Alex and Jade laugh and walked to the tree trunk. I pointed out smaller thick limbs and started down and jumped the last five feet before moving and glancing back as the dragon seemed to flow down smoothly.

She hesitated before moving closer to me as everyone started coming closer. I rubbed her cheek, “relax.”

All the smaller animals swarmed her as they purred and she kept turning her head to watch. When Momma walked up she hesitated before tilting her head. Momma purred as she rubbed her face against the dragon. George was different he walked straight to her and chuffed. She looked at him before looking at all the animals and nodding.

Mom slipped past Jade and Alex and held her hand out, “can you get her to lift her bad wing?”

The dragon tilted her head and followed my mother’s look before slowly extending it. I could see the pain as mom knelt and absently moved animals out of the way, “it looks like the mid joint is damaged.”

Tara knelt behind her and looked and nodded, “it might be dislocated.”

Mom agreed as Jade leaned forward, “look at the lower end.”

My mom frowned, “that may be a break.”

I shook my head, “she can put her wing down until you can brace it up and give her something for the pain.”

Mom stood as she closed her wing slowly with a hiss. Momma rubbed against her and I looked around, “Hunter, Princess, Junior hunt.”

Jade nodded, “Drake hunt.”

She was echoed by Alex and Tara and then dad. I headed down the branch, “Momma take us home.”

It was like a parade, instead of the mini dragons or the mini leopards moving out they followed the dragon as she started after me. George leaped and flew up to perch and watch from upper branches. The dwarf dragons were constantly bringing tree rabbits, lemurs and the small black monkeys. Jade’s tiger monkey moved along beside us and kept tossing fruit to her.

Tara was grinning as she watched, “I would love to have one of those.”

We walked onto a parking pad and then the platform before going down to the cage on top of our pod. I looked back at mom, “where do you want to work on her?”

Mom nodded to the side of the cage, “there is more light up here.”

She put her bird bats on the cage stand and her pack on the pod roof before going to get her medical bag with Tara and Jade. I pointed out the area to the side, “lay here.”

The dragon turned so her bad wing would be on the inside and lay down. I moved the mini leopards, “Alexander take everyone to the other side.”

He chuffed quieting and started herding the smaller dragons and leopards away. Momma laid by her head and watched me as Alex knelt between them. I glanced at George as he glided to the ramp into the pod cage and grinned at the live tiger monkey in one of his front hand feet. He hopped and looked around so I went across to grab a small cage and brought it out.

I opened it and held it and he held the monkey out and gently dropped it into the cage. He crouched in the doorway as I carried the cage across and set it down, “Junior watch the monkey.”

He stood and moved to the cage before laying down looking at the monkey. Mom, Jade and Tara returned and mom knelt by the dragon’s head and held up a needle, “this will take the pain away.”

The dragon looked and shifted before nodding. Tara touched the wing, “lift it again sweetie.”

I grinned and looked at Alex who mouthed, “Sweetie.”

The dragon slowly extending the wing and mom stood to bend over her wing shoulder. She felt and then slipped the needle in before injecting the pain med. Jade and Tara were looking for something to put under the wing when Momma crawled forward under it. Tara smiled, “thanks Momma.”

Mom, Tara and Jade used the sonic reader before starting. I watched Sweetie as I sat by the door with George who watched intently. Sweetie put her head down and groaned a little but kept her wing on Momma. When they finish mom glanced at dad, “she can sleep inside with us since we have more room now.”

Dad smiled as he kept cooking, “how long before she can use her wing?”

I waited as George looked back and forth and Tara and Jade gently folded the wing, “a week.”

I looked at Sweetie, “but she will fly normally?”

Tara nodded, “She is a young dragon and will fly as good as new.”

I grinned and reached out to rub George behind his ear, “a week and she will fly.”

He nodded and looked at Sweetie for a long moment before chuffing. She looked at him and nodded and he turned and leaped as he started beating his wings to fly higher and faster. I watched before standing and closing the door, “By the way Tara, George brought you a tiger monkey.”

I pointed and she grinned as she looked and then crossed to look closer at the frightened animal. I sighed and went to start cutting up animals for the mini leopards and dwarf dragons as Alex stayed with Sweetie. Momma moved to lay beside her and after they had eaten the dwarf dragons joined her.

I helped feed the griffins, giant bird bat babies and then the bird bats as Jade fed her monkey. I turned as George landed and looked past him at the older and larger dragon. I moved to the door slowly, “who is your friend?”

He chuffed and looked back before turning to face it. I looked and frowned at the crooked front leg and the badly scarred shoulder, “mom.”

I opened the door slowly and the older dragon growled but George barked softly and she quieted. I hesitated and he looked at me almost as if he was pleading with me. I shook my head, “don’t let her bite.”

He nodded and I moved around him slowly. The female watched me as I came closer and I couldn’t believe I was doing this without burning leaves. I knelt and looked at the front leg and the heavily scarred shoulder. She had turned her head to watch and like George I could see the intelligence in her eyes.

I used a finger to trace the injury, “an old wound with a broken upper leg. I would say torn muscle and maybe damaged tendons.”

I looked back at the door where Alex, Jade, Tara and dad were watching, “Mom?”

She took a breath but Tara opened the door, “I’ll do it.”

I looked up into the dragon’s eyes, “do you want us to help?”

George moved closer and whined and I looked at him before looking at the older dragon. I smiled as Tara held out her hand to let her smell before pushing me. I moved back and she knelt and started feeling.

She sat back and look at the dragon, “it is very bad. We will have to rebreak the leg. The muscle and tendons will require surgery and I will have to have what we need brought in. Do you want me to help?”

The dragon looked at George and I cleared my throat, “we will have to hunt for her.”

He nodded quickly and I looked at her and waited, she finally sighed and nodded her head. I glance at the cage, “It is getting late.”

Mom nodded, “We can have everything brought out in a few days. It will be better to do everything at once.”

Tara stood, “come in and you will be safe.”

I wasn’t sure about bringing them down and into the pod but mom said we don’t let neighbors sleep in the rain. I moved our bed back and moved Hunter to her nest on the ledge with her eggs. Princess and the other dwarf dragons moved onto the ledge with the griffins. All the mini dragons flew up to the higher nest ledges.

Tara and Jade moved Sweetie until she was against the wall staring through the grate. George laid down to the left with the larger and older dragon in the middle. She had hesitated when she met Momma but chirped softly when she came to rub against her. In the pod she laid between Sweetie and the older dragon who snorted before relaxing.

Jade made sure all the bird bats and her monkey were in their nest before dimming our light. Mom and dad were murmuring and whispering and I heard Tara talking on the comm to her husband. Alex rubbed my chest, “we better change the center room for the house.”

I grinned as Jade moved over her and whispered, “push your pants down.”

I smiled as I did what she asked and helped her straddle me and slowly work my cock into her. She sighed and wiggled before looking at Alex, “as soon as the clinic pod gets here I want you to remove my implant.”

Alex grinned, “I was going to anyway.”

I heard mom laugh as dad chuckled and reached up to pull Jade down, “first you take the fertility drugs so you have a whole clutch.”

She grinned and shoved back as her pussy squeezed, “I should and it would serve you right because you get to change the diapers.”

I laughed and shifted around before kissing her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She humped up and hugged me as I continued to fuck her. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering constantly and her pussy was clenching and squeezing. She kissed me as her pussy tightened and screamed into my mouth as she spasmed.

I heard the three large dragons chirping as I fucked Jade hard and deep. It took a few minutes before I shoved into her and held her as I began to pump sperm into her. She jerked and lifted her hips as she hugged me and shook. When I stopped cumming she dropped her legs and sighed.

I smiled as I kissed her and she grinned as she looked at the dragons, “sorry but it has been a long time.”

The older dragon chuffed and Jade grinned before I pulled out and moved so she could move over. Alex snuggled against her as I laid back and Jade put her head on my shoulder. I woke to the morning rain and glanced at Momma with the older dragon’s wing over her. I smiled as Junior peeked out and turned to hold Jade. Of course the giant bird bat babies got everyone up.

Tara appeared with the other monkey who was clinging to her. I dressed and moved to open the door and step out carefully as I looked around. I finally nodded and let everyone come out. I led the three dragon up and through the cage before going out the other door. I glanced at Hunter, Princess and Junior, “go wake Leo, Tiger and Peter and bring them here.”

As they flew off I squatted and looked down the landing platform. George bumped my shoulder and I glanced at him before looking at the others. I shrugged, “I had an idea to finish without cutting all the branches.”

The older dragon chirped and reached to the side of the ramp to extend a claw. In the bark of the branch she started drawing with a claw what looked like a tunnel and I nodded, “exactly.”

I glanced at Peter crossing to me and grinned. He looked at the dragons before lifting an eyebrow, “more?”

I shook my head, “I think we have found an intelligent species.”

I touched the older dragon, “mom, Tara and Jade are going to help this one.”

I gestured to Sweetie, “that one had a damaged wing that they worked on.”

He glanced at Leo and Tiger when they joined him, “intelligent?”

I nodded, “I think George and Sweetie pretended bonding with me.”

I looked at the older dragon when she snorted, “this one didn’t bother pretending.”

Leo grinned, “smart enough to learn from us?”

Tiger hit his shoulder, “you can teach them chest like your dwarf dragons so everyone can have a laugh at you when you lose.”

I smiled, “I was thinking of making a change. If we only cut up fifty or sixty meters and all the way to the tree trunks it would save time. We could have the first flight bring in overhead lights. It would save us several hours a day and we could just do landing platforms before working on more parking pads.”

They looked and finally Peter nodded, “sounds good. I’ll tell Emily to shift the loads coming in.”

I smiled, “Sweetie needs to stay in the cage while her wing heals.”

I looked at the older dragon, “will you stay?”

She nodded and I looked at Peter, “tell the scientists they can come over but if they bother or irritate the dragons to much I will have them sent back.”

I was surprised when mom and dad stayed with Tara. We finished cutting and making four hundred meters of landing platform before stopping. During the day we killed three tigers and a pair of lions as well as two dozen black wolf apes. This time we cut up a lot of the meat and sent it to my cage with the pelts and dad slipped out with mom to clean and tan them.

When I walked into the cage it was to see one of the scientists playing three dee chess with the large female dragon. I looked at Tara and she grinned, “she has won every game too.”

I shook my head, “they mind eating tiger or lion meat?”

Sweetie chuffed from beside several basket nests with the giant bird bat babies clinging to her. Tara grinned as Alex and Jade joined us, “no but the others had your mother bring their eggs and the babies up for Sweetie to watch.”

Jade grinned, “where is Momma?”

Tara smiled, “she went with John and Maureen.”

I went to sit and lean against Sweetie’s shoulder, “Alexander?”

I shifted when he peeked out from under Sweetie’s wing. I shook my head, “and who else is snuggling with you under her wing?”

His mate Cynthia peeked out as Sweetie snorted. I shook my head, “maybe Amanda or Sarah should lead.”

Amanda pushed Alexander and his mate out of her way as she came out with Sarah following her. I reached out to gently lift the wing to see the other small animals against her side. Jade and Alex laughed as I lowered the wing, “cute.”

George landed outside the cage as mom and dad appeared carrying the heavy pelts with a couple of anti gravs. Momma rubbed against him as she walked in and mom grinned as dad chuckled, “George fed her a wolf ape.”

I smiled and rubbed her face when she walked to me.
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