The following day, Junior stopped by the Olson’s house and picked up Bobby to take her to church. Sitting in the car, he was his playful self, but they each knew that the day of reckoning was at hand and no matter how light their mood seemed to be, there was a sense of dread that filtered into their playfulness. They each knew that this day would have to be and they only hoped and prayed that they would be as happy as when the day started.

After the services, Junior pulled into the city park to talk and plan their next move with his beautiful, pregnant girl friend. They each knew that today was the day to reveal to their parents that they were pregnant but they needed the confidence of being on the same page as the other so it would go like they hoped it would. But even if it didn’t, they knew that at least they had each other to rely on no matter how their parents received the news.

They decided that they would tell them that afternoon, both sets together over at the McKinney’s house. Bobby would tell her parents that Mr. and Mrs. McKinney wanted them over to plan something for the summer, which wasn’t that much of a lie, so they arrived around 3 in the afternoon. Junior’s folks thought that the Olson’s were coming over to make some plans for this summer so they were expecting them.

As the two sets of unsuspecting parents gather into the living room, Junior took over the meeting by standing and telling them what any parents of teenagers dread to hear; that their teenage boy or girl got themselves into trouble. The McKinney’s were terribly shocked and disappointed but the Olson’s took the news terribly. Mrs. Olson burst into tears and had to be consoled by her dear friend Mrs. McKinney while Mr. Olson got madder and madder until he turned a bright color of red.

Mr. McKinney told him, “Now Rich, I’m as upset as you are about this whole thing but the cow’s out of the barn so we just need to calm down and think this thing through. Junior here wants to marry your daughter and has asked for your blessing. What do you say? Do they have your blessing or not?”

Rich Olson sat there stewing for the longest time. He was plenty mad alright, he was mad a Carl for telling him to calm down. He was mad at his wife for crying on Ester McKinney’s shoulder instead of his and he was mad as hell over the two idiots sitting in front of him asking for his blessing. “Hell, I’ll give ‘em my blessing. It’s called a 42 inch belt across their young little butts!” he thought. “That Junior, not only did he take my little princesses innocence but he got her knocked up while he’s at it!”

“Well, Rich,” Carl asked again.

He though again for a second and then said slowly, “You two can have my permission to marry. But you can’t have my blessing. I can’t give you that.”

A look of total shock crept over the collective faces of the others as Mrs. Olson said, “Oh Richard, Carl’s right, there’s no use crying over spilt milk so don’t be so damn bull headed. Give your daughter your blessing now. Do it!”

“I can’t and I won’t now damn it. This little half assed punk gets my little girl knocked up and wants to get married and pretend every thing’s just honky dory, well its not! No DAMN IT! It’s not! No sir’ee, you’re not getting my blessing and that’s the last I’ll hear of it,” he said finally.

Bobby eyes filled with tears and as they began to overflow, she went up to her father and asked him very quietly, “Daddy, I love him. The only thing that you can give me is your blessing Daddy. Please, don’t withhold the only thing that I want.”

He looked long and hard into her weeping eyes as he started to tear up himself. He started to speak to his daughter but shut his mouth and got up from his friend’s couch and left for home. He had spoken and there was nothing anyone could say to change his mind. He gave his permission but not his blessing to their union. The wedding would go on but who would give the bride away?

Bobby was disappointed at her father’s reaction and his lack of support in giving them his blessing but she tried very hard not to let on just how much it affected her. She continued to smile and be her fun loving self but deep down inside, she was suffering. Junior knew it also but said nothing to anyone. He just watched her intently as the week gave way to the weekend and the time they had all agreed that the wedding would take place.

Junior felt that the sooner the better when it came down to the urgency of the wedding. He felt that there would be less embarrassing questions down the road if there was less time between when the baby came and their anniversary date. He also couldn’t wait to make Bobby his bride and to move in with her.

Mr. Olson didn’t offer to have them move in with them even though they had an apartment already as part of his house. The McKinney’s graciously asked the newly weds to share their home with them, at least for now anyway, and Mrs. McKinney got so excited to have her new daughter in law help her out with the decorating and planning that Bobby seemed to forget about being shunned by her own father.

On Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, everyone gathered over at the McKinney homestead to tie the knot between Roberta Olson and Carl McKinney, Jr. Mr. Olson stood beside his wife but did not walk his daughter out of the house and into the side garden area where the groom and pastor were waiting. Tears were coming from Mrs. Olson’s eyes but they were not tears of joy like most mothers of the bride tears. They were tears of disappointment in her husband’s actions.

The bride wore a simple off white cotton dress that was mid-calf length and cut down around her shoulders. Its skirt was three quarters full and she wore a flowered wreath on her head. She walked out carrying a small bouquet of daisies and brought a smile to everyone face because she was wearing no shoes, everyone except Rich Olson that is.

Junior’s eyes grew wide when he saw his bride walking to meet him there at the make shift alter and he realized that his mouth was as dry as the hay in stall where everything started less than a mouth ago. He remembered that day and what they did and he started to get a bulge in his parts just thinking about taking this beautiful young lady as his bride for the rest of his life. All of a sudden a tear came to his eye and he thought to himself, “Steady now ol’ boy. Keep it together for 15 more minutes and then your can start to celebrate.”

They repeated their vows and as sincerely as any two could be, they swore their eternal love for each other and then turned to meet their parents as Mr. and Mrs. Carl McKinney Jr. for the first time. They were so happy, on the outside anyway, and so were the witnesses; everyone except Mr. Olson. He just looked on with no emotion and acceptance visible in his expression. A look of disgust filled Mrs. Olson’s expression.

Carl McKinney told the young couple that he and the Mrs. were heading out to see her sister and would not be home until late Sunday evening so they would have the house to themselves so “To make good use out of it”. With a wink and a smile from his parents, Junior and Bobby stood on the front porch with their arms around each others waists, waving their fare wells to his parents as they drove down the lane. They were suddenly totally alone for the first time in their lives. They were married and alone and completely in love. They looked at each other, smiled and walked towards the house and into their new lives together.

At the threshold, Junior stopped and picked her up and carried her across and into their new bedroom where he deposited her at the edge of the bed. He kissed her gently on her lips and stood back and started to remove his white shirt. She watched as he pulled down his trousers and when he reached for her, she stopped him by saying, “Junior, I want to do it and give you a special gift. Call it my wedding gift from me to you,” and smiled a nervous little smile.

He took a step backward in just his boxers and watched as her hands went up to the back of her dress and she started to undo the button at the neckline. Her hands made short work of the button and as her hands came away from her throat, they brought the top of the dress with them and slowly exposed her bare chest to his eager eyes. Oh so slowly, she dropped the front of the dress downward to reveal her braless bosom to her new husband. As soon as the dress cleared her hips, she allowed it to free fall down to the floor leaving her standing in just her silky white, little bikini panties that showed her darker patch of pubic hairs sticking out through the lacy crotch. Junior’s breath caught in his throat as his eyes bulged out of their sockets. She smiled a little and asked, “Well, do you like them?”

His eyes slowly examined her entire body until they met her expression. He saw the nervousness in the windows to her soul and knew just how much she loved him and he loved her. He finally found his voice as he murmured, “Oh yes my love, I do like them but not as much as I love what’s in them.”

He started to reach out to her but she once again stopped him with the statement, “And now your gift. This is from me to you so I hope that you like it.”

Her gaze went down from his eyes to his stomach and lower. He didn’t know what to do or say but when she knelt down in front of him and moved her hands to his boxers, a look of shock and deep desire crossed his face. Her hands went to his hips and grasped on to his underwear and started pulling them down. His semi-hard member began to throb as his boxers past over its length and caused it to jerk to attention and as they cleared his thighs, his full manhood sprang to its fullness to greet her lustful eyes.

Gathering at the floor around his ankles, his boxers no longer had any use as far as covering his throbbing cock and her hands reached out to gently fondle his skin along his entire shaft. A chill ran through his body as she started rubbing his length and his rod began to jerk in time with her stroking.

“Oh my God,” Junior muttered as he let out his breath. “Oh Bobby, if this is your present then I think I love it.”

“That isn’t it but this is,” she softly whispered as she leaned in and opened her quivering mouth. “I hope I do it right.”

She stuck out her tongue and ran it over his bulbous head as he closed his eyes and melted into her soothing lick. A rather loud moan escaped from his lips as her tongue made a circle around the end of his massive erection and then she took it in between her open lips. He moved his head backward as he opened his mouth and sucked in a breath of air. Then he slowly let it out as he whispered, “Oh my God Bobby, how did you learn to do that so well?”

She didn’t answer the question but placed her lips further onto his stiff member and when she closed her mouth down around it, she started to suck in with her cheeks and slowly let it slide out. Again he groaned his approval as he let out his breath but when she reversed her action, so did he as moved his hips in a rocking manner. She felt his hand on the back of her head and when he pulled her into his cock she almost gagged it went in so far.

She grabbed for his shaft with her hand to restrict the depth of his thrusts and reached up to cradle his balls with the other one. This sent a jolting convulsion through his body as he jerked and twisted his hips into her mouth.

“Oh my God, where did you learn this? You are doing it so good. Oh my God. Oh my God,” he kept repeating as he slammed away at her mouth. “God you’re making me want to cum. Oh Bobby, I’m going to cum! I’M GOING TO CUM!! OH BOBBY, I’M CUMMMINNGGG!!” he yelled as he shot out his first stream of his essence right down her willing throat. “OH MY GOD!!” he cried.

Bobby was busy swallowing just like the blog on the internet had told her. She knew that she wanted to do this ever since they had agreed to marry and now all she had to do was finish it. She let his juices slide down her throat and she was having trouble breathing at the same time. But she had to take every last drop into her mouth and she had to swallow all of it completely. So she held her breath and swallowed as hard and as fast as she could.

It seemed like an eternity had past as she felt his gooey, sticky stuff gather in her mouth and slide down her throat but she didn’t let any escape out of her sucking lips and when she could no longer feel his cock twitch and jerk on top of her tongue, she stopped swallowing and tried to clean every last drop from her mouth. Finally she let go with her lips and looked up to see him smiling down at her. She smiled back as he reached down and pulled her to her feet. She felt the satisfaction of knowing that she had given her first blow job to the man that she loved more than life and by his expression, she had done a good job of it too.

“Oh…Oh…Bobby, I don’t know what to say. You’ve blown my mind. Thank you my love. Thank you,” he said placing his forehead against hers. “Now, what can I do for you?”

She blushed a deep color of red as she looked up in his eyes. She bit her lower lip and shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know,” she whispered. “Do what you want with me I guess. I’m your wife.”

“Yes you are and a damn beautiful one at that,” he said slowly as he lowered himself down in front of her. “I think that I would love to see you down here,” he said pointing a finger right into her panties crotch.

She jerked a little from the stimulating probe but when he placed his palm full on her pubic area, she sighed a sigh of anticipation as his fingers began to explore. They roamed and prodded her entire crotch and his hands went up to remove her panties from her quivering little body.

“What do you have in here?” he teasingly asked his new wife.

“Nothing that you haven’t seen before,” she responded in kind.

As they made their way down her tights, he said, “Oh yeah, now I remember.”

He pushed them completely off of her legs and as she set the last foot down, he pushed her back on the bed but her knees bent over the edge as her back rested on the mattress. He stood up and smiled at his lover. She waited for his every move.

He told her, “Spread your legs out wide.”

She did as she was told.

“Wider!” he ordered.

She blushed a little but complied with his wishes.

“Now that looks down right delicious,” as he lowered his face down between her legs. “Bring up your knees Baby, just like that,” he said as she moved her legs up off the floor onto the bed. “Now I’m going to return the favor.”

He settled his lips down on her two labia lips and pressed his tongue in between them. He slowly ran it up her slit until it reached the top, where he reversed the direction downward until it was deep at her opening. He pushed it in a little and she groaned a happy groan. He then ran it back up to where the hooded treasure node was found and he stopped to probe it with the tip. She jerked and tried to move away. He didn’t let her but he probed more forcefully the second time.

She felt her juices start to flow and the urge began to build deep inside her womb. She started to breathe heavily as she closed her eyes and the anxiety grew more intense. She knew what she wanted and hoped that he would deliver and as his lips moved around her clitoris, she felt the wonderful sensation grow within herself. His mouth closed on her nubbin and a jolt of electricity ran through her entire body.

“Oh Junior,” she exclaimed, clutching the back of his head with her hands. “That feels so good. Oh yes…yes.”

Her eyes were tightly closed and her chin was raised to the ceiling as his lips began to munch upon her sensitive little jewel. She relished the feeling of having his mouth ravish her wanting clitoris but his finger exploring the entrance of her vaginal canal, sent her over the edge.

He was ramming his finger up her opening to his fist as his lips were pressing together around her tight little pearl. His other hand had found its way up to her breast and was squeezing it hard between his fore finger and thumb. Then just before she reached her high point, he got up, pushed her further onto the bed, grabbed her by the hips and rolled her over so that she was straddling his face with her wet crotch.

He moved her up so that his arms were in between her legs and she was balanced on her knees. He looked up and saw her hairy little lips open up before him so he drove his tongue back into action as she ground her hips down into his face. Her reaction to this new position was perfect as he reached up and played with both of her nipples. She threw back her head and ground away with her clit right into his mouth.

Oh…oh…Oh…OH…OH…!” she let it build. “Oh my…oh my…OH MY GOD!!” she finally screamed. “OH MY GOD JUNIOR! OOOHHH!!”

Bobby writhed and jerked as she let her emotions splash out of her opening in a flooding release. She breathlessly forcing every ounce of energy out of her buildup as she tugged at Junior to roll back over and shove it into her. He scrambled on top of her, settling between her wide spread legs. Then, positioning himself just right, he impaled her slippery opening with his mammoth erection, taking her breath away in one final plunge.

“AHGGGG!!” she cried out from deep with her soul. “Oh Junior you feel so big, so huge and yet so wonderful,” she called out.

He was too busy ramming his hips into her that he hardly heard her cries. Although he had just a few moments before shot his wad deep down her throat, he felt no lack of desire as he rapidly primed his pump for another gushing release. She was wild with her own pent up emotions and just as she was about to explode, she felt the first of many jets release into her womb and it caused her to erupt from her own volcanic release.

He lay there panting into the top of her head as she remained motionless under his total weight. Spent, they each lay there not moving a muscle. They were in total afterglow and soon fell into a deep, blissful sleep, holding each other close, not wanting to ever let go.

Somewhere during their sleep, Junior rolled off of his bride and was lying right next to her when he woke up. Bobby was staring into his eyes and gave him the most satisfied smile that a woman can give to her lover. He reached over and gave her a soft, sensuous kiss on her lips and told her just how much he loved her. She smiled and started to tear up.

“Why the tears Baby?” Junior asked.

She looked on as the tears started to roll.

“Is it your Dad?” he asked her.

Without saying a word, she started to sob as she buried her head into his chest. “Why does he have to be that way?” she asked through her sobs.

“I don’t know my love but we can’t let it upset us. It is what it is and nothing can change it for now anyway,” he told her. He rubbed her back and rocked her with his confidence as he thought to himself, “Yeah, why does he have to spoil everything.”

After a moment or two, he decided that he had let this go on for long enough and had to lighten the mood, so he asked her, “Bobby, where did you learn to give me a…a…you know, give me my wedding present?”

She looked up and smiled through her tears and said, “I Goggled it.”

“You mean you just asked, “How to give a Blow Job” and there it was?”

She shrugged her shoulders, grinned and told him “Yeah.”

“Well, I’ll be,” he said shaking his head in disbelief. After thinking for a second, he gave off a large smile, slapped her on the rear and told her, “Let’s go take a shower.”

He made a dash for the bathroom as she scrambled after his yelling, “Junior, that’s twice you slapped me on the rear and now I’m going to give it back to you.” As she got to the bathroom, he grabbed her around the waist laughingly and she melted into his arms. They kissed deeply, passionately, turned on the shower and waited for the water to gain its desired temperature. Then they got into the spray and started to take their first shower together.
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