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Emily and her Mom

Chapter 2: Mom comes home.

Background: As I was cleaning the pool for a near neighbor, her pre-teen daughter Emily came out to grab some sun. Being a good “Uncle”, I put suntan lotion on her back, legs and butt; which led to rubbing her pussy. Em had her first major climax.

A noise in the driveway was Em’s mom, Suzy coming home promptly at 5:30 p.m. She came into the kitchen, dressed in a fashionable, but inexpensive, dark pink business suit with a modest skirt. Suzy is not model beautiful, but with her stylish brown hair and subdued makeup, she is attractive. The business suit hides her two major assets well; she has a great bust and butt. Both are usually displayed when she wears jeans and T-shirts around the home. Plus she is tall, so her breasts are ‘kinda in your face’. I really want to see and play with them.

Suzy had kicked her no-good bum ex-husband to the curb about a year ago. For the past few months I have helped around the house making minor repairs. Today I cleaned her round backyard pool getting it ready for Em’s party. I hope to get Suzy into a bikini next to the clean pool.

Suzy looks around the spotless kitchen and arches an eyebrow. “Em’s been cleaning and cooking,” I tell her. “She is out by the pool,” I add, as I hand her a tall Long Island Tea. Unlike standard iced tea, a Long Island Iced Tea is a highball made with, among other ingredients, vodka, gin, tequila, and rum. I made a large pitcher; heavy on the vodka. “I think I’ll go out and check on Em,” Suzy tells me as I note her sniffing the aroma coming from the oven. “Smells good. Are you staying for dinner?” she asks. “Depends on you,” I reply as Suzy walks out the back door.

A little later, Suzy comes back into the kitchen from the pool area. “Em wants me to grab some sun with her, so let’s eat later,” she tells me as she heads for the stairs. I have her second tea ready and hand it to her in exchange for her empty glass. “Em is such a good girl!” I think, since she got her mom’s suit off without me doing anything. I grab the pitcher and head for the pool where a cooler with ice waits. I sit away from Em and relax.

Suzy comes out to the pool dressed in a black, conservative bikini. Her full breasts are not fully covered; but reasonably so. Her bikini bottom covers most of her butt. Em is on her stomach, listening with ear buds, just like this morning. Suzy sits on the second blanket and starts applying sun screen. She uses the same small circle motions as Em had this morning. However, Suzy starts on her feet and works her way up. Nearing the top of her legs she continues rubbing lotion around the bottom of the bikini without slowing.

Then, Suzy stops and takes several long sips of tea. Next she rubs lotion onto her stomach and on her breasts. She glances at me, but my eyes are hidden behind sun glasses. I assume she thinks I am staring at her tits as both her hands move slowly around and around. Of course, I am staring at her tits and the way she plays with them. Fingers seem to tweak the nipples, but then Suzy sighs and stretches out on her belly. Is this a mother-like-daughter act I wonder and certainly hope so? Suzy starts whispering with Em; who finally turns around and says to me: “Uncle Ted, will you pleaasee put lotion on mom. I have been working all day.” “Sure thing, Em,” I reply. “Oh, I love this baby girl; helping her Uncle get his hands on Suzy after so many months.

Getting up and grabbing the pitcher of tea, I refill Suzy’s drink and hand it to her. She sips a good portion of it and puts her head down on her arms. The relaxing effects of the tea should be setting in already. Rubbing my hands to warm them, I put lotion on my hands and gently place them on Suzy’s shoulders and make a few circle motions. “How’s that?” I whisper near her ear and nuzzle her brown hair a bit. “Mm, OK I guess,” she answers quietly. “Well, let me make it more than OK,” I reply.

Concentrating on her shoulders, I change from little circles to a massage technique and in a few moments Suzy moans: “Mm, much better.” Yea, I know what you need massaged and I hope to be there in about twenty minutes,” I think to myself. Next I do her arms and feel her relaxing more. As I do her hands and fingers, we play a little hand holding game; first time I held her hands, seriously. Suzy may not realize that the hand holding game actually gets her ready to hold my other parts. When I move back to the middle of her back and work her spine I can hear little moans.

Like this morning here comes the bra test. I untie it and put my hands back on a safe spot. Suzy’s head lifts up for a moment, interrupts her little moans, but lays back down quickly. I do the same silly trick of dribbling lotion along the bra string line. The cold lotion makes Suzy jump and giggle. I refill her tea once more and hand it to her. She sips more and lays back down without a word.

Again, moving my hands from her spine outward towards her sides, I give her a good massage and she also starts lifting up a little as I get near her tits. I let my fingertips hit the sides of her 36-C tits and give them just a gentle rub. I am rewarded by Suzy moving her tits back and forth to give me more contact. “Not yet, you are not ready to explode,” I think as I move my hands to her legs.

For the next several minutes, I massage her legs well and watch her relax totally. “So now let’s see if I can heat you up,” is my next thought, as I start massaging her butt cheeks. Suzy raises her butt just an inch as my fingers glide over her bikini. This lets me tug her bikini down a little so that all the edges are loose. My fingers go under the edges and massage her more. Suzy reaches back and pushes the bikini down a little more and gives my fingers more room. As my fingers slide into the top of her butt crack, I ease up on the heavy massage strokes and just play with her crack. Her butt moves up and down with my strokes.

Moving one hand between her legs, I lightly stroke her covered pussy area and watch as Suzy starts rocking her butt up and down a little faster. Sliding one finger under the bikini I gently rub near her pussy for a few minutes. Suzy is quietly moaning and rocking. She turns her head a little and says: “No, Ted,… no.” Leaning forward, I whisper to her: “Let’s go inside, now”. She looks at me almost frazzled and I tug her hand. Shaking her head in a ‘No’ motion she looks toward Em, who appears to be asleep. Suzy slowly gets up, grabs her bikini top and my hand without looking at me and leads the way into the house.

In her room, Suzy stands next to her bed with uncertainty in her eyes. I wrap my arms around her and gently kiss her lips. Slowly she responds and puts her tongue into my mouth. I kiss her lips, her face and move down to her breast. Nibbling on her nipples makes them pop up and become hard. Wow, I have been waiting to do this for nearly a year. But like a teenager in heat, today I want to go for the prize; I will be a tender lover next time.

I pull my shirt and pants off quickly. Kneeling down before her, I kiss her flat belly and reach for her bikini and pull it down her legs. “Sit,” I tell her and push her down on the bed. Suzy lies back on the bed and watches me get between her legs. Her eyes are on my cock and she seems surprised by its size. Spreading her legs over my shoulders, I move my face back to her belly and put little kisses all over her. Moving down, my tongue leaves a wet trail to her pussy. When I hit her pussy, Suzy moans: “No Ted,… please”. Her hands grab my hair and I expect her to throw me off; but instead she pushes me lower into her pussy and moans: “Start there”.

My tongue licks around the outer lips of Suzy’s pussy and her grip on my hair loosens slightly. I back off just enough to use my fingers to pull her swollen outer lips apart. The pink inner lips open and invite me to go deep with my tongue. My tongue moves up and down on the inner lips before I insert it deep into her pussy. Suzy starts rocking her pelvic and we get a good rhythm going as I tongue fuck her. My cock is getting hard and I think I will cum before I am ready to fuck her. Her sweet pussy is leaking juice and I use it to coat her all over. Moving up to her clit area, I gently peel its cover back and give her clit a little nibble. Suzy jumps and pushes my head back into her pussy. “Not yet,” she moans and keeps rocking her hips. Tonguing her has deeply as I can; I work her pussy even harder as I hear her moan, “No, Ted… please.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Emily come into the room quietly. She watches us for a few minute, then reaches up and takes her bikini off. Naked, she comes up behind me, puts her arms around me and pushes her hard nipples into my back. “Do me too, just like that,” she whispers into my ear. My cock just about blows its load right then thinking about doing them together. Nodding my head up and down gives her an answer. Bringing Em to a climax this morning was a great bonus; but tonight may get even better.

Suzy is moaning louder and rocking faster, as she shouts: “Now, now.” She pulls my face up to her clit and pushes hard. I take her clit between my lips and suck it hard; sending her over the edge. A low cat-like howl comes out of her throat as she arches her back upward with spasms. Pussy juice flows from her and she nearly pulls the hair from my head. As she comes off her climax she releases me and I see her large breasts heaving and her flat belly vibrating. I now know for sure; she has been without a cock for a year.

Emily gets off my back and sees my hard cock heading toward her mother’s pussy. “Are you close?” she asks as she reaches for it and strokes it. I just nod again. “Do her mouth, trust me,” she says, pushing me toward Suzy’s head. I get on the bed next to Suzy’s head and stroke my cock. Emily lies on the bed so that her head is next to her mom. “Emily, what the hell?” Suzy yells.

“Do it now,” Emily says to me and I stick my cock into Suzy’s mouth. The change was instant; Suzy clamps down on my cock and starts sucking like a tornado. I cannot believe what is happening. She grabs my balls and pulls me deeper into her mouth, frantically bobbing her head up and letting it fall back; repeating over and over. “Don’t cum in her, Uncle Ted. You have to share,” Emily says from Suzy’s side. Suzy shakes her head in ‘No’ motion which makes my cock pop out of her. My first rope of Jizz hits eleven year old daughter Emily right in her open mouth; but then I aim the second one into Suzy’s.

Suzy pulls my cock back into her mouth and gets the rest of my load. “I love you mom,” Emily says as she rolls over and locks her lips on Suzy’s. Suzy acts like she was going to push her off, but in seconds they are swapping cum like a pair of porn star queens. I watch in amazement as I get hard again. After a few minutes, Suzy quits kissing back and the girls stop. “Emily,… we need to talk… in the morning,… but now I need some sleep,” Suzy says quietly, panting hard. She tells me she is too worn out for anything else tonight and to call her in the morning. Emily is told to eat supper and go to bed. Suzy, totally worn out, turns away and pulls the blanket over herself.

Emily takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom; my hard cock following her butt like a bird dog follows quail. The pitcher of Long Island Tea is on Em’s desk along with two full glasses. She hands one to me and says: “Drink up.” After drinking half a glass, Em puts her glass down too, pirouettes twice and lies on the bed. Her slender body is a vision of beauty. From her shiny hair and smiling mouth, down to perky pink nipples; like every young girl she is a dream. As she slowly spreads her long, bent legs and opens her pouty pussy invitingly, she says: “Now do me like that, Uncle Ted”.

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