Standing on my knees, I lowered myself just enough so that I could rub my clit against the head of his penis. Once again, I felt the all-consuming electric shock waves rush through my body. Slowly lowering myself further, I eased the tip into my warm, wet pussy. Pausing for a few moments with just the head of his penis inside me, I wanted to enjoy the feeling a little longer. If he felt this good with just being inside my pearly gates, what would it feel like when I had the whole length of him firmly planted deep within me? He was so hard, and so full of energy, I was sure he would be able to put out those burning fires that had been about ready to consume me for so long. This was what I had been missing all those long lonely months since my boyfriend had left. Jake, in his youthful impatience, didn’t want to stop there, so he twitched his cock. Feeling him move slightly inside my flared pussy lips brought my mind back to reality. I leaned forward a bit, and then sat back so I could take a few more inches of his cock inside me. Our long session of foreplay and the huge orgasm that he had given me had left me so wet, that his cock now slid up my love tunnel with no resistance. He placed his hands on my hips while I lowered my pussy the rest of the way down his rod. The wonderful feeling of his hot cock invading my most secret places, as it pushed aside the wet walls of my tunnel of love, was something that no words can ever describe. I could feel him tunneling into me. He seemed to go on forever, so deep inside me; he was touching and massaging places that no dildo or finger could ever reach. As the rough ridge around his cockhead caressed the tender walls on its dash to my innermost depths, I felt shock wave after shock waves of pure pleasure rush through my whole body. Every nerve ending in my trembling body was tingling. This was what I had been missing. My whole body suddenly felt so alive and vibrant, and I knew that I had this young man laying below me to thank for that. I’d never be able to repay him for the sheer pleasure he was giving me, but was determined to try.

"Mmmmm," I murmured, as I rose up on my knees, and then slid back down, repeating this process again and again. I closed my eyes to shut out all distractions; I wanted to enjoy the feel of him moving in and out of me as much and for as long as I could. I lost all sense of time; the only thing that mattered to me was the love he was sharing with my body through the massaging of my inner sanctum. Each time I pushed down, he met me half way by raising his hips off the bed and shoving upward to penetrate my pussy to the maximum. After one particular hard thrust, I threw back my head and let out a loud howl of pure pleasure. The sudden shock of my tender pussy lips slamming down hard against his hipbone caused my eyes to fly open in surprise. Looking down I saw the look on Jake’s face was one of pure ecstasy. His eyes glued to the point where his love handle was moving in and out of the gateway to my love tunnel. He was in heaven. His hands had been caressing my back, moving down to my hips and then over my curvaceous ass. Every time I rose up, and more of his cock pulled out of me, it pulled my inner lips out with it. He seemed fascinated by this, and pressed the fingers of one hand against the top of my slit, so he could feel my inner lips as his cock pulled them out of me. I’m sure that he didn’t realize it at the time, but as he pressed his hand against me, he was also applying extra pressure to my oversensitive clit, trapping it between his fingers and his hard cock as it moved in and out. As I moved my pussy slowly up and down his dick, he removed his hands from my pussy and started massaging my breasts. I leaned forward and gave him a shower of kisses on his neck, cheeks, and forehead. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and we passionately kissed as we fucked.

"Oh Jake! Why haven't I fucked you before? If I had known what a fantastic lover you are, I would have fucked you long ago." I whispered in his ear. I could feel his cock expand inside my pussy with every word I said, letting me know that he's going to burst anytime soon. I leaned back, placed my hand on his chest, then I started to use a circular motion, slowly moving my hips clockwise so that his cock touched the entire inside of my pussy. “You feel so wonderful inside me like this. I can feel you touching spots way up inside of me, and each stroke seems to stretch me wider.” I said, never missing a stroke, as we continued our rapid up and down motion.

“My God! You are so sexy, my babe. Aaaaaah yes!" He moaned. It was the first time he had called me anything but my name. I was glad that he didn’t feel too shy to call me babe. All of this sucking and touching was stimulating me to new heights. I never imagined being in this situation. I had nothing in my mind except to meet Jake when I decided to go to Los Angeles, because I wanted to spend some time with him before I became busy with my career. Now I am fucking him like a girl with a craving for sex. I was the one who insisted he remove his clothes. Was it just one thing leading to another sort of thing or was it something I wanted to happen because no one had fucked me in a long time? These thoughts made me even hornier. He moaned and screamed as I started fucking him faster and harder. I found myself screaming louder than he was.

Grabbing me around my waist, he pulled me down against his hips; at the same time, he slammed himself up hard against my watering pussy. This shoved his long hard cock even further into my hot tunnel. That extra little bit was all I needed to send my body, which was already about ready to explode, over the top. "Ohhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh yessssssss!!! Hhhmmmmm!!!" I screamed, as I felt my juices flowing out over his cock and then down on his thighs.

"I can’t hold it anymore. I'm going to cum!" He yelled a few seconds later as his hips started to shake.

"Yes! Yes! Do it. Cum inside of me; fill me with your precious cum!" I cried, gasping for breath. Hardly were those words out of my mouth, when I felt his hard as steel cock, that was probing my innermost depths, jerk a couple of times, then suddenly he shot a long stream of cum deep inside me, painting the inside of my pussy with a thick white cream. I’d never allowed anyone to cum inside me. I would ask them to wear a condom, but I was happy to let him fill me with his cum, because it was his first experience, and I wanted it to be so special for him that he would remember it for a very long time.

"Oh Jake! That felt so good!" I gasped, as I tried to catch my breath. Jake lay there with his eyes closed and he had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. It pleased me to know that he had enjoyed himself, and would always remember his first experience with a girl with fond memories. I guess the joy of fucking a girl while still at such a young age, was what was making him smile. Being a typical teenage boy, I’m sure it was something that was constantly on his mind. I was very glad that I was the girl that had fulfilled his dream. Sitting there on his lap, his cock still buried deep within me, I felt so happy and contented. All the built up tension and stress of days gone by, was now gone, stripped away by that part of him that had only minutes before invaded my inner most reaches. He had touched my soul, and now I was unwilling to let him go. This was what I had needed, what I had been missing all those long lonely months since I had been with a man. Slowly I rose up off him, watching as more and more of the part of Jake that had brought me so much pleasure emerges from deep inside me. I lay down beside him and looked at his beautiful dick, which was still hard even after cumming twice. Taking hold of his shaft, I started moving my hand up and down.

"Mmmmm." He moaned, as I played with the skin of his dick with my fingers. Our mixed juices were still moist on his rod, so my hand slid along its rough surface as if it were a greased pole; a pole that I was starting to realize that I loved, and couldn’t get along without it. I loved the feel of it as it easily slid between the fingers of my fist, the same way it had slid up inside me only a few minutes ago, bringing me such intense pleasure. It was a mystery how he could still be so hard.

“I love the feel of your fingers wrapped around my cock. I think I could lay here forever and let you do that.”

“I’m glad you are enjoying this because I can’t get enough of looking at and touching it. You have the prettiest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“How many others have you seen?” He asked with a mischievous tone in his voice.

“That’s none of your business.” I said, in as stern a voice as I could, winking at him so he would know I wasn’t upset with his question. Returning my attention to the treasure that I held in my hand, I continued caressing his stiff pole. I’d lean it first one way then another way, but he didn’t seem to mind what I did. He just lay there letting me have my way with him. His only responses were a few moans of pleasure that I noticed were starting to come more often the more I caressed and fondled him. I saw his leg muscles tense and felt his groin rise slightly, as if he was trying to let me have access to every inch of his love handle. He was too long for my one hand to cover, so I wrapped the fingers of my other hand around him, as I continued fondling him.

“Oh, Natasha that feels wonderful. Keep doing that.”

Every time I pushed my hands down his prick, he rewarded me with the sight of the pointed tip sticking above my fist. Bending down, I covered that remaining part of his manhood with my lips. Sliding my tongue across the tender tip, I felt him jerk slightly, as another loud moan escaped from deep within his chest. Before I could go any further, he interrupted me by saying, “I know what you are about to do and I love the feel of your lips and tongue against my cock, but I have a favor to ask of you. There is something else that I would love to try.”

Turning to look at him, but still maintaining my grasp on his hard pole, I asked. “What’s that, honey? I’ll do whatever you want if I can.”

“Well… Ummm I saw a picture of a guy that was fucking a girl while she was on her hands and knees. He was standing behind her. I’d love to fuck you that way.”

“Of course, honey. I’d love to have you fuck me that way.” I said smiling at him. “Just tell me how you want me to be.”

His grin got even bigger as he realized that another of his fantasies was about to come true. “Maybe you could turn around so that you were kneeling on the bed and your bum was at the foot. Then I could sneak up behind you. You wouldn’t know I was there until I stuck my cock in you.”

“Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s do it!” I excitedly exclaimed, as I let go of his pole and started to scramble around the bed to get myself into the position he had described. Kneeling there with my knees spread apart and right at the edge on the foot of the bed, I looked up at him still laying there. “Is this how you want me to be?”

“Yes, that’s perfect.” He said as he swung his legs over the side and got up. “Now remember, you don’t know that there is anyone else around.”

“Okay. This is going to be so much fun.”

To add to the effect, I closed my eyes so that I wouldn’t see him coming up behind me. This was so exciting. Then I waited to see what he would do next, my whole body tingling with anticipation. Something else that was exciting was the fact that earlier this evening, he was so shy and nervous that he couldn’t look at my nude body, and had a great deal of trouble fastening my bra. Now he was confidently giving explicit instructions on how he wanted to fuck me. I waited… and waited…for what seemed like an hour, but probably wasn’t more than a minute or so. Wild thoughts raced through my mind as I impatiently knelt there. What would he do next? Would he say anything? Would he suddenly take me with no warning? Oh, how I wished he would hurry up, the suspense was killing me. Would he… I never got a chance to finish that thought, because suddenly I felt two strong hands grab me by my hips, pull me back and at the same moment, something big and hard forced its way into my wide-open pussy. It raced up my love tunnel, like a steam engine out of control, forcing my walls apart as it made its mad dash, never hesitating, never slowing down until it completely buried itself inside me. Even though I knew he was there and what he was going to do, the suddenness; the aggressiveness of his act caught me by total surprise. My eyes flew open and I threw my head back, as a loud scream came from somewhere deep within my ravaged body. The sudden and complete entry only intensified the unimaginable waves of pleasure that raced through every fiber of my body. Not only was I feeling the effects as he massaged my inner walls, but his entry point had been a little low, so the full length of that lovely cock scraped against my still very sensitive clit, adding to the pleasure. It was almost more than I could stand, and for a few moments, I thought I was going to pass out, something that I had never experienced before. Determined to hang on, I gripped the sheet in my fists and hung on for dear life. Only managing to take short, gasping breaths through clenched teeth, I finally managed to blurt out, “Oh, my Jake. You really did catch me by surprise. I’ve done it this way before, but I never expected anything like that.”

“I didn’t either.” He replied. “I’ve read stories where guys did that to girls and I’ve always wanted to try it.” Still holding me by my hips, he now began to withdraw, until only the tip was inside me. Then reversing direction, he again entered me, bringing another murmur of pleasure from my lungs. This time it was different then his original entry, this was slow and tender. We continued for some time like this, sometimes he held my hips, other times he was gently caressing my sides and back with his gentle hands. Every time he fully entered me, and I would feel his hips bump against my inflamed pussy lips, another pleasure tremor raced to my brain, each adding to the intensity of the other. Our previous two sessions when I had sucked him and the time I rode his cock to completion; it was to satisfy an intense, burning urge for sexual release that had consumed our bodies. It had been mad passionate sex. Now, with our desire somewhat satiated, this was different, this was gentle, tender love making. Sliding his hands all the way up my trembling body, until he was caressing my cheek, I turned my head and kissed the palm of his hand. Then slowly moving back down my throat, he let his hands wonder down my side until he encountered my swinging breasts. Lightly cupping my hanging tits in his hands, he massaged my nipples by moving his hands in small circles, bringing another gasp of pleasure from me. I couldn’t get enough of the wonderful feeling his hands gave me as they supported my enormous tits that way. Releasing those hard buds, and still with the lightest of touch, he moved on over the underside of my feminine charms. All the time he was fondling me that way, he kept up that frustratingly slow, but so very exciting, in and out motion of his now harder than ever rod. I could feel my body once again climbing that ladder, each step bringing me closer and closer to that wonderful moment when I would feel fireworks explode in my brain. Then I would experience that slow leisurely decent; until reaching bottom, I would feel totally exhausted but also completely satisfied. His hands never ceased their downward trek, gracefully gliding across my tummy, until his wondering fingers touched that most secret of all feminine places, that secret cavern that was now allowing him access to my heart and soul. Pressing against me with his fingers, he increased the pressure against my already inflamed clit, as his probing cock was massaging it from the inside. This sent me a few more steps up that ladder; however, I now sensed that I wasn’t the only one that was getting close to seeing fireworks and blinding lights. His probing love handle was now entering me faster and with a bit more force, and I could hear him grunt every time he fully entered me and his hips slapped against my ass.

“That’s it Jake. Ohhh YESSSS! Give it to me!” I shouted, trying to help him reach his point of no return.

I must have succeeded, because only a couple of hard, deep strokes later, he jerked out of me, and yelled. “Quick Natasha, suck my cock!” Whirling around as fast as possible, I quickly took as much of his bloated cock in my mouth as I could. He was so near his breaking point that I only had time for a couple of quick strokes with my tongue against his throbbing penis, when I felt him push against my face and let loose a blast of his hot cum down my throat. Already balancing on that top step of the ladder, this was enough to shove me over the top. As I finished sucking him dry, I could feel the hot juices from my explosion running down my legs, starting to soak the sheet below my knees.

“I have to sit down before my knees give away and I fall to the floor.” He panted, flopping down on the bed beside me.

“I know the feeling. I’m feeling the same way. Come and lay down with me for awhile until we can catch our breaths.” I said, as I turned and with the last remaining strength I had, crawled back up towards the pillows.

Rolling over onto his back, with his head propped up on a fluffy pillow; he extended his left arm out across the bed. “Would you lie in my arms for a while, Natasha? I’d love to hold you.”

I know my face lit up with joy, because there was nothing that I loved doing more than to cuddle with my partner after the joys of lovemaking. It was such a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling that I experienced every time I had a chance to do that, even thinking about it, sent little shivers down my spine. It was like icing on a cake, no matter how good the cake was; this made it all that much better. My ex-boyfriend hadn’t always wanted to do that with me; many times, he would immediately roll over and go to sleep for a few minutes. This left me laying there by myself, feeling ignored and somewhat unfilled. Here was a young, handsome man that actually wanted to cuddle and hold me in his arms, after having given me more pleasure than anyone ever had. What a treasure! With no hesitation, I lay on my right side, with my head on his broad shoulder, and wiggled in tight against him. He pulled me even tighter against his body, when he bent his arm back over my shoulder. I reached down with my left hand, and picked up his now exhausted cock, as I placed my leg over his, then laid his limp love handle against my thigh where I could see it. Resting my hand flat on his chest, I could feel his heart beating. Reaching out with his right hand, he cupped my chin with his fingers, tilting my head up towards his face. Bending forward, he gave me a very light, tender kiss, and then extending his arm, he placed it over my waist, with his hand lightly pressed against the small of my back, holding me close.

“Thank you Jake. You have given me the most pleasure that I think I’ve ever had. Lying here in your arm’s this way with your naked body against mine is heavenly. With you holding me the way you are, I feel so warm, so safe and secure. It is the most wonderful of feelings.” I said looking up into those beautiful eyes of his. After giving him a quick kiss, and then snuggling back against his shoulder, I couldn’t resist a sigh of contentment.

“I feel like I should be the one that is thanking you, Natasha. For years, I’ve dreamed of making love to a girl, and wondered what it would be like. Now you have made all those dreams come true. I guess that I always knew that sex would be wonderful, but I never dreamed it was like this.”

“You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear you say that. I’m proud that I’ve had the honor of introducing you to this new and exciting world. I hope that now you realize the difference between sex and lovemaking. What we just now had was a sample of how wonderful lovemaking can be if the couple care about the feelings of each other.”

Lying there together, we grew silent, both of us deep in our own thoughts. It was a comfortable silence, because nothing needed saying, yet that silence spoke volumes. We understood each other almost as if we could read the other person’s mind. We had both freely given and received pleasure, so nothing else mattered. It was only a few minutes until I heard soft, deep breathing coming from Jake. Glancing up at his face, I saw a very happy, contented young man. It was also the face of a man sound asleep. This time it didn’t matter to me, it was okay, because I knew that he cared about and desired me, and this made me feel like the prettiest, most loved girl in the whole world. I don’t know how long I lay there, but it couldn’t have been very long. Maybe it was the sound of his steady breathing, maybe the result of my long flight earlier that day, or maybe just exhaustion from our hot and heavy lovemaking, or perhaps a combination I don’t know, but I soon joined him in slumber land.

Somewhere deep in my subconscious mind, I thought I heard something. Forcing myself to partially wake up, I looked around the room. Seeing that it was daylight, I looked at the clock on the nightstand. “Good heavens.” I thought to myself. “It’s already a few minutes after 8 a.m.” I couldn’t remember ever sleeping this late. However, it was so comfortable laying there on Jake’s shoulder that I decided to give myself a few more minutes before getting up. I had barely closed my eyes, when I heard it again, a knock on the door. Then from the other side, came a voice. “Jake! Open the door.”

Thank you Stan for helping me with the story

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