I stood with Alex and watched as Jade accepted her certification. She grinned as she walked away from Doctor Edilson, the head of the Vet school. It had been six years since the shuttle had crashed and she was as stunning as her sister. We had saved everything we could and finally it was time to start our lives.

I grinned as Momma moved forward to press against me before I turned for the door. It was only an hour after the morning storm ended so we were still on schedule. Twenty men and twenty two women were waiting with over thirty dwarf dragons, a couple of dozen mini leopards, another couple of dozen mini dragons, a couple of whole flocks of bird bats and six leaf leopards (Momma’s cubs from both her litters).

Mom and dad caught up and mom took Jade’s hand, “top of your class.”

Jade grinned, “well I have more study animals.”

Alex laughed, “guess who is my first patient for birth implant removal?”

Mom grinned as dad chuckled and I gestured to the small crowd of our companions, “time to go.”

We had accepted a huge settlement from the company that flew the shuttle that crashed and used it to buy a large chunk of land on the equator. It was beside an ocean with trees over six hundred meters tall. The men and women going with us had selected land to settle there as well. The mini leopards trotted ahead with Alexander leading the way.

We climbed up to the huge landing platform and waiting crowd. There were four large transports waiting to start one of the largest projects since the planet was settled. We were going to build platforms and parking pads all the way to our property. Fifty platforms over ten thousand kilometers.

We had planned this in detail over the last six years and already had all the pods and material ready. Each site would get four pods dropped with everything we needed. The schedule was a little flexible but we had planned to place one platform a day for fifty days. My brothers and Peter grinned before turning to climb into their transport.

Our companions went through the open hatch to our transport and I gestured to let dad and mom go first. I glanced back to see Mr Davis walking toward me quickly with his daughter. I held out my hand, “thank you for the help.”

He grinned as he shook my hand, “I’ll see you in two months.”

I grinned and looked at Tara and she embraced me, “be careful.”

I gave her a squeeze, “I expect you in a month.”

She nodded, “we already have the science team selected.”

I glanced at Momma as she rubbed Tara and I let her go before turning, “lets go Momma.”

She was a lot more comfortable flying now and leaped into the doorway. I waited while Alex and Jade said their goodbyes and followed them into the transport. I smiled when I saw Griffin Junior cuddled up against Momma. He was Hunter and Griffin’s son and hatched six months before Griffin died in his sleep.

He might be two now but Momma had always been his comforter and protector. I pulled a pregnant Hunter onto my lap as I sat between Alex and Jade, “How did the physicians exam go Alex?”

She grinned as she let Gloria crawl onto her, “a lot easier than I thought.”

Jade held Mr and Mrs Mini with the pouch of their eggs, “some of the thermal scans of home show animals we don’t have data on.”

Mom cleared her throat, “We expected to see new animals.”

Jade grinned, “to bad we couldn’t get good reads on the ground.”

We talked all the way until the word was passed back. I stood and moved to Momma and started fitting her into the huge anti grav harness. She was eager once I started to do that, for an animal without wings she loved to free fall in the harness. My mini leopards waited for their turn, I had ten now that Alexander and Jacob had found mates.

I slipped my vest and harness on before my pack. I checked Jade and Alex and they smiled tolerantly. I moved to the rear door as it began to open. Four men would stay and then jump with the pod when it was pushed out. The transport hovered and I heard the yell from the copilot before jumping. Momma and my other companions went with me.

I dialed up the anti gravs for all the harnesses and glanced around quickly to see Tiger, Leo and Peter with their groups. I went through the leaves and slipped through a few light vines as I started looking for a branch to land on. Princess and Hunter were already below me waiting with Junior gliding beside Momma.

All the mini dragons were already on smaller branches when I landed and started around and down. The pod was floating slowly when I reached the branches we had planned to use. Alex and Jade split off with mom and started watching as I hung my pack and moved to help place our pod on temporary branches.

It took us four hours to cut branches and put the beams together along with moving the four pods around and into place and put on the grates. All that and we only had a couple of packs of wolfapes. We had ten people in our pod including mom and dad. I took the girls hunting and grinned when Momma trotted ahead with Junior, Hunter and Princess flanking her.

Alex slipped up to hug me as Momma chased peacocks off the branch and the three dragons caught them. Jade and Alex along with mom brought spring fruit back using their bird bats. When we returned to the pod our game bags were full. The four new transports were on the parking platforms and everyone was on the top of pods cooking.

That set the pattern except once every two weeks when we took a day off. A month later we set up the platforms and pods before going hunting. Dad and mom were resting with a few of the others. It was just Alex, Jade and I hunting and Momma stayed with us as the dragons and mini leopards foraged.

I touched Jade when she started past me and squatted, “Hunter?”

Jade knelt and followed my look as Alex knelt with Momma, “what is it?”

Hunter landed and I caressed her cheek before turning her head, “mock attack.”

It was something I had taught her for the shows and classes I had given. She looked before leaping into the air and flying towards what looked like a huge bird bat nest under a branch across from us. Alex hissed as I pulled my pistol, a four meter king lizard leaped to the nest and Hunter banked and flew back.

There was a shot and the lizard dropped and I looked at Alex. She lowered her rifle, “if it was there the bird bats are dead.”

Jade nodded but I stood, “maybe but I have never seen a nest that large.”

Jade frowned, “the opening is larger too.”

I glanced around, “Momma? Guard.”

She knew what that meant and looked around as I left Jade and Alex. The mini dragons stayed around me as I climbed up and went around to the branch above the nest. I glanced at Alexander and his mate when he appeared out of the leaves from the side branches, “watch for me?”

He chirped as he looked around with his mate crouching beside him. I used a thick vine to climb down and look at the nest. I shook my head when I saw the king lizard had started to dig into the nest but not broken through. I used another vine and looked into the nest and froze before moving slowly, “JADE!”

Inside were six bird bats babies but larger than I had ever seen them. I looked across at her as she looked at me worriedly, “I need an empty pack.”

She nodded and touched Momma before starting to follow me with her sister behind her. I wrapped my leg around the closest vine before breaking open one side of the nest opening. The babies moved away as they began crying out but I continued until I was able to enter. I backed out and looked at Hunter and Princess clinging to other vines.

I shook my head and glanced up as Jade slipped down a vine and held out the empty pack, “bird bats?”

I smiled as I started back into the nest, “cousins.”

It was difficult to open the bag one handed and then I reached for the first baby. It squawked as I caught it and struggled to put it in the pack. I had to hold the pack closed as I caught each one and then tied it before backing out. I slipped it onto my shoulder and started working my way to the side and then followed Jade up.

I knelt on the branch and let Jade and Alex peer into the pack. The giant bird bats weren’t brown like the small ones, they were dark green. I closed the pack and stood, “we have cages back at the pod where you can get a better look.”

Jade grinned, “those babies were bigger than adult bird bats.”

I nodded off to one side, “and if I didn’t know better I would say that was an old earth monkey.”

Jade turned and Alex pointed, “Gloria seek.”

Her dragon was above and sitting on a branch but leaped as she spread her wings. Jade leaned against me, “alive Gloria!”

I snorted but the dragon neatly caught the small monkey in her front claws, one holding its neck like a kitten. When she landed it was on her back legs and Alex slipped a pair of gloves on before reaching for the monkey. The body was a light green with dark green strips like a tiger. I knelt with Jade and watched as they examined it.

It had retractable claws on its hands and feet as well as long canine teeth, it also had a long prehensile tail. Unlike the earth monkeys it had cat slit eyes. Alex shook her head, “I don’t think it would be safe to put it in a pack or...”

Jade grinned and turned me before pulling a thin fiber bag out of a side pocket of the pack. She worked the bag around and Alex finally let it go. Jade yanked the bag up before closing the opening and tying it. I stood and looked at Momma, “back to mom.”

She looked around before turning and heading out the branch. I looked around to make sure all the mini leopards were with us as I started to follow her. Jade stopped me long enough to tie the bag to the back of my pack, “led on mule.”

Alex laughed and I grinned as I started off after Momma who was waiting, “Just you wait.”

Right before we reached the pod we saw adult giant bird bats. Jade stopped to watch, take notes and a few vid images. Mom was grinning with the others when we walked into the cage on top of the pods. That was something we had added for safety. My mother gestured, “did you see the giant bird bat?”

Momma accepted a blood fruit from her and went to sit by the door next to the stairs. Jade grinned, “Firehawk has six babies and a tiger monkey.”

Mom frowned, “Firehawk?”

I slipped the pack off, “we need cages Jade.”

Alex finally closed the other door after the last of our companions came in, “did I see a new fruit?”

Mom grinned as she turned, “yes and it is delicious.”

I looked at the elongated melon that was a bright yellow color, “what did the med scan show?”

Mom stuck her tongue out, “high in vitamins and minerals with a little starch.”

Jade returned with a couple of cages and I carefully dumped the angry and frightened monkey in one. I opened the pack and gently moved the babies into the other. Mom and Jade knelt with pieces of fruit and started cutting them up to feed the babies. Alex slipped her arm around me, “I was saving the news for when Tara and her husband got here but I can’t wait.”

I saw Jade bump mom and they turned to look at me. Alex turned to press against me, “I think I’m pregnant.”

My eyes widen and then I grinned as I hugged her tight, “you never told me you had your implant removed.”

She laughed and kissed me, “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

I looked at my grinning mother and Jade, “we will be downstairs and busy.”

Mom laughed as Jade grinned, “make her scream.”

Alex laughed as she pulled me to the door and then down the stairs. I undressed her and caressed and felt her pelvis as she smiled and then pushed me back to strip me. I laid down beside her and kissed her and she grinned and pushed me down, “lick me.”

I grinned because just the afternoon before we had found a water barrel and they had soaked and washed. I kissed down her body as she spread her legs and licked through her trimmed pussy. I started teasing her clit and sucking as she lifted her hips. It was a few minutes before Alex covered her pussy and I moved up her body.

I kissed her and pushed into her slowly as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I continued to kiss her as I fucked her nice and slow while pushing deeper. It was a minute before Alex shuddered and spasmed as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I grinned when she wailed and screamed, “I’m cumming!”

I kissed her and fucked her hard and fast for a couple of minutes before burying my cock. Alex clung to me as her slippery pussy milked my cock. I began to hump, press and jab and it was a few minutes before she started to thrash around and buck, “fuck me!”

I pulled back and rammed into her before starting to fuck her hard and deep. She jerked and spasmed and convulsed while her pussy kept squeezing. I finally thrust into her and kissed her passionately as my cock erupted and I gushed a huge stream of cum. Alex clutched me and howled, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

When I stopped cumming she dropped to the floor mattress and grinned as she panted. I kissed her and slowly pulled out before laying beside her and caressing her pelvis, “I love you Alex.”

She smiled and turned to kiss me before sitting up and looking around for her clothes, “I bet Jade has tried to bond that monkey.”

I grinned as I stood and started dressing, “you two can do one of the giant bird bats but see if someone else wants to do the others.”

She nodded, “with the different climate we might find larger fruit too.”

I held her against me as we climbed the stairs to find everyone grinning at us. Alex was right, Jade had bonded to monkey. It didn’t eat very much meat and she ended up feeding it a large piece of fruit. Dad was brushing Momma with all the mini leopards laying around him waiting for their turn.

I glanced at Leo when he opened the cage, “guess what Terrie found?”

He grinned at the monkey on Jade’s shoulder and the baby Alex was comforting and I smiled, “one of these?”

He shook his head, “It looks like a dwarf dragon sort of but with feathers and only half the size.”

I grinned and looked at mom and Jade, “did you catch one?”

He shook his head, “we saw it flying in the tree tops. Terrie thinks it was grown.”

He grinned, “Terrie named it a Griffin.”

Alex grinned, “tell her to come over. We have three giant bird bat babies and she and Sandy can have them.”

He went to kneel and caress the babies, “they aren’t like the bats though.”

Alex shook her head, “they don’t seem to like to hang.”

Mom chuckled as she cuddled the one in her arms. Alex grinned at me, “remember the vampire vids?”

I smiled and nodded and she rubbed the baby’s cheek, “this is Vlad.”

Jade laughed and mom shook her head. Leo stood and looked at me with a grin, “want to go see if we can find the griffin?”

I stood and Dad chuckled as mom shook her head. I grinned at Alex and Jade, “I’ll be back.”

I took Junior and let Leo lead as we headed away and up. He stopped thirty minutes later and I followed his look. He had been right it had feathers, the wing feathers were light green. The body feathers were a dark green and seemed to extend all the way down the tail. Its tail was like the dwarf dragons long and narrow and its clawed feet were also like the dragons. The head was a little different and almost looked like a bird bat.

It was laying beside a leafy perch high in the tree top, I grinned at Leo and started to climb. I had to swing over to another branch and then move around the tree it was in before I could go the rest of the way. I stayed behind the tree trunk and moved quietly. When I peeked over the perch, it was to see the griffin still laying down.

In the nest were a dozen eggs and I hesitated before pulling the cast net. I let it drop open and was ready to throw when a scream from beyond the griffin made me look to see another dropping onto the branch. I threw and the net spread out before dropping over both. They fought and fell and I lunged up and over to catch the net.

I pulled on the draw cord and lifted the two struggling animals before tying the net closed. I carefully took the eggs and slipped them into a pouch before starting down. The two griffins squirmed and struggled off and on until I reached the wide branch Leo was waiting on. He grinned, “I thought you would lose them.”

I smiled as I knelt and pulled out a bag and a pair of gloves. My brother opened the net a little while I reached in to grab one of the animals. I pulled it out and tried to fold the wings before pushing it into a bag Leo handed me. Once the light dimmed it quieted and I was able to pull the other out.

I was careful as I secured the two bags and stood to fold the net. I grinned as Junior nosed the bags and smelled and stood, “they had a dozen eggs too.”

He grinned and we turned to head back. We saw the transport parked on the center platform and Leo grinned, “the scientists are here.”

I smiled, “tomorrow is a day off but make sure everyone knows to keep their eyes open.”

He nodded and waved as he headed across towards his pod. I walked into the cage on our pod and grinned when I saw Tara holding the baby, “hey doc.”

She grinned, “already collecting something new?”

I squatted and gently set the two bags down, “Leo and Terrie found a sub species I think.”

I opened one of the bags as Jade set a medium size cage down beside me. I peeked in and slipped my hand in before slowly working the animal out. I slipped it straight into the cage as it screamed and twisted and yanked my hand back as I closed the cage. Mom, Jade and Tara were all kneeling to look at it as I took the other cage Alex handed me.

I worked the other griffin into the cage and closed the door before straightening, “they had a leafy nest very close to the top of a tree.”

Tara nodded and then grinned, “they may have claws but those are not the teeth of a predator.”

Mom nodded, “herbivore.”

I smiled as I opened the pouch of eggs, “they had eggs too.”

Momma bumped me and laid down against one of the cages. I think it was the male inside, it froze and then shifted away before letting out a chirp. I looked at Momma as she looked into the cage and began to purr. Mom, Tara and Jade stared as the two griffins sighed and relaxed and a few moments later started to purr too.

I grinned as all the dragons and mini dragons came to look in the cages and started purring as they sat. Even the mini leopards crawled on and around us to look and purr. The two griffins pressed against each other and I hesitated before slowly turning the female’s cage until the openings were together and then opened the doors.

She moved into the other cage and rubbed her mate and crooned which was answered by Momma. I rubbed Momma’s cheek, “you want them to join us?”

I could almost feel Tara looking at me as Momma glanced at the cage and then turned to look at me and put her head in my lap. Jade grinned, “I would say that was a yes.”

I took the pouch of egg off, “put these in a warming pad.”

I smiled at Alex, “a mom for a mom?”

She smiled, “Tina and Adam won’t mind.”

I glanced at her two mini dragons peering into the cage before nodding and looking around, “move the animals back.”

I went to the corner that we used for cooking and found spice and fire leaves as well as a few melons. I came back and rolled the leaves up and checked to make sure the other animals were away before lighting them. I moved the empty cage and set the burning leaves in the open door.

The two griffins shifted and tried to back away but I turned the cage so the wind blew the smoke into their face. It was a minute before they sagged and I put the burning leaves out and turned the cage so Alex could pull the two disoriented griffins out. We were right, they seemed to like the fruit and I had to go get a couple more.

After they finished Alex caressed them and a moment later Tina and Adam were worming their way in rubbing on the two, they were followed by Gloria. I stood and smiled as Jade let Momma go and the other animal moved towards them, “they really seem to like them.”

Tara grinned as her husband poked his head up from the stairs, “what did I miss?”

I grinned as Dr James came in and shook my head, “I’m hungry.”
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