My heart melted at those words. “Oh Jake, that is such a beautiful thing to say!” For someone that had never been with a girl before, he sure did know how to get to me. I had always known that he was a gentle, kind-hearted person, and this was just his basic personality showing through. He was a lover, not a fighter. Ever so lightly, he caressed my cheek, his fingers barely touching me. His thumb traced the outline of my lips, his eyes never leaving mine. He lightly slid his hands over my cheekbone; his fingertips blazing the trail along my throat that his sexy lips soon followed. Turning my face to the side to give him full access, I felt him taking little nibbles with his lips as he explored every inch of my throat. “Oh yes, Jake! You have ignored them for too long.” I murmured as I felt his hands once again making electric contact with my heaving breasts. I couldn’t help but arch my back, forcing my two large feminine mounds tighter against his roving hand. He hadn’t forgotten what I told him about being gentle, as his fingers slid across the tingling skin of my breasts, as light as a feather. Cupping my breast in his hand, he held it until his roving lips reached that part of my body. This time he didn’t really suck on my protruding nipples, instead he flicked them back and forth with the tip of his tongue. This sent shivers of excitement all the way down to my quivering pussy lips. I felt him remove his hand from the underside of my breast.

“Oh no, please put your hand back against….” I started to complain, but he stopped me in mid sentence when I felt him take my hot extended nipple between his lips, and roll it back and forth before releasing it. “Ohhh my! Ohhh yes! I exclaimed, feeling wave after wave of pure pleasure rush throughout my whole body, from my sex craved mind down to my leaking pussy lips.

Glancing up at me, he grinned as he said, “I hoped you would like that. I just can’t seem to get enough of your sexy tits and those hard little nipples.”

“I love the way you handle me. You have such a light touch that it sends tingles all through my body every time you touch my breasts. You can fondle and kiss them as much as you want.”

A big smile appeared on his face as I said it. Then returning his attention to my tummy, he continued his slow but steady exploration of my trembling body, as his hands once again started on their downward trek. Caressing across my stomach, he moved each hand to my side; then with only his fingertips touching me, he let his fingernails lightly rake down my sides. I couldn’t decide if it was a caress or a tickle, not that it mattered because the effect was the same. My whole body jerked as his fingertips moved down over my ribs. Then laying his hand flat against my stomach, and spreading his long fingers, he moved back up towards those two mountainous breasts with their hard tipped peaks. “You have such a firm tummy. Your skin is so soft and tender, I love its feel.” He commented, as his hands crawled ever so slowly across my belly button, on their upward journey. Once again reaching my breasts, and never breaking contact, he cupped them in his large hands. With his fingers along their sides and his thumbs forced between them, he moved up their full length until reaching the summit. Holding them firmly, he bent down and lightly kissed each nipple. Then swinging his fingers over the summit, briefly making contact with my aching nipples, he released the breast and once again moved his hands to my side and started back down. At the same time, he kissed the underside of both of my breasts, before moving down over my heaving tummy with his lips. I knew what his ultimate goal was, but he was taking such a long time getting there, that it was driving me mad with desire. He was teasing me and I knew it, and it took every ounce of restraint that I had to not grab his hand or his head and push him down to my burning pussy. It was starting to ache with desire.

“Hurry up, Jake! You are teasing me and I can’t stand much more!” I demanded.

“Don’t be so impatient, my dear. You must have patience.” He responded with a chuckle. “You will live, and besides, it’s fun tormenting you this way.” I wasn’t going to get any consolation from him, because he immediately went back to what he had been doing. His hand slid down my stomach, gradually descending towards that most tender and sensitive spot on any girl’s body. He lowered his head down and immediately began to shower my waist with kisses. His mouth continued to work overtime on my waist, before starting to move downward, following his hands. As he drew ever closer to that most private of all places on a woman’s body, I tensed every muscle, trying to prepare myself for that glorious moment of contact, that moment when his probing fingers first touched my burning pussy. It become so wet with expectation, that the panties felt cool and damp against my burning lips. My whole body trembled as I waited… waited…

I heard him snicker, as he suddenly removed his hands and lips from my expectant body, and quickly moved down to my lower thighs, making contact there with his fingertips.

“Why are you being so mean? For heaven’s sake please don’t do this to me!” I demanded. “Ohhh! Please….” I squirmed around on the bed, trying to get him to move back up and take care of my burning desire. As he had done before, he once again ignored my pleas for mercy, and began a slow movement up my shapely thighs. I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking as he raked his fingers up along the sensitive skin between my legs. I saw him watching me with a grin on his face, as he slowly moved up towards what I knew his ultimate goal was. It was the place that I wanted him to touch, to kiss and caress me. I desperately needed him quell those burning flames coming from that point of the ultimate pleasure for a girl.

Feeling his finger wiggle in under the leg band of my panties, I felt a sense of relief begin to flow through my shaking body. Maybe now I was going to get some relief from the burning desire that had consumed me for the longest time. It had been such a long time since a man had touched me there, and I desperately needed relief. I knew that I couldn’t stand it much longer. If only he would hurry. I spread my legs apart as far as I could because I was trying hard to make it as easy for him as possible. Changing his mind, he withdrew his fingers and cupped my moist mound in the palm of his hand. The front of my panties was soaked, and I am sure his fingers must have noticed it.

“Ooooohhhhhh YES!” I screamed when I felt him pressing against me. “Oh, Jake, that is so wonderful. Please don’t tease me anymore. I need you so badly.” I begged.

“Okay. I’ll be good.” He said, obviously enjoying the knowledge that he had managed to bring my trembling body to this heightened state of sexual desire. Reaching down with his hands to my hips, he wiggled his fingers in under the tight waistband of my panties. “Rise up. I want to take your panties off, so I can see what treasures you have been hiding from me.”

Instantly obeying his command, I raised my hips from the bed and I felt him start to pull my soaked panties down. I marveled at how his attitude had changed; he had started out being afraid to touch me and now he was giving commands, but he was doing it in a kind gentle way, not in an aggressive manner. This was the type of man I enjoyed, and one with whom I would be willing to share my body.

As he began to slide my panties down my legs and my naked vagina became visible to his wondering eyes, he hesitated a moment, and stared at the sight unfolding before him. He had told me that he had never been with a girl, so I knew that this was the first time he had ever seen a woman’s shaved pussy. For a few moments, I lay quietly, not moving, as I watched the expression of wonderment cross his handsome face. I was proud to be the first woman to share this sight with him. This was another first for him, and I wanted to let him enjoy the moment. I saw his jaw drop, and I heard him take in a sudden gasp of air. His eyes got so big I thought they were going to burst out of his head.

Finally breaking the magical spell that held him in its grasp, I asked. “Well Jake, what do you think? Is it what you expected?”

It was several moments before he could gather himself together enough to answer and even then his voice was barely above a whisper. “It’s… it’s…..well it’s even prettier than I expected. I’ve seen pictures in men’s magazines, but nothing like this.” He finally managed to blurt out, his face starting to blush from having just admitted that he had seen pictures of naked women in magazines. “Natasha, you are so beautiful.” He said, finally managing to tear his eyes away and look me in the eye. With that, he leaned down and gave me the sweetest, the most loving kiss I have ever had. With his mind starting to clear, he remembered what he had been about to do, and that was to remove my soaked panties. Reaching back down to my hips, he slid my panties down my legs, off my feet and threw them away. As he slid them down, he couldn’t resist letting his fingers trail along against my skin.

Positioning himself between my outstretched legs, he crawled back up over my body, until we were eye to eye. I looked deep into his eyes as he supported himself on his arms above me. I saw not only a longing, but also a burning hunger. Glancing down his body, I saw his love handle hanging there stiff as any steel rod. He lowered himself down to my face; then as we kissed passionately, his youthful male hormones running wild, I felt the tip of his cock bump against my inflamed pussy lips several times. A loud moan of sheer pleasure escaped my lips as he broke the kiss, just the thought of what awaited me almost sent me over the crest.

Moving his head between my thighs, I heard him say. “Now Natasha, I finally get a chance to try to repay you for the sheer joy you gave me when you sucked my cock. I just hope I can give you even a small amount of the pleasure you gave me. If I’m not doing it right, please tell me, because I really do want to learn how to please you.” His warm breath on my inflamed pussy lips as he spoke started to make me crazy. He began to alternate between lightly nibbling, kissing, and licking my outer lips. He started out by barely touching them with his tongue, and it amazed me how light and delicate a touch he had when he wanted. It was so light that I could barely feel it. I knew that while I didn’t want him to get rough, I did need a firmer touch.

“You can press a little harder. That is the most sensitive spot on my whole body, but a little firmer pressure will really get me going.” Immediately I felt the pressure increase. “Hmmm.” I softly moaned to let him know that was how I liked it. He would lovingly caress me, first up one side, then the other. Without me saying a word, sometimes he would vary this by gently taking my swollen lips between his lips and nibble on them. Every time he did that, my body automatically reacted by jerking, as pleasure tremors raced everywhere. This seemed to encourage him even more.

“It’s okay if you stick your tongue inside me. I will really enjoy that and I think you will too.” I instructed him, trying to let him know that I wouldn’t mind. “At the top, you will feel a hard little nub. That is my clitoris, and it is extremely sensitive. I will go wild if you caress and kiss it. But please remember, be very gentle.” I felt his tongue briefly enter me, and then almost immediately withdraw as if he wasn’t sure he had done it right. “Hmmm, that felt good, Jake. Do it again.” I said to encourage him. This time he didn’t withdraw, but slowly moved it around, testing and exploring. This was all new to him, and he was eager to learn what he had only dreamed about in his fantasies, probably while looking at some picture in a magazine and masturbating. He had all but admitted in so many words that this was what he had done, now he was getting a chance to live out his dreams, and he was going to make the most of this opportunity. I sure wasn’t about to stop him, as his probing, while not expert, certainly was having an effect on my body. I was enjoying every second. It seemed like a lifetime ago since I’d felt this good.

“Now use your fingers on each hand and pull my lips further apart. That will let you enter me even further. See if you can find my clit at the top, but go easy when you do.” Doing as I asked, he carefully pulled me apart, and I spread my legs as much as I could. I could feel the tip of his tongue, as it flicked from one spot to another, trying to explore every fold and crevice inside of me. He seemed to be happy for the moment to just explore, and forgot what I told him about finding my clit. Finally, he remembered, and I could feel his face move upward as he began to search for that little love bud inside me. Instinctively he seemed to know when he found it, because he lovingly cradled it in his tongue. The moment his rough tongue touched me there, my whole body jumped as if you had touched me with a cattle prod. A loud moan escaped from my mouth the second his tongue discovered my clit. He had had my body on such a sexual tight rope for so long, that the shock wave that hit every nerve in my body from his contact was more than I could stand. My sudden, violent reaction scared him, because he thought he had hurt me, so he started to pull away. Before he had a chance to do so, I grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled him back inside me.

“No, please don’t stop now. That felt fantastic. Do it some more.” This time he knew that he had done it right; his tongue played with my clit like a virtuoso plays with the violin. He flicked his tongue back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, harder and harder, as the tension climbed near the breaking point. “OOOOHHHH!” I yelled, as my ass began to bounce on the bed. I slammed my knees together, holding his head firmly in place. His lips alternatively squeezed and released the base while his tongue swirled around my love button, licking it and teasing it. I squeezed my boobs and bit my lips as I felt my orgasm building inside me. “I’m almost there. OOOOHHH YESSSS! Do it harder Jake. Harder! Faster!” I cried out to him, begging him not to stop or slow down. He did his best to do as I asked. I squeezed his head with my thighs, and with my hands, I pushed his face tighter against my pussy as I felt my orgasm reaching its climax. "I can't hold it anymore." I screamed. My flood gates opened and a gush of cum ran out of my slit, but Jake didn’t move his mouth from my pussy. He took every bit of cum and made sure that not even a single drop was wasted.

I don’t know whether it was the built up tension of not having had a proper sexual release for such a long time, or whether it was the excitement of showing Jake how to please a woman, or perhaps a combination of both. He had pushed me so high, that when I finally reached the summit and climaxed, it was like falling off a mountaintop. It was a ride that I’ve never experienced before. I was completely exhausted. I let my legs fall back onto the bed, flung my arms out to my side and lay there with my eyes closed. I was desperately trying to get my breathing back under control and my racing heart back to normal. Being the perfect gentleman and not knowing what else to do, he kept sucking and licking my love bud with that marvelous tongue of his. After such a huge explosion as he had helped me reach, I was now to tender to continue. Gently, but firmly, I placed my hands on each of his cheeks and pushed him away.

Looking up at me with inquisitive eyes, he asked. “What’s the matter? Is something wrong? Didn’t I do it right?”

“No Jake, there is nothing wrong. It’s just that after such a huge orgasm as you just now gave me, I’m very tender down there. My clitoris is just a bundle of nerves, and when it is pushed to the level of excitement the way you did, I need a few minutes for my nerves to calm down.” I replied, trying to put his concern to rest. “Come up here beside me and let me hold you for a little while until I can catch my breath again.” I said smiling at him.

Doing as I asked, he crawled up along my right side, and lay facing me with my arm under his head. “Are you sure you haven’t been with another girl before now?”

“No, I haven’t.” He replied with a bit of puzzlement in his voice, because he didn’t know why I’d ask that question again, after he had already told me he was a virgin.

“I’ll take your word for it, of course. It’s just hard to believe that someone with no experience in lovemaking would be so good at it. That is exactly what you have been doing to me this past while, making love to me, and not just having sex. Believe me, there is a world of difference. I don’t think that I’ve ever had such a huge orgasm as this was. When you caressed my clit with your tongue the way you did, I literally exploded. I’ve never felt such a wonderful feeling in my whole life.” Drawing his face a little closer to mine, I continued. “Thank you Jake for giving me so much pleasure.” I gave him a kiss to show my appreciation.

“So I did okay then?” He asked, as if needing to confirm that everything was okay.

“Jake, you did more than just okay. You did fantastic!”

This seemed to satisfy him. “Thanks. I wasn’t sure if I had or not. I just know that I wanted to please you.” He then reached out with his right hand and placed it over my left breast, not caressing or anything, just let it lay over my nipple.

I smiled my appreciation at him. For the next several minutes, we lay there, me holding him in my arm. We talked about several things in our life that had happened during the past year since we had seen each other. I explained about my desire to move to New York and start a career as a model. He agreed that that would probably be the best place to try to get myself established in that profession. I asked him what his future plans were, but he hadn’t decided yet what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He guessed finishing high school was his first objective and then he’d see what happened. I told him that he had better finish his schooling or I’d never speak to him again.

“Aww, Natasha, you know that you couldn’t do that. You like me too much.” He said, grinning at me. He knew of course that I was only teasing him.

Starting to feel a bit more relaxed, I couldn’t help but notice that his cock was still standing at full attention. It had never gone down, even after all this time. The beauty of youth, I thought to myself. My cunt, although still tender, was starting to get that familiar ache once again. Here was an excellent opportunity to quench some of that built up tension that I’d been carrying around since my boyfriend and I had split up. I intended to take full advantage of the situation too.

"I think I should give you a reward for licking my pussy so good." I said.

"Really? What is that?"

"Let me get my arm out from under your head. Then I want you to lie down in the middle of the bed. Eagerly I swung my leg over his hips as I got into the cowgirl position, my pussy, dripping wet, was mere inches away from his hard penis. I could hardly wait, for as good as my last orgasm had been, this was what I really wanted and needed.


He nodded.

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