Emily gets a sprecial birthday
Emily and Mom.

Note: The Emily series contains preteen sex. If you do not agree do not read.

Chapter 4. Em’s birthday party.

Background: As I cleaned the pool for a near neighbor in anticipation of the daughter’s birthday party, her pre-teen daughter Emily came out to grab some sun. Being a good “Uncle”, I put suntan lotion on her back, legs and butt; which led to rubbing her pussy. Em had her first major climax.

Emily has her twelfth birthday party today and she has been preparing the past couple of days. The whole house is spotless and the living room is decorated with balloons and a birthday banner. I had cleaned the pool and patio a few days ago. Em’s mom, Suzy took a day off from the insurance company yesterday and completed the final touches. This morning she got a nice cake. The party was to be a small affair with just a few of Em’s best friends. Several girls had been dropped off by their parents and were now splashing in the pool, screaming like only preteen girls can. The late afternoon sun is hot and it’s a perfect day. Em is lying on a lounge chair laughing and watching them. She is texting. Now why would she be texting in the middle of her party?

“Buzz, buzz,” my i-phone goes off. “Geez, not something about work now,” I grouse as I pull it out and read the text. “Are you enjoying the sights, you pervert,” reads the message and I nearly drop my phone, thinking that someone has caught me looking at the preteen bodies in the pool. Then I notice the message is from Em, who is laughing. “Yes, but you are the one I will do,” I reply, trying to be careful, knowing that anything electronic can be read by hackers.

“Is that work?” Suzy asks from the kitchen and I tell her no it’s her birthday girl being too lazy to yell for more drinks. I grab a few cold colas and take them to the pool and dump them into the cooler. The girls act like I am not even there; a ‘grown-up’ you know. When I get back, I turn around and look at the pool scene some more. Suzy comes up behind me, grabs me around the waist, pushing her big breasts into my back and says, “They grow up so fast; I don’t know what to do”. Its Em’s fault my brain goes, “All of them.”

Good grief, that’s all I need and a long jail sentence, too. But as Suzy rubs herself on me I can’t help but think about the morning when she admitted to Em that she really liked how I got her off. I remember hiding outside Suzy’s bedroom when she said, “A mother should not be admitting ‘it’ to her eleven year old daughter. I think you are getting horny way too young, talking like that.” Then Suzy added as she laughed, “Don’t ever let Uncle Ted hear you use the word, “Sharing”, No, no.” My cock twitched listening to the mother talking about sharing cum with her daughter.

I remember what happened next.

Emily pouted and said back to Suzy, “Mommy, it’s my birthday soon. Do you know what I want my extra special gift to be?” “No, baby, what do you want your extra special gift to be?” Suzy answered back in a mocking tone. Emily looked at the bedroom door, where I was leaning against it, my hard cock tenting my shorts. She smiled at her mom and pointed at me. Suzy nearly fainted.

Oh, I remember that moment well. Emily got off the bed ran to me and pulls me back to Suzy’s bed. Suzy’s eyes are as big as saucers and she says: “But… but, you were supposed to go home.”

“He is home now… in your bed,” Em tells her. Suzy grabs her sheet and covers herself. “Good morning, sleepy head,” I say as I join them on the bed. Suzy looks at me stunned and wiggles out of bed; she stutters, “Shower… Oh, my.”

“Twenty minutes, max,” Emily yelled at her mom’s swishing rear.

Nearly twenty minutes later, I hear the hairdryer stop and I go into Suzy’s bathroom and look at her in the mirror. “You OK?” I ask. She shrugs and says: “She wants us… together…,” and stops talking. “Just to watch,” I tell a white lie, knowing better, “you know she did it before.” Suzy looks at me in the mirror and replies, “I didn’t know.” Well real life sucks, so I say, “So as the man said, lay back and enjoy.” She gives me a dirty look, but puts gloss on her lips. I’m tenting again, looking at her big boobs.

Emily came through the door and announced, “Breakfast is ready. Power bars plus coffee… for energy… ya know.” She laughs at her own joke. Suzy looks at her via the mirror and seems to notice the baby doll nightie. “Where did you get that?” she asks. Em’s junior boobs stand out, the nipples stand up and everything is clearly visible through the sheer material.

“On-line, and you have one, too.” Em grabs her mom by the hand, pulls her back to the bedroom and has her sit on her vanity chair. She gets a box from the floor and with a flourish pulls out a matching baby doll nightie for her mom. “Put it on, put it on,” she chirps excitedly, and helps pull it over her mom’s head. Suzie looks in the vanity mirror and a slow approving smile spreads over her face. “The color is perfect, baby,” she says and leans over to look in the box. Suzy raises an eyebrow as she sees the empty box. “Panties?” she asks.

“Not needed today,” Em answers. “Oh goodness,” Suzy adds.

After we finished breakfast, there is a moment of silence as the three of us stare at each other. Em and I are sitting on the bed and Suzy is still at the vanity. Then all three of us start giggling. Emily jumps up, dims the lights, grabs her mom and pulls her to the bed.

“I’m ready for my extra special birthday gift, now,” she says. “It’s not your birthday yet,” answers Suzy, like she could stop what was coming. Em laughs and lifts Suzy’s new nightie over her head. “Let’s not get it wrinkled, Mommy.” As Suzy moves onto the bed, Em takes her own nightie off and sits on the vanity chair, watching mom and me in the bed. I roll Suzy toward me, so she cannot see Em, giving her imaginary privacy. Maybe she really thinks Em will just watch.

I kiss Suzy gently, but in a few minutes she is warming to the idea and her tongue is in my mouth. Surprisingly fast, her hand is on my cock stroking it fairly hard. “Ted, I’m not going to suck you this morning. I can’t do it two days in a row… too worn out.” I just nod; what can you say? “Can I be on top?” she asks as she already rolls me on my back. I just nod; I am getting good at just nodding. Pre-cum is already dripping from my half-mast guy and Suzy reaches down, holds him and pushes an inch into her pussy. Oh man, she is tight. Definitely has been ‘without’ for a while, I imagine. So now I have more pressure on me to perform well. Oh, shit.

Suzy just sits in this position and holds me tight. Her muscles flex and pinch my cock head and I groan. “Hope it hurts, you bad man,” she says and flexes more. I just nod; did I mention I was getting good at it. She squeezes me extra hard and laughs again. I’m glad she is in a better mood. As she strokes up and down, she quietly sings, “Bad man, bad man, what’cha goin’ do.”

“Both of you, together,” I think; Em wants her extra special present. After a while, Suzy stops singing and starts seriously panting. She looks to be getting close; her eyes are shut and she is working herself hard. I see Emily coming to the bed and in one second she has straddles my head facing her mom. My mouth is buried in her pussy. “Emily, what the hell?” we hear that same line again.

“My Birthday, Mommy,” Em answers as she leans in and lip locks her surprised mom. Suzy is too far gone to fight and keeps riding my cock. Em grabs Suzy’s tits and pinches her nipples, which sends her over the edge. Suzy shakes wildly and her pussy clamps down on me hard. Mother Suzy hangs on to her daughter as the orgasm runs through her for several minutes. Her groans stops a few minutes later and she relaxes her grip on my cock. Thanks goodness.

Meanwhile, Em is riding my mouth to her own climax which comes fast and furious. She holds on to her mom, rocks like crazy and cums into my mouth. Sweet young nectar slides down my tongue into my throat. OMG, what an experience. Emily falls sideways and pulls her mom along. My hard cock is standing and hurting. Suzy rolls on her back, and asks “Now?”

I just nod again and get between her legs. Suzy grabs my cock again and we start fucking with a steady rhythm; Em watches intently with her head on her mom’s belly and her mouth inches from my cock. With the two of them on the bed together, I know I can’t last long because it is mother-daughter heaven. Plus I know Em wants a mouthful of Jizz. So I try for quality with long deep strokes. Suzy’s head shakes; her knees are pulled up high, and her hands grab my ass and pull me in hard. This time we are both sweating.

As I get close, Em reaches down and grabs my balls. Before she squeezes she says, “Remember, Uncle Ted, don’t cum in her.” Like I could forget why not; two things happen at the same time. Em pulls my cock out of Suzy’s pussy and squeezes my balls again. Cum shoots straight into Em’s waiting mouth and she gets three ropes full of white cream. Em has her eyes on me with my shooting cock in her mouth and it sure looks like she has a big grin on her face.

Suzy lifts her head, and for the third time says, “Emily, what the hell?” Eleven year old Emily lifts her head over her moms, and with a mouth full of cum, mumbles, “Share?” Suzy looks up unbelieving, opens her mouth and accepts Emily’s gift. They lip lock and cum swap. Two lesbians could not have put on a better show as I watched. My cock decided to hide back in mom’s pussy, throbbing hard.

So that is how Emily got her extra special pre-birthday gift.

My memory is interrupted as the gaggle of chattering girls storm into the house and head for the den and extra bathroom. Slamming doors punctuate their retreat; but music cranks up soon with some teen boy band. Suzy tells me it will take the girls twenty minutes to change and asks me to pick stuff up around the pool. I go out and pick up all the towels, assorted lotions and the cooler. I straighten up the chairs, when my Blackberry buzzes again. “Uncle Ted, come upstairs, quietly. NOW,” Em has texted. I head up to her room. “What now?”

In her room stands Em and another girl; both in their bikinis. She is shorter than Em and looks part Mexican. Her skin is a very light tan color which looks natural, not sun tanned. Black hair and dark eyes highlight her pretty face. Like many Mexican women, however, this girl’s boobs look very large on her small frame. She smiles shyly at me. “Meet my very best friend, Carmen,” Emily says. “Hello, Carmen,” I say to her. “Ola, senior,” says little Carmen. As I look at Em, she says: “Carmen, speaks English, but reverts to Spanish when she is nervous.”

“And what is Carmen nervous about?” I ask. Em looks at me and says, “Carmen has never been kissed.” “You are kidding, girls,” is my surprised reply. I look at Carmen and ask her how old she is. She answers with her Spanish accent: “Thirteen, senior.” Wow, this is a dynamite package for a thirteen year old. I can’t believe she has never been kissed. “And Carmen can keep a secret?” I ask them both. “Si, senior,” she answers and Em adds, “We are sworn to secrecy.”

So, a little kiss with Carmen can’t hurt. I sit on the bed and Carmen steps between my legs and leans in. Her sexy boobs are right in my face and I really want to just pull her bikini off; but I behave myself. I give her a little kiss on the lips and Carmen puts both her hands around my head, holding on for dear life, she tongues me all she can. Two minutes later she finally releases me and we both inhale deeply.

“That was very nice, Mister Uncle Ted,” came the Spanish again. My brain was slow to catch on; somebody has been talking out of school it seems. I look at Em sternly and shake my head. Em looks at me sheepishly and says, “Uh, Uncle Ted, that’s not where Carmen has never been kissed.” Then she looks at Carmen’s bikini bottom. Carmen reaches down and pulls her bottom off.

A little black heart of muff looks at me and I can’t breathe. Carmen reaches back and unties her bikini top, drops it and pulls her shoulders back to make her twin boobs stand up. They are topped by dark circles with hard nipples. She comes back between my legs, grabs my face and asks, “Pleeasee, kiss me Uncle Ted.” Oh yes, some one has been telling tales to her best friend.

“Girls, I can’t, we don’t have time. The others will be waiting on you in ten minutes, max.” I did not say I would not do it. Em looks at me and says: “You can do it Uncle Ted, five minutes, max.” Carmen scrambles onto the bed and presents me with her soft virgin pussy, “Pleeasee,” she gives me the accent again. My will is broken and I stand up. “Don’t get your cloth wrinkled,” Em says as she bends down to unbuckle my pants. My clothes are off in under a minute and Em handles them while I get between Carmen’s legs.

Carmen is already worked up and was rubbing herself as she waited. I know there is not much time, so I attack her clit right away. Carmen draws in a loud breath like she was drowning and here came her hands into my hair. She pushes me down a little harder and I deep dive my tongue into her pussy. Carmen is rocking and when I put her clit into my mouth, she yelps in crystal clear English, “Oh shit Em, he is way better than you!”

Em yelps back, “Carmen, shut up.” One more secret is out and Carmen giggles.

“How long?” I ask Carmen and she tells me the two girls have been pussy licking for about two months. I go back to licking Carmen’s clit when I feel someone between my legs. My cock had gotten hard and here was Em on her back, with her head between my legs. She yelps, “Tornado”; puts my cock into her mouth and sucks like, well a tornado.

This made me increase my speed on Carmen and in less than two more minutes she cums hard. Cum practically explodes from her pussy and I keep my mouth on her tight. Using my tongue I slurp as fast as I can, till she pulls my head away from her. All this heavy action with two preteens drives me over the top also and I shoot three ropes of cum into Em’s mouth. Em is the first to recover; she jumps up, looks at her watch and says: “Woopee, six minutes flat,” like it was a car race. She points at her bathroom and tells me, “Go, go” waiving her arms like at a stock car race. I do.

When I get back to the living room, the other girls were just coming out of the bathroom and still chattering. Em and Carmen appear and the opening of presents begins. Lots of “Uuhhs” and “Aahhs” are heard as each little present is opened. Em blows out the candles and the girls all giggle. Suzy serves the cake and drinks; I stay in the recliner out of the way, trying to recover. Little Carmen comes over and makes herself a home on my laps, wiggling her butt every now and then. I have to whisper to her to stop because I am sore. “Yes, Uncle Ted,” in perfect English, of course. She bats her black eyes at me and swishes her long hair across my face. Then she leans into me and rubs her tits against me and grins. None of the other girls see her do it and my hand gets a good feel of her tit.

After the party was over and the parents had picked up the girls, only Carmen was left. She was helping clean up and was really good at it. She has the vacuum out and had the living room spotless in no time at all. Suzy and I are in the kitchen, when she says, “Ted, there is a project at work which I absolutely need to finish tonight. Can you stay till I get back?” “Sure,” I answer. “Oh, by the way,” Suzy adds, “Carmen is staying the night. Can you baby sit?”

“That’s no baby, Suzy,” I smirk, before my brain engages and I shut my mouth.

Suzy looks at me and tells me she has become Carmen’s pseudo-mom. “Her parents are really old fashioned and don’t tell her anything. I had to teach her the facts of life and help when she started her periods. So, she spends a lot of nights here.” “Yea, and birthday girl Em is helping, too,” my brain says. Suzy grabs her car keys, and heads toward me to kiss good bye.

“Oh, almost forgot,” she says near the door in a deep southern drawl, “Little Carmen needs her cherry popped. You all take care of that.” The door closes behind Suzy.

My mouth hits the floor.

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