A sister volunteers to learn a new set of skills to aid her troubled brother.
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. This chapter involves graphic sexual descriptions of a brother and sister beginning an incestuous relationship. The whole of this novella consists of multiple adults and teens (several of them family members) having sex with one another, written in a similar fashion. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- - -

I sat on our living room couch, entirely free of any clothing. At the opposite end sat my fifteen-year-old daughter, Julie, wearing only the smallest, most revealing pair of black exercise shorts. This whole morning, her provocative clothes and gestures had been building a sexual tension in me, the likes of which I’d never felt before.

It didn’t help matters that Kelly, my wife of twenty years – with whom I was still madly in love with and demonstrated that ardor to her at least twice a day – had been gone for four days now on a vacation that would last another three and a half weeks. Combine the two and the sexual tension would be enough to drive any sane man into a sexual frenzy with the right leverage.

That had almost been exactly what had happened. Right when I was the most vulnerable, Julie had surprised me, offering a terribly immodest service to me, her father. Just moments ago she had finished pleasing me with outstanding oral sex. The gratification had successfully alleviated the stress of both missing Kelly and a recent problem surfacing at my accounting firm – at least temporarily.

Julie now stared at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. They were insatiably compelling, a desire in them to love her father like no daughter should. Did she see the same emotion in mine? Although time didn’t permit it now, I was determined that, if all went well, I would satisfy every craving both of us endured.

At the moment, however, I was insanely curious where her experience came from, and she appeared reluctant to enlighten me. I urged her to enlighten me.

“Promise me, Daddy,” she pleaded. “Promise me you won’t get mad.”

Feelings of overwhelming shock and surprise flooded me. How could I possibly feel any anger or frustration with her? In my moment of need and despair, when my pride and the pressures of society worked against her, she had offered herself willingly and totally to my satisfaction. I had attempted to resist, but her love and compassion won over my reluctance. Anger? No. There was nothing but love and admiration for my daughter now.

“Ok, Jewels,” I vowed, “I promise.” I looked at her squarely. “Julie, you just gave your dear old dad the blowjob of the century. If you think I’m going to get upset with anything you have to tell me you are sorely mistaken.”

She smiled genuinely. Her perfectly-placed teeth, the contours of her face, the beauty of her smile all reminded me of Kelly. Julie could have been a younger clone of her mother; the only exception was the difference in hair and eye colour. She sat with her arms folded lightly, her arms pressing her succulent, fifteen-year-old 30C breasts together. Their nipples stared me in the face, as though screaming for my attention, begging me to fondle them.

Damn, my daughter was easy on the eyes – and her love was all mine now!

Giggling, my daughter gripped them, shoving them upwards on her chest. “Like what you see, Daddy?” she chuckled.

Again, I had been caught admiring my daughter. “Like them?” I responded “I love them, Jewels! They’re perfect.”

She laughed softly again, allowing her breasts to obey gravity. “Good,” she said, satisfied. “This month, while we’re all alone, they’re all yours, Daddy.” The look of honesty in her eyes confirmed to me that she meant every word she said.

“I look forward to it,” I admitted. Urging her to begin her story I then asked, “So, you were just about to tell me where you learned to please a man so well. Care to enlighten me, Jewels?”

“Oh, right,” Julie giggled. “About that. Well...” she hesitated, biting her bottom lip again and avoiding my gaze.

“Go on,” I prodded.

She looked at me with uncertainty. “Well, I’ve been having sex with boys for about three years now,” she confessed.

My eyebrows shot up, my eyes going wide. “Three years!?” I repeated in shock. I could feel my jaw dropping. “When? With who?”

Quietly she replied, “Well...mainly Will and Broc – since I was twelve.” She lowered her gaze, unsure of what my reaction would be.

Amazement overwhelmed me. “Will and Broc...! Your brothers!?” I gasped, completely unprepared for her explanation.

Her eyes lifted, meeting mine. They were now more full of uncertainty and nervousness than they had been the whole morning – perhaps more than I’d ever seen. “Daddy, you promised you wouldn’t get mad.”

I stammered for a moment before managing, “No; no, Jewels. I’m not mad or upset or anything. I’m just surprised, that’s all.”


“Yeah. I just never expected you to have explored your sexual nature with your brothers, that’s all.” She smiled shyly. I added, “I guess I should have expected it, though.”

“Expected it?” she wondered aloud. “How so?”

Shrugging, I explained, “Well, by letting you three walk around in front of each other in next to nothing.” Julie giggled again. “Forgive me, Jewels, but families don’t usually do that. I mean, your mother and I have tried to deter any straight-up nudity around the house, but I’m sure it has happened.”

Julie nodded, adding, “Not always deliberately; but, yeah, it’s happened before.”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I guess with you kids growing up and getting interested in sex and just how your bodies work, it makes sense that the three of you would all be comfortable with taking off your clothes in front of each other.” I shook my head and breathed deeply. “But for you guys to be getting one another off, well, that comes as a shock to me.” I looked at Julie again, regarding her with care and loving concern. “Not entirely unexpected, though. Don’t worry, Jewels; I’m not mad – certainly not at the three of you, anyways.”

A wide smile crossed Julie’s face. Her loving expression showed that she was entirely at ease with the situation now. “I’m just glad the truth is finally out there. Now we don’t need to go sneaking around quite as much.”

“Yeah, well,” I muttered, “just don’t go getting pregnant with your brothers.” She nodded eagerly, causing her delightfully-shaped breasts to shake. “That would make problems that none of us would want to deal with.”

“I know, Daddy,” she promised.

We sat there for a moment, staring at one another’s exposed bodies. There was a new daddy-daughter affinity between us; that was for sure. How long could we go on loving each other like this, though, was anyone’s guess. Still, questions lingered in my mind. “How did this all start?” I asked.

Once more, Julie giggled. “Well, it’s a long story,” she said.

“That’s ok, Jewels,” I assured. “I have time.”

- - -

“Ohhh...oh, yes...! Ohhh...YES!” Julie whimpered, her fingers inside her panties. The twelve-year-old had just arrived home from school moments before. After looking around briefly, she determined no one was home. I think I have just enough time to get myself off, she thought.

She had seen several of her male classmates earlier in the day without their shirts as they played shirts-and-skins football. She was the same age as the guys. They were all twelve years old, it was true, but Julie’s body seemed to be working overtime every time such a display appeared in front of her. She couldn’t help it. A man’s body was uniquely attractive. Although unable to pin it exactly, she knew she had a physical urge that she couldn’t deny. Even watching a film with a love scene caused a tingle to build between her legs.

Did I hit puberty early? Julie often wondered. Is it normal to be this horny when I’m only twelve? She had already begun menstruating, so she knew something having to do with a maturing woman’s body had set in. Still, despite the internal changes, it seemed like little was happening on the outside of her body. While it felt amazing to apply pressure on the sacred crevice her pelvis owned, she was getting anxious for more – and how could she entice a man without being physically attractive?

She had complained to her mother on occasion, who had taken the time to educate her on matters of physical lust. “Your boobs will grow when they’re ready, Jewels,” were the words her mother would use to pacify her with. Usually, she combined them with, “Your body’s already developing. You just don’t notice it yet. I have; your female shape is forming. Already your curves are rounding out. It won’t be long. Just wait; you’ll see.”

It seemed like an eternity for Julie.

For the time being, she could satisfy her own lust. On a couch in the sitting room this afternoon, her fingers played mercilessly with the smooth, preteen flesh between her thighs. She loved the remarkable feeling! She loved the almost unbearable pleasure that followed even more! An orgasm – that’s what her mother had called it. Every single one of them felt wonderful! She knew she wanted as many in her life as she could possibly have.

She squealed in delight, “Mmmm...! Oooh... Oooh! Oh...yeah...!” She had noticed a couple months before that one particular area just above where she needed to insert her tampons felt better than anywhere else. She would plant her on it firmly, rubbing the stiff little bud she found there. Her mother had a term for that spot. What was it again?

It didn’t matter right now. What did matter was her own pleasure. It felt so good to rub that tough little bulb and glide her fingers all over her pubic mound. She had unbuttoned and unzipped her skinny jeans for easier access. Underneath her lacy, lime-green panties, her fingers moved rapidly and precisely, summoning up the familiar emotions that she enjoyed so much.

Her other hand went up underneath her shirt. While she remained relatively unimpressed with the current size, she knew her mother was at least partially correct about her chest. Recently, she had graduated from a training bra to a size-A cup – barely. Her breasts weren’t nearly as large as she was wanting. Despite this, the skin was soft, tender and sensitive. She played lightly with her nipples underneath her clothing, enjoying the sensations her body felt.

“Ohhh!” she moaned softly. She tried keeping her voice down just in case someone entered one of the house’s other entrances. She failed as her voice reflected the building enjoyment.

“! Oh...ah...! Ahhh...! MMMM...YES... YEAH...OH... AH-AH...OOOH...!” She felt her body tremble in wild pleasure as an orgasm shook her.

Could a man give this feeling to her? Could she give the same to a man? Could they share them together, over and over and over again? Her deepest twelve-year-old fantasies and dreams shocked her. They revolved around the possibility of endless sex and orgasms. First, though, she had to find a man who would be willing to share the endless experience with her. Did such a man exist?

Despite how badly she wanted to free her body from the restrictive clothing, she couldn’t risk peeling it away here; there wouldn’t be enough time to retrieve the outfit from the floor and escape should someone arrive home early. Still, the thought of being caught in such a public part of the house always enhanced the naughtiness of it all, compensating for the lack of nude freedom. It made her experience all the more intense!

Bringing herself to climax a second time, she decided to aim for a third before she relinquished herself to homework in order to appear ‘normal’ to anyone who happened to arrive home. She had to be quick – her brothers would arrive any time. She kept her eyes open, watching out the window.

Just as she was beginning to feel the buildup of sexual pressure, a school bus turned down their street, arriving at their house. Her brother, Will, hopped off the bus and stormed hastily towards the house. She quickly withdrew her hands, refastened her pants and set her clothing, finishing just as Will hurried up the front steps, taking three at a time.

Damn, she complained quietly. Ah, well. Next time.

Will burst through the front door, making no effort to contain his obvious frustration about his day. It slammed shut noisily behind him, echoing through the house. His voice resounded clearly as he vented his rage.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!!!” he repeated angrily.

Pretending she had been engrossed with her studies in the sitting room, she was still startled by the sudden intrusion. It was far more forceful than she expected. Julie looked up just in time to see her brother march past the doorway and down the hallway toward the kitchen and living room. She heard his duffel bag slam onto the couch, presumably with him landing on the sofa beside it.

Perplexed, Julie decided to investigate the matter. What could be causing her sixteen-year-old brother so much emotional discomfort? She left her books behind and took it upon herself to strike up a conversation with her older sibling.

Leaning on the fridge, she looked at him sitting with his head in his hands. Had he even noticed her as he entered the house? Few things were capable of interfering with his typical good mood, and fewer still caused him enough distress to be this angry once he was home. She could nearly feel his pain as he sat there sulking.

“You ok, Will?” she asked tenderly.

He looked up with a start. His eyes were red, his skin blotchy; she could tell that he’d been crying. That was an attribute that set Will apart from their other brother, Broc; Will had a caring and sensitive side to him while Broc was usually the one to vent steam by sheer physical exertion. Will remained hunched over as he sat, but smiled lopsidedly at his sister.

“Hey, Jewels,” greeted Will in a low voice. “Didn’t know you were home. Where were you?”

Pointing back at the sitting room adjacent to the front door and stairwell she commented, “Just right here.”

“Oh,” he mumbled. “Sorry you head me swear so much.”

She smiled softly. “Don’t worry about it,” she dismissed, thinking about the interruption moments ago. “It’s not like I’ve never sworn when I’m angry.” She began moving across the room to sit with him. “Besides,” she added, “there are a lot worse things you could say.”

Will considered this. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Sitting on the love seat so that she could face her brother on the couch, she asked, “So, what’s wrong?”

“Just a lot of crap,” he explained, without really explaining anything at all.

Julie gave him a ‘you-can-tell-me’ smile. “Go on,” she urged. “You’ll feel better if you talk about it.”

“I don’t want to.”


“I...I just...” Will began, but he was at a loss for words. “It’s just a day where nothing went right.”

“It couldn’t have been all that bad,” promised Julie.

Tilting his head, Will began looking at her from underneath his eyebrows. The look said it all. Maybe it is all that bad, she reconsidered. “Look,” she suggested, moving some pillows aside so that she could sit more comfortably, “we all have rotten days, but you can’t just keep it in.”

Huffing a laugh, Will shot, “You sound like Mom.”

“Dad says it, too,” Julie giggled. “They’re both fans of getting that anger out and doing something with it. Why do you think they’ve been happily married so long?”

“Because they have sex like, what, twice a day or so?”

“That’s not the only reason, Will.” She let that statement settle before continuing. “They communicate. Not only that, but Mom always encourages us to blow off some steam productively first.”

Will huffed, rolling his eyes at her.

“I’m serious,” Julie insisted. “I’m not trying to compare you to Broc, but look at what he does. Whenever he’s upset he goes and works out. It’s what Mom tells him he should do – and it seems to be working.” She pointed at herself. “She makes me do it, too, when I’m angry.”

“I know,” Will sighed, reclining. “I’ve heard it all before. It makes a lot of sense. It usually does work, too.”

“Yup,” confirmed Julie. “Then you’ll always be ready to talk about it afterwards.”

Chuckling, Will commented, “You’re way too smart for your own good, sis.” He looked meaningfully at his sister. “It’s just one of those days, Jewels. It’s just one of those days where everything’s screwed up.”

“Like what?” asked Julie, seeing her brother’s defences open up a crack.

Will shook his head. “Just everything.” For a moment Julie thought her window of opportunity had passed. Then, just as suddenly as he had closed the door on her, he opened up again. “To start out, I don’t know what was with me, but at swimming practice this morning, I couldn’t swim to save my life!” he complained. “I might as well have been a beached whale with how good I was swimming.”

“Really?” Julie urged. She couldn’t imagine her brother swimming poorly. For as long as she could remember, he’d always been the strongest swimmer of the family. In the water he moved so effortlessly, as though he was part fish or dolphin or something.

“Yeah,” he bemoaned, muttering something unintelligible under his breath afterwards. “My damn coach didn’t help matters either. Instead of giving some positive feedback like he’s supposed to, he kept critiquing everything I was doing in the most stupid way he could. It really got on my nerves, real quick!”

Julie could sympathize. She’d had a track and field coach once who was very demanding. The man had been extremely by-the-book. The way he acted, Julie figured he would have been very content in the medieval ages, using all the different types of torture devices they had invented back then. For Will’s coach to be so heartless, though, was something surprising. He was usually a man who would push you to your limits, but did so encouragingly.

“So is that all?” she encouraged. “Just swimming this morning?”

Will was silent for a moment before grumbling, “No.” Julie caught his eye again. She stared at him expectantly. “I failed my bio exam today. I thought I knew it all, but I guess I didn’t.”

“Ouch,” grimaced Julie. “That sucks.”

“You’re telling me,” he agreed. “So, because of that, I’m on probation with the swim team until I can prove that it was only an ‘isolated’ event.” Will frowned at the thought. “Can you believe that? I’m practically a straight-A student and they’re suspending me because of one bad test! What a bunch of BS!”

“That is pretty stupid,” nodded Julie.

“Yeah,” Will huffed. “Then, later, my girlfriend came up to me and broke up with me.”

“I didn’t even know you were dating someone,” Julie indicated, perplexed. Will wasn’t someone who put a lot of ‘fluff’ into his life if he could help it. Teenage drama – particularly the type from dating – was something he worked to avoid or at least keep to a minimum.

“I know. It came as a surprise to most people to hear about us going out.”

“Was it over the test or because of swimming?”

“Neither, as far as I can tell. She said she just ‘wasn’t feeling it anymore’,” Will explained, mocking the quote. “Anyways, saw her later macking it up with some football jock.” He growled in frustration. “Damn it! I don’t know what I ever saw in her.”

Julie let the conversation settle a little before she spoke again. “I was wrong.” Will looked over at his sister, wondering what her mistake was. She grimaced and added, “Your day really did suck.”

“Well, thanks for making me feel so good about it.”

Giggling, Julie reassured him, “No, not trying to rub it in, Will. Just saying...”

Will raised an eyebrow. “Hm...”

Taking a long look at her brother sitting there so discouraged, Julie felt a sharp pang of empathetic remorse for what he had gone through. Her thoughts sifted through her mind as she searched for some idea to help alleviate the frustrations he was feeling.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked after a moment.

Still reclining, Will absentmindedly thought out loud, “Not unless you want to give me a blowjob.”

She considered this for a moment. She knew that teenage guys had rampant sexual desires. She knew several guys her own age – and some of her brothers’ friends, too – that had begun eyeing her up, lusting after her young, prepubescent body. It filled her with far more satisfaction than disgust to know that they found her physical appearance attractive.

Besides, those urges had begun to swell within her, too, filling her with budding desires of her own. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she found herself experiencing sex and all the pleasure it brought. It crossed her mind that she might as well start practicing sooner rather than later.

“Sure,” she volunteered, “I can do that for you.”

Will sat up faster than lightning, aghast at what he had just heard from his sister’s mouth. “Wha...!?” he stuttered, having difficulty processing her willingness. “No...Jewels... No, I was only kidding.”

She smiled lovingly at him and shrugged. “Well, I’m not,” she insisted. “I’m willing to do that for you.”

“Julie...I... No, we can’t,” denied Will. “It’s just wrong.”

“Why?” inquired Julie. “What’s wrong with it?”

“You’re my sister for one thing, Jewels,” Will insisted.

Julie giggled. “So? Why does that matter?” She looked at him squarely and said, “It’s not like we’re having a baby or something, Will. It’s just a blowjob.”

Her brother was beside herself. “You don’t consider that weird?” he asked flatly.

“Not really,” Julie replied. “I mean, I know it’s not exactly ‘normal’ or whatever. But we can – can’t we?”

“It’s incest, Jewels – I think. It’s not only not right, I think it’s illegal.”

“Then we won’t let anyone find out,” she rebutted. “I’m sure it happens all the time, but you hardly ever hear about it.”

Sighing heavily, Will managed, “I just don’t know, sis.”

“Seriously, Will,” urged Julie. “You’re making a big deal out of nothing. It’s just for fun. Give me one good reason why not.”

“Jewels,” he answered concisely, “you’re twelve.” Shaking his head slowly, Will added, “Besides, since when did you get so interested in boys?”

Julie reverted to her thoughts a few moments ago. It was true that she had begun to see the male half of the species as something more than just ‘another person’. She didn’t know when it happened; it just happened. Guys – especially ones with strong muscles and deep voices like her brothers – were very attractive to her. She thought that perhaps she was a little young to be entertaining ideas of sex with them, but then again, why not? Her body – for whatever reason – sure wanted it.

“Since forever,” she answered him. Will looked at his sister incredulously. “Ok, well, maybe not ‘forever’, but I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t feel attracted to guys.”


“Yup,” Julie confirmed. “Besides, I’ve seen the way your friends look at me. I know they think I’m hot.” She rubbed her hands across her chest and legs seductively to emphasize the point. She giggled giddily when Will chuckled at her.

“Well,” stammered her brother, “as hot as a twelve-year-old gets, maybe. But, yeah; you’re right. I’ve told them to lay off, a time or two.”

“And you?” Julie pressed.

Will stared at her for a moment. “What about me?”

“What have you thought about me?”

“Jewels...I...” stuttered Will, his lips flapping helplessly. She pursed her lips, keeping an expectant gaze on her brother. His resolve finally cracked under the ‘little-sister’ pressure. “Alright, yeah,” he confessed. “I think you’re hot – again, for a twelve-year-old. You’re going to be a knockout when you grow up, sis. I can tell that about you already.”

Grinning happily, Julie squealed, “Yeah?” Her soft, brown eyes admired Will for his honesty. “Have you ever wondered what I look like naked?”

A wry smile crossed Will’s face. “I’ve seen enough,” he confirmed.

Julie was perplexed. “What do you mean?”

Will chuckled and shook his head. “Bathing suits – especially your skimpy bikinis for one thing.” The reminder of her summer wardrobe choice caused Julie to blush slightly. Enjoying the leverage, Will continued. “Let’s see, what else? Walking around the house in your bra and panties or other underwear – some of it being very provocative – darting around in your tight exercise clothes or a towel or something; I’ve seen you nearly naked a lot of times, sis.”

“Guess you kinda have,” surrendered Julie. Pressing him for further information, she asked, “And...? What did you think?”

Screwing up his face, Will defended, “C’mon, Jewels. How did we get from ‘Will had a bad day’ to ‘How hot does Will think his sister is’?”

She giggled, enjoying the corner that she had backed her brother into. Closing in for the kill, she reminded him, “You were asking for a blowjob.”

“It was a rhetorical statement.”


Releasing an amused scoff, Will countered, “I didn’t actually expect you to volunteer.” Julie looked at him flatly. After a moment, she shrugged, as though the current situation was a common one. “It’s not the sort of thing a girl usually does for her brother, Jewels.” Will’s voice, though rigid and filled with a logical consideration, wasn’t cold exactly. Julie interpreted his emphasis to be a very matter-of-fact tone.

She decided to play his little game. “That we hear of,” she parried succinctly.

A lopsided smile appeared on Will’s face as he considered this. Finally, he shrugged and half-agreed with a simple, “I guess.” For several seconds, Will analyzed his sister, as though attempting to figure out just what exactly she was thinking. “I can’t believe you’re into guys this much, Jewels,” he stated at last. “It really surprises me.”

Julie smiled softly at him. “Yeah,” she sighed, “it surprises me, too.” She thought of her actions shortly before Will had arrived home. Everything inside of her shouted to be satisfied and she again rued that her outward appearance didn’t yet naturally agree with the demand. “I think I must have hit puberty early or something,” she theorized. “I just wish the outside of me would catch up to the inside.”

Will laughed at his sister’s impatience. “You look great, Jewels. You really do,” he complimented. “You’re honestly really starting to get your curves.” Will’s eyes subtly scanned Julie up and down as he spoke. Though discreet, the movement didn’t go unnoticed by his sister and she smiled contentedly. “It won’t be long before Broc and I will need to arm ourselves to the teeth just to defend you,” he added. “Just wait; you’ll see.”

His statement caused Julie to laugh. “Now you’re sounding like Mom,” she indicated. “She says that to me all the time.”

Nodding, Will acknowledged, “She’s really one for teaching patience, isn’t she?” Julie agreed with him. “That’s probably where I picked up that sort of talk.” Will looked at his sister with a forbidden lust. Julie saw that he made no attempts to hide it this time, causing a slight rush of anxiety in her chest. “Seriously, though, Julie; you are a beautiful girl and you are developing physically,” he insisted, adding, “I can tell. My friends can tell. I’m sure lots of other guys can tell, too. Don’t worry about it.”

Julie smiled appreciatively. “Think so?” she asked.

“I know so,” Will confirmed. He still seemed to be drinking in her preteen features. It continued to fill Julie with excitement, knowing that even her sixteen-year-old brother found her attractive. He gestured towards her. “I guess – inside – your body’s really having a good time, though, huh; especially in that funny, little-sister brain of yours.” He pointed at her head.

“Yeah,” giggled Julie with a thoughtful expression. “I really like seeing guys’ bodies,” she confessed. “I don’t know why or what it is exactly. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a guy at school, on TV or even...well...even yours or Broc’s.” Will’s eyebrows raised slowly as he processed the statement. “Even Dad can be pretty hunky, too, at times,” added Julie. They both laughed heartily. “I don’t know what it is with me. A boy’s body is just something I really like seeing – especially if he’s naked or close to naked.”

Will gave his sister a puzzled expression. “Jewels, when was the last time you saw me naked?” he inquired.

“Last week,” she pointed out.

“What? When?”

“Back when you were having a bath in the Jacuzzi tub upstairs,” recalled Julie. The memory began to materialize in Will’s mind as she reminded him. “I guess you didn’t think anyone was home or something because you were walking all the way from the bathroom upstairs to your room downstairs – totally naked.”

The image hit Will like a ton of bricks. “Oh...right...” he muttered. “Yeah, forgot about that. Sorry.”

Julie giggled again. “It’s ok. I didn’t mind. You don’t need to be sorry,” she insisted. “I told you I like seeing guys’ naked bodies. Been a long time since I’ve seen one that naked – or that well-built.” His sister’s compliment drew a thankful smile from Will. She went on, “Remember how you totally froze when you saw me sitting in the living room here?”

“Yeah,” chuckled Will, recalling the uncomfortable situation. “I was totally caught off guard. I totally did not think you’d be home.”

Julie was now full-out laughing at the memory. “Yeah; and then you did that sort of dance thing for a few seconds to make it less awkward.”

“Which?” asked Will, rising to his feet. “The one where I put my hands behind my head and did a pelvic thrust from side to side?” He repeated the dance for his sister.

“Yeah,” confirmed Julie with another laugh. Her eyes admired his body quickly. Even fully clothed, she could see in her mind’s eye what he had looked like when he wasn’t wearing anything. The thought provoked a tingling sensation to appear between her legs briefly. She mentioned, “Totally naked, too, I might add. It was quite the sight.”

Will dropped back onto the couch. “Liked looking at my junk, did you?”

Avoiding his gaze momentarily, Julie smiled mischievously. “Maybe” she replied ambivalently with a solid wink.

Rolling his eyes, Will said, “Yeah, well, don’t get too used to it.” Julie whimpered, giving him a puppy-dog face. Will laughed, “You and I both know Mom and Dad don’t like us walking around naked – if for no other reason than that.”

“Your secret’s safe with me!”

“Oh,” he scolded playfully, waving a finger, “such a naughty, naughty girl.” She giggled in agreement. Still chuckling, Will asked, “So, you’re thinking you want more than just looking at my cock, do you?

“Well, you are, too.”

“I look at it all the time.”

She laughed at his avoidance of the issue. “And play with it, too, I’ll bet.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “No, I mean you’re thinking you want more than just me looking at it, too.” Using a technique she had seen in the movies, Julie licked her lips seductively at her brother.

Will laughed hysterically. “Where did you learn that, Jewels?” She shrugged, unwilling to answer. Regaining composure, Will warmed up to the idea. “I suppose,” he breathed heavily. “Are you sure you’re willing to do this?”

“Yes,” agreed Julie concisely. “I’ll have boyfriends soon. I’ll need to learn one day, right?”

Agreeing, Will let down his mental guard. “What do you mean by ‘boyfriends’? You’re planning to have more than one at a time?”

Chuckling, Julie replied sarcastically, “As long as I can learn to keep them all satisfied.” Will rolled his eyes again. Julie continued, “I might as well first learn with my big brother – someone I know is not going to hurt me or force me. Plus, you can teach me everything that makes a guy feel good.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Will sighed with a smile, anticipating what was about to happen. His face suddenly grew wary; almost serious. “But, we can’t tell anyone, Jewels. Not Mom or Dad, not Broc, none of your friends; no one, got it?” She nodded. “People would probably be so grossed out. Everyone would think we’re weird and probably shun us.”

“Yeah, I know,” admitted Julie. “Don’t worry; I’ll never tell anyone without talking to you about it first.”

His worries pacified, Will encouraged, “Ok. Then let’s do this.”

“Really!? “ Julie shrieked excitedly. “You’ll let me do this?” There was a sensation suddenly building up between her legs. It was similar to the ones she experienced when arousing herself sexually – except this one was far stronger. Was it because she was actually with someone? Was it because she was going to give her brother the sexual pleasure that she had only thus far given to herself? Something about this new situation aroused her terribly.

Slowly and deliberately, Will nodded and complied, “Yeah. I get my thrills out of it, you get to learn and if no one’s going to find out, then why not?” Julie was brimming with anxiety as she sat up, totally prepared to see Will – her very own brother – pleasured by her own actions. As she rose to her feet, he warned, “Just remember: it never happened – and if anyone does figure out that it happened, our story is you raped me.”

She gave him a very sarcastic smile. “Right... That’s believable.” Her brother laughed deeply. “I can see the headlines now: twelve-year-old girl rapes her sixteen-year-old brother. Yeah, everyone will fall for that, Will.”

He laughed again at her cynical view of his idea. “You never know; it could happen.”


“C’mon, Jewels,” he approved suddenly. “Let’s do this.” As he moved to the edge of the couch she walked over and knelt on the floor in front of him, prepared for whatever surprises he might have to give her. He put a determined hand on her shoulder, deterring, “No, no, no; not here. It’s too risky here. If someone walked in they’d see us right away.”

She nodded, agreeing with him. “Ok; let’s go downstairs, then,” she suggested. “That’ll give us some time to react. We just have to listen for someone coming in.” Taking his hand, he stood up and they moved swiftly to the basement doorway at the edge of the kitchen.

As they descended the stairs, Will spoke. “I can’t believe my little sister is about to give me a blowjob,” he expressed breathlessly. “It’s honestly a dream come true.”

Julie voiced her own concern. “I just hope I’m good at it,” she sighed.

“Well, no one can honestly be bad at it without trying.”

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Will told her to stay put in the entertainment room. She was confused as he quickly rounded the corner beside the stairs and disappeared down the hallway. A moment later he returned with a bathing towel. “Just in case we end up with a mess to clean up,” he suggested.

“Mess?” asked Julie, her confusion doubling.

“Yeah,” Will chuckled. “It’s for when I cum.” Her blank stare persisted. “What? Don’t they teach the girls anything in sex ed these days?”

“Well...” Julie started, unsure of how to explain her rudimentary understanding of the male reproductive system. “They tell us that there’s some sperm or something that comes out, but they didn’t really tell us how much.” Will grinned broadly at his twelve-year-old sister’s naivety. “Does it really make that much of a mess?” she questioned him.

“It’s semen, Jewels,” her older brother explained. “That’s what it’s called when a guy’s sperm gets mixed up with all his other liquids and shoots out. It’s also called cum as a slang term – and it can be messy, if you’re not careful.”

“Oh,” was all Julie could manage. “Shoots out?” Those words had her somewhat concerned.

“Don’t worry; you’ll see,” he promised with a chuckle, laying out the towel on the couch. “Jeez...this is gonna be a read education for you, isn’t it?”

She nodded.

Will removed his shirt before beginning to undo the fastening on his pants. Once he was ready to drop them, he looked at his sister, almost with embarrassment on his face, but that soon passed. “Ready?” he asked. Julie smiled widely and nodded anxiously. “Ok,” he responded, lowering his pants and boxers to the floor and stepping out of them.

Julie gasped. Between Will’s legs an amazing-looking, fleshy rod, emerged from underneath his clothing, though it was unlike she had ever seen it. It was unlike any penis she had ever seen. On her brothers or other men she had observed at times, she had always seen it flaccid, limp and dangling as though it was some long-forgotten appendage. This time, however, Will’s manhood was standing six inches, straight up in the air, and it looked solid and firm, as though it was the most important asset he owned.

How was she to know? Maybe it was.

“What?” asked Will in amusement.

Raising a finger, Julie pointed gingerly towards her brother’s reproductive organ. “That...” she explained in awe. “It’s... Well, it’s...”

“Good and solid?” Will finished, giving his sex organ a playful nudge. It snapped back, slapping against waist.

“Yeah...” whispered Julie. “It’s hard – and sticking straight up.”

Will chuckled at her bewilderment. “Well, of course,” he acknowledged. “How do you think we get these things into a girl’s pussy?”

Meeting his eyes, Julie’s amazement was unmistakeable. “I don’t know,” she confessed. “Any diagrams and stuff I’ve ever seen have always shown it to be just hanging there – like I’ve usually seen it. I mean, I knew it got hard, I guess, but I didn’t know it got big like that or stood up.” She took a couple tentative steps towards her brother, reaching out her hand. As her fingers touched his circumcised head lightly, she announced, “That’s awesome.”

“You really are naive, aren’t you?” Will joked.

She looked at him again, her fingers still touching him gently. Wonder and curiosity had replaced the astonishment in her eyes. “Mm-hm,” she agreed softly and nodding slightly. Her twelve-year-old hand instinctively wrapped around Will’s sixteen-year-old reproductive obelisk. As she rubbed tenderly, her brother closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

“Oh...” he sighed. “That feels good, Jewels...”

“Am I doing it right?” she inquired.

Will nodded, murmuring, “Mmmm... Mm-hm...” He removed her hand and ordered, “Here, let me sit down and then you can play all you want. How does that sound?”


Sitting on the towel he had laid out, Will reclined his naked body on the couch. Julie knelt down in front of him, eager to touch her brother again. He spread his legs open to allow his sister easy access to anything she desired to explore.

“Go ahead, sis,” he encouraged.

“Ok,” she said in a low voice. “Remember, this is my first time. I don’t totally know what to do with a guy’ Well, a guy’s...thing.”

Will laughed at her word usage. “Cock?” he suggested.

“Yeah,” she agreed, turning away shyly. “I’ve heard a bunch of terms, including ‘cock’, but I just don’t know what to call it exactly. I mean, I was going to say ‘dinky’, but that a little juvenile, don’t you think?”

“So you restored to saying ‘thing’?” her brother chuckled again.

“Well...yeah...” muttered Julie sheepishly. “I didn’t know what else to say.”

“Well, ‘cock’ is a fairly general and accepted term,” Will defined. It’s slang, but it’s what you typically hear in a high school locker room, along with ‘pussy’ for a girl.”

“Gotcha,” Julie understood. “Ok, well, just tell me if you like what I’m doing to...your ‘cock’.” Will smiled.

Smiling lovingly back at him, she encircled his manly staff with her hand again and began stroking. She moved slowly up and down the six-inch digit, noting to herself how think and warm her brother’s penis felt in her hand. Looking up, she saw Will’s eyes were closed and his mouth was agape. He was breathing labouriously. Though he looked like he was in pain, something innately told her otherwise. It was certainly the most erotic moment she had ever experienced in her young life.

“You sure you’re ok?” she double-checked.

He nodded. “What you’re doing is amazing, sis...! Please...don’t stop...”

All of a sudden, she a slippery liquid building between her hand and her brother’s phallus. Against his wishes, she couldn’t help but stop and examine it. “What’s this?” she asked inquisitively, looking at the sticky strings between attaching her fingers to one another and to Will’s penis. “Did you...release...your stuff already?”

“My ‘cum’? No,” Will chuckled at her puzzlement. “That’s pre-cum, Jewels.”


“Yeah. It’s kinda like a lube to get a guy’s cock ready to go into a girl’s...‘thing’,” explained Will, emphasizing his final word.

“Ha ha ha; very funny,” Julie responded sarcastically. Will just laughed. “ helps it feel good?” She started sliding her hand along his rigid shaft again.

“Yeah...” exhaled Will. “It helps things slide so that it feels better.”

“Hm,” Julie hummed, grateful to be learning so much about how a male’s body works. She kept rubbing, her hand becoming more and more covered in the slick lubricant. As her brother enjoyed himself more and more, Julie began to feel adventurous. Holding his stiff penis with one hand, she twisted the other around as though she was removing a bottle cap. Her fingers were tight, but not so tight as to make it painful.

“OH!” Will cried out in pleasure as his muscles stiffened, lifting him off the couch. “Damn! Oh...Jewels...! Oh, that...felt so good!”

“Yeah?” she replied gleefully. “I started feeling a little adventurous.”

“Well, whatever you did, keep doing it!” insisted Will. “That felt amazing!”

Julie reapplied the pressure, twisting her hand around her brother’s bulbous head. He continued to grunt in avid pleasure, holding on tightly to her shoulders to ground himself in reality.

“Oh! Ohhh...oh, sis...! Uhhh...yeah...! Yeah...oh...!!” Will responded with every spiralling pass his sister made. His body writhed as though it couldn’t handle her manipulation of it. “Ohhh...oh, good...! Jewels...yes...!”

“Hmmm,” she pondered. “I think I’ll call that little move the ‘twist-and-shout’.” She giggled at her own ingenuity before varying her method. Instead of gripping the end twisting, Julie flattened out her palm, spinning circles around Will’s bulbous head.

“Ohhh...!” Will groaned as the constant stimulation overtook him. “Julie...oh, sis...! Mmmm...oh...! Hmmm...oh, yeah...!” Her brother’s breathing was shallow as she persisted in augmenting his pleasure. “’re good to me...oh, Jewels...!”

“And that one I shall dub ‘around the world’,” Julie named, amusing herself with the titles of different stroking patterns she could contrive. Will continued to moan as she flooded his body with desire.

All at once, the trickle of slick juices ended. Julie was almost disappointed as the friction between her hand and her brother’s engorged manhood grew. Will encouraged her to stop as their skin had begun to grip against each other instead of slide.

“Uh-oh,” Julie announced with a childish voice. “No more.” She looked at Will with a loving tenderness in her eyes. “Guess we’ll have to do something else – maybe what we came down here for in the first place.”

“I guess we will,” agreed her brother.

Julie began to shiver. It wasn’t a cold shiver as she was perfectly warm. Rather, it was a shiver caused from anticipation and anxiety. For the past couple years, she had dreamed about being with a man – a man that could treat her right; a man that would love her; a man that would never force her; and a man that she could experiment with and enjoy this wonderful experience called sex.

Now, the opportunity was here in front of her. The man in whom she had found all those traits was her own sixteen-year-old brother, Will. It seemed so natural, so perfect. She couldn’t imagine first experiencing love, sex and passion in such magnitude with anyone else.

“Well?” prodded Will.

It wasn’t as though she wasn’t anxious or willing. It didn’t have to do with being hesitant. She just couldn’t believe that all her fondest dreams were coming true in this moment. Will was the one she first wanted to share this physical bond with. She looked up at her brother, a tear of sheer joy in her eye.

“Oh, thank you, Will.”

He studied her face carefully. “For what?” he asked.

“For letting me do this. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather do this with for the first time than you,” she informed him. “I love you, my brother.”

“I love you, too, sis.” Leaning down, Will cupped Julie’s face with his hands and kissed her gently. “This really does feel like a natural thing, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it does,” she agreed.

Will nodded. “I thought it would feel weird, having my sister do this and, all,” he admitted. “But, there’s really nothing strange about it. Other people might think it’s weird, but I’m so comfortable with you.” He kissed her again. “Probably more comfortable than with any of the girlfriends I’ve had.”

“I know what you mean.”

“Somehow I don’t think our first time will be our last time.”

“I want that, too,” Julie hoped, kissing her brother again.

He looked at her questioningly. “When I cum, are you going to spit it out or swallow it?”

“I don’t know,” she responded indecisively. “What do you think I should do?”

He shrugged. “It’s up to you, but that’s why I brought the towel; just in case.”

Julie nodded comprehendingly. “I’ll try to swallow it; but if there’s too much or it tastes gross I’ll spit it onto the towel,” she compromised. “How does that sound?”

“Sounds fair enough,” Will complied. He brought them together and kissed her passionately.

“Ok, big brother,” she said lovingly, backing away from his lips, “I’m ready. Sit back, relax and leave your orgasm to me.” Her brother sat back and hummed in anticipation.

Julie leaned down, opening her twelve-year-old mouth to accommodate her brother’s thick member. With one hand, she steadied her target before she sealed her lips around him, beginning to move her head slowly. She took his phallic rod as deeply as she could before withdrawing herself to the very tip and then repeating the process.

“Mmmm...” Will moaned, enjoying his sister’s every motion. “Ohhh...Jewels... You’re a...a natural, sis... Oh...” He placed a hand on the back of her head, scooping up her hair. Slowly, he massaged her scalp, urging her onward.

Implementing ideas she had viewed amid Hollywood love scenes, Julie rubbed her brother’s chest affectionately with her free hand. Will’s groans rose in fervency, obviously enjoying the extra treatment to his body. Julie began accelerating her rhythmic movement, her brother’s muscles tensing up throughout his body as she did so.

“Oh, Jewels... Oh...Jewels...! Oh, sis...! Ohhh...yeah...!” he groaned as her speed increased. “Julie...oh, my sister... sweet...sweet little sister... Ohhh...oh, yeah...! Mmmm...!”

With both his encouraging hand and his voiced pleasure spurring her on, she increased the suction as well, feeling adventurous once again.

“Ouch!” cried Will in pain. “Not with your...ohhh...your teeth...Jewels... Hmmm... Oh, there...there you go...” He settled back down, Julie obviously making up for the error of including her teeth in the process.

Julie’s free hand explored his whole, naked body while she fellated him endlessly. She alternated between long stroked with her mouth along his whole manhood and small, quick movements around the head of his shaft, flicking her tongue around what appeared to be his most sensitive areas: the very tip, the ridge of his head and so on. Every spasm his body made was so encouraging. Every soft grunt her brother voiced was music to her ears.

She felt Will take her free hand, guiding and directing it underneath the organ she was sucking on. “Right here...” he instructed, placing her hand on his scrotum. “Oh...right here... Play there... there...Jewels...!” He removed his hand as she followed his directions. “Just be...just be careful...sis... Very... Ohhh...sensitive...”

Still guiding her mouth and tongue around Will’s solid manliness, her other hand accompanied the dance at his groin as she fondled her brother’s testicles. Her older brother moaned again, loudly, as her two hands filled his erogenous area with indescribable sensations.

Will leaned forward, hunching over her and bringing his head close to hers. “I’m gonna cum, sis...!” he seethed in pleasure. “I’m gonna cum...! Just keep...keep going...! Please...sis... Don’t stop...! Ohhh... Ohhh...!” His words grew in volume as his body trembled harder and harder. She could feel every muscle comprising Will’s frame begin to clench, building into his climax.

He threw himself backwards against the couch, inhaling sharply and as deeply as possible. His arms reached out, grasping at the back of the sofa, desperate to anchor himself to the world.

“Ohhh...JEWELS...! OHHH...DAMN IT...JULIE...!!! AHHH...OHHH... UHHH!!!” the sixteen-year-old groaned, emphasizing the satisfaction his sister was giving him.

All at once, Julie felt her twelve-year-old mouth fill with a thick liquid. It was salty – that was for certain – but not unbearable. The first eruption caught her off-guard; much of it she coughed up, spewing it out from around the tight seal her lips made around her brother’s penis. The next volley landed perfectly in her mouth and she swallowed quickly. To her surprise, there was another, then another.

After the four wads had landed in her mouth, Will exhaled violently. His breathing was erratic as she continued to move her mouth around the softening pillar inside of it.

“Jewels...!” wheezed Will. “’re done...! You’re done, sis...! You’re done!”

At those words she released him, licking up her brother’s juices with her tongue wherever it could reach. Anything else she simply wiped away with the towel hanging off the couch underneath Will’s body.

“Did I do ok?” she asked as she mopped the gooey residue.

“Ok!?” Will exclaimed. “Damn, sis! You did amazing!” He ran his fingers through her hair slowly. “Are you sure that was the first time you’ve ever done that?”

“Yeah,” she giggled. She regarded him solemnly. “It didn’t hurt?”

Will laughed and shrugged. “Well, only that brief second with your teeth,” he confessed, “but I think you learned your lesson pretty quickly.”

She snickered. “Yeah, I did.”

Will brought his hand to her face again. Sitting up and leaning in, he kissed his twelve-year-old sister passionately. Between her legs, she could feel heat; like a buildup that needed to be quelled. She wanted to ask her brother to satisfy her, but she was hesitant. Would he be willing?

“With natural talent like that, you can practice on me any time you want, sis,” he promised as their kiss broke.

She smiled happily. “Really?”

“As long as we’re alone, yeah,” he included, setting the parameters. “I’m serious, though, Jewels. That was...incredible!” He kissed her again. “Thank you.”

“And thank you, too,” she returned, kissing him back. “You’re feeling a little better after your bad day?”

Will laughed softly. “Oh, yeah,” he assured her.

An unexpected voice echoed in the downstairs hallway, stopping short as its owner rounded the corner to the entertainment room. “What is going on in he—”

Julie and Will stared in horror as Broc stood at the doorway. His jaw dropped, as he gaped in wide-eyed disbelief at his discovery. For several seconds – which seemed like forever for the youngest and oldest sibling – no one said anything.

Broc’s expression melted slowly into a greedy, open-mouthed smile. “What...the...hell...?”

“Broc! I can explain...!” Will stammered, grabbing a pillow to cover his privates.

The younger brother shook his head. “Oh, no,” he countered, locking eyes . “No need to explain. I think we’re just going to have to decide on how and why I should keep my mouth shut.”

Will tried to refute him, but a worthless huff escaped his lungs instead. Julie couldn’t even manage that, being totally speechless.

“I think we can come to some...arrangement,” offered Broc. He set his sights on Julie. “Can’t we?”

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