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Emily and Mom

Chapter 5. After the birthday party.

Background: Em’s birthday party was earlier today. I met her very best friend, Carmen.

Emily had her twelfth birthday party today and she had a great time. The living room was decorated with balloons and a birthday banner. Em’s mom, Suzy got a nicely decorated cake. The party was a small affair with just a few of Em’s best friends, who had fun splashing in the pool. Later, Em opened her gifts and the girls all had a great fun listening to boy band music.

Earlier, Em had me in her room to meet her very best friend, Carmen. She is an exotic looking girl; shorter than Em and part Mexican. Her skin is a very light tan color which looks silky smooth. Long black hair and dark eyes highlight her pretty face. Like many Mexican women, however, the girl’s boobs look very large on her small frame. Her bright red, strapless bikini just made the picture perfect. I got to know Carmen a whole lot better quickly, because Em had me eat her pussy and timed me at six minutes flat. Who knew you could give a thirteen year old vixen an earth shaking cum that fast?

As Em was opening her presents and the girls were jumping around looking at everything; I stayed in the recliner out of the way, trying to recover after meeting Carmen and exploding ropes of cum into Em’s mouth. I love sitting in the recliner, thinking that Suzy’s ex-husband paid good money for it. Now I am sitting in it like the king of the castle and fucking his wife and daughter.

While thinking about it all, little Carmen comes over and makes herself a home on my lap, wiggling her butt every now and then. I have to whisper to her to stop because I am sore. “Yes, Uncle Ted,” she says, in perfect English, of course. She leans back and tickles my face with her long hair and giggles quietly as her hands rub my legs. Little prick-tease.

After the party is over and the parents had picked up the girls, only Carmen was left. She was helping clean up and was really good at it. Suzy and I were in the kitchen, when she says, “Ted, there is a project at work which I absolutely need to finish tonight. Can you stay till I get back?” “Sure,” I answer. “Oh, by the way,” Suzy adds, “Carmen is staying the night. Can you baby sit?”

“That’s no baby, Suzy” I smirk, before my brain engages and I shut my mouth.

“Oh, almost forgot,” she says near the door, “Little Carmen needs her cherry popped. You all take care of that.” The door closes behind Suzy.

Holy smoke, I am in deep trouble now. A couple of things become clear. First, Suzy has just ‘studded’ me out to do Em’s best friend, Carmen, the thirteen year old hottie. Second, Suzy must have figured out that I had already popped her daughter’s cherry. We had not talked about it; maybe Em told her. The times when Suzy saw me with Em, she always ended up with a mouth full of Jizz. Suzy had not actually seen me fuck Em. I thought back on the night when I stayed over.

That night after watching me eat her mom’s pussy, Em pulled me into her bedroom and had me do it to her. The result was a fantastic climax for Em. Then I inserted my cock in her pussy and gently rocked into her. When I hit her hymen, she stopped abruptly. “Oh, Oh, Uncle Ted,” she whispered. “Do you want to go all the way?” I asked, while my cock is twitching inside her.

“Yes, yes, now,” she shouted and with a mighty push dropped down on my cock to the root. Her gasp was loud as her cherry shredded. She whimpered quietly and sat locked to me. I sat up behind her and put my arms around her and just held her till she recovered. “Are you OK?” I asked.

She answered by moving back up on my cock and slamming back down. “Easy, babe; don’t break it,” I moaned in pain. She giggled and started moving up and down. Her pussy muscles tightened and released on their own as a climax neared. “I’m close” she whimpered.

Just remembering it makes my cock twitch as I stand in the kitchen wondering what to do next after Suzy closed the door on her way out. Two loud giggling girls running down the steps from the bedroom make me look toward the living room. Carmen and Em are by the stereo digging through CDs. Carmen is dressed in the shortest, bright red hot pants one can imagine. They look like someone painted them on her, camel toe and all. When she bends over, the words “Cheer Girl” are highly visible on her ass and part of her cheeks hang out. A little matching red tank top barely covers her big tits.

Em’s hot pants are blue, with the same cheer girl logo. Their asses wiggle and the girls finally find the CD. When they turn around and see me staring, they do a little pouty face with a finger in their mouths. “Yea, just tease me, you two little foxes. Uncle has something for you later,” my brain goes. “Uncle Ted, will you fix us something to drink, pleaasee,” Emily asks. “Sure, babe,” I say as I go back to the kitchen, knowing full well what the “pleaasee” was about.

“Now what do these girls need to drink, while I baby sit. Rum and cola,” I say to myself. Instead of fixing just two drinks, I fix a pitcher and carry it up to Em’s bedroom and join the girls. The music is going, not too loud, thank you. I pour two glasses and they chug about half of each before the rum hits them. Two sets of eyes pop wide open and two mouths go, “Wow”. “Birthday special only,” I tell them. “You girls should grab a shower and get the chlorine from the pool off you,” I add and leave them alone. I hear the shower running a little while later. No, I’m not going to fuck them in the shower, yet.

Back in the recliner with my rum and cola, I hear two hair dryers going full blast. How in the world can a guy live with three women, I wonder. The hair dryers stop and I find out how. Em and Carmen come into the living room, dressed for bed. Em has her new nightie on again and it seems to be an inch shorter than a few days ago. A tiny little thong covers her pussy.

Carmen has the same short, red little top on. Her boobs make it look like it will rip apart any second. A matching red tiny thong covers her pussy and her heart shaped muff. They stand by the recliner holding full glasses of rum and cola and sip. Carmen giggles and climbs into my lap; but facing me. Her knees are spread out by my sides with her feet resting on the chair’s arms. “Is this OK, Uncle Ted,” she purrs. “Is OK,” I mimic her Spanish.

I lean forward and plant little butterfly kisses on her lips and neck. She kisses back gently, like a lover not the crazy one she was earlier. Our lips open and tongues explore each other as if it was our first time. My hands glide up her shapely body and cup her breasts, thumbs teasing her nipples. As our lips part, we both go, “Mmm, nice”.

Em stands in front of us watching and now she leans in, puts her arms around Carmen and slides her hands up under her top. I move my hands out of the way and let Em’s hands cover Carmen’s tits. My hands go over Em’s and we massage Carmen’s tits together. We play like that for about fifteen minutes and Carmen is getting worked up, moaning more and more. Em looks at me and I point up to the bedrooms. Em grabs Carmen’s hand and whispers to her, “Let’s go upstairs.”

I point to Suzy’s room with the large bed and the girls run in and jump on the bed. Em giggles and then has a better idea; she comes back and attacks my trousers. I am naked in seconds. I get on the bed, between the girls; Carmen grabs and inspects my cock closely. She slowly peels the skin down, while saying, “Oh, look,” as a drop of pre-cum is visible. “Taste it,” Em urges her. Carmen dips her finger in it and brings it to her lips, inserts it and looks at Em with wide eyes.

“Oh, wow,” Carmen says. Carmen strokes me more and a few minutes later Em says, “Go for it, Carmen. Don’t be shy.” Carmen giggles and says in her Spanish accent, “I go for it now, senior.” She leans over my cock and gives me a great view of her tits hanging down and slightly swinging. I can tell her dark nipples are elongating. She locks her lips to the head of my cock and just holds it while her mouth makes little sucking motions. “Oh, wow,” this time it’s me who says it.

Em watches us for a few minute and then puts her hand on Carmen’s head and pushes her down on my cock. “All the way, Carmen,” she tells her and Carmen’s mouth sinks down to the root. Carmen is impaled on my cock and does not move. Her body shakes and I think she has a climax coming. “Em, help Carmen,” I tell her and point to her pussy.

Em reaches down and pulls Carmen’s little thong off, spreads her ass cheeks from behind and tongues her pussy. Carmen only lasts a few minutes and she explodes into a groaning climax. She gets her mouth off my cock, rocks her ass up and down in frenzy while Em finishes licking her pussy. Both girls are moaning like crazy. Em’s face is covered in pussy juice and she leans over me and asks, “Share?” Of course, I grab her face and french kiss her, drinking in Carmen’s sweet juices.

I let Carmen rest and go to Em, pulling her nightie and thong off. I have her lie down next to Carmen and I start playing with her pussy. I want to make this last and take it slow, but Em says, “No, Uncle Ted, do me hard. Suck my clit.” “OK, babe,” are my only words as I dive in and nibble her clit. I pull her pussy lips apart and she is already wet and pulsing. Between deep diving my tongue into her pink pussy and nibbling on her clit, Em does not last long. Her hard climax hits her in a few minutes and she spews her juices into my mouth. This time it’s me with my head above her face, asking, “Share?” She smiles and opens her mouth. Pussy juice runs into her mouth and she swallows.

Carmen watches us wide eyed.

As the girls lay there, I run and get the pitcher of rum, fill the girl’s glasses and say, “Bottom’s up”. They chug the rum down and clink the glasses, laughing. I know what I will do next, but I want to be sure Carmen is ready. “Carmen, what do you want now?” I ask her. She looks at me a little sheepish and says in her Spanish accent, with a very soft voice: “Do me, Uncle Ted, pleaasee.” It makes me laugh.

Oh, yea, Em has been coaching her little friend. Em giggles and gets on her hands and knees, wiggling her butt at me. However, before the party starts, I tell Em to get their camcorder. I turn all the lights on and with the camcorder on its tripod, I push the record button. What’s that saying, “Memories are forever?”

“All the way, Carmen?” I ask. She brightens up, looks straight at the camera and loudly declares, “All the way.” Carmen, gets on her hands and knees next to Em, and also wiggles her perfect butt at me. “All the way for both of you. No stopping tonight,” I say as I move in behind Em.

“Emily, put your head on the pillow and spread your pussy,” I direct her, as I slide my hard cock into her. Carmen grabs her own butt and spreads herself, too, without me asking. Em’s pussy is tight but I slide through her wetness and stroke her deep. Em rocks in tune with my strokes and we fuck for about five minutes. Carmen has that “Do me, now” look on her face and her butt wiggles.

Stopping with Em, I get behind Carmen and insert my cock into her waiting pussy. Oh my, like her mouth on my cock, her pussy clamps down on my cock head and holds me tight. I stay like that for a minute and she starts to relax. Her head is on the pillow and she moans. Then she looks back at me, smiles and nods her head.

As I gently push deeper, Carmen’s ass rotates around and around in little circles; instead of the normal up and down. I grab her hips, just to stay in her, and push even deeper. All of a sudden it hits me; I am more than half in and have not hit her hymen. She must have popped it already, probably in gymnastics. I push more and I am all the way in.

I have plucked the second virgin this week; what a sweet cherry Carmen is. Carmen gives a yelp when I hit bottom; but keeps on rotating her ass. I keep fucking her with deep strokes and she yelps every time I bottom out. I love it.

I move back to Em and stroke into her some more. Since I am getting near, I have to pay attention to make a ‘two-fer’ work. My balls churn and I move back to Carmen. My cock goes as deep as I can go, she yelps again and I shoot my first rope of Jizz into her. Carmen’s head comes off the pillow and she cries, “Holy shit, he just shot cum in me.”

Before she can react more, I pull out, spear into Emily and give her two loads of Jizz. She just keeps her head on the pillow and gnaws her fist. Carmen’s ass is still up, so I move back and do her again with my last load. I keep my cock root deep in Carmen and relax. “Mission accomplished, a ‘two-fer’,” I think to myself.

After pulling out of Carmen, she snuggles up to me and whispers, “Oh Daddy, it was wonderful. Once more in the morning, OK.” “Yes, you little hot fire cracker, I sure hope so,” I think; but say: “Yes Carmen, Daddy loves you and Em. Now you girls need to get some sleep.” They both giggle and Carmen pushes her tits into my face and I quickly bite her nipple.

Both girls yelp and run back to Em’s bed room. Watching their sexy butts wiggle through the door brings bad thoughts to Uncle Ted’s mind. “I hope they are both pregnant, what a hoot. That will be the ultimate very extra special birthday gift for Em.” And foxy Carmen would make a great ‘two-fer’.

“If Carmen is pregnant,” I think, “I can probably pimp her out for at least one thousand dollars a pop.” Or maybe both of them; together. I visualize the dark haired fox, with makeup and high heels. She would look like one of those baby beauty queens, who look like hookers. One week ago, all I wanted to do was fuck Suzy and her big tits; now look at me. Holy smokes, where did that idea come from?

I clean up the bed room and wash the pitcher and glasses. Then, I settle back in the recliner, like a good baby sitter. Later I hear the garage door open; Suzy is home. Now a new idea is in my head. Make it a triple play; a hat trick. Let’s see if I can get her pregnant tonight, too. Three swollen bellies; her friends will shit.

I laugh like crazy.

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Great read I enjoyed the series. Just to add as it is a series, could you shorten the recap, I don't write so it's not a criticism.
I will try another series fireEE.

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Great read I enjoyed the series. Just to add as it is a series, could you shorten the recap, I don't write so it's not a criticism.
I will try another series fireEE.

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