Something from out of this world that really isn't.
This story was written for those die hard fantasy fans who believe anything goes in fantasy. If that is your bag, I created this one just for you. No holds barred. Remember, all the parts flow together. If you don’t read from the start, you won’t have a clue what is going on and therefore will not enjoy the story. Be forewarned, this story contains sexual situations involving underage characters. Hopefully it won’t be necessary to mention all of it is fictitious including the characters.

The Bastard Bitch Part Four

The morning dew was just drying from the grass on the hillside. Kenny could see it glitter in the sunlight as he walked along the beach. Marcy awakened early telling Kenny she had urgent business to attend to.

He wanted to accompany her, but she sweetly declined, saying as much as she enjoyed his company, the business had to be done alone. There was no other way. Of course, Kenny wasn’t upset or angry in any sense. He knew Marcy was different from anyone he ever met. He knew she had to do certain things at certain times.

Kenny knew she would explain them to him when the time was right. It wasn’t a matter of Marcy keeping secrets, it was simply a matter of timing. Sometimes something had to be done before time was available for Marcy to explain it to Kenny.

More often than not, when that happened, Kenny found Marcy was right when she felt it would be much better if Kenny was not there when it took place. Kenny also knew when he did find out about what ever it is, he would be in for one hell of a surprise. He’s always been blown away every time, so far.

Kenny was enjoying the water lapping at his feet. He stopped every now and then to chase the waves. The idea was to run in behind a receding wave as far as possible and then retreat without the next wave catching your feet. Other times, Kenny stood in the edge of the surf and let the waves wash the sand from under his feet until he was knee deep in the sand.

Kenny stopped again. He stared out over the waves. Some of them were nearing ten feet in height. “Perfect.” The thought rolled through Kenny’s head. These were the right waves to catch for a little body surfing. Kenny rode several waves in before he caught a whopper. He was riding high when the wave flipped him upside down and turned him around so that his feet were straight up in the air and his head was under the water.

The wave dug Kenny’s teeth into the sand filling his mouth with it’s grit. When Kenny was almost to his feet, the next wave knocked him down and sent him for another ride on the bottom. After six of these episodes and still having a mouthful of sand, Kenny knew he had to get to his feet before the next one drowned him.

“Fuck getting air.” Kenny decided he needed to have dry sand under his feet. Kenny felt bottom and jumped up making a mad dash for the shore. He stood on the beach spitting sand and heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

Kenny heard some loud engine noises although he could see nothing from his present vantage point. It sounded like several motorcycles. Seven to be exact. Kenny turned just in time to dodge the first one. The crazy bastard tried to run him over. Kenny was still spitting sand.

Their jackets all proudly professed them to be members of the Hell’s Angels. Kenny had never met any of their illustrious members before. He heard about them and some of their rough shenanigans, but had never seen any of it personally. Kenny could hear, “Yee Haww” as the second bike passed within an inch of his diving body.

Kenny rolled in the sand to avoid the third bike and jumped to his feet in time to snatch the fourth one off the bike by his neck. Blood and Hell’s Angels jacket hit the white sand at the same time as the bike came to a halt in the roiling surf.

Kenny threw the piece of the fourth guy’s neck into the eyes of the fifth rider, knocking him off the bike. The other five dropped their bikes in the sand as they neared the spot where Kenny stood. The fifth fellow was on his feet by now. The six of them encircled Kenny. The apparent leader walked to within inches of Kenny as he said, “Hey, dickhead. You killed Sly. You may as well know we are going to have to fuck you up for that. You‘re gonna wish you were dead”

The fifth guy spoke up. “Wait a minute, Sledge. I want first crack at the dumb bastard. The son of a bitch knocked me off my fucking bike. Look at this shit. He busted my mirror. I‘m gonna stuff his balls down his throat after I cut em off.”

Sledge just grinned. “What the fuck. Go ahead. He ain’t worthy of having me whip his ass. Besides, fair is fair. It was your bike after all.“ Now it was Kenny’s turn to grin. “Gentlemen. Down South where I hail from, we have what is known as Southern hospitality. Aren’t you going to give introductions all around. That way I at least know what to put on the grave stones.“

Sledge spoke again. “Well, boys. We’ve got us a clown here. At least he thinks he’s funny. My name is Sledge. My Mamma’s last name is Hammer. The fellow to your right is Le Roy. He’s a French fucker and when he can’t find nothing French, well, then he’s just a regular old fucker. Alfonso is behind you along with Juice. Crank is to your left and you’ve already met Joe. He’s the one you owe for the mirror. Is that hospitable enough for you?“

Kenny grinned again. “Are you sure you boys really want to do this? I think you’d be a lot better off apologizing for interrupting my quiet time. Then you can be on your way.“ Joe moved in for the kill. Kenny side stepped him. Joe’s fist crashed into the empty air where Kenny had been.

Joe reached into his pocket whipping out a six inch switch blade almost as fast as his hand had gone to his pocket. Joe hollers, “Okay smart ass. Get ready to eat a mouthful of balls.“ Joe lunged with the knife. Kenny grabbed Joe’s wrist bringing the knife swiftly across the front of Joe’s crotch.

Joe fell slowly to the sand. His cries were muffled by the fullness of his own balls in his mouth. Only the tip of Joe’s penis could be seen protruding from his lips. Blood was rushing from the hole in the front of his trousers.

The patches of cloth from Joe’s trousers and underpants fluttered slowly to the sand after being flicked loose as Kenny opened Joe’s jaws with one hand while cramming his stuff into his mouth with the other. The other men stared in wild eyed amazement. They were shocked at this turn of events, but only for a few seconds.

Kenny heard a loud noise as he felt a burning sensation in his side just before the impact of the bullet knocked him down onto the sand. Kenny rolled to his feet ignoring the pain. He went into auto pilot. There was no thinking. Kenny just acted.

He grabbed Alfonso’s hand directing the gun at Juice as he was already firing his 357 at Kenny. Juice’s brains interfered with Le Roy’s aim and he killed Crank instead. Le Roy’s chest turned crimson just as his body slammed onto the beach.

One quick rake with Kenny’s left hand, as Sledge made his move, left Sledge on his knees covering his torn open eyes and firing wildly into the air. Kenny turned Alfonso’s gun slightly knocking Sledge onto his back with a neck shot. Kenny wrapped his arms around Alfonso’s neck in a choke hold. Kenny held him there until he could no longer feel a pulse.

Kenny walked calmly to the spot on the beach where he hid his shovel. In less than two hours he buried all seven of them. Kenny buried all of the bikes as well. He was tempted to just throw them into the surf, but there was a fifty, fifty chance they would wash back in instead of out. That simply would not do.

Kenny was very happy. The whole thing had been quite invigorating. So much so he was quite relaxed. Kenny looked down to his midsection. There was a thumb sized hole in his side. Lots of blood was coming out of it. Kenny sighed. It was a damn good thing the bullet hadn’t gone through.

Usually 357’s made a hell of an exit wound coming out the other side. At least it did on Juice’s head. The whole back side of it to be precise. Kenny applied direct pressure to his side as he headed up the beach toward home. Marcy would be home in a few hours and Kenny had hopes of cleaning up a little before she did. He didn’t want to worry her.

Kenny was only gone about four hours. He could have used hypnosis on the bikers, but a guy's gotta flex his muscles every once in a while. Kenny is a tough bastard. Still, he wasn’t sure how the bullet didn’t exit his body. A 357 is a very powerful hand gun. He thought to himself, "I had better remember to put a band-aid on that when I get home.”


When Kenny walked in the door, there was a young girl sitting on the couch. She was wearing a matching sky blue pair of bikini underpants and a bra. They were made of very flimsy looking lace.

The girl wasn't very big, but she was quite a bit bigger than Marcy. What she had on didn't hide much of what was there. She looked to be about 12 or so. Her hair was shoulder length with the cutest curls highlighting its fine brown tint. Her eyes were a mesmerizing green. She was one very darling little lady.

Kenny wanted to take a shower and get cleaned up before Marcy came home, but that would have to wait. Kenny couldn't resist looking at her. He was very surprised at how quickly his dick got hard when he saw her. Not that he wanted to have sex with a twelve year old, but after getting used to doing it with Marcy, all the other kids looked pleasingly sweet to him.

He noticed something else too. Kenny found nothing much over sixteen does anything for him anymore. Since Kenny met Marcy, he liked everything young and sweet. He didn't try to have sex with them, because he loved Marcy so much, but he still liked to look. The really wild part is Marcy wanted him to look at them.

Kenny and Marcy were cuddling close in the bed several days earlier. Marcy looked up at Kenny. "Daddy. You have been so sweet to me. I was so happy when you made such a sacrifice for me, saving all those boys. It had to be very difficult for you. I knew how repulsive sucking a dick was to you. For that sacrifice, I am giving you a special gift. You are already having sex with a lot of boys.”

“Of course, you have no control over your desires for them. If you ever see any young ladies you find appealing, I give you my permission to hypnotize them and strip them down to enjoy their beauty. I will trust you to just look. You can suck their tits, finger fuck them, kiss them, and eat their pussies if you want to.”

“Heck, as an added payment for your sacrifice. I will consider all of that just looking. You can 'look' around inside their butts with your penis if you find yourself needing it and you may feel free to get a blow job from them when ever you want. I would imagine nothing much over 16 will appeal to you."

After Kenny got over the initial shock, he managed to speak. "That is very tempting Sweetie, but it wouldn't be right for me to do stuff with little kids. It would traumatize them and mess up their lives."

Marcy glanced at Kenny with one of her more serious looks. "It would have no affect on their lives as they wouldn't remember any of it unless you told them they would." Kenny has only done it a few times so far, just to see if he could. He hasn't 'looked' around in any of their butts yet, but it has been very tempting. Of course, what he got to see didn't exactly hurt his feelings either.

Kenny found it to be extremely wild, stripping a young girl and gawking at her right in front of her parents. It was a sure bet he would do it some more. Kenny was tempted to eat a couple of them, but hadn't yet. Kenny knew sooner or later he would.

Back to the girl on the couch. Her legs looked so smooth and soft and her skin didn't have a blemish anywhere as far as Kenny could see. She had almost milky white skin with no visible signs of a tan. Her breasts were just a little smaller than mouth sized. She was almost as beautiful as Marcy and damn near as tempting. It was quite a chore for Kenny to resist asking her to remove the bra and panties.

He thought it best to wait until he found out what she was doing here, besides, it would be very tempting to 'look' inside her butt. Kenny was still bleeding. He didn't feel right about getting it on the young girl. Kenny learned a long time ago Marcy didn't do anything just for the hell of it. Everything seemed to have a purpose.

Kenny smiled at the young girl asking, "Who are you and how did you get here?" She apparently didn’t notice him until he spoke to her. Once she did, she turned beet red. It was obvious she was embarrassed sitting in front of him dressed like that, yet she made no effort to cover up and did not move from where she was.

The girl finally managed to find her tongue. "My name is Julia. Marcy told me to stay here on the couch until she gets back. She told me not to move from this spot unless I had to go to the bathroom. I want to make her happy, so I am doing like she told me. She is so pretty. I really like her a lot."

Kenny mused, "That's a very pretty name, but you still didn't tell me how you got here." Julia replied, "I've pretty much told you what I know. I was lying in my bed earlier this morning and the next thing I knew, I was here. All I know is Marcy told me I was going to be doing something extra special that I will really look forward to when the time comes. I can't wait to find out what it is. I would do anything for her. I really like being around her. She is just so cool."

"How old are you Julia?" " I am 12 last May, do you mind if I ask who you are?" Kenny was a red mess from his side all the way to his shoe. In fact, his shoe was full of blood. It certainly wasn't hard to see. Julia had a curious look on her face. She was wondering why Kenny was bleeding like he was, but was afraid to ask. Kenny didn't notice and wasn't bringing the subject up.

"No Julia, I don't mind at all. My name is Kenny. I am Marcy's Dad." Once Kenny realized Julia was here for a purpose, he decided it was time for him to clean up some before Marcy got home. "You'll have to excuse me for a while, Julia. I need to get a shower before Marcy gets home." Kenny headed for the shower. Julia just sat where she was. Kenny couldn't help noticing Julia staring at him as he left the room.

Kenny was enjoying the warm feel of the water spraying all over his body. It felt good to get the grunge off of him. All that blood gave him a very sticky feeling as it coagulated while running down his side. He could hear the door open to the bathroom. At first Kenny thought Marcy was home, but he didn’t hear the front door open, so it couldn't be her.

His next thought was maybe Julia needed to go to the bathroom and didn't know there were two other bathrooms in the back of the house. That was okay by him. Kenny thought to himself, "I'll just fantasize about eating her luscious pussy as I listen to her tinkle in the toilet." He could hear the lid on the toilet raise up and he could hear it creak slightly as Julia seated herself.

His dick got hard almost the instant he started thinking about her beautiful form. When Julia finished pissing, she pulled out a wad of toilet paper rolling it into a ball before gently sopping the remaining pee from her snatch. Kenny heard the toilet flush and was expecting Julia to take her place on the couch again. Instead, Julia stepped into the shower with Kenny.

She was still wearing the bra and panties. "What are you doing, Julia?" Julia was blood red with embarrassment, but was making no effort to cover up. "Marcy told me if you came home before she did, that if you took a shower, she expected me to go in with you.”

“She said it wasn't necessary for me to undress, but she wanted me to get used to seeing your nude body. I feel really weird and out of place. I am embarrassed all to hell, but I really want to please Marcy, so here I am, just like she asked me to."

Kenny finished his shower. He felt very refreshed. It was a little strange having a twelve year old girl standing nearly nude in front of him. Especially when she was openly gawking at his boner the whole time. It was worse knowing she probably knew she was the cause of getting it hard in the first place. Kenny and Julia stepped out of the shower. Kenny dried himself off.

He was very tempted to dry Julia as well, but handed her a towel instead and was satisfied with watching her rub the towel all over her soft smooth looking body. While Kenny was drying his hair, he couldn't resist blowing the hair dryer at Julia.

It was so much fun and Julia giggled so much, Kenny actually dried Julia's bra and panties. Kenny and Julia went back to the living room. Julia took her perch back on the couch. Kenny stood there in front of Julia for about an hour chit chatting while he learned all about her.


Marcy walked in the door. "Daddy. We need to talk." Kenny followed Marcy into the bedroom and gave her a sweet longing kiss. Marcy took one look at Kenny and saw the blood oozing down his side. "My God Daddy, You're hurt. What happened to you?"

"Relax Sweetie, it’s only a scratch." "Don't bullshit me Daddy. Scratches don't bleed that much. Take your shirt off and let me see it." Kenny slipped his shirt off so Marcy could see. Blood was still seeping ever so slowly, but surely from the pit in Kenny's side. Kenny was glad he took a shower. He would have really been a mess if he hadn't. Marcy gasped, "You've been shot. Thank God you weren't killed."

"Here, let me help you with it." With that, Marcy leaned over kissing Kenny's bullet wound. She kissed him for several minutes before coming up. The wound was completely healed. Marcy walked over to the trash can spitting the bullet into it. Kenny told Marcy about his walk on the beach and the time he spent tucking his new friends in. He wouldn't normally talk about his exploits, but Marcy had asked and Kenny never hides anything from her.

Marcy was visibly shaken, but she knew how things were with Kenny. She was amazed. Kenny attracted trouble like a sponge does water. The part she finds amazing is Kenny looks at it like everything is perfectly normal.

Marcy has personally seen Kenny kill over 300 men since she met him a year ago. She also knew he would never change, nor did she really want him to. Marcy decided a long time ago that if she didn’t find her cute eleven year old, she would bond with a special kind of guy who was all man. Kenny definitely fit the bill.

Marcy was remembering the first time she saw Kenny move into action. It wasn't pretty. They were taking a walk in Benson Park. She remembered it was a lovely yet quiet wooded area about 5 miles from the beach. Marcy was admiring Kenny's butt and admittedly getting pretty horny while doing so. So much so, she hadn't been paying much attention to her surroundings other than being sure she didn't run face first into any trees.

As they maneuvered around a sharp bend in the narrow path, Marcy felt a strong arm around her throat. At first she thought Kenny was playing around grabbing her. Then she heard someone growl, "Alright Bub. Give me your wallet or I blow your little girl's head off, if I don't fuck her brains out first.”

“On second thought, I believe this cute little thing could probably give a pretty decent blow job. How about it Honey? Would you be willing to suck it for me to save your Daddy's life?" Marcy realized at this time the man had a gun pressed against her forehead. He was also pulling at his fly trying to get his thing out.

Marcy was just about to will the guy to stick the gun up his own ass, when she caught a movement from the side. Suddenly the guy released Marcy and crumpled to the ground. Kenny smiled at Marcy, giving her a little kiss on her cheek. "Sorry, Sweetie. I guess I am losing it. I was paying far too much attention to your nipples poking out at your shirt. The guy caught me quite by surprise. I won't be so lax again."

With that said, Kenny threw something on the ground and wiped his hand off on the dying man's shirt laying at his feet. Kenny gave Marcy a longing kiss and nudged her forward on the path. Marcy glanced down to see what he had thrown on the ground. As best she could determine it was a piece of crumpled flesh. Most likely from the hole in the guy's throat. Marcy was surprised. Kenny was pretty damned fast for an Earthling.

Marcy came out of her daze. She was regaining some of her composure. Kenny glanced at his side momentarily, thinking to himself, "Damn. Every time I think there is nothing Marcy will be able to do to surprise me more than the last thing she did, she goes and does something like this. Shit, everyday it all gets wilder and wilder." Kenny felt better anyway. He thought to himself, "At least I won't need that band-aid."

He looked at Marcy, "What's the deal with the young girl on the couch?" Marcy replied, "I picked her up this morning. She is so cute. I bet her parents will be heart broken when they find she is missing. I'll explain about her in a minute. Come on, we'll talk while I wash you up." Kenny and Marcy stripped down heading for the bath tub.

Marcy ran the water in the tub as her eyes eagerly looked up and down Kenny's nude form. Kenny could tell she was getting very excited. Marcy sat across from Kenny with their legs enter-twined. Marcy started gently washing Kenny.

She alternated between washing and kissing him all over as she began to tell him, "I am so glad we met. You are more than I could ever have hoped for. I have to admit I would never have been satisfied with any eleven year old. Do me a favor. Just relax while I climb up in your lap and get what I need."

Marcy wrapped her legs around Kenny's waist as her pussy hungrily groped at his dick. Kenny did as she asked. He was enjoying it way to much to resist. "Daddy. If it's ok with you, I would like to sit here in your lap and make love to you while I fill you in on something very important." Kenny smiled as he replied, "I wouldn't want to hear it any other way Sweetie."

Marcy started to explain. "Daddy. I am going to be able to get pregnant in the next seven months or so, and it is not time for us to have a daughter yet. You are not ready. I will need another 500 years to prepare you for it." Kenny almost chuckled at that. He most certainly would have were it not Marcy was the one to say it. Kenny learned a long time ago when Marcy had these heart to heart talks, she was dead serious about everything she said during them.

"Marcy, why on Earth would it take 500 years to get me ready to have a child and how do you know it will be a girl?" Marcy's pussy was pulling at Kenny's dick. "Daddy. Please. Don't ask any questions until I finish. There is a lot to tell. All of it very important. I need for you to concentrate on listening rather than what you want to ask.”

“I promise most of your questions will be answered by the time I finish. Those few that aren't, I will answer for you at that time. Us having a daughter, and she will be a daughter, is a very big responsibility for you. It will go against the grain of every family value you now know. You will need all of that time to prepare for it."

"When she is born, she will not drink baby formula, nor will she drink breast milk, as a matter of fact, she will not eat any food at all. Not even water. Daddy, you are going to have to feed her. She will eat probably 4 or 5 times a day. Sometimes more. You will basically need to feed her whenever she is hungry.”

“It is rather complicated, so I am only going to highlight your responsibilities for her at this time. I will give you the specific details at the proper time. All of these things have to be done for her to mature properly and to keep her healthy."

Kenny had that look on his face again as if he were about to say something. Marcy headed him off. "As sick as it sounds, it is not only necessary, but will help form a special bond between the two of you no other father will ever have. It will take quite some time for me to explain it all, so please remember to save any questions for after I finish. As I said, many of them will be answered as we go along. I promise I will answer the rest of them as best I can."

Kenny had no problem with this request. Marcy's pussy was pulling him up into itself. She even sucked his balls up into her. His dick felt like it might come off at anytime and slip away inside of her. Kenny thought to himself, "That is one awesome pussy." Kenny felt incredible.

“I will explain all about Julia after I answer any of your other questions. First off, we have lots of time to decide what to name her. When I said you have to feed her, it requires you to stick your dick in her mouth. She will suck it until you finish shooting off. This will be her only source of nourishment until she is able to eat on her own. From time to time she will want to hold it in her mouth even when she isn't hungry. I need for you to let her have it whenever she wants it."

"She will be using you for practice so she will be an expert on anything involving the male reproductive system. You will need to let her examine it as closely as she wants at the time. We will also bring her little boys to examine as she matures. Actually you and her will go together and pick them out between the two of you. You must be happy with the boys as well as her, because you will be surprised how many of them you will have a desire to examine yourself.”

“We will start with really young ones and then make them gradually older until we have brought her some that have matured at 21. She will keep them a week at a time. Then we let them go home just as they were when they got here except their balls might be a little blue for a week or two.”

“They will sleep in her bed so she can have access to them at all times. She will even take baths with them. That is nothing to worry about as she will have no interest in the boys other than her assigned training. You needn't worry about any of the boys doing anything to her as they will do only what I tell them they will do and precisely that. Your daughter will examine them all over and practice beating them off and biting their balls.”

“She may use them to practice kissing should she decide to. She will kiss some of them, but probably not all. I know it sounds weird, but there really is a big difference in finding a boy she will find pleasing to suck on his balls and in one she has to swap spit with. I can tell you, it is two separate things and just because you find a boy that meets the criteria for the one, does not mean he is okay for the other.”

“Your daughter will have a need to know how to do that as she will be kissing them differently than she does you. She simply can't do the things to you she needs to do to them. Stuff like removing their memory. Convincing them to do it with someone else. There are a lot of reasons she may need to kiss someone as you have seen with me. Don't worry, when she kisses someone, you will actually get a charge out of it. You will find it to be very cute when she does it.”

“She will not have any kind of sex with any of them. Well, it may look like she is at times, but trust me, no one other than you will ever put his penis in her vagina before she finds Mr. Right. This part of the training will be finished by the time she is fifty and can eat on her own. Essentially we keep a boy about her age at all times during her training.”

“Well, up to the age of twenty one. I’m not going to have a fifty year old man in the bed with our daughter. We will swap them out for a new one once a week or so. After she turns twenty one, we alternate the ages of the boys to keep her in practice. Of course we will allow her to bring in any boy at any time to allow her to keep herself well trained.”

“You can expect her to keep a young one around for plenty of practice. Everything she does with these boys is just preparations for finding and eating her meals as well as learning to survive on her own. A lot of it has to do with learning to use her powers.”

“They will not be at full tilt until she turns sixteen, but when she practices on the boys, she will have enough, even at the age of eight to see what it does to them even though the effects will only last a few seconds and will not be enough to stem their desire for her in the nude.”

“I will have to take care of that for her until she is able. She will probably bring several boys in at the time. Part of her training is to fine tune her powers. It will require her to force the boys to do things they would find repulsive otherwise. Stuff like having sex with one another or maybe with a dog or something like that. It could be most anything.”

“You will need to kiss your daughter frequently. It has to be done. It is important you kiss her the same way you kiss me." Kenny's lips found their way to Marcy's breasts. Marcy cooed a little as she continued.

"You will have to make love to her. The first 9 years you will just be kissing her, sucking her breasts. Well, her nipples anyway. Eating her pussy, tonguing her butt, and the like. Don't let that idea gross you out. Her butt will be like mine. It will basically be another mouth, only shaped a little differently than your average mouth. It won’t have any shit in it and never will.”

“She will be begging you to fuck her constantly by the time she is two. She will be able to talk within a week of birth and walk in two, but it will take her a couple of years to realize the burning desire she has inside her is to have you fuck her. Your eating her pussy will actually keep her satisfied until then.”

“It will be very hard on you watching her suffer with desire as she pleads with you to do her, but you must not put your penis in her vagina until the week after her ninth birthday. If you do, your dick will tear her down there and it will never heal. You must not tell her this as it is not something she needs to be worried about."

"She will already have enough to worry about trying to get you to do it with her. When the time finally arrives for you to fuck her, we will make it a special event for her. We'll throw her a special party and your penis will be one of the presents she will get to unwrap. You needn't concern yourself with the possibility of getting her pregnant.”

“She won't be able to get pregnant until after she bonds. Besides, her pussy will get the necessary ingredients from your head to prevent that when the time comes." Kenny was in ecstasy, yet he was dumbfounded at the same time. Marcy was making him feel fantastic with that luscious pussy of hers, but at the same time, she was laying some pretty heavy shit on him.

Kenny had a lot of questions he wanted to ask already, but he promised to wait until Marcy finished. The way Marcy was making him feel made it a little easier to hold his tongue. Kenny decided if she was going to keep this up the whole time, he wouldn't have any problem waiting to have his questions answered. Of course he couldn't imagine doing any of the stuff Marcy told him so far.

"You will do it all with her. The frequency will be as often as she wants it. Trust me, it will be a lot. You will not need to take her off in private, although it will be all right if you do from time to time or when ever you want to or she wants you to. It will be quite acceptable for her to do everything in front of me. It will be perfectly normal for her. Just a part of growing up. Also, I ask you not to look on it as a chore. I want you to go ahead and enjoy her. Let her excite you, she is supposed to.”

“It will be a lot more special to her that way as well. It is very important for her to feel really special when she does it with you. Our daughter will be irresistible to everyone the same as I am. They will all want her and will do anything to get it. You will be immune to all of her powers, including her ability to read minds. You will definitely find her beautiful, but you will be immune to her physical attraction as well. None the less, you'll have to do it all with her."

"You will not have any problem with that as you will find her to be very beautiful and she will be very pleasing to the touch as well as tasting really good. The difference between your desire for your daughter and everyone else's is they will want her pussy to the point where they would kill to get it if they saw it while they weren't hypnotized.”

“You will love her dearly as her Father and will fuck her because you love her. You won't have a burning desire to pounce on her, nor will you walk around the house all day with a hard on thinking about her pussy. Your daughter will be burning with desire for you all day everyday. She will be infatuated with you constantly. Basically, she will more or less go into heat anytime you get near her.”

“Just remember she can't help the way she feels around you." Kenny was flabbergasted. He's going to have a daughter go into heat every time she gets around him. This is unbelievable to Kenny, yet he knows Marcy is dead serious. Marcy cuddled up closer to Kenny's chest as she continued." It is important you let her know how much you enjoy doing it with her. Tell her frequently how good she makes you feel and how much you love her."

"Always let her know how special she is. Remember she will be equating how much you love her by how much you take care of her desires. The more you do for her sexually, the more she will feel you love her and the more she will want. I know it sounds crazy, but the more she feels you want her, the stronger and healthier she will be.”

“To make you understand, if you refuse to fuck her when the time comes, she will get very ill and die within a week. We certainly do not want that to happen. If you keep that in mind, you will find yourself fucking the shit out of her. The more you do the happier and healthier she will be. I want you to do everything to her she asks you to do. Even if she asks you to shit in her mouth. She won't eat it, but I'll lay odds she'll want you to shit in her mouth frequently.”

“Your daughter will love you so much she will actually get a thrill sucking your shit out of your ass. She most likely will swish it around in her mouth until it dissolves in her saliva before she spits it out. I know that sounds very gross to you, but it will actually taste like candy to your daughter.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me any if you never use the toilet again once she gets a taste of it. Don’t be surprised if she convinces some of the little boys to eat some too. The boys will actually swallow it.“

“I have never sucked your shit out of your butt, because it will taste like shit to me. It's not that you don't have a really cute butt, but I don't eat shit. Trust me, the boys will feel the same way, but they’ll all do as your daughter asks. Your daughter will actually gouge around in your asshole with her tongue to get as much as she can.”

“Don't worry, when she spits it out, it will all go out. Unlike her, it would take me some time to get the smell out of my mouth to say nothing of the taste. As I said, when your daughter spits it out, there will be no traces of it left in her mouth.”

“That way you can kiss her right after she finishes and taste nothing other than your daughter's delicious saliva. Believe me, it will taste really good to you. You will probably ask her to slip a few gobs of her spit into your mouth when ever you are kissing her. Hers will taste distinctively different than mine, but only so you will enjoy her as her. Kind of like the difference between a strawberry and watermelon. Both are tasty fruits, but you can easily tell them apart.”

“She will still be mighty tasty. As I said before, you will need to do it all with her." Kenny was blown away. He was thinking there was no way he was going to take a crap in his own daughter's mouth. He did however have no problem believing her about eating his daughter's spit. He eats a lot of Marcy's whenever they kiss. It is absolutely delicious. Kenny can't seem to get enough of it. Kenny continued to listen.

“She won't start developing fangs until she turns 30. Again, you will serve as practice. She will delight in biting your balls and injecting fluids into and out of your sack. I will be training her. By the time she is 50, she will be going out on her own to eat each night.”

“Your daughter will have to set her own time to eat. It will be between midnight and 8am. Excluding the hours between 2 AM and 4 AM. This will allow either you or myself or the both of us to accompany her when she asks us to.”

“Otherwise she will go alone after her 50th birthday. I couldn't very well go with her and eat on time if we both had the same feeding times. There will be times she will watch me eat as well. Sometimes she will pick them out by herself and sometimes I will enjoy browsing with her. There will be times she will ask you to go as well.”

“Sometimes she may decide she wants to do it with me. That will simply be curiosity the first time and down right desire afterward. I will never ask her to do me, but when she does, I will do anything she asks, including returning the favor. It’s okay. She is supposed to want my pussy. She will lick me all over my body.”

“I will not be doing it with her to get a sexual thrill out of it, but she will be thrilling to me none the less. I will get off on our daughter when she wants me, much the same as you will. I will only be doing it with her because she needs her Mommy too. Don’t worry, you’ll find that a thrill also. She will never date. Boys will not interest her other than as a meal, for at least 1000 years."

"It will most likely take another 500 years or so for her to find Mr. Right. She will be able to tell when she has found him. You must keep in mind her Mr. Right might not be what you think it should be. He could be rough and tumble like you or he could be sweet and gentle. It is not likely, but he could be a child, maybe even as young as nine. After all, she will be nine years old all her life.”

“She may decide she likes a guy with a body similar to hers in development. After all, I was dead set on bonding with an eleven year old before I met you. Their bodies were a special turn on for me. I know kids that young don't ejaculate, but if she finds he turns her on, she may bite him to make him able to ejaculate so she can check him out.”

“If he isn't the right one, she will not bond with him and she most certainly will not eat him. The main thing to get used to is one day she will come in with her man. When she does, they will already have bonded. Remember, it is her decision who Mr. Right will be. She may not find him for a couple of thousand years after she is of age, or she may even find him right off. We will just have to wait and see.”

“She will not have sex with anyone else but you until she bonds with someone. The same as you and I. One other thing. She will always do it with you, even after she bonds. Of course the frequency will decrease, but she will still need you and she will still pretty much go into heat every time she gets around you. Do not worry, her guy will not be jealous of her having sex with you.”

“As a matter of fact, at sometime or another he will save some of the boys for her the same as you did for me. He will actually be as crazy about sucking your dick as your daughter will. It would thrill your daughter if you let him have it when they visit. If he turns out to be a boy, you may find yourself sucking him as well. You already know I won't mind. Your daughter will really get off on that as well. That's the basic outline of the way it will work. Do you have any questions?"

Kenny thought, "Damn. Marcy certainly said a mouthful that time. It is going to take some time to digest all of that." He looked into Marcy's eyes. "I actually have a shit load of questions to ask, but I don't think there is any need for me to ask too many questions until I have a chance to adjust to what I have already heard.”

“But I do have a couple I need to ask. How do you know the baby will be a girl and will we have any boys. How did you eat before your fangs came in and what ever happened to your parents? By the way, you never told me their names."

Marcy was correct when she figured explaining all of this while they were making love would make things go a little smoother. Kenny eagerly returned to slurping on Marcy's small breasts. Marcy would like nothing better than to have him suck them all day.

She would if time allowed. Even so, she was in no mood to get him to stop now. Marcy decided she would just lay back in Kenny's strong arms letting him drive her wild with his lips and tongue caressing her chest until she finished.

"It's OK Daddy. I told you I will need 500 years to get you ready and you will need every one of them. The baby will be a girl as I am incapable of having a boy. Trust me, this is a fact. I was planning to tell you about my parents anyway, so I am glad you asked. Many of the things I am about to tell you are very personal. They were my thoughts and experiences as a little girl. I find it embarrassing telling some of it, but I think you should know about all of it.”


“I don't want to harbor any secrets from you. Before we bonded, I read your mind and therefore I know everything about you. Now it's your turn to learn all about me. I will hold nothing back. Not even the most embarrassing stuff. Daddy's name was Hogarth. He had no other name. He was a professional warrior. His work was killing men.”

“In peace time, he raised cattle. He was good at that too. Daddy made plenty of money with the cattle, but he actually only dealt with them, because he enjoyed raising cattle. It was a high profit hobby to Daddy.”

“The real money however was in being a warrior. Daddy enjoyed killing too, actually much more than raising cattle. Much the same as a hunter loved killing his prey. Everyone considered him a very skilled mercenary, but my Daddy was actually a cold blooded heartless killer.”

“I know that sounds like a terrible thing for a daughter to say about her Daddy, but it is a fact. Daddy loved to take the life blood from men. He thrilled at the sight of blood. Because of that love, my Daddy was a very wealthy man.”

“Mother was known as Endora The Enchantress. It was widely known not to cross her. It didn't really matter anyway. Not many were willing to cross paths with my Daddy either. As mean and tough as my father was, everyone feared my Mother more. Mother was quite capable of being a wicked bitch when the occasion called for it. Of course my Daddy didn't take any shit off of anyone, not even Mom."

"Daddy was the only person I ever knew that had any control over my Mother. I know that was the very thing that attracted her to him in the first place. She wanted a real man. She definitely got one. My fangs came in when I was around 30 and I wasn't able to eat on my own until I was 50. I had to feed off of my Daddy, the same as our daughter will.”

“There are some differences. My parents were mortals, albeit my Mother was a sorceress, she was a mortal nonetheless, and they both died of old age, about 30 years after I was able to eat on my own. My Mother died less than a week after my Father. She was heart broken upon his death. I practiced on my Daddy to learn what to do, but I didn't have any kind of sex with him other than sucking him and biting him on his balls and the like."

Kenny had to know, "Marcy, how did you bite your Father's balls. I thought you didn't get your fangs until you were 30?" Again, Kenny settled his lips back into her soft smooth flesh. Marcy's heart was beating rapidly. She was going bananas. It was all she could do to keep from screaming in ecstasy. "Oh, God. Kenny. That feels soooo fucking good. Don't you dare stop."

Marcy started gyrating her hips up and down Kenny's rod. "I bit him with my teeth. Not hard enough to do any permanent damage, but sometimes I would draw blood. Get used to it. Your daughter is going to do the same thing to you. Don't let it worry you, it will feel really good. My Daddy loved it, even though he would never tell me so."

"Of course I played with it and jerked him off quite frequently during the day as well. Sometimes I went into their room to do it for him at night too. The only reason he let me do that was my Mom told him what the deal was with me and Dad didn't want me to starve to death.”

“My Mother told him I had to be completely nude during feedings, in order for him to be able to ejaculate enough to keep me alive, and it was an absolute necessity for him to let me have it whenever I wanted it, no matter where I was.”

“Due to my being nude, my Daddy stayed hard for hours and he would shoot off for about fifteen minutes at the time and maybe eight times each feeding. It would take from two to four hours for me to finish depending on how hungry I was and how horny I was able to get my Daddy at any given time.”

“I would feed off of him at least twice during the day and every now and then I would feed five times a day. I always had plenty to eat. As you can see, I spent a lot of time with my Daddy."

"Oh, Oh, Oh shit. I'm coming all over myself. I'm having a pussy juice rush. My Mom told me about them. She said I may get one from time to time when I get really worked up after I bond. Oh, God it feels so good. This is my first one. Yeeeessssss! Yeeeeessssss! Yeeeesssss! Aaaaahhhhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Daddy. I'm exploding. Quick, pull the drain plug out."

Marcy started screaming and convulsing. She got a blithely unfocused look on her face. She was coming like crazy. She started pissing pussy juice.

Kenny could see it squirting just above the surface of the water in the tub. It was really gushing out of her snatch. He could feel it whooshing all around his penis as she sat in his lap. It was an incredible feeling. Kenny barely managed to get the plug out by the time Marcy's juice neared the rim of the tub.

Kenny thought to himself, "Damn. Marcy surprises me all the time. She just squirted out close to a bathtub full of her juice and she is still coming. I see what she means by the term pussy juice rush. I can't wait to give her one in the bed. It would be neat to wallow in all of her sweet smell."

Kenny started into his orgasm shortly after Marcy started her rush. They both finished at the same time. Marcy was still breathing hard, trying to catch her breath, but she had finished her rush.

"Daddy, let's dry off and lie next to one another while I finish telling you about me. You wore my ass out. That was the most awesome thing I've ever felt in my life. I will need to lay still for a while to regroup. I am as weak as a kitten." Kenny picked Marcy up after they dried off and laid her gently into the bed. He crawled in beside her, pulling the covers up to Marcy's neck to keep her warm.

Marcy continued her story. "Dad was a mean bastard, but he was only mean outside the family. He loved me dearly. He didn't believe in having incest with his children either. I remember my older sister asked him why I got to suck it and she couldn't.”

“He chuckled under his breath and told her it was because she didn't have to. Mom told me all the things I would have to do and she told me all about what my nude body would do to a guy. She let me know how special my Daddy was, too.”

“My nudity made him want to fuck me something awful, the same as it would for any other guy or woman. My Mom was the only human my nudity had no effect on. She also told me the only time my body wouldn't drive everybody nuts was if I was unconscious.”

“I asked her why that was and she told me she made that exception into the incantation so she could bathe me and change me without having to eat my pussy or, and she laughed at this statement, having to knock me out."

"After we finished laughing, Mom explained to me she put that part into the incantation as protection for me. If something happened to make me lose consciousness, I would not have the ability to use my hypnotic powers and therefore would be defenseless. The incantation will make anyone who finds me lose sexual interest in me. Even when I am nude. They would want to keep care of me, as if I were their child until I regained control and was able to go my way."

Kenny had to know. "What incantation, Marcy?" Marcy looked at him for several minutes before answering. "I wanted to explain this to you a long time ago, but I needed to wait until you learned enough to at least get a little grip on it.”

“As I already told you, my mother was a sorceress. However, she was a sorceress who wanted to live forever. Mother knew many incantations she could have used to make herself live forever, but by the time she learned to make the right one, she was a little older than she wanted to be for that long.”

“She actually wanted to be a child forever. Thus she came up with an incantation in a potion form. She slipped it into my Daddy's food. The way it worked was the next time he made my Mom pregnant, the incantation would take effect. I was her next pregnancy. Now you need to hold onto your hat for this part. The incantation split my Mother's soul into two pieces."

"One stayed with her and died with my Father. The other is me. What I am telling you is I am my Mother. I am still a sorceress. I might as well let you know I am a very powerful sorceress at that."

After Marcy told him this, Kenny couldn't say anything. He wanted to ask her a lot of questions, but he was dumfounded. Marcy continued, "I have her full memory up to the age of about 30, which was the same time she had me. I remember giving birth to myself and holding myself in my arms when my darling Hogarth handed me the baby."

"I remember crying because I was hungry. My Daddy told Mother to go ahead and breast feed me. I will never forget the shock on his face when he found out he had to feed me. I remember getting very ill. I was that way for about a week and nearly died before Daddy realized Mom was dead serious about him having to shoot off in my mouth.”

“Then I remember watching myself feeding from my father's penis that first time. After that, I only know what she told me and what I saw of her myself as her daughter. My age I gave you doesn't include my first 30 years as my mother. If you add it in, I am actually 1555 years old. If you add in the time I lived as my Mother after I was born, I have lived for 1635 years. Mother delivered me in June of the year 470.”

“She never told my Dad and she made sure I understood the importance of never letting him find out. I would be the only person capable of fully comprehending the situation. I wouldn't fully understand until she died and I actually remembered I am her. She added this to the incantation so I would have a separate childhood from the one I already had and she would only remember her first old age from the eyes of a child."

“She would never have allowed one of her daughters to have sex with her husband, but she didn't have a problem with me doing it because she knew I was her." Kenny caught his breath momentarily to ask, "If you would never allow one of your daughters to have sex with your husband, why are you going to let me do it with our daughter?"

Marcy looked longingly into Kenny's eyes. "I really don't want our daughter to have sex with you. Unfortunately the incantation wouldn't work any other way. I would rather her have sex with you than for her to die or not to have her at all. Mom told me about the incantation when I was twelve, Not too long after my sister and I experimented with one another."

"The incantation didn't allow me to have all of my previous memory until after her death. Even though I am her, I will always be Marcy for you. I will continue to refer to the other half of my soul as my Mother. Even though I am her, she was still my Mother. I have to keep the two separated so I can enjoy the memory of both my childhoods. I will tell you about my first Mother and Father at a later date.”

“That is a completely different story and would only serve to confuse things at this point. I hope this doesn't blow your mind. Mom warned Dad what my nudity would do to him. She told him it was all right for him to do it with me when ever he wanted to.”

“He was supposed to. It would give him the ability to control me when the need arose. If he didn't do it with me I would be far too strong minded to listen to anything he told me."

"I will never forget what Mom told me my Father had to say about it all. First he asked my Mom if it would adversely affect my health if he didn't have sex with me, then he said just because he had one hell of an urge to fuck his daughter and just because he was supposed to fuck her, didn't mean he was going to.”

“He made it clear, that no kid of his was going to back talk him, strong will or not. He was right. I tried him a few times, but I have never found anyone like him. He was so strong willed my hypnotic powers had no effect on him at all. Of course I couldn't try to control him until I acquired my powers. I was thirteen when they started developing and fifteen when they were at full tilt. He didn't take any shit from me and I toed the line.”

“I could read his mind, but I couldn't control him at all. Everyone else I used my powers on could actually feel my conscious enter their head as I took over the controls, though I have allowed very few to remember it. Daddy didn't even know I was trying to control him.”

“I was so far from being able to get in his head, he couldn't even feel my presence. I soon learned, 'Please Daddy, please' worked much better on my Father than my powers. And that didn't always work either. If Daddy decided I wasn't going to do something, I could forget about 'Please Daddy, please'."

"He was the only man other than you that saw my pussy and was able to resist the urge to dive on it. I have to tell you. I was blown away at you seeing my pussy when I was preparing to bond with you. I was expecting you to dive on me to eat it, but you just sat there drooling. Of course, I at the time, was fully prepared to stand there and let you dive on it.”

“I actually wanted you to and was disappointed you didn't. I realized then I had me quite a man and you had really been serious about not doing anything to hurt me. That was awesome. Now, back to my story. It was strange. I never needed to use hypnosis to hold my Dad off of my pussy as he had control over his desire for it.”

“It wouldn't have mattered any way, for two reasons. First of all, If he dove on me, he was so strong willed I wouldn't have been able to affect his desire with my powers. Secondly, I wanted to do it with him so bad I begged him to dive on it every time I ate his juice. I never had a guy actually dive on my pussy, because by the time the first one saw me nude, I had my powers and was able to hold him off.”

“Of course when I read my Daddy's mind, I knew he wanted me bad. My Dad wanted to do me almost as bad as you did, but no where near as bad as I wanted him to do me. I always wanted him to do me too. I tried frequently to convince him to fuck me, but he never would."

Kenny was enjoying this special quiet time with Marcy. He was enjoying immensely laying close to her as she poured her heart out to him. It was awesome to him knowing she loved him enough to share all of this with him.

"Daddy never got mad at me for trying, because my Mom explained to him I really had no control over my desire to have him do me. My desire to have him do me was ten times stronger than his desire to do me. This knowledge made Daddy realize I wanted him to do me something fierce. I never told Daddy I knew, but when he would be in a private area, he would beat off while he fantasized about doing it to me.”

“Mom told him I would go into what she called pre-puberty soon after I turned 13. Dad was informed at that point I would worry the shit out of him to fuck me, because my desire for him would increase a hundred fold. It wouldn't be pretty and he would have a hard time with it. I would remain in it until I reached my eightieth birthday."

"That basically meant I would be horny enough to go down on a fence post were it not for the special rules I learned early on not to break. It used to upset me something awful my Daddy didn't love me enough to fuck me. When I got older, I finally realized my Daddy didn't fuck me because he loved me.”

“I would often find myself fantasizing about what it would be like with my Daddy's thing probing deeply into my insides. I could imagine the feeling of euphoria as he squirted fifteen or twenty minutes of his ejaculate into my pussy. I was actually heartbroken that I never had a chance to have full blown sex with my Daddy."

"I was home alone with my Mother. She made arrangements for it to be our special day together. It was the day after I turned 13. She wanted to re-explain my situation and the importance of following the rules of the incantation to the letter.”

“After I asked enough questions to get a little grip on my situation and realize how different I was from everyone else, I understood what my Mother told me was actually a fact. It was far out, but my Mother never lied to me. Mom told me about the pre-puberty and how it worked."

"It was difficult to understand I would be horny as hell until I was eighty and then I would take no interest in sex for a thousand years. It was even harder realizing I would get even hornier after that. Mom told me it was time to have this talk as she knew how I felt right then. She knew I was in a bad way. Mom was right. I wanted to fuck something awful. I felt like I needed to have my pussy sucked all the time.”

“It was driving me crazy because I didn't have anybody to do it for me that wouldn't cause a breech in the rules. Mom understood how disappointed I must be that my Daddy wouldn't have sex with me. My Mom was very disappointed Daddy wouldn't fuck me.”

“She wanted him to fuck me so we would remember him fucking us as I grew up. It was as important to my Mom as it was to me as I was her and she would still be me when she died. It was very important I have that feeling of closeness as I mature."

"Since my Daddy refused to take that responsibility, she would have to do it herself. I was in shock. Imagine being a 13 year old girl and having your Mom take you off in private and tell you she is going to suck on your pussy. The thought went through my mind I couldn't let my Mom eat me. It sounded so gross. I was all tore up inside, yet I felt an over powering urge to have my pussy sucked. I wanted it really bad.”

“I just stood there in front of her in awe as she continued to fill me in on my situation. Mom was upset Dad wouldn't do it for me, but she understood how he felt about his daughters. He had a very difficult time with guilt having to let me do what I have to."

"It was such a trauma to my Dad that Mom lied about the importance of his having sex with me. I needed to have my pussy eaten and have it stretched open every once in a while. It would only be necessary to have it done once a month to keep me from getting an infection. However, if I liked it, and I felt like I needed it more often, she loved me enough to take care of my needs as often as I asked her to.”

“It was quite all right for me to fantasize Daddy was doing it instead of her. In fact she would prefer I did. I did that for her, but sometimes I had to let it be Mom. I was nice enough not to call out her name when I did. Mom made it very clear the monthly sessions had to be done. There was no other way, but if I wanted to have it more often, I would have to come to her and ask for it.”

“Under no circumstances would she do it otherwise, as she found it even more repulsive than I did at this point. Having her say that relaxed me enough where I decided to just let what happens happen.”

“She would prefer not doing my pussy either, but one of them was going to have to do it for me and it seems it will have to be her responsibility. Mom thought it would be very cruel to leave me burning with desire and she needed for me to be able to focus on the other things she would have to teach me."

"Mom also assured me that since she knew all of my thoughts she promised she would not only do only what I wanted her to do, but when she took care of my needs, she would do everything I wanted her to do.”

“The only exception would be the stretching and the eating parts. As much as Mom abhorred the idea of eating pussy, she would have to eat mine at least once a month. She made sure I understood she detested the thought of eating pussy, but at the same time, it had nothing to do with her love for me.”

“The stretching would have to be done for at least four hours each time. I would most likely find it embarrassing the first few years, but would eventually want her to do it more often than is necessary. I would probably beg her to eat me frequently. That was nothing to be ashamed of. Just to remember she was there for me when I needed her"

"Until my Mom explained it all to me, I hadn't known what I was feeling was a powerful feeling of being horny. I was also very surprised how much stronger the feeling got when I turned thirteen. I remember hanging onto my Daddy's penis. I had been screaming and squealing for him to fuck me. I was begging on my knees.”

“I had done it all day and all night. I could tell it wigged Daddy out, but I couldn't stop myself. I had to have him inside me. I could tell it blew my sister Lania's mind as well. I guess it was really wild to her as she had no clue what was going on and Mom certainly couldn't explain it to her other than your sister is very different than you are."

"The really hard part for Daddy was it was absolutely imperative he let me have access to his penis any and every time I needed it. He was up all night with me pulling on his thing begging him to fuck me. I even pleaded for him to at least put it up my butt.”

“Daddy was not only upset his daughter was begging him to fuck, but he was upset with himself because he really wanted to fuck me something fierce himself. He was also upset seeing me suffering so because he wouldn't do me. Still, I could read it in his mind.”

“He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he violated his precious daughter. I hated him for not doing me and loved him to death at the same time. When I got older, I realized he really loved me immensely to be able to resist the huge urge he had to violate me.”

“When I was born, Daddy started to leave the room so Mom could breast feed me. Mom called him back in telling him this daughter is different from Lania. Mom explained to my Daddy how it was going to be with me. When she told him he had to feed me, Daddy went off on her. He plainly stated he was not going to stick his dick in his own daughter's mouth. Dad told her to get that idea out of her head right then.”

“Of course, Daddy already knew Mom was a strange individual. She was a sorceress after all. Daddy was so frustrated that I wouldn't eat anything, not even water. He finally gave in and started feeding me a few days later, when I started getting weak.”

“It became obvious to Daddy I was dying and he knew then Mom had been dead serious. From then on he did everything Mom told him he absolutely had to for me. I remember it was very difficult for him learning what he had to do with me.”

“By the way, I can eat anything I want any time I want to, but I can't digest any of it, because my digestive enzymes are set up to digest semen. There is no direct route from my mouth to my ass anyway. It certainly wouldn't be feasible to shit large bits of undigested stuff into some poor boy's nut sack for him to ejaculate onto his belly. There is enough pressure when I shit, to allow me to push solid food through my fangs if I chewed it well, but it would rip a boy apart on the inside and he would die a horrible death.”

“I was actually envious of Lania that she could eat real food and I could not. The few times Lania was able to convince me to try eating real food was when I was a teenager. I threw it all back up within a few hours, after it soured on my stomach. It freaked Lania out and after several times, she gave the idea up. So did I. It was kind of fun. Sitting at the table with the rest of the family. Chewing up the food and swallowing it. Of course I sat at the table with the family every meal, it’s just that I would eat later when Lania wasn‘t in front of me.”

“The taste was kind of weird, but still kind of cool. Throwing up, however was no fun at all. Getting sick at the stomach wasn’t all that cool, either. If I threw it up within an hour, I didn’t get sick, but it still wasn’t all that much fun throwing it all back up. Besides, as my Daddy told me, there was no real reason to waste the food. He figured it was okay for me to taste it from time to time to see what normal folks did, but not to do it every day.”

“Mom didn't mind me experimenting with the food, but she warned me never to have any real food in my stomach before I went out to eat. She said to enjoy the taste of it as much as I could now, because once I started eating little boys, I wouldn't be able to throw up. My system wouldn't allow me to eject the precious nutrients I had just taken from my meal. I would have no way of getting rid of it before I shit in the other boy.”

“She was letting me know if I did let that happen, it was a done deal. It would be kinder if I just took a stick and beat them both to death. Basically, once I started eating testicles, I had to stop trying food. There is simply no period between eating and shitting in which I can throw the food up. I would be deathly ill unless I ate the food shortly before shitting. If I did that, it would keep me from getting sick, but as soon as I started to shit, the real food will go through my system, thus killing that sweet little boy I am shitting in.”

Kenny had to know. “Marcy. How did you shit before you started eating other males?” Marcy sat quietly as if in thought for about five minutes. Finally she shrugged her little shoulders. “I had been hoping this wouldn’t come up. I don’t want to hide anything from you, but this is really embarrassing. I did promise I wouldn‘t hold anything back, so here goes.”

“The first eight years, my excrement just oozed out of my fangs slowly over the day and I simply spit it out. When I turned nine, all that changed. My digestive tract started working faster and the pressure would build up too much to ignore it like I did when I was younger.

Mom informed me when I felt like I had to go, the pressure for me would be at the opposite end it is for everyone else. She explained the way they all took a crap and how mine had to come out of my fangs. The concept was difficult to grasp just hearing about it. I simply couldn’t imagine anyone sitting over a board with a hole dug under it and pushing something out of their butt hole like my Mother described. The trouble was I couldn’t ask Mom to let me watch her.

I was able to talk Lania into letting me watch her. I guess she thought I was some kind of pervert watching the shit ooze out of her hole. I couldn’t explain to her that mine didn’t do that, so I had to let her think what she would. It was kind of neat seeing that big brown log come out of my sister’s butt. I was mesmerized when it dropped off and her hole closed back up. It was pretty wild watching her wipe it off too. Seeing that brown stuff get all over the corn shucks was the craziest thing I had ever seen. The smell freaked me out too.“

“Mom let me know it simply would not do to try to just squirt it out with my mouth open, because I would get no vacuum and therefore, nothing would happen. I would need a host much the same as I would when I started eating guys. Then she really fucked my mind slam up. Not just any host would do. I had my choice of three hosts and all had to be males as they had to have nuts. I would have to bite a hole into the host’s nut sack with my teeth. At least until I got my fangs. Then I had to put my lips around it’s balls and blow my excrement in. The host would ejaculate it all out.”

“The three choices were, stallions, bulls, and gorillas. Since there were no gorillas near us, I was pretty much restricted to horses and cattle. I remember I just turned nine. I flat told my mother I wasn’t going to put a bull’s balls in my mouth. Oddly, she didn’t get mad. She just smiled and said the barn’s over there when ever you get ready. Mom turned and walked off.“

“I stood there feeling like I had won. I felt ecstatic knowing she wasn’t going to force me to hold a bull or horse in my mouth like she said. Suddenly the pressure started building up. My head felt like it was going to explode. I went running into the barn. Mom knew it would take a while before I went the first time. Daddy was already standing in there holding the bull with a chair right behind it for me, so I knew then Mom had known exactly when I’d have to go. I stood there with that awful set of nuts in my mouth for what seemed like forever.”

“It was horrible and embarrassing too. I had to suck a bull’s or horse’s nuts everyday while it shot off all over the place. It was super gross. I had to stand in the barn behind the damn things with their nuts in my mouth while I did it. The worst part was my Daddy had to be there to make sure the horse or bull didn’t injure me. At least, I didn’t have to go out into the field and do them there.”

“I also thank my mother for taking Lania for a walk while I did it so she would never know. It turned out the host’s system was large enough to accept the food bits without harming the host. Due to my having to bite a hole in its nuts, I had to do it with a different one everyday to allow them to heal so I didn’t kill all of my father’s cattle. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to turn thirty and not have to do that anymore.”

“Something I neglected to mention. Although I was already sucking my Dad‘s juice to live on. It was absolutely unbelievable to me as a little girl that when I turned thirty I would actually eat some poor little boy‘s stuff. I thought my Mom was nuts. Imagine being a nine year old girl and being told for the first time that when I turn thirty I would develop fangs.”

“When Mom told me I would bite a little boy in the balls and eat him, I just knew she was pulling my leg. It never occurred to me I couldn’t live off of my Daddy forever. That he would die much sooner than I would. When I was a little girl, I often wondered why Lania never did Daddy. I just didn’t comprehend at first Lania actually ate real food to survive. I never knew until I turned nine and Momma explained it all to me, that Lania wasn’t the same as I was.”

“Mom was kind enough to wait until I was thirty to explain to me I would live forever and compared to me, Lania would live only a short while. She hadn’t wanted me worrying about losing my precious sister while I was so young. The first time we went for me to eat, Mom insisted I start out with a little boy. She didn’t want me doing adults until I was eating on my own. That way she wouldn’t be looking at other men’s penises. She considered that kind of cheating on Dad.”

“Anyway when I was staring at that first little boy, it was like, ‘I can’t do this. There is no way I am going to bite this little bastard‘s balls. I don‘t even want the repulsive little things in my mouth.’ They looked all shriveled up and ugly. Once I finally gave in and slipped them into my mouth, it was difficult to pull back to massage the poor thing‘s balls as I found it to be absolutely wonderful having them in my mouth.”

“I could have held that first boy‘s balls in my mouth all day. It wasn‘t a sex thing. They just tasted so luscious and the way they felt when they moved around in my mouth was simply marvelous. Of course the incantation set that up so I could enjoy eating. It‘s pretty much the way a human feels so good when they pee, so there is no struggle to want to go."

"As I said before, the bad part for Dad was he had to let me tug on it as long as I wanted to, because Mom told him it was absolutely necessary I have it when ever I needed it. My Daddy was very upset about it. That was what prompted Mom to set up our special day. She waited that one day so my Daddy would get a full understanding of what I was going through, then she told him she would come up with something to get things back to normal again. She did this in the unlikely event if my Daddy caught her servicing me, he would understand why she was doing it for me."

"It was important for me to fully realize the power of the pre-puberty as well. This was so I would understand why my Mom was suddenly informing me she was going to do it for me. She wanted me to be assured she was only doing what was necessary to keep me healthy, both physically and mentally. Even though I would be able to eat a boy when I turned thirty, I wouldn’t draw enough of the right nutrients until I get where I can eat on my own.”

“When I did, I would draw nutrients from the guys' nut sacks that would prevent me from getting sick and I would not take any more interest in sex for about a thousand years. However it would take thirty years of eating those nutrients before those feelings would subside. Mom loved me enough to keep me from burning with desire until that happened.”

“One quick note for clarification. My Mom gradually made me aware I was different from everyone else. She slowly got me to grasp I am one of a kind. She did it in a way I would understand that it was a good thing. At that time I was aware I would live for a long, long time, but I had no idea I would live forever."

"I couldn't imagine myself begging my Mother to eat my pussy. I found the idea of having her face between my legs to be most embarrassing. I really didn't want her doing it to me. I knew I was going to have to let her do it for me at least once a month so I wouldn't get sick. I figured I could struggle through that and not have to worry about it for another month. Mom hugged me close as she ran her fingers all up and down my sides. She would slide her hands under my skirt lightly stroking my backsides, before kissing me sensuously on my lips. It was an incredible feeling taking turns sucking on one another's tongues."

"Since she knew all of my thoughts, she knew what I wanted her to do and exactly when. When I would get so excited I could hardly breathe, my Mom would slowly undress me. I would lay in the bed on my back as my Mom fucked me with a long cucumber she had peeled earlier for the occasion.”

“Trust me. Mom was right. Those cucumbers embarrassed the hell out me for a long time before they became my friends. When they finally did, I couldn't get enough of them. Then after stretching my pussy for four hours, she would let me take her head up inside of me until I was satisfied. I always felt so much better afterward. After the first time, I began to realize I was going to be asking Mother to do me a lot."

"It was really pretty cool. I loved every minute of her eating me. Mom also stated she knew I wanted to eat her pussy so I would know what it felt like to eat myself when I regained my full memory. As crazy as it sounds, I would need to do her to achieve that complete feeling of closeness I required to keep me healthy.”

“Trust me, it was awesome. I didn't want to eat Mom at first, but then I realized I was really her and that was when I realized what she said made sense. I liked eating her pussy. I did it all with her and I found myself wanting her several times a day. I would lick and kiss her all over. Her tits felt fantastic when they were between my lips. Mom let me do everything to her I wanted to whenever I felt I had to."

"Mom didn't really want me to eat her anymore than she wanted to eat me, but technically, her body was my body and she saw no reason I shouldn't have access to it whenever I felt like I wanted it. I told her that also worked the other way. My body was actually her body and she should be able to have access to it as much as I would to hers. Mom told me that wasn't really true.”

“Even though we are both us, the simple fact is she is the adult and I am the child. Thus I must do all the deciding about who does what and when. I knew having me do her embarrassed my Mom, so I tried to hold my desire for her pussy to every couple of days. I wanted to eat her all the time. Most of the time, I managed to hold it down to once a day, but it was really hard to go that long. As hard as I tried, I never made it a whole day without eating her.”

“Sometimes I would end up doing her as many as four times a day. My Mom held up to her promise and did it with me whenever I asked for it, which was as it turned out, as many as six times a day. She never initiated it, nor did she ever look at me with the longing and desire I displayed when I looked at her. She was right. Eating her pussy not only made me healthy, but it made me feel so good inside. I was truly happy with myself. It also made my Mom and I very close. Much closer than we had been before."

"Then my Mother died. That was when I retained my Mother's memory. Actually it was my own memory, just from an earlier time. I felt satisfied then. I had fucked my Daddy thousands of times when I was my Mother and he had always been wonderful. Daddy had even shot off in me many times, for the full twenty minutes he would shoot off when I was nude in front of him.”

“I would be standing in front of them watching them do it as my daughter, me when I was young, waiting for us to finish so I could eat. It was really neat. My Daddy would watch my pussy so he could shoot off for the whole time Mom was having her orgasm. I didn‘t think about it before my special day with Mom, but I had already tasted her pussy many times when I fed off of Daddy just after he pulled out of her."

"I loved it, because I could stand there in the nude fantasizing about my Dad fucking me as I read the same thoughts in his mind. Mom nor myself ever let my Father know that her and myself could read his thoughts. Mom felt it would restrict what he would think."

“She didn't want him worrying about that. I remembered being a child. Getting married and having children of my own. I remember watching myself getting old and finally dying in my bed as I held my own hand, the hand of my Daughter as I faded away. I remember being a child again. Loving my Mother and Father so much. I also remember seeing them get old and dying as I cried."

"Once I was able to eat on my own, my Dad wouldn't let me suck it any more either. That hurt, because I loved sucking my Daddy, but later I understood how he felt about me doing it. He always felt like it wasn't right having his daughter giving him blow jobs and playing with it off and on through out the day. He never got used to it, even after 50 years of me doing it. It was strange. I didn't know about it then, but now I wonder why I never had orgasms while I was doing my Daddy's balls. Mom never brought it up, so I don't really know why."

"I also found that what my Mom had said was true. I lost all interest in sex except my desire to do my Dad. Unfortunately he only lived for 3 months after I finished pre-puberty. I did it with my Mom until the day I turned 80. After that, I never asked Mom for it again. Mom was very happy about it as she never wanted to have sex with her daughter to start with.”

“We were always careful to prevent Dad and Lania from finding out about it. Lania never had a clue, but Mom and I both knew Daddy suspected Mom and I were doing something sexually together. He was always careful not to walk in on us when we were doing it. I could read it in his thoughts. He figured Mom had to come up with something drastic to get me to stop hanging on to his peter all day, begging for him to fuck me all the time."

"I was still trying to get him to fuck me a lot, but it was a little more like it was before I hit thirteen. Dad also knew that if Mom really was doing it with me, she had a damned good reason for doing it and he also knew he didn't want to see us doing whatever we were doing, but he never had an inkling of the real reason she was doing me. Daddy had no idea I would actually get sick and die if my Mom hadn't done it.”


“My Daddy was quite a man. My sister was always jealous of me because of what I did with him. She said I always made it look so enjoyable that she wanted to do it too. Lania got to see me suck Dad's dick and watch me play with it. Lania even got to watch Daddy shoot off on my face as I played with him, but she wasn't allowed to watch me eat when I would be nude. There were a lot of times I would catch it in a bowl so I could let it run into my pussy later when I was alone. I loved the way it made me feel when I was rubbing my Dad's juice all around in my snatch or all across my tits."

"It made me feel somewhat like Dad was fucking me. At least I got to feel it on me as I fantasized about him shooting it all into me as he held me close. Daddy just thought I was saving it for a snack later on. He had no idea what I had really been doing with it. When I played with his thing while I was nude, I would often direct his ejaculation to various parts of my body and rub it all around when he finished. I even had him shoot off in my hair. There was always enough of it to really get my hair soaking wet. I loved the way it made me feel as it dried in my hair. Lania could see my hair was wet when I came out of Dad's room, but she just thought I had washed it."

"Daddy didn't like me doing it, but he knew I needed to experiment to become an expert like Mom had told him. Even so, he never had any other thoughts in his mind about me saving his jism for anything other than a meal. I guess Daddy just couldn't think of me as something sexual other than when he fantasized about me in the nude. I kept my secret from Lania as well. Of course Mom knew, but was kind enough not to bring it up. The only reason Lania was allowed to watch when I wasn't nude was because I had to do it so often that if she wasn't allowed to watch she would have been in the other room so much she wouldn't have been a part of the family."

"It was a wonderful feeling after Mom died. Not the part about her dying, but the part about what I remembered about my older sister. Lania had been my darling sister for all those years. I truly loved her dearly. Then I remembered how proud I had been and how special she was when I held her in my arms when she was born.”

“I felt so close to her when she was breast feeding from me. Lania was my first born child. I really miss her a lot. My Daddy didn't want Lania looking at his dick, but he preferred that to not seeing her at all. I know it sounds sick, but it was the right thing to do. My Daddy loved her as well and he would often hold her in his lap while I sucked him so she wouldn't feel left out."

"Lania loved cuddling up against my Dad's nude chest. She also thrilled over the times when my Daddy's hard on brushed up against her butt just before and for quite a while after I took it into and out of my mouth. She would innocently press her ass against it the whole time he held her after I finished. I would usually climb up into his lap on the other leg. Lania and I would press Daddy's dick between her nude ass cheeks and mine with my skirt on.”

“I would pull the side of my skirt up my thigh just high enough for my Daddy's penis to rub against my bare butt. Daddy would hold us that way for an hour or so. It was incredible. Daddy always got naked when I did it with him so I could do all of the things I wanted to, except what I really wanted. It was really weird. I would be on my knees, sucking my Dad's dick. With Lania sitting in his lap, I couldn't help but brush against her thigh and the side of her ass with my cheeks as there wasn't enough room to avoid it."

"The embarrassing part was when I read Lania's thoughts. She was getting off on my face brushing against her nude skin. She was actually thinking, "Oh, God. She makes my pussy so wet when she does that. I wish I could slide her face between my legs. I'd love to have a little taste of that thing between her legs." That was really embarrassing, feeding off of my Daddy while my face brushed along side my sister's naked butt and knowing she wanted to come in my mouth something awful.”

“Knowing she would do anything to eat me. What made it worse was Mom was there at the same time and she knew it too. God, it was so embarrassing. I couldn't tell Lania I knew, because I wasn't allowed to let either one of them know I could tell what they were thinking. It was still weird having my sister in heat every time she got around me. When Mom told me why, it didn't bother me as much. Dad would let Lania get nude so she would feel special when he held her."

"The last time she sat in Daddy's lap in the nude was the day she got married and moved out of the house. She was twenty-six at the time and she had been fantasizing about my pussy the whole time I was sucking Daddy. She married a guy named Bertred. He was the Crown Prince of Wales at the time. The King of England's son.”

“Getting a little off the subject, the King wasn’t happy about the marriage between his son and a peasant girl. Yes, we were filthy rich, but the royalty still considered us peasantry, except for Bertred. I knew how the King felt because I could read it in his thoughts. Of course the King wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t about to let my father know he was against Lania becoming his son’s Princess. I can’t say I blame the man. That would be like abdicating the throne. Daddy would kill him.”

“I remember my Daddy always cuddled Lania close to him, treating her just like she was still nine. My Daddy thought she was pretty also. Daddy wanted to fuck her too, but never did, but he really enjoyed looking at her nude little body. He never let her know and I never told her. When I was really young, Mom warned me many times, if my sister ever got to see me naked, she would worry the shit out of me trying to eat my pussy."

"She would want it bad. I knew it was true, because Lania was always trying to talk me into letting her have me and she hadn't even seen it yet. It was really weird, I remember Lania begged me to take my clothes off for her many times. The first time was when I was four. She wanted to lick my pussy. She insisted I would like it a lot. Of course my Mom already warned me Lania would be after it and I was given strict orders not to let her even see it, let alone lick it. The only reason Lania never took my clothes off of me when I told her no was she was afraid I would tell on her if she did."

"Everybody that sees me nude has to have me immediately. That is why I use hypnosis. I don't want anyone climbing on top of me trying to get it. I remember one time I was angry with Lania. She had really pissed me off. Lania was particularly horny that day. Horny for me. She got that way several times a day, so I should have been used to it by then. Lania was trying to duck down to see under my skirt. She had been grabbing at the hem of it trying to raise it up to expose my snatch.”

“I managed to get a hand down there every time to cover my thing just in time to keep her from seeing it. Unfortunately each time she got a good glimpse of my legs and this only served to make her all the hornier. I finally had enough and told her to leave me the fuck alone. She merely informed me she was going to have a look. She looked me dead in the face and said it was her pussy even though it was between my legs and I wasn’t going to stop her. That was what had pissed me off. The fact she assumed because she was bigger than me she could have her way with me.”

“I didn't have my powers yet, so I couldn't use them. My sister was two years older than me, so she was a lot stronger than I was. We had been playing in the hayloft in my Daddy's barn when all this took place. I decided to show her my pussy to get back at her. The dumb thing about it was I thought I was getting even and what I did was what Lania had been trying to achieve in the first place. Kids can be really stupid at times. I certainly had been at that time. I guess what Mom told me just hadn't sunk in all the way yet. Well it sure as hell sunk in that day."

"Lania dove on me, knocked me down onto the floor, cramming her mouth slam into my pussy. She was on me for over 12 hours before my Mom found us. Mom had to leave us in the barn with my sister hanging off of me while she brewed up a potion to take the edge off of her desire for me, then she had to give me something to make me unconscious for a few minutes to get Lania off of me long enough to give her the potion. I was afraid of what Mom might do to punish us, but she told me later on she expected to find us like that at some time or another. To her, it was just a matter of time before Lania ended up getting a glimpse of it anyway."

"Mom had been hysterical after she found we were missing and couldn't find us, but was relieved when she found we were okay. She also found the situation kind of cute. Lania was really going for it. I had a shit load of orgasms in her mouth, but I was really too stunned to count. Mom said if she hadn't found us, my sister would have laid there eating my pussy until we both starved to death. I think she would have.”

“I was very hungry when it was over. I had to have my Daddy right away. Mom never told my Dad about the incident. I needn't have worried about being punished by my Mom anyway. I found out later she just couldn't bear the thought of whipping herself. However, my Dad didn't hesitate to smoke my backsides when they needed a little warming. That was weird for me too. It always hurt like a bitch. The way my Daddy spanked me, he would raise my skirt and bend me over his knee."

"Then he would slap my bare backsides with his open hand. The way he did that made it sting like hell without really doing any physical damage to me. I would cry and come all over myself at the same time. I would come, because my Daddy's hand was touching my bare ass. I didn't misbehave to get Daddy to touch me, because as I said it hurt like a bitch. Daddy always gave me ten good slaps.”

“He would slap my butt and wait two or three minutes for the initial sting to die down and slap me again. It would sting and be red all across my butt for hours and I would come all ten times. Daddy had no idea I was coming every time he touched the back of my butt with his palm. I barely finished my orgasm before he would slap me again. Daddy thought I was screaming because it stung. It was a weird experience. Hurting so bad I screamed bloody murder and feeling so good I oohed and aahed while I hollered.”

“Lania didn't come when Daddy whipped her, so I knew damned well she would be careful not to get it again. Daddy only whipped us when it was necessary, which was very rare. Daddy only whipped me ten times in eighty years. Lania only got it five times. The last time I had him whip me, was when I was 75 years old. I know that seems weird, but you must remember when Lania grew up she became a woman and Daddy let her have her own life. Yet when I was 80, I was still a little girl. I became a woman when my Mother died. By the way the last time Lania got one she was 25."

"Mom told me never to do that again. She didn't have to. I already realized it was a big mistake all on my own, although I gave in to Lania's begging twice more before I listened to what Mom said. I told you before my sister and I tried it a couple of times. We actually masturbated in front of one another. I would watch her do it first, because I knew she wouldn't be able to wait much longer than the couple of minutes it took me to start my orgasm before she started after my pussy.”

“The only reason she was able to wait that long was because of the powerful potion my Mom had given her. Like I said before, I ate Lania both times just to be sure of what it would be like. I did feel sorry for Lania. So much so that after I got my powers, I would get naked with her in the barn a couple of times a day and we would kiss as we masturbated in front of one another while she fantasized about eating my pussy.”

“When Lania and I masturbated together, I did Lania and she did me, while we kissed passionately. I actually fell in love with my sister. I would hold her off with my hypnotic powers. Believe me, taking turns sucking on one another's tongues was an incredible feeling for Lania and myself. Sometimes I let her suck my tits. They didn't give out any milk back then, but it didn't really matter as I wouldn't have been allowed to let her know if they had. Let alone give her any of it."

"I sucked her tits quite a bit too. Partly because she wanted me to so bad and partly because her tits were awesome feeling when I had them in my mouth. When her nipples got hard they felt incredible on the tip of my tongue. They were very beautiful breasts and I could have looked at them all day. I loved the way they jutted out at me from her chest. I was envious of Lania over her breasts, because at the time I had never known I had any.”

“I guess that's why they were so pretty to me and why I was always so fascinated with them. It was like I imagined they were mine. As long as I didn't mind sucking them for Lania, she didn't mind me staring at them for awhile after I finished. I would stare at her tits, getting off on their sublime beauty. I would tell Lania I was trying to build up enough resolve to suck them for her again as she liked it so much."

"Lania would let me gawk as long as I liked, because she knew eventually I would either suck them for her or I would eat her pussy. Lania had some terrific orgasms when I did. Many times she would get so excited I thought she would pull my head into her pussy. I didn't really mind doing it for her, as we both got what we needed out of it. I also loved the way her heart would try to beat it's way out of her chest while I sucked her tits. Obviously, I was very careful to make sure Lania never knew I felt that way about them.”

“I know it sounds perverted, but it was the right thing to do. It relieved a lot of pent up feelings for Lania. I needed to come a lot at the time anyway. I was horny as hell all the time. Mom knew we were doing it and she also knew I was head over heels in love with my sister. I don’t mean a sisterly love although I definitely had that as well. I mean I really had the hots for my sister. Any way I could enjoy looking at her body, that I would do.”

“Hell, I would start salivating at the mere thought of putting my mouth anywhere on her luscious body. I would come sometimes just holding her. I couldn’t wait to get my tongue in that pussy. The only embarrassing part was Mom knew exactly how I felt about Lania. Of course Lania was infatuated with my body. That was pretty much obvious. Don’t get me wrong. Yes, Lania was addicted to my body. She couldn’t get close enough to it to satisfy her desire for it, but have no doubt, Lania was deeply in love with me. I don’t mean a sisterly love.”

“As far as Lania was concerned, I was her girl. She would like nothing better than to hang on to me all day. Lania would hold me in her arms in a loving embrace anytime she could when we weren’t in a position to get naked together. It was a very passionate embrace, but Lania did it somewhat innocently. Mom knew. Lania actually drooled on herself when ever I was around.”

“That never really bothered me as Lania had me drooling quite a bit over her most of the time as well. I was surprised Daddy never picked up on it. Hell, Lania actually drooled on her blouse whenever she got around me. Mom always knew what we were thinking. She hadn't picked up on that first time as we had gone so far into heat at the time there were no intelligible thoughts in either of our minds."

"Mom told me it was the right thing to do also, but we were not to eat each other anymore. If I desired to continue eat Lania, that was ok as nothing bad would become of it and it would only make Lania love me all the more. It would help Lania and I to have a stronger bond. Mom didn't really want me eating my sister, but she couldn't find any valid reason for my not doing it for Lania other than the fact she didn't want me to.”

“Besides, Mom figured it wasn't actually going to cause any harm. After all there simply was nothing wrong in two sisters being close. She did warn me to be careful not to let my Daddy catch us. Daddy would go berserk if he saw us doing it. Mom let the last couple of times go without saying anything to me as she knew we were kind of experimenting. She couldn't bring it up with Lania as she knew the only way Lania could imagine she would know was if I had told and Mom didn't want to destroy our sisterly trust.”

“Mom was adamant that if I continued to let Lania eat me her body would soon develop a chemical dependency. If that were to happen, I would have to let her do it several times a day or she would die. She would still get very weak and would get so skinny she would look like a rail. Eventually she would get so weak she would become bedridden. I would have to crawl in with her to give it to her. The reason for that was because eventually Lania would get where she wouldn't eat anything besides my pussy.”

“My sister would literally be living off of my pussy juice. I couldn't have that happen, so I didn't let Lania eat me anymore even though it tore me apart watching her suffer so with her burning desire for me. If it weren't for that, I really wouldn't have minded letting her do me all the time. I really loved Lania dearly and her pussy tasted wonderful even though I felt a lot of guilt inside when I ate her."

"I continued to let her enjoy our masturbation sessions and every few times I would suck Lania's pussy until she finished her orgasm. I actually wanted to eat her every time, but I really didn't want her thinking I wanted to do it for her. I actually looked forward to eating her puss most of the time, so I would act like I was reluctantly giving in just to let her feel satisfied since I couldn't let her do me. Don't get me wrong, I let her play with it as often as she wanted to. I did have to be careful she didn't lick her fingers until my juice dried.”

“The addictive stuff would evaporate and then it wouldn't hurt her. I would sometimes squirt some of my juice into a rag. After the rag dried, I would present it to Lania to smell for a while and then she would suck the rag to taste me in it. Lania loved it when I did that for her. I would even let her stick her nose in my pussy when ever she wanted to, to smell me some. That was ok, because there was no way for her to reach her nose with her tongue. I did, however have to be careful not to exude too much pussy juice while she had her nose in my pussy, because if I did, she might ingest some of it when she breathed in my smell.”

“When Lania did this, she basically nose fucked me to orgasm. She did that almost every day. It was an incredible feeling. She was constantly running her hand under my skirt to get a feel of me whenever she knew no one would see. She loved to see me orgasm while she held my pussy lips in her hand. Lania constantly begged me for my pussy even though I told her I could not let her have it.”

“I didn't tell her why, but I told her she would just have to trust me that something really bad would happen if I did. It seemed like the fair thing to do as there were so many things Lania had to endure watching me do with Daddy that she wanted so much to do herself and couldn't. Besides I liked sucking her tits and I loved kissing her. Doing what I did with her probably kept her from hating me with jealousy."

"Mom was kind enough to not walk in on us while we were masturbating together. Mom always steered my Dad clear of the barn when we were in it as well. She definitely didn't want him to see us doing it. Mom warned me to be careful Daddy never figured out what I was doing when I kissed Lania on the mouth in the house. Mom knew Lania and I were hopelessly in love with one another, so Mom told my Dad if he allowed the two of us to have passionate kisses whenever we wanted to, it would prevent Lania from being overly jealous of me and him.”

“Daddy didn't like the idea at first, but gave in to Mom's reasoning. Eventually Daddy thought it was cute. Of course we weren't always just kissing although most of the time we were. Lania talked me into saving Daddy's juice on occasion. She would watch me suck him off, then I would give it to her as we kissed so she could savor the flavor. Lania would pretend she was sucking my Dad's dick as she sucked my tongue. She would imagine he was shooting off in her mouth as I slowly slid his juice into her mouth. Of course Lania never knew I knew.”

“Lania enjoyed it immensely whenever I would save my Daddy's juice and slip out to the barn with her. My mouth would be puffed out like a hamster's. My Daddy's load was close to a pint, so I had to stretch my cheeks to hold it all. When we got into the loft, Lania would strip down nude and I would spit Daddy's juice all over her breasts. I would carefully rub it all over Lania's chest until it dried. Lania would thrill on it, especially if I ate her while I was rubbing it on her tits.”

“I was very careful to make sure I didn't allow Lania to have any of Dad's juice left over when we finished. If I did, she would dump it into her pussy as soon as she was alone. I read that in her thoughts many times. I just couldn't take the chance she would get pregnant with Daddy's child. That would have been a real mess. If she ever got any of it in her pussy, she would have certainly become pregnant. Daddy's sperm was so potent he could have impregnated anything female that got his juice in its thing.”

“I know, because I blew some of it up a sheep's twat with a reed, just to see what would happen. I had to hide the sheep in the woods until she had the baby. It was awful, the baby had a sheep’s head. The nose was human as was the hands, ass, and penis. The chest was human as well as the hind legs, but the rest of it was all sheep, including the hind feet. I kept it secretly for awhile, but when it started to talk, my Mom made me kill it. She also made me promise not to do that with anything else. Especially my sister Lania."

“"I couldn't give my Dad's juice to Lania as often as she wanted it, because I actually needed a lot of it to survive. I did however give it to her as much as I could without hurting my health. Lania loved it and it made us even closer than we were before. On the times I couldn’t afford to spare her any, she would pretend my spit was Daddy’s ejaculate. Lania would like nothing better than to eat my spit all day. She just loved the taste of it. Mom didn't mind as she thought Lania should have a little bit of the excitement as long as she didn't actually do anything with our husband. I thought that statement was wild until I thought about it.

“I then realized my Daddy was actually my husband too, as well as my Mother's. This information only made me want my Daddy all the more. Of course Lania never knew Mom knew. I swapped spit with and ate Lania even after I lost interest in sex at 80. After that, it didn't do a thing for me. I mean it felt good when I came, but I had no desire for it. Lania enjoyed kissing me and thrilled on the times I let her suck my nipples. It made Lania feel special and I just couldn't take that away from her. Everyone that ever saw me would kind of go into a daze over my beauty. Even in the long skirts all the girls wore during the time."

"It was socially unacceptable for a girl or a woman to have her legs revealed in public. It was considered obscene. Much the same as a man taking his penis out in front of the ladies. I had some short skirts I wore at home when I was in the house. Lania stared at my legs the whole time I would have them exposed. Granted, they were considered short at the time, but the skirts only exposed my legs about halfway up my thigh, so they weren't like wearing a mini skirt or anything like that, but it was enough to tear Lania's nerves up pretty good.”

“I even wore them for her after Mom died when I was at her house. The sight of my bare legs tore Bertred's nerves up pretty bad as well. It was obvious to Lania as well as it was to me, but she never said anything about it, because if I covered my legs so Bertred couldn't see them, then Lania wouldn't be able to gawk at them either. I guess Lania considered it as a sort of trade off."

"When Lania ate me, the poor thing got her head in my pussy up to her shoulders. Actually when she first got her lips on my pussy, it was the first time I ever felt anything like that and my pussy drew her in the same way it does when you do me, only I hadn't learned it wasn't necessary to take in her whole head.”

“The situation was the same with her as it was with you, even though her head was all the way in my pussy, she still felt like her mouth was on my pussy lips and at the same time she could feel my pussy all around the outside of her head. I would imagine it was an incredible feeling for her, especially with her head coming each time I did. It was my first orgasm. Even though it was with my sister, it was awesome. She worried the shit out of me trying to get it again. I remember Lania begging me for it the day before she died at 90. It was really weird."

"All those years Lania begged me for my pussy and I refused every time. I was no longer interested in sex, but for some reason, I gave in and drew her in up to her shoulders. I let her have it the better part of the day. Lania brought me off forty or fifty times. I ate hers when she finally finished with me. Lania had gotten old, but she was still plenty pretty.”

“I had been eating her every two or three days since I was twelve, so I got used to her looks as gradually as she had aged. That made it easy to eat her pussy. It felt so good. I enjoyed it way too much. I felt pretty stupid at the time, because I didn't care about sex and I certainly didn't want her to get dependent on my pussy juice. When Lania died the next day, I was glad I let her have it.”

“Each time I came in my sister's mouth during that first episode was as thrilling as the first one. I thought I wouldn't have let her eat me until we starved to death, but I wasn't in any hurry to get her off of me when Mom found us. Mom knew this too and told me it was okay, I wouldn't have been able to get her to get up anyway.”

“If Mom hadn't found us I would have been dead for at least a week by the time my sister died and she would still be slurping on my rotting pussy until her last breath. She would have lived that long off of my pussy juice. Mom hadn't been trying to gross me out. She just wanted me to realize how important it was for me to learn everything she told me, because failure to adhere to the rules had serious consequences. Mom wanted to be sure I knew just how serious."

"During each of the other two times after the first episode, I had Lania's head locked in for several hours before letting her up. She never did me again while she was young, although I could tell she wanted to pretty bad. I didn't have sex with my Daddy, because I was the first of my
kind and it turned out it wasn't necessary due to his strong will. I would dearly love to have had passionate kisses with my Daddy, but he was afraid it would break his will and wouldn't let me have much more than about five minutes of straight up kissing at any one time.”

“I wasn't allowed to use my tongue. If Mom hadn't insisted, he wouldn't have let me do that. At the present time, I am the only one of my kind. You will not have that option. Not that you will need to control your daughter, but she needs it to develop properly and to feel special around you. My Dad wouldn't have been able to provide what you will give your daughter when you do it with her anyway."

"I stayed at my parents home to be near my sister after my parents died. I let Lania have all of their wealth and possessions, as with my powers, I had no use for money anyway. All of it except one possession that was left to my Mother by my Grandfather. I will tell you about that when I tell you about my first parents.”


“Lania's husband thought everyone was joking with him when he first met me after meeting my sister. They told him I was twenty three. Bertred didn't believe I wasn't nine, until my sister turned thirty and I was still nine. He was always curious why I never got any older, but never said anything about it. Bertred was constantly after me for my pussy. Whenever we were alone, he would ask me to show it to him.”

“I know it frustrated the hell out of Bertred that I wouldn't raise my skirt so he could see it. I remember he would lay down on the ground next to me trying to get a glimpse of it. I would just tuck my skirt between my legs with my hand so he couldn't see me. Sometimes he would beg to eat me or fuck me just once. I never said anything to him to stop him from trying, because I understood what I did to him."

"After all, there was nothing he could do to stop himself anyway. I did however have to be careful I kept Bertred pretty well hypnotized around Daddy. Daddy would have killed Bertred if he had known. I certainly didn't want that to happen. Bertred tried to get me to believe it would be my one chance to see what it was like. Of course, I was still a child, mentally a very smart child, yet still very immature, but I wasn't nine, so I knew better and never let him have his way.”

“Bertred really was a sweet and kind man. He never tried to offer me large sums of money to do me, because he didn't want to think of me as a whore. He did however consider me to be just a little girl. Most of the time I found it kind of cute. I kind of enjoyed being treated like a little girl when Bertred was around. I knew he had no control over his desire for me, but one time he really pissed me off."

"Bertred caught me unawares and raised the front of my skirt up to my chest giving him an unobstructed view of my snatch and legs. I turned around quickly pulling my skirt from his hands. I would have been all right with that if Bertred had left it at that. The problem was, before I had a chance to react further, Bertred slid his hand under my skirt feeling me up from behind. He actually picked me up by my pussy. Girls didn't wear underpants under their skirts back then. I was dangling in the air with my pussy squishing between his fingers before I was able to will him to let me go.”

“We were in my Daddy's barn. I thought really hard about putting Bertred through the tests and eating him, if he tasted alright. I had recently turned thirty, so I was quite capable of eating Bertred's stuff. My fangs weren't full length yet, but they were long enough to penetrate his balls. That was all that was needed to eat was penetration. I thought to myself I would turn the bastard into a dickless faggot for the rest of his life. First I forced him to thoroughly wash his hands as I didn't want him to sit around later enjoying my pussy juice on his fingers. You are well aware my pussy is always plenty juicy."

"I was so mad, I actually ran Bertred through the tests. After realizing he was edible, I stood there as Bertred finished himself off. I decided I would do it. I remember holding Bertred's balls in my hand that night and lowering my fangs. I glanced at Lania laying next to him. Then I decided I couldn't do that to my sister. Fortunately Lania and Bertred had visitors staying with them. I ate their son instead.”

“I felt kind of bad about that as I had to fix the poor little thing up with his Dad. There just wasn't anybody else around to shit in, for twenty miles or so. Well, not super bad as his Dad secretly had the hots for the little thing anyway. I thought I might as well make it official. Mom was curious why I hadn't awakened her to take me into town to eat the boy we picked out earlier, but was relieved I decided not to eat my sister's husband. I ate the boy we picked the next night."

"Of course if I had done it to Bertred, my sister would have had no idea what happened to him as my parents never told her what I eat. All she knew was it wasn't what she ate as she had never seen me eat anything except the few things I later threw up. Sure, she watched me suck Daddy, but she had no idea I was eating it. I decided I would still have to teach her husband a lesson, but I would do something a little less permanent. It would be the last time Bertred put his hands on me.”

“That next day, I told Bertred to come with me to the barn. My Daddy had a prize stallion he used for studding. I told Bertred I was going to make him suck the horse’s dick because of what he did to me. Bertred was ready and willing to go to the barn with me as he thought it would be another chance to get me. He remembered seeing my pussy in the barn that day he raised my skirt and wanted to see it some more."

"He thought this would be his chance. Of course Bertred had seen me completely naked the night I was going to eat him, but he didn't know he had. He didn't believe I could make him do what I said. I told my sister's husband I knew he wanted me and I knew it wasn't his fault. I let him know I was alright with his constant begging, but I was going to teach him never to put his hands on me again.”

“That was when I hypnotized Bertred and the horse. First I told him to strip off his clothes. Of course, I was always horny as hell, but my Daddy was the only male that aroused me. I only made Bertred get naked for the embarrassment it caused him being with the horse like that in front of me. Don’t get me wrong. Bertred would have no qualms with being naked in front of me. He had plenty of trouble being with the horse.”

“It’s just the two together were more than he could stand. It killed him inside for his idol to watch him suck a horse’s dick. My brother in law reluctantly sucked that horse's dick for four hours before I released him from the spell. The spell only made Bertred do what I told him to do."

"I made sure he was able to keep in mind just how much he didn't want to do any of it. It was important for it to be disgusting to him. I would tell him what I was going to make him
do, before I made him do it. At first Bertred just laughed at me, but when I told him to take off his clothes so I could make him stick his tongue up the horse's ass, he stopped laughing. He actually started crying as he found himself sticking his tongue deeply up the horse's ass. What I said took on a whole new meaning very quickly.”

“I let Bertred remember every minute of it as I told him what I wanted him to do. Like suck harder, put more of it in your mouth, suck its balls, stick your tongue in the tip of it, swallow and enjoy. I never knew anybody could throw up that much. I told him I would be glad to let him suck the horse anytime he felt it necessary to put his hands on my personal areas."

"I also let Bertred know I would be more than glad to arrange to let him get on his hands and knees while the horse had his way with Bertred's backsides. I even made Bertred get on all fours while I made the horse come over and brush his dick up against Bertred's hinny hole. I made the horse stop just as Bertred's asshole started to separate. Bertred knew for sure I wasn't a nine year old then. I know it was very cruel, but he had violated me, thinking I was a little girl and was powerless to stop him.”

“After watching Bertred choke down the horse's load 8 times, I was satisfied he had been adequately punished for his violation. At that point, I was really glad I decided against eating Bertred's stuff. As I said, Bertred was really a kind, gentle, sweet man. I actually loved him almost as much as I loved my sister. If I had eaten Bertred, I know I would have been very sorry I had done it to him and I certainly wouldn't have been able to un-eat him."

"Bertred never touched me that way again. Sure, he still hugged me in his arms from time to time like I was his little sister. I didn't mind that. I liked him so much I would often run up to him, jump up into his arms, and kiss him on his mouth. We even French kissed. It wasn’t vulgar or perverted or anything like that. I didn’t just hop up in his lap and start sucking his tongue. I did it all slowly. At first I kissed him quickly on the cheek allowing him the same time to do the same. Eventually I allowed the kiss to linger for a while and gradually moved closer until after about a month, I was pecking him quickly on the lips.”

“It took six months before we embraced in our first full fledged kiss. It was kind of nice kissing Bertred, but I would have preferred it have been my Daddy. I know it sounds pretty fucked up, kissing my sister’s husband. It would have been, except for a few things that made my situation unique. As I said, Bertred was head over heels in love with me, so the act of sucking on my tongue and having me suck his in return put poor Bertred in seventh heaven.”

“To prevent the possibility of Lania murdering him, I put it in Lania’s mind we were just kissing each other sweetly on the cheek. Lania would become enthralled with looking at the back of my ass and lose all track of time, so I could have kissed Bertred all day if I had wanted to. This fact of course was not one that made it okay to kiss my sister’s husband. One reason was I needed to experiment with French kissing, so I would know how when the time came I needed to.”

“Daddy would let me kiss him, but I couldn’t use my tongue and I needed to know how. Lania would do it with me all day, but she still wasn’t a guy and for what I needed, that simply wouldn’t do. Bertred became my guinea pig for that, with my Mom’s blessings, of course. I actually practiced pulling all the memory from Bertred and making him like a baby or sometimes I would give him Lania’s memory. It was kind of neat having him tease at my pussy when he thought he was Lania.”

“I even toyed with the idea of swapping Bertred’s memory with the horse long enough for him to fuck one of the mares out in the field, but I couldn’t bring myself to French kiss the horse. It probably wouldn’t have been all that funny anyway. Sometimes I would just daze him so he was in a trance. Most of the time I left him conscious so everything would have the right feel to it so I could achieve what I needed from it all. I never kissed him for more than an hour as I didn’t want him getting too eager. I usually allowed Bertred to suck on my tongue as much as he wanted to during the time we kissed unless I needed to suck his.”

“This of course posed no problem for him. I would even wrap my legs around his waist while I hugged him close. When I wrapped my legs around him it would push my skirt back so when Bertred caught me, his hands actually landed on my bare ass as he held me up close to him by my butt.”

“I could feel his hard on pressing between my pussy lips through his pants, but I knew it wasn't his fault I made his dick hard, so I ignored it and held him close. The first time it happened, Bertred freaked out apologizing vehemently. He was afraid I would be angry. Not about the dick part. Bertred had no idea I knew his dick was hard. He was worried about how I was going to react to his hands being on my bare backsides."

"I told him it was ok. Then he groped the cheeks of my ass as he held me. Bertred always gave them a pretty good workout before setting me down again. I didn't mind that. As I said, I loved Bertred dearly, so I was willing to let him do that as it took some of the edge off of his hurt. He was terribly hurt inside that I wouldn't let him have sex with me. Even though I let him massage my cheeks for fifteen minutes or so when he held me this way, he was very careful his hands never came in contact with my tits or pussy. He knew better than to grope my ass at any other time.”

“I let him hug me this way a lot. I didn't really want him feeling my ass, but I loved him enough I felt I had to give him something to enjoy and having his hands roam around the back of my ass while his hard on was innocently pressed against me through his pants wasn't really going to hurt anything.”

“When we swapped spit, which as it turned out had to be a lot more than I would have liked. It was like every time we had a hugging session. Bertred‘s didn‘t taste anywhere near as good as yours. It was alright, but I would rather not have had any of it. It was unfortunately necessary for me to take a lot of it anyway. Part of growing up according to Mom. Bertred of course couldn‘t get enough of mine."

"It allowed Bertred to feel really close with me even though he knew that was as close as he would get. Of course Bertred was more in love with me than Lania and I were with one another. Believe me, Lania would eat dirt for me, so you can imagine what Bertred felt like not being able to have me. His love for me was genuine. It wasn’t just driven by the spell my body has on everyone.”

“Bertred wished so much that he had met me first before he decided to marry Lania. I told him it wouldn’t have mattered, because we would never have been allowed to be together anyway. Which was true. Not that I couldn’t have selected Bertred as my mate, but by the fact that by the time I was old enough to make my choice, Bertred would be long dead. I wouldn’t have chosen him anyway. He just didn’t fit the bill for what I wanted for someone that would be with me for ever. Bertred didn’t turn me on sexually.”

“My feelings for him were of a different nature. It’s sort of hard to explain, but I’ll try. I really enjoyed hugging Bertred. I liked to be close with him that way. Like I was a little girl. It made me feel special as well. It was a special feeling that all little girls experience at one time or another. That feeling of being really close to an older guy. One you really look up to and secretly wish you could do it all with, even though you actually know you never can, so you sort of get off on just holding him close. Feeling him breathing so excitedly as his hard on brushes up against you.”

“Knowing he wants you so is just such a thrill as a young girl. I often felt like I would like to let Bertred fuck me, but then I really didn’t want him to. On the one hand I wasn’t interested in Bertred sexually in the least. He didn’t turn me on. On the other hand I was horny as a fence post all the time and I as a little girl, still had those little thoughts all little girls got as they went through puberty, only I had them a lot longer than most little girls even lived to. There was another reason I liked to let Bertred hold me that way for so long.”

“I fantasized his dick was my Daddy's pressed up against my pussy like that. I could read Bertred's thoughts. He thought it was pressed up against my lower belly. Of course he was fantasizing it was my pussy instead. If only he knew, he probably would have passed out. I loved Bertred so much and I wanted so much to have the feeling my Daddy was doing me, I would rotate my hips slightly so my pussy lips rubbed up and down across Bertred's penis. Lania couldn't tell I was doing it because she thought the movement was caused by Bertred massaging my cheeks."

"In the mean time Bertred thought I was rubbing my belly against him as an innocent little girl. Most of the time he would shoot off in his pants while I was doing it, but I never let on I
knew and Bertred wasn't about to tell me he did. It was nearly impossible to make Bertred come in his pants without giving myself an orgasm as well. That wasn’t all that much of a problem as I always wanted to come then anyway.”

“Bertred never realized I was having them even though I screamed in ecstasy sometimes right in front of Lania. Lania was so wrapped up in her fantasies of doing me, she thought my screams were just a part of them. Bertred certainly wasn't going to tell Lania what I had been doing and he sure as hell wasn't going to tell me to stop. I would just imagine I made my Daddy shoot off in his pants. I guess Bertred and I both got what we needed out of it. Bertred and I were definitely close to one another.”

“Lania liked us being close, but she didn't understand what the bond really was. Bertred never understood the real bond either. He just knew I loved him a lot, and that if he held me in his arms long enough he got to shoot off. It always aggravated the hell out of Bertred that I would kiss him so warmly and passionately and yet still never do it all with him. I made him a little more comfortable with it by threatening to stop kissing him. Of course it was only a threat.”

“Three years later, when I was thirty three, my Mom explained that my rendezvous with Bertred had been no accident. It had all been part of the plan once she found out Daddy wasn’t going to fully cooperate. She explained Bertred was unwittingly appointed to provide all of the services Daddy wouldn’t perform, with the exception of those that would cause a rift in the incantation. I asked her two things. One was how I could tell what I could and could not do with Bertred.”

“Two was how long would I need Bertred to do those things. Mom replied. You can do anything you can do, that doesn’t make you want to throw up. You can do that too as long as you don’t mind the throwing up. If you do throw up, you won’t get anything up, but you’ll feel plenty sick while you heave. Well, in short you are free to do anything you want to do with Bertred. The things you are not allowed to do will become quickly apparent. Usually the incantation will tell you what to do. It will pretty much take care of what you have to do.”

“It may just tell you or it might just be a feeling you get where you can’t resist doing it. Either way, it’s okay. If you try to do something you aren’t allowed to do, the incantation will usually allow you to figure it out on your own. Pretty much, if you try to do them, you will find it physically impossible to do so. Some of them you will just feel are not appealing and therefore won’t do them. I was still confused and told my Mother that I was. She said simply, “During your next hugging session when you are alone with Bertred, I want you to take his pants off. Lay him on his back and try to stick his penis in your pussy and you will quickly see what I mean on both counts.”

“Both the part about finding it physically impossible and the part about not finding it appealing. I also remind you that if you ever forget to do anything, make damn sure it wasn’t hypnotizing Bertred so he won’t know you are naked in front of him.” Then she told me not to worry about Lania catching us as she would keep her busy until the session was over. Mom was right. I had to force myself to do it. I found the idea of putting Bertred‘s penis in my pussy to be very unappealing to say the least. When the head of Bertred’s penis touched the outside of my pussy lips, I flipped out. My pussy literally disappeared.”

“It scared me a little at first. Well, a lot at first. It took over an hour for my pussy to come back. I was worried it was gone for ever, but at least it did come back. Bertred‘s penis not only wouldn‘t go in, but there was no where for it to go. Mom then gave me a few of the definite don’ts followed by a few of the do’s if I have a mind to and then a few have tos.”

“She told me that Bertred’s penis, nor anyone else’s for that matter would ever go in my pussy or my ass until after I bond. She told me that my Daddy’s was the only one that would actually go in and he wouldn’t put it there. I could take down Bertred’s pants and beat him off. I could give him a blow job if I had a mind to. Hell, Mom said I could suck everybody if I desired, but she doubted I would. She was right.”

“I could suck his nuts or stick my tongue down the tip if I really wanted to, although she seriously doubted I would do that either. She was right about that too. She had wanted me to understand that whatever I did or did not do, at least in the sex department, was entirely up to me and the incantation. It wasn’t her decision to make. Mom told me I needed the closeness of being held in Bertred’s arms while we kissed longingly. I would need it all until I matured at about eighty. Mom told me it was ok. It was innocent enough, especially since Bertred actually thought it was me just being a young girl."

"He didn't think I was aware I was rubbing my belly against his dick and he had no idea I was actually sliding my pussy lips across his dick. That was of course the one thing that made me feel it was all right for me to continue to do it whenever Bertred held me close. I tried my best to make him come every time. It was important to me as I felt like I was doing my Dad. I didn't succeed every time as I was usually doing it in front of Lania.”

“This fact required me to move my pussy a little more discretely across Bertred’s penis and I had to stop after fifteen minutes or so, so Lania wouldn't figure out what was really going on. It probably wouldn't have made much difference if she did. You see, whenever I jumped into Bertred's arms like I did, Lania could see the back of my ass as Bertred's hands gently massaged my cheeks. Seeing my bare ass like that was a real turn on for Lania.”

“I think that was another reason she didn't mind Bertred holding me close like that. Of course when Lania wasn‘t there in front of us, I could really go for it. I knew Bertred wouldn‘t object. Occasionally, I gave thought to thrilling Bertred by removing his pants and giving him a hand job. I knew he would really have loved for me to give him one. I wanted to please him and make him feel good, but I just couldn‘t bring myself to do it. I would just swap spit with him instead."

"It was all pretty weird, but I guess all three of us got what we needed out of it at the time. Mom wasn't too keen on Bertred coming in his pants while he fantasized I was rubbing my pussy on his peter. Especially since I really was, but as long as Bertred thought it was just innocent little girl contact and he continued to love me as his darling little sister, it was ok by her. She said I actually didn’t need that feeling to survive, but mentally, that feeling of closeness would be invaluable for my self esteem.”

“Mom was glad I found a way to experience that thrill of closeness, as Daddy wouldn't let me experience it with him and she nor Lania possessed the necessary parts to give me that thrill. Mom guessed Bertred would unwittingly have to tend to that need for me. Mom thought the punishment I gave Bertred was very original and she was quite proud of the way I handled it. Bertred still worried the shit out of me trying to convince me to give it to him, but he earned a new respect for me and was always very careful to be polite about how he asked me for my pussy. My sister knew Bertred was after it too. She heard him ask me for it quite a number of times."

"She never said anything about him massaging my ass although she could plainly see it when he did. Lania would just stand there gawking at my ass the whole time until Bertred figured he better set me down. Bertred figured out on his own I wouldn't allow him more than 15 minutes to have his fun while Lania was watching. I would however let him rub my cheeks for up to an hour sometimes, if I got really worked up thinking about my Dad, but only when Lania wasn't around.”

“Bertred was a really good kisser. I had such real fantasies thinking about Bertred's dick belonging to my Dad, I had actually been tempted to take it out and suck Bertred off. I never did. Lania knew Bertred had no more control over his desire for me anymore than she did. After all, she was still masturbating with me, playing with my thing when ever she could, and still fantasizing about making love with me, so she didn't have any problem with Bertred going into a trance every time he got near me.”

“Lania reasoned with herself that if it was ok for her to suck my nipples and come in my mouth, it wasn't going to hurt anything to allow her Bertred to massage my bare butt. I loved Bertred enough that even when I was no longer interested in sex, I still allowed him to get his thrill holding me close like that.”

“The last time I hugged Bertred that way was only a few minutes before he died. His juice was just soaking through his pants and he just lowered my feet to the ground when he fell over. I was still finishing my orgasm. Bertred was dead before he hit the ground. Lania never understood the full scoop on me, but she knew I was different from anyone else in the world."


"I noticed Lania crying. She was forty at the time. She was so upset, I was afraid she might harm herself. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she couldn't talk about it. I read Lania's mind and was shocked at what I found. Lania and Bertred had been trying unsuccessfully to have a child for the last ten years. Lania knew she would enter menopause soon and would lose her chance to give birth.”

“She wanted to have a child so bad she was thinking about hanging herself in the barn. I came up with a devious plan. It was very risky as I would have to implement the plan without having any thoughts of it in my mind. This was necessary to keep Mom from finding out. It was also the only conceivable way to deceive my Mother. She didn't read my mind all the time, but I never knew when she was or she wasn't.”

“If she found out what I was going to do, it would be a complete disaster. I waited until Lania stayed with us while Bertred was out of town tending to his princely duties. Bertred was only expected to be gone for two days so the timing would work out fine. I slipped into Lania’s room and snuggled in beside her. I could feel her hands rubbing down my sides as she hugged me close. I put my mouth on hers, kissing voraciously trying to suck her tongue out of her mouth.”

“Lania loved it when I did that. When I finally came up for air, I told Lania to close her eyes and fantasize that Daddy is in the bed with her. I told her I was going to pussy fuck her until she passed out from too many orgasms. Lania closed her eyes immediately. I had never put my pussy in hers before and she couldn’t get it in there fast enough. I put my pussy up against hers. First I filled her snatch up with my pussy juice to dissolve her egg. I squirted one of my eggs into my sister's pussy.”

“I let my snatch do its thing. It was slurping and sucking and pulling at Lania’s clit. Lania had a series of dramatic orgasms. She squealed out loud. I didn’t worry about Mom and Dad coming in as Lania’s room was far enough away that her screams wouldn’t be heard. When I turned Lania loose, she was barely breathing. She was all sweaty and the bed was soaked in her juices. I got out of her bed and snuck in to my Daddy. I started sucking his rod. I let him fill my mouth with his juice.”

“I went back to Lania. I put my mouth over her snatch and blew nearly a pint of my Daddy’s semen up into Lania’s pussy. Bertred was inferior to seed my egg and was most likely sterile anyway as it was obvious Lania was laden with egg when I went in to her. I knew this would make Lania pregnant. I had to do it this way because if the baby had come from Lania's egg, I would probably kill it when my Mother died and I became her.”

“I figured at the time knowing it was my child might make me overlook the fact Lania gave birth to my husband's child. Nine months later, Lania gave birth to our sister Germaine. It was her one and only offspring. Lania was so happy ‘Bertred’ had given her child. She never found out about Daddy actually being the Father, because I couldn’t take the chance Mamma might kill her only child. I never let on I was the mother of my sister's child. Luckily Mom never found out. She would have killed the baby for sure.”

“It would have been quite unacceptable to her for her daughter to have her husband's child. I know it was a bad thing to do, but if I hadn't done so, Lania would have killed herself once she went through the change in life. Fortunately, by the time Mother died and I retained her memory, I had become so attached to Germaine and loved her so much, I couldn't bear to kill her as much as I loathed the idea she was conceived by a communion with my daughter and husband.”

“After I thought about it for awhile and realized Germaine was actually my daughter even though she came out of Lania's womb, I no longer felt it a necessity to kill her. That is how I knew Mom would have killed the baby at birth. I wanted to kill Germaine something awful when I retained my full memory, even though she was already forty-two at the time. Oh God, I am so glad I didn't kill her."

Kenny noticed Marcy had fallen silent. "Marcy. Why are you so glad you didn't kill Germaine?" Marcy hugged Kenny close as she blurted out, "Because if I had, you wouldn't be here now. Germaine was different than the other children in the family. Not different like me, she liked other girls. Had sex with any that would let her. I did it with Germaine as often as I did it with Lania.

I started at her birth. The sweet little thing took to pussy like a duck does to water. I gave her special treatments with my pussy that allowed her to eat my pussy without getting where that would be all she would eat. Of course she became chemically dependent on my pussy, but that couldn’t be helped.”

“That was okay, as I had no problem giving it to her every day anyway. I would like to have done that for Lania as well, but the incantation would only allow for one and it had to be Germaine. I did some of her little girl friends for her as she pleaded so for me to share them. I didn’t want to let any of them eat me, because I didn’t need to give any of them treatments to prevent them from getting married like I had to with Germaine and they would all eventually stop eating food and become bedridden.”

“When they were incapable of coming by on their own, I would no longer be able to supply their need and they would die a horrible death as their bodies slowly shutdown from lack of my juice. I would never have done it, but Germaine insisted I do all her girlfriends with her to make her feel like I really love her a lot. Thirty of her closest friends died by their fortieth birthday.”

“It couldn‘t be avoided. I loved Germaine too much to refuse her request and I certainly wasn‘t at liberty to explain it all to her. Besides, I didn‘t really know any of the girls, so I didn‘t really hurt too bad when they died. I needed to make Germaine a devout lesbian. The incantation wanted to be sure of that. She started living with several other girls when she turned 20.”

Germaine had been doing it with one of the girls since they were five. We kept it a secret in the family as typically lesbians were executed during that time era. Germaine lived that way until her death. When she was forty three, she was attacked and raped outside her house. Thus the blood line was started. You, my darling, were born from Germaine's blood line. The guy that raped her was not the father of the child. My Daddy was.”

“The other guy just started the process and thus was not intended by the incantation to be in the family. That was why he had to be a stranger and why it was necessary for Germaine never to marry. Once Germaine was pregnant, my Daddy's genes took over. You are a direct descendant of my Daddy and myself even though my sister Lania gave birth to the child.”

“I am your great times sixty grandmother. I had wanted to tell you this some time back. Three months ago, the incantation revealed all of this to me. I wanted to tell you then, but you just weren't ready for it." Kenny looked like he had been hit by a freight train. He was dumbfounded to find he was a direct descendant of his wife's Father, Hogarth and that he was married to one of his great, great grand mothers.”

“Marcy had blown him away again. Somehow Kenny had the feeling she wasn't through and he would be blown even farther away by the time she was. Marcy continued, "I put up with Bertred's constant advances as I knew he couldn't resist me. My sister never worried about it because she knew I would never let him have it. Bertred died the week before my sister did. After my sister's death, I stayed around long enough to be with Germaine until her death. It simply would not have been the right thing to do to stop doing it with her after doing it with her since she was a child.”

“After Germaine became pregnant, there was no valid reason for me to continue to have sex with Germaine as she was already a dedicated lesbian and therefore would never marry, but I did it anyway. After I turned eighty, I didn’t get any sexual gratification from Germaine. I simply did it with her for two reasons. One, she was my daughter and I would do anything to see her happy. It made her very happy to have sexual contact with me.”

“Two, I liked the way she tasted. I liked having my mouth on Germaine. Anywhere on her body was fine by me. I could have eaten her all day and sometimes actually did. Lania trusted me implicitly with her daughter Germaine. Germaine wanted me all the time and was with a certainty never going to tell Lania what we did when Germaine stayed with me. Mamma knew I did it all with Germaine and though she didn’t approve, she let it go once I told her the incantation was making me do it. Germaine and I had a lot of access to each other.”

“God, she had some tasty pussy. When Germaine died, I found the mere thought of eating anybody’s pussy to be disgusting. It made me sick to the stomach just thinking about it. After that I started traveling around the world. I would move from place to place. Over time, I finally wound up here and found you."


"Now let me explain about Julia. Her sole purpose is to provide you with a contraceptive to keep me from getting pregnant." By this time Kenny had regained a little of his composure. He had come to realize he didn't care Marcy was really her Mother or his great, great grand mother. Kenny loved her anyway and he always would. Besides, she was already all of that other stuff when Kenny met her. He interrupted her at this point.”

"Marcy, I do have one other question. Why don't you use your pussy to get the necessary ingredients from my head to keep you from getting pregnant? That way we wouldn't have to use Julia to make the contraceptive." Marcy looked at Kenny and frowned as she said, “I could do that, but it is irreversible. Once I did it, we would not be able to have your daughter. We will have another daughter in about 2000 years or so. That would not be acceptable."

Again, Kenny interrupted, "Why are we going to have them so far apart?" Marcy thought for a few seconds. "It is a matter of survival. We will only have three daughters. You wouldn't have time to treat them all if we had a million of them. The 2000 years gives a better chance that your previous daughter will have bonded with someone before the next one is born, otherwise you would be fucking one or the other of them all day. You will still have to shoot off in them at least once a month after they bond to keep them strong.”

“They will all want to blow you every time they visit as well. It isn't really a necessity that they blow you after they bond, but they will have been doing it a shit load of times a day over the last 1000 to 1500 years, so I don't feel it would be right to make them quit just because they found Mr. Right. Your daughters will have their first children 2000 years after they bond and then 5000 years after that."

"They will each have two. The next generation will wait 10000 years before having the first and have only two with 20000 years between the two. All the generations after that will have their first child after 20000 years and have only the one. This time interval allows time for the world population to keep enough testicles for us to eat. If we went rampant like rabbits, we would have to start testicle farms, where we would raise little boys to eat and then we would have to kill them after eating them.”

“That would not be something I would like to do. Eventually, given enough time, there will be too many of us for the number of boys here. Long before that happens, technology will allow for all of your great, great grand children to travel to other worlds. They will go in small groups to different planets. Each planet will already be populated with humans, so everything will work out fine. Don't worry, we can visit anytime."

Kenny had to know, "Marcy, how do you know the world will have that kind of technology in enough time to prevent overpopulation of your species?" Marcy grinned a sly little smile. "I know, because I already possess that technology. I could build a ship in less than a month capable of making the trip, but I won't do it. The simple reason is that I know the location of a vehicle already in existence that is capable of that right now."

Kenny was astounded. Not that Marcy possessed that technology, but by the fact she managed to surprise him again. Kenny thought to himself, "Damn, Marcy is something else indeed." Kenny had to know, "Marcy, how did you find out about this vehicle and where is it?"

Marcy sighed. "I didn't want to get into this right now because I was afraid it might further confuse the situation. Since it has been brought up, I guess I might as well tell you. It belonged to my grand parents. It is in a hangar underneath us right now. Right below the house." Kenny had to know. "Marcy. How did you get it here?" Marcy laughed. "You know, it really does fly. It actually sets up it's own hangar. I take it with me whenever I move. It would be much too careless for me to leave it where it might be found.”

“Not dangerous, because no one besides me, or someone I confide in, possesses the technology to get in the damn thing. There is nothing here on this planet capable of penetrating its hull anyway. It's just that it would cause such a ruckus if too many people saw it at the same time. As you already know the only ways I can change a person's thought processes is to either kiss them or have them eat my pussy or to hypnotize them."

"I use my pussy to train the young girls to want you and in similar situations such as when I need to control a boy or a guy for some reason or another. I am not going to have a bunch of guys sucking on it. I really don't want to have to kiss a shit load of people either and I can't keep a shit load of people hypnotized indefinitely. I sure as hell don't want to kill them. So I keep Glory hidden. I only take her out every now and then to keep her robust. About once a week. I don't go far. Usually only about 5 minutes out and back. Generally only half throttle, although I did open her up a couple of times to see what she could do.”

Kenny was shocked. “Marcy, how do you keep people from seeing it when you come back to the hangar?” “Oh, that is a simple wrinkle in technology. The reason no one sees her is she never really leaves the hangar. It goes where ever the ship goes. It is a little confusing , but the simplest way to explain it is the ship is inside the hangar and cannot be seen as long as it is.”

“The hangar is in turn inside of the ship and cannot be seen as long as it is. Bottom line the ship is invisible because it essentially never goes outside. A rather ingenious concept, but really very simple. Glory is the name my Grandpa gave to the ship. So right this very minute, we are sitting on top of old Glory. Don't ask. I already know what your next question is. You want to know how big it is. That depends on whether you are inside or outside. Outside it is about the size of a small compact car."

"Inside, it will spaciously accommodate about five thousand people. Each with their own 120,000 square foot bedroom suites. It is about twelve billion square feet inside. It may appear bigger if one utilizes the rec room the right way. Grandpa's name was Redjfeldt and Grandma's was Lania. My sister was named after her. Everyone called Grandpa, Redjfeldt the Magician. Grandpa knew virtually nothing about magic. Everything was pure technology.”

“I being a sorceress, am supposed to be magical as well, but everything I do is based on that same technology, although compared to my Grandpa, I am almost illiterate. As you will soon learn, he knew some shit." Kenny was astounded. If Marcy wasn't exaggerating, which she never does, Redjfeldt must have been one hell of an intelligent fellow if he made Marcy seem illiterate.

Kenny didn't say anything, but he found it hard to believe anyone could be even as smart as Marcy, let alone make her seem stupid. "Grandma died the year Lania was born and Grandpa died the year I was born, the second time. They were both pretty cool. I remember when they were my Mom and Dad. I used to sit in Daddy's lap a lot. We would both be nude when I did. Mom never objected to it."

"You must understand a few facts before I tell you anything more about my first childhood. My Mom and Dad weren't humans, although they looked to be so. They were from a planet called Vexuar. All Vexuarians look human, although they most certainly are not." Kenny didn't interrupt, but he was blown away again to find he wasn't all human. He was in fact part Vexuarian. "Vexuar is located outside of what you would call the known universe. Obviously Vexuar is aware of it’s own universe and most certainly is aware of yours.”

“Its civilization was far more advanced when Mom and Dad arrived here in the year 320 than your civilization will be ten thousand years from now. Daddy was a hundred years old when he came here. Mom was two years older than him. The trip from Vexuar actually took 2.4 seconds. When I said I don't go far, it is probably a little confusing to you. A trip in Glory to the other side of the known universe is a very short distance. Five minutes at half throttle is only about half the distance as the trip to Vexuar, even though Daddy made the trip at three quarters throttle."

"Glory will travel at full throttle indefinitely, but the problem is anywhere you go at full throttle, you will actually arrive at your destination before you left. The farther you go, the earlier you will get there. That should give you some idea about how fast the ship is. It actually is faster than the speed of time, although only a little faster. Twice as fast to be exact.”

“A Vexuarian battle cruiser will travel at 1000 times the speed of Glory. Daddy told me Glory has a governor on it that restricts it's speed. He also said if it were removed, it would actually do twice the speed of a Vexuarian battle cruiser. Daddy was the creator of the design for the battle cruiser and actually built Glory himself.”

“No one on Vexuar was as smart as Daddy was, thus Daddy had more advanced technology than anyone on Vexuar at the time of his death. I possess the same knowledge as the scholars on Vexuar. That should give you some idea of just how smart my Daddy was. I have no idea how to remove the governor, although Daddy did. He was adamant that if it were removed incorrectly, it could prove to be a disaster.”

“I know this sounds crazy, but even though I can build a replica of Glory in a little less than a month, it would still have the governor as I do not possess the knowledge to build it without one. Don't get me wrong, I know what the governor looks like, I know where it is and I could easily physically remove it from Glory, but the ship would literally explode within an hour. I just don't know what to do to get Glory to work without it.”

“Daddy didn't teach me how to remove it as he knew I didn't possess the necessary skills to out maneuver the time police, even with a vehicle twice as fast as theirs. Trust me a vehicle with that kind of speed would surely attract their attention. The cruisers are called battle cruisers as they are formidable adversaries in any confrontation. Capable of destroying Earth with only one shot from a light pulse. That is only a medium power type of weapon.”

“The Bog Mist is the most powerful weapon on the Battle cruiser. It is capable of vaporizing an entire universe in just a little over the time it takes for the cruiser to escape the universe the Bog is fired in. Of course due to the Vexuarian technological superiority, the Bog has never been used. Not that they wouldn't use it, but because any civilization advanced enough to even be aware of Vexuarian existence knows they would use it if the need be.”

“Besides, no one wants to deal with the other shit on the cruisers either. Even though the Cruisers are quite lethal, they are primarily used by the time police. They make sure no one changes the past. Glory has weaponry far surpassing the battle cruisers in design and capability to incapacitate the enemy. If Glory didn’t have the governor, I couldn’t use the weapons on her to protect me from the time police. Not that they aren’t capable of shooting down a battle cruiser. They are. Quite easily in fact.”

“An even weirder fact is a Battle Cruiser is incapable of penetrating Glory’s hull, even with the bog mist. Yet they can swoop in and catch Glory inside the holding compartment. Then it’s simply a matter of opening the door and extricating the occupants. I don’t possess the skills to prevent that. And as I mentioned before, it isn‘t feasible to shoot down the Cruiser.”

“The problem is I would be destroying fellow Vexuarians. Vexuarians who are only guilty of protecting the universe from time marauders. That would be a travesty. Daddy knew this, that is why he installed the governor. Of the 110 trillion or so known planets with intelligence capacity civilizations only Vexuar is capable of time travel. Only five billion of those are advanced enough to know of the existence of the others and only two hundred of them are capable of reaching Vexuar at all.”

“Only ten within thirty years or so and the others, well some no less than a thousand years. That in itself is still quite a feat compared with your own technology. The Vexuarians speculate the possible existence of a civilization more advanced than Vexuar, much the same as Earth speculates the existence of life on another planet. If that civilization does exist, they would have to be extremely far more advanced than Vexuar, or their existence would already be known.”

“To put a little perspective on it, Earth ranks 109.225 trillionth in intelligence (The higher the rating, the lower the intelligence.), so you Earthlings are quite illiterate compared to the rest of the civilizations. Vexuar is rated as 2. Beltasar is the dumbest. They haven't even harnessed the power of fire. They actually run up behind their prey and take a bite out of its ass as it runs away. The animal usually heals and the Beltasarian may actually take another bite from it again at a later date. As you can see, they aren’t even smart enough to kill it first, let alone cook it.”

“Vexuar is rated number 2, because the top scholars thoroughly believe there is a civilization in existence so much more advanced than Vexuar, that they can hide their existence from Vexuar. Most folks believe it is an old wives tale and laugh it off much as a UFO sighting is here. I am not sure I believe the existence of a more advanced civilization either. That would be one hell of a civilization.”

“It is ok to go into the future and fuck it up. Even though it is a right in the Vexuarian constitution, the time police in the future will pull you and take you back to straighten it all out if you fuck it up too bad, but they can't arrest you unless you create a ripple in your own past. You can fuck up whatever you want to in your own time, and they might not like it, but they can’t do a damn thing about it as if they did, they would be changing the past.”

“That probably doesn't make a lot of sense to you right now, but it will later. Anytime I travel at full throttle, I have to make computations to reverse and slow down when I catch back to the time I was in. In other words, Glory is capable of time travel, but one needs to travel the same amount of time as one wishes to go back in time."

"One also has to be careful when catching back to time as it would be very easy to let time get a ten year jump or more on you. That would send you into the future. That wouldn't be good as it would take ten years to get back to the present time. A battle cruiser is so much faster that it can go a couple of hundred years either way in a matter of a second. I know that this is backwards to the theories about time travel here on Earth, but the way time warp works is you go back in time when you travel faster than time as you get where you are going before you left.”

“The faster and farther you go, the farther back you go. Braking too hard throws you forward in time when the warp catches back up to you. The trip was made due to over crowding on the planet. At the time, three quarters of the population were sent to other planets. Each family to a different one. By law, no one was ever allowed to return. If I were a visitor from another planet, I would be welcomed with open arms, but being a descendant from the migration, by law, I would be executed if I ever went to Vexuar.”

“Daddy, you would be executed as well if you went to Vexuar. I know you believe you are part Vexuarian, but you don't realize the extent of it all. Vexuarian genes are constructed so they remain the dominant gene through millions of generations in the males even in mixed pregnancies. The females only retain this gene if the pregnancy is pure, but will still pass it on to any male offspring. My Daddy explained to me all about the ship and he tutored me on the information contained in it's rig files. A rig file is, as best I can describe to you in terms you can understand, similar to the files in a computer, only not as primitive."

"One rig file contains ten times more information than all of your computers here on Earth could hold all together. The ship contains approximately a trillion rig files. I know everything that is contained in those files. Word for word and I don't know a billionth of what my Father knew before he died at the age of 250. Mom and Dad also never looked a day over thirty. No one on Vexuar ever did. Everyone also died at the age of 250, so Mom and Dad both knew exactly when they would die.”

“Now you know I am not human either. I would have died at 250 and looked thirty, if my soul hadn't been split in two, to allow me to live forever. No Vexuarian male, even those from a mixed pregnancy ever looked older than thirty. This is why all of your other descendants aged and died early. They were all female and each married Earthlings, with the exception of Germaine and her daughter.”

“Germaine actually lived to the age of 250 and looked thirty at her death. She had the same amount of Vexuarian blood as I did, which wasn’t in itself enough to live that long, but she carried the power of the incantation with her through my genes. Oddly enough, so did Germaine’s daughter Persephone. All the others died as normally as any other earthling. You are the first male offspring. You would have lived to the age of 250 and looked thirty at your death as all Vexuarians do.”

“I will not age due to the incantation. The incantation actually gave me a hybrid Vexuarian gene which you as a male descendant have also, with the exception of living forever. When your Mother died, Germaine's line died out with her with the exception of you. This means you are not really part Vexuarian. You are more accurately part Earthling.”

“You are actually 95% Vexuarian. This is why you are so strong. It is why you run so fast and why you have so much stamina. It is also how I knew you would have killed Hawk if you had tangled with him again. Vexuarians get stronger each time they get hurt. They do everything better and faster than Earthlings."

"The only reason Daddy didn't teach me everything was that after the information on the rig files was pumped into my head, my Daddy spent the remainder of his life telling me as much as he could that I didn't know. The problem was with out it being on a rig file, Dad had to tell me all of it by mouth. Well, not exactly by mouth. Some of it he told me about, but a lot of it he blew to me.”

“It isn‘t as fast as pumping rig files, but quite a bit faster than telling by spoken word and I might add, feels a whole hell of a lot nicer than when the rig files were pumped in. The way blowing it to me works is he would bite down on my clit. Not hard enough to damage it, but hard enough for it to hurt like hell for a week. Then when I would squeal bloody murder, it would open my clit valve and Daddy would blow about a year‘s worth of information to me through my pussy.”

“It would take two weeks before Daddy could blow me some more. There were two reasons for this. First of all, it took a little over a week before I could stand to have anything touch my clit. Daddy had to bottom fuck me during that time. I don‘t mean in the butt, even though he did that too. What I mean by bottom fucking is he would stick his dick in the lower part of my pussy where it wouldn‘t hit my clit.”

“The second reason was it took almost two weeks for the information to travel from my pussy to my brain. When it first hit my brain, I was dazed by it‘s effects and literally went into a coma for two days. I couldn‘t do anything for the whole two days. After I awoke, I would orgasm for the rest of the time the information went in. So as you can see, Dad was only able to tell me a comparatively small amount of it compared to what he had to tell.”

“I did learn some things my Daddy didn't know, but that is only due to the fact he wasn't interested in those things. One of which was living forever. I am sure he could have figured it out too, but Daddy didn't want to live forever. He told me the day before he died that he had a good life and he was ready to go. By the way, he never laid eyes on The Bastard Bitch. He actually died a half hour before I was born.

"First let me explain about family life on Vexuar. All of the female children have sex with their fathers. The males have sex with their mothers. Of course I had sex with Mom also, but not as often as I did with Dad. If I had had a brother, he would most certainly have had sex with Daddy as well. It is as normal on Vexuar as changing your baby's diaper is here on Earth. As a matter of fact, how long would you let your child go with a dirty diaper? Not long, that's for sure.”

“Due to genetics, daughters can't get pregnant by their fathers and sons can't get their moms pregnant. Also due to the same genetics, it is not acceptable for brothers and sisters to engage in sex as the sisters are very susceptible to getting pregnant by their brothers. It happens sometimes as it does here, but it is frowned on the same as it is here. When it does happen, generally there is a bit of yelling followed by a severe spanking and then a stern talking to. However once a sister and brother start doing one another, the parents know they aren’t likely to stop.”

“It’s sort of like telling your twelve year old he can’t masturbate in the privacy of his own bedroom, because it is bad for him. He hears you, but it feels too damn good for it to be a bad thing. Doesn’t it?“ Kenny remembered how it felt when he found out what playing with his thing could do for him. He just nodded.

Marcy continued, “Unfortunately for Mom, she went sterile shortly after her miscarriage with my brother, two years after I was born. I did everything with my Daddy that can be done sexually many times a day. Not all of it at the same time, but a lot of it every time. Usually in plain view of my Mom, but sometimes Dad would take me to his room or mine if Mom was in his."

"I stayed nude the whole time I lived at home. I only wore clothes if we were going somewhere or I was going outside to play. Sometimes Daddy would come up behind me and fuck me where ever I happened to be standing at the time as a little surprise fuck. It was an incredible experience, feeling a gallon of his juice running out of my snatch and down my legs.”

“I know you are wondering what we did about the mess. Actually we left it where it was. When ever it dried, it pretty much evaporated. It dried like water, but was the same texture as human ejaculate. Only it tasted a lot better and of course there was a hell of a lot more of it. It always felt slick and slimy on my legs when he got through, only in a good way.”

“It took several hours for it to dry, so I got a chance to enjoy the feel of it for quite a while after Daddy got finished. It usually took about an hour for Daddy to start to shoot off and another half hour for him to finish. As you can see, sex with him was an awesome experience. A Vexuarian girl could come up to fifteen times in an hour and a half. It goes without saying I had a hell of a lot of orgasms with my Daddy."

"Especially when he pumped a load up my butt. I loved that too. My gut would swell up like I was pregnant until I finally couldn't hold it any longer and would scurry off to the bathroom to shit it out. His dick would contour to the shape of my colon as it went in, that way he could literally fuck the shit right out of me without hurting me.”

“Daddy fucked the shit out of my Mom too. She rarely wore clothes at home either. Daddy did her the same way he did me. All of it and often in plain view of me. That may sound strange on the surface of it, but it actually showed me how much my Daddy loved my Mom and made the family a lot closer. I loved my Mom dearly, but no where near the way I loved my Dad.”

“That was the reason all Vexuarians have sex with their children of the opposite sex. They know it creates a bond that otherwise would never exist. Humans could experience that same bond, only they aren't smart enough to realize it."

Kenny stifled the urge to ask questions at first because he knew Marcy would have a lot to tell and would be very detailed about it, but now he was just dumb founded and couldn't say anything. What Marcy was telling him was fucking with his mind. It certainly made sense to him now why Marcy said it would confuse things more than they already were.

Marcy continued. "Even after I married Hogarth, I would still go to the house to spend time to let my Dad fuck me and then he would cuddle me nude in his lap. I loved the way I felt sitting in his lap with his penis in my vagina as he held me tight. It might seem weird, but he didn't have sex with me when he held me like that. He just let me sit on his penis. Don't get me wrong, I still had plenty of sex with him, just not when he was cuddling me. It was an incredible feeling especially since the average length of a Vexuarian penis is 18 inches."

"My Dad's was 20. As I said, Good goshed in the day. Try deep throating one of those. After Lania was born, I would bring her down to suck Daddy's penis and for him to eat her pussy. It was the tradition on Vexuar at the time. If Daddy was unable to take care of the needs of the daughter then one of the grandfathers would have to. Since Hogarth had no intention of doing it with his daughter, Daddy was all that was left for my Lania.”

“Unfortunately he only lived for two years after she was born. Lania never had the thrill of doing it at the age she would have remembered it at. Had she not been half Earthling, she would have remembered the first time. Because of the length of their penises, Vexuarian men don't beat off like Earth men. They just suck themselves off when they need it.”

“There is another difference. Most earthlings beat off every couple of days, although the few that will admit they beat off try to say they only do it once a week. Anyway, some more and some less. A Vexuarian only sucks himself off once a month if he is married and has children. Young boys start as soon as it gets long enough to reach it with their mouth and do it several times a day. It is acceptable for the child to do it in front of the rest of the family at anytime.”

“They all know he is going to at some time or another. There is no negative stigma attached to it for a Vexuarian boy like it is for you Earthlings. The boys experiment with one another much the same as the boys of Earth. The exception is Vexuarian boys will do it all where ever they happen to be at the time. It is perfectly normal to see two boys going at each other in a public area.”

“The young girls openly experiment with one another as well. Many times the adults will comment that it is so cute. When a Vexuarian boy wants to experiment with a more mature dick, any Vexuarian man will be glad to do it with him. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for a young Vexuarian boy going on a long bus trip, to suck every penis on the bus. Some more than once.”

“There is no stigma attached to it other than it is considered to be a homosexual act if a Vexuarian man does it with a boy older than twenty. That happens sometimes too, but rarely. The women are the same way with the young girls. No Vexuarian man would ever have sex with another Vexuarian girl child other than his own, yet any woman might eat her out right in the line at a restaurant.”

“She would only do it if the girl asked her to. It happens from time to time, but it is considered rude for a grown woman to ask a girl child for her pussy. Even so, sometimes the girl might say yes anyway. After the woman accepts the offer, she just drops to her knees, raises the girl's skirt up in the front and goes to town on it.”

“Likewise no Vexuarian woman would think of having sex with a boy that wasn't hers. It is simply not done, ever. On Vexuar, chaperons for young boys and girls dating are not needed. Until they reach the age of twenty one, their hormones are at the stage that they prevent them from wanting sex together. Don’t get me wrong, they can definitely become very attracted to one another. However, they will only be interested in hugging and kissing.”

“The boy’s tongue will likely drop out of his mouth every time he sees her as well. Sometimes a boy or girl as old as twenty will fall in love with a girl or boy as young as eight. They will date and kiss and hug, but nothing else will happen until they both turn twenty one. When one of them reaches twenty one, he or she will want to do it with the other something awful, but will wait for him or her to come of age as well, simply due to the fact that the young one won’t let them have it and the one of age will not try to force them to do it.”

“The hormones are so strong on this that you can put boys and girls in the same bath tub and not worry about them doing it. Don’t put your daughter and son in that situation, their hormones might make them desire to try sex together. Generally about forty percent will try it if not watched closely. That’s talking pairs. The really bad thing about this is that due to heredity if the son has this hormone then the daughter has it as well. Typically the affliction runs in pairs.”

“The kids that have it will pair off. Usually only about ten percent manage to get in a situation where it is possible for them to have sex. Nearly half of them will do it together the rest of their lives. Should a parent find their daughter and son have fallen in love with one another like that, the eventual solution is to marry them to one another and accept the fact you will never stop them.”

“When it happens, letting them marry is the only way for them to be happy. That’s four in a hundred kids that will marry a sibling. Vexuarians do have rape crimes, but they are only against adults. You must be twenty one before any Vexuarian would dream of doing it against your will. Although rapes are very rare, they still happen once in a while. The punishment is twenty lashes in view of the general public.”

“They let it go at that as getting raped is not really all that big a deal and twenty lashes most certainly is. The reason rape isn't all that big a deal is it doesn't hurt and generally feels pretty good anyway. I know it sounds crazy, but there is no law against raping a minor any age under 21. The reason for this is it is simply never done."

"Vexuarian boys don't have quite six inches before they reach puberty at thirteen, but they have incredibly limber bodies and can generally get at least enough of it in their mouths to satisfy themselves by the time it is three inches long. Usually by the time they are eight and continue to do so until they get married.”

“Then the frequency slows down depending on how many daughters they have. If the guy has more than four daughters, he might suck himself less than once a year and then only to reassure himself that he can still reach it. Of course I never told any of this to Hogarth. Not that I didn't want to, but because he wouldn't have been capable of comprehending any of it.”

“As I told you, Hogarth was a family man and very monogamous. He could never comprehend Vexuarian family values. After my Daddy died, I learned the same family values my Hogarth cherished. That is the reason I didn't want my daughters having sex with my husbands. After all, I am an Earthling. Not human, but not from Vexuar either.”

“Just so you understand. The potion my Mom mixed up was made from the chemicals available on Glory, thus the incantation sets up Vexuarian family principles. Earth does not contain a similar chemical and therefore Mom was stuck with a Vexuarian incantation."

"If I had told Hogarth, Hogarth would have confronted Daddy to try to kill him. That
wouldn't have been a good thing. Hogarth defeated up to three hundred men armed with swords all by himself at the same time and killed over two million two hundred twenty one thousand men by the time he died. Maybe only a few hundred thousand by the time I met him.”

“Yet, as tough as Hogarth was, he would have been no match for my Daddy. Daddy has killed more beings than some galaxies have stars. They actually stopped counting when the number got to a quadrillion. Daddy was an enforcer for the Vexuarian Bank. Whenever a planet didn’t pay up their loans, Daddy had the duty to repossess the planet. Each civilization knew the consequences of defaulting on a Vexuarian loan.”

“Every opportunity was given to make amends as the bank was very lenient. When it was obvious the planet had no intention to make good on the loan, it was Daddy’s job to remove the population before an auction was held to recoup the losses from the loan. Many of the beings were vaporized quickly and mercifully, but Daddy liked to move in for awhile and kill a shit load of the toughest ones by hand for a year or so before finishing them off. As bad as it seems, they all had to go. Children included. None could be allowed to survive.”

“The reason for this was that at sometime or another the descendants would find out what had become of their race and bad feelings would fester as it had the few thousand times the bank spared the children. Each time, an enforcer had to be sent in to exterminate the trouble makers. Finally the bank made it a stead fast rule that all had to go.”

“Daddy could be pretty sadistic at times. He would sometimes fuck some of the children to death, but only if the race was pretty enough to cause a hard on. Generally he would average fucking three thousand children a day. They would either hemorrhage out the back of their ass or out the front of their pussy. Sometimes if the boys were really cute, Daddy would give them a blow job and eat their penis off during their climax.”

“He could do in four or five thousand a day that way. A cute boy’s penis and balls were considered a delicacy by the enforcers. Daddy would shave them first if they had hair around it. Daddy detested eating hair. Most of the other enforcers enjoyed a little hair at times. Occasionally a set of young pussy lips was considered quite tasty.”

“They were generally eaten along with most of the pussy as well. Either way they all bled to death. Chocolate covered children’s titties were a delicacy also. The enforcer generally bit them off and spit them into a jar for safe keeping until they could be prepared. The adults that he killed by hand were all strangled one or two at a time usually while four or five hundred others were shooting at him.”

“Sometimes if he was in more of a hurry, he would place a choke band around their necks. A choke band fits snugly around the neck. The way it worked was each time the wearer had an orgasm, the band would tighten a notch. The band secreted an enzyme causing orgasm every few minutes, even after death. Within an hour the choke band literally decapitates its wearer. The typical enforcer purposely places the bands on one individual per household so the rest of the family watches the carnage.”

“Especially the children. It is generally done to put the fear of God into the populace. Thus giving the enforcer an added boost of satisfaction to go along with his huge paycheck. Although the enforcer’s job is the highest paying job in the known systems, very few can do it. An enforcer must have certain qualities. Not just a few of them, but everyone of them. He must be extremely intelligent, agile, fast, capable of eating a tremendous amount of food at one time, and horny.”

“An enforcer must also be capable of being mean and uncaring. He must be able to exterminate trillions of beings in a short amount of time without the least bit of sorrow or remorse. Once the adults had been eliminated, he would start on the children. It was considered to be a two year job exterminating the population on a planet.”

“Daddy could do it in two days, but he liked to get enjoyment out of it and he didn’t want to drive any of the other enforcers out of business due to his speed in getting the job done, so he usually took two years out of fairness to the others. Daddy could bench 35 thousand pounds at a thousand reps, easily and God knows how much a hundred times. I have no idea how much he could just pick up. Only a little more than average for a man from Vexuar. Yes, there were those on Vexuar that were stronger than Daddy, but they couldn‘t whip him as they were just too plain slow to keep up.”

“Daddy was also very fast. He could pull a fly's dick off in mid flight without knocking the fly out of the air and then shove it up the fly's ass before it was a quarter inch from where it lost it's flyhood. Daddy was much faster than the average Vexuarian. The fastest ones were so slow that the flies usually traveled almost a foot before they finished the process. That‘s damn slow." Kenny was awed. Marcy talked like that was slow. Who the fuck here would be fast enough to grab a fly by the wings let alone pull its dick off.

Marcy giggled. "I know that sounds pretty far out, but I have seen him do it. The fly would land somewhere and die shortly afterward. I thought Daddy was pulling my leg at first, but he showed me with a tool similar to your microscope what a fly's dick looked like when it was still attached firmly to the fly. I was fascinated. Not about seeing a fly's dick, but about it not being where it was supposed to be on the other fly.”

“I could clearly see it sticking out of the fly's ass. Of course Daddy wasn't a braggart. Neither was my Hogarth, but Daddy being 235 years old when I met Hogarth and slightly more settled, wasn't on quite the ego trip, Hogarth was as a young man, so Daddy treated Hogarth as an equal, even though there was simply no comparison between the two of them.”

“I was fifteen when I met Hogarth. We were the same age. I was so awestruck with Hogarth, that we went steady almost immediately. Daddy gave his permission for us to marry two years later. Amazingly, Hogarth was already well established as a fearsome warrior by the age of fourteen."

“I loved Hogarth dearly. He was very smart for an Earthling during the day, but compared to my Daddy, I am a moron. I don't even need to compare Hogarth to him. Bottom line, Hogarth wouldn't have had a chance in a fight with my Daddy. No Earthling was ever allowed in Daddy's house. At least not the regular part of it. We had the part of the house in which we lived, which contained all the gadgets that would astound even you.”

“Then there was the part we called the front, both because it was the front of the house and because it was like the ordinary house of the time. It was a front for the technology my Daddy enjoyed that the Earthlings at the time were just not capable of comprehending. My Daddy had me promise I would destroy it all after his death to prevent it from being misused in the primitive culture of the time, with the exception of Glory.”

“None of the household stuff was necessary on Glory as anything you want is on her already. Daddy wanted me to have her. Daddy told me she would come in handy for the lifestyle I would enjoy a long time from then. He was right. She most certainly has. I normally live onboard her, but have certainly enjoyed living here with you."

"Hogarth never knew about the regular part of the house either. I missed the convenience at times, but Daddy was right. Many of the things we used as a convenience could cause a lot of harm in the wrong hands. The heating system alone could cause an explosion that would make your strongest nuclear bomb seem like a firecracker. Enough about my parents for awhile.”

“Sometime or the other after I get you a little more up to speed, I will take you to the ship to let you see it. I will at that time pump the rig files into your head as well. Once I have, you will be capable of tapping into your full Vexuarian strength as well as being super smart. It will be a little painful to you, but you are tough enough to survive provided I wait until you are up to speed as I mentioned before. Now back to Julia."


"As I was saying, It will take about 6 months to get her ready and another week for you to finish taking it from her. The contraceptive will only last about 13 months, so when we finish with Julia, we will start looking for another girl to replace her in about 6 months. The contraceptive is only effective on me, so you will still be able to make the next girl get pregnant when we get her. We will have to give Julia treatments several times a day.”

“Your job will be to get her pregnant and mine will be to program her mind and body to do what we need for it to do. I will give her the first session. It will be to make her want to do it with you. I will go into the living room in a few minutes to get her clothes. She won't need them anymore while she is here with us. From here on out, I will be giving you the information as we go along.”

“I will guide you through it all, but first I will give you a summary of what will take place so you can prepare yourself for it and so it won't be such a shock when it takes place. Again, I will provide the details as we go along. It is very complicated. You may think I am already giving you a lot of detail, but believe me there is a lot more to it all than what I am going to tell you now."

Kenny started to come out of the daze he was in. "Marcy, I must admit all of this is going to take some getting used to. I mean, you just brought a young girl home for me to fuck and told me it is a matter of necessity. The things you have told me up to now are so far fetched, if I hadn't seen what I've seen already, I wouldn't believe any of it.”

“I was having trouble understanding why it would take me 500 years to get ready to have a daughter. Now I am wondering if I'll be ready in time." Marcy sat in silence for several minutes. "Daddy. I know how you must feel. This has probably blown you away. Imagine how all of this sounded to a 13 year old girl. I didn't explain this to you while I was telling you all of this, because I needed you to understand what I was explaining to you at the time."

"What I am saying is almost everything I told you so far, and a whole lot of what I will tell you about our situation from now on was already told to me by my Mother when I was 13. All of it. She didn't include trivial details, although I now believe she could have. It was limited to important milestones I would find important.”

“Sometimes Mom would give more detail when she wanted to convince me she would be right. I won't go into it all, but here are a few examples so you will know what I am saying. Mother told me the precise days and times Daddy and her would die. As a thirteen year old girl, I didn't believe she would ever die let alone tell me exactly when, but when my Daddy died precisely when she said he would, I knew exactly how long I had left with my Mother. Trust me, I was in agony that whole week. Knowing she would be gone soon and wanting to spend every moment with her until the end. It was terrible."

"My Mother actually told me the name of the person I would bond with. She said he would be Smythe, though he be Mourgain and a great warrior he be. His score be 600 when ye shall meet. Many call him after a sailor, though your Father be more his calling. Those were the words she used. When ever Mom predicted the future, the events would come to her in parable form. Some of it she would interpret for me and the rest she left for me to figure out on my own.”

“She also told me how I would feel when I found you and what I would do to you when we were next to the pond, as she put it. I would struggle with my emotions and with the strange things I had done around you. Trust me, she told me what they were. She was rather graphic. I laughed with her about it. I knew there was no way I would do any of that. I was told I would be certain I was going to eat you as my meal."

"So certain I would have it all set up, but eat you, I would not. I thought she was nuts. What I am saying is I have known all along when you were supposed to show up. The problem was twofold. I still didn’t believe it, although I already knew Mom was never wrong. I guess I had some crazy idea she was only teasing. I spent fifteen hundred years convincing myself of two things. First of all, I was going to pick out my own man. My mother wasn’t going to dictate to me who I was going to bond with.”

“Secondly, as such, I made up my mind that when you showed up, I would eat you that night and that would be the end of it. As far as I was concerned there was no way anyone could tell someone what they were going to do 1500 years down the road. Especially with that kind of detail. She told me many things and she has never been wrong about any of it.”

“She knew about Gulya and Sharina. Gulya is the direct translation for Julia. Sharina is the translation for Serina. Serina will be the next cute young girl to make the contraceptive. You will find she is even cuter than Julia. My Mom could have told me all of them, but that would take a long time as there would be one every year for ever. She reckoned just naming two would be sufficient. She even described what the little darlings would look like." Kenny had his curiosity peaked again. "Marcy, If we are only going to have three children, why are we going to have to keep sacrificing these young girls forever?"

"Daddy, After we had all three of the kids, I could get the ingredients form your head to keep me from getting pregnant, but if I do it will add twenty years to your age. Also you will lose half your penis length. I am not willing to accept any of that. I don't really believe you are either. While all of that is bad, the real reason I won't do it is it will also remove half of your brain.”

“Unfortunately, the needed ingredients for the contraceptive are in fact human brains. I don't like it any more than you do, but I definitely prefer getting those needed brains from the young virgin girls we will have to use. One a year, every year, for ever. Even though we will only have the three, I will still be able to get pregnant without the contraceptive."

"One more example of what my Mom knew. She told me about my special daughters, as she worded it, the ones you would have before you had them. One be he Jahmi and the other Aunah, the younger by two and yet only by four. You will not have them, but have them you will. That was the way she said it. I corrected her about calling one of my daughters he. My Mom simply said’ “Heed ye what I have said as that it will be.” Many of the things she told me were told to me this way. They made absolutely no sense at all to me then. As time went on many of the things became clear. I still can't make any sense out of what she said about our daughters."

"Look at our situation. Your name is Morgan and you go by Smith. You are hard as nails. One very tough bastard. I thought she was wrong about the number of men you killed when I first read your mind, but she knew about the ones you didn't. I had difficulty believing anyone in these modern times would have that kind of kill ratio.”

“She called the pool a pond. I am sure she saw it and just didn't know it as a pool. I not only did everything to you at the pool Mom said I would, I had to do it. I couldn't resist doing it, and trust me, I did everything she said I would. It wasn’t like someone or thing made me do it. I wanted to do it. By the way, I enjoyed every luscious minute of it. Many men have teased you with the name Popeye, because of your arms. That is where the sailor part came from.”

“You are in fact my grandson and when you told me you wanted to be my Daddy, that finished Mother's prediction on you. We don't have any daughters yet, but Mom said we would have those two way before the incantation says I will have the first. Mom said they would only be two years apart in age or less depending on what she meant by ‘and yet only by four.’"

"Our first daughter will be born some 500 years from now. I can't figure it, but rest assured, it will happen just as my Mother said it would. I only told you about it so you would understand how precise my Mother was. It will give you some idea of why no one wanted to have her mad at them. My Mother was very smart.”

Kenny piped in at this point. “Marcy. I know it looks like your Mom is right about a lot of this stuff, but I am not convinced. As much as I trust you, none of the predictions I don’t know about have taken place yet and the ones that already have, I only have your word that your Mother actually predicted them.”

Marcy giggled. “I can see why you might think that. How about this one. Mom predicted you would name our first girl. Why don’t I write down the name she predicted you would give her and you can put it in your shirt pocket while you think of one. Then you’ll know for sure.”

Kenny laughed at that. “Fair enough. Go for it.” Marcy wrote something on a scrap of paper and folded it neatly handing it to Kenny. Kenny stuffed it into his pocket. “Okay Sweetie. I have a name. I thought of one I know your Mom would never come up with. Our daughter’s name will be Ycram. It will be pronounced as Ice Cream.”

Kenny reached into his pocket pulling out the note. He read it out loud. “Okay Sweetie. I have a name. I thought of one I know your Mom would never come up with. Our daughter’s name will be Ycram. It will be pronounced as Ice Cream.” Kenny read it again to himself. “Damn, Marcy. You did it again. You blew me away with that one. How did you do that?”

Marcy smiled a wry smile. “My mom said that was what you would say, so I wrote it down. You seem to be forgetting one important fact. Every time I mention my Mom predicting something that will happen, it is actually me that made the prediction because she and I are one and the same person.”

“Although I retained her memory up to age thirty, there was a lot she learned after then she purposely prevented me from learning until certain times by the incantation. She taught me a lot. I remembered a lot, but I also had to learn a lot. I learned at an accelerated rate except for the things my Mother blocked from me. I know it is a hard concept to grasp. It is very complicated and I will have to give it to you in somewhat smaller doses than my Mother gave it to me. She is still dosing it out in spurts."

Kenny couldn't help himself. "Marcy, I don't quite understand. You are your Mother and your Mother was able to tell you everything that would happen before it did. Yet she purposely blocked a lot from you. Does that mean you as your Mother can't tell the future anymore?" Marcy looked Kenny in the eyes.

"The best way to explain it to you is like this. When I was first born, I saw things. I thought I was weird at first, but when I got where I could talk, my Daddy explained to me all Vexuarians had that affliction. He explained to me that on Vexuar, most of them learned to ignore it as it was a lot more fun living life without knowing what was getting ready to happen next. He also explained to me I would never have the ability to do so. I would always see what is coming up later. Not everything all the time, but enough to make life a drag from time to time."

"Daddy said he could do it when the need arose, but preferred to deal with things as a surprise as they were going to take place anyway, so why know about it. He took the time to look into my life as a curiosity, because he knew he would only live for a short part of it. Daddy was proud of the way I would turn out. He didn't tell me any of it as he said I would see it all sooner or later anyway. Probably most of it sooner.”

“So now you see, my Mother suffered with this affliction. She did not wish to be a slave to it in her second life, thus she set up the incantation to block things from me so I wouldn't have to know everything all the time before it happened. I can see the future anytime I want to, but never all of it at any one time. It is only seen in spurts and not always in order, nor in a manner that necessarily makes any sense at the time. Being able to trust the incantation on blind faith allows me to resist the urge to look ahead all the time. I know the incantation will guard me. It is a good thing."

"That way I don't have the need to see everything. It is a lot better having surprises in life, be they good or bad. By the way, in case you were wondering. The incantation is not magic. It is pure technology. The potion my mother slipped to my Dad to make her pregnant with herself consisted of the right ingredients to create all of this. Including the incantation.”

“The incantation actually talks to me. It lets me know what I need to know when I don't already know. That is where I get all of my information, like what is going to happen to Julia and so on. The time I ate that eight year old and four of his little buddies and ended up killing all six of the little darlings, that was the incantation forcing me to do it. The incantation sacrificed those six young boys to teach me the importance of following its instructions to the letter."

"I found out the hard way that the incantation would protect me, but there was no room for making decisions on my own unless the incantation let me do so. I cried for many months over the six young lads. I already knew the desire to suck was strong enough to make the ones I ate kill themselves, but I hadn't really known how strong the urge to be sucked was for the ones I shit in. It was absolutely horrible.”

“Not only the horror of watching the five I ate kill themselves, but seeing the skin come off the other boy's penis as his friends took turns with him, and hearing him scream in pain as he slowly bled to death in his little buddies' mouths. The cute little fellow couldn't shoot off, so he couldn't satisfy their urges and they couldn't satisfy his for the same reason. They literally sucked that boy to death. The really crazy part was they didn't have to hold the boy down."

"He wanted his dick sucked so badly that he lay in front of those boys with his legs spread apart screaming bloody murder, yet making no effort to get up. When his dick finally came apart, the young boy had already been dead for about five hours by then, that was when the other boys started killing themselves. It was the incantation's way of teaching me that any violation of the rules would have dire consequences. The incantation wanted me to understand without a doubt that if it said twelve year olds are the youngest you eat, then I had damn well better not eat any younger than twelve.”

“The incantation actually told me what it made me do and why it made me do it, after it had all happened. I understood it was a necessary lesson for me to trust the incantation on blind faith. It let me know it doesn't play. When it tells me something, I listen. The incantation never steers me wrong. Don't worry, You are doing just fine on sorting it all out. Sometimes I don't understand it right away either. Lets take care of Julia now."


Marcy and Kenny went back into the living room with Julia. Marcy took one look at Julia and held her hand out to her. "Clothes, hand them to me." Julia stood up and removed her bra and panties. She obediently handed them to Marcy. When Kenny looked at Julia's nude body, she turned blood red from embarrassment.

Marcy piped in reassuringly, "It's ok Julia. It is alright to be embarrassed. I know you don't know Daddy yet. He is going to be your Daddy too. Soon you will thrill on being nude in front of him. You won't feel out of place like you do now." Julia is one very lovely sight in the nude. Her nipples poked enticingly from the crest of her breasts. She had a nice mound of pretty dark brown hair between her legs. Kenny wouldn't find it difficult to make love to her at all. Kenny followed Marcy and Julia into the bedroom."

Marcy looked at Julia. "Julia. I need for you to go in the bathroom for a while. While you are there, run a razor around a little bit. I want your pussy to be hairless. I don't like looking at it like that. I expect you to keep it that way for me." Kenny had to know, "Why did you ask her to shave it.?" Marcy grinned, "I don't want it to be hairy when I eat her. I prefer to see hair on a man. Don't ask. I know you want to know why I am going to eat her, but you will find that out in a little bit."

Of course Kenny was dying to know why she was going to eat Julia, but it had to wait. Marcy undressed and laid down on the bed with her legs spread apart, waiting on Julia's return. Marcy purred, "Daddy, why don't you go ahead and get naked too?" Kenny undressed quickly. His dick was already hard from seeing Julia in the nude. Marcy looked at his hard on. "Oh wow Daddy, I am so glad that Julia excites you so much."

"That will make everything so much easier." Julia returned from the bathroom. Her pussy looked so smooth and soft. Kenny could see her hole much better now that it was clear of her mound. Julia was so embarrassed standing in front of Kenny with no hair on her pussy that she would have crawled under the rug if there had been one, yet she couldn't seem to take her eyes from between Kenny's legs.

Suddenly she noticed Marcy's nudity and she forgot all about Kenny. She had to have Marcy right away. Julia climbed into bed placing her mouth between Marcy's legs. Kenny watched as the little tubes crawled from Marcy's clit and slowly made their way into Julia's nose.

Julia seemed to be infatuated with Marcy's pussy. She had her hands cupped under Marcy's cheeks, pulling her up into her mouth. When Marcy started coming, Julia started coming with her. When it was over and Marcy's pussy finally released Julia's mouth, Marcy reached down pulling Julia's mouth up to her breasts.

Then Marcy took one of Julia's hands and guided it to Kenny's hard on. Julia started pumping on his dick with her hand. While Julia was busy doing her thing, Marcy started explaining what was happening, "When Julia was eating me, I changed her brain waves so that she will want to have any type of body contact with you that she can get. I put her hand on you to let her know it is ok to do you when she wants to.”

“I didn't draw her head into me because I needed all of my pussy juice to go into her mouth. I will take her all the way in from time to time so she can enjoy the thrill. I know she will love it. I will be telling her what I expect her to do through the treatments. I want you to do everything you can think of to excite her. The more excited you keep her, the more she will want. Ejaculate in her pussy at least twice a day, up her ass at least once and in her mouth as often as she wants to suck it."

"You will need to get her used to your sucking on her breasts. Start out gently and gradually build up the pressure until you are turning her nipples purple. Remember to do it slowly. You have 6 months to get her ready." Marcy started stroking the hair on the back of Julia's head. Marcy looked down at her. "That's the way to do it sweetie, just keep doing like you are doing and switch breasts every 10 minutes or so."

Then Marcy turned her attention back to Kenny. In the mean time Julia had him ejaculating all over the edge of the bed. Marcy glanced down at his dick momentarily and continued with her instructions as if this young girl wasn't jerking him off. "Daddy, it will only take about a month for Julia to become pregnant. She is not going to have your baby. Everything you will be doing will be giving her the ingredients she will need to make the contraceptive.”

“What she has been doing to me gives her the other half of what she needs, namely pussy juice and breast milk. She is drinking my milk now. We won't give her any food while she is here. Oh, we will let her have as much candy and other sweets as she wants, but she will only want a little. She will eat it very slowly as my pussy juice will make anything sweet taste 100 times as sweet. Candy will become a delicacy to her. She will live off of your juice and my milk. Don't worry, it will keep her quite healthy."

"When she is 5 months pregnant, I will lay her on the bed and suck her pussy until she orgasms in my mouth. It will look like I am really going all out on Julia. Actually I will be. This is necessary to get enough of her pussy juice to finish the mix. It will be the only time that I will eat her. I have no desire to eat a pussy, but I don't have any choice. Every time I treat Julia the thought comes to mind that I have to eat her fucking pussy.”

“I think it is gross. That's why I got rid of her mound, at least I don't have to see it while I am thinking about having to do it to her. About 15 minutes after I have obtained enough of her juice, my eyes will turn yellow and I will sink my fangs into her pussy. When I have finished pumping her full of my pussy juice, I will back out and feel her breasts. What I will be checking for will be for when they are no longer solid inside. I will then reinsert my fangs and suck all of the juice out of her.”

“I will get her baby, all of her sexual organs, most of her breasts, and 50 percent of her ass and thighs. When I have finished with her, I will squirt all of it into your balls and in another hour, you will pump it into her butt. It will take about an hour for you to squirt about 5 gallons of liquid up her ass. Julia will look pregnant again by the time you finish. She will be flat chested, her ass cheeks and her thighs will be much smaller, and she will have a large hole between her legs, where her pussy used to be. Do not put anything in that hole. It may break the thin membrane inside that will be holding her guts in. Naturally, if you do, her insides will fall out onto the bed and dry up killing her before she can make the contraceptive. This would not be good."

"She won't have the figure that she has now, but she will still be quite beautiful. Come morning, she will have absorbed it all into her body. Her belly will be slim and trim. Her tits will have become a little larger than they are now. You will suck them. You will have to suck them very hard to get the juice to start coming out. You will need to drink it all. Just keep drinking until her breasts go flat and nothing is coming out. The next morning you will do it again.”

“Every time her breasts fill back up, her body will become smaller. What is happening is her brain is causing her body to turn into the contraceptive. At first her body will diminish symmetrically until her hips and her shoulders are the same width as her head. After that, her legs and arms will draw up into her body until they disappear. We will have to hold her head to feed her at this point. Her neck will go next and then her body will slowly draw up toward her head.”

“At the end of the week, all that will be left of Julia will be her head, her nipples, and her asshole. Her nipples will be under her chin and her asshole will be located at the back of her head, just under the spot where her neck used to be. Her breasts will still be swollen at this point. Suck them until they go flat against her chin."

"When this has occurred, you will need to bite down on each of her nipples one at a time and pull. They should pop right off. Go ahead and chew them up and swallow them. Next, you will carry her head into the bathroom, where you and I will feed her one last time. After she has had her meal, I want you to stick your dick up her ass and slide her head up and down your shaft. Only pull her head down until you feel it bottom out.”

“Do not pull her head back up high enough for the tip of your penis to come out of her ass. Hold her head so she can see your eyes. This will relax her and make her feel like she is still loved. It serves no purpose for our needs and is strictly for her enjoyment. I also see no need for her last few minutes to be spent looking into the toilet bowl. That would be cruel. When you feel yourself getting ready to come, shove her head down all the way on your shaft."

"This will break the membrane and will shove the tip of your dick into her brain. Go ahead and fill her head up with your ejaculate. When you finish shooting off, pull her head off of your shaft and give her a 5 minute kiss goodbye. She will be kissing you back. Then hold her head over the toilet until she finishes shitting her brains out. Of course over half of her brain will already have been used in the contraceptive. What is left is only the parts that keep her alive.”

“You may kiss her until it is over should you wish to. It will add to her enjoyment if you do. She will be dead then. We will take a little walk on the beach when it is over. You will need to reach down and hook your thumb in her asshole. Pull your thumb up quickly and her asshole should tear right off. You can go ahead and eat it at this point. You will find it quite tasty. Just toss her head into the water. "

Kenny was in shock, "Damn, Marcy, When you told me we would be sacrificing these virgins every year, I hadn't taken it literally. We can't kill her. It wouldn't be right. Besides I couldn't imagine the pain she will have to go through and one other thing, you just said all of this stuff we are going to do to her right in front of her. How are we going to keep her from running off to save herself?" Marcy replied, "We aren't going to kill her, Daddy.”

‘She is going to kill herself. It is her that will be turning her body into the contraceptive and she will be the one shitting her brains out. There will be no pain. Julia will feel like she is orgasming each time you feed off of her breasts. She will love every minute of it. She will feel so wonderful while she is shitting her brains out, that she is looking forward to having it happen.”

“We won't have to do anything to keep her from running away. As a matter of fact, we couldn't drive her away. I know you don't feel it is right, but you must come to grips with the facts. What kind of a life would she have with just a head? This is a necessary thing we must do and we will have to do it a lot. Once a year. Forever."

"This is only a short description of what will take place so you won't be completely shocked at the time. There is a lot more involved, but I will tell you all about it as we go along." By this time, Julia finished milking Marcy and came up off of her breasts. Julia looked into Marcy's eyes inquisitively murmuring, "What do you want me to do now Marcy?" Marcy grinned, "I want you to lie on your back in the bed. It's time for you to make love with your new Daddy." Julia laid back on the bed with her legs spread apart, patiently waiting for Kenny.

Kenny climbed in the bed between Julia's legs and stuck his dick into her pussy. Marcy quickly stopped him, "No, Daddy. Not like that. I want you to make love to her, not just fuck her. Lay down beside her and hug her for a little while. Then you can start kissing her. Suck on her neck. Hell, give her an around the world. I want you to make her feel special. Eat her pussy a couple of times. When she can't stand it any longer, then fuck her. When you finish, let her play with you for a little while. She'll probably give you a couple of blow jobs."

"You will have to get used to the fact that she will be coming up to you a lot to get some of it. Please give it to her as often as she wants it no matter where or when she wants it." Kenny spent the better part of two hours with Julia. Marcy got so horny watching that she laid in front of him and masturbated while he worked on Julia. When it was over, Julia went to the living room. Kenny laid in the bed for about an hour holding Marcy in his arms, after taking care of her excitement. Marcy quipped, "Would you like to go with me to pick dinner for tonight?" Kenny told Marcy, "I wouldn't miss it for the world, Sweetie. What are we going to do with Julia?"

"We are going to leave her here, Daddy. I got her some games, puzzles, dolls, and books to keep her entertained. I also told her she could watch TV when she wants to. I let her know she has the run of the house while we are gone. She won't go outside or answer the door, because she is naked. She will remain naked, because she wishes to please me and besides there aren't any clothes here that will fit her anyway."

Marcy didn't want to embarrass Julia, so she whispered into Kenny's ear, "About the closest Julia will come to putting on clothes is she will probably fish around in the dirty clothes basket for a pair of my used underpants. When she does, she will slip them over her head and sit there smelling my pussy smell."

Kenny laughed at that. Marcy continued, "She will be just fine. I put the thought in her mind that I wanted her to drive you crazy with her sexy body, so she knows I want her to do you. Each treatment I give her will make her want you more. She is deeply in love with you. I hope you will fall in love with her as well. I think she would like that. That will make me happy too."

"Where are you planning to search today, Sweetie?" Marcy smiled at Kenny. She raised her voice loud enough that Julia would be able to hear. "I am in the mood for the outdoorsy type tonight. There is a boy scout camp about twenty miles down the beach. Camp Bradley. They are having a Jamboree. Lots of tasty young boys. We'll start there. Did you hear that Julia? We may be a few hours, so enjoy yourself."

Julia is taking a bath. She hollers through the door. "Yes, Marcy. I heard it. There is a TV show coming on later tonight. Is it ok if I watch it?" "Sure Hon. You already know I have given you the run of the house while we are gone and if we get back before then, you are more than welcome to watch it anyway. We want you to feel like this is your home.”

“If there is something you want, you just tell us and we will do our best to see that you get it, providing you don't get ridiculous and want a husband or a fire truck or something you can use common sense and know yourself before you ask that you are not going to have it. Of course, all you have to worry about is asking. It is our job to provide the common sense." "Marcy, can Daddy come in and kiss me goodbye?" Marcy looked at me coyly. "Well, Casanova. Are you going in or not. You're little Princess needs comfort from you." Marcy giggled as Kenny opened the bathroom door and went in.

Marcy loves to tease Kenny. Kenny leaned over the edge of the tub giving Julia a passionate kiss before Marcy and he embark on their journey. As Kenny started to leave, Julia stopped him. "I'm really hungry. Can you feed me before you go?" Kenny got his dick out for her and she sucked him off while she sat in the tub.

After Julia finished swallowing Kenny's load, she asked, "Wow, Daddy. That was tasty. I'm pretty excited too. Why don't you slip your clothes off and join me in the tub?" Marcy was waiting outside for him to join her on her shopping spree, but Julia was looking so sweet sitting in the tub, Kenny decided he had to have her. He got in the tub and sat her in his lap facing him. Kenny kissed Julia gently as his meat slid up into her snatch.

Kenny thought, "Damn, she is special." He alternated between her lips and her breasts until he started pumping his load into her. "I am astounded Julia, I started out having ten minute orgasms when Marcy bonded with me. Now they last for twenty minutes. Marcy says they may increase to thirty or more as time goes on." Julia tried to catch her breath as she exclaimed, "Yeeessss! They certainly do."

Her head went straight between Kenny's legs. Kenny wasn't sure what Marcy was going to think about him being in there with Julia for so long when she was waiting for them to leave. He was in there for over two hours. Julia had wanted it twice more in the mouth. When Kenny finally came out, Marcy looked at him coyly saying," She got hungry, didn't she?" "Yes, she did. I am sorry about taking so long, Honey,"

Marcy just shrugged her shoulders, "I told you she was going to be after it a lot. It’s ok, You are supposed to give it to her every time she wants it. Even if she comes into our room after it at night. That includes when we are making love. Give it to her every time. She is making a great sacrifice for me. I see no reason she shouldn't be treated extra special. Are you ready to go Daddy?" Kenny headed out the door with Marcy at his heels. He glanced back at her, admiring her beauty. Kenny whispered under his breath, "God, I love her."


Marcy and Kenny parked in the main parking lot and hiked their way to the first camp site. The dude at the gate told Marcy each troop contained between 12 and 40 boys. All between the ages of 11 and 17. There were 600 troops down for a two week Jamboree. A total of 19,813 boys registered for the jamboree.

Kenny figured Marcy shouldn't have any problem selecting one from all of those. Marcy just walked around in all of the camps before going back to the first one. She licked her lips. "Oh God, Daddy. This is so cool. There's a bunch of boys here that will probably be just right. I think I will eat here during the whole Jamboree. Lets get started looking for number one."

The boys in the first campsite were all sitting around the picnic table eating lunch. Marcy’s eyes brightened. "Check out that cute little fellow at the end of the table. Isn't he just darling?" Kenny looked at the boy. "Yes, he certainly is, but I don't think he's old enough for you to eat him." "Don't be silly, Daddy. I didn't mean for me. I meant he would be just what you need for the urge that has been gnawing at you for the last half a day. I can always tell when you need one."

Marcy is something else. Kenny had been thinking about sucking one since he woke up. He really needed one now and this boy is exceptionally pretty. Kenny still hasn't gotten used to the idea he has to suck a dick at times. He always tries to out last the urge, but it only gets stronger as the day goes on. Eventually, Kenny can't stand it any longer and begs Marcy to find him one. She always asks him why he tortures himself when he can just do it and feel satisfied until next time. Marcy suggested he sit next to the little fellow and check him out.

Kenny went over to the table and sat next to the young boy. He already knew no one would even notice them other than the ones they spoke to directly. Kenny also knew if it turns out he likes what he sees, he can suck him right here at the table. Kenny also knows that since Marcy will have to undress for the one he selects, he will be sucking for the better part of 3 hours.

He doesn't like feeling this way, but it was worth it to keep Marcy from hurting so bad and besides, by the time he gets finished, Marcy will be so excited she will fuck his brains out when they get home. For some reason Marcy finds it a real turn on to watch Kenny suck on a little boy’s dick.

Sometimes he feels like he would even suck a dog. Fortunately, Marcy has held up to her promise and keeps him supplied with plenty of very pretty, young, hairless boys. That keeps it from being so bad. She also finally talked Kenny into letting the ones he does it with suck his too. She says she finds that exciting too.

Marcy said it would make him feel a little better about doing them when they return the favor. Marcy is right, it does. It came as quite a surprise to Kenny to find out he actually looked forward to having some of the young boys have a bad reaction to Marcy's shit. Kenny not only enjoys eating them, but it makes him feel so good inside when he saves them.

Kenny looked at the boy for a few minutes and said, "Hi there. I am going to be your friend for a while. Tell me your name and then tell me a little bit about yourself. The boy started out saying, "Hello Mister. I am Jamie. I am 11 years old. I like camping and fishing. I also model a lot for my Dad. He takes nude pictures of me and sells them over the internet. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. My brothers are 18 and 14. My sisters are 6, 9, 12, and 16. They all model for him too. My sisters take turns sleeping with my Dad since our Mother died. My two oldest brothers already suck for Dad's acquaintances. Dad says that when I turn 12.............."

Jamie sat there at the table and continued telling Kenny his life story. Kenny learned a lot about Jamie. "Marcy. What brought all that on?" Marcy shrugged. "He is under heavy hypnosis. He has no inhibitions during this time and subconsciously he has wanted to tell of his plight anyway, but is afraid to do so, because his Father will kill him. It is not an imagined fear. The boy‘s Father will not hesitate to kill him if it will keep him from being found out." Kenny turned back to Jamie. "Now that we are good friends, why don't you stand up and let me see your clothes for a few minutes." Since everyone is under hypnosis, they are all in a highly suggestible state.

The boy immediately stood up and handed Kenny his clothes as he took them off. Kenny examined Jamie's private parts and looked over his entire body, being careful not to get his dick hard. If he had done that, he would have to suck him right then and there. Kenny pulled Jamie's mouth over to his and gave him a longing kiss, before handing him back his clothes. Lately, he has found it helps him feel a little better about doing it when he finds one that kisses good. Kenny wishes he could taste test them like Marcy does. It is just as Marcy told him, about 70% of them taste nasty.

Unfortunately, as soon as he sees their hard ons, he has to suck them, regardless of how they taste. Marcy says eventually, he will be sucking so many times a day, their hard ons won't affect him, then he will be able to watch her eat again without necessarily having to do them. This will also allow Kenny to start taste testing them so he will only be sucking out of the top 10 percent.

While Jamie was dressing, Kenny said, "OK, Marcy, he will do just fine. Now lets find your meal for tonight so I can hurry up and come back to get this over with. Besides, we need to get him out of that mess he is in now. It's a pity we can't help his brothers and sisters too." Marcy just shook her head. "Why does that need to be a pity? I will go out there when we finish and fix the problem."

Of course, Kenny really did want to hurry up and get it over with, but he also knew that once he started, he would be in no hurry to finish. The urge is that strong. Kenny has also grown very fond of 11 year olds. They are his favorite. Not that they are any cuter than the 12 or 13 year olds, but the simple truth is they don't ejaculate as much into his mouth.

The urge makes Kenny want a lot and with the average boy shooting off 7 or 8 times during the 2 or 3 hours he will be sucking him, Kenny will still get quite a bit, but he doesn't have to get as much as he wants to satisfy that urge. Another reason Kenny is fond of the 11 year olds is they usually don't have any hair around their dicks. When they do, it isn't much. Also most of them have pencil dicks. He prefers sucking pencil dicks because they are more feminine looking. This helps to keep him from feeling like he is doing it with a guy.

Quite a lot of the 12 year olds and a few of the 13 year olds also have hairless pencil dicks. The 14 year olds just plain have too mature of a dick and make Kenny feel queer. He hates that feeling, Fortunately Marcy knows it. Unfortunately, Kenny still runs up on an occasional 14 year old that is so pretty and precious, he finds himself having to suck him even though he has a big hairy dick. When he does, he can't get enough of it either. The oldest one Kenny has done it with so far was 16. He was a really cute thing. So much so Kenny had to do him twice. Once then and again the next day.

Most of the 10 year olds don't squirt out enough to take care of the urge. Kenny would rather suck the 9 year olds, but they are too young to ejaculate. He likes to do a few every now and then anyway. When he does, he has to suck them until he wears them out enough to go soft for the five minutes as they never ejaculate. Kenny usually ends up doing them for about 5 hours and finds himself still needing another boy within minutes since he didn't get any ejaculate to satisfy his urge.

"There are a couple of cuties sitting right here at the table I want to check out. You might be able to take care of your problem without us having to go through any of the other camps. Heck, we might even get lucky and find tomorrow night's meal too. Daddy, when you finish with Jamie, I want to discuss an idea I have and I want to know what you think of it." With that, Marcy strolled over to the table taking one of the young boys by his hand. "Hi honey, why don't you get your little thingy out so I can have a look at it?" The boy unfastened his pants and slid them to his knees. She found out his name was Tommy.

Marcy put Tommy through the tests and had him finish up while she went around to the other side of the table to check out another one. His name was Gerald. When she finished, she turned to Kenny while the two boys stood there shooting off by the picnic table and said, "OK, Daddy. We got lucky, both of these boys will do just fine. Lets take care of you now."

Kenny learned to position himself where he could tell what was going on, but couldn't see their hardons while Marcy was taste testing them. When he did that, it cut down on the number of them he would have to suck. Sometimes, if the boy wasn't super cute and Kenny hadn't been a long time without one, he could look at the boy's hard on without feeling an irresistible urge to do him.

Marcy walked over to Jamie and had him undress again. Kenny knew being hypnotized, every one is in a highly suggestive state, but he also knew Marcy will still have to undress in front of Jamie. Not to get him to do it with Kenny, but to get him to shoot off enough to satisfy his urge. Marcy trained Kenny to hypnotize everyone like she does.

When Marcy bared herself, Jamie laid on his back across the picnic table. Jamie was staring eagerly at Marcy's pussy. Kenny took a long hard look at Jamie. He was beautiful. If you were to cut his dick off, he would look like a little girl. He was only an inch taller than Marcy and about ten pounds heavier. He was damn near as pretty as she was too. His dick was as hard as a brick. Kenny couldn't wait to get his mouth on that luscious peter of Jamie's.

Jamie's dick was only three and a half inches long and about as big around as Kenny's pinky finger. He had the perfect pencil dick. Kenny went over to Jamie and got started. It took the better part of three hours to finish him. Kenny stood up unzipping his fly. "Jamie, how would you like to suck on this for a little while?" Jamie leaned forward, lowering his head and started working on Kenny's meat.

Kenny was fascinated that a lot of the young boys could stand there, comfortably sucking his dick and only have to lean over a little bit due to their short stature. He was sure Jamie would only have to bend over a little to do his. Right now the sweet little thing was still lying on the table. Kenny was especially fond of the way Marcy seemed to be just right for that. She could suck him easily from a standing position. Marcy would put her hands on his hips as she leaned forward slightly, sucking him sweetly.

Marcy watched Jamie with excited interest, "Daddy, do you like Jamie? I mean does he taste sweet? Do you find him to be right to satisfy your urge without making you feel so bad?" Kenny told her, "Yes I do. He has the best tasting juice of all the boys I've had so far." Marcy proceeded to tell Kenny her idea. Jamie continued to work. "Daddy, why don't we take Jamie home with us. We can pass him off as my older brother. He can tend to your urges.”

“When you finally get to the point where you need it a lot, he will be there for you and we won't have to go out to look for one. You already know somewhere down the road you will need it several times a day. If you should see one you must have while I am eating, you can have him too." Kenny thought about that for a minute as Jamie finished and Kenny zipped up his fly. "What happens when his dick gets big and I don't feel right about it anymore? Besides, how are we going to take him away without having the police breaking up the Jamboree and messing up your dinner tonight?"

"Don't worry, Daddy. I will take care of everything. I will explain it to you when we get home. I can fill you in while we are feeding Julia. It will be time for another treatment then anyway. Put your clothes on Jamie and come with us." The three of them walked back to the car and went straight to Jamie's house.

Marcy went inside. She booted up their computer, typed in something, and went to the back room their Dad had been using as a studio. All of the kids were naked and Daddy was photographing each of them doing something sexual to the others in turn. It was sickening. Marcy whispered something to the Father.

Their Dad went into the kitchen. Marcy made all the kids get dressed and stay where they were. Kenny, Jamie, and Marcy went to the kitchen. The Daddy had cut off his penis with a butcher knife. Balls and all. He was frying them up in a pan of grease. When they were done, he ate them and undressed. He then went outside and jumped off the bridge into the bay. Bleeding like he was, the sharks were on him immediately. Marcy and Kenny went back into the house.

She got the older kids to clean the blood off of the floor. Marcy kissed each of the children. Marcy, Kenny, and Jamie all went home. Kenny shrugged his shoulders. "Okay. Marcy. I give up. Exactly what just happened, and why did we allow Jamie to see all of that? " Marcy grinned. "The bastard just paid for molesting his children. He will not harm them again. Jamie was allowed to see it, so he will know we are going to protect him.”

“We just got rid of the worst monster that ever invaded the poor little thing’s dreams. I kissed them all except Jamie. The reason is to take away all the bad memories. I wanted Jamie to remember. It is important to his later training for him to remember. Also, due to their situation, it will be unlikely I can get them to give up sex with each other, even with hypnosis. If I pair them appropriately, they will only have sex with that one partner. I know that isn‘t really proper, but it is better than a free for all. At least this way they create a great love at least between the partners.”

“They will essentially be normal except the oldest boy is going to marry the oldest girl. It's OK. The two of them have been in love for a long time anyway. They actually were doing it for several years before their Daddy started molesting them after their mother died. The oldest boy is going to be the new Father and the sixteen year old will be the new Mother. All of them excluding Jamie, will think they are Mom and Dad. The 14 year old boy will sleep with the 12 year old girl and eventually will be a couple when they grow up and move out on their own. The 9 and 6 year old girl are truly lesbians and find each other fascinating and thus I wouldn't feel right separating them.”

“The oldest two will take good care of the rest of them. If any of them should accidentally see the others doing it, it will be just thought of as perfectly normal, though they will not do it with anyone other than their partner. I have set up a stock fund and a savings fund giving them about three hundred million dollars each, tax paid. I also installed a program on the internet that will systematically delete all of their pictures from the internet and from any computers that ever come on line that have any of those pictures.”

“Unfortunately there may be some on separate disks, so if the computer is not on line when the disk is installed, then, well to put it simply, those will continue to exist until a mistake is made and the program gets access to them." They sat Jamie on the couch. Julia was sitting at the other end of the couch watching TV. A pair of Marcy's underpants were laying on the arm of the couch and Julia's hair was mussed up from her quickly pulling them off of her head when she heard them come in.

She sat there trying to act like they weren't there. Marcy and Kenny thought it better not to mention them. They wanted her to have a little privacy. It was cute as all get out. Jamie's eyes got as big as silver dollars at the sight of Julia's body. Kenny could see a little bulge poking at the front of his pants. Marcy noticed it too. Julia was taking a pretty good look at Jamie as well.

It was quite apparent she found him to be rather cute. Julia also seemed to be quite relaxed being nude in front of Jamie. Marcy already told Kenny she had taken all of Julia's inhibitions away so the poor thing wouldn't suffer anymore embarrassment from the things they were going to put her through.

Marcy looked at Jamie, "Why don't you just sit there and get your eyes full until we get back. You can look at her, but don't touch her. Julia, this would be a good time for you and Jamie to get acquainted. Why don't the two of you talk until we get back. Be sure to sit where he can see you. We'll only be an hour or two." Julia immediately leaned her back against the arm of the couch and spread her legs apart, giving Jamie a straight eye shot at her pussy. She was always ready to do whatever she could to please Marcy.

Marcy had that look on her face that told Kenny he was getting ready to come up short on brains. She was horny enough to fuck a fence post. Kenny needed no prompting to head to the bed with Marcy. He always loved it when Marcy got this way. They made sweet love for several hours, when Marcy pulled back from his meat. "I hate to break this up, but Julia is bound to be getting very hungry and I don't want Jamie's pants to get too wet before I fix him." Kenny and Marcy went back in to get Julia. Marcy immediately undressed for Julia to go down on her.

After Marcy's pussy turned loose of Julia's mouth, Marcy started explaining to Kenny what they were going to do with Jamie. Julia was busy milking Marcy. Kenny thought, "This is really getting wild. I will be a long time getting used to all of this shit going on." Kenny loved Marcy dearly and he was after her all the time. He really can't get enough of her. They make love a lot in between tending to all of this other stuff. He promised Marcy he would make love to her at least once a day, but is actually averaging 4 times a day.

The fact remains the same. Kenny will do anything for Marcy. The thought entered Kenny's mind that the way things are going, he just might have to. "I guess it's explanation time Daddy. First, I have to make a confession. I have been searching for quite a while to find you a permanent boy like Jamie. I went to the Jamboree yesterday and ran up on Jamie. He was so cute, I spotted him right away. When I tasted him, I couldn't believe how good he was. I wanted to eat him. Too bad he isn't old enough to eat. No one will miss Jamie not even after the Jamboree is over. The people at the camp won't pay any attention to him not being there."

"I will get with him in a little while to bite him in his balls so he will want you all the time and I will fix it so he will be just like he is forever. He will be more than your relief valve. He is going to become part of the family. I am going to make him my brother and I hope you will make him feel like your son. There are a few major events that will have to take place you need to be aware of before you agree to having Jamie join the family.”

“First, I will have to give him treatments once a month to keep him like he is. I will have to suck him off, let him eat me, and fuck me in my ass once a week to get the proper ingredients from him to treat him at the end of the month. Even though I have to suck Jamie off to make his treatments work, I must let you know Jamie tastes so good, I will thoroughly enjoy every drop of him. If it is all right with you, I may suck him more often than is necessary."

Kenny interrupted her at this point. "Marcy, you know I will never doubt your love for me. I could never be jealous of you. As far as Jamie is concerned, I give you my permission to do anything you want with him. You can fuck him if you desire to. We can share him." Marcy grinned at Kenny. "You needn't worry about Jamie, he isn't going to put anything in my pussy other than his tongue and maybe a finger while he eats me just to take away from his urge. I am so glad you feel the way that you do.”

“I think you should know, Jamie doesn't quite measure up to you. He would definitely grow up to be an entirely different kind of a man than you. He wouldn't be nearly as tough, nor would he be capable of being as callous and uncaring in those situations where you seem to shine, but he possesses many special qualities that would have made him a wonderful husband for someone. He is loyal, tender of feeling, and unafraid, even though he can't back himself up. He isn't quite as gorgeous as you and he doesn't taste quite as sweet, but if I hadn't met you, I would have bonded with Jamie for sure. He is that special."

Kenny was taken aback by this statement, but he understood where she was coming from. It made him feel good knowing Marcy was that fond of Jamie. Kenny smiled. "Wow Marcy, I think it is so special you love Jamie that much. I want you to treat him as special as you want without breaking your vow to yourself, even though you know I already told you it wouldn't upset me if you did. I am very fond of Jamie too."

Marcy smiled and continued, "As much as I desire to do it with Jamie and I really would love to have him fuck me, he is not going to have his penis in my pussy. Not ever. That is reserved for you and you alone. I will take you up on the rest of it, but Jamie and I will still never be close sexually. It will be more of a very close sister brother love. I know I said he will stay as he is forever, but he is still a mortal. Unlike you, Jamie will age and die without his monthly treatments. The only way I could make it permanent would be to bond with Jamie and that isn't going to happen. I am not willing to have anyone make love to me other than you."

"Jamie already has a powerful urge to make love to me. He would kill to get some. Even though he is gawking at Julia's nudity right now, he is still fantasizing about fucking me. You already know any one who sees me feels this way. Jamie cannot help feeling this way. It is not his fault. He will always feel that way. Keep in mind even though Jamie will think he is making love to me, I will only be giving him the necessary treatments and doing things to him I have to do.”

“He will only be fucking me in my ass and eating my pussy. He will also need to suck my breasts at least once per day, although, I'll probably let him suck them most anytime he wants to. I will allow him to kiss me whenever he wants to, to curb his excitement and yes I will be kissing him back. I am looking forward to kissing him very much. His lips look scrumptious." Kenny had to pipe in. "Trust me, Marcy. Jamie's lips are fantastic. You are going to love kissing him."

Marcy picked up where she left off, "I feel it is the least I can do for my new older brother, especially since he will never get any of what he longs for. Even though he will not become close to me sexually, I will eventually be very fond of him. I will love him dearly. You will find yourself in the same position. My pussy will program his mind to know that the only reason he is doing me is because he has to. What this means is he will not be following me all around the house with a crush on me, but I am going to allow him to feel he is making love to me while he has it in my butt. It will take some of the edge off of his urge. Jamie will still realize he hasn't actually had it in my pussy even though he will feel like he has."

"However, he will still have his urge and he will still get a hard on every time he sees me, even when I am fully clothed. Due to the situation, Jamie will be naked whenever he is home. He will strip down in his room as soon as he comes home and he will dress just before he leaves. Besides, he's far too cute to have him running around the house in clothes. He will be able to go anywhere he wants as long as he gets your permission first. He will understand the importance behind your knowing where he is at all times.”

“Of course, he will be limited to where he goes both by the way he looks and for awhile by how old he is. He is only 11 years old now and it will take a little while for him to acquire the wisdom to go out on his own. Later when he learns enough, he can go anywhere anytime he wants as long as he lets you know before hand. I will make it a priority that Jamie always remembers what he is here for. He will know he is here for you to suck. It would be a good idea for you to pop a load up Jamie's ass from time to time. He will be looking forward to it. The rest of his situation will be the same as if he was your 11 year old son."

"We will send him to school. If you should need him badly while he is there, you can pop by the school and suck him there. He will not be going to school to learn, he will be much smarter than his teachers anyway. Jamie will stay in the 6th grade every year. That will give him access to a lot of boys between 11 and 15. Each year new kids will come in to his grade to replace the ones that moved on. Jamie will be there to make friends to bring home to you. There may even be times when I may eat some of them when they stay over with Jamie, depending on how sweet they are. They can suck Jamie for a while until they get back home and the guy I fixed them up with has a chance to visit."

"Of course we will have to make the trip that same night to let me shit in them. I don't like to go too long without shitting after I eat. It gets a little uncomfortable. The pressure is just awful. I will of course make sure I put the boy I shit in out long enough for his partner to get home. Jamie will only bring boys home with him. He won't be capable of knowing how to select a girl for you. They all have to possess certain very special qualities. Don’t misunderstand. Jamie is more than welcome to bring home a little girl as often as he likes.”

“Hell, he can bring the same girl down as often as he likes for as long as he wants her. Up to and including forever. What I am trying to say is Jamie can bring a girl home to have permanently should he decide he wants her. Of course he won’t likely keep any particular one for much longer than a year if he keeps her that long. Unfortunately the girl will age and eventually die. Jamie can keep the girl as long as he wants, even after she gets old and dies. I can’t imagine Jamie keeping a rotting nasty old lady in his room with him, no matter how fond he is of her.”

“The point of all this is he can if he wants to. I will use Jamie’s treatments to tell him what he can and cannot do. He will be able to have sex with anyone in the school anytime he wants. Be it boy or girl. He can do it with the teacher, if he wants to. I will not tell him this. He will have to figure that one out on his own. It likely won't take more than a week or two for him to figure it out. I will tutor Jamie here at home. He will be extremely knowledgeable in every subject. I will give him the ability to hypnotize anyone he needs to."

"Jamie will be able to give them a taste test right there in the class room. He can jerk them off and get a little on his fingers or he can suck them all the way off. This allows him to be sure they are one of the 10% that taste exceptional. It also lets him appreciate sucking you by comparing their juice to yours. I don't think he will ever find any one who tastes as good as you do. He will bring his friends to the house for a sleep over. Jamie will get the boys to start out doing it with him, before bringing them in to you. You can decide for yourself if you want them.”

“If not, Jamie will be there for you. I will also teach him how to tell when someone has a venereal disease so he doesn't get a super bad taste in his mouth. He wouldn't be able to catch it, because of the treatments, but why taste it if he doesn't have to. He may even suck every boy in the school out of curiosity. Regardless of how they taste. That of course is his choice. It will take a little time for him to get a handle on our situation, but he will. Is this acceptable to you?" Kenny told Marcy, "It's a lot to swallow all at one time, but I really enjoyed Jamie. The way I look at it is, if I have to do it, I may as well have someone here I don't mind doing it with."

"Daddy, I didn't tell you before, but all of this is a part of getting you ready to have a real daughter. I think you are beginning to see why I said you were going to need 500 years to get ready for it. I am sure you find this all pretty hard to deal with. Especially the part about Julia. I don't like having these little girls dying anymore than you do, but it can't be helped." Julia finished with Marcy's nipples and Kenny got in the bed with her.

Marcy watched him work on Julia for a little while and then she said, "Take your time, Daddy. I am going in the other room for a while to talk with Jamie. I need to break it to him gently why he is here and to let him know what is going to happen to him. I also need to start getting ready to give him his first treatment. One other thing, after I give Jamie the first treatment, he will shoot off nearly as much as you do.”

“Unfortunately, it won't be enough to satisfy your urges. I will still have to stand in front of him to get him excited enough to come enough times so you won't end up sucking him all day. One good thing, at least he'll always taste good to you. Also, do not be surprised to see Jamie sleeping at times when you come in on us. He will pass out whenever I blow him, and a lot longer when I bite him."

Kenny kissed Julia tenderly up and down her neck, stopping just shy of her breasts and then switching directions again after enjoying her full moist lips. When she became very aroused, he began to do an around the world on her. Kenny started at her toes and licked her all over her body, saving her private areas for last. In the mean time, Marcy is in the living room with Jamie. When she went in there, she was still nude.

Kenny figured Jamie is going to go nuts seeing her like that, especially when he isn't hypnotized. In the meantime, Kenny has Julia squealing with delight. She is so excited she is panting out loud. "Oh God! Daddy. Bring me off. I can't stand it anymore. You're driving me wild. Please eat me before I explode." Kenny had no plans to eat Julia right away. He wanted to see if he could make her come without touching her pussy. Kenny could hear Marcy talking to Jamie just before Julia exploded into a frantic orgasm. Now he'll eat her. Kenny and Julia continued to do their thing.

"Hi, Jamie. I hope you didn't get too bored sitting out here by yourself. I have a lot to tell you, but first we need to get acquainted." Marcy sat on the couch beside Jamie. Jamie's eyes were wide open, his mouth was hanging open, and his dick was hard as a brick. He wanted to dive on Marcy's pussy, but she was holding him back with a little light hypnosis. Marcy asked Jamie to join her in the buff. She assured him that it was quite comfortable. After shedding his clothes, Jamie returned to his spot on the couch. Marcy gave Jamie a sweet longing kiss. When she finished kissing Jamie, she told him, "Jamie, it is time for me to explain why you are here. You may ask questions any time something is not clear to you."

"First of all, I want you to know we are going to make you part of the family." Jamie's eyes lit up, "Wow. Marcy, does that mean you are going to be my sister?" "Yes. Jamie, it means exactly that and you will be a very special brother to me. I love you very much and I always will. It also means Kenny will be your Daddy. He will love you dearly as his son."

Jamie piped in again. "What about my Mom? I won't have a Mom to hug and hold me anymore. Well, not really my Mom. Since Mom died, Cindy, my oldest sister has always cuddled me close when Daddy wasn‘t around. She would hold me for hours. It was a motherly type thing. Of course I had to kiss her a lot, but never when she is cuddling me. My Dad was going to make me do it with her next year. What ever that meant.”

Marcy held Jamie closely in her little arms. "Jamie. I know you miss your Mom. She has gone to better places. We can’t do anything about that, but I will take you out to see your sister when ever you like. You can let her hold you as long as you like. She will enjoy your visit while you are there. After that, she will think you are away at camp."

"That way she will be eagerly anticipating your coming home, but won't be upset about your not being there. You must remember your sister will only be here for a very short while compared to how long you will be with us. Don't worry, I will take time to be your Mother too. I have a lot of other things to tell you, but I will only tell you the important points at this time. The rest will be told to you in due time.”

“After we finish our little chat, I am going to give you some special treatments. They will allow you to live forever. You will stay young, just like you are now. I want you to understand the only reason you are here is for your Daddy to suck your dick. He doesn't like sucking dicks, but he has to. I know that doesn't make sense now, but you will understand later on." Jamie sat dumbfounded upon hearing this. He couldn't say a word.

"You will be required to return the favor frequently." Jamie yelled defiantly, "No way. I ain't sucking nobody's dick. It isn't happening. I can't even imagine having one in my mouth." Marcy didn't even bat an eye. She ignored the fact that Jamie has done it with his Father and brothers many times.

"You can relax, Jamie. You have already sucked him off once already. You didn't have a problem with it then and in a few hours, I promise you will be eagerly anticipating doing it again. You won't be able to get enough of it. You will remain naked all the time you are in the house. You will go to your room and dress when you get ready to go anywhere. You will return to your room and strip back down once you return home. That is all you need to know at this point. Now it is time for me to prepare you for your first treatment."

With that said, Marcy leaned over taking Jamie's penis gently into her mouth. Jamie was obviously in shock and didn't know what he should do. He elected to sit still while Marcy worked her magic on him. Marcy massaged Jamie's balls as she caressingly ran her lips up and down his shaft. She would suck sweetly as her mouth pulled back to the tip of his dick and then she would push her spit out to wet it up so her lips would drive him wild.

Marcy had only been sucking Jamie for a few minutes when he gasped, "Watch out, Marcy, I am getting ready to shoot off and I am afraid I might do it in your mouth." Marcy sucked her way back off of Jamie's rod. She looked into his eyes, "Just relax for a minute or two until you calm down a little. I don't want you shooting off just yet. We need to become a little more comfortable with one another first."

Marcy cuddled Jamie in her arms as she sweetly kissed him full on his lips. She sucked on his tongue and taught him to suck hers too. When Jamie's heart was racing a mile a minute, Marcy stretched her self across the couch lying on her back. "Why don't you get used to me for a while, Jamie?" Jamie reddened with embarrassment, saying, "I don't know what to do. I've heard the guys talk about it, but I've never actually done it."

"Don't worry, Jamie. It's easy. Just put your head between my legs and alternate between sucking and licking. When your mouth gets too wet, just swallow. You can go ahead and run a finger up in there to get a little feel of me. Just keep doing it until I tell you to stop." Jamie settled his mouth into Marcy's pussy. Marcy gently tutored him on everything she wanted Jamie to do as her pussy tubes found their way into his nose. Jamie's head slid gently up into Marcy's pussy until his shoulders bottomed out against her cheeks.

Marcy gently snuggled her pussy lips closely around Jamie's neck. She wanted to make sure Jamie had to swallow the majority of her pussy juice. In no time at all, Marcy started gyrating with orgasm. Jamie's head came with her. After Marcy finished filling Jamie's mouth with her pussy juice, her tubes released Jamie. Marcy went back down on Jamie, gently sucking him to orgasm. Jamie's dick would stay hard for as long as Marcy was doing it with him, but she only needed one load. Jamie shot off for a little over 10 minutes. He passed out about halfway through.

Marcy sat next to him, patiently waiting for him to regain consciousness. She already knew he would pass out when she blew him. Jamie awakened about 20 minutes later. Marcy told Jamie to cuddle up in her arms for a little while. "When you've had a chance to rest up for a while, I'll show you something else I think you will enjoy." Marcy held Jamie in her arms for over an hour.

Kenny finished satisfying Julia and walked in the living room to see Marcy. She was holding Jamie in her arms. Most men would have been jealous, but Kenny found the whole thing to be sexy as hell. Julia walked in with him. Kenny couldn't help thinking how cute it was seeing the look on Julia's face when she saw Jamie's nude body. Her nipples were poking straight out and he could tell she was getting excited looking at Jamie with his clothes off. She was definitely ogling that precious little peter between his legs.

Kenny could tell Julia wanted to slip it into her mouth. Marcy finally pulled Jamie's head down to her chest, telling him to suck her breasts. She wanted him to drink her milk. Jamie was eagerly slurping it up. He would switch sides as Marcy directed him what to do. Suddenly Marcy pulled Jamie's lips off of her. She laid on her back, pulling her knees up to her chest as she spread her legs apart. She motioned for Jamie to climb in between her legs.

Jamie murmured, "I really like pussy. My sisters all love me doing theirs. I put my head between their legs all the time, but I’ve never done that other thing. You'll have to tell me what you want me to do." Marcy winked at Kenny as she replied, "That is sweet that you want to do it special for me, but I am not offering you any pussy and you aren’t going to get any. Well, at least not from me. I want you to come up my ass. I need your juice in there so I will be able to give you your first treatment before I feed Julia again."

Jamie went wild when he started coming inside of Marcy's butt. When it was over, Marcy rolled out from under Jamie and turned him onto his back. She crawled in between his legs taking his little nuts into her tiny fingers. Kenny watched excitedly as Marcy separated Jamie's balls. Julia was so excited she was panting. Marcy's eyes turned a beautiful shade of purple. She leaned forward sending her fangs into Jamie's nut sack.

Her lips wrapped gently around his balls and suddenly, Jamie started shooting off like crazy. When he stopped, Marcy removed her fangs from his private area and went in to get ready to feed Julia. Jamie lay on the couch looking like he was in a coma. He had close to a pint of his semen across his belly. Julia just stood there looking on in amazement, before turning to join Marcy in the bedroom..

Kenny sat down next to Jamie. He was in dire need of a little jism. Kenny knew it would be a while before Jamie regained consciousness. Marcy told him Jamie would pass out even longer when he got his treatments. Kenny leaned forward licking all of the ejaculate off of Jamie's belly and patiently waited for him to come to, before taking Jamie into his mouth. Jamie smiled as he looked down to watch Kenny work his magic on Jamie's throbbing penis. Kenny already knew he wouldn't be able to come up off of Jamie until Marcy finished with Julia and came in to stand nude in front of Jamie so he could finish.

When Kenny had his fill, Jamie asked if it would be alright with Kenny if he returned the favor. Kenny told Jamie he had his permission to suck him whenever he wanted to. Marcy and Julia watched eagerly as Jamie groped at Kenny's shaft. When Jamie finished swallowing Kenny's load. he looked into Kenny's eyes. "Thanks Dad. That was delicious. I am glad you are going to be my Daddy." Later, Jamie got to the point where he would follow Kenny around the house holding his dick where ever Kenny went.

Kenny and Marcy went back to the bedroom to cuddle for awhile leaving Julia and Jamie on the couch to become better acquainted. Marcy turned to them for a second. "Why don't the two of you talk for a spell. You can take turns telling each other all about yourselves. If you find the two of you hit it off, you can kiss and hug some if you like. Later on, we'll let the two of you experiment with one another up to what you feel comfortable with, but don't do anything right now. I want you to get a chance to become friends first. Besides, there will be rules to follow. We can go over them later. We'll be back in a few hours." Marcy cuddled up close as Kenny started sucking her tits.

"Daddy. The treatments have changed Jamie's thought processes. He will want your penis anytime he can get it. He has fallen in love with you. This is a good thing." Kenny chuckled a little bit. Sweetie, your Mom was a little off base with our daughter Jamie. He certainly isn't a girl. Maybe she just thought he looked like one."

Marcy assured me, "Mom has never been wrong and she won't be this time either. By the way, you know you may do anything with Jamie anytime you want to. You can let him do anything to you up to what you are willing to let him do. He will be your relief valve to take care of any needs you have that I don't have the equipment to take care of. He certainly has my permission to take care of any of your needs anytime you want him to." It wasn't more than a week after the first time Kenny did Jamie's butt that he finally gave in and let Jamie do his thing in his. Marcy found it very exciting when Jamie did it in Kenny's butt. Reluctantly, Kenny had to admit he did too.

Marcy also told Kenny that there would be a very pleasant surprise concerning Jamie. She didn't tell him what it was, but a pleasant surprise is what it was. Marcy and Kenny are heading out to Camp Bradley. Jamie and Julia are asleep in one of the spare bedrooms. With their newly acquired kids, Kenny was forced to get bedroom furniture for the other two rooms. They would need the third room whenever Jamie and one of the new girls didn't hit it off.”

“Of course, the girl would never be the problem. It would all boil down to what Jamie felt about her. Kenny didn't anticipate there ever being a problem. Marcy knew how to pick them. At least the first one was irresistible. Kenny was sure the rest will be as well. Marcy already informed him her Mom insisted Serina would be even sweeter than Julia. As sweet as Julia is, Kenny found that hard to believe.”

“Jamie will probably drool over them all, but then you never know. Marcy and Kenny agreed to let them sleep in the same bed. Julia had sort of a crush on Jamie. Marcy said it would be one more way to be nice to Julia. Of course, Marcy had to lay out some necessary rules to prevent Jamie from messing up the contraceptive. The rules were pretty simple. They could do whatever they wanted to as long as Jamie pulled it out before he shot off in Julia's pussy.

When Marcy and Kenny arrived at the camp, everything was quiet as it should have been at 0230 in the morning. Marcy walked over to one of the picnic tables. She grabbed up a battery operated lantern and turned it on. Marcy and Kenny entered the tent where Tommy was supposed to be sleeping soundly. Tommy had another boy in the tent with him. It seems they were sleeping two to a tent. Tommy also had a little more company.

It seems the scout master had a fondness for Tommy. At least he was in the sleeping bag thrusting himself into Tommy's butt. Marcy looked very angry. "Well isn't this a surprise. Tommy must be very traumatized by all of this. None of it was in his thoughts. The guy's been doing it with the poor boy for three years now. The other boy sleeps soundly and doesn't know about it."

Marcy unzipped Tommy's sleeping bag. Kenny heard her blurt out, "Hey fella, I want you to go back to your tent. When you get there, go to sleep. When you wake up the only dicks you will want to suck from then on will be from guys that are at least 80 years old and remember you can't wait to get the next one."

"One other thing while I am at it, every time you finish sucking one it will make you so sick to your stomach, you will throw up for an hour. You will find it extremely gross, but you will also want one all the time. Oh, what the fuck. You will also crave dog dicks and you can go ahead and enjoy those since you will be doing them in front of anyone near the dog. At least you won't be hurting anymore little boys." The scout master got up and left. Kenny couldn't help remarking, "Ooh, Marcy. That was mean."

"Serves the bastard right," was all she said. Kenny looked downcast. "Damn, Marcy. After finding out how you felt about him molesting Tommy like that, I feel bad. I do the same thing to young boys all the time. I am no less a monster than he is." Marcy held Kenny close in her arms. "There is a big difference, Daddy. He doesn't have to. You do, besides when you do them, they don't remember it. No harm done to them mentally."

Kenny glanced back to the sleeping bag. Tommy hadn't moved. Kenny thought it was because of Marcy's spell. Actually the young boy was scared shitless of what the scout master would do to him in the morning. Marcy hadn't hypnotized him yet. Kenny couldn't believe his eyes. Tommy's legs were so smooth and pretty. Marcy was right. He had to.

As Marcy undressed, Kenny asked, Marcy. Would you mind if I try the little fellow out before you eat him?" Marcy smiled sweetly. "Sure, Daddy. I think that would be exciting. I think you will enjoy Tommy. He tastes scrumptious. I know I'll enjoy seeing you do him. If you would like, I'll taste test the other boy so you can take care of your need while I eat Tommy's stuff. I see no reason why you shouldn't have them both as long as the other boy tastes ok."

Kenny nodded his approval. Marcy unzipped the other boy's sleeping bag. He was even cuter than Tommy. Marcy reached down and ran him through the tests. She looked up at Kenny. "He isn't in the top 10%, but he does fall into the bearable 20%." "That's fine by me, Sweetie. I've been used to sucking some that down right tasted nasty. Bearable would be just wonderful." Kenny went back to Tommy, taking the boys tiny penis into his mouth.

When Tommy glanced down to see what was happening to him now, he was shocked to see a stranger sucking his dick, but calmed right on down upon seeing Marcy's nudity and quickly succumbing to Marcy's strong hypnotic spell. The other boy just sat staring at Marcy as Kenny worked on his little friend and he worked on himself. When Kenny finished swallowing Tommy's load, he went to the other boy as Marcy went down to the business of eating her meal.

It was very difficult for Kenny to come up off of Tommy, but he knew Marcy needed to eat and the other boy was readily available. The young lad lay there quietly gawking at the back of Marcy's ass as Kenny gently sucked his meat. When Marcy finished eating Tommy's private parts, she waited for Kenny to finish sucking the boy's dick.

"I can't think of any reason why I can't fix the little fellow up with his tent mate. They only live a few blocks apart." When Marcy finished shitting, she went over to Tommy and gave him a sweet longing kiss on his lips. Both boys were sleeping like little angels when they left. Kenny asked, "Marcy why didn't you give the other boy a kiss too?"

"The scout master hadn't been fucking him. I only kissed Tommy to take away those bad memories. He won't be traumatized any more when he wakes up. The other boy is plenty cute and all that, Daddy, but I'm not going around kissing every boy I meet. Jamie and you are the only guys I will be kissing regularly. I'll have a damned good reason for doing it when I kiss anybody else." Marcy is something else. Kenny figured the boys would find a lot of excuses to go into the tent tomorrow. One thing for sure, tomorrow would be a new day for Tommy.

Marcy enjoyed a feast at the Jamboree the entire two weeks they were there. They all looked so cute with their almost nonexistent little peters. Their nut sacks drew up so tight it looked like part of their taint. One of them was so darling Kenny couldn't resist pumping 20 minutes of ejaculate into his butt as he slept.

As Marcy was zipping his sleeping bag back up, she giggled. "You know he'll probably do the hershey squirts all inside his bag before he wakes up. That was quite a load you put in him. You really ought to do the other boy too. That way they will both understand how the other one feels waking up with shit all over him."

"It would make me quite a bit hornier watching you do it. I am almost ready to blow you right here in the tent." Kenny went ahead and obliged her. When Kenny got finished with the little guy, Marcy dove across the tent into his arms. She couldn't resist giving him that blow job. When Marcy finished, they made sweet love on the edge of one of the boy's sleeping bag. Marcy and Kenny could hear both of the boys doing the hershey squirts into their sleeping bags. Kenny loves Marcy's pussy. It's the only one he'd ever had that actually sucked his dick while he was doing it.

Julia practically follows Kenny around the house, either holding his dick in her hand or feeding herself. She worships the ground he walks on. Sometimes she just jerks him off when she isn't hungry. Sometimes Julia and Jamie walk around holding Kenny's penis at the same time. Marcy says it really looks cute. Kenny takes special care of Julia. He knows what is going to happen to her so he tries to make her feel extra special when he is around her. Kenny fucks her a lot too. He especially enjoys her butt.

Marcy told him he would be partial to it. That it was important to make Julia look forward to having his dick in her ass. She surely does. Some number of months later, Kenny and Marcy were cuddling up close on the couch. Julia and Jamie were doing their thing in Jamie's room. "Marcy I have to make a confession. I have fallen deeply in love with Jamie."

Marcy just smiled and ran her hand into his pants as she kissed him on the lips. Kenny knew that meant she loved Jamie too. Kenny also found out about the surprise. Jamie had started growing breasts. They were only about the size of an English walnut without the rind, but had a beautiful cone shape to them. His nipples were about the size of a nickel at the base that stuck straight out about an inch, when they got hard.

God they were scrumptious looking. His body had done some changing as well. Jamie had turned into a very pretty girl in every respect except he still had his little pencil dick. His figure was absolutely gorgeous. His waist was tiny and his hips curved out enticingly. Kenny loved the way Jamie's ass stuck out behind him.

Kenny asked Marcy, "What did you do to him to make him like that?" Marcy replied, "He has a medical problem that would have been evident to his Mother by now. It probably wasn't noticed earlier as he was so young and cute. Jamie has a birth defect. I have never seen it in anyone else before. His testicles don't produce testosterone. They produce estrogen. That is why Jamie was so feminine and cute when we found him.”

“With out the presence of testosterone, the treatments I gave him have given him all the features of a little girl. All of the changes have already taken place. His body will not change anymore. His tits won't get any bigger either. They are already the size of most little girls his age. Speaking of those tits, I want you to know I think they look sexy and with your permission, I would really like to suck them some." Kenny started shooting off in his underpants, much to Marcy's delight.

"Go for it, Darling. I certainly don't mind. I love watching you treat Jamie special like you do. I suck Jamie's tits a lot myself. I love Jamie and I know you do too. You have my permission to do anything with Jamie you want to." Marcy sighed. "I want to fuck the little thing so bad I can't stand it, but I'm not going to. I'll just fantasize about doing him and let it go at that. Actually I couldn't fuck him if I decided to. You already know the deal.”

“The way the bonding works, my pussy will literally close all the way up anytime another male's dick gets near the opening other than yours. It is an automatic type of thing. I have no control over it at all. That is why I could definitely promise no one else would ever have their dick in my pussy other than you. Of course I will do everything else with Jamie, since you don't mind. I know it is hard to understand, but Jamie and I will still never be close sexually."

Kenny held Marcy close in his arms. “Its okay Darling. I understand just how you feel and I know what you are saying." Marcy continued, "Thank you, Daddy. I believe you do understand. Unfortunately, when we register Jamie for school this fall, he will have to go as a little girl. He would no longer pass as a little boy. All the boys will drool over him even when he doesn't have them hypnotized. He will probably be able to have sex with most of them merely by saying ok, as most of them will be after him anyway.”

“It will come as quite a surprise when they see his dick, as they are expecting a cute little hairless pussy. It won't matter to them once they see it. Once they do they will have to have it. I will get him some girls outfits to wear. I will pick up some revealing blouses and some really short skirts. Probably short, short pants and of course a few skimpy bikinis and some sexy under clothes as well. They will make it easier for him to excite the little boys and you will find it won't hurt your feelings either."

"He won't mind going as a girl, because other than having a penis, he actually is a girl now and you will find he thinks like one. Of course since he still possesses a penis, he will always crave a little pussy now and again. He still wants to fuck me something awful and yet he is all girl other than that sweet pencil between his legs. As a matter of fact if you could find a way to get your dick in behind his penis, you could get him pregnant. Jamie will actually menstruate once a month out of the end of his penis.”

“You won't be able to hold off sucking him for the whole seven days Jamie is on the rag and he will get your mouth quite bloody, but you will find it all to be quite tasty when you do. One other benefit is you will no longer feel queer doing Jamie, because he is a girl now. He will wear a tampon during this time over his penis to prevent making a mess. He will have to wear some bikini briefs during his period while he is home."

"Any other time he will remain nude at home. Of course, now that Jamie really is a girl, the rules concerning him and Julia have changed. Now the way it works is, they can do whatever they feel like as long as Jamie wants to do it. He is actually a little girl now and since his semen doesn't contain any sperm or testosterone to mess up the contraceptive, he can shoot off in Julia at will. It is actually girl's ejaculate."

Marcy told Julia it would please her very much if Julia found Jamie to be cute enough to get after him for a little sex. "Marcy? Do you have any idea what all of this means?" "Sure, Daddy. Mom has been right again. Jamie is our special daughter. He was a he, now he is a she and we still refer to her as a he. I didn't actually have him, and yet here he is. We have him none the less. You had better bank on something else, too. It won't be long before we have another daughter. Don't ask me how, but she will arrive soon." Marcy never ceases to amaze Kenny.

Kenny and Marcy were on the beach, just behind the bungalow. Marcy was wearing a skimpy little yellow bikini. She didn‘t used to wear stuff like that, but she has only recently learned Kenny gets extra horny seeing her dress that way. In the last two days, Marcy has taken to wearing skimpy stuff nearly all the time, except when she is going out to eat, or it isn‘t appropriate to dress that way where they are. Marcy has found she loves tearing Kenny‘s nerves up by dressing that way.

“Daddy. Lets walk along the beach for a ways. Later, we can stroll the public beach. I want to find me a tasty twelve year old for tonight.” Kenny held Marcy’s hand, fondling her tiny fingers in his, as he devoured her beauty. “Sure, honey. I love walking with you, especially on the beach.”

The two of them had a great time kicking sand, doing a little body surfing, and just wallowing in the edge of the surf. As they approached the public beach, a young boy ran across Marcy’s path. The two of them collided head to head. Unfortunately Marcy had been glancing behind her at another cute boy she was giving considerable thought to checking out. Marcy went down like a ton of bricks. The boy landed on top of her.

Kenny was shocked. In all the time he had been with Marcy, he had never seen her injured. Never. Marcy enjoyed a good joke from time to time as well as anybody else, but she would never joke like this. Marcy lay motionless in the sand with this little boy covering her small frame. The boy was very petite, but still a head taller than Marcy. He had a slender build with beautiful legs. His hair was long and he was a beautiful bronzed brown. His eyes were a bright yet dark green.

This was a very good looking boy. Kenny reached down nearly as quickly as the two of them had fallen, pulling the young boy off of Marcy. Marcy was turning blue. It was obvious she wasn’t getting any air. There was a stream of blood coming out of her nose. Kenny immediately started giving Marcy mouth to mouth breathing and CPR. Her color was improving, but she still wasn’t breathing on her own.

Of course due to her situation, Kenny was doing the compressions just above Marcy’s snatch. Kenny knew this was necessary because Marcy’s heart wasn’t in her chest. He yelled over to the boy Marcy had been staring at when she had the collision. “Hey kid. Run get some help.” The boy took off running.

The other young boy was still staring up at Kenny with his beautiful dark green eyes. The boy was wide awake and fully alert, but something was obviously wrong with him. He hadn’t moved from where Kenny had lain him when he pulled the boy off of Marcy. The boy wasn’t staring at Marcy’s legs either. That was a clear indication something was seriously wrong with him. Kenny had been doing CPR on Marcy for twenty minutes. She wasn’t blue anymore, but she still wasn’t breathing. The other problem is there is an awful lot of blood coming out of her nose.

It was obvious Marcy was in serious trouble and Kenny hadn’t a clue what to do to make her better. Marcy had been tutoring Kenny for quite a while now, but she hadn’t gotten to anything concerning medicine. Kenny vowed that when she was all right again, he would make sure she got around to it quickly.

Soon a rescue team showed up. One group of them put the young boy on a stretcher, carrying him quickly to an awaiting ambulance. The other part of the team immediately started working on Marcy. They started CPR and Kenny quickly went over to them and made it clear where they had to do the compressions. They had looked at him like he was nuts, until Marcy’s color started getting better. They couldn’t get her breathing on her own, so they placed her in another ambulance and transported her to the hospital.

She was given CPR all the way. Kenny was told there wasn‘t room for him. He was promised they would take good care of her. They told him where to go. He could see her when she was stabilized. Kenny didn’t want to leave her in their hands. Especially since they had cut her bathing suit off to work on her. Then Kenny remembered what Marcy told him about being incapacitated. He knew then she would be safe.

When Kenny arrived at Rodham County Hospital. He asked the nurse where Marcy Smith was. The nurse checked her records. “I am sorry sir. I cannot release that information. Please follow Nurse Rawlings to the Family room.” Kenny obediently followed the nurse. “If you’ll wait here, the Doctor will be with you shortly. Kenny waited over three hours. Finally someone walked into the room.

“Hello. I am Dr. Harris. I have been tending to your daughter’s care. I apologize for not coming out immediately, but your daughter went into cardiac arrest shortly after you arrived. We almost lost her. I know this might seem a little weird, but I am perplexed. Your daughter is one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen. It is all a person can do to resist cuddling her close in their arms. The thing that is weird is her heart is not where it is supposed to be.”

“It is in fact located three inches above and three inches to the right of her vagina.” Kenny was very upset about this information. Not the part about her heart pretty much being in her snatch, but about her being so ill. It was too much to try to understand. Marcy was quite capable of defeating every army in the entire world at the same time, all by herself. Yet here she was almost dead and at the hands of a little boy.”

“The worst part was there was no way he could even be mad at the little boy as it hadn’t been something he intended to do. Kenny also knew regardless of what is wrong with Marcy, all that is needed is to keep her alive for twenty four hours and she would heal herself completely within a few hours of then. She had told him that much.

“Doc. When can I see her?” “Not until she is stable. Maybe tomorrow.” The doctor got up to leave. Kenny looked at him for a second. “Doc. This is very important. Is she awake or is she unconscious?” “At this moment, she is out cold. I expect her to be that way for the next couple of days, if she comes out of it at all. She may not make morning. Come back then and I’ll let you see her.”

Kenny shook his head meaning no. “Doc. Take me to her please.” This hadn’t been a request. The Doc had no choice. He took Kenny to Marcy. Kenny couldn’t believe his eyes. Marcy was so sweet looking. He understood now why everyone would want to take care of her when she was unconscious. Kenny raised the covers and had a little peek. Marcy was clad in a very generous hospital gown that showed very little of her body. Kenny kissed her gently on the cheek. “I’ll be back in a little bit Sugar Plum.”

Kenny turned to the Doc. “If she goes back into cardiac arrest, here is what you do. Make sure her chart plainly stipulates where her heart is. All the other organs that you know what are, are all in the right place. Anything you don’t recognize, leave alone. If she dies, continue the CPR and have me paged to the hospital. Do not stop the CPR under any circumstances. Where is the young boy my daughter collided with. Is he all right?“ The Doc stammered, “I can’t tell you anything about that boy.“ Kenny scared him, but he still had to comply with the hospital ethics.

Kenny was getting annoyed. “Okay, Doc. Lets play it this way. I am going to hypnotize everyone else in this fucking hospital that doesn’t go along with my wishes. You, I am not going to hypnotize. I am just going to rip your head off your shoulders if you don’t cooperate with me. Now, about the boy?“

The Doc started to say something along the lines of “Bullshit you’ll rip my head off”, then he noticed the muscles rippling in those huge arms of Kenny’s. “The boy is paralyzed from the neck down. He had his neck broken in the collision. He is in room 556 if you would like to see him. His Mother is with him now.“ Kenny simply said, when my daughter gets well enough to place in a regular room, I want her to be placed in the same room as the boy.” Kenny headed for ROOM 556.

When he arrived, there was a young woman of 29, sitting in a chair quietly crying, next to her son. She looked up as he entered. “Who are you?” Kenny felt for her as he knew exactly how she felt at the moment. “I am Marcy’s Father. She is the little girl that had the collision with your son.” The young woman looked concerned. “I certainly hope your Marcy is doing better than my Paul. He is paralyzed from the neck down. Is she doing all right?”

Kenny hung his head. “The doctor doesn’t expect her to make morning. I actually came to talk with you about your son.” The girl sat up. “My name is Andrea. What about my son do you wish to discuss?” Kenny sighed. “I am sorry. I forgot my manners under the circumstances. My name is Kenny Smith. Please call me Kenny.“ Andrea interrupted. I hope you aren’t planning to try to sue. I haven’t got a pot to pee in and I don’t have a speck of insurance. I am sorry. You aren’t going to get anything out of me.”

Kenny looked into her eyes. “Actually, I am here to discuss making your son well again. Please, don’t interrupt. I am not playing a game. All that is necessary is for my Marcy to live. As soon as she comes to and is out of danger, she can repair your son’s spinal chord. I feel it is the least we can do for you. I feel so bad about all of this.”

The woman wasn’t amused. “Mr. Smith, Why are you feeding me this crock of shit. The doctor says Paul’s spinal chord has been completely severed. He will never be all right again.” Kenny had planned to heal her son for nothing, but her attitude made him decide to make it cost her. Kenny told her, “Never say never. I promise you my Marcy will fix him. You can believe anything you want, but trust me, you will enter this room in the next week and Paul will come running into your arms.”

“Okay, Mister Smith. I’ll play your little game. If your daughter does this for my son, what do you get out of this?” Kenny smiled. “Keep in mind. What I am asking will only be paid after your son is healed. I want your permission to have sex with your son.” She was instantly angered. Kenny knew she would be. “You bastard. What kind of pervert are you? Forget it. I am not agreeing to anything as fucked up as that.”

Kenny already knew he could do her son anytime he wanted too, without Andrea even knowing about it. What he wanted was two fold. He wanted to fix her son’s problem and he wanted her to keep it quiet at the same time. Kenny also needed desperately to suck a dick soon. “Think about this for a minute. Your son is paralyzed. He will never walk, unless you agree to my terms.”

Andrea spoke up. “Are you really serious? If you are and you can actually make my Paul well, then how about I do the sex with you instead of my son?” Kenny smiled. “Okay. If that’s the way you want it. I will heal your Paul if both of you have sex with me for at least twenty four hours. Each.” Kenny didn’t really want to have sex with Andrea, but he wanted her to feel like she was paying to have her son healed. He was also letting her pick up on the fact that the more she negotiated the issue, the more it was going to cost her.

Andrea finally hit reality. Her son would never walk again. She was desperate. She would give anything to make her son whole again. She figured this was all bullshit, but then she realized she had nothing to lose. If this guy couldn’t fix her son, it cost her nothing. If he could fix her son, well, what he was asking was actually nothing compared to her son’s health. She could take a dick for that. She figured her son could stand to take a dick for that, too.

She already caught him just last week working on his little friend. She hadn’t let him know she knew, but she snuck some pictures to use as blackmail if he ever got out of line and didn’t want to listen to her. She also figured out it wouldn’t do to try to bargain with this bastard. She figured if she did, sooner or later he’d get around to getting some sex for his dog too. Andrea didn’t want to go there.

“You are taking too long to decide. That’ll cost you more. I expect you and Paul to give me a good show for twenty four hours as well. The both of you have to do it all with one another or no deal.”

Andrea was pissed at the gall of this bastard. Yet she had no other hope. If this sorry fuck actually got her boy well, he‘d become an angel to her. One thing for sure, she couldn’t afford to dally anymore. It might cost her more than she is willing to pay. “All right, you have a deal. If you make my son well, he and I both will give you a twenty four hour marathon with all the sex you want. I also promise he and I will go all out for the other performance you are requesting.”

Kenny shook her hand, “Very well then, it is settled. My daughter should be moved to the room as soon as she awakes. You will walk into this room by the end of the week and your son will come running up into your arms. You will be glad you made this deal.” Kenny walked out of the room. He walked to the nurses station. “Nurse, I believe my daughter is awake. Please have her transferred to room 556.” Kenny knew this was so because he could feel it.

Kenny explained to Marcy what he set up concerning Paul. Marcy felt it was the right thing to do. She was also figuring it might be as much fun watching her husband fuck a 29 year old stranger as it will be watching that 29 year old stranger fuck her own twelve year old boy. Either way, Marcy expects she will be fucking Kenny’s brains out again, very soon. Marcy is extremely hungry as she missed last night’s meal. She is also cramping because she needs a bowel movement something awful.

Marcy has already taste tested Paul. The little bastard is scrumptious. However she will have to find someone else to eat tonight as there are other plans for Paul. Kenny walked into the room. Andrea is sitting next to Paul as usual. “Hi. Marcy. How are ya doing sugar britches?” Kenny gave Marcy a sweet kiss on her cheek for Andrea’s benefit. “I am doing just fine, Daddy. I guess this is the Andrea and Paul you were telling me about?”

“Yes it is.” Marcy turned to Andrea. “Andrea. I understand my Daddy and yourself made a deal. Have you discussed that deal with Paul?” Andrea stammered a little. “Actually, no I haven’t. I figured he would go along when I told him.” Marcy looked sternly. “No. That will not do. Paul has to agree as well. I will lay out the final deal. Both of you need to listen carefully. Do not interrupt me. I will bite Paul on his neck. It will look vicious as there will be a lot of blood. Do not let this worry you. I will blow some special juice into his neck and then suck it back out.”

“When I finish, Paul will be completely healed from his injury. In return, Andrea is going to have any sex with my Daddy, he asks for, for the next 24 hours. Andrea will be required to at least make it look like she is enjoying it. Paul has to agree to the same thing. After that, I expect Paul and Andrea to give us a 24 hour show. I want Andrea to do everything with her son, sexually, that she can think of. Four nights from now, I will come to visit Paul. At that time, I am going to eat him. Don’t worry. I am not going to eat him entirely, just his sex organs. All he will have left when I finish is a little nub of a penis.”

“I know this sounds really bad, but it does have it’s benefits. First of all, Paul will be walking. He will also be a genius. His IQ will be somewhere around 600 within a week of my eating him. He will also have a ravenous craving to suck a dick. I will supply him with a cute boy for him to suck. After I eat him, there will be more changes. He will look like a girl his age. He will likely live for another 2600 years or more. Well, do you agree?” Andrea sat dumbfounded. “Let me think on it a couple of days.” Marcy replied, “The more you try to negotiate this, the more it will cost you.”

“Andrea will have to agree to suck my pussy for an entire day. The next addition will be one of the dogs that live on your street.” Andrea thought about her son being crippled for the rest of his life. That would not do. “Okay. I agree. I will also promise to enjoy it all.” Marcy looked at Paul. Paul blinked his eyes. He started crying. “I don’t really want to do any of that, but I don’t want to be like this the rest of my life. Of course I agree.”

Marcy got out of the bed and walked over to Paul. Marcy opened her fly and separated the fabric just enough to allow air to hit her pussy without anyone seeing it. Marcy’s eyes stayed black, but lit up an impressive sight. It is impossible to describe the glowing blackness emanating from her eyes. Her fangs slid into position. She grabbed Paul by his head swinging it to one side as she viciously tore at his neck with her fangs. After Paul was bleeding and screaming like crazy, Marcy sank her fangs into his spinal column. When she came up, Paul jumped up out of the bed and dove into his mother’s arms.

Several things took place during the following week. Marcy caught up on her meals and wasn’t hungry anymore. Andrea found out she really likes the taste of pussy and is diligently seeking herself a permanent partner that feels the same way. She also thoroughly enjoyed her son’s taste, although he is no longer capable of giving her any.

Andrea gets an occasional taste from his little friend when Paul isn’t working on him. She was surprised how tasty a twelve year old could be. Andrea had never had the fucking she received from Kenny. She felt like his penis was tickling her heart. It felt huge. Her son started a business and is going to Harvard of all places and at the age of twelve. The crazy part is it isn’t costing her a damn thing. Her son is going because he is extremely smart.


Dr. Jim Harris was sitting in his office talking to his associate, Dr. Harvey Roberts. “I don’t understand any of this shit, Harvey. That little girl was the prettiest thing I ever saw. When she was nude in the emergency room, I just wanted to cuddle her in my arms and hold her like she was my daughter. She had the sweetest body I had ever seen. It was really strange.”

“The girl was beautifully and evenly tanned from her toes to the top of her head. There were no tan lines whatsoever. It is very weird for a little nine year old to have a tan like that. Something even weirder. Her heart was out of position. It was almost located in her vagina. Her eyes were a mesmerizing black. I had never seen anything like it.”

“I had a police guard posted out in front of the room, just in case the Father tried to take her out of the hospital before we released her. It was my intent to examine that girl thoroughly to find out what all the other stuff that showed up on the ex ray was. Of course we would have had to wait until she regained consciousness and obviously we couldn’t harm her in anyway.”

“Harvey. The police guard said the boy’s Mother was in the room and then a few minutes later the girl’s Father went in. An hour later, the nurse discovered the room was empty. With the exception there was so much blood I thought a massacre had taken place. The blood was all over the boy’s bed and all over the floor and wall to the door. There was no blood outside the room. I believe the boy may have been murdered.”

“He certainly couldn’t have lived after losing that much blood. The guard swears no one left the room. Nothing showed on the video out front other than all the people that the guard said went in were going in. None of them came out except the nurse. Even weirder. We took photos of the little girl for legal purposes as I suspected something wasn’t right. I felt the Father was doting too much on his daughter and thought there might be a little incest involved.”

“I took a lot of close ups of her vagina and her nipples. Here are the pictures. All one hundred and fifty of them. Sorry about it being so many. Normally when we have this type of situation, we only take a total of twenty, including close ups and profiles of the face. The photographer couldn’t help himself and went all out. I thought it was kind of cute at the time. The dude was snapping pictures like crazy and was in heat the whole time. By the way, the little girl never did regain consciousness. Before you look at them, take a look at this ex ray.”

Harvey took the ex ray and put it on Jim’s ex ray screen. “What in the fuck is this. This can’t be. There are organs here that no one has. I wonder what they are for.“ Harvey picked up the pictures and started going through them one by one. When he got through, he looked at his friend. “Surely you are kidding. There is no one in any of these pictures, just a skeleton. Nothing but close ups of bones. Judging from the size of it, the skeleton of a young child.”

Jim sighed. “Precisely. That and the fact the girl and the boy patient in the bed next to her as well as her Father and the boy’s Mother all disappeared into thin air is some kind of strange. The boy and his Mother apparently live in a vacant lot. The girl and her Father, well, we have no record of them having been here at all. Another strange thing. The video that was taken during surgery to stop the bleeding showed the same thing. Just a skeleton.” Harvey shrugged his shoulders. “I suggest we forget about it. Who are we going to tell that won’t institutionalize us anyway?” Jim sighed again. “I guess you are right.”

To be continued................................................................

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