At first the pilot didn’t want to let Momma on the flight and then he wanted her in the cargo hold. I finally sighed, “tell you what, how would you like a pair of jeweled beatle hawks with their eggs?”

He glanced around, “you have one?”

I smiled, “I have several dozen that are traveling in the hold. Now I will take care of Momma in the passenger compartment and when we land you get a pair of jeweled beatle hawks.”

He nodded, “but you keep it with you.”

I nodded and he turned to write out an exception notice. The trip was actually nice, Momma stayed with me as Alex and Jade kept chasing the kittens. The dragons and mini dragons walked around calmly and let people touch and pet them. Since two thirds of the passengers were tourists it was a treat.

Especially when the girls started telling them the mini dragons were a newly found species. After we landed I rented a large transport to take us north. I think word spread because when I climbed out of the transport there were a couple of dozen people waiting, including Edward Davis.

When Momma followed me out it caused a stir until she turned to nudge a kitten back towards Alex as she was trying to catch its leash. Mr Davis walked towards us as I started to unload everything. Mr and Mrs Mini jumped out of the transport as Jade kept handing bags and cages out, “Drake!”

Her dragon turned to move between the small leopards and the approaching Mr Davis. I turned as Momma went to stand with him and held out a hand, “wait.”

Momma wasn’t growling but she was guarding. He stopped as the two small leopards paused before looking back. I pet Momma as I walked out and knelt to pull the two small leopards back, “sorry but they are hungry. The mini leopards have only been with us a few days and the mini dragons less then one.”

He smiled, “I understand.”

I gestured and he came closer before reaching out slowly for Momma to smell him. I looked back as Jade finally climbed out, “all the animals are hungry to tell the truth. This morning we were in the forest above the shuttle wreck and now we are here. We brought blood falcons, a blue falcon, a yellow winged hawk and a whole cage of mated jeweled beatle hawks as well as their eggs.”

Jade and Alex walked up to join me and Alex smiled, “not to mention his dragon’s eggs, his mini dragons eggs. Momma being close to laying and Mrs Mini ready to lay.”

He grinned, “and your bird bats?”

Jade grinned as she pet the bird bats clinging to her. He turned and gestured, “save this for tomorrow.”

The people started breaking up as he nodded to a couple of men before looking at me, “they can take care of the birds...”

I smiled, “actually I thought since we were coming here you might add them to one of your enclosures.”

He grinned as a tall older woman walked towards him, “this is my wife Helen.”

She smiled, “they would be welcome.”

He turned to her as she knelt to pick up one of the kittens, “I think you need to show them to the temporary guest house you set aside and have food brought.”

Momma moved forward and lifted her head to smell her before rubbing against her hand. It took a hour to move the birds and us as well as feed everyone. The suite we had been given was huge and I arranged nests for the dragons, Momma, the mini leopards, the mini dragons, the bird bats and finally our bed. As the animals laid down I led Alex and Jade out and down in a lift.

I had only been here once when I was in school but remembered everything I saw. Tourists were crowded around us as I led the girls across the ground to a thick carbon fiber net. Huge elephant wolves moved around outside the net, eating thick green bushes. They had long straight tusks as well as a mouth full of sharp teeth. They even had a flexible nose like a elephant except it wasn’t as long.

I led them to a new exhibit that had a tiger. Several tourists were making comments about it being tame. I had seen the information screen though and glanced at Alex and Jade, “that’s the one I caught.”

One overheard and laughed before starting to make snide comments. The guide for the group turned and walked towards me. I knew his walk from the military and he smiled as he held out his hand, “I never thought you would make it back.”

I turned to Alex and Jade, “this old man is Edgar Simon Davis Jones. If he tells you something about the forest listen. If he tells you stories, only believe half.”

He laughed before turning to the tourist looking at us, “Ladies and gentlemen this is Firehawk Micheals. For those of you that didn’t read the information screen about the tiger or the screen at the lions eggs in the incubator, he and these young ladies are responsible for them being here. Not only that but they are the only survivors of the shuttle wreck that has been in the news.”

He looked at us, “not only did they survive, they traversed almost two thousand kilometer in a extremely hostile forest.”

He turned back, “I was just informed he also just discovered a new species he named mini dragons.”

I smiled and Alex snorted, “he has a half dozen mated pairs following him around like he is a momma duck.”

Jade grinned, “don’t forget the five mini leopard kittens.”

The crowd grinned back as I blushed and turned to Edgar, “I just wanted to show Alex and Jade some of the enclosures before they start school.”

He nodded, “you need a job?”

I looked at the girls, “yes, something to feed a lot of mouths.”

He nodded, “I’ll ask around.”

We took the lift up and walked some of the branch walkways with nets around and over them. We were almost back when Momma led the kittens and dragons out of a side walkway. Several men with guns were following her but I think the dragons and kittens confused them. I moved forward, “Momma?”

She turned and moved towards me and pressed against me as I knelt. Griffin went to his back legs and patted my shoulder. I looked at him and he turned to reach out and touch her tummy. I reached out and felt her tummy moving. I glanced at Alex, “we need to get her back to the suite and see if Mr Davis has a vet.”

One of the men cleared his throat and I glanced at him, “she was just looking for us. She is close to laying eggs and my dragon knew she needed me. She won’t hurt you unless you try to hurt her or one of the others.”

I stood, “call Mr Davis and ask if he has a Vet that can come look at her.”

Alex bent to pick up a couple of kittens, “I hope the others stayed in the suite.”

Jade caught the other three and absently handed me one, “lets go back to your nest Momma.”

The guard snorted, “Momma?”

I started walking, “you saw the others following her, what would you call her?”

I was glad to find the others in the room and set the kitten on the bed as I sat on Momma’s nest which was beside our bed. She climbed up and laid down as she grumbled. I rubbed her cheek, “I know.”

Alex went to check the others on their eggs as Jade stretched out with her small leopards and Drake. There was a knock and Alex went to answer it as I stayed with Momma. The vet followed Alex in and crossed to me slowly with his eyes on Momma, “what is wrong with her?”

I moved a little, “mom checked her and thought she would lay her eggs in a week but her tummy is moving and...”

He nodded and hesitantly reached out to touch her. When she didn’t do anything he sat and felt her tummy, “um...”

He felt lower before nodding, “the eggs have dropped lower so she is getting ready to lay.”

I took a breath, “is there anything we can do to help?”

He stood, “not really.”

He glanced at Momma, “I would like to be here. She will feel uncomfortable and... well I’m not sure since you drugged her.”

I looked at his disapproving face, “should I have killed her instead?”

He looked up and reddened, “I didn’t mean...”

I waved towards the door, “thanks for coming.”

He hesitated before leaving and Alex started towards me. I held out a hand to stop her, “if she is like dragons she won’t want a female near while laying.”

She nodded before slowly moving onto the bed with Jade who had fallen asleep. Gloria slipped down and laid beside her and Alex smiled as she held her dragon. It was awhile before I glanced at the bed and by then she was asleep too. Momma had moved to a crouch and she grumbled and shifted. When the knock on the door came she was grunting so I ignored it.

Mr Davis cleared his throat as I continued to pet Momma and I glanced at him, “don’t come any closer.”

He nodded as I went back to petting. It was several minutes before her first egg came out and she groaned as she started to turn. I stopped her as I moved back to lift the egg and she growled. I stripped my shirt off as I moved back by her head, “hush.”

I was wiping the egg when she reached out to put her mouth around my arm. I stopped and looked at her, “easy Momma.”

Griffin was suddenly moving onto her nest by her head and whining. She glanced at him before slowly letting my arm go. I finished cleaning the egg before tucking it against her side. I motioned for Mr Davis to move closer and he whispered, “I though she was going to turn on you.”

I smiled as I kept caressing Momma, “dragons will do that too. I think this is her first time.”

He nodded as he knelt beside the nest, “you had a problem with the vet?”

I snorted, “I don’t need a stranger with opinions about how we live or what we do.”

He sighed, “he said something about leaf bonding.”

Momma started grunting again as she lifted and I was back to soothing her until the second egg was laid. She growled when I went to bring it around and clean it but didn’t bite. I tucked the egg in with the other before looking at Davis, “I didn’t have a net and the only other choice I had was to kill her. Outsiders just don’t understand what or how we live.”

He sighed, “he gets on my nerves too. My Caesar won’t even let him near.”

I glanced at him, “your dragon?”

He nodded, “he is almost fifteen now.”

I smiled, “old, wise and grumpy.”

He chuckled, “but a good friend.”

I nodded to Griffin purring by Momma’s head, “I had to leave Griffin when I went in the service and it was really hard.”

I looked at the bed and the two sleeping girls before looking at him, “if you want, Princess has eggs. After they hatch I will begin looking for people.”

He smiled, “not taking the eggs?”

I shook my head, “at the four week mark.”

He nodded, “it is better that way. Wild ones I can see doing it but the babies take a lot of watching.”

Momma lifted up and began grunting again and we were quiet. After she laid her egg and I cleaned it I glanced at him again, “try it with three while moving through the forest everyday.”

He shook his head, “I heard the story that was passed around.”

We were quiet until after she laid the last egg. I set it with the others and pushed and moved her as she growled until she was laying on her side. I tucked the eggs against her and looked at him as he stood, “I imagine you will want to stay with her for a couple of days.”

I nodded and he smiled, “I’ll send my daughter Tara to look at her in the morning.”

I went to find a light fiber blanket and came back to lay behind her. I covered her as Griffin turned to lay against her and her eggs on the other side. I was tired and slept soundly until the morning storm. I was worried Momma might have a problem with Hunter or Princess but Griffin’s chirp brought all the small dragons.

She grumble and trembled but didn’t do anything as they laid on her and spread their wings to protect her. After the storm I moved off the nest and woke the girls before going to bathe with them. Alex grinned as the tub filled and laid me down before straddling me as Jade giggled and positioned my cock.

Alex sat slowly and sighed as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. I rubbed her nipples as she began to thrust back and forth slowly while rolling her hips. Her pussy kept grasping my cock every time she pulled off me and I groaned as I gave her nipples a tug, “witch.”

Jade laughed as Alex shuddered and jerked. She started to twist and rub her pussy back and forth as it grasped at my cock. I began to thrust up and Alex jerked and shook before wailing. She spasmed and turned to kiss Jade beside her and I reached downed to finger her clit. She screamed as she thrashed and jerked and I grunted as I pulled her down to gush up into her.

Alex stiffened and shook as her tight pussy milked the cum out of my cock, “YES!”

When I stopped she fell onto me and shivered, “wait until we are trying to get pregnant.”

Jade laughed and pulled her up, “wash and then we need to go shopping.”

I laid beside Momma after they left. They had taken their companions with them so it was just me and mine left. The kittens chased each other around the room and played with any of the mini dragons that would play. I went to answer the door and found a young lady with bright green hair.

She smiled, “I’m Tara, dad said you wanted a doc without stupid opinions.”

I opened the door wider, “not unless they have a reason to justify them.”

She grinned as she walked in and froze, “oh!”

I closed the door and moved around her to all the dragons facing her. I touched Griffin, “this is Griffin, the young one is Hunter and the older female is Princess. They are guarding Momma.”

She looked down at the kitten attacking her foot, “viciously.”

I shook my head, “Alexander go play.”

The kitten looked back and I stepped closer. He turned to scamper towards the others in the window, “sorry they are young.”

She grinned and knelt in front of Griffin, “I came to make sure...”

She looked at me, “Momma?”

I nodded and she grinned as she reached out to rub his face, “to make sure Momma is okay. No hurting and I won’t touch the eggs.”

I looked across at Momma curled around her eggs and she shifted slightly and Griffin nodded before moving. I started for Momma, “move slow and let her smell you.”

I sat and she knelt before holding out her hand. Momma stretched her head out to smell and Tara smiled, “her eyes are clear which is very good.”

She slowly pulled out a small sonic reader and caressed Momma’s face and switched it on before moving it down her side to the rear. She came back and sat, “she is recovering nicely, another day and she will be ready for exercise.”

She touched Momma’s cheek and showed her the sonic reader, “may I look at your eggs?”

Momma shifted before finally giving a chuff which made Tara smile, “thank you.”

She turned and held it over each egg before grinning at me, “three females and a male.”

She pet Momma. “Don’t stay on the nest all the time. Griffin or one of the others can guard it.”

Tara looked at me, “do you let your Dragons bathe?”

I snorted, “what they do isn’t bathing.”

She grinned, “I know, mine play like otters and hate to get out.”

I glanced across the room, “do you need clients?”

She grinned, “dad pays my bills for helping his animals.”

I nodded and held up a hand as one of the small dragon chased a kitten, “come.”

It flared and then beat its wings to fly to me. I caress his cheek before turning to hold him out to Tara, “I’ve had them for two days. There are six mated pairs and they have eggs.”

She caressed him and used the reader and saved the data, “they look healthy.”

I nodded and let him leap into the air, “they were all together like a pack or flock.”

She looked around, “I can check them and the eggs if you like.”

She bent to catch a kitten and lift it up, “and these.”

I took it from her and set it back on the floor, “go play Samantha.”

It ran off and Tara grinned before turning to touch Momma, “thank you for trusting me.”

She stood, “where should I start?”

I laughed, “well Princess has eggs as well as all the mini dragons so pick a nest.”

She grinned before walking to a nest. I stood and turned to the window, “being stuck here is going to take getting used to after being in the forest for so long.”

Tara laughed, “dad is always looking for someone to do day trips outside the protection.”

I waved around the room, “I don’t think that would be safe with all the eggs that may be ready to hatch.”

She grinned and turned back to the mini dragon she was checking. The door opened and Alex and Jade walked in. Alex stopped as Gloria headed towards the bed and Drake headed towards Momma. Jade cleared her throat and I turned and smiled, “this is Tara, Mr Davis’s daughter and a vet. She checked Momma and I asked her to look at the others.”

Jade smiled, “could you look at Mrs Mini? I had to carry her home and she is a little grumpy.”

Tara smiled, “she has eggs or ready to lay?”

Jade carried her small leopard across to her nest, “she hasn’t laid yet.”

Alex moved to set a large bag of things on the bed, “Tina was clingy too.”

I glanced at the female mini dragon that had flown across the room to her nest where the male had joined her. Tara moved to Mrs Mini and felt her before grinning, “she is ready to lay.”

Jade grinned and I sighed, “you will need to either stay away or kept petting and reminding her. She won’t want a female near while laying.”

Tara nodded as she walked towards the mini dragon nest, “almost every dwarf dragon that lays is like that. If you want to be with her just remember to constantly talk and reassure her.”

Alex cleared her throat as Tara felt Tina and caressed Adam, “is she going to lay?”

Tara smiled, “maybe later today or this evening.”

She looked at me, “most of the other eggs will hatch within the next week.”

She looked at the girls, “would you mind if I set up cameras to watch? Dad said you won’t let them bond until they are four weeks old.”

I looked at Alex and she shook her head. Jade grinned, “we’ll try not to fuck Firehawk in front of them.”

Tara grinned and then laughed as Alex and I blushed. Tara headed for the door, “let me get a tech to set the cameras up.”

The next week was hectic as eggs hatched and the mini leopard and mini dragon laid eggs. A week later I had an offer to go help guide a small group of tourist at a distant observation platform. I didn’t want to go but Alex pushed me towards the door, “it is only for a couple of days, we are off and can watch Momma and the others.”

So I grabbed my pack and a large stuff bag with one of the carbon fiber nets. I took Griffin and Hunter and had the rest stayed. The other guide was a man twice as old as me named Gregor. We loaded the dozen tourists in a transport and flew the fifty kilometers to the already made landing platform on the edge of the lake.

There wasn’t a pod, there was a thick walled wood house with a sturdy door. I spent the day following or leading them around and showing them different animals or plants. They were to spend the day and night and leave the next afternoon. We were back at the house as it began to get dark.

Gregor was making a hunter stew for dinner from tree rabbit and a couple of peacocks Griffin and Hunter had brought back. I was on the porch watching the area around us with four tourist taking vids of everything. I had set up the net out in front of the door but didn’t arm it. When it went quiet I straightened, “inside now!”

I pulled my pistol as they looked at me and then ran for the door. The huge king lizard came up and around the branch between us and the landing platform. I knew it would reach me before I could enter and close the door and armed the net instead of moving, “GREGOR!”

I triggered the remote and the net snapped up and around the lizard. It roared and fought the net as the opening tried to close. I was aiming at it but held my fire and then Gregor was there, “damn!”

I nodded before taking a big breath, “I think we have it but I don’t have any tranqs.”

He shifted, “you want to take it back alive?”

I grinned and looked in the door, “what do you think people? Want to be the first to ever capture a grown king lizard?”

They grinned and I looked at Gregor, “if the transport gets here before it breaks loose we don’t have to kill it.”

He shook his head but pulled out his sat comm, “Base?”

“Go ahead.”

I leaned close, “we need Dr Tara Davis with enough tranq for a sixteen meter king lizard.”

There was silence before he answered, “did you say sixteen meters?”

Gregor grinned, “we could make sure but I don’t want to loose a hand measuring it.”

I grinned as the tourists laughed. They man answered, “we’ll be there in two hours.”

He smiled, “we aren’t going anywhere with this lizard on our porch.”

We let the tourists come closer and take vids. Griffin and Hunter watched and moved anyone that got to close back. It was dark when the transport arrived and I didn’t like having to stay out in the dark. At least the landing platform had lights around the edge. Tara was the first off and strode towards the house with a pistol in one hand and a small bag in the other.

The king lizard had calmed but continued to hiss angrily. She stopped on the other side of the net and grinned as she put her weapon away and pulled out a syringe. She watched before stepping in and stabbing the needle in and pushing the plunger before jumping back. The king lizard roared and thrashed around before slowly stopping.

She waited before turning and waving and a dozen men climbed out of the transport. She walked around the unconscious lizard and towards the open front door, “dad wants everyone back.”

I grinned, “I could use a clean pair of pants.”

She grinned and looked at the tourists, “ladies and gentlemen I’m afraid we will be pulling you back a day early, if you like we can arrange a tour of...”

I cleared my throat, “how would you like to have breakfast with a live leaf leopard and a whole flock of mini dragons as well as a few mini leopards?”

They looked at each other but an older woman started things, “I would.”

I nodded and we watched the king lizard being secured before being carried back to the transport with two anti grav units. I held a tired Hunter on the ride back and then had to carry her off when we arrived. I set a time for breakfast as a lot of men came to take the huge king lizard and walked away with Griffin beside me. The experience with the lizard had made me think.

When I walked in the door to our suite I dropped my pack as Griffin headed towards Momma’s nest where he had been sleeping lately. I walked to Hunter’s perch and lifted her up before turning and stripping. I went to Momma and rubbed her face as she grumble and shifted around her eggs.

I slipped into bed beside Alex and pushed her onto her back before settling between her legs. She put her arms around me and sighed, “they said you were coming home early.”

I lifted and pushed into her before giving her a kiss, “still want to claim me?”

Alex smiled and opened her eyes, “yes.”

I looked at Jade as she turned her head and Alex’s warm pussy squeezed, “even with the boys your age in school?”

Alex grinned and humped up, “I have you, you don’t cling or paw at me. Besides, you let me fuck you if I’m horny.”

I smiled and kissed her before starting to fuck her nice and slow, “I’ll see if they need someone to teach classes on wildlife and forest plants.”

She shuddered and lifted her hips as I buried my cock and began to hump. Alex wrapped her legs around me as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. Her tight pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing my cock as she started to spasm. It was awhile before I buried my cock and kissed her as it erupted and I began to gush warm sperm against her cervix.

Alex wailed into my mouth as I kept kissing her while pumping cum into her. When I stopped she groaned and shuddered before slowly relaxing, I pulled out of her and turned to Jade. She grinned as I moved over her and spread her legs while she reached between us to guide my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy before beginning to fuck her, “Still want to claim me?”

She grinned as her hips lifted and her pussy clenched, “yeah.”

I buried my cock to kiss her before looking into her eyes, “even with the boys in school?”

She hugged me, “yes.”

I smiled and kissed her before beginning to fuck her hard and deep, stopping to grind and hump with each stroke. It was a couple of minutes before Jade was wracked with spasms and violent shudders. She screamed as she wet me and her tight pussy grasped my cock, “FIREHAWK!”

I shoved into her to hump and press while she continued to shake. When she calmed and took a deep breath I started fucking her hard. She lifted her legs and kept thrusting up to meet each stroke. Each time she came it was the same, she wailed, howled or screamed as she spasmed and jerked around.

It took me a long time to shove into her slick hole and kiss her as I began to pump a torrent of cum. Jade howled as warm sperm gushed through her cervix and clutched me. When I stopped cumming I kissed her as she panted and pulled out. I laid between them and they turned to snuggle against me.

I woke to a kitten stalking up my body and glanced at Momma with all the dragons draped over her while the storm lit the sky. I pulled the kitten down and pet her, “good morning.”

She purred as I finally turned to wake Alex and Jade. We went to wash and by the time we were done the storm was over. I answered the door and accepted the large float cart and pulled it in. I used several pelts and warming pads before moving Princess’s eggs and then walked to Momma, “time for you to begin exercising.”

She growled as I moved her eggs but didn’t do anything except move off her nest and try to move onto the cart. I touched her, “stay off.”

She looked at me and then at her eggs and I sighed and knelt, “we are going out and you need to walk.”

Griffin walked to us and rubbed against her. I moved to put the young baby dragons in and then nudged Mrs Mini and moved her eggs. Alex and Jade put leashes on the kittens, “what about breakfast?”

I grinned, “we are going to the center dinning hall.”

They looked at me as if I were crazy and I took the leashes for the kittens, “bring your bird bats.”

The mini dragons flew around us the whole way as Momma walked beside the cart and kept peering in at her eggs. We walked into the loud dinning hall and Momma roared. The room went silent as tourist and guides turned to look.

I smiled and raised my voice, “ladies and gentlemen, this morning my family has decide to join you. Momma, the large leaf leopard you see has eggs in the cart so please do not approach it unless myself or one of my mates is with you.”

I glanced around and saw Gregor wave, “I would ask that you keep the noise down and listen.”

I started across the hall as several guides began making calls. The table waiting for us was a large one. I parked the cart by the seats and patting the table, “Momma?”

She looked at me and her eggs and I patted the table, “come on, you can’t sit on them until they hatch.”

There was a few chuckles as she grumbled and leaped. She landed on the table as the room went quiet again. I smiled and rubbed her face, “lay down.”

She crouched as she looked around and more people began coming in. I stood on a seat as Alex and Jade sat, “who would like to feed her?”

No one said anything for a minute and then a small girl moved away from her mother, “me?”

I smiled and turned to the white faced staff waiting beside the table, “blood fruit?”

She held up the basket and I nodded to the girl, “hold the blood fruit on the palm of your hand and hold it out towards her.”

The room seemed to hold its breath as the small girl did as I told her and Momma sniffed before reaching out to take the fruit. I looked out over the room, “Momma is the first Leaf Leopard ever to become a companion.”

I glanced at the girl as she fed her another blood fruit and Momma lay down, “there are a lot of animals on this planet and most are predators. Last night we captured a record size King Lizard. They also have a adolescent tiger here and four lion eggs that should hatch in a month or so.”

The girl went back to her mother but a woman came to feed Momma, “Leaf leopards are considered one of the great hunters here.”

I grinned, “Griffin up!”

He leaped into the air and flew around before returning. I held out my arms and he back winged and reached out. I caught him and gave him a hug, “Dwarf dragons have been companions since Samuel Davis more then a hundred years ago.”

I set Griffin down beside Momma and he went to rub faces, “Griffin is eleven years old and my best friend.”

I looked around, “people that don’t know better think they are pets. They’re not.”

I looked across the room, “Hunter!”

She stood on her back legs as she looked back from eating out of a man’s hand. She crouched and leaped into the air to fly to me. She wasn’t as elegant as Griffin but I still caught her. I gave her a hug and set her down, “Hunter and the two other smaller dwarf dragons Gloria and Drake are adolescents. They are just learning to hunt and watch for predators.”

Hunter slipped off the table to move back through the room. I shook my head and nodded to Princess laying on another table eating from a young boy, “that dragon is Princess, I found her with a broken leg and brought her home.”

I grinned, “Yeah my mother still gives me grief for bringing strays home.”

They laughed and I smiled, “anyone have a piece of fruit?”

A woman held up a small vine melon and I looked at Jade, “Jade?”

She stood and held Georgia as she pointed, “bring momma the fruit.”

Georgia twisted to look before dropping and flying across the room to snatch the small globe out of the woman’s hand. I smiled when she returned and dropped it in front of Momma. I bent and picked it up as Georgia returned to Jade who blushed, “Momma is new and they have been bringing her blood fruit.”

The room laughed and I turned, “Alexander?”

The kitten turned from stealing a scrap of meat and I shook my head, “come here.”

I smiled at the boy he had taken the meat from, “my apologizes.”

Alexander jumped and because he was wearing the harness he made the seat and then the table. Momma reached out and pulled him close to lick his face. The crowd had gasped but I smiled, “we call her Momma for a reason.”

They laughed and I moved to pick up the kitten, “if you look down by Jade you will see two adult mini leopards. Their coloring is just like the leaf leopards but that is as large as they get.”

I held up Alexander, “this little thief and his brother and sisters lost their mom and dad to a swarm of squirrel rats.”

I set him down and he jumped to another seat and then the floor. I sighed and looked around before stepping down and picking one of the baby mini dragons up. I stepped up and looked around as I caressed the small animal, “two weeks ago we didn’t even know about mini dragons. These were found together and in order to save the eggs I had to bond their parents.”

I looked around, “Addison is a beautiful planet but it is also extremely dangerous. Enjoy your stay and the wonder you see but don’t mistake the danger you don’t see. If you have a question don’t be afraid to ask your guide. For those that wish to meet my companions I ask you to move slowly.”

A man cleared his throat and I looked at him, “yes?”

He stood and pointed to Alex and Jade, “those bat things, what use are they? I mean bringing a single piece of fruit back is okay I guess.”

I smiled, “the bird bats are extremely useful. They don’t just bring one fruit back, they are used to harvest fruit in the forest and can mean the difference between life and death.”

I stepped down and a small crowd moved closer. Men, women and children put small chunks of meat on the table in front of Momma as well as Griffin. Jade moved around and brought the baby dragons to the table. The kittens climbed up for their share of attention as the adult mini dragons landed and moved around their babies.

I kept an eye on those that got to close to the cart and warned them to move back. As we walked out Mr Davis fell in beside me, “that was very well done.”

I glanced back at Momma walking beside the cart, “people should learn about us in a positive way.”

He nodded, “exactly.”

A minute later he glanced back, “would you consider doing that everyday?”

I frowned, “I’m not sure about everyday. Everyone crowding around them can be dangerous.”

He grinned, “I was thinking more along the line of in the welcoming center on the stage as well as a few classes.”

I glanced back at Alex and Jade, “I think we can do that.”
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