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Emily and Mom

Chapter 3. Em experiences Love.

Background: As I was cleaning the pool for a near neighbor, her pre-teen daughter Emily came out to grab some sun. Being a good “Uncle”, I put suntan lotion on her back, legs and butt; which led to rubbing her pussy. Em had her first major climax. That evening, after watching me pleasure her mom, Em pulls me into her bedroom.

Eleven year old Emily has a twelfth birthday party coming up. To get some color on her skin, she had been tanning by the pool during this spring vacation week. Over the last couple of months her gangly, coltish shape had mysteriously transformed itself. Now she has shapely beginner’s boobs, which are not quite a handful, but push her T-shirt out nicely. They are topped by beautiful pink nipples which stand up and get hard when she is aroused. Her butt looks delicious below her hard, flat belly. Her whole body is tight from hours of gymnastics.

Emily had just pulled me into her bedroom after I got her mom off. Our plan had not quite worked. Her mom got a bit more drunk than needed. Em and I had planned to make her mom, Suzy, very mellow before telling her about Em’s adventure in the afternoon. But Em walked in on her mom and me; got naked and ended up with a mouth full of Jizz. Oh well.

Emily lays back on her bed naked; slowly spreading her long legs and tells me to do her next. Of course, I could just dive into that sweet pussy; but I think some more play time would work to heat her up and let her learn a few things from her favorite “uncle”. I grab one foot and just like this morning put its big toe into my mouth sucking gently and running my tongue around it. She looks at me and giggles. A tiny “Ahh” escapes her lips and she worries her bottom lip. “Em,” I ask, “how did you know about your mom’s reaction to cock?”

“I saw her and my dad when they would forget to close the bedroom door. Even when she did not like him anymore, when he put his cock on her lips she would go crazy. I heard her say it’s a sickness.” Maybe that’s why Suzy had not let me near her, afraid of what I may think. I think that I am in heaven if she will do it again and again.

“Uncle Ted,” Em says, “I am scared.” As I lick her calves moving up to her thighs, I ask: “What are you scared about, baby?” “I wonder if I have my mom’s sickness, too.” My cock twitches like crazy and my brain yells, “I sure hope so!” “Baby, we will find out; but I wouldn’t worry. You seemed to like your first mouthful of Jizz a few minutes ago.” “Ohh, it was wonderful, Uncle Ted,” she moans. “Ohh, I think you have the sickness,” I snicker to myself.

Moving from her legs up to her pre-teen tits, I suck her nipples and Em rewards me by moaning and grabbing my head and holding it tight against her little boobs. Nibbling on first one nipple and then the other gets her whole body rocking slowly. From there I move down onto her belly. After a few minutes Emily’s hands push my head a little harder to move further south. Positioning myself next to the bed, I pull her to the edge and lift her legs over my shoulders. Looking at her sweet pussy, her outer lips are opening for me as I spread her legs. Her clit is hidden for now. Em moans, “Oohh, yes, come on Uncle Ted, please.”

“Yes, princess, lay back and enjoy. Let me know what you like best,” I tell her and start running my tongue from the very bottom of her slit upwards, but stopping before I hit her clit. Em pushes her hips upwards when my tongue hits the center of her pink pussy; her hands push my face down into it. Ah, a good first reaction. As I do it again and again, Em sets up a nice rocking motion while not pushing me down too hard. Life is good; this is heaven; no experience is anything like eating sweet preteen pussy.

Em’s juices are flowing and as some flow down to her butt, I start playing one finger over her tight butt hole. She jumps a little in reaction and I push a little harder. This time as her butt comes down; I push one finger up inside her. A loud moan is her reply and she croaks, “Not deep; it hurts.” I keep the finger motionless and just use my hand to help her keep rocking. A few minutes later, I move my tongue up to her clit and start hunting the little knob. Em turns loose of my head, puts her fingers on her clit and pushes the skin back hard. Out pops the pink little fellow and I kiss it – ‘Hello Kitty’. Em jumps and twitches; sweat is flowing off her in buckets, and her hands are back on my head pushing me hard into her clit.

Her legs are beating a tattoo on my back and her hips are rocking. Pelvic thrusts are the exercise term that pops into my mind. Em is getting close and I want her to have an even better experience than this morning. Taking her clit, I roll it between my teeth and reach up to tweak her nipples. Her back arches up and her hands grab my fingers and she puts even more pressure on her nipples. Pulling them hard she is nearly screaming as her climax hits. She slams her hands back on my head and smothers me into her clit. Her body shakes uncontrollable for several moments before collapsing back on the bed totally limp. I put her back on the bed fully and spoon in behind her and just hold her to me. Em is shivering like in an ice storm and mumbles, “I’m so cold.” Apparently all her body heat dissipated instantly and I cover us with her blankets.

We lay under the blankets for about fifteen minutes and Em starts moving around. “My God, Uncle Ted, that was wonderful; I love you.” “I love you too, princess,” I tell her as I snuggle her to me. “There can’t be anything better, can it?” she asks. “Probably not, babe,” I answer. Em gets out of bed and heads for her bathroom. “Go check on mom and use her bath,” she tells me. I go into Suzy’s room and she is sleeping soundly. She has lost the sheet down to her waist and her glorious boobs are pointing at me. “No, I can’t,” I think, as my hands are already on her boobs, squeezing her nipples. I lean over and suck them. Oh, I’m such a bad boy; I pull the sheet back over her and head for the bathroom.

Back in Em’s room she is waiting with two fresh drinks. “Em, that’s too much booze for you,” I caution her and she tells me hers is only half strength. “I have locked up the house and put the food away already. You are staying the night,” she tells me and it was not a question. “I want to cuddle some more,” she says and pulls me back to the bed. I lay on my side and she spoons her butt right into me. Because she is tall for her age, I can bury my face in her hair and let it tickle me.

Em has a different plan, besides cuddling, it seems. She reaches back and plays with my cock, pealing the skin back and stroking me lightly. The moaning is me now. Getting hard, I lift Em’s leg and put my cock right on her pussy. “Ohh, goody, Uncle Ted, let me rub you,” she tells me as she slowly starts stroking me with her wet pussy. The lips open around my cock and when Em closes her leg back down it squeezes me tight. I am fucking her pussy lips and it feels wonderful.

We do this for about ten minutes and I know I can’t last much longer; but I don’t want to force Em. I need to let her lead up to it. We are both moaning hard now. “Em, are you ready?” I ask. She is quiet for a minute, and then tells me, “Please, now.” I roll onto my back and lift her up, lining up my cock with her pussy and insert just an inch. Em’s “Oohh” lets me know that she likes it. Gently, I move her up and down, showing her how to pace herself. She starts riding me just a little, accompanied with more “Oohhs”.

Em rides me a little harder and deeper, just lost in the pleasure. When I hit her hymen, she stops abruptly. “Oh, Oh, Uncle Ted,” she whispers. “Do you want to go all the way?” I ask, while my cock is twitching inside her. “Yes, yes, now,” she shouts and with a mighty push drop down on my cock to the root. Her gasp is loud as her cherry pops. She whimpers quietly and sits locked to me. I sit up behind her and put my arms around her and just hold her till she recovers. “Are you OK?” I ask. She answers by moving back up on my cock and slamming back down. “Easy, babe; don’t break it,” I moan in pain. She giggles and starts moving up and down. Her pussy muscles are tightening and releasing on their own as a second climax nears. “I’m close,” she whimpers. “Me too, babe.”

“Don’t cum in me,” she adds as her climax hits. She squeals, shakes and topples over on the bed, with, “My mouth, cum in my mouth.”

“Let me show you how to do it right,” I gasp and position her on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Standing next to the bed, I straddle her head and tell her it’s my favorite position. Inserting my wet, hard cock into her mouth, I test how deep I can go before she chokes. Em puts her hands on the back of my legs, pulls my cock in deeper and sucks hard. With a few strokes I am hitting her throat and it tightens around the tip of my cock. I back off a little as she makes choking noises; but her hands pull me back in. Deep throating her for a few minutes brings me off. I back off again and fill her mouth with hot Jizz. My cock stays in her mouth as she savors the Jizz and then swallows. She tongues my cock; the pain is exquisite. I just want to stay like this forever.

“Uncle Ted,” Em says as she licks her lips, “I’ve got the sickness, too. I love the taste of your Jizz.” “Thanks baby, there is always more for you.” Holy shit, I ate her pussy and fucked an eleven year old. I popped her cherry and we did a little anal; all in one day. Her mom is in the other room and I’m staying the night in a preteen’s bed.

We do finally sleep. The next morning my wrist watch alarm wakes me. Em is asleep next to me. “Now what,” thinking of just eating her pussy and waking her, gets me going. But my unshaved face is probably not an experience her worked over pussy can handle. In the downstairs bath, I shower, shave and get cleaned up. By the time I finish, I smell fresh coffee. Could Suzy be up, I wonder and hope not. Thankfully, Em is waiting for me with coffee. She is dressed in a little pink baby doll night gown. Wow! As she kisses me, she says, “Before I wake mom let me show you something you’ll like”.

Em takes me into den and turns on her computer. She says, “I guess you like young girl pussy. Look at this.” First she brings up a “Stickam” website and shows me tons of young girl’s faces. She picks one that looks about 10-12 years old and says, “Watch this!” When she clicks the page the girl comes up. She is lying on her bed and her spread legs are facing the camera. Of course she is naked and using a big hairbrush to masturbate. Holy shit. “Emily, do you watch this stuff?” I ask. “No Uncle Ted I don’t, but all the girls in school know about it and we always look to see if we know one of the sluts. If any girl finds someone they know, they text message it to all their friends. In an hour the whole school knows about it.” Holy shit, again.

Emily says, “Don’t ever, ever post a picture of me on the internet, OK.” I just nod. “Now, let me go wake Suzy and face the music.”

“Wakee, wakee, Mommy,” she says as she holds the coffee under Suzy’s nose. Suzy sits up, looks at Em, takes and sips the coffee. “Emily, what in the world were thinking last night? You got on the bed and… and…” Suzy stops, unable to finish the sentence.

“I’m sorry Mommy, I couldn’t help it. You and Ted were so hot, I just wanted to… you know… share,” Em answers as she remembers her first taste of cum. “Emily, it’s not right. You and I should not… you know. I can’t even say it.” Her mother replies back.

“But you loved it, Mommy. You even ‘tornado’ sucked him!” “Emily, you heard that name from your father?” Suzy yelps. “Yes, you guys always left the door open and I watched,” Em giggles. She adds, “And you do like the way Uncle Ted got you off.” Em notices that one of Suzy’s hands had disappeared under the sheet and was moving up and down.

“A mother should not be admitting that to her eleven year old daughter. I think you are getting horny way too young, talking like that,” Suzy now laughs. “Don’t ever let Ted hear you use the word, “sharing”. No, no.”

“Mommy, it’s my birthday soon. Do you know what I want my extra special gift to be?” Emily asks. “No, baby, what do you want your extra special gift to be?” Suzy answers back in a mocking tone.

Emily looks at the bedroom door, where I lean against it, my hard cock tenting my shorts. She smiles at her mom and Suzy nearly faints.

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